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Feeling The Pain

| Filed under: Busted!


He may have the #1 song in America this week with Chris Brown, but T-Pain is not celebrating today.

The rapper was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida, on Friday for having outstanding warrants.

Apparently, he's like a Nick Hogan - a repeat traffic violations offender.

T-Pain was released on his own recognizance.

Hopefully he's got a good lawyer….in Tallahassee!

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49 comments to “Feeling The Pain”

  1. hmmmmm says – reply to this



  2. vixn says – reply to this


    why do these artists have such stupid names?

  3. blog killer says – reply to this



  4. fsu loves perez says – reply to this


    hes from tallahassee…he's here for Florida A&M University's homecoming this weekend, theres some huge concerts

  5. Being Dumb is a Disease says – reply to this


    Damn….pay your tickets, its not that hard! Why go to jail over something stupid like this, you know you can afford it.

  6. meghan says – reply to this


    why do celebrities feel as if they can get away with anything?

  7. H says – reply to this


    Don't dog on Tally…plus with all the politicians there, there are excellent lawyers!

  8. ☼☼krazihottkelli☻bitchygrl☼☼ says – reply to this


    before..U azzholez pozt
    zhit about Unfitney picz..don't
    you can't f'n ztand it, coz theze poztz
    aren't about her..we can only ztand to hear
    about that freakin hillybilly zo much..we R done with her
    az far az T=Pain..hez a dickbrain azzhole..good for him

  9. RattlerGirl says – reply to this


    T-Pain will be fine in Tally. He's a "Tallahasee Hero"! He's actually in town for FAMU's 2007 Homecoming! STTTTTTTTTTTTIKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE

  10. sEAN pReSTOn says – reply to this


    sToP wRitiNg aBoUt mY mOm…and tHen MaYbE sHe wIll

    cOme hOme.

  11. Meg says – reply to this


    LMAO I live in Tally and go to FSU and i think its downright HILARIOUS that FAMU's headliner for their homecoming show tonight GOT ARRESTED! lmao sucks for them :]

  12. heyaly says – reply to this


    he's in town for "crunkfest 2007" in tallahassee.
    the whole black community is freaking out here…..


  13. Tiffany says – reply to this


    As a Tallahassee native, T-Pain is as real as they come…and Homecoming is going to be CRAZY!

  14. SUp says – reply to this


    Hahaha all the rappers are getting arrested!!!!

  15. DaRattlerGirl says – reply to this


    Yes and I thought it was funny when there was a total blackout during FSU's homecoming this past weekend! lol :P

  16. alecia says – reply to this


    That's weird because he was supposed to play our (USF) homecoming tonight AND some huge show in St. Pete, plus FAMU…He might have planned this all along! Hah

  17. tally-ho says – reply to this


    hahahahahah, though it is rather difficult to NOT get arrested here in Tally— there's the FSU,FAMU,TCC, sheriff's dept, highway patrol, and TPD that have jurisdiction in this small city!

  18. warner says – reply to this


    tally has is the state capitol of florida, perez. of course there are good lawyers here, dumbass. there's a whole wide world outside of la and new york, stop being such a shameless nut-sack.

  19. mooreperfect says – reply to this


    I go to FAMU and it doesnt suck to bad he may not be there, we still have like 5 other performs. FAMU will just party without him :p . GoFAMU….

  20. mooreperfect says – reply to this


    Re: heyaly – whos freaking out….I go to FAMU and it doesnt suck to bad he may not be there, we still have like 5 other performs. FAMU will just party without him :p . GoFAMU….

  21. elmo says – reply to this


    every song tpain is on is hot

  22. yoman says – reply to this


    thats crazy wanna see a hiphop blog?
    www .sp1200. net

  23. I hate South Florida says – reply to this


    Hey! Tallahassee has lots of good lawyers, and good people too. Not jackasses from South Florida.

  24. christina says – reply to this


    hey he's supposed to perform at USF tonight!! people are gonna be pissed

  25. heylro says – reply to this


    Who is this dude?….never heard of him. And pay your bills & fines dumbass

  26. usfbullist says – reply to this


    OMG, I go to USF and he's supposed to be here tonight! How cRAZY is it that other BULLS read this shit!

  27. Aunt Jemima says – reply to this


    Never heard of him either, but he has the typical stupid rap-star "name". What a shocker…another untalented black man arrested! Alert the news!! Throw away the key now before he releases any more "music" and rapes someone.

  28. Alecia says – reply to this


    YEA TALLY HOE!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooh there is never an uneventful day here in tally!!!!

  29. missv says – reply to this


    Re: kkk-y

    You're a douche. Go take your "KKK" ass to another site then. Oh yeah… and grow up.

  30. MissBlacque says – reply to this


    T-Pain ROCKS, and whoever's not heard of him before is probably hard-of-hearing or just plain dumb. He's HOT. Y'all white gals know u wanna have a piece of him.

  31. Buy Blackout today and support Britney Spears! says – reply to this


    omg, he's so ugly. how can someone so ugly be so "talented"?

  32. renee says – reply to this


    tallahassee how classy.

  33. P says – reply to this


    Re: missv – You're absolutely right about kkky. What a jerk!

  34. FSUchick says – reply to this


    cant wait til his concert… hopefully he is able to perform in tally this weekend!!!

  35. Ashley from Tally says – reply to this


    hese here for the Crunkfest tommorow night, i hope its better than that shit of a concert they had during summer, that was awful! GO FSU!

  36. t pain sucks says – reply to this


    no he blows

  37. jessica says – reply to this


    he didn't get arrested, he turned himself in because he had the outstanding warrant from June… get it right perez!! He was driving on a suspended license

  38. Panda Nation says – reply to this


    thats sooo awesome…
    maybe not for him…
    but lol… i go to school in Tallahassee!!!
    Is he here for FAMUs homecoming?

  39. Amanda says – reply to this


    He turned himself in, give the guy a break for trying to be responsible…even if it took a little while. :-)

    And Tally is the capital…of course there are good lawyers ass!

    GO NOLES!!!!

  40. The Rectum as a Whole says – reply to this



  41. beachkid says – reply to this


    Tally sucks! Go Gators!!!

  42. Sleeeeve says – reply to this


    T-Pain is so freakin ugly. I just don't understand how he does well on the charts, as fug as he is. How could anyone listen to someone this fug?

  43. sairhead says – reply to this


    Come on perez. He was in town and turned himself in. He was out in an hour. I'm sure he'll still perform at USF and he will def. be performing at the FAMU homecoming. Go noles and rattlers. Gators sick the big one (at least their fans do)

  44. nicnole says – reply to this


    tally is amazing u don't know what ur missin perez! go noles!

  45. nolefan says – reply to this


    Re: beachkid

    gators wear jorts!

  46. Shawna says – reply to this


    I like his songs even though his voice is computerized.

  47. diplomat1 says – reply to this


    F perez he stole this from all hip hop

  48. Xristinita says – reply to this


    Tallahassee loves PEREZ!

    Tallahassee loves PEREZ!

    Tallahassee loves PEREZ!

  49. jawjaker says – reply to this


    hey you stupied ass raciest stay off this web site if you don't like black people, tpain is very talented i love the hell out of him, its stupied ass white people like you who will not let that shit go, stop hatin cauze your white girls want the black rappers not your ass