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Halle Berry Upsets Diabetics

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Maybe it's the hormones from being pregnant, but Halle Berry has lost her mind.

The actress has been quoted saying that she was a Type 1 diabetic but now she has been able to ween herself off insulin to be a Type 2. SOMETHING THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Pregnant HALLE BERRY is winning her battle with diabetes, thanks to a healthy diet and good living. The actress was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after she passed out while shooting a TV show called Living Dolls when she first arrived in Hollywood. But the disease has now dropped to Type 2 diabetes because Berry is no longer "insulin dependent". She says, "I've managed to ween myself off insulin, so now I like to put myself in the Type 2 category."

Such an assertion is outraging many diabetics.

Type 1 diabetes means your pancreas is dead. It will never ever work again. You will always need insulin, unless there is a cure.

Type 2 means your pancreas is not dead. It still has life and with proper diet you can live without being on insulin.

No matter how much weight you lose or what you cut out of you diet, you can not change Type 1 diabetes, which is what Berry claims she's been able to do.

"If you come off insulin, then you were always a Type 2," a medical expert tells PerezHilton.com. "She is feeding into all the confusion in the world."

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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655 comments to “Halle Berry Upsets Diabetics”

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  1. On and on... says – reply to this


    Re: Sick of idiots – I feel I just did & I can appreciate how hard it is seeing it within my own family. I didn't disrespect anyone and didn't call anyone vulgar names - even though there are alot of people on here who want to bicker back and forth rather than try and help each other with their experiences…good or bad.
    And looking at my post I see at no point where I say "raw food cures ALL".

  2. Plumeria - Why do we argue with these morons? says – reply to this


    I'll tell you why - because we have HEARD IT ALL BEFORE! And HB's comments are not a new level of stupidity, they are just the same old ignorance broadcast to a wider audience.

    My admiration goes out to all of you who are fighting to get the truth out there - WE NEED A REAL CURE - and myths perpetrated by uneducated people like HB get in the way of that goal.

    I like HB, I like her movies, I don't know if she's evil, she might just need to spend some time with the CWD or DESA or JDF folks, getting up to speed. I always tell my kids - "Use your powers for good, not for evil". HB has the power of the pulpit - let her use it for good instead of the stuff I heard her say on BRAVO that made me shake my head.

    What if Halle's baby has diabetes? (God forbid - I wouldn't wish it on anyone). She will learn all about it, just as we did, and then she'll be "one of us", not "one of them".

  3. Jacob says – reply to this


    It is possible actually. After all, your body is made of what you eat and your body goes through a complete rejuvenation every seven years. Believe it or not the pancreas is a "body" part. If she's become independent of insulin then why is everyone saying it's impossible. It's right in front of you people. Don't be afraid to learn something new, even if it challenges something you already know. I'm sure a lot of doctors agree with this, like Dr. Mahmed Oz on Oprah.

  4. KT says – reply to this


    She really needs to learn to watch what she says. I have Type 1 Diabetes and have had it for almost 15 years. I would know by now if there was some type of miracle cure. While it may be possible to be misdiagnosed, it is in no way shape or form possible to be "downgraded." I will be on insulin for the rest of my life, or until they find a cure. Plenty of other celebrities have the disease and none of them have made idiotic comments like this. She really needs to get her head out of her ass. Pregnancy brain is not an excuse.

  5. Sick of Idiots says – reply to this


    Re: On and on…

    When you state things such as, "it’s just easier to medicate" and "exercise and not eat all the sugar and processed foods they want", what do expect us to think? Eating "real RAW food helps cure ailments in your body" - basically implying cure diabetes, is pure bullshit. I'm tired of people like you who think living with type 1 diabetes is easy and we can eat our way out of taking shots. The fact of the matter is we CAN'T. So honestly, stop your bullshit.

  6. Back your claim up says – reply to this


    Re: Jacob

    I'd love to see medical literature (real medical literature, mind you, not some random website) to back up your complete rejuvenation every seven years claim.

  7. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: Jacob – that is great news because then complete rejuvenation of my tail, which was apparently scared right off of me when my daughter was diagnosed, should be fully grown back in the year 2010.

  8. sdmom says – reply to this


    i truly don't mean to sound rude, but i am curious as to which mother ship some of you are waiting to board. some of this stuff is just soooooo out there. as far as us mothers defending our children and maybe our methods are different and you don't agree with them, we are united under the banner of *diabetes sucks* and NOTHING changes that until there is a real, actual, tangible CURE. and if you yourself by some twist of horrible fate are diagnosed, you will find yourself wishing, hoping, and praying that one of us was your mother.

  9. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: k2 – thanks! ditto…

  10. Lou says – reply to this


    I've heard of people getting gestational diabetes. Is it possible for the opposite to happen too? She gets pregnant and poof, she's cured!

  11. Plumeria says – reply to this


    Re: sdmom – You read my mind about the mother ship. Holy Cow, where do people get this stuff?

    And you're right, diabetic children are lucky when they have moms who listen, learn and then do all the hard work of taking care of our kids. They are so worth it! And to all of the space cases - you can risk your own kids to that mumbo-jumbo if you want, I wish you all the luck in the world. My child will get REAL care.

  12. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: Megan – Your aunt was never type 1. She was always type 2, just misdiagnosed. Also neither type is curable, manageable yes, cureable NO WAY

  13. pdx says – reply to this


    Wow, there are a lot of misinformed people out there! Types 1 and 2 are very different. Non-western approaches are great, but like any approach they need to make sense, and believing you can think away Type 1 is stupid.
    Berry really did come across as a moron, but only she can clarify what she believes or meant to say.

  14. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa – type 2 is not caused by diet and lack of exercise. It is genetic in origin and the body refuses to use the insulin your body puts out storing it as fat. Type 2 is very genetic in cause.Also many people with type 2 are not overweight. There are other reasons people have type 2 such as Hemochromatosis and Steroid use due to other medical reasons.

  15. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: Ana – yep, you've uncovered what we've been hiding. we hide veggies from our kids at all costs, nothing fresh on our menu here, and we stuff them full of mickey d's so that they can have all of the daily pleasures that diabetes brings with a side order of WTF?. you really hit the nail on the head. i see you're really excited for the mother ship to arrive.

  16. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: Biology Nerd – Read my other response. Type 2 is not caused by weight issues. I am going to blast this from the mountain tops. It is a genetic disease. If what you said was correct then all overweight people would have diabetes. Only a small percent do. Not only that there are plenty of people who are not overweight who also have type 2.
    Get your facts straight.

  17. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: Plumeria – thanks. i normally do not post anything anywhere ever, but this is so wild… i was so ticked off when i read this today. you know what? i think most of all it's like a feeling of hopelessness i guess. aw well, we can only continue caring for our kids as we see best fit. for now, i am going to self-medicate not with insulin, but with a lovely glass of evil pinot noir. that ought to set off a few more comments. maybe if i have 2 glasses i'll try to fly the mother ship myself. lol. sorry, couldn't resist.

  18. =^..^= says – reply to this


    Re: Penny

    Try taking your son to a Hollistic Medical center, You fucking douche. Healthcare is a business, not a fucking human service. If I had children with diseases, I would do more to fix the problem than just have them depend on some rich asshole. It is silly for anyone to think that The pharmecutical industry would WANT to cure us of anything.
    In short:
    Medicines can be patented because they are man made. Patents mean that only one company can get money for making them, so, if they can make something that gets rid of the effects of a disease, without acctually curing it, then they have thier bank accounts covered untill your son dies.

    Hollistic Medicines are generaly herbs and natural therepies that restore balance in your body, thus making it healthy and disease free. You can not patent a naturally occuring herb or plant (or animal product…) so Nobody can make billions of dollars off of them.

    You are putting your sons health and well being in the hands of a rich doctor and a corrupt healthcare system. Just give hollistic therepy a chance before you doom your son.

  19. Bobs says – reply to this


    My comment is apparently too long, so:

    Part Uno: My heart goes out to all of you parents who are trying the best you can to help your Type I kids manage their disease…it's hard enough to figure out how to help them grow up to be happy, healthy, well rounded individuals, let alone deal with the day to day struggles of something like diabetes that makes them "different" from everybody else, and God knows when you're a kid, the LAST thing you want to do is be ANY SORT of different from anyone else. They can't always just go outside and run and play when they want to…they have to hold their finger up to get poked and see blood coming out of it, or have a needle stuck in them, or have to drink a glass of juice, when they DON'T want to…they can't just eat snacks or go to the cafeteria and have lunch at school like other kids do. They can't just have birthday cake and ice cream, candy corn, egg nog, candy hearts OR chocolate bunnys; or oatmeal and milk for breakfast, a sandwich and banana for lunch, or mashed potatoes (or stuffing) and gravy with their turkey for dinner, either. They can't just skip rope or play hopscotch whenever the mood (as there tend to be plenty, and quite divergent, when you're a child) strikes them.

  20. Bobs says – reply to this


    Part Dos: It's hard to explain ANY of this to a little kid, but I think there MUST be a way to do it that makes them feel OK about it, not feel DEFINED by it but actually happy to take part and be involved in it without it overtaking their whole young lives. I think there MUST be some way to live with this disease –until a REAL cure is found–without having to describe it as "devastating".
    I think there must be some way for adults to do it, too.

  21. pmc says – reply to this


    I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 6 months ago, as I was insulin dependent. I recently had an operation to have my thyroid removed and now I am no longer insulin dependent. And now I would also consider myself Type 2.

    I know Halle Berry hasn't had surgery or anything, but I guess anything's possible, really. Love the site Perez!

  22. andrea says – reply to this


    ok lets break it down
    type 1 and type 2 are two completely different diseases. you CAN be type 2 and be insulin dependent. you can also wean yourself off insulin in that case. if you are type 1 you CAN NEVER wean yourself off insulin, the beta islet cells of the pancreas are dead and will never produce insulin. in a healthy functioning pancreas insulin is not just produced when you eat. it is produced at all times. don't assume that eating sugar or carbs is the only reason that a non diabetic naturally produces insulin.
    for everyone that says that their family member was able to "wean" off insulin, the following medications are prescribed only to type 2: metformin, avandia, glucophage, and any other "sugar pill" or "diabetes pill", byetta, januvia. these medications CAN be combined with insulin therapy, and if a person with type 2 diabetes makes lifestyle changes, they may be able to stop taking insulin.
    people with type 1 diabetes CANNOT take any of the above medications except for insulin, and recently symlin (another injectable medication to mimic the hormone amylin, too complicated to explain in detail) all of the oral medications used for type 2 are CONTRAINDICATED in type 1
    so if your family member is "unsure" of what type they are, if they are or were ever on any kind of oral medication, they are TYPE 2

  23. andrea says – reply to this


    one more thing…i just went to the raw food for 30 days website and there are 2 clues that they are talking about type 2 NOT type 1
    the first is that they say can they live without insulin and OTHER MEDICATIONS
    the second is that at the end of the "about" paragraph they discuss the need for this program by stating the statistic "21 million people are diabetic along with 40 million who are pre-diabetic due to obesity"
    i bet my parents wish i had had a "pre-diabetic" phase, maybe then i wouldnt have been comatose when i was diagnosed at the age of 2

  24. kayak says – reply to this


    There is a form of gestational diabetes that is insulin dependent, and with healty eating and excercise during pregnancy can be demoted to meds without insulin.

  25. Jan says – reply to this


    Re: kymama – I stand by my statement "Her childhood has been stolen from her." Define "wonderful childhood." She does not ever complain and has accepted this new routine. She still enjoys life and seems not to give all this a second thought. But we sure do! We are up every night, 12 midnight and 2:30am for checks, then again at 5am or 6am. I do not believe this is an acceptable way for a child to have to live. Yes, I think her childhood has been stolen… certainly, it is no longer completely carefree. P.S. She has been to diabetes camp and does not want to go back. Does not like the food. Does not like the fact that they told us she was happy and doing fine when in fact she was upset and sick the whole time she was there. They refused to let us speak to her, even though we were able to write to her. We did not turn over custody, just sent her to camp for two weeks! She came back with Hashimotos thyroiditis and was sick and miserable the whole time she was there: anxious, could not swallow, dropped weight, fast heart rate. Thank you Clara Barton for giving us complete misinformation, not letting us speak to her, and keeping her captive while she was ill. I don't THINK we will send her back there! Although most children enjoy their stay there, they need to let us speak to our children when they are obviously upset, not to mention in actuality quite sick.

  26. LAS says – reply to this


    Celebrities are supposed to make you (and themselves) think they are better than you.

  27. Type1diabetic says – reply to this


    THANK YOU PEREZ! As a type 1 diabetic, I was furious by what Halle said. You cannot downgrade from a type 1 to a type 2 diabetic, it is impossible. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are two totally different diseases. With type 1, you produce little or no insulin, with type 2 you produce lots of insulin, you body just doesn't use it. So how could she have went from producing little or no insulin to producing lots of it. Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder in which your body attacks the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin and basically shut them down. I produce NO insulin at all, there is no way to go from a type 1 to a type 2, they are different diseases. Even without eating anything, I still require a little insulin everyday because my body doesn't produce insulin. You need insulin to live. Maybe Halle should see a proper doctor to be better educated about diabetes before she makes these stupid comments.

  28. kc says – reply to this


    Re: hurley – if she is type 1 HER PANCREAS NO LONGER PRODUCES INSULIN and there for can not produce 'more' of it..

  29. Annah says – reply to this


    She's such a self-righteous pompus arse anyway. Probably believes every stupid lie that comes out of her precious little mouth.

  30. More questions... says – reply to this


    Does the woman have a perinatologist? (OB-Gyn specializing in high risk pregnancies). Confused-do believe she is really diabetic, misinformed as she may be and does need to clarify. If Halle is a high risk pregnancy candidate because of her age and diabetes, guess she believes the rules don't apply to her or her shit doesn't stink-why has she been doing all the interviews non-stop in promoting her movie (no more interviews–another Halle lie) and flying to Film Festivals in Europe when TWLITF won't be released in the UK until next Jan. and not going to be released in Italy at all–still relying on her so-called good looks to save her ass and movie–don't think it's gonna work. Shouldn't she be resting and taking it easy? Also, there was some rumor that she was using a pregnancy consultant? What horseshit is this? I will also be surprised if she goes full term too.

  31. Fif from Oz says – reply to this


    Re: tg – As a type 1 diabetic I can assure you this is not possible. There is such thing as Type 1.5 which she has been reported to have.

    When your pancreas stops making insulin (type 1 diabetes) there is nothing short of a transplant (requiring life long immuno-suppressant drugs like any other transplant) that can make it start up again.

    Believe me after 8 years of minimum of 4 injections a day to stay alive (this not guaranteeing good control and again good control does not guarantee no "complications" such as blindness, kidney failure, amputation due to peripheral nerve damage etc), if there was another way, I would have taken it!

    Please don't make comments like this if you're not full informed it's both upsetting and offensive to those of us to live with this fucking vile disease!

  32. kimball says – reply to this


    Re: slvrs2k – When your child is DX with Type 1 you go ahead and feed them RAW food because it can cure so much. When you get arrested for murder because you didn't give the child the insuling they NEEDED to stay alive, remember your defense RAW food and work miricles.

    You people are idiots. Until you actually live with this disease everyday you have not idea what you are talking about. My 2 children would be dead within 2-3 days without any insulin. I don't care how much RAW food they were fed.

  33. Holly says – reply to this


    Big f*ing deal! So a young, newly-arrived star bought into a misdiagnosis or a "fluffed" diagnosis when she first arrived in Hollywood-it's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last! Whether she simply received a proper diagnosis or she is trying to recant her overly dramatic initial diagnosis, Halle is hot, hot, hot and one of the best at what she does. Give a girl a break!

  34. k2 says – reply to this


    Re: Lou – Lou wish it true that bing pregnant could "cure'"diabetes. But, no poof and your cured. If that was the case - every type 1 woman I know would be in a perptuatal state of pregnancy.

  35. k2 says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^= – All the herbs in the world wont make the part of your pancreas that is dead (the islet of langerhans)suddenly start pumping out insulin. Get a clue and stop offending.

  36. k2 says – reply to this


    Re: Ana – McDougall never says that type 1's can be cured. He says that their insulin needs can be dropped by 30 %, but not cured. Get a clue.

  37. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    my boyfriend is type one and takes very good care of himself and no… he will never be a type two diabetic… it is so ignorant of her to say something like this without the proper education… how fucking stupid

  38. Loni says – reply to this


    I've had type 1 for ten years and iim gonna be on insluin forever until they think of something better. Everyday i have people tell me what they 'know' about diabetes. And its so annoying its the worst 24/7 job that i have to deal with. And all of the people who have friends, or know someone whos cured themselves of diabetes, CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE NAMES OF TREATMENTS NAMES OF DOCTORS emails of FRIENDS, or WEBSITES for these magical cures. Because dont you think that us TYPE 1s would not jump to the opportunity to not have to deal with the constant treatment and bullshit? OF COURSE WE WOULD. so if you cant leave that information. then ur full of shit, your friends are full of shit and your all drinking the same kool-aid as Halle Berry.

  39. loni says – reply to this


    Re: jess – she was probably a type 2 to begin with and neither of you know the difference. most people dont. even doctors. everytime i go to the ER i have to explain to docs what diabetes is, and that i dont have type 2 and what my insulin pump is its rediculous.

  40. Gina says – reply to this


    I am a diabetic. I have type 1 - I control it well, i take the required insulin, I'm active, i do everything i can to stay healthy and my pancrese has yet to decide to turn itself back on and start reproducing insulin. Imagine that.

  41. Kathleen says – reply to this


    When you are pregnant, your baby's pancreas can provide the mom with some insulin. This would account for her decreased need for insulin injections, not her good "control." It depends on how far along she is in her pregancy. When the baby is born, she will see that her need for the insulin will increase again because the baby will not be producing it for her anymore.

  42. Jessi says – reply to this


    THERE IS A CURE FOR DIABETES AND CANCER. the doctors dont want people to know because they wouldn't have business

  43. Liz says – reply to this


    I'm a type 1 diabetic.. she's so dumb.
    once your type one, your stuck with it
    if you ween yourself off insulin, you die,
    She's a dipshit.

  44. mega says – reply to this


    Re: JudyBat
    "I’ve written Sergei several times and he does not respond. What’s he hiding? Why won’t he take a Type I antibody test?"

    I cannot speak for Sergei, but can deduce from the tone of this blog and the blatant anger expressed by so many with diabetic loved ones, why he wouldn't respond to every outraged and even desperate communication attempt - he has a life. I have spoken to Sergei and invited him to events that I organize for diabetic children. He's a very polite and well spoken young man. I've noticed in the past year or two that his family's site offers the book "Nonviolent Communication", (a wonderful read,) for sale. After reading the angry posts on this blog, I understand why they have included it in their options.
    As far as the antibody test goes… antibodies can and are dispelled following healing from autoimmune diseases.

  45. Gogd God Stupidity Never Ends says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^=

    You're an idiot. First off, patents run out. So there goes your stupid ass theory that drug companies are milkin money outta people until they die. Do you really think these huge companies are gonna be able to hide the cure from millions of diabetics all over the world? Seriously, think before you answer. Not only that, the company or person who comes out with a cure is gonna be racking in billions. Last time I checked, winning a Nobel Peace Prize and racking in billions sounded pretty good to most people.
    You don't know the extent of care it requires to take care of a diabetic child, so don't act like a dipshit acting like you do know. Why give your child false hope that some hollistic medicine is gonna work. We know for a fact that insulin works, but hollistic medicine hasn't really been studied. Not only that, there are alot of unknown side effects and interactions with herbals. Ohh and you can patent a herbal product you ass. How about you stop preaching to others and go to the library?

  46. Polly says – reply to this


    My best friend no longer has diabetes. She had a kidney & pancreas transplant. That is the only "cure" for Type 1 diabetes.

  47. stupid people says – reply to this


    wtf you people are the most stupdiest in the world. why is people get offende off what dumm ass perez say's. she proberly didn't say fuck anything morons.
    but this i can say for real.
    american are the most doctors dependents people in the world.
    can you all see the body can heal itself with the right herb . people in china already discoverd a herb to cure your pancreas so you dont
    any fucking dietbietes.
    as long as you give all your power to these so call care givers youll be sick.

  48. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    Re: stupid people – Do they make herbs that heal your fingers so you can type right?
    Half of my sons doctors also have type 1 diabetes, if there was a cure they sure as hell would take it. Plus, a lot of people that are researching a cure are affected by diabetes in their own families.

  49. JudyBat says – reply to this


    RE: MEGA–

    My emails to Sergei were neither inflamed or written in any sort of mean tone. I merely asked for PROOF that the raw food diet worked for Type I diabetics. As a mom of a Type I child, of course, I'd love to "cure" my child. Hell, I'd give my right arm to fix my kid. After several sincere inquiries to Sergei, I received no response. I clearly don't dispute that a raw food or strict vegan diet works wonders for Type II diabetics. I actually agree with you on that count. However, for raw foodies to say that it cures or prevents Type I is ludicrous. Had Sergei had Type I, he would have died without insulin. My child will slip into a coma and die if she doesn't get her insulin.

    My daughter in her four short years of having Type I, has taken 12,000 injections. She has no feeling in her fingertips because of the 12+ fingersticks she endures every day of her life. She has seizures because she has no hypoglycemic awareness. Due to her strict dietary restrictions, she is underweight for her age. She's all bruised up from all the needle pokes. Yet Sergei insists that a raw food diet with end the madness for Type I folks. Pure nonsense. A carb is a carb is a carb….raw food or sugar laden donut. If my daughter eats just half a banana, her blood sugar spikes horribly. If she eats a carrot, the same thing.

  50. JudyBat says – reply to this


    RE: MEGA, Part 2

    You don't know a thing about me or my family's lifestyle. My daughter is a vegan. We grow a lot of our own veggies in the back yard. DD is very active on the gymnastics team. by the way, she's not the only Type I vegan I know of. I also know of SEVERAL 2nd and 3rd generation raw food dieters with Type I. Type I is an autoimmune disease. All walks of life get it…vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, meat eaters….etc.

    I only hope that you will never know the pain that my child endures. Sure, just one more green shake will fix the whole thing.

  51. Yes, another mom says – reply to this


    Re: JudyBat – Agree, agree, agree!! Note that prior to the 1920s, when it was discovered that insulin could be extracted and injected, people with type 1 diabetes DIED. All of those hundreds of years prior to that, whether they lived on farms, in the woods, in deserts, in the tropics, in developing cities — whereever and eating whatever nonprocessed food they were eating — they died. Also want to note that whatever "guilt" is laid on parents or kids about this comes directly from those people who live with that invisible and non-existent shield of "it won't happen to me" — because why? You eat better, execise better, are better?? Life just isn't fair. We are all doing our very best with the information we can find and the instincts we have inside. We are FIERCE when it comes to our children and so yeah, we're going to speak up if we hear something that we know is somehow going to lead to another unthinking comment that our children will be subjected to.

  52. Jip Dogg says – reply to this


    As several other posters have pointed out, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are two totally different diseases. When a person has type 1, their pancreas does not produce the insulin they need (Perez said that their pancreas is dead although I don't think that's really true–it just doesn't function properly because insulin-producing cells have been killed.) In a type 2 diabetic, their body cannot effectively process the insulin that they produce.
    I can see why people can get confused. Type 1 diabetes is sometimes called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. Both of these terms can be confusing because a) type 2 diabetics may also be insulin dependent and b)adults can be diagnosed with type 1 as an adult.
    Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, weight loss and/or oral medication. Sometimes, type 2 diabetes is treated with insulin and type 2 diabetics on insulin may be able to get off insulin by improving their lifestyle.
    This doesn't mean that they are "cured" or that they have "switched" from type 1 to type 2 diabetes.
    I have type 1 diabetes. I am fit, eat a healthful diet, exercise regularly, and run marathons, however, if I didn't take insulin I would get very sick and eventually die from ketoacidosis.
    It's a shame that Halle Berry doesn't use her celebrity status to actually educate people about diabetes. Instead, she's talking out of her ass and misleading type 1 diabetics into believing that they can be "cured."

  53. tigger says – reply to this


    Re: erin – Erin - Your Mom had/has Type 2 diabetes and NOT Type 1. That is why she was able to come off of insulin. It IS possible w/ Type 2's but NOT w/ Type 1. So stop pretending like you know anything about this disease.

  54. mom to diabetic says – reply to this


    Re: Tia – yeah but only if your type 2

  55. Any Mouse says – reply to this


    Well, as previously stated in the comments I will say again just so everybody gets the point….Type I diabetes CANNOT be "cured" as of yet…Type II diabetes can be "cured" through diet/exersize/through close monitoring of blood sugars. Although, Type II can be cured many if not all Type II patients still continue to check their blood sugars throughout their lives because diabetes is a tricky condition. I have been living with Type I diabetes for 13 years and I am now in college getting my nursing degree (BSN) to continue on to become a (CDE) certified diabetes educator. So, not only am I educated in diabetes because I AM A diabetic but also because it is the field of study that I am interested in.

  56. shomash says – reply to this


    Maybe she saw the movie www.rawfor30days.com and is eating a raw food diet and curing herself of diabetes naturally

  57. Joe says – reply to this


    A couple of things came to mind as I read this. Who knows what she said or when she said it. Celbrities are constantly misquoted. And…who cares. People often find themselves pushed into being "role models" just because they live with a chronic disease. To my knowledge she isn't a spokes person for the ADA or JDRF. Speaking generically, it sounds like Perez was just positing the traditional (and long held) definitions commonly used to describe the difference between Type I and Type II. Minus the whole "dead pancrease" thing, he basically just gave the definition of what most healthcare professionals since the 20's have been telling their patients (and shockingly what most of them still tell their patients). Of course the more we learn about "diabetes" the more we learn that hardly know anything. We are constantly discovering metabolic disease states that get lumped into and called "diabetes." (Quick example: We just disccovered the beta cells also stop producing amylin roughly three years ago) So…most of us know that the traditional definitions of Type I and Type II are total bunk. I enjoyed reading this blog though. The blog itself and the responses really illustrate how imperative that it is to educate both health care professionals and the entire community about "diabetes." Also, it was good to see how many people give a damn about diabetes.

  58. awhen are people going to says – reply to this


    realize that Halle is a nut case, she is so CRAZY and it is only a matter of time before Gabrielle dumps her, just watch….

  59. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    Re: shomash – that movie hasn't even been released yet, boy yall are plugging that crap anywhere you can, aren't ya?

  60. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: stupid people – actually, i just read a big report related to this and i wish i could remember the details… there are HUGE numbers of diagnosed diabetics either in japan or china, i'm sorry i cannot recall which… due to the fact that there is such a huge stigma there about using needles, making the person "weak", despite a very efficient healthcare system in place and access to the needles, the insulin, testing their blood sugars, they are choosing to die and letting their children die by not injecting insulin. there is a huge campaign underway to allow educators/doctors/nurses into the country to prevent these tragedies. the magic herb that you mentioned is probably what you are smoking… but guess what? that doesn't work for type 1 either. however, it has done wonders for your vocabulary, typing and spelling.

  61. Jill says – reply to this


    As a diabetic I am offended at Hollywood ignorance. Thank you Perez for putting Halle in her place!

  62. Melaine says – reply to this


    She obviously is unsure of the facts. I read along time ago that she does use some kind of herbal therapy. I am a Type 1 Diabetic or IDDM, and have never heard of this. I was wondering what she was doing now that she is pregnant. At some point she is going to have to use insuling. I have been pregnant twice, and the hormones cause you sugar to go crazy, plus you can not take any of the pills to control diabetes while you are pregnant. I used the insulin pump, so I have been watching to see if she has one.

  63. Di says – reply to this


    You people all need to get a life because something like this is just sooo up there with global warming and terrorism etc.

  64. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: Di – sometimes closer to home is what has to be important and keeping my daughter alive happens to be sooooooooooo up there for me. that was really insightful of you. sheesh. i guess i can't save the planet because i'm too busy preventing my daughter's coma. i hope that you can forgive me for that.

  65. Dr. Y says – reply to this


    She is obviously confused about what the difference between diabetes one and two. However, it is a common misconception because many patients with diabetes two do not necessarily take insulin. While all patients with diabetes one do. Also, in gestational diabetes (diabetes that is only apparent during pregnancy) women who regularly exercise and eat healthy will not need insulin.

  66. Brooke says – reply to this


    Re: P.Viktor
    are you an idiot? I have TYPE 1 DIABETES and my body will NEVER be normal AGAIN. I've been living with this disease for the past 7 years, since I was 15. You CAN NOT live a whole life with type 1, you WILL DIE without insulin injections (or a pump, depending on your treatment plan), but YOU NEED INSULIN WITH TYPE 1! THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE TYPE 1 AND NOT TAKE INSULIN. You can be type 1, mis diagonsed as type 2 but they would realize it AFTER you almost die, or do die. Type 1 ia auto-immune, My own immune system killed off the islet cells (the cells in your panceras that produce insulin) in my panceras like a virus. I will have this the rest of my life. If you can go without insulin, then you are NOT type 1. Matter of fact. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Insulin Insulin Insulin.

    Type 2 is what majority Americans have. of the estimated 18million Americans with diabetes, only 2 million of them are type 1. So, type 1 is the less known of the two diseases.

  67. jo says – reply to this


    Re: kjgkdj – yeah antibodies…not insulin once the transplant has matured.

  68. mega says – reply to this


    Re: JudyBat
    True… once a person is in a state of disease, making a diet change is not enough. Changes are necessary toward amending future activities, as is retroactive change - such as cleansing and detoxification. We live in a world where toxicity is everywhere - from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotions we express. Toxicity is cumulative and buried deep within our organs. An exhausted pancreas is a sick pancreas.

    Sergei - Judging by the responses to this article about Halle… I can onlyimagine the hate mail he and his family must recieve. While raw food played a significant role in his recovery, it was about more than that. When the entire family does it with you, it is way more than diet. It was love and learning, experimentation, openness - all pulling together.

    Most generally I see families with a diabetic member continuing in their sam old ways, while the diabetic is the odd one out. I have yet to see an alcoholic parent quit drinking, a smoker quit smoking, or a food/sugar addict quit twinkies/chips because their child got diabetes. That's not to say it hasn't happened… but I have not seen it and I am involved with many families of diabetics.

    I wish you and yours the best… but ask, please… always keep your heart open to hope.

  69. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: mega – you are trying to use kind and intelligent words to try to cover the fact that these are very mean things that you are saying in reality. it doesn't make you any nicer than anyone else. we are simply defending what we know to be not just the right thing to do, but the only realistic thing to do. the diagnosis in and of itself was significant enough to literally shake the entire core of my being, to shift things in my life, to bring about a mom in me that i never even knew existed, and i was a pretty darn good one to start with. and that was just my personal experience, let alone that of my family and friends. my goodness, my daughter could not possibly be wrapped in more love than she has been, by our family, friends, church members, and others in our community. you are taking jabs at us and trying to make it sound pretty. it's not working. and did you really just accuse us of poisoning our children's pancreas? really? again, making it sound as if we have not changed our lifestyles? hello?! our lifestyles revolve around this. we don't want them to and it stinks, but we certainly do it. and we will continue to do it. with love, with veggies, with fruits and best of all, with insulin.

  70. Jess (A pissed Type 1) says – reply to this


    I am so upset at Halle. I ashamed to have the same disease as her. People are confused enough as it is about the differences between Type 1 and Type 2. They are two completely different diseases. I am so sick of people thinking I am the diabetic where I got it because I gained weight.. or ate too much sugar. I have type 1 diabetes due to genetics and my immune system thank you. What Halle Berry is saying is complete crap and she better make some sort of statement to clear things up or I will never respect her again. Type 1's cannot "ween" themselves off of insulin. Unless we find a cure, we all need insulin.

  71. Jess (A pissed Type 1) says – reply to this


    Re: samantha1373

    Um no.. she def. has type one… so yeah

  72. JudyBat says – reply to this



    My daughter has been vegan since birth. I've been vegan for 26+ years. My husband is vegan. We're aren't shoveling Twinkies in our mouths…NOT that shoveling Twinkies in your mouth will give you Type I so please don't feel like you have to beat up the Twinkie eaters in the world!!! So, you Twinkie eaters out there, if it makes you feel good, so be it! You and I know that you didn't get Type I because you ate a treat with a white fluffy filling.

    Believe what you want, just please don't make assumptions of us moms of Type I diabetic kids who are doing everything we can to help our kids. We live with this rotten disease 24/7. It's not going to go away. Also, please do not assume that all Type I diabetics are sitting on their apathetic asses because they are too lazy to go to Whole Foods. No one enjoys taking shots all day long. Have you tested your blood sugar lately? It HURTS!! Imagine having to fingerstick a baby day in and day out. Imagine telling your child that the PUBLIC school won't let her enroll because she has Type I…or that she can't go to summer camp just because of T1. Have some modicum of sympathy, please.

    That's it for me. SD MOM– you keep keeping on. I know you are doing all you can. Diabetes sucks all day, every day….let's hope a cure for T1 comes in our kids' lifetimes.

  73. Shay says – reply to this


    As a Type I diabetic (diagnosed the same year and month as Halle), I am really disappointed in her (apparent) ignorance. I meet people everyday that seem to believe that this is somehow a lifestyle disease and we certainly do not need any further confusion as to how it really works. If she is honestly not taking insulin, then she was never a Type I. I would think someone who has any type of diabetes would understand the difference. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Halle.

  74. Caitlin says – reply to this


    Errr, i'm a 20 year old female and i have type 1 diabetes. My pancreas is
    NOT DEAD. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which means your body
    is attacking the good, insulin-producing cells. My body can't process the
    insulin because it's being destroyed..so i have to have replacement
    therapy. Early diagnoses are not always accurate, but if you are on
    insulin, you are a type 1 diabetic. Type 2 diabetics do not need insulin
    to survive, they reply on meds, exercise, and diet. There's no way you
    can "ween" yourself off insulin. I should know.

  75. jake says – reply to this


    word on the street is that sistah gurl took a trip to sweden to try out some "medical marvels' which aren't legal in the united states.

    i mean the bitch isn't going to get better by being vegitarian,
    thats like saying that lesbians can't be diabetic because they're all vegans.

  76. Barbtallica says – reply to this


    Re: Eva – Uh…hallo…Halle has talked about her Diabetes LONG before she got knocked-up! Anyhow…my main point is, she was definitely a Type I to start with. Look at her body type. She is thin and also was diagnosed at an early age. My boyfriend was also told he had latent type I Diabetes. With in 1.5 years of being diagnosed and taking Insulin twice a day, he has now weaned himself off of Insulin also. We both went to an onganic, and healthier diet. We still will eat the occasional pizza or burger or hoagie…but in general we try and eat natural, additive, preservative free food the majority of the time. We avoid concentrated sweets like soda and candy. Perhaps he was misdiagnosed, but for that year and a half, his sugar would go up and he would NEED the Insulin. Another thing he did was to de-stress himself. He quit his job which was a MAJOR stressor. Well, thanks to those who took the time to read this. You DEFINITELY can control your sugar with a healthier lifestyle. and attitude. It is possible.

  77. It's a travesty says – reply to this


    Save the stem cells and invite Tom Cruise to eat the afterbirth. Diabetes is not a joke.

  78. SHUT UP says – reply to this



  79. OMG says – reply to this


    re: Zoe

    You need to educate yourself! You ignorant b!@%$#! It doesn't matter if the food is raw. I know all about the raw diet. Carbs is what counts, raw carrots, corn, potatoes…I could go on they all have carbs in them and that is what makes the blood sugar go up. I cannot believe how stupid some people are.

  80. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    Re: SHUT UP – You obviously don't know what it's like to live with type 1 diabetes. I take my small child into public (he's only two) and I hear "why don't you try noni juice" "did you feed him too much sugar" "just think positive thoughts and it'll go away" "take him off insulin so he can heal himself" "he can't eat that" "you know there's a cure, why aren't you using it (when I ask what the cure is) ummm I don't know but there is one" "you didn't love him enough so he got diabetes" "just eat raw food, it'll go away" any carb in raw food will make his blood sugar rise, without insulin he will go into diabetic ketoacidosis, then die. I should know since we just experienced that a few months ago. He lived but he still requires insulin. All of you who think we are stupid have some bad karma coming your way, I pray you are your children never develop type 1 diabetes because you will probably allow your child to die because you are so high and mighty. What a sad world we live in.

  81. soreal says – reply to this


    She has never said she is Type 1. All of the interviews I have read where she speaks about her DM diagnosis, she says she is Type 2 and controls it with diet and exercise. Someone is lying on Halle….

  82. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    all of you idiots and so called parents and dibetics need to shut the hell up your body is not her body. just because you have it and can't get of insuline does not mean someone else can't the same way some people get diesease and die within a year but some can live with it for a life time, look at magic johnson how long have he had HIV but yet he looks about as healty as the next man. so just because your stuck on insuline does not mean everyone else have to be and you don't have the same resourse she or any other celeb do, honestly what is the 1st thing they do when you go to the hosipital they ask to see what insurance you have then they assign you to the doctor you can afford and he will treat you not with the meds you NEED but with the medication your insurance will cover so in other words whay you can AFFORD its sad but true, you will be suprise to know how many "cures" they have out there but its just too expensive so they give people the alternative (I know this because i'm a medical receptionist) celebs can afford to have the best of everything in including the best doctors best medicine etc…. I belive that the human body has the power to heal it self and that God gave us all the things we need to survive on this earth. I honestly belive that for every illness out there theres a cure for it not in some lab but somewhere but in nature so if she started to change her lifestyle and eat healthier and it worked for her then good for her

  83. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    Re: STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! – is there a cure that will allow you to spell words correctly?

  84. Colleen says – reply to this


    hey halle share the wealth. you know how to get rid of this pesky type one diabetes?? what have i been doing for the past 19 years?

  85. linda says – reply to this


    Re: momofatype1 – WOW you pray that someone and her child develop an illness wow because she expressed her opinion your pathethic you child is sick but your child is not halle berry you don't know what she have and what shes done to help her illness. but I pray that God forgive you for even thinking about something that. and talk about karma you better pray that you don't get whats coming to you because evill people like you suffer

  86. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: momofatype1 – You are a very disgusting person, because what you said is sick.

  87. pb says – reply to this


    Type I DM is the diagnosis given to onset prior to adulthood. These are insulin dependent. Type II is given to adult onset and can be controlled by diet, exercise, or insulin or pills (glucaphage, metformin). However, the pills are totally contraindicated in pregnancy, i have seen babies that have been totally messed up from chest wall malformation, heart defects and brain issues with women who have taken the oral forms of diabetes control.

    As for decreasing your insulin in pregnancy that only happens after the baby is born (called the honeymoom phase), usually the demands for insulin are increased in late 1st trimester, second trimester until the baby is born.

    The issues we all should be worried for Halle is that she is at risk for a multiple amount of problems with this pregnancy from developing preecamplsia, having the baby die in utero, the baby being born very large, and then the baby being term, but the lungs aren't mature yet.

    Leave her alone, she is totally stressed with her health concerns right now. having been a mother whose baby died at birth I would ask that you all cut her a break, let her enjoy the pregnancy with out any comments. Rule of thumb, if you haven't been there, don't criticize

  88. Shantel says – reply to this


    Re: momofatype1 – "I pray you are your children never develop type 1 diabetes". Thats just wrong, I pray God forgive you for that. and for all of you sitting there doubting or so called getting angry (I don't knw whats to be angry about) I don't even know if this it true or not because knowing prez it probably a lie, but if halle said this is whats helping her deal with her diabetes then so be it.

  89. calli_blonde says – reply to this


    Re: momofatype1 – That was un-called for why would you even wish that on someone your a horrible person

  90. SHUT UP says – reply to this



  91. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    I said NEVER develop diabetes-sheesh people.

  92. Irene says – reply to this


    as a diabetic type 1 i can say that when you are pregnant it is possible for the baby's pancrea's to take over so you would not have to take insulin. you would need to check your sugars. this is not true for type 2 diabetics. get your facts right as speak with a professional first. type 1 and type 2 are really different and only a small percentage of people with diabetes have type 1.

  93. kc says – reply to this


    Re: STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are an idiot. Learn to spell! Its INSULIN not insuline and DIABETES, not dibetes. Who cares if you are a medical transcriptionist. All you do is take the dr. reports and put them into a computer. It does NOT make you a medical personal… it does NOT make you a Dr. You know NOTHING about DIABETES until you LIVE IT! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DO NOT GET IT. THERE IS NO CURE FOR TYPE 1 DIABETES. ITS A MANAGABLE DISEASE, THATS ITS. WITHOUT INSULIN YOU WILL DIE!! HOW FUCKING DUMB CAN YOU BE? YOU TELL CANCER PATIENTS TO GO ON THE RAW DIET AND THEY'LL LIVE? WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WITH AIDS, ASTMA, THYROID ISSUES. Eating a diet that is healthy, low in fat and low in processed foods and high in fruits, veggies, and whole wheat, complex carbs is good.. IT will help you MANAGE you disease better but it will NOT cure it. I hope to god my daughter never runs into one of you morons ever. If going all 'natural' and eating tree bark would cure you of diabetes I'd like to see the PROOF of this.. and not some dumb lame computer page/website.. but real, hard proof that it works.. People have asked before and wow, no one can provide that.. BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT! I can't believe how many ignorant people that are in this world!

  94. sdmom says – reply to this


    PART ONE - we are all forgetting something really basic here, and i think this is another thing where people are so ill-informed. insulin is something everyone is *supposed to* produce in ideal amounts in an effort to balance out one of the bazillion things going on inside our incredibly complex human bodies. when you are a type 1 diabetic and have to put that insulin into your body via other methods, other than your pancreas producing it like it's supposed to, how in the world is that suddenly become toxic or wrong? it's just being replaced, as the body stopped doing on it's own. i have been hypothyroid since i was 6. that also is an autoimmune disease and sadly may have had genetic factors contributing to my daughter's disease. my thyroid doesn't produce enough hormone, so i have been on a low dose of synthroid since. it replaced what my body was no longer doing, for whatever reason. we cannot live without insulin, so my daughter isn't superhuman and able to live without it, just like you all are not. it's just that she has to use a different method of delivery. i think everyone's gotten out of hand here accusing and hating. i just wanted to make an effort to educate maybe even just a few people that halle may have confused and hopefully there are a few that read some of these comments and took something positive away from it. like knowledge. facts. and that they don't think i'm a moron for giving my daughter what she needs to stay alive.

  95. sdmom says – reply to this


    PART TWO there are so many things going on in the world, there is no way that we can all stay on top of all diseases, disorders, social and environment issues, etc. unfortunately i have been forced to become knowledgeable on a topic that i never thought would touch my life. i don't expect miracles from the general public, but a basic understanding would be so nice. and remember, if insulin is toxic and kills, then we would all be dead because it is naturally produced in your body. that's the point. we're replacing something that is no longer produced. until there is a better proven method, this is what we do. it's a love-hate relationship with that insulin vial.

  96. kc says – reply to this


    Re: Barbtallica
    yes, you can definitely MANAGE it with a healthier lifestyle.. but like its been said 100times over there is not cure. I could be 1,000 bucks that if you had you husband's antibodies tested they'd be negative for type 1.. He most certainly has type 2 that he can control with diet, as you saw when you switched to organic and non processed foods.. The descriptions of type 1 and type 2 are no longer what they were,type 1 strickly childhood, type 2 adults.. it doesn't work that way.. the rate of diabetes is growing rapidly, but its type 2 that is growing, more and more of this country's children are being dx with type 2.. There is a gentic compontent to type 2, you will get it eventually, but being overweight, and not exercising will make the disease come out sooner.. by making those changes, you are making the disease in the background more. BUT you DO NOT have to be overweight to have type 2.. there are plenty of people that are rail thin that have type 2.. its just like high cholesterol.. most people think those that have high cholesterol are fat.. untrue.. a majority of thin people do to.

  97. kc says – reply to this


    PART 2
    Type 1 is completely different than type 2. You can develope it later in life, there are different forms, the majority of those dx with type 1 are young kids that are now rail thin because of the LACK OF INSULIN their bodies have been producing, so their body was starving itself. As the mother of a type 1 4 year old girl, that was dx at 2, I would take her to the end of the earth, make her eat tree bark, and pray to the fish gods if I THOUGHT FOR A SECOND THAT WOULD CURE HER.. The problem with Halle is that it IS NOT clear what type she has.. she doesn't talk about it, except a statement here and there.. do some research, you'll see sights with both 1 and 2 listed. She is most certainly type 2, even though she doesn't fit that sterotype. I wish she'd be more open about it, find better dr's and be the spokes person she said she was GOING to be.. she said she wanted to educate.. well, to do that you need to be educated yourself. If she doesn't want to discuss it, thats fine.. then she should be making mindless comments like she did..

  98. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    Re: sdmom – very good point about insulin not being toxic. I think a lot of people believe that diabetes meds are toxic because they are thinking of type 2 meds, which our children do not take (thankfully, lord knows we have enough rx's to fill every month). A lot of type 2 meds have harmful side affects and have been in the news lately for recalls. Insulin is the only med that my son has in his body, the rest of our prescriptions are what we share with type 2's-meters, test strips, ketone strips (blood or urine-love the blood ones), syringes, pump supplies, etc.
    and a lot of people think we are just feeding them crap like the typical american family. I know every thing that goes into my sons mouth, I measure the amount of carbs and log it. The typical mother doesn't know what her child ate yesterday-but we sure as heck do! I can look at the log and see where my child needs more veggies or fruit, so that's one good thing that can come out of all this chaos.

  99. momofatype1 says – reply to this


    I'd also like to say once again I do not pray that yall get diabetes. I stated I pray you never develop it. Words have been twisted here to suit your needs for negativity. I did get caught up in it but it's best to educate since there are so many misinformed people. I deal with misinformed people every freaking time I leave the house so I am a bit fed up. Some days I just want to throw in the towel and other days I do not.
    We do not eat processed food in this house, nor did we before diagnosis, except for the road food when travelling. That is another misconception out there. When my son was diagnosed, people were shocked, the first thing they said was "but you guys eat so healthy", now in days we hear "you must eat like crap to give your child that".

  100. sdmom says – reply to this


    Re: momofatype1 – i read it right the first time, and i knew you wouldn't wish diabetes on someone anyway. it's early, so they apparently missed or added some words. my heart goes out to you. this is no way to have to live, but almost all days i choose to celebrate the LIVE part. when she was diagnosed, i just remember telling myself (between bouts of crying hysterically) that wow, how many children in this hospital will not be going home… it is an experience like no other. and it is a really frustrating thing, trying to explain. the people that frustrate me the most are the ones that act like they are actually educating you, like you don't *really* know anything about it, unlike them. like yes, walmart checkout girl, you are so insightful and i'm sure that, yes, my daughter will simply outgrow her diabetes. anymore i try to avoid the conversation at all costs, unless it begs for an explanation, or obviously if it is a safety issue. this is ridiculous, but my biggest one is that since she wears a pump pack and they look so similar to those hideous fanny packs, if someone comments on it i immediately point out that she is diabetic and it contains her insulin pump. lol. i don't want to be associated with fanny packs and i don't want my daughter to be either. that's pretty vain of me, but whatever. if she didn't have to wear that dang little pack, she would be carrying a fabulous handbag. ha.

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