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A Few Words From Alicia Silverstone

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Alicia Silverstone has a very important message she would like you to hear.

Listen to it below!

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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225 comments to “A Few Words From Alicia Silverstone”

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  1. Lacey says – reply to this


    Meat and dairy products? OMG DANGER DANGER don't let kids eat that. They might actually be healthy. Instead lets feed them carrot and cabbage mush with a little tofu for flavor. I bet that would be SO much healthier.

  2. rayray says – reply to this


    why do celebrities think people take what they say seriously? newsflash - we don't. shut up and "act."

  3. TR says – reply to this


    Meat and dairy is bad for children? Makes them obese? This message is misleading. If you are feeding your children fried chicken all the time and serving them ice cream after yes that is not healthy. Isn't she a PETA sponsor? I am sure this is tied into the whole PETA thing.

  4. fresh says – reply to this


    You are a bunch of uneducated idiots!!!! Keep eating rotten shit infested dead corpses!!!! Don't be so ignorant you fools!!!

  5. Veganman says – reply to this


    Like it or not, the facts are true.
    Before going Vegan 9 years ago I was a FAT ASS!!!! Bigger than Perez!
    Now I'm 60lbs lighter and have healthy cholesterol levels and a normal blood pressure. In all fairness, getting off the couch helped too, but it wasn't enough alone.

    Don't let "Big Pharma" fool you. The answer is not in a pill.

    I'm not a "Vegan Nazi", nor am I some preachy hippie. (I always have a veganoutreach pamphlet ready though. I hate playing 20 questions with ignorant people.)
    Eat whatever you want….it's your body, not mine.

    However, I'm living proof a Vegan diet works.

  6. MARY says – reply to this


    Why would you not want to let the gov't help support hard working american farmers? They work harder than you do… obviously… get a job and eat some meat. and its the parenting not the farmers.

  7. pegasus says – reply to this


    Re: MARY
    Do a little research, Mary. You might be surprised to know that Tyson Foods, Hormel, Smithfield Foods, and Pilgrims Pride are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the subsidy program. The little ol' farmer who needs help is a nice image, but definitely not the whole story.

  8. PETA - People for Eating Tasty Animals says – reply to this


    I love all of God's creatures…served right next to my vegetables.

  9. JOSH says – reply to this



  10. Ashley says – reply to this


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!! She looks like she had the flu or something in that pic! Can't you get a better picture of her?! Of course Perez, since you are a FAN of childhood obesity, you probably don't like what she's saying? But she is a BEAUTIFUL Woman, and deserves to have a beautiful picture posted! SO NOT FAIR! My children are ALL VEGAN and they are healthier than any other children I have EVER MET! They have energy for miles! And they love the fact that they don't EAT ANIMALS!!! Alicia YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for using your name for goodness!

  11. paul says – reply to this


    huh….turns out she over acts in phone calls too!!!!

  12. ERC says – reply to this



  13. mama says – reply to this


    she looks like shes on drugs

  14. Nemo says – reply to this


    Re: pegasus – Um…I work in this field so I do. Any Dr will tell you can't give a new born soy milk. Vegan's SHOULD all know that. Children need specific nutritional requirements for development. Omega 3,6.9. For brain development and hormone synthesis. Complete amino acids only occur in meat and fish. You can put certain grains and beans together to make a complete building block but what person knows this. Adults don't have the same nutritional requirements. So it's not so important. As a parent it would be classified as neglect to starve them of adequate nutrition.

    I would say most parents don't have the nutritional knowledge to ensure all requirements of children are met regardless of vegan or not. I can't stomach meat or going to a butcher but I have to give my dog fresh raw mince - I'd be cruel to force her to live on fish and vegan food.

    I professionally feel if you don't include meat in a childrens diet at least include fish for adequate brain development. Otherwise they will need magic latter on in life to intellectually keep up with their peers. If parents just start cooking their kids own meals instead of take away and having fresh food instead of processed food it would do wonders. But parents are working, busy, out ????

    P.S I'm a fan of ADULT vagens if that's their choice. I'm not a fan a people who have to use f%^k to get their point across.

  15. nemo says – reply to this


    Re: pegasus

    P.P.S Oh yeah about those "magical" metabolic abilities you spoke of - they are called Pharmaceutical Drugs. Which children will need latter in life due the fact they were nutritionally deficient in their developing years….but that's the PLAN isn't it? PETA and Astra Zeneca. Heidi and you lot all have shares there. Yeah way to go USE innocent children as commodities to keep you all in the green. Go back to hell Zeus.

  16. dave says – reply to this


    Does anybody else think she looks like a meth addict in that pic…..
    Her face defn shows signs of meth DNA hahaha

  17. an angel says – reply to this


    Re: aDORAble – THATS RIGHT…umm I'm a guy and not gay, retard. but since we are on that subject, I remember gettin ready to dick you when I noticed your nasty ass clitty litter…gross!! Man, you should douche every so often…….

  18. i says – reply to this


    i dont care what she says i love herrrr and she is soo not ugly!

  19. bryan says – reply to this


    AZ IF!!!

  20. Educated one says – reply to this


    Stupid….meat and dairy are good for you….but like everything..self control and portion control are required!!!! Just eating veggies is NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Obviously she couldn't control herself and had to stop eating normal food altogether….

  21. Michelle says – reply to this


    What she is talking about is extremely crucial to learn more about! I am a true supporter of Alicia!

  22. pegasus says – reply to this


    Re: Nemo
    And your point about soy milk is? Any doctor will also tell you that you can't give a newborn cow's milk.

    Your work in "the field" must not be too involved, otherwise, you would know that the leading authority on nutrition, the American Dietetic Association, agrees that a vegan diet is completely healthy for any stage of the life cycle, including infants and children. You would also be aware that the idea of protein combining is very outdated. Though you are correct in the fact that individual plant foods are not complete proteins in themselves, it is very easy to obtain all essential amino acids by consuming a variety of foods. You do not have to eat beans and rice in the same meal (or even the same day) to get these benefits, as was once thought.

  23. loriz says – reply to this


    Why should taxpayers subsidize what eventually kills many people? Cancer, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes is not normal! Why drink milk, are humans calves? The meat today is so loaded with fat and drugs that it kills people. The meat and dairy industry has brainwashed people for decades. People have totally reversed above mentioned problems on a plant based diet. Most of you here are obviously young and will not feel the effects of your crappy diet for a long time but keep eating such junk and you will get what so many old people die of today and it is on the increase, so what does that tell you? There are too many studies that can't be ignored anymore that meat and dairy foods are killing people.

  24. Lee says – reply to this


    the "organization" she's speaking on behalf of isn't even made of "physicians" or any kind of medical doctor..it's all bullshit propaganda like PETA…none of these foods have been linked to obesity, and in fact are needed to keep our bodies operating..this is just a PETA attempt to make us stop being "animal killers" even though they murder 14,000 animals yearly that they can 't find homes for..hmm hyporcritical much?

  25. Mensa says – reply to this


    Fat Yanks eat yourselves to death! You disgust me.

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