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Prince Hates His Fans!

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Holy shit! Not since Alysa Milano went sue-happy has a bunch of fans revolted against their object of devotion.

Prince fans are angry.

They claim that the pop star and his lawyers are threatening fan sites and trying to get money from them through fear and intimidation.

In an unparalleled move, three of the largest Prince fansites have started a new site, Prince Fans United, and they are taking their frustration public.

Here is the eye-opening press release they just sent out!

"November 5, 2007


In an extraordinary, but not unfamiliar move, the rock legend Prince is using an army of lawyers to launch attacks on his own fans.

Several of the largest web communities dedicated to the artist have received notices to cease and desist all use of photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to Prince's likeness.

It is our opinion that these threats are not made in an attempt to enforce valid copyright as Prince alleges in his threats, rather we believe they are attempts to stifle all critical commentary about Prince. We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of the freedom of speech and should not be allowed. Prince claims that fansites are not allowed to present any artwork with Prince's likeness, to the extreme that he has demanded removal of fan's own photographs of their Prince inspired tattoos and their vehicles displaying Prince inspired license plates.

Prince's representatives have requested that the fansites provide them with "substantive details of the means by which you [the fansites] propose to compensate our clients [Paisley Park Enterprises, NPG Records and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)] for damages…"

The owners of the three largest fansites supporting Prince: www.housequake.com, www.princefams.com and www.prince.org have come together to fight back to what amounts to an injustice to the fansites and the very fans who have supported Prince's career, many since the very beginning nearly thirty years ago.

It is their hope that Prince will reconsider his position and allow these fansites to continue their existence without constant threats from Prince and his attorneys. Should this not be possible, the fansites are fully prepared to defend their position in the proper court of law, as well as fully prosecute any claims to which they are justly entitled.

The owners of housequake.com, princefams.com and prince.org acknowledge that, while Prince is entitled to control of his copyrights, it should be within the law. The law clearly provides for displaying of images of a celebrity's likeness for newsworthy events or matters that are considered to be public interest. All three websites feel that the photographs and/or likeness displayed on their websites clearly fall within the public interest category. Additionally, the use of photographs is legal based on the fair use doctrine, i.e. the displaying of album cover art, or the collage headers created by website members using a variety of different photographs.

For housequake.com: Aaron A. Sikkink and Gavin McLaughlin
For princefams.com: Endre Adolfsen and Jonathan Nice
For prince.org: Ben Margolin

For more information, please contact the Prince Fans United Group spokesperson:
Gavin McLaughlin at: pfu@housequake.com."

Fight the power!!!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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288 comments to “Prince Hates His Fans!”

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  1. Luke says – reply to this


    But Prince loves me! He told me so!

  2. bernie says – reply to this



  3. bernie says – reply to this



  4. b says – reply to this



  5. HRH Adam says – reply to this


    The strangest thing about this to me, is that Prince HAS any fans.

  6. Dara says – reply to this


    I think Prince is starting to lose his mind.

  7. WindAdvisory says – reply to this


    Power To The People! (Who buys your records???)

  8. butterluv369 says – reply to this


    thank god his ego isnt as big as he is hahhahah what a jerk

  9. George says – reply to this



  10. Patricia says – reply to this


    He is pathetic. He has a huge EGO. I know a guy who egged Prince and his lame ass entourage. I am now glad he did it!!

  11. Ript1&0 says – reply to this


    Prince, you are wrong for this and you know it.

    If you didn't want anyone to hear your music and take it into their lives and make it their own, you should've never let it leave your basement studio.

  12. sarah says – reply to this


    He is being ridiculous…….seriously! Get over yourself Prince!

  13. miamibiotch13 says – reply to this



  14. Benji says – reply to this


    Prince sucks anyways..

  15. What? says – reply to this


    Geez, nice. All that fame and money came from where? Where? Oh yeah, people buying his records. What an incredible sensitive douche. You shit just like everyone else Princey boy, don't be a dick.

  16. Carmen says – reply to this


    The little purple one sounds a little big for his britches.

  17. whoo dun it says – reply to this


    Napoleon complex.

  18. Cleo says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – Well put, agreed!

  19. Vala says – reply to this



  20. Mike T says – reply to this


    What an arrogant prick! It's one thing to go after the corporations to protect your image/music, etc. but to threaten the fans who have given you support through thirty years is so lame.
    Prince is well on his way to becoming the new Michael Jackson.
    Prince fans should turn their backs on him & his work & teach the purple prick a lesson. Jerk off!

  21. katherine says – reply to this


    he is an asshole. get a grip and leave your fans alone

  22. dude says – reply to this


    Prince WHO? He can fuck himself… i like his old music, but damn, i'm not addicted, who cares if anyone ever hears another prince song… you know i get it's their "work", but what the hell… isn't this shit like "public domain" by now. Grow Up! stoopid fuckhead…

  23. Bud says – reply to this


    He still has fans?! What an egotistical twat.

  24. patsy says – reply to this


    How dare he demand money for his song writing producing and hard work singing and developing a look and sound.

  25. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    He was great in the 80's. But now??? When do you ever hear from him?? Oh, we hear from him now when he decides to punish the few fans he has left.

  26. sta says – reply to this


    Dude has lost his mind.

  27. Shireen says – reply to this


    ae I used to love him.. but this is totally weak. what a douchebag.
    Makes that Charlie Murphy Hollywood Storu on Chappelle's Show that much more believable though lol

  28. Shireen says – reply to this


    aw I used to love him.. but this is totally weak. what a douchebag.
    Makes that Charlie Murphy Hollywood Storu on Chappelle's Show that much more believable though lol

  29. perezhiltonisafag says – reply to this


    You are all lame. I hope Price causes all these fan sites to go off line. After all…..you deserve it if you're even a fan of prince.

  30. Princelover319 says – reply to this


    I love him no matter what. I love Prince.org and Housequake….but they need to adhere to everything he says. He is looking out for himself. I love u Perez!

  31. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: perezhiltonisafag – And YOU deserve for me to come over and churn your shit like butter.

  32. KARMA WILL BITE UR ASS OFF says – reply to this



  33. Hippy says – reply to this


    Prince should be glad he still has a fan or two left. What a dickbump.

  34. Netjryt says – reply to this


    Prince is trifling. Petty. I'm taking those old albums to the beach and use them for Frisbees.

  35. The Greek Giant says – reply to this


    Hello, The Greek Giant here sipping grapefruit juice in my palatial estate while wearing matching pink slippers and a silk bathrobe. Prince is a dwarf in platform heels therefore I, The Greek Giant, do not listen to his jangled and outdated music. His greed and selfishness are as deep as his cavernous and loose asshole, so you Prince fans should ban him to a tiny doghouse as I, The Greek Giant, do to Cabana Boys #1-9 whenever they misbehave. That is all.

  36. cpbx says – reply to this


    This would discourage me as a fan… DAMN, Prince you suck!!! Aren't you the artist formerly know as Prince…

  37. SCUMBAG says – reply to this


    He can take all his records and photos and put them on fire so nobody can use them anymore. Now, that's a good idea. Do it, please !!!!!!!!!

  38. Tina says – reply to this


    omg!!! how could he!!!

  39. CrazyAzz says – reply to this


    What a fucktard!!
    I bet he'd sue his own GRANDMA if she ran a fan site!!!

  40. Mike says – reply to this


    Are you friggin' kidding me? I think it's time for an all out revolt and rebellion against his purpleness. The once leader of The Revolution has turned into the leader of The Establishment. He has always tip-toed the line of brilliance/insanity, but it is clear that he has lost his mind. Let's see….Michael Jackson went cuckoo, Prince is gone, let's hope and pray Justin is next.

  41. sullied says – reply to this


    Is he even relevant anymore?

  42. velvetj says – reply to this


    I am one of those dedicated fans and I support the revolt 1000%. Being a fan of any artist should not be as difficult as Prince has made it. He has been a jerk for years and many of his fans have simply had enough.

  43. velvetj says – reply to this


    I am one of those dedicated fans and I support the revolt 1000%. Being a fan of any artist should not be as difficult as Prince has made it. He has been a jerk for years and many of his fans have simply had enough.

  44. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: The Greek Giant – Hahahahaha! Funny. Good stuff.

  45. Canuck Princess says – reply to this


    Prince is an asshole - if i was a fan (which i'm totally not - thankfully) i'd have a cd/tape burning.
    Nice way to treat your fans dickface.

  46. payback says – reply to this


    Don't tour again, you'll be sorry…

  47. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: perezhiltonisafag – Hey little boy. I'll give you a quarter for a rim job!
    I just had an enema so I should be pretty clean.

  48. CC says – reply to this


    Prince can suck a fart out of my ass. I love his music, but this has gone too far and I will boycott ever seeing him again or buying any more of his music…although if he releases another shitty Planet Earth than who cares anyway.

    Get over yourself you ego maniac. Jehovah will not be happy with you!!!

  49. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    Arist will learn at some point that they should not fuck over the fans that made them.

    Even if there are sound clips out there on the web.. will that keep me from buying a cd from the shops or itunes.. no

    Being a Prince and not a Prick or I will just keep my money.

  50. Carol says – reply to this


    Can he please go sit his short ass down somewhere? You do NOT fuck with your fans ever!!

  51. IDIOT says – reply to this


    This moron should be thrilled that people even have websites dedicated to him and even give a shit about his crappy music. What a douche!!! Boycott Prince is all I can say!! Screw him…. who is he kidding anyway… who really gives a shit about his old music anymore!!??

  52. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    I still can't understand what the big deal is (was) about this annoying little gnat. He's not as great as he likes to think he is. Besides, I thought he "retired" after storing 600 songs in a vault or something. He's another fool that can just go away now. We're much better entertained by the antics of Shitney and her peers than watching that skinny little bastard prance around in his underwear and have DIVA tantrums.

  53. illtelluhowurgonnabdone says – reply to this


    the end is near.
    can u say SABOTAGE!?

  54. whoo dun it says – reply to this


    I wonder what will happen the next time someone craps in his Wheaties?…Na, no I don't. I don't think anyone else will either.

  55. Fan Dude says – reply to this


    I run a fan site (not Prince). Here's the truth: the record companies should pay fans for the FREE publicity they provide. The record companies are pretty lame as far as promotions and advertising goes these days. Everyone knows they're in trouble. Fans do this sort of work for free and out of love of the artist. Not only that, but non-fans can GOOGLE "Prince" and have information about him at their fingertips. Many fan sites are better than the actual artists' site. Yes, the artist cannot control what is said in fan forums. But that goes with the territory. Instead of biting the hand that feeds them, lawyers of artists like Prince should back off. Yes, photo use is an issue … but, again, no one is making money off of any of this. It's not like the fans are selling Prince photos. It's all an online shrine to their favorite artist.

  56. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    Re: The Greek Giant – HAHAHAHA!!! Brilliant!

  57. Me says – reply to this


    This makes me laugh….

    Back in 1981 Prince opened up at a Day On The Green concert in Oakland, CA…the others on the bill were Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne…when Prince came onstage in his fishnets and corset the crowd (about 50,000 heavy metal fans) were NOT happy….he was booed off the stage after 2 songs. I only remember that he was really tiny and that he really sucked!

  58. kiska79 says – reply to this


    Ugh! It's about time people turned on theis little leprechaun! Ever 6-7 years he queefs out a new album and people just shit their pants over it's "greatness". I hope this squeeky played out little gnome parachutes into the eye of a hurricane.

  59. Isaiah says – reply to this


    We MADE Prince and now Prince wants to ATTACK us.

  60. Tina says – reply to this


    I totally get why downloading music illegally and copyrighting should be a serious matter, however there are limits to that.

    He wouldn't even be famous if it weren't for the people who enjoy him and his music. I think that he's being extremely disrespectful and intolerant to the people that made him who he is today. Those people have tattoos of this man, and he's been such a huge influence in their lives and he's being so ungreatful towards them.

    I've never been a fan of his, but I always hate to see fans of anyone being treated unfairly. How distasteful…

  61. CJ says – reply to this


    Ugh I hate that. Fan sites usually don't profit off of the use of the images or anything like that. Half the time they're just young people professing a love for a certain artist. If I was famous, I'd be flattered instead of soaking some poor webmaster for whatever money they have.

  62. velvetj says – reply to this


    HEY PEREZ, YOU HAD BETTER WATCH IT. YOU MAY RECIEVE A THREATENING LETTER FOR POSTING THIS IMAGE YOU HAVE OF HIM. Seriously. I would not be surprised if this photo disappeared within a couple of hours.

  63. No thank says – reply to this


    Leave Prince alone. If he doesn't want you to use his image than stop using his image.
    Prince is Prince he can do whatever the hell he wants.

  64. tammy says – reply to this


    im a HUGH prince fan, and this is so lame of him cuz without his fans he wouldnt be who he is.

  65. max says – reply to this


    Funny… before realising it was for Prince Fans United, i thought PFU was for "Prince, f*ck U !"

  66. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: Me – That's awesome! Can't believe he even signed on that shit. What was he thinking???

  67. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: No thank – I just greased up my fist all the way to the elbow. I can show YOU where I'm gonna put it!

  68. kt says – reply to this


    I knew that Prince was nothing but an arrogant d***head when I saw him on American Idol last year. I hope that this causes his fans to boycott his albums so that he goes bankrupt and ends up living on the streets eating garbage to survive.

  69. Rommel says – reply to this


    That little gayrod needs to loosen up the t back underwear because it's cutting the circulation of blood to his brain.

    He's about to be a has-been and he could ill-afford to be a queen. Honestly, I don't see what you women see in him, he's such a girl.

  70. kt says – reply to this


    I knew that Prince was an arrogant d***head when I saw him on American Idol last year. I hope that this causes his fans to boycott his albums so that he goes bankrupt and ends up living on the street eating garbage to survive.

  71. Lori says – reply to this


    I hope there is an explanation for this, or that it is a big misunderstanding. I love Prince, and I'd hate to think he's really behind this strange turn of events.

  72. Mr Big says – reply to this


    And I didn't think he could get any smaller…

    Britneys coffe interests me more than this "Pinoccio"!

    Its time somone cleans the Internet from his pictures!

  73. Kim says – reply to this


    Also, Isn't it legal to use copyrighted images for satire, too? The fan sites should just start giving his images the perez treatment.

  74. Bonesy says – reply to this


    Prince is an asshole. Get over yourself. I'll be surprised if he has any fans left to SELL music to!

  75. Dawn says – reply to this


    F'ck this has been. What an ass…why is anyone still talking to/about him????

    All his music sound like same old crap.

  76. DevotedPuppy says – reply to this


    Re: velvetj – Exactly. Websheriff is probably drafting up his form (cease-and-desist) letter to Perez right now.

  77. bree says – reply to this


    Re: BenjiRe: BenjiRe: Benji – u suck jackass!

  78. Micheal says – reply to this


    You all ACT AS IF HE HAS NO FANS!!!
    Too be honest, Prince has never fail off the radar, He was once a commercial artist who faught for his artistic freedom in the music industry, he has paved the way for so many artists like NIN, Manson, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz, Ne-yo, and the list goes on and on!
    Prince has millions of fans and if you don't know the facts then you all need to shut the ****k up!
    Prince just had 93 million viewers tune in for superbowl sunday, he's sold out 21 nights in London, having been the only artist to perform on one stage for 52 hours, breaking all records, selling millions of cd (still) from Musicology, 3121, and Planet Earth combined!!!

    He's been a leader and underdog for many year s and just because he's not on the radio and tv 24/7 with overkill exposure doesn't mean he's irrelevant.
    He's got the music industry in the palm of his hands!

    Prince is and will always be BRILLIANT!!!
    This latest move may be far off, but he knows what he wants for his own damn legacy, so if you all think he's so lame and over, then why are you wasting your time typing in this forum!

    ****k off!

  79. Armond says – reply to this


    What a dick.

  80. chris says – reply to this


    HEEEEEEEEEELLLLL YES! This is amazing!

  81. SABOTAGE says – reply to this


    He should not trash his fans. HE WOULD BE NOTHING without his fans that made him.

  82. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA says – reply to this



  83. Stillafan(if it's legal)fromParis says – reply to this


    I'm a huge fan from France. Saw him live this summer and he was uncredible. He is a genius… gone mad ? All this is so sad. So very sad. Can't believe he could to this to the people that love him the most. I'm ashamed on his behalf.

  84. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    Re: Micheal – #82 - Dude, before you hop on top of that soapbox, grab a fucking dictionary!!! Your rant loses steam when you show us all how illerate you are…

  85. munch says – reply to this


    Wow! He REALLY is an asshole! Another nail in the coffin 4 his fading career! LOL

  86. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    …and yes, I spelled ILLITERATE wrong on purpose to make a point, but I'm sure you're too stupid to get it.

  87. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: Micheal – Wow….you are a fucking encyclopedia. Cheers to YOU fuck face. I know someone who is giving away medals. You deserve it.

  88. Whatever! says – reply to this


    Prince needs to take notes from true legends like Joni Mitchel. Do you really think she runs around trying to terrorize fans, removing her pictures from websites, etc. etc. he really needs to get a grip. Reducing himself to this level just takes away from everything he has worked so hard to be. there is a story on one of his websites about how he had you tube remove a family video of a little kid dancing to let's go crazy, because he felt it infringed on his copyright…has he nothing better to do???

  89. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: Lamb Chop – I got a greasy fist and an enema ready for Michael. I'd LOVE to GIVE HIM SOME TRUTH.

  90. SPELL MUCH??? says – reply to this


    Re: Micheal – Nobody will take a bit of your comments seriously when you cannot communicate effectively.
    Get a WEBSTERS!

  91. Roxy says – reply to this


    I didn't realize prince was so hard up for money.

  92. the village idiot. says – reply to this


    Folks. Michael is the village idiot.

  93. amy2694 says – reply to this


    he is ALWAYS been a dick like this. i'm from minnesota which is where he is from as well and my dad played guitar for him a few times and he as well as others around were not allowed to look prince in the eyes, because he thinks he is god or something. ick, he just disgusts me.

  94. Angy Lady says – reply to this


    Ok, time for a fan from prince.org to step in here. First of all to the fools who keep saying they're shocked he has fans, please PLEASE come up with a better retort. Yes, the man still has fans. If you do not like his music, even better. Does anyone really care? What does that submit to the discussion. Same goes for those who don't listen to his music and have to point that out. Good for you, go play in traffic. Now back to discussion.
    It sucks to the deepest degree that Prince is attacking his fans. Lots of them are currently denouncing themselves from his flock. I wouldn't do that despite the fact that I do not agree with his scare tactics. This is obviously an esteem issue so that he will not be under the same scrutiny as other celebs are. And yes, HE IS A CELEB. Maybe not in the overdone common way that the good lot of people consider a celeb to be, but he is in his own right. However, that still doesn't give him the right to scare the people who have supported him for the longest. He will still (obviously, looking at some of these snide comments) be scrutinized and talked about and have images posted despite whatever and whomever he sics on the masses. I just feel it is a very hurtful tactic that will create a giant backlash.

  95. perezhiltonisafag says – reply to this


    Re: pooper (in the)

    You want to churn my shit? Well…..okay. Do you have special that you use for that? Dumb ass.

  96. Solaera says – reply to this


    Seriously? What a dick. Fuck that demented little dwarf.

  97. Ease Up on Mikey says – reply to this


    Re: the village idiot. – What the Fuck is everyones problem? So what…. he had some typos, he's obviously a devoted fan pissed off with good reason at the way things are. Since when is everyone here an English Critic?…get your heads out of your assholes.

  98. Mia says – reply to this


    Three shitty cheap websites won't make Prince change his mind, he can do what he likes!
    Prince fans united, get a life and jobs

  99. Sharevari says – reply to this


    Re: Princelover319 – It is fans like you who are of absolutely no help to the Prince fan community. He's already got enough people on his pubic hairs as it is, he don't need anymore. Sucking Prince's schwanz is not gonna get you brownie points, dear.

  100. pooper (in the) says – reply to this


    Re: perezhiltonisafag – First of all, your rebuttal doesn't make any sense. I guess I got so far under your skin, you forgot how to communicate!
    Ha ha ha ha aaaaah.

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