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The Reviews Are In!

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Amy Winehouse performed at the first show of her U.K. tour on Wednesday, and it was a disaster!

A Perezcious reader was there and this is what they have to report:

"I've just come back from the Amy Winehouse concert at the NIA. In short, she was fucking terrible. She was very very drunk, she made various rambling references to her 'husband' (even going as far to threaten audience members who booed with him) and worst of all, it looked like she was wearing those bloody ballet pumps again. Many audience members booed, and people were continually walking out. She referred to us as 'monkey cunts' at one point, and she forgot the words to most of her songs. I really like Amy but this was awful. I'd like to tell you that her voice was her saving grace, but it was horrendous."

[Image via WENN.]

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287 comments to “The Reviews Are In!”

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  1. tina says – reply to this


    Look at her arm in this picture. She totally has a huge track on her arm. She's definately a dope fiend for sure.

  2. Gia Jolie says – reply to this


    I love her music. But she needs to clean up her shit.

  3. Oge says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – …IS THAT HER NIPPLE?????

  4. michelle says – reply to this


    People shold just stop supporting her shows and buying her music they will find her dead soon of a drug overdose and then it will be too late sad really becasue she has a wonderfull voice but she is a complete mess and really needs help!!

  5. Mandy says – reply to this


    Why the hell do people keep paying money to see her shows?! Doesn't this happen about once a week? I would never give her my money so she could ruin my night and waste my money.

  6. Melissa says – reply to this


    A new 12 step program for "Attention Seekers Anonymous" needs to be founded and run by female only therapists so they might pay attention to what they need to learn. First "clients" are: Amy Winehouse, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohann, Heather (McCartney's ex), Whitney Houston, Heidi (from the Hills)..List could be endless.

  7. funky munky says – reply to this


    re; marianne chitter chatter
    You are clearly a very sweet lady but not very accurate i'm afraid. If someone is going to "knock you up" it means they are going to impregnate you not phone you! And "cunts" is i think very very rarely a term of endearment in any dialect! Nice attitude from you there, there should be more like you here.

  8. funky munky says – reply to this


    re; marianne chitter chatter
    You are clearly a very sweet lady but not very accurate i'm afraid. If someone is going to "knock you up" it means they are going to impregnate you not phone you! And "cunts" is i think very very rarely a term of endearment in any dialect! Nice attitude from you there, there should be more like you here.

  9. funky munky says – reply to this


    re; marianne chitter chatter
    You are clearly a very sweet lady but not very accurate i'm afraid. If someone is going to "knock you up" it means they are going to impregnate you not phone you! And "cunts" is i think very very rarely a term of endearment in any dialect! Nice attitude from you there, there should be more like you here.

  10. Etan Patz says – reply to this


    SHE IS PATHETIC!!! She does not deserve the talent that God gave her. She looks disgusting, look at her skin and her teeth. Fucking crackhead. Just like Whitney Houston, fucking crackheads. Throwing their careers and credibility in the garbage all for the fucking drugs. DISGUSTING.

  11. Undergroundwoo says – reply to this


    Is there some Nipple action going on in that pic? She's poppin out!!!!

  12. KATIE says – reply to this


    FUCK AMY !

  13. the dentist says – reply to this


    Why are her fingers in her mouth all the time? Go get some oral hygene assistance

  14. IL Chic says – reply to this


    I think she and Brit Brit were separated at birth - equal trainwrecks

  15. Jenn says – reply to this


    i think i can see part of a nipple….

  16. Londoner says – reply to this


    She probably said "muggy cunts"

  17. Kristin says – reply to this


    Nice nipple Amy

  18. BKT says – reply to this


    She's not pretending to be a pop princess, she is who she is. Its your own damn fault if you went to the show and expected anything else from her. I think she kicks ass

  19. Lili says – reply to this


    I actually like her music…I feel sad for her. I hope she gets some help soon. Her dad obviously loves her very much. I don't wanna see any harm come to her. Amy, sweetheart, stop doing this to yourself!

  20. Just a Fan says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for Amy. And if I were ever to go bi, she is THE ONE. I'd love to hold her, take care of her & make sure she is satisfied. That is all she needs.

  21. Lin says – reply to this



  22. alexisjade says – reply to this


    I love her but enough is enough. She needs to get some help ASAP.

  23. Jade River says – reply to this


    Never heard of her until this past weekend when I saw her Back to Black video. Awesome talent, but she is a bit of mess. If you look back at all the great talents they all had their problems analyzed by the public. As if we really know.

  24. Camille says – reply to this


    Re: Amy is in turmoil – You really love her huh? Too bad Blake is her toxic man. Relationship like that is so hard so get out of. But they truly love each other deeply, so I don't think she should leave him. I think they both should get seriously help! Without him, I'm not sure she would still be alive. To me, it seems like he is the only thing holding her from dying. But I guess he is the reason she is close to it.. So it goes both ways. I will always love Amy and I hope they'll sort themselves out in time. God bless their hearts and help them through this hard time. :)

  25. sam says – reply to this


    poor thing…

  26. Nic says – reply to this


    is her nipple showing?

  27. amy says – reply to this


    omg i was there she was not drunk she was upset and some people booed and she then called them 'monkey cunts' and then she said 'why did you buy a ticket to see me if you hate me to the people that are booing wait until my husband gets out of jail' and she said before a song this goes out two my husband and started to cry and then she went off to have a smoke and some girls standing had a fight and she looked pissed off

  28. Rachel says – reply to this


    man, it's awesome to see a pop star who's punk rock enough to show up drunk and call her fans monkey cunts. she's the real thing!

  29. Rainbowcat says – reply to this


    Oh, geez - here we go again. Scary world Amy lives in - - - what will it take for her to GET OUT of the mess? Dunno, but I see one big dark cloud over this one.

  30. debbie says – reply to this


    OK, why doesn't this skank get a crown? She's always picking at that nasty gap where her tooth used to be. It's not that becoming Amy… it's just disgusting!!!! Get your teeth fixed and stop with the fingers in the mouth! What are you eating boogers or something?

  31. britchick says – reply to this


    Did anyone notice the track lines or are you all just looking at her nipple??

  32. QUIN says – reply to this


    Re: Amy is in turmoil
    Lawyers do the same thing and it's legal, except we say they "settled it"
    It would also help if you said the minimum sentence , because no-one will ever get anywhere NEAR the max. Especially in the UK (i am from the UK)
    Yup even poor people.
    Oh and another thing, Amy is just as bad as Blake for going along with it or allowing herself to be supposedly affected by his behaviour.
    If that wasn't her then she wouldn't be doing it. Even if he did get her into this mess, she is obviously not telling him to fuck off so it's her own damn fault.
    Stop blaming it on others!!

  33. BELANOVA says – reply to this


    leave her
    alone she
    can get
    drunk if
    she fuckin
    wants she

  34. BELANOVA says – reply to this


    leave her
    alone she
    can get
    drunk if
    she fuckin
    wants she

  35. BELANOVA says – reply to this


    leave her
    alone she
    can get
    drunk if
    she fuckin
    wants she

  36. DerkaDoo says – reply to this


    Amy has a nice smoky jazz voice, unusual sound right now. My husband thinks she's stylish, though getting to thin.

    La Vie en Rose, is just released on DVD. The great singer, Edith Piaf, who died of drug and drink at 47. Another mess, but she held it together better than Amy Winehouse. And her voice was a phenon.

    Can't somebody control Winehouse? At least go off stage for a sec for the fag and shot. Piaf may have collapsed on stage more than once, but she didn't let it all hang out. Maybe Amy will watch the movie to get tips on how drug addicted singers can pull it off.

    Also Ray Charles was addicted for years and still a class act.

    She is probably dissing her fans because they are dissing her. You know, she is awfully young, perhaps spoiled.

    My husband and I will always like Amy Winehouse. I think she is adorable: she needs to draw those sober breaths, it's not so bad, sober is fun.(Keep thinking that, AW.)

    Hey, Perez, I thought you've met Amy and hit it off. She is a good singer, something different now. Why can't you give her a compliment along with the trash bite?

  37. Mel184 says – reply to this


    "Monkey cunt"?? Someone must have told her that we Germans generally refer to the British as "Inselaffen" - "island apes" in English. Her remark really made my day.

  38. PARIS HILTON says – reply to this



  39. J W says – reply to this


    good grief. if ya dont look at her face and turn off the hearing aids, she has a nice little nipple peeking out there

  40. PARIS HILTON says – reply to this



  41. loki519 says – reply to this


    Re: DerkaDoo – doncha just love crack whores!!

  42. Apologise to the UK says – reply to this


    Mel184, we don't give a fuck what the Germans think of us. Given your rather "illustrious" past, it is a miracle that Amy is here! You consider us to be "Inselaffen", well, guess what, it was we who stood up to that dirty little man with a funny mouthstache, one ball, and an odious plan to teach the world German. Fuck off, Germany owes its post war success to the benevolence and morality of the British people. Fancy that, the great German superiour race beaten by a bunch of apes - what does that say about the Germans? Amy is British and proud!

  43. Jampot says – reply to this


    Poor Amy, people are saying such cruel things about her. Can't you see the girl's in terrible trouble? For most of us, if we were in such a situation, we could still maintain our privacy, but everything she does is photographed and published and so she has to go through all her terrible times and traumas in public. Stop being so horrible about her and concentrate on her amazing voice and delivery, she is a true artist even though she is in awful trouble.

  44. ashleyjeree says – reply to this


    Is that a nipple?

  45. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Re: Mel184 – WWI and WWII would make GERMANS known as the WORLD'S TWO TIME LOSERS. Better an island ape than a world two time loser.
    FYI Amy Whinehouse is a British Jewish singer that would have never been afforded life if the Nazis had prevailed.

  46. Mel184 won't appologize says – reply to this


    Re: Apologise to the UK
    Actually, besides German, some of my ancestors were Jewish and Polish - fancy that!
    Anyway, Germany's postwar success was based mainly on lots of hard effort and efficiency.
    BTW, who is the mayor of Hartlepool? Running for office by promising free bananas seems to work on your island extremely well.
    As to Amy - she certainly is a Brit, is constantly drunk (no surprise here) and could learn an awful about professionalism. Such behaviour on stage makes you proud? The mind boggles.

  47. thorn says – reply to this


    Can't wait for her to die.

  48. Allison says – reply to this


    And she's famous why? My daughters would call her a skank. To me, she's just a disgusting druggie.

  49. Plastica says – reply to this


    There you go again with your Hate Perpetuate, Perez. How do you sleep at night? With your d**k in a peanut butter jar?

    Be kind.

  50. kk says – reply to this


    is that a nip i see?

  51. butternutsquash says – reply to this


    Mel184 - us British may have our faults, but at least we're not German!

  52. bmpy says – reply to this



  53. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: butternutsquash
    To the British and Germans arguing on here.
    You are far worse than any nationality. You are both certified RETARDS.
    Now shut up. You are disgracing both of your countries equally with your xenophobic, chip on your shoulder, pointless, war-referencing talk. LOL

  54. Ginger says – reply to this


    Nice pic of her nips peeking out……

  55. FCC says – reply to this



  56. samantha says – reply to this


    EW nasty NIPPLES

  57. "OMFG" says – reply to this


    Did anyone notice that her right boob is OUT!
    WEll just a little bit u can see some nipple!

  58. female vamp * says – reply to this


    its terrible. just not right, she clearly has a problem, and needs some major help. she shouldn't be allowed on stage. she should defiantly be in rehab. she does have a great voice and talent, its a shame shes putting it all to waste.

  59. tammy says – reply to this


    i hope this girl don't kill herself! When her album first came out, i thought she had so much potential to be the next big shit , and now and I can't even listen to it because i think of her snortin drugs..eeww disgusting!

  60. sly says – reply to this


    honestly, what does anyone expect when they go to one of her concerts? she is a drugged out drunk. you get what you pay for! hope everyone enjoyed the freak show…

  61. VintageLuv says – reply to this


    C'mon now!! She has a song called "Rehab" for Christ's sake! Everyone one who bought a ticket knew what they were getting into! It's not like her drug use is a big secret! I think she's a true rock star! Kurt Cobain the same thing and he's a bloody martyr! Let's face it, if she had a penis, it would be considered typical rock star fashion. If your a patron @ a show and you don't like the performance, just get up and leave! Don't start a boo-ing match and spoil the show for the people who might actually be enjoying themselves, including the artist! I'm behind Amy, all the WAY!!

  62. linds says – reply to this


    is that her nipple showing??

  63. zaina says – reply to this


    you guys relax, its so obviously scored!! its sooo contrived you guys stop being so naive, in an interview in Austin, Texas last year she said, "If one person reads a story and thinks I'm crazy… and goes out to buy a CD, then I think it's great!"

    She knows how it's helping her song Rehab, and her Ranking and Album Sales. That's why they score for her to act a little bit drunk in her concerts. If it was really bothering her manager or record label, they wouldn't have allowed her to drink champagne out of a glass on stage at a concert. Come on. If she wasn't drunk and acting nuts with her husband, they wouldn't get press.

  64. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Re: VintageLuv – Well said. Hear hear.

  65. Fannie says – reply to this


    Eww…her singing sucks…she looks like hell…Her make-up is UGLY and her hair is NASTY…some1 should give her a comb…i think i see part of her left nipple…EWWWW!!!…

  66. fredstreisand says – reply to this


    i love her eyeliner…. this girl needs some good friends
    love you amy

  67. bulldogchewingawasp says – reply to this



    Excellent riposte.


    You just had your arsed kicked. What sort of retort is, 'Anyway, Germany’s postwar success was based mainly on lots of hard effort and efficiency.'? You've just been told your country probably wouldn't have experienced the freedom to be efficient if we ain't carpet bombed the Nazi's into oblivion, whatever rhetoric Mr. Hitler brainwashed your grandparents with.

    Really you're ridiculous. If you want to start talking degenerate then hey, let's talk about German aristocrat Count Gottfried von Bismarck who recently fell off the roof terrace of his London home due to ingesting the largest amount of cocaine ever recorded by a pathologist. One thrust too far by his boyfriend. Oops over the railings. Shame. Efficient and hard working!

    I'm perfectly sure if i spend, oh about 5 seconds searching google, I'll also be able to come up with a ridiculous stunt some German politician is pulling to win votes.

    I'm hate to break it to you, but nationality is no arbiter of moral behaviour.

    Your post was pointless, also, as many of the British (not all), but Northerners like myself, are Vikings and descended from the same Northern European Germanic / Nordic stock as yourself is claiming to be. Only inbreds attack their own. Come from a happy family did we?

    Finally she said Muggie, not Monkey! Obviously you're not so particularly versed on British culture as you seem to think. I agree, however AW is 'orrible!


  68. ryain macgreen says – reply to this


    if i was Amy Winehouse i would commit suicide… i bet her little drug stash is hidden in her hair. Dear god shes disgusting, no wonder she got booed off stage shes a right minge.

    put your nipps away love you ugly enough with out flashing us.

  69. Ryain MacGreen says – reply to this


    Right Amy do you keep your stash of drugs in your beehive? No wonder she got booed off stage.
    I think it's bloody well time to go to rehab you messed up minge.

    Dear god we dont want to see your nipps your ugly enough as it is love.

  70. MonkeyGunt says – reply to this


    I can't stop laughing.."MONKEY CUNT"..I don't know who ruined it by correcting it to muggy cunt…MONKEY CUNT LOL..that's GOLD…I'm using that one.. thanks to the Reader who got it wrong…monkey cunt lol..at least SOME people got a laugh out of it.

  71. German beer is crap! says – reply to this


    Mel184 smells of piss. If Amy stuck to drinking real British ale, and not that German nancy-boy muck called lager, she would not be in such a bad state. Amy is obviously still traumatised from the amoral second world war activities of the Germans. The Germans are directly responsible for Blake and Amy's heroin problems, without a doubt, their drugs came from that cesspit called Hamburg. In Britain, we are civilised, we don't build concentration camps nor gas chambers to deal with people who misbehave, we believe in TLC, Amy is hurting, we feel her pain. Amy's right to grieve - in her own way - should be respected. The British people do not need advice from a barely evolved monkey cunt.

  72. mimifan says – reply to this


    yo perez stop being so biased. if this was brit this post would be a lot longer and full of your opinion. amy's just as fucked up and she never referred to her fans as monkey cunts.

  73. Ashley says – reply to this


    u can def see her nipple.

  74. junkies-r-tards says – reply to this


    Re: trashy wilma – Then she needs to die and get it over with. Not feeling bad about it all, she is a junkie, a trashy junkie. fuck her and her shitty junkie anthem song. junkies are tards!!!

  75. P.B. says – reply to this


    Anyone ever notice she looks like a drag queen? An emaciated, bruised, junky drag queen. Yah that's hot. I feel sorry for anyone who idolizes her; she is a train wreck and a sad sad joke. And that rehab song??? Ugh, gross! It is like the junkie anthem. Sad.

  76. Mel184 says – reply to this


    You island apes are just hilarious. I just mentioned the "monkey cunt" (and btw, it was Perez who mentioned it first) and the Inselaffenthing and it's the 2nd WW all over again! At least we learned something from the past and we don't have a government that acts like an obedient pet.
    BTW, I do generally introduce myself abroad as "Mrs. Kraut". Stereotypes are fun and at least we can laugh about ourselves - and you people, of course.
    Anyway, thanks for your comments and do keep them coming in; they sure made me and my colleagues laugh.
    On a final note: do you still have MRSA in hospitals to keep you company?

  77. pocoloco says – reply to this



  78. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Re: Mel184 – You still have not learned the English language well enough to make an effiecient coherant logical arguement. Now return to your language studies and work harder and better because Germany is forever the world's two time losers. Be proud of your two time loser status because Germany earned it.

  79. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Grace E.

    Wow, You're a xenophobe and a moron.

  80. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Never forget the Holocaust or WWI or WWII and what those dirty arrogant two time losers or germans did to our world and our families and all the lives lost and all the wasted natural resources. Complete waste of life and germans should pay forever and never be allowed to forget that germans are two time losers!

  81. Mel184 says – reply to this


    Re: Grace E. – Jeez, why the senseless anger?!?! It really is the war all over again. Besides, I don't do language studies - I lived in the States for 2 years and in Britain for 4 months. Whereas many of you Brits live in the past and just don't get over WW2, I have found the Americans in general to be extremely friendly and welcoming.
    Miss Kraut

    @ Lisa: thanks!

  82. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Re: Mel184 – Again your English is so poorly written and you are a student with two and half years in an English speaking counrty? You must be a real german peasent. I know it is hard for you to remember (because you are what you are, a kraut) but it was your gross ugly german comment about English being Island apes. Now go back to germany and work and work hard because the world still hates germans for the holocaust, WWI, and WWII. Do not forget that ever

  83. Shayna says – reply to this


    I hate to say it Trashy Wilma but unfortunately your right. What a waste of talent… I feel bad for Amy. She just needs to get her shit together rather it be in rehab or on top of an Appalacian mountain. Oh and drop that fucking Sid Vicous husband of hers.

  84. Angela says – reply to this


    Watch Alicia Keys perform her new hit single "No One" on Last Cast with Carson Daly, Monday November 19th on NBC!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Baby J says – reply to this


    Yup, you can see her left nipple - or, more specific, her aereoli…

  86. Cara says – reply to this


    She's a lost soul. Hopefully, there's someone in her life who will be able to help her find her way back. I think she is an awesome talent. This is so tragic.

  87. tipsyyy says – reply to this


    her nipple is showing!!!

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