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Wife Beater!

| Filed under: Jan Adams


He might as well retire. His career is O-V-E-R.

Even more shocking allegations for Jan Adams, the shady plastic surgeon that operated on Kanye West's mother before she died.

It's already been established that he's….

1) Been arrested for DUI multiple times
2) Has many many many malpractice lawsuits against him, several of which he's lost
3) He's been accused of sexual assault and settled the case

And, now, even more damning….

Jan's ex-wife, Susie Field, accused him of brutality.

According to court documents, Adams assaulted Fields both physically and verbally.

The shady doc even threatened to KILL her!

Jan better be packing his bags and get out of LA. He's not welcomed here anymore.

Wife beater!!!!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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104 comments to “Wife Beater!”

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  1. myn says – reply to this



  2. joey says – reply to this


    1st ha

  3. oik says – reply to this



  4. starry says – reply to this


    that guy NEEDS to go to jail like now

  5. Lmari says – reply to this


    Oon paras.

  6. yayyy says – reply to this



  7. lawlz says – reply to this



  8. SNAP! says – reply to this



  9. kara says – reply to this



  10. this bitch says – reply to this


    what a creeper

  11. jeff says – reply to this


    Who cares. Karma…my name is Kanye

  12. ida says – reply to this



  13. Buffy says – reply to this


    Are all black people criminals?

  14. Rash Manly says – reply to this


    Rest In Peace, Donda West.

  15. EVAN says – reply to this



  16. gfed says – reply to this



  17. JJ says – reply to this


    okay I had a consultation with this guy. He was so shady and creeped me out. He talks about all his celebrity friends so that you will choose him instead of someone truly more legit. I went with a doctor from the doctor 90210 show on E! and look at me I am alive and well not having complications like so many of his other patients

  18. wtf says – reply to this



  19. gfed says – reply to this



  20. Eris, Goddess of Discord says – reply to this


    Hmmmm. Obviously he was never taught to play well with others and not to run with scissors, scapels, or other sharp implements.
    By the way, if he is such a hot-shot plastic surgeon then why does he have such an ugly scar on his right cheek? It can be distinctly seen in other photos.

  21. dd says – reply to this


    Shouldn't she have checked out his past before she walked into that office?
    Pianist Marc Yu sucks by the way.

  22. Mandy says – reply to this


    Are you sure that's not Isaac from the Love Boat??

  23. sophie says – reply to this



  24. RANDOM says – reply to this


    First!!! Hopefully

  25. eat it lick it snort it fuck it says – reply to this


    FIRST! Somebody needs to BEAT you, Perez!

  26. laura says – reply to this



    What a fucktard. He makes me not want to go into the medical profession.

  27. sarah walls says – reply to this


    This terrible doc comes from Middletown Ohio. The local paper actually did a piece on him.

  28. stop says – reply to this


    let kanye's mom rest in peace and shut about this guy.

  29. kAYkAy says – reply to this


    Would any of us really care about his shady past if he hadnt been the surgeon who operated on Kanye's Mother? Seriously…….WHO CARES!!! nobody even really cared about or knew who Kanyes mother was until she died. Geez………WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT HIS PAST!!!

  30. Gaby says – reply to this


    man get over it. people's mothers die every freaking day
    nothing special about this lady…like shes freaking martin luther kings wife or something sheeez shes the one who decided to go under the knife deal with the consequences.

  31. Danielle says – reply to this



  32. Jen says – reply to this


    Yeah but Kanye's mom was turned down for surgery by another doctor because of medical issues she had so she knew that she was going to a sketchy doctor before and she knew there were going to be complications. It's her fault as much as his. She didn't need a tummy tuck and breast reduction. She looked great as it was. This is part of what is wrong with america.

  33. j says – reply to this



  34. poponthepop.com says – reply to this


    I genuinely hate "Dr." Jan Adams.

    He has blood on his hands, lying about his credentials, and exploiting the vulnerabilities of his patients. Justice must be served.

  35. jennifer says – reply to this


    How was this guy practicing medicine? I don't see why the Wests didn't do some research. He shouldn't even be allowed to touch another human being.

  36. mega says – reply to this


    Paging Dr. A-Hole! Paging Dr. A-Hole! It's a disgrace that people like this are Dr.'s People PLEASE do complete checks on an surgeon who's slicing into you - info on every Dr. is readily available. Dr. West never would have allowed this loser to operate on her if all this info was available. Don't rely on info you get in their office. I know this isn't politically correct, but I wonder if she went to him cuz he's black?

  37. nicole says – reply to this


    he is not even gonna be able to make it out of LA cause Kanye is gonna murder his ass

  38. frank says – reply to this


    yeah i supiose the fact that another surgeon refused to perform the surgery because she wasnt healthy enough to suirvive it means nothing…oh and PS…she died at home following surgery.

  39. Gina says – reply to this


    I don't take Kayne or his Mother to be the type of people who would just book a surgury as delicate as the one performed, without first doing a background check. If it were me, or my mom for that matter, I would insist on doing a background check well BEFORE the surgury.

  40. wow how bad is this? says – reply to this


    So this "doctor" claims that he graduated WITH HONORS from harvard university (per discovery website) on his own website he claims he went to harvard college… but went to medical school to some other middle of the pack school.

    i wonder how much of that harvard story is really true? bet he graduated from monterrey school of cowboy instead

  41. Les says – reply to this


    I personally feel bad for this man. Now that this botched surgery gone tragic has happened, the West family is of course trying to make this guylook bad. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING IDIOTS for now trying to dish all the dirt on him.

    You guys just agree and follow Perez like puppies now. And it's pretty sad. This guy was trying to make a living.

    Plastic Surgery DOES GO WRONG from time to time. And I'm pretty sure this guy wasn't perfect. I'm pretty sure the docs at the school should have had him study his shit more, but don't tear that fucking man apart.


  42. chelsea says – reply to this


    All surgeons have lawsuits against them. Many have more than one a year. It is common knowledge to med students that if you want to be a doctor you will be sued and you will prob. lose at least once during your career. This mans personal life has nothing to do with a surgical procedure. People die everyday from surgical complications - the main one being a blot clot. A complication does not mean the surgeon did something wrong.

  43. mega says – reply to this


    Re: ratta ! – See what I mean! It's Orpah trying to promote other black people regardless of their reputations. and maybe Dr. West did the same thing. Come to think of it - why would anyone look to Oprah for advice on a plastic surgeon? Books, maybe, but not anything as important as a Dr.

  44. FairyOciouS says – reply to this


    I read somewhere that Oprah was the one that referred Kanye's mom to this quack!!

  45. ANNA NICOLE SMITH says – reply to this


    damn perez this bitch is extremely dangerous.alcoholic,rapist,WIFE BEATER(I THINK THAT'S THE WORST THING)!is there s/th missing from his resume?oh yeah,drug addict(which i'm sure he already is).

  46. girlbelletristic says – reply to this


    I wouldn't want to piss off Kanye West, he throws fits about trivial things, this is going to give him a stroke.

  47. Heather says – reply to this


    I just realized where I know this guy from. He does Plastic Surgery:before and after on TLC or the Discovery channel I think!

  48. sh says – reply to this


    Re: mega

    do you have something against black people or what?

    if that woman was healthy and knew the risks of going into plastic surgery, everything would have came out fine. but THEY ARE SAYING SHE WAS UNHEALTHY AND WAS TURNED DOWN

  49. Jacqueline says – reply to this


    dirtbag pile of shit!

    I hope Kanye screws him some how some way,
    and i hope this guy looses every bit of $$ he has earned
    and I hope he starts living in a dumpster like a bum
    cause thats where gutter trash belongs
    what a waste of life this man is

  50. lawrence says – reply to this


    this guy's life is so over.

  51. Nise says – reply to this


    Those are horrible facts about Jan. He still has to be found guilty of malpractice in THIS SITUATION THOUGH, let's not forget that, Douche Bag.

  52. Jacqueline says – reply to this


    and I guess Kanye is going to learn a very rude lesson in racisim

    just cause he's your "brother" doesn't make him a better man to deal with.

    i don't understand why he dislikes white people anyway? maybe he has had personal problems with white people but alot of white people have prob. bought his records and stuff, he doesn't need to have a snobby, holier than thou attitude, maybe this tragety with his mom will bring him back down to earth.

  53. Kara says – reply to this


    Someone didn't do their homework and check up on this guy before going under the knife.

  54. Radical says – reply to this


    ummm, shouldnt she have investigated the Doc before she got her fat sucked?

  55. cheeky says – reply to this


    Re: kAYkAy



  56. Ashley says – reply to this


    That's what you get when you allow AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in medical schools. How will Kanye blame whitey now???

  57. mare says – reply to this


    This is a sad situation on both sides. No doubt the West family is overcome with grief, and Dr. Adams now has his career ruined. My guess is that both sides (Dr. West and Dr. Adams) were 'impressed' with the celebrity of the other and that an incomplete medical history was not taken (Dr. West had been turned down by another Doc…and who knows maybe more than just one). In the culture of Hollywood 'no' to a wanted cosmetic procedure means 'shop around' til you find a doc who will do what you want. No procedure is without risk and there are reasons why blood work, full physicals are done prior to even a simple elective procedure (and abdominal lipo is NOT simple!) I think a few 'steps' were skipped to expedite the surgery and this is the unfortunate outcome.

  58. kari says – reply to this


    Don't you think Kanye west has enough money to get the best doctor for his mother?! THey should have done their research like any other person getting plastic surgery does! Not that she deserved to die, but you think they would have at least done their homework! What does the doctor's DUI have to do with any of this?! Or sexual harrassment? You can't use that against him!

  59. Too bad says – reply to this


    Too bad this isn't the doctor scheduled to turn Mario Peepee hilton Lavenderia's, cock into a cooch.

  60. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    I love how Oprah had him on her show (after his two DWI's) and did not check him out. You know it puts the DOGG the Bounty hunter thing in perspective. He used the N word. This Doctor killed a black woman and is a monster. I think the N word fits the Doctor.

  61. Leroy says – reply to this


    #43 - wow how bad is this? says – reply to this

    So this “doctor” claims that he graduated WITH HONORS from harvard university (per discovery website) on his own website he claims he went to harvard college… but went to medical school to some other middle of the pack school.

    Harvard college is some shitty ass school not related to Harvard University.

  62. lottie says – reply to this


    No offense to Kanye and his mom (RIP), but why the fuck didn't they do their research BEFORE she went in for surgery, a simple google search probably would have revelaed some of this.. come on Kanye, you've got dough, do your legwork! I don't really feel bad.

  63. Vanity Vain says – reply to this


    I choose my medical professionals on the basis of their character and competence; and not on the colour of their skin or ethnicity. Personally, I would not want the likes of Dr Jan to be my refuse collector, but Dr West, who was well accustomed to the rigours of academic research, made an ill-informed choice: invasive surgery always involves risk. In Britain, Dr Jan co-hosted a show on Channel 5 called "Plastic Surgery Live"; he came across as a right sleazy, glib twat - but we must give him the benefit of the doubt: Dr West elected to have (unnecessary) surgery.

  64. Megan says – reply to this


    His personal life has nothing to do with the crappy surgery, so why does that need to be highlighted? Oh yeah - you're AMERICAN.

    Moreover, a woman of Donda West's intelligence, of her age and weight should have been wise enough to not pursue surgery after being turned down, but if you have the money, SOMEONE, somewhere will do the job for you - unfortunately for this guy, it was him.

  65. Dave says – reply to this


    I wonder how long they will let him live? I would not want to be that man.

    Sympathy to Kanye and his family.

    It is a shame what people will put themselves through for appearance and materialism.

  66. H-Diddy says – reply to this


    Doesnt Jan Adams look similiar to James Pickens Jr. from Grey's Anatomy. Crazy ….

  67. c says – reply to this


    Re: Leroy

    Actually Leroy, Harvard College is part of Harvard University…it is the undergraduate college. Please get your facts straight, it adds to your argument.

  68. block921 says – reply to this


    first of all this comment is not at all racial so let me get that out of the way…but you know they probably missed checking his background because all they probably cared about was that he was black.

  69. blablabla says – reply to this


    so pardon me for being politically incorrect, but HOW STUPID was Ms. West in deciding where to go for surgery. The domestic and DUI stuff aside (not relevant to his skill as a surgeon since the incidents didn't occur in the operating room), this guy's sh-t still smells so bad it'd be hard to miss it with even the superficial sort of reference checking that ANYONE should undertake before deciding on a surgeon. And his place is above a Kinko's — whaddoes THAT tell you. With all the money (one can only assume) she had available, she should have gone to the best and got the best. Yeah, this guy should be suspended, but NO EXCUSES for those rich enough to get proper treatment. Looks like she just left her brains at the door when she saw that sexy smile (like his other patients, wife, etc. etc.)

  70. km says – reply to this


    it should be illegal for blacks to become doctors!

  71. jap says – reply to this


    Hey Perez you idiot, Do you know that some of the most respected surgeons in the world have malpractice suits against them. That means nothing, get off this guy's back and try to be productive in life.

  72. V- says – reply to this


    I agree with a lot of the folks here. The doc seemed like BADDD news. Kanye and his family should have known better. Why take a chance at life like that?!!??! Thats DAMNINNNNG.

    May Dr. West RIP. Poor Kanye. But had they done their homework and made sure they took percussions, I think she would still be alive today. But……look what happened.

  73. go home illegals says – reply to this


    send them all back to africa.


  74. Dawn says – reply to this


    wasn't he on oprah?

  75. OSBD says – reply to this



  76. Gwen says – reply to this


    I thought it was Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince.

  77. Kevin says – reply to this


    You walk all over anyone who dares to be a friend,
    Screen and yell because you deem them unenlightened,
    High upon your horse you preach and preach and preach,
    Love thy fellow humans all your filthy little creeps.

    X-ing off the days,
    X-ing off the days
    I nearly broke my back as I was handing back for you,
    Half the time was hell and half a waste of time,
    High upon your horse you preach and preach and preach,
    Love thy fellow humans all your filthy little creeps.

    X-ing off the days,
    X-ing off the days.

    I do not know the answer to the universe I fear,
    So drown me cold and go and find your perfect man my,
    High upon your horse you preach and preach and preach,
    Love thy fellow humans all your filthy little creeps,
    X-ing off the days,
    X-ing off the days.

  78. Lauren says – reply to this



    I hope you are aware that what you are doing right now is illegal. You're personally attacking a private citizen with his malpractice and police records when the cause of death hasn't yet proven to be his fault. That's incredibly libelous!

    A real journalist with knowledge in communication law would know that. But then again, I do hate that I enjoy reading your page; it's a true guilty pleasure of mine.

  79. sandie says – reply to this


    how come the discovery people gave him a show or something like it if he is so shady, don't they do a cori check? jaja, this guy's career could be over….

  80. T.rex says – reply to this


    Wow… he's been caught driving drunk AND he has a bitter ex-wife?!

    That PROVES that he botched Kanye's mom's surgery.

  81. angie says – reply to this


    Why are u guys throwing in the race card here and name calling? This man's race has nothing to do with what a jerk he is. Insulting African-Americans due to one man's negligence is ridiculous.

  82. mmm says – reply to this


    Ok lets face it he sucks, but they picked him and he is a licensed practitioner so his medical background and malpractice is public record. Research your doctors; it's your right and your resposibility!

  83. cusefinest says – reply to this


    dont know what to say but may you find the strenth to carry on with out your mom kanye keep ya head up

  84. pika says – reply to this


    kanye should do everything that money can buy to legally eat this guy alive. if there's a video showing kanye mauling him i would totally see it… wouldn't that be some kind of deathmatch?

  85. he's so stupid says – reply to this


    i hate him

  86. Serena says – reply to this


    You could look at this guy and see he has a substance abuse problem. He must have had one smooth hustle. Dr. West seemed to be a warm loving person, but obviously she was trying to relive her youth through her son. The other stage moms better fall back and learn from this, i.e., Dina Lohan, Usher's mom, Britney's mom, etc.

  87. rey says – reply to this


    chop his dick off!!!

  88. Augie says – reply to this


    maybe ms. west should have researched her dr before doing something as serious as a surgery

  89. ks.com says – reply to this


    Why is everyone so suprised by this? A black Dr.? Affirmative action at it's finest… No thanks, I'll wait to have my arm reattached by a qualified white one.

  90. V-Dogg says – reply to this


    Re: jeff – All Black people aren't criminals you racist prick! Get a life! All racist will get there ASS beat in hell over and over again!

  91. miss ann says – reply to this


    Yeah perez verbal abuse can be just as damning if not as much as physical abuse. You verbally abuse real people with real souls on here everyday with no remorse so that makes you just as pathetic as anyone who physicalluy hurts someone. You know I like reading gossip but you talking straight up shit has got to go. You are seeming more and more like some poor retarded kid in nasty clothes that was picked on in school more and more everyday.

  92. Zot says – reply to this


    You should take care defaming people like this. He may be innocent after all, re Kanye mother. You are a really vile little man aren't you ?

  93. Duncan says – reply to this


    I have not read such racist vulgarity since I heard it in South Africa..you Americans are disgusting.This thread should be banned and closed down.

  94. Cristina says – reply to this


    I met this guy last year in a Chili's restaurant in Michigan of all places. All he does is name drop and talk about his show. He was trying to pick up my friend and did a horrible job trying…lol He is shady for sure.

  95. Michelle says – reply to this


    Perez get ur facts straight asshole he has 2 malpractise suits against him. Whether he is a wife beater has DUIs etc is not of any relevance the only thing of importance is the TWO lawsuits. Regardless of that his mother should not have had surgery PERIOD she knew she was at risk for a heart attack during any procedure and she went and did it anyway and she found a doctor willing to take the chance if it wasnt him it would have been somebody else. Still doesnt make it right though.

  96. wendy2007 says – reply to this


    Early yesterday, my friend David on interracialsingleonline.com has told me, he got the latest news and detailed profile of this Star, oh, may be i need check whether it is same as this one.

  97. Naz says – reply to this


    Anyone thinking the average American isn't dragging down our country with his/her ignorance just needs to read some of the comments on this page. Shady doctors come in all colors.
    So please, can we all just look forward to Thanksgiving? Nothing says "America" like hypocritical people over-eating, making racist remarks, and remaining ignorant of their murderous history.

  98. Brandi says – reply to this


    I hope Kanye sues this fucking murderer and send him to prison for a long time. Oh, and get rid of his medical license.

  99. 'Beautiful' corpse says – reply to this


    At least she can now be buried in that size 7 dress that hasn't fit her in ages!
    Dying as a result of elective cosmetic procedure, that she knew she had a high risk factor for problems?!?!
    The tragedy is that women are willing to risk everything, just to loose a few pounds.

  100. blu says – reply to this


    what does his past have 2 do with his surgery skills??????? what does his personal life have 2 do with how he performed the surgery?

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