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Arrest Warrant Issued For Hayden Panettiere!

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She's a wanted woman!

"I learned that they have an arrest warrant out for me in Japan," Hayden Panettiere told E! News Wednesday. "We just found out."

The Heroes star bravely paddled out to the middle of the ocean with some activist friends to try and prevent local fishermen from slaughtering a group of dolphins.

She is being charged with obstruction of commerce.

To avoid being arrested for trespassing by the Japanese national police, Panettiere said she fled to another city and left the country immediately after the incident.

But, Hayden has no regrets. "I'd do it again," she said of the protest. "Very possibly, might do it again."

Panettiere doubts she will face any real jail time, despite the arrest warrant in Japan. "I guess they could come here and get us, but probably not," she said.

Most of all, though, Hayden is inspired by the attention her mission was able to get. "I was very excited that people were interested in what we did," she said. "In [Hollywood], you tend to only get publicity for not wearing underwear or going to rehab."

Click here for more info on Save the Whales.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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168 comments to “Arrest Warrant Issued For Hayden Panettiere!”

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  1. dns says – reply to this


    eww hayden

  2. summer says – reply to this


    Good luck for her~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. liene83 says – reply to this


    i guess not first…

  4. one says – reply to this



  5. summer says – reply to this


    GOOD FOR HER!!!!!! :) SAVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jigga says – reply to this


    1st niggaaaaa

  7. dns says – reply to this


    yay!!! save the whales!!

  8. kill the shitleader save the world says – reply to this


    show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    –the heroes cast ___

  9. Gabrielle says – reply to this


    my hero!

  10. Meee says – reply to this


    good for her!

  11. 24 Fan says – reply to this


    Doesn't she watch 24? Jack Bauer can barely get out of China's custody, yet she is going to try and evade a warrant in a foreign country. Best of luck Hayden!

  12. mac says – reply to this


    damn their gonna cain her!!!

  13. jjspecialk says – reply to this



  14. Lisa says – reply to this


    Honestly, I think the whole thing was childish. Swimming out into the ocean isn't going to help anything. Talk to the people of Japan, talk to the government, but paddling out to the middle of the ocean isn't going to do anything. I think she is really childish and trying to use her celebrity to a fault. I haven't seen the clip Perez is talking about, but she seems to be bragging about her arrest warrant? ..Oh and I really don't think Japan will come to pick Hayden up for a simple obstruction of commerce charge. She seems really, really naive.

  15. Shireen says – reply to this


    she's starting to grow on me. she seems smart and very anti-Lilo.

  16. e says – reply to this


    Same make-up artist as Angelina?

  17. e says – reply to this


    Well, on the whole she's a lot like Angelina, besides the make-up, hair do and coat. They're both humanitarians as well. I see her as an Angie Jr. And that's precisely with Hollywood needs!

  18. Jamie says – reply to this


    Yum. Can I put the cuffs on her?

  19. sean says – reply to this


    shes adorable aaaaand hot. and shes not a bimbo, shes all charitble and cute, LOVE HER

  20. Ray says – reply to this



  21. IL Chic says – reply to this


    Evan, you are seriously scarry.

    Way to go Hayden! Thank you for doing the right thing.

  22. Jessica Carr says – reply to this


    Umm..you guys misspelled being and put bring in the second line!!

  23. Mariah Carey says – reply to this


    Oh no!… I'm not Mariah Carey the singer! I'm just plain ol' Mariah!
    How come no one says anything about her huge forehead?!? But when its a black girl like Tyra or Rihanna its the first thing people comment on… This bitch has a HUGE forehead too!
    Just an observation!

  24. Mushu says – reply to this


    she looks like angie in this pic…its the eyes.
    hey who knows.
    she'll be the angelina jolie of animal rights.

  25. Eva says – reply to this


    she's the next Lindsay!!!! I LOVE U PEREZ!!!!! TE QUIERO BASTANTE!!!!!

  26. BobC says – reply to this



  27. mimo says – reply to this



  28. j says – reply to this


    i hope they do come and get her!! these tree huggers are so dumb and useless!

  29. heyyall says – reply to this


    American whales have HUGE penis. Japanese whales have tiny penis.

  30. Icediver says – reply to this


    You do the crime you do the time… what the hells the difference! You break the law in the US you get arrested… why should Japan, Germany or any other country be different. Just because you think you are above the law in other countries is a stupid way to effect change. There are much better ways to accomplish what you tried to do. And by your own admission… you snuck out of the country because you knew you would be arrested.

  31. Tired of this crap says – reply to this


    So will she do the same for the innocent human babies who are killed every second in America? What about the children who are homeless and abused. What is she doing for them? Why are people always worrying about the dolphins- and not the humans? Save the Dolphins- kill the babies. Sick.

  32. Deb says – reply to this


    What makes you think Japan won't come for her. Mexico still pursued Dog the Bounty Hunter with their warrents. Yes I know small chances they with try to get her. But this might bite her in the ass in the future with the International travel she does for her career.

  33. BarbieDoll says – reply to this


    Hayden could go to jail! In JAPAN! that's hardcore.

  34. ok says – reply to this


    Re: Mariah Carey

    Rihanna has a midgets head.

  35. gigglefarts says – reply to this


    Ugh i hate Hayden Pantiesintheair…she's skanky

  36. Reto says – reply to this


    aawww hayden :-) love you so much for doin such things. you rock!

  37. Tired of this crap says – reply to this


    Wonder why my 1st comment got deleted…so we can curse and trash on here, but say something not PC and you get deleted? Seriously- grow up. I want to know what Ms. Hayden will be doing about the innocent human babies that are killed every day. And what about the children who are homeless and abused? Why are dolphins more important than HUMAN lives? Why is hollywood set on saving the tress and animals but don't care so much when humans are killed?

  38. Taylor says – reply to this


    ummm… Can i just say that i LOVE that coat!!!

  39. Dina O says – reply to this


    Screw them Jap bastards! Stay in the U.S. honey! Godzilla will get their asses someday

  40. Kim says – reply to this



  41. Shut up! says – reply to this


    Re: Tired of this crap – Why do people always have to bring that up? You can't expect her to take on all of these things. Get off your fat ass and do something about that.

  42. los says – reply to this


    if she stands behind her cause then she wouldn't flee…i hate her even more for this

  43. Dina O says – reply to this


    Re: Tired of this crap – Give it a rest you tree huggin hippies

  44. amy2694 says – reply to this


    I think what she did is AWSOME and that video of the scene was so emotional. Shame on the authorities in Japan and the hunters who kill those poor dolphins. They are in intelligent species and to have them brutally murdered like that is sickening.

  45. alaina says – reply to this


    what a BAMF!

  46. billyblahblah says – reply to this


    shes stupid, what makes her think she can go to another country and try too stop their traditions cause its taboo to us.

  47. kyle says – reply to this


    its easy for people to sit behind their computers and say OH SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT blablabla…
    ate least she brought attention for a really good cause. unlikely some other celebs who waste their time doing whatever shiz they like…
    if i was her i would have done the same thing about running away from there… its a differente country and who knows what they would do to her once shw was caught there!!!

  48. kyle says – reply to this


    she got what she wanted… make it news so people are aware. not stay there and go to jail! DERDS

  49. So what are you doing? says – reply to this


    Re: Tired of this crap

    Just because she takes on one cause doesn't mean she needs to take on everything. Animals welfare is an important cause to many people just like kids are to you. This doesn't mean she doesn't care about any other causes she's just focusing on this one at this time.
    I say good for her for trying to do something other than sit back and complain like most people do. Since child welfare is so important to you, what actions are you taking to help?

  50. Say no to Made in China says – reply to this


    Chinese & Asians also eat cat & dogs!!! they're disgusting with their small dicks and garlic smell!!!

    Asians are the most disgusting race on earth!!!!!!!

  51. Media Whores says – reply to this


    All she has done is draw more attention to herself. Thats all celebrities ever do. She hasnt prevented on fricked dolphin from getting axed. Meanwhile, about 300 baby cows are sitting in her closet. She call them "Accessories".

  52. Media Whores says – reply to this


    All she has done is draw more attention to herself. Thats all celebrities ever do. She hasnt prevented on fricked dolphin from getting axed. Meanwhile, about 300 baby cows are sitting in her closet. She call them "Accessories".

  53. Abracadabra says – reply to this


    She knows she's a couple weeks of writer's strike away from being a HAS BEEN so she's trying to whore it up in the media as much as possible. SUCKERS!!!

  54. Trannstastic says – reply to this


    Is that a tranny?

  55. Shes A Troll says – reply to this


    How convienent that you just find out about the warrant when you have a national network interview. Gimme a break. Can the bullshit. Hayden is exploiting the death of dolphins for her own shameless self promotion.

  56. elise says – reply to this


    She always has good makeup…flawless in fact. But, the really important issue is, Kudos on dolphin saving crusades!

  57. Hairy Troll says – reply to this


    Why cant she just pluck the fricken eyebrows already? how about you work on THAT you hairry little troll.

  58. GAY.com Go Hayden! says – reply to this


    omg, an advertisement for GAY.com. Nice Perez, we get it, your gay, u love it, we love it too, now get over yourself. P.S. GO HAYDEN!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! newest super power? awsome teen activist power!

  59. Maya says – reply to this


    Dolphins aren't endangered. Why not go out there and prevent the killing of salmon, cows, pigs. Does she think she's saving Flipper?

  60. amy2694 says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – watch the clip, and then you would be singing a different story.

  61. elroy jetson says – reply to this


    let me eat your pussy Hayden! i'm tired of sucking on Astro's balls!

  62. Stupid is as stupid writes... says – reply to this


    Re: GAY.com Go Hayden! – Asshole that ad has been on this site forever. You should know, you're a member of gay.com

  63. amy2694 says – reply to this


    Re: Tired of this crap – you are an idiot. 1 person can't save the freaking world. at least she is doing something GOOD.

  64. Paul Watsons Johnson says – reply to this


    Sea Shepherd is a fricking pirate organization and will someday get a bunch of people killed with his terror tactics in the Antartic. Of course the French do know how to deal with these eco-nuts.

  65. audra says – reply to this


    Ok enough about the asians!
    Look how killer her look is! The coat, the hair, thats makeup!!!
    She looks amazing inthis picture

  66. Lia says – reply to this


    As someone who has eaten whale as sushi in Japan, it really does need to stop. It's totally not worth it, it barely has a taste… better to stick with other yummy foods.

  67. dd says – reply to this


    bravo hayden!! too many of your contemporaries are getting arrested for over partying, drinking, drugging. they should all follow your lead and take steps to make this a better world! you've already made this world a better place by just showing your love for innocent and unprotected creatures….u rock bitch!!!!!

  68. emma says – reply to this


    how can she be arrested for obstruction of commerce if what the fishermen were doing was illegal?

  69. Tired of this crap says – reply to this


    First of all- what part of my post made you think I was a TREE HUGGER? I'm so NOT one of those. If I were, I'd be for saving the dolphins and killing the babies.

    I do everything I can to prevent child abuse. What I want is for celebrities to worry about the children in this world- once every child is safe- then worry about dolphins, cows and whatever.

    It's so typical of society to put trees and animals before HUMAN LIVES. But I guess if you live in Hollywood you don't have a choice about these things, right?

  70. Omnivore says – reply to this


    I really want to see all these veggie eating, pot smoking Hollywood types in a crisis. Just say one day "The Ivy" closes!! Lets see how they all get food in Beverly Hills when some hellish bug destroys all the crops — stupid idiots would be the first ones screaming for government aid. Me — I'd go shoot some furry thing — YUM YUM!!!

  71. Howard says – reply to this


    good work perez. Just a few hours after most other blogs. You are catching up.

  72. A says – reply to this


    FINALLY! A celebrity getting arrested for a cause! Why doesn't this become a trend?

    In all seriousness, though, hopefully she doesn't get into any trouble over her endeavors. It's not like she was bringing harm to anyone or anything…

  73. ur momma says – reply to this


    Hayden LOOKS like a dolphin.
    Check out her forehead. Can't miss it.
    Don't blame her for trying to save her own species.
    I'm human so I save babies not some gay dolphins.

  74. Harv says – reply to this


    Don't worry baby, I'll protect you from those Japanese assholes. And all daddy wants is a little kiss.

  75. Karen says – reply to this


    I live in Okinawa, Japan and she DOES NOT want to mess with the JP's (Japanese Police). I've heard the prison conditions are God aweful and the menu is water and fish heads. NO JOKE!!!

  76. Yall says – reply to this


    I'm proud of her, she's so young but she has a cause, and she is smart, she has a brain, she is known for acting mature and not flashing her rotten cooch or getting dui like other media whores (brit brit)

  77. Low says – reply to this


    I'm glad he cares. :) But education is the key… I have the same problem with the African Elephant… Some tribes will hunt it for food and money.. they are starving. So, it's a bit odd to them for us to say STOP doing that! They just don't understand. We have to educate them.. that is the way with Japan also…. but something has to be done about Japan. We need to work with them.. they are GREAT people… and they would undertand… we just need to show the fact etc. and educated them on this horrible problem.

  78. Leave the Dolphins alone Japs! says – reply to this


    Well at least she got arrested for doing something GOOD. I love Asian people but they seriously need to stop abusing animals. They're always killing endangered species for stupid reasons. Rhino horns do NOT give you a stiffy people!!!!

  79. lal says – reply to this


    Re: Maya – Dolphins are so endangered, they are wild animals, pigs are domestic live stock grown for food. Totally different.

  80. Low says – reply to this


    Re: Low
    She cares.. sorry … typos. :(

  81. Lucy says – reply to this


    Does she realize that as a wealthy citizen she harms animals more than the common man or woman. She has a bigger house, travels more, buys more clothes–hypocrite and simpleton. The biggest threat to all animals including humans has to do with over consumption and the rich use more goods! If she wants to impress me she can wear the same dress twice, drive a moped and live in an aparment.

  82. .. says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – They are so weird, I mean fish heads and water, eww, I heard they eat cats and dogs and horses, they are like aliens. They need to move into the present. Gross.

  83. Japan is clean and safe for a reason says – reply to this


    Re: Karen

    That's why Japan has such low crime, no one wants to risk a Japanese Prison. None of this ACLU bullshit in Japan. Here criminals get internet, tv, special Islamic meals and congugal visits. Is it any wonder we have so much crime? What's the deterrant? Take a look at what Lindsay Lohan got for being a repeat offender….1 hour!

  84. libby says – reply to this


    you go girllll

  85. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    Never really liked her much & thought the hype around her was OVER BLOWN, but you know… I LIKE HER. That's the kind of public disobedience & spectacle I can respect (verses getting drunk & showing your panooch all around town). Dolphins are not fish, there aquatic mammals & been known to protect humans from shark attacks, which are actually afraid of them! They are smart & have altruistic motives like a dog! DAMN F-ING JAPS EATING THEM

  86. Leah says – reply to this


    How shameful. She's just lost credibility for any real work she could have done for the cause. By flouting the authorities of a land who's policies she's trying to change, she's cheapen the demonstration to just a publicity stunt. The next time she tries to further the cause, she's just going to be dismissed as a young celebrity with too much time on her hands and not smart enough to pursue a cause realistically. If you're going to seriously help a cause, do some fucking research and approach it like an adult. Haven't you been flaunting the fact that you're now 18?

  87. Shop Green this Christmas says – reply to this


    The best way to help animals and the planet is to stop buying useless crap you don't need. Don't buy cheap plastic toys for your kids for Christmas, make them toys out of recycled materials or buy them books. Don't buy those super violent video/computer games and buy clothing made of natural materials. Synthetic fabrics are made out of petroleum products that hurt the planet. And don't eat anything from a cow including milk. Cows create methane gas that seriously contributes to global warming. Switch to soy products. And don't be afraid to buy clothes in a thrift shop, there are some nice thrifts that sell designer clothes. Don't shop at Kmart or Walmart….they treat their employees like crap, outsource American jobs and sell useless crap that harms the planet. Shop GREEN.

  88. Boycott China! says – reply to this


    CHINA sent the albino Dolphin into extinction because they kept dumping Toxic chemicals in the river they inhabited. How shameful is that? Everyone gives America shit for the environment but we have laws that prevent things like this from happening. China is KILLING the planet. It's time for the world to tell them off about it. China is totally destroying endangered species by killing them illegally for stupid nonsense like aphrodisiacs and poising the planet with chemicals from their factories. I won't buy ANYTHING made in China. It's all poisoned!

  89. Just a thought.... says – reply to this


    Dolphins have a higher IQ than most humans. They're definately smarter than Britney and GW haha.

  90. BBOY says – reply to this


    Hayden just wants to save the dolphins for herself so she can molest them.
    She will probably get raped if she goes to a Japanese Prison.

  91. bac says – reply to this


    I could bet you a lot of money that she didnt say that whole bit about celebrites only get publicity for not wearing underwear or going to rehab, she wouldnt say something like that! they are just trying to escalate the situation!

  92. sir asian says – reply to this


    What Hayden has done is brought awareness to the Japanese public. The people of Japan have to take a stand if they care. They have to make the change in their treatment of animals. Hopefully, what she has done won't be taken in vain by the Japanese people and they can see straight throught the bullshit and make their government change the way they treat dophins and whales.

  93. rheta says – reply to this


    this girl may be the most idiotic, dim and uneducated gal on the face of the earth–we won't change a minute fragment of our precious culture becuase you are getting emotional–grow up.

  94. Amanda says – reply to this


    How about instead of saving the whales, help those starving in our own country or any of the other things that are way more important than whales

  95. riley says – reply to this


    booya. that's great girl. gatta start somewere.

  96. rob says – reply to this


    stupid skank stop going to other countries and tell other ppl how tp live their own lives, worry about urself first

  97. rob says – reply to this


    Re: Boycott China! – ur an idiot, america kill more animals than any other country, get ur facts straight u moron. if it wasn't for the US, so many rainforests would still be there and global warming wouldn't be happening

  98. Kortni says – reply to this


    Re: 24 Fan – I love your comment!!! No shit! If Jack Bauer can't escape, there's no way she won't be doing jail time!

  99. All that and vegan too! says – reply to this


    Do it to it, this chick is the SHIT!!! Standing up for animals is something that takes a lot of guts and a ton of heart; few people in her position do!
    Maybe one day she will be vegan too! Go Hayden, stay on the fight for animals! All the fame whores should take a cue from a real human like you. If only Brittney spent 1/10 of her time doing something worth while like this!

  100. Slant Eyed Slopes should pull their heads out of their Asses says – reply to this


    Fuck those slant eyed, flat-chested, soy sauce stinking Japs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We should have butchered those yellow devils in WWII.
    I piss on Honda and Toyata!

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