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Still Milking That Cow

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High School Musical this and High School Musical that. Let it breathe a little! You gotta leave people hungry for a third one.

Zac Efron worked her magic at yet another event for Disney's High School Musical on Monday night.

Zacquisha, accompanied by The Tiz and VaneXXXa, showed his pretty lil' face at the premiere party for the High School Musical 2 DVD, at the El Capitan Theater in LA.

Bonus material. Hot shower scenes! Zac in spandex! Getting lost at the bathhouse! Getting hazed by his frat brothers!

Oops, wrong movie. We need to see that one!

[Image via WENN.]

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104 comments to “Still Milking That Cow”

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  1. e4sy says – reply to this


    #1 duh!!! stop selling the HSM shiz already….

  2. xBenji65 says – reply to this



  3. e4sy says – reply to this


    plz stop selling this shit already…gayface efron XD

  4. Hahaha says – reply to this


    Zac is gross..

  5. Drowning says – reply to this


    Boring. Yawn. Snore. Sleep. Bye.

  6. grrr says – reply to this


    zexyyy first?

  7. Lola says – reply to this


    Nice matching jackets, ladies.

  8. douche chill says – reply to this


    his outfit is arrogant for someone who looks like john edwards.


  9. douche chill says – reply to this


    he's looking into Perez' camera in this picture.

  10. Stev-o says – reply to this


    screw hsm i wanna see The Tiz and VaneXXXa in some girl-girl stuff already!

  11. Erica H says – reply to this


    Perez keep dreaming! Zac is so not a queen! He has that hot, willing cooter VAnessa…the only one that should be gay is Ashy-nipple

  12. Lisa says – reply to this


    Anyone know when the DVD comes out?

  13. notevil says – reply to this


    zac and his pretty nose… how gay.

  14. LUF ZAC!! says – reply to this



  15. Lane says – reply to this


    I believe he is Gay and it is abvious his thing with Vanessa is a publicity stunt.

  16. I blame Bill Clinton says – reply to this


    Vanessa isn't as cute as she used to be what happened? she should dye her hair brown like Vanessa Minilio

  17. Whoreanus says – reply to this


    What's wrong with VaneXXXa's posture? Does she have problems with her neck? Seriously asking here.

  18. lmaoooo ZACQUISHA says – reply to this



  19. I'm a taxpayer...I have my rights!! says – reply to this


    Bonus Features:

    Zacquisha gets hints from Tom Cruise and John Travolta on how to act straight.

    Vanessa finds out that she's a one trick pony and will be type-casted for life. Exclusive scenes of her "auditioning" with Vivid Video…cameo of Jenna Jameson included

  20. Bitch...Quit Playing! says – reply to this


    Bonus Features:

    Zacquisha gets hints from Tom Cruise and John Travolta on how to act straight.

    Vanessa finds out that she's a one trick pony and will be type-casted for life. Exclusive scenes of her "auditioning" with Vivid Video…cameo of Jenna Jameson included.

  21. Alexis says – reply to this


    Ugh. He's wearing soooo much makeup. He tries too hard. Gross.

  22. jack says – reply to this


    I would love to sniff Vanessa's c.unt

  23. jeRYN says – reply to this


    cute guy…LOTS OF BLUSH!

  24. jack says – reply to this


    I would love to sniff Vanessa's hairy muff

  25. JD says – reply to this


    Gosh, she is pretty, she is the prettier of the three.

  26. Hernia says – reply to this


    Whats with the dog? Seriously people unless you are blind DOGS BELONG AT HOME!

  27. MYRIAM C WEBSTER says – reply to this


    With the exception of the leather tie, this queen's dressed exactly like Rocco Madonna! Told ya Rocco had the GAYFACE. Back to the Effervescent Miss Efron: Zac likes to save his leather straps for his big hairy leather muscle daddies who whip his white ass into a cherry red mound when he hesitates to comply to their commands! At times Tommy Cruise will even join in on the fun–when he's not squiring "HERE KATIE KATIE!" to publicity events where he fools the masses, who always believe what they want to believe, sheep that they are.

  28. ZacFan says – reply to this


    Perez, u r so in love with Zac, u can keep him off your website for one day. Too bad u will never be his type. No matter how much weight u lose, your mug will still be as fugly as ever. Just look at how delicious Zac is. I'm secretly doing him behind his little tartlette's back.

  29. kay says – reply to this


    who knows what brand that jacket is, that she's wearing??

  30. Leona'$ GHO$t says – reply to this


    Re: kay – It's a new line called "FAGHAG," quite popular among gay celebs who fool fat and/or lonely bitches into thinking their straight. While I'm HERE: I sure wouldn't be surprised if the pope shows up at the "To Catch A Predator House" with a box of condoms and a Happy :) Meal when he visits the US next year on his "Pope and the Pope-ettes" World Tour!
    Kisses all around the town, LEONA

  31. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    It was a charity event. By you putting them down your putting down the charity. JUST STOP IT!

  32. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    It was a charity event. By you putting them down is a slap in the face for the
    Charity. STOP IT!

  33. ava the morbidprincess says – reply to this


    wats the big deal about him anyway ….hsm1 &2 is so lame …and vanessa is so ugly for him …i mean common hes cute but not to die for !!!

  34. Freaka says – reply to this


    Here we go again, Perez dreaming of ZE topping him. It's not going to happen Perez!

  35. Rina says – reply to this


    I love him and I love HSM2 So keeeeep that stuff coming!!!

  36. chacha says – reply to this


    Re: Hernia
    I agree! And I hate those jerks that always hold their dogs or put them in purses. Dogs are animals that need to run around and I hope all those stupid girls who do that get sued for animal cruelty.

  37. Jason says – reply to this


    When are the nude pics of Zaquisha going to surface???

  38. Amy says – reply to this


    Knew him back in the day when he was growing up in Arroyo Grande (near Pismo Beach) and I can tell you without a doubt- he is G-A-Y.

  39. m1gst4 says – reply to this


    perez is so gay LOL with the spandex part but yeah this hsm shit needs to be over with its bad for society all these kids will end up like britney spears

  40. denverdan says – reply to this


    I am truly in love with Ashley Tisdale. I ran into her on the street in NYC and looked like a total jackass. It's sad really

  41. Cindy says – reply to this


    Talentless crowd…that's all that needs to be said about that

  42. samantha says – reply to this


    wud u stop dissin zac bludy hel i think the guy is gorgeus
    n for gods sake he ain't gay…he's got a girlfriend duh…do the math!!!
    evry1 h8z him coz their jelous that they ain't as famous n as gud lukin
    as he is….AND THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! XOXO

  43. Cindy says – reply to this


    Re: samantha

    I don't hate him, i just don't think he has much talent, correction he does have the most out of the lot but that's not saying much. And having talent has nothing to do with your looks.

  44. RAIN says – reply to this


    He is so pretty more then his g/f wonder who spends more time in front of the mirror when getting ready?

  45. Zanessa4ever says – reply to this


    I want to lock zac up to be my sex toy…and hump him so hard it hurts.

  46. ashlee says – reply to this


    i want to rape him he is so hott and he is so not gay like what the hell he is to hott!!!

  47. you know who says – reply to this


    god olivia holy shit you are creepy but the girl who wants to rape him i totally agree with!!!

  48. TylerHall says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does he look a little bit like Lindsay Lohan?

  49. alois says – reply to this


    1 Corinthians 6:9-10: "Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

  50. hnggsloc says – reply to this


    Anyone know where I can find Ashley's dress??? Thanks!

  51. Chabba says – reply to this


    erm… y does perez hilton hate zac efron so much? blates agree tho that hsm is SO ova! (hmm mebe High school musical: Attack of the Troy's where lookalikes kill people wit their awful singin) but otherwise no.

    i mean, yh, he's blates gay, but whats th biggie? x

  52. alois says – reply to this


    Re: Chabba
    perez doesnt hate him . he is sexually frustrated over him and pedophilically obsessed with him

  53. missy says – reply to this


    vaneXXXa, LMAO!

  54. YourNeighborhood Molesting Priest says – reply to this


    Re: alois – Hey Alois - around here, the most important book is 1st Efron, Chapter One: Blessed be the Disney PR mythmakers, for they cause money to fill my pockets, and make it possible for big-dicked daddys to plow my tight holy hole"………

  55. Miley says – reply to this


    The Tiz (:P) Rocks!! Her Songs are Great, not Disney at All, it's like R&B and HipHop,

  56. Justa-Wondering says – reply to this


    At least this photo doesn't show the shiner he was sporting last week… make-up artists rule! LOL. Did anyone ever figure out how Ms. Efron got the shiner?

  57. And I want it... says – reply to this


    Look at the package he is showing in them jeans… grrrrrr. He looks he has a nice big cock. Is that the reason Perez hates him? I certainly wouldn't mind having a look at that thing. Imagine how big Jay-Tray must be if Zac's download daddy dumped zac for him… WOWIE ZOWIE!

  58. Lucy in the Sky says – reply to this


    Re: And I want it… – Hey dumb-ass, I think u mean DOWNLOW daddy… not download daddy. LOL. U ignorant people… but wouldn't mind seeing the Jay-Tray Dic-Pic myself. HAHAHA

  59. Rabbi Juu says – reply to this


    Re: YourNeighborhood Molesting Priest – I heard that Big-Dick Daddy had dumped Little Zacy-boi? Is this not true? I believe I read it in 1st Fellatios, Verse 2… "And the mammoth Old-Fat-Rich-Guy dumpeth Gay-Zay and walketh the pastures with Straight-Hot-Boi… who makes him lay down… on his fat stomach."

  60. Hate U Hate Ur God says – reply to this


    Re: alois – Maybe Zac realizes he won't inherit the Kingdom and instead is still trying to get a suga-daddy since he got dumped by his? Quote me another bible verse u zealot.

  61. Brent says – reply to this


    Re: Jason – Nude pics of Zac… doubt if there is such a thing. But if there are… I would like to order some. Did anyone ever find the pics of Zac and the dude he was sleeping with at that hotel in Beverly Hills? Did anyone find the nude pics of the guy that the old-dude dumped Zac for? That is what I want to see….. Major Grrrrr… and I have no clue what he looks like but if Zac lost the competition… I'm there.

  62. Jay-Tray Fan Club says – reply to this


    We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray. We want Big Dick Jay-Tray.

  63. Lula Mae Lou says – reply to this


    Re: Brent – It's always possible that Zacquisha was comfortable with his platonic relationship with the ROML, however, ROML may have reached the point where he wanted a carnal situation with Efron.
    Zackie-poo, horrified and repulsed by the thought of multiple jelly rolls of flab sliding across his flawlessly smooth body, may have hesitated, at which time the ROML found another super-cute twink (who was much more well-endowed) to fulfill his needs, leaving Zacquisha out in the cold (so to speak).

  64. smdwh says – reply to this


    hahaha di*khead!

  65. oops says – reply to this



    vanessa is one lucky girl.

    ps i hate perez ;)

  66. BITE ME says – reply to this


    ZAC EFRON…I thought he was a "HE not a SHE???"…did I miss something?

  67. BITE ME says – reply to this


    I thought ZAC EFRON is a boy, how come Perez say's "He's a SHE"…did I miss something?…

  68. lovebrad says – reply to this


    vaneXXXa Oh, perez u crack me up.

  69. mml says – reply to this


    tired of these 3 some disney little skanks!! Britney Spears wasnt even that skanky when she was on Disney and look what the hell happened to her trashy cellulite ass!!!

  70. ewwww says – reply to this


    zanessa ingredients:a little bit of gayness,pounds of face powder and a ball of hairy vagina.

  71. Tara says – reply to this


    hahaha you are SO funny. the tiz and vaneXXXa

  72. rel says – reply to this


    perez, i'd totally watch that movie too.

  73. Teeny Wienie Zachie says – reply to this


    If Zacquisha did pose for photos wearing spandex, he'd have to borrow one of Shia LaBeouf's bananas to cause any sort of bulge to show…….

  74. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Lula Mae Lou – Perhaps. Or maybe the old-guy never really loved Zac and never was his lover? My friend worked at the hotel. Knew the old-guy, Dave, who was tee-totally in love with "the other guy"… now and forever known as Jay-Tray. Dave used to hang in the bar alot with his friends and also by himself and felt comfortable talking to my friend. I don't think he ever had any carnal or any desire for carnal knowledge with Zac. I think they were friends. The old dude talked about Jay-Tray all the time… how much he missed him, how much he couldn't wait to see him, blah, blah. My friend asked him why he didn't find someone local and he said he would never forget the old-dude saying "when u got the most awesome and the most perfect in every way shape and form, u don't need anyone else…" (maybe not be the exact quote but the overall point)… so if someone felt like that about someone else… there was no need for Zac..

  75. Grammar Police says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – Lauren… do u use the word "axe" instead of "ask" as well… "maybe not be the exact quote"…. LOL. Dumb bitch.

  76. Janice says – reply to this


    I think I know who the guy is that you are talking about… and he is a really really great guy. He had planned this unbelivable birthday party for the Jay-Tray guy at our hotel (not going to reveal the name) but there was a death in the guy's family or something like that… and it never happened. But he must have been totally in love with the JT guy cuz he bought him a bitchin' ride and was going to have it in the ballroom of our hotel. Everyone whispered about "buying love" but we eventually were told by a close friend that the guy wasn't buying love, that the two were not about that and that the car was just a huge way of thanking the JT guy for being a part of his life. That kind of love does not allow for extra-affairs even if it is with Zac Efron. So my vote is… Zac was never a boyfriend and that big dick Jay Tray was the real thing. Sign me… "tired of the gossip"

  77. Who Hit the Bitch says – reply to this


    Re: Alexis – HE is wearing too much make-up cuz someone beat the shit out of him and he has a black eye under the mounds of powder. I see him on a regular basis and he is definitely trying to hide the shiner. If this site was a true gossip site, it would find out what big flaming MO kicked the shit out of little-Effie.

  78. Protesters Unite says – reply to this


    So, is Big Dick Jay Tray real or make believe? We want proof and we want it now. All the gossip bloggers are going on strike until pics of the infamous Big Dick Jay Tray and the Rich Old Man Lovers are posted on this site. Everyone pick up your picket and signs and march around your living rooms chanting.. "Who want BDJT pics?" respond.. "We do"… "when do we want them?" respond… "Now"…

  79. Harvey Oswald says – reply to this


    Re: Who Hit the Bitch – I don't believe it. Who would want to punch out Zac Efron… other than everyone that has ever seen him in a movie… and if that was the case… there wouldn't be much left of him. I say the black-eye conspiracy is greater than the magic bullet and john kennedy. pish-posh.

  80. Hot for the BDJI says – reply to this


    I will happily give up my Thanksgiving Turkey if I can have a sampling of the Jay-Tray Meat. And me luvs me turkey.

  81. lady g says – reply to this


    you know.. perez.. i hate your guts to death but THE TIZZZZ is AWESOME :]
    such a beautiful, talented girl!
    can't wait for her second album and her movie Pictuer This! :D
    maybe you should promote those a little perez ;]

  82. Chadster says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – In consideration of your post I do think that the scenario you lay out is plausible. Thinking back to the time when all of this went down, there was a lot of turbulence in Zac's life, so it is no mystery that he would be drawn to an older, supportive male figure - especially one that didn't make sexual demands on him. But the ramping-up of the publicity blitz by Disney/CAA may have brought out negative narcissistic feelings in Zac; specifically, Zac may have started to believe his press clippings, and was therefore not able to emotionally handle the fact that the ROML did not lavish 100% of his attention and affection on him (Zac).
    Therefore, a gradual drifting apart would not be surprising, as Zac moved on.

    One other thing - seen in the context of the presence of the ROML, Zac's choice of an Audi S6 makes a lot more sense. The ludicrous assertion floated in the Disney/CAA propaganda blog (J.J…) that VaneXXa chose the car is so ridiculous on its face, it strains credulity to previously unimagined depths…..

  83. Luv Da Bling says – reply to this


    Re: Lula Mae Lou – I imagine if the dude had money than zac would be able to overlook the jellyrolls. Money is a powerful motivator for overlooking lots of flaws… because face it… the beauty of bling can cover up the most hideous thing. Zac u go get ur fat old rich guy!

  84. Ma Baad says – reply to this


    The Tiz is amazing i love her she's better than Vanexxxa lol and zac just hot whether hes gay or not…..

  85. evelyn says – reply to this


    saw post on another site that zac was seen at chateau marmeaut within past couple days .. not sure with who though … i am sorry, i just don't think he is gay though … i always go back to those hawaii pics with vanessa … i do find it wierd that these rumors keep popping up though and there was a story he had on fake eyelashes and lipgloss and makeup at a party in october? .. has anyone heard that one? i don't know … i would like to think that he and vanessa are totally for real, they are so cute! but, i don't know why all these rumors keep popping up!

  86. Lula Mae Lou says – reply to this


    Re: evelyn – I'm glad you mentioned that April Hawai'i photo op - did you notice that several blogs have been running a new round of photos (all different from the originally released set) from that event? My question is - why was the second group of photos originally withheld? If they were standard paparazzi shots, all of them would have come out at the same time. This, of course, is even more evidence (as if more is needed) of a planned-out, orchestrated campaign to keep the Zac-VaneXXa pairing on overt display. All of the new stuff - the public basketball games, the silly contrived charity appearances, it's all damage control in the aftermath of the NY Post blind item. The fact that the newspaper with the fifth-largest circulation in the United States ran such an obvious item must have scared the PR hacks at Disney and CAA shitless. Hence, all of this almost-daily activity (seriously, who do know that pays good money for a gym membership, then goes to play outdoors in a public setting. Could it be that it's to let the paps catch Zacquisha acting like the jock he most certainly isn't? Bet on it!

  87. livingdoll says – reply to this


    :) disney needs to get in the porn/sex tapes with vanxxxsa
    but i dont think zack would be that stupid to make one with her

    :) happy thanksgiving perez :)

  88. fiona says – reply to this


    vaneXXXa is hungry for sex now.
    she just want a cock near her hairybeaver pronto.

  89. evelyn says – reply to this


    and another thing that confuses me .. recently mike walker of the national enquirer posted that vanessa was at zac's place walking around in his underwear, as seen by a friend of zac's. i just don't know, if the relationship was a sham,why would she be walking around in zac's underwear? i'm not trying to argue with everyone, i am just trying to figure out why those rumors keep coming up.

  90. Steven says – reply to this


    I wanna see him in spandex……

  91. Breanna says – reply to this


    OMG that was so mean "Still Milking That Cow" wtf is your problem.I hate how you put them down all the time its not right there people like us but are on tv becuase there good at it and its people like perez that make there life hard i dont care it you put down other people that diserve it but they dont what vanessa did was matake not like we all havent made one or two and you just cant let it go.Zac is not gay just becuase hes hot if you dont no by now vanessa is his girlfriend.Go make fun of brittney spears not little kids role modles its wrong and your hurting people by the things your saying so just STOP IT!

  92. evelyn says – reply to this


    Re: Lula Mae Lou

    thanks for the input. honestly, i think he and vanessa are a really cute couple and honestly, i want them to be totally legit!!! i don't know. anyway, thanks for the feedback!

  93. Zac Efron's PR Director says – reply to this


    "Zacquisha"?! You people are insane to call Zac Efron "gay". He is a handsome, young, rising, talented star and it's pathetic that he has to get bashed by jealous people who just want his fame for themselves. You people need to quit with being so jealous of Zac because he is a star and you all are nothing. Go Zac!!

  94. McKenzie says – reply to this


    Ya'll are so mean.
    He can't help his nose is like that.
    I think it's hot!
    He's NOT wearing makeup.
    He's NOT gay
    Leave him alone
    Vanessa Is gorgeous and all of yall who are dissing them… you know your just jealous!

  95. mm. says – reply to this


    this happens with every new teen star on the scene. There's always gunna be questions about his sexuality. But his career is almost a mirror image of John Travolta's.

    [1] gets his big break from musicals
    [2] gets accused of being gay.
    [3] has rumors about a boyfriend.

    so just let his career play out. because i work at the BHH and i can tell you that i know that Dave was involved with "Jay/Tray" (keeping that classified). Like someone posted earlier that Zac and Dave were never romantically involved together. JT and Dave were 110% in love. JT lived far away and never really ever came to the hotel, which bothered Dave. but he always told us and other people how much he was in love with JT. Zac was just a close friend. Zac looked up to Dave as a father figure because I'm guessing that because his dad lives 3 hours away from LA. Zac just needed some fatherly help in his life. But Dave has since moved out, and all of us staff find it not as interesting here without him. He truly brightened everyone's day because he was such a sweet guy. Please Dave, if you're reading this, come back! We miss you!

  96. Greg says – reply to this


    If Zac is gay that would count as proof beyond despute in the existance of God.

  97. skyhan says – reply to this


    serious question: has ashley tisdale gotten a nose job?

  98. rene says – reply to this


    Zac or whoever the hell this kid is… is majorly smack.. hes not cute at all..what happened to the days when teen idols were actually sexy.. are any of these kids really talented anyways.?!?. i mean..ive never seen or cared to see high school musical anything but ashleys new single.. is all just a product of good producers.. not actual talent… not sure what all the hype is about..

  99. Winnie says – reply to this


    UM. Zac Efron lovers are blind. Do you really like a guy that wears more makeup than you?


  100. qwerty says – reply to this


    lolz…zac looks totally awesome here…i think Zacquisha will be his ghetto name..LONG LIVE ZACQUISHA!!! YOU GO PEREZ! GET THAT GHETTO FUNK UP IN HERE!

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