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What's Worse????

| Filed under: YOU Decide!

For a woman to have a unibrow or hair on her lip?????

Just askin'!

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593 comments to “What's Worse????”

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  1. rrright says – reply to this


    lordes leon does!
    poor thing,
    madonna. c'mon
    get that beauty a wax

  2. ginger says – reply to this


    LIP HAIR..fugs

  3. lovenperez says – reply to this


    Im with you.. with the camera and fame youd think she would have her daughters unibrow AND lip waxed..

  4. lou says – reply to this


    why do you insist on picking on people who cant defend themselves (children). You are disgusting.

  5. i love madonna says – reply to this


    you'd think with all that money madonna has, that she could wax both for her little darling daughter. the girlz got more hair on her face than i don't know!

  6. the best says – reply to this


    i'd say her upper lip… ewww

  7. phoenix says – reply to this


    i think lip-hair is worse. A unibrow could be hot, like madonnas hairy child, shes pretty, or Frida. She was pretty. its very international.

  8. chikid says – reply to this


    neither are 'worse'. how about you worry more about what's on the inside - i.e. character, soul, beliefs? that'd be a good start.

  9. nikfromoz says – reply to this


    are you refering to poor unfortunate Lourdes (Madonna's offspring) not only does the poor byatch not celebrate christmas but she also has a hell of a lot of monobrow and mosister happening. All very BIG of the family to cancel christmas to experience the real meaning of the day but please please please get that girl to an electrolosis parlour real quick!!!!!!!!!!

  10. yads says – reply to this


    lips are worst ! the unibrow u can wax it but u cant tell when some waxes their lips , its not pretty!

  11. maxx says – reply to this


    either way with all the money that mommy has that will be taken care of with laser. It is good for a girl to go through the ugly-duckly phase–keeps them grounded. Just like Celine Dion's teeth before she got them fixed.

  12. Fag Hag says – reply to this


    worse = mustache

  13. Casual observer says – reply to this


    Grow up, Whats worse is plastic surgery, drug addiction, panty flashing and jail time by the time your 20. Madge is doin a fab job as a mum. Should she be more like brit?

  14. lotte says – reply to this


    well sucks to be lourdes… she has both! lol
    madonnas gene pool must really suck…

  15. AIMS says – reply to this


    OH GOD, you're too much… lol, def unibrow though!

  16. dan says – reply to this


    Neither when being compared to a fat ugly bastard like Perez Hilton ;)

  17. Kernals says – reply to this


    Not hot

  18. Tiffany says – reply to this


    hmmm i think hair on the lip

  19. michelle says – reply to this


    are you asking this because of that lordes kid?
    ’cause i have to say she's beautiful but mannn what's up with the facial hair?!?!

  20. Friduchita says – reply to this


    Frida Kahlo did it best bitches! On BOTH accounts!

  21. gary says – reply to this


    There is a point at which all the fun just turns to sadness. Leave the beautiful CHILD alone.

  22. yeahisaidit says – reply to this


    ask madonna's daughter…she has both lol, someone needs to wax that child

  23. Magdalena says – reply to this


    Gee Perez, I don't know, tell me what you think, puuuuleeeeze?

    By the way, being an 11 year old girl with some facial hair can go away when you are older and handy with the wax. Being a total fucking douche who picks on celeb kids is just foul. You can't make that ugly go away.

    Anyway she's Cuban. Why don't you ask your female family members?

    I'm Latina and I have both and I rock them so fuck off!

  24. jess says – reply to this


    What's worse, for a fat, unattractive man to dye his hair blue, or pink?

    You are a misogynistic prick, Perez.

  25. cathy says – reply to this


    was this question asked AFTER viewing the pictures of poor Lourdes? Dont ya think her mother could help her out in that department?

  26. melony girard says – reply to this


    gawd the lip forsure, imagine having to kiss a chick with a stache lol? yuck

  27. lol says – reply to this


    lol u just asked that question becuz madonnas daughter lourdes has a unibrow, and hair on her lip!

  28. Jenn says – reply to this


    BOTH!!! AND Madonna needs to wax her daughter's!! MY GOD I have a daughter the same age and if she even looked anything like that I would WAX it off! Just right up the middle!!

  29. jaw181498 says – reply to this


    COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't you post that direclty on Lola's previous post? Be a man.

  30. colleen says – reply to this


    are we talking about Madonna girl?

  31. Maddy says – reply to this


    Unibrow… or both at the same time, because a lip hair is gnarly.

  32. maddy says – reply to this


    Re: SometimesPerezSux – he didn't say that you had to look best.
    Just asking, don't take it so seriously.
    You don't have to always look good to wax your shit like every week.
    Its not hard!!!!

  33. perefsan says – reply to this


    LOURDES (Son.. I mean daughter of Madonna) is a perfect example of a "girl" who has a UNIBROW and MUSTACHE

  34. drea says – reply to this


    if your talking about Madonna's daughter, come on. dude, she's just a kid. oh and the lip hair. ^_^

  35. Denise says – reply to this


    Being fat & having green hair, looking like a troll, but critisizing everyone else instead of looking at "her"self in the mirror first. Hint, hint…Perez????

  36. colencita says – reply to this


    Let's face it, Lourdes needs an eyebrow wax AND some electrolysis on the lip. I have a kid the same age who also needs it. Big whoop. At least Madge can well afford it. When the kid gets the work done, she literally looks like a beautiful Hispanic version of her mum. It's weird. VIVA LA LOURDES!

  37. Denise says – reply to this


    Being fat & having green hair, looking like a troll…but resorting to critisizing little girls instead of looking at "her"self in the mirror first… Hint, hint…Perez???
    You know, I really don't know how you can sit there & critisize so much when you are so fugly, fat, look horrendous, & not only are you fugly on the outside…but you are rotting inside as well…your spirit is as black as your heart!!!

  38. s says – reply to this


    she's a child, not a woman…DUMMY!!!!

  39. Becky says – reply to this


    Better question, what would be worse a man ape with a hairy back, or one with armpit hair that looks like a fuzzy brillo pad???

  40. Jac says – reply to this


    seriously Madonna is rich and she has eyes…. can't she see she needs to get that child to a waxer pronto and not let her be ridiculed by us assholes? wax her Madonna. Save her the torture. please, she is a pretty girl.

  41. april says – reply to this


    i think this is about madonnas kid i think BOTH!

  42. Erika says – reply to this


    probably hair on lip. black hair sticking out is really bad, but a unibrow is really hard not to notice =/

  43. Gemi says – reply to this


    Being hairless is the worst but since that's not a choice, I'd say unibrow. It's not like women get full out mustaches…

  44. Laurie says – reply to this


    Definitely UNI BROW

  45. Maggie says – reply to this



  46. hair on lip is worse says – reply to this


    Thank God I never had this problem.

  47. Erika says – reply to this


    unibrow realy is just so ugg eyecatchly odd gross and disgusting

  48. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    Madonna is going to kick your fat ass !

  49. Nancy says – reply to this


    women with more hair have a higher sex drive, and lets just bind our feet and take away the vote while we're at it, idiots

  50. Darren O'Connell says – reply to this


    YOU ARE HORRIBLE…did you not learn anything from the view….everyone might not get why you asked this question, but I do….STOP picking on celebrities children!!!!!

  51. kelchita says – reply to this


    coming from someone who has been trying to hide both for her whole life (since 3rd grade for chrissakes), i say fuck it. look at frida kahlo? she rocked both and was on the cover of vogue in addition to being an amazing woman and artist. its because she owned it.

  52. Cici says – reply to this


    NEITHER…MADONNA'S POOR DAUGHTER!!! Do they not partake in beauty treatments either????

  53. kath says – reply to this


    What's worse? Oh, probably being a fat fag and making fun of people on your website. That's worse.

  54. zan says – reply to this


    You fat fuck. I hope you die in a fire. You're nothing but a lowlife, you should re-post when you went on the view and those ladies ripped you a new one and you couldn't even back up any of your shit because you are a WASTE OF A HUMAN BEING.


  55. Amey Lytle says – reply to this


    I have both. What's wrong with being natural like God made me?

  56. carywd says – reply to this


    ask lourdes

  57. sepiasteel says – reply to this


    What's worse? For your Momma to be filthy rich and NOT pay to get that shit waxed off your face.
    Look at chile's picture, is she trying to channel Frida Kahlo? She's got both ishs goin' on and her Mama as usual is using her to get some sorta press or to make a statement of some kind. Madonna is an idiot. Still whoring for attention any way she can…even if it means using her kids.
    Yes - I mean Lourdes. That's just wrong I dont care WHAT the agenda is.
    Its just plain unsightly. This is not about "Hollywood standards" its about aesthetics, its about AFFECTATIONS and PRETENDING TO BE "DOWN TO EARTH".

  58. Sophie says – reply to this


    if i had to choose i would have a unibrow haha.. rather than looking like a hormonal inbalaned freak!

  59. am says – reply to this



    Who's right is it to tell someone how they should look!? Seriously what is wrong with someone been just themself…All these kids been nasty little britches seriously should grow up and stop been so bloody shallow.

  60. xoxo says – reply to this


    Where's the male equivalent of this sexist question, Perez? Just sayin'.

  61. Tiandu says – reply to this


    Women, once they reach a certain age, may grow hair on their lips. Most pluck or wax it away. Many, many women also pluck or wax their eyebrows. Notice though, I said WOMEN. Young girls are excused from doing this, and yes, some girls are just born with darker, more notable hair than others, as part of their genetic heritage. (Just like some men can't really grow a beard due to their genetic heritage, or go bald when others do not.) I had a childhood friend who wanted to start shaving her arms at the same time as her legs, but her mother talked her out of it because the hair would grow in darker and thicker if she did. This is why electrolysis and laser hair removal was invented.

  62. Gee says – reply to this


    Re: annoyed – you are so right!

  63. Emelie says – reply to this


    Both are just as bad.. i guess unibrow is easier to nnotice but damn.. I wouldn't want niehter…

  64. peggie says – reply to this


    why not ask Lourdes ? how could Madonna let her kid look soooo hairy and side showesque?

  65. Dana says – reply to this


    Re: dana rifkin – Take my name off of here…. i didn't write that

  66. damn says – reply to this


    perez, leave her alone! you're so mean and fat and u r totally gay so leave the poor girl alone!!!

  67. Ksmith says – reply to this


    Let me guess…..talking about Lourdes? She's not a woman…..

  68. whobludaphot says – reply to this


    Both suck, and the picture you keep showing of madonna's daughter she has both…..

  69. blbbbb says – reply to this


    subtle perez…very subtle…and the answer is, of course, both.

  70. belldandy says – reply to this


    wow…picking on children… I have no doubts now, you are a total asshole.

  71. Melanie says – reply to this


    definitely hair on the lip… the Mexican artist Frida rocked her unibrow… I think it can be rather dramatic… but I would personally avoid having either;)

  72. Evolve Perez....Evolve says – reply to this


    She's a kid not a woman and in a world where young girls are starving themselves and undergoing unnecessary plastic surgery to conform to society's views on beauty, you're a complete ass for pointing this out.

  73. Tough Question Huh? says – reply to this


    Gee….what's worse on a guy…..bad dye jobs or a small penis?

  74. Tough Question Huh? says – reply to this


    Gee….what's worse on a guy…..bad dye jobs or a small pee-pee….just askin'!

  75. dawn says – reply to this


    i think unibrows are hot actually

  76. Bring back the 80's Bush says – reply to this


    Hey iz jus hair who carez…….Whats wrong with a lil bit extra hair….Hair hair everywhere its great especially old man ear hair when its sproutin out everywhere…..Toe hair is cool too….after all iz jus hair…

  77. amanda says – reply to this



  78. Nurse Ratchett says – reply to this


    Neither. That's what wax is for.

  79. Hairy Beaver says – reply to this


    It depends. I would whack down the hairiest one due to it being the more noticeable.

  80. BlairCo says – reply to this


    You should ask Madonna's daughter - I'm sure she'd know!

  81. grosssssssss says – reply to this


    ew both are so nasty ewwwwwwwieeeessss and i saw a lady in wal mart with hairy legs mustache and unibrow OMG im never going back there sick ewwwww!!!!!

  82. whatever says – reply to this


    Neither. Look at Frida Kahlo

  83. kendra says – reply to this


    just ask madonna's daughter. she has both.

  84. brett says – reply to this


    wait are we talking about madonna's daughter

  85. pauline says – reply to this


    like some others here… i have a nasty feeling you are referring to madonna's daughter. she's a child. stick to commenting on adults and stop picking on kids. i could comment about your fat ass and your bizarre hair colour sometimes (it would be rude of me but at least it would be adult to adult). stop already.

  86. mich says – reply to this


    unibrow is obvioulsy worse!!
    you can just shave the upper lip hair

  87. Triicia says – reply to this


    Yuck…..rele i think that both are gross….and should be fixed

  88. pinkrazr says – reply to this



  89. Marilyn Monroe says – reply to this


    That is low because the child can't defend herself, nor should she defend herself from attacks from a supposed adult. You don't know her, she doesn't know you and how some kid looks like shouldn't be any concern of yours.
    Are you a pedophile, by any chance? You sure fit the profile.
    Abusing little girls isn't going to turn back time and stop the abuse that was done unto you.

  90. Cherice W from Las Vegas says – reply to this


    are you talking about Madonna's daughter?

  91. Sammi says – reply to this


    Are We talking about Madonna's daughter?

  92. Chelseea Jayy says – reply to this


    unibroww obvz this girl does who i wurk wif an i no i shudnt but wen she talks to me i stare at it :S

  93. beth says – reply to this



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