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Listen To This: New Green Day!

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The internet is ablaze!!!!

While we eagerly await the new Green Day record, it seems like Billie Joe and crew are having a little fun with a side project.

A band called "Foxboro Hot Tubs" has released an EP of six songs that has people speculating that it's the Green Day boys experimenting with a new sound.

The tunes are very '60s-inspired and hella cool.

And the lead singer sounds like it's definitely Billie Joe!

Listen to the songs below. Judge for yourself.

And click here to download the music!

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292 comments to “Listen To This: New Green Day!”

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  1. julie says – reply to this


    i heart green day

  2. shiloh says – reply to this



  3. laclaus says – reply to this


    i'm here.

  4. julie says – reply to this



  5. anaaaaaaaa says – reply to this


    yeeeah bby

  6. kev says – reply to this



  7. Chito says – reply to this


    WOW!!!! I'm first…. and if that's new Green Day, I'm pretty much lookin' forward to it. (5:55)

  8. Mando says – reply to this


    The third has possibility… the rest so so….

  9. L says – reply to this


    I miss the old Green Day…

  10. queso says – reply to this


    i already knew……. i dont think it's GD though.

    hahahaha….. XD

  11. first says – reply to this



  12. Cara says – reply to this


    YAY! its the newtork all over again

  13. John says – reply to this



  14. diane says – reply to this


    sounds exactly like every other band in that genre… lame how unoriginal it is.

  15. Gwen says – reply to this


    I hate these fuckers.

  16. Adie says – reply to this



  17. Saida says – reply to this


    Not them. So ovs.

  18. Jon says – reply to this


    Loves it!!!!

  19. rach says – reply to this



  20. miles says – reply to this


    now, i'm not what you would call a fan of the greenday…but i can smell what they're stepping in…lad

  21. IndieMusicSucks says – reply to this


    Greenday has always sucked and they always will.

    Your taste in music leaves much to be desired too..Specially your fuck buddy beth ditto

  22. Toto says – reply to this



  23. rach says – reply to this



  24. melissa says – reply to this


    mehh… not too good..

  25. Angela in MA says – reply to this


    Hey Kristine in RI

  26. leon says – reply to this



  27. Adie says – reply to this



  28. leah says – reply to this


    this doesn't sound like billie joe at all.

  29. meltz911 says – reply to this


    FINALLY (on this site), A REAL BAND WITH REAL MUSIC!!!!!!

  30. Lyz says – reply to this


    Ooooh pretty cool ^^
    A nice modern sound to this, pretty hot!
    This is better than AI, and Billie's voice has a nice tone.. Cool!

  31. of course says – reply to this


    that doesn't sound like billie joe at all, or anything like the band, nowhere near as tight as them. sounds like a sloppy arctic monkeys/bad bay area ska band from the 90's rip off.

  32. Awesome Music says – reply to this


    Green Day Rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. brown day says – reply to this


    foxboro is an area close to where green day grew up, its them.

  34. hello says – reply to this


    commercial for monday night football or verizon?

  35. rah says – reply to this


    Re: IndieMusicSucks – fuck you brit lover

  36. Kelly says – reply to this


    eh. Not BJ.

  37. first bitches says – reply to this



  38. Laura says – reply to this



  39. bianca says – reply to this


    i love it. i miss these guys so much, its nice to see them back.. even if it is a side project. :]

  40. Fannie says – reply to this


    You learn life's unfair the day you learn Billie Joe's happily married :S
    lol ;)
    jussssst kiddin'
    Green Day rocks my world;)

  41. Phillip Brand says – reply to this


    In Rosie O'Donell netspeak:

    How pathetic
    Searching for a hit
    Cant find one
    Billie Joe reading about his unpopularity
    trying to make good music again

  42. aj says – reply to this


    Very Beatles/Doors-esque - LOVE IT!

  43. Rosie May says – reply to this


    Definately them was leaked onto the fanclub first by someone close to the band.

  44. kplaub` says – reply to this


    Like a cross betweeb ska & the clash, nothing new. In fact a very old sound shame they don't give them credit as it is so obvious to those that understand music know what they are listen to…………..

  45. Phillip Brand says – reply to this


    How sad!
    trying to be like the Beatles by releasing music on under another Nom de Plume to see if it makes it.
    I got news for you boys…

    it sucks! it blows hunks and hunks of chunks!

    Fuck you, Bill Joel Queer Bait

    Go put on some fuckin' mascera so you look beautiful while I bash your brains in.

    I'm going to invade your mansion tonight and murder everyone.

  46. I heart the bay says – reply to this


    green day is fucking amazing!!! i love them and can't wait for their new cd to come out! they are kick ass…fuck off you haters….they actually write and play their own music.

  47. kat says – reply to this


    Love it! It really rocks- even more than American Idiot!

  48. shell says – reply to this


    who's billy joe??? are you talking about billy joel?

  49. ihrtjoo says – reply to this


    ehhhhhhhh could be better

  50. kay says – reply to this


    ohh my. it most definetly sounds like my favorite boys.

  51. mary says – reply to this


    i dont think its them….i still like it though

  52. Alex says – reply to this


    Wow thats great! I went to their website and downloaded all 6 songs! They're free! I really like Ruby Room and Mother Mary!

  53. dea says – reply to this


    fuck, I don't even like greenday and I can still tell that that's not billie joel. doesn't sound a thing like his whiny voice.

  54. joey love says – reply to this


    love the sound bite from Valley of the Dolls! amazing!

  55. joey love says – reply to this


    love the sound bites from Valley of the Dolls! amazing!

  56. chris says – reply to this


    Re: Phillip Brand – This from someone who thinks good music comes out of a computer with Britneys face on it. LOL
    Go jack off to your "bit'o'brains" posters.

  57. heather says – reply to this


    if people can't hear that that's definitely billie joe, than they are deaf.
    it's green day and i'm loving it, they can't do wrong in my book

  58. CS says – reply to this


    Re: kplaub`

    Actually on their web site and fan club they did site the influences of this side project, Perez just didn't put them up.

  59. eilish says – reply to this


    this is such a good sound
    i love it

  60. rah says – reply to this


    Re: dea – How embarrasing for you, all 6 songs are on their website right now. You really have an ear for singers! You probably think John Lennon sounds like Muddy Waters.

  61. luvaluva says – reply to this


    it does not even come close to sounding like billie joe…. idiot

  62. Dannniiiee says – reply to this


    those songs were ok,
    but green day sucks balls.

  63. Jillian says – reply to this


    I dont tihnk it sounds like them at alll. but, the last one kinda did. Lol. Well, meh. whatever. They change their sound alot :P

  64. Theresa says – reply to this


    Thats not Billie Joe, sorry guys

  65. dutchy says – reply to this


    that is soo bj,
    100% sure, he has a very unique voice.

  66. yourright says – reply to this


    Ok I posted a comment earlier that I did not think it soundliked billy Joe….after another good listen to the 3rd song I changed my mind. its TOTALLY BILLY JOE!! but it still sucks.

  67. steph says – reply to this


    that's clearly billie joe. obviously it's not going to sound exactly like green day.. that's why they're releasing it under another name. but there are moments of the songs when there's no doubt it's billie joe's voice. if your not a fan of green day, how do you expect to pick up on that? just because you can't recognize his voice doesn't mean others won't

  68. Sparky says – reply to this


    Oh geeze I didn't know YOU were a Green Day fan….
    They're great.

  69. Liz says – reply to this


    hooray! I've been waiting for like 4 years. it's got some Beatles vibes to it. cool.

  70. brittany says – reply to this


    so good

  71. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: dea – his name isn't Billie Joel. and it's probably him, there's symbols on their site from their other side project, the Network

  72. lex says – reply to this


    sounds a lot like them

  73. shrapnel says – reply to this


    That is most definitely Billie Joe singing, and most definitely Tre drumming. It is a little like certain parts of American Idiot. I only semi-like the third one, and the other two I don't like at all.

    I like their older stuff, I'm afraid. I'm not saying they shouldn't change (how many times can you write the same record, especially as you get older). I'm just saying this direction is not one that will keep me as a fan.

  74. Jessica says – reply to this


    it sounds A LOT like Billie Joe.
    its a possibility…. they like starting side projects.

    i miss the old Green Day….

    the Kerplunk! record was their best…..

  75. Jessica says – reply to this


    it sounds A LOT like Billie Joe.
    its a possibility…. they like starting side projects.

    i miss the old Green Day….

    the Kerplunk! record was their best…..

  76. Christina says – reply to this


    I love these guys!!!!!!!!! Songs sound really good!

  77. Lilia says – reply to this


    Sounds like green day. I am from their hometown area and I know Foxboro was a part of the town I am from. Maybe that's how they got that name.

  78. Caro says – reply to this


    (Perez, disculpa si escribo mal en inglés, es que soy de chile y hablo español)
    well.. what can i say? i used to like this band… but…a lot of years ago… and their sound was so different! now all they do is playing the music of the moment… they shouldn't change their style… i think they're desperate for the people to like their music again.. it's so bad… i feel bad about it…

  79. oaklandish says – reply to this


    Going down to the Ruby Room? That sounds like Billy Joe to me.

  80. chakakhan says – reply to this


    the ruby room is a hippster hangout on 14th street in oakland…near where they live. that bar is disgusters.

  81. brody says – reply to this


    it does sound like billie joe, doesn't it?
    but that's not him, billie's voice is more raw and scratchy.

  82. gigi says – reply to this


    YAY!!!! new Green Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the new sound! One of those sounds reminds me of Jesus of Suburbia, so I can see them going in this musical direction.
    I can't wait until they go on tour!

  83. Sweet says – reply to this


    Though the guitar and the music in general has a Green Day thing to it, I really don't think this is Billie's voice… My 2 cents :)

  84. Tres Tres Chic says – reply to this


    They definitely sound Green Day-ish but the singer sounds NOTHING like Billie Joe.

  85. hearditbefore says – reply to this


    Is this your idea of originality? Nothing is outstanding and I wont buy it.

  86. Oliver says – reply to this


    I like Green Day but it sounds like their album American Idiot. If this is the best they are to come up with, then I'm going to not have to buy their next album and get it from Limewire instead.

  87. WTF? says – reply to this


    OMG….that does NOT sound like Joel.
    That sounds like rockibilly….which is NOT 60's.

    It sounds like 80's style Stray Cats!
    And ….it doesn't suck like their previous music.
    Thank God.
    I could NOT take that crap on the radio anymore.

    This I might actually buy.

    LOL…Billy Joel….PLEASE…give the man some credit.

    Gay men and their taste in music SUCK.
    go back to the Spice Girls concert and wish you were someone famous.

  88. lise says – reply to this


    the one with the red hair has a serious case of the GAY FACE, if you will

    he kind of looks like ashlee simpson

  89. Ben says – reply to this


    I think it's funny that Green Day release their best music under different names.

    THE NETWORK ..now there's a band that NEEDS, desperately, to come out with a new album.

    Green Day used to rock (1995 and prior), since then.. their side projects have been putting out WAY better music.

    ditch Green Day guys, stick to you side projects!

  90. Roger Kuputnik says – reply to this


    Its Green Day. Listen to "The Network" track called "Supermodel Robots". It the same sound, and The Network is Green Day.

  91. kj says – reply to this


    Are you crazy? That is so not Green Day.

  92. Michelle says – reply to this


    Sounds not so much like the 60's (please listen to the Golden Nuggets collection to get a start on your education) but more like the Strokes (mother mary specifically). Does sound just like Billy Joe but is not particularly modern sounding nor does it channel the most exciting elements of 60's rock. Blah, again, for Green Day.

  93. Ily says – reply to this


    No offence, boys, I love y'all, but your new music sucks. You sound like any other band out there. I've heard these tunes before, and they suck, so even if it comes from Green Day they won't get any better.

  94. Xihix says – reply to this


    It is Green Day. Why? If you go on their official site (Foxboro Hot Tub's), and see the back cover of the album, it has the logo of the Church of Lushotology, which is the religion that the members of The Network worship. You can see the logo on The Network's website, too. It is no doubt that it is them. Regarding the music itself, I think it is really good. And to the shitheads saying stuff like it's ripping off certain bands, it's called influence. Every single band has it, and makes music from the influence of other bands they like.

  95. Dracaena says – reply to this


    91st! i love Green Day and I love Perez….xoxo

  96. Moe says – reply to this


    in this comments section, fags who only know American Idiot Green Day. The new songs really remind me of 1039 and Kerplunk! era, and I'm really loving it. If the new album is anything like this, this is awesome.

  97. Melisa says – reply to this


    Well it sounds like billy Joe. Especially the third song.

    But man, older green day is so much better.

    Actually Jesus of Suburbia is a pretty decent song. They rule no matter what though.

  98. loz says – reply to this


    i normally dont like greenday that much…. but i sure love this :)

  99. shantya says – reply to this


    definately sounds like billy joe

    pretty sick music. i can get into the first song

    like it

  100. Mims says – reply to this



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