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We Couldn't Make This Up

| Filed under: Cisco AdlerLisa D'Amato

Crisco Adler and Top Model alum Lisa D'Amato rocked the house this weekend……at a frat party at UC Santa Barbara, sources tell PerezHilton.com!

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54 comments to “We Couldn't Make This Up”

  1. CB says – reply to this



  2. E says – reply to this


    First Gross

  3. a.j. says – reply to this



  4. carredas says – reply to this


    first ??

  5. Becca says – reply to this



  6. Aaron says – reply to this


    that's nice

  7. l.a. says – reply to this


    3rd? lol

  8. Silly says – reply to this


    Lisa is disgusting. Thank god, she didn't won ANT. ;)

  9. Muffin is a slut says – reply to this


    That is not so shameful. LL Cool J performed at a frat party when I was a university student back in like 2000.

  10. a says – reply to this


    so where's the pics and/or story?

  11. dtd says – reply to this


    well I guess its a step down after all those college fuck fest sponsered parties. Lisa D'Amato isn't quite a porn star. UCSb kids do know how to party.

  12. gaucho says – reply to this


    sig chiiiii

    ucsb is the shitttt

  13. JenJen says – reply to this


    I work on UCSB campus and live not far from IV, haven't heard that yet…… Where's the proof??

  14. Meg says – reply to this


    Mclovin AKA Chris Passe-Mintz was kickin it with UCSB students as well Friday night!

  15. Rachel says – reply to this


    oh god, it was probably the one with the frat boys in speedos and santa hats. go gauchos.

  16. ucsb student says – reply to this


    I don't think so… I live right next to all the frats I would have heard something about it. And mclovin was here on halloween, not this weekend.

  17. rainbowedxheart says – reply to this


    I go to UCSB aaannd…this weekend was definitely not a party weekend. It's finals week.

  18. TW says – reply to this


    my fiance is in sigma chi and they were defff at the dojo saturday night…he said cisco looked like a homeless guy and lisa was NOT hot lol

  19. TW says – reply to this


    my fiancee is in sigma chi and they were defff at the dojo saturday night…he said cisco looked like a homeless guy and lisa was NOT hot lol

  20. TW says – reply to this


    my fiance is in sigma chi and they were def there saturday night. he said cisco looked like some grungy weirdo and lisa was NOT hot lol

  21. WTF says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who remembers this chick peeing in a diaper with Steve O?

  22. UCSB WHAT IT DO says – reply to this


    ucsb is the shit. my sister is a kappa kappa gamma and she was sorority sisters with Lo from Laguna Beach! the celeb thing is not a new thing at ucsb seriously, it's the norm. it's california!! it's the shiz! although I wouldn't consider cisco to be a celeb….

  23. sasha says – reply to this


    For some reason those two do something for me…especially Lisa …I kinda think her music is bad ass…i've tried to download but cant find anywhere….i hope theres some video from the frat party…

  24. nina says – reply to this


    LOVE Lisa D'Amato, LOVE Cisco Adler's Balls. Love it! Love it!

  25. Dre says – reply to this


    i go to UCSB and i know for a fact they were there. i know of two people who hooked up with them!

  26. lookieloo says – reply to this


    I saw Cisco out in hollywood this weekend. Crimson…but maybe he could have gone saturday

  27. emily says – reply to this


    hahahhaah i was there, and have pictures. she was SO coked out and disgusting- not to mention smelled, apparently. Cisco came with Shwayze earlier this year too, two frat parties in one year? really?

  28. emily says – reply to this


    PS we have pictures and are sending them in!

  29. JenJen says – reply to this


    YAAAY EMILY -where da pic's at? And i'd also like to see proof that they "rocked the house" -I call BULLSH*T!!!!

  30. ucsbz says – reply to this


    i want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jenny says – reply to this


    OMG i want to see the pictures!

  32. jane says – reply to this


    Lisa D'amato was in slc this weekend doing a black chandelier show. . .how could she have been there too?????

  33. jane says – reply to this


    Lisa D'amato was in slc this weekend doing a black chandelier show. . .how could she have been there too?????

  34. cameron says – reply to this


    When was this supposed frat party because Lisa was in Salt Lake City on Friday night doing the Jared Gold caspian fashion show. I met her and I love that bitch she is so awesome!!!!

  35. sigchi gf says – reply to this


    no its true cisco loves the sigma chi action. He was parading around there last year with blonde girls hanging off his every word. hahaha
    this is why I love sb

  36. truth says – reply to this


    I was there the other night and cisco wouldn't stop hiting on me. Sig Chi is the best though and they throw the best parties.

  37. SB says – reply to this


    UCSB is the best place to party!!
    Also Chrissy from Newport Harbor is in Pi Phi here

  38. ucsuxb says – reply to this


    its in the name

  39. marcy says – reply to this


    ITs true he was there. It was the sigma chi xmas party

  40. sbgirl says – reply to this


    she was horrible!!!!!
    all she said was "my name is lisa" over and over

  41. Kaitlyn McBride says – reply to this


    I went to that party the other night. . . it was awsome, so much fun! Cisco and Lisa performed and so did this other guy.

  42. STAR says – reply to this


    YES this is true. they played at sigma chi on sat night and look coked out of their minds

  43. Gauchoooo says – reply to this


    no not coked out… special K

  44. Gauchoooo says – reply to this


    no not coked out… special K

  45. Faria is Farisal! says – reply to this


    Hell Yeaaa!!! UCSB is the best school in the world! I'm an alumni, and we know how to partayyy!!! And yea, you do see celebs all the time, *Yawn*

  46. mclovin says – reply to this


    yeah basically everyone i know went. obviously if you didnt hear about it you dont know anyone in the greek system, so calm down. and ive seen cisco there a few times, and lisa is disgusting. and my friend shouted "BALLS" (if youve seen the pic on perez, you know) at him and he didnt respond. and when he came out of the bathroom he said his face was so numb he couldnt even feel it

  47. cl8n says – reply to this


    YA lisa, shwayze, and cisco were definitely here and ALMOST had an orgy in my room on my bed. NO BIG D

  48. bc89 says – reply to this


    yeah so i saw lisa and i definitely think shes really ugly especially when she was dancing her movies looked like a dieing manatee

  49. Sorority girl says – reply to this


    HA SHE WAS SO DRUNK dancing on the stage, she looked retarded quite frankly, why is she at a frat party here anyways,..and cisco…misha was wayyyy hotter bud

  50. Gaucho says – reply to this


    It was on Saturday night at Sigma Chi, I was there, and it was amazing. Shwayze was there too– "Buzzin'"= great song.
    Let's just clear something up.
    First of all, you can't live by "all the frat houses" in Santa Barbara.. they are all on different streets. Secondly, no partying on finals week? Who ARE you and how do you go here? There are always parties. Duh.

    Lisa did not pee her pants, but she was dancing like a crazy person, and she is the beatest person I've seen in a long time. Entertaining nonetheless & hope it happens again soon!

  51. i was there says – reply to this


    cisco wandered into our house and was accused of being a homeless person. he definitely was in santa barbara looking haggard as ever. the droopy balls were also not a turn on for the ladies.

  52. Lisa D'Amato says – reply to this


    first of all, I don't need coke to be a rock star!!!! I'm high on, life my jealous friends. Don't worry, I'm not threatened by you all. I wish you all the best!!
    And, I was completely sober that night. I was made by GOD with so much energy that you all would go into a cardiac arrest if you had my energy….soooooo, keep laughing….I love it!!!! you enjoy your cubicle cuz obviously that tickles your pickle..
    thanks for thinking of me..
    luv Lisa

  53. Gaucho says – reply to this


    go to facebook & look up the group "thats beat". check out the pictures.

  54. lookitup says – reply to this


    go on facebook and look up the group "thats beat". check out the picture