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Britney's Sister: Sixteen and Pregnant!!!!

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This is not a joke!!!

Jamie Lynn Spears is sperminated!!!!!!!

The sixteen-year-old is going on the record and speaking with her mom to the new issue of OK! magazine.

Dang. We thought Jamie Lynn was the nice and normal one.

Now we know she's just trailer trash like her sister!!!

What is Nickelodeon gonna say about THIS???

Update: The father is Casey Aldridge, Spear's boyfriend of about a year, a non-celebrity.

He and Jamie Lynn have even been living together!!!

Who lets their fucking 16 year old daughter live with her boyfriend???


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1341 comments to “Britney's Sister: Sixteen and Pregnant!!!!”

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  1. WTF says – reply to this


    nobody is normal in Spears family.

  2. kristina says – reply to this


    spears' family is soooo messed up

  3. jenay says – reply to this


    why would she be scared and shocked when she is living with her boy friend and haveing sex with him this does not just happen out of thin air

  4. rokeisha says – reply to this


    I think they should give her back her job. becuase she is a about to have a child and she will need money to support it. Jamie Lynn is in a very tough situantion with her having a baby. but no one is making the situation better by putting as much pressure on her as you possibly could. the baby is coming and there is nothing you can do about it accept help. SO GIVE HER BACK HER DAMN JOB!!!!!!!

  5. rokeisha says – reply to this


    I think they should give her back her job. becuase she is a about to have a child and she will need money to support it. Jamie Lynn is in a very tough situantion with her having a baby. but no one is making the situation better by putting as much pressure on her as you possibly could. the baby is coming and there is nothing you can do about it accept help. SO GIVE HER BACK HER DAMN JOB!!!!!!!

  6. veronic says – reply to this


    wow. Trailer trash that is fucked up. How can you talk about a 16 yr old like that? Everyone makes mistakes, its how they rectify them that makes what kind of person they are. My mom was pg with me when she was 16. doesn't mean she was trash. She worked hard her whole life to raise me right. Including joining the army for $$. shame on you and everyone that agrees.

  7. Laur says – reply to this


    should i applaud? not only do we congratulate her older sister by smearing her all across the tabloids and airing her during prime time news, but now her sister has to prove she's an even bigger whore? what's next, we find out the boyfriend is their third cousin?

    geaux whores, your state shall be proud… i wouldn't be surprised if they made a billboard for that, 'welcome to louisiana, home of the spears whores

  8. misty says – reply to this


    SHES soo sick why would she want a kid?
    eww i hate kids i hope her life goes down ward stupid BITCH!

  9. Zina says – reply to this


    Seriously you're right. She was just asking to be knocked up.
    Any other 16-yr-old would have gotten her ass beat by her mother,but hey
    some gurls have all the luck.

  10. kayla says – reply to this


    "Who lets their fucking 16 year old daughter live with her boyfriend???"
    Who the fuck cares.. YOUR ALLOWED TO MOVE OUT AT 16, so might as well live with your boyfriend, FUCK seriously, shut the fuck up, who cares how old she is, and why she lives with her boyfriend, and focus on your fucking life, like omg.. you people are fucking hurtinn man, seriously.. its her life, not like yous are in it?, yeah you have to see it in magazeens, but dont fucking read itt (I)(I), shut yo mouth, and focus on your own fucking lifes, seriously you idiots..

  11. natalia says – reply to this


    Not only does it disgust the world that these girls are so misled and live in their own trash reality world, but by giving them the attention they so desperately want, we only feed into it. How about we show them what it's like to be trash and NOT famous. Not so cool! I say we strike against the Spears family and give them zero satisfaction for being immoral and irresponsible. SICK!

  12. anon says – reply to this


    PEOPLE STOP DEFENDING HER! maybe you're an underage mother but that does not mean that you need to defend every one who gets pregnant. There is a reason why this country spends millions of dollars on sex education. Please!

  13. me says – reply to this


    Statutory Rape Law In Louisiana

    14:80.1 Misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile
    A. Misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile is committed when a person who is seventeen years of age or older but less than nineteen years of age has sexual intercourse, with consent, with a person who is fifteen years of age or older but less than seventeen years of age, when the victim is not the spouse of the offender, and when the difference between the age of the victim and age of the offender is greater than two years.

  14. Lily says – reply to this


    Thats typical…..but this is not any ordinary trailer trash…shes got money so it makes it okay…hahaha

  15. Babycakes says – reply to this


    OHH i totaly did not see this comming =0
    To think all the young girls who look up to her
    What kind of message is she sending out now =0

    at least they still have miley cryus
    who i hope stays a good role model and dosnt end up like jamie lynn

  16. Twinkle says – reply to this


    dang ! hell yeah ! that iis sooo stupiid !! pussy man !!!

  17. Girl from the urban community says – reply to this


    So, basically, if you're a star you can't make any mistakes…she's a little girl, just like any other girl in the world, it happens. So, when my son finds out that his favorite actor is pregnant, me as a mother will sit down and talk to him and thank her for making it public so that it's more in the kids of the USA's face. I want them to know that for every action there's a reaction. In this case Jamie's action was having sex before the age of 18 and the reaction was a baby. Don't get me wrong, this is her mom's fault, because remember people she is still a minor and her mother is supposed to protect her.

  18. allison says – reply to this


    hmm parents where I come from sometimes lets their young child's bf or gf live with them…then again the nick name for my city is taylortucky and the girls always end up being with child….hmmmm.

  19. dave says – reply to this


    speaking of idiots…. you mean "Spears' boyfriend".

  20. Strawberry says – reply to this


    Uh last time i checked sex with a minor was illegal!!!!! WTF was she thinking???? did she really think that even though they were having sex she wouldn't get knocked up because she's a mini pop star or something?!?! seriously what the fuck was she thinkings? and where the hell was momma and daddy spears? didn't anyone learn anything from big sis brit?????????????

  21. Strawberry says – reply to this


    Uh last time i checked sex with a minor was illegal!!!!! WTF was she thinking???? did she really think that even though they were having sex she wouldn't get knocked up because she's a mini pop star or something?!?! seriously what the fuck was she thinkings? and where the hell was momma and daddy spears? didn't anyone learn anything from big sis brit?????????????

  22. NYCAMOM says – reply to this


    EXACTLY!!!!!!! Who in their right mind let's their 16year old, probably 15 at the time live with their boyfriend ?! I don't care what career she has or how much money, she is still a child and you don't let your child at that age live with their boyfriend. Their mom is the worst mom in the world!!!!!!! Your kids are screw ups because of you!!! She'll probably pop out a few more in the next 3 years.

  23. SassyKatie says – reply to this


    silly spears girls.

  24. Tina says – reply to this


    plenty of teens get pregnant.. not saying its right or anything, but I was a 15 year old mother. I work full time, go to school full time, and raise my daughter alone. Would we rather her have an abortion? Shes taking responsibility, and atleast she can afford to raise this child. Be realistic.. the majority of kid in their teens are sexually active. She just wasn't as smart as the rest.. as for her mom, shes got enough on her mind with train wreck britney, she probably let jamie lynne slip under the radar.. it happens

  25. cate says – reply to this


    has casey already filed for custody?

  26. I'm so done with celebrities says – reply to this


    the spears family…no, make that hollywood…should be sterilized

  27. chelsea says – reply to this


    it's just sad. not surprising at all… i thought that she would see how much her older sister had messed up and that she might not go down that road. but where was the mother when all of this was occuring? apparently she let her LIVE with him? what kind of mother lets her 16 year old daughter live with her boyfriend? just your typical white trash deep south family.

  28. kristin says – reply to this


    Please how unexpected can it be!
    bitch your letting your daughter live with her boyfriend….
    it's not like there gonna watch zoey 101 all day!
    i guess they found a new hobby!!!!

  29. laura j says – reply to this


    ok so i can *kind of* understand her getting pregnant…i mean, come on, how many non-celebrity 16 year olds get pregnant every day! …but the fact that her parents let her LIVE WITH HER BOYFRIEND at only 16 years old is CRAZY!! this proves with a DOUBT that it is ALL the parents' fault because they raise Britney and Jamie Lynn this way and allowed this shit to happen… i bet that parenting book Mama Spears is coming out with will be a top seller… NOT.

  30. heather says – reply to this


    Some people are saying to leave Jamie alone. The whole point of people being pissed is that she is a role model for 9-13 yr old kids (girls mostly). What kind of f***ed up message is that telling these girls?

  31. WHAT IS THIS!!! says – reply to this



  32. WHAT??? says – reply to this



  33. have a heart says – reply to this


    What's done is done…. I support Jamie- Lynn. The chose she made was better then killing the baby. Yes I do feel she has made a few bad chooses, living with her boyfriend at such a young age was wrong but the damage is done and this sort of things happens very day all around the world and I think we should support her in doing the right thing and taking care of her responsibilities.

  34. samantha says – reply to this



  35. Sam Edwards says – reply to this



  36. naby says – reply to this


    am shoked! i cant believe her!

  37. nadia says – reply to this


    just like her older trashy sister….you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you cant take the trailer park out of the girl.

  38. sillygirl says – reply to this


    God bless Jaime Spears and her baby.

    Love conquers all.

  39. leslie says – reply to this


    b4 i read this post, i saw the headline on the NY Post this a.m…. with my 11 y/o son in tow. he happened to see it first, and said, "Mom, Zoe's pregnant?" i couldn't believe my ears, then my eyes… way to go, Zoe - i'm sure this is great help to all the kids who look up to you!

  40. babythug says – reply to this


    1 i kant talk on u kus i might not have kids but i lost 1 n half of the teen population is pregant so most peo-ple kant talk jus take kare of yours n dont look down on yoself kus everybody make mistakes so keep yo head up n neva look down on yoself……….but this is a very shocking thing that you have 2 deal with bkus u didnt have 2 let it b known like dat

  41. Sandra B says – reply to this


    You are so right! Everyone assumed she was the "normal one". And now this? Wow. Can't feel sorry for her cause I think she knew birth control existed when she decided to have sex. What a career move! Bravo

  42. Lauren says – reply to this


    Hee hee hee. I saw this one coming. First Brittany……….then Jamie-lynn. What the hell is going on with this family?! What exactly do you think that Nickelodean will say about this one Perez?

  43. vicki says – reply to this


    as a 16 year old and fan of jamie… this upsets me…. a lot.

    dont be stupid.. have safe sex. wtf?

  44. Meg says – reply to this


    no one talk to their kids about condoms and the pill anymore? aparently not. i was at target last night, and seeing miley cirus dolls everywhere…that's too much for a kid. even weird for an adult, to have your own frickin doll!
    at least miley's dad is with her all the time, aparently not for the spears'
    another trailer trash baby for them, watch she'll lose custody too
    the father is 18 or 19, a legal adult…isn't that illegal for him to be with her
    there's a high school football player in jail for doing the same thing, shoudn't this kid get the same treatment.
    …God at 16 i wanted a guy to take me to homecoming…that was it! very rated PG-13, if that

  45. Shanna says – reply to this


    It's people like you who butt into other people's business that make people like Britney spears crack and go crazy. It's not their fault that the media can't leave them the fuck alone, so shut your fuckn mouth. just because someone gets pregnant when they're young, it doesn't make them trailer trash. it makes them ignorant, and you an arrogant asshole. it could happen to your kid. so shut the FUCK up.

  46. Christina Aguillera says – reply to this


    She should "feel like shit" with our comments! She's acting like a little trailer trash ho, and she's had so much going for her. Do you know how many young struggling actresses are out there, who are much more talented but don't have an opportunity? This girl was lucky that Nickolodeon gave her this opportunity, and she threw it away. That show needs to be cancelled. Little kids should not look up to a little slut.

  47. miley says – reply to this


    who the hell would actuall let their daughter livew with her bofriend and when she sleeps with him the are ok withit… it seems to me that they encourage bad behavior from their daughters and i think that jaime made a mistake but all of us do this is so hypocrittical of me but i almost feel bad but i think its just asking fo rtrouble to actually say that!!!! they want their daughters to have sex and be star at such oung ages and i think that first it was her m oms faut for brittan but because of what brit is doing appearently she thinks it is ok tohave sex…. ur right PEREZ…

  48. Maddy says – reply to this


    Look at the two Spears sisters. One is crazy, a druggie, and will she get to have her kids ever? Now come on she is 16! Who knows what sex is at 16?
    God I feel sorry for Lynne Spears…. her parenting skills must of sucked!

    Guess most girls wanted kids young…. really, really young!

  49. Beth says – reply to this


    I am shocked by that. Obviously there was no talk of birthcontrol in the family.

  50. Tinka says – reply to this


    The whole spears family needs to be on lock down the dad's an alkie the mom is in it for the money and britney…enough said and now poor jamie lynn. who lets their 16 year old live with an older man???? hello!!!! where are the parenting skills???…the sad truth is that in the end fame and all its the kids that are suffering and my heart goes out to them and those unborn…this is crazy

  51. MaddogM13 says – reply to this


    So how's that abstinence-only education working out for you?

  52. LuLu says – reply to this


    With a sister like Britney Spears, are we surprised? NO! On the flip side, at least she has some morals left. Obviously she's not getting an abortion, and at her age, it would have been so easy for her and her mom to cover all of this up. I'm sure MANY of these little girls have gone through this, but at least Jamie Lynn has the guts to keep the baby.

  53. Maria says – reply to this


    fucking slut.

  54. Miranda says – reply to this


    I think everyone needs to lay the fuck off of Jamie. I'm 16 and a mom and I'm sure whoever commented that she's trialer trash just like her sister was fucking at 16 just got lucky enough not to get pregnant and it's not her parents fault you can't control everything your kids do unless you lock them up 24/7!!!

  55. Miranda says – reply to this


    I think everyone needs to lay the fuck off of Jamie. I'm 16 and a mom and I'm sure whoever commented that she's trialer trash just like her sister was fucking at 16 just got lucky enough not to get pregnant and it's not her parents fault you can't control everything your kids do unless you lock them up 24/7!!!

  56. Amanda says – reply to this


    Exactly! What mother lets a 18 or 19 year old male live with their 16 year old daughter? And to think that Lynn Spears is writing a book on parenting? Whoa! I'll be sure to pick that one up. I do have two daughters!

  57. SB/W says – reply to this


    I guess this makes it obvious that money does not buy you intelligence. Whether or not she should be sleeping with her boyfriend is one conversation but since she obviously was, shouldn't someone (HER MOTHER!!!) talk to her about birth control and condoms?? Money doesn't = intelligence.

  58. williesmom says – reply to this


    he's 19, she's 16. will he be charged?

  59. Lauren says – reply to this


    I hope she takes care fo her baby! Good luck!

  60. DaaniBee says – reply to this


    OMG, ew.

    What's wrong with the Spears'??? And WHAT is going to happen with Zoey 101? Ha, I can see it now: She's preggers on the show and Chase is like, "NO! I WANTED TO DO IT!"

  61. Tree says – reply to this


    This is an outrage- she is such a great role model for kids. NOT!!!! Nickelodeon needs to pull the plug on her ass and cancel the show and NOT air any re-runs. She should no longer be allowed to be a role model for young girls. Welcome to trashville baby!

  62. Mark says – reply to this


    I have seen date line nbc and see idiots get arrested for just bringing condoms….this guy got a minor knocked up why is he not in jail?

  63. TT says – reply to this


    Ok here is the deal the girl is to fault here but thier Mother should PULL her head outta of her ass 4real here now.

    & We need to Blast Beyonce's LIL SISTER PG AT 17 is nno better but no1 said anything to her cuz her sister is a classy BIA… & act like her shizit dont stink WRONG it does

  64. Eileen says – reply to this


    I heard she had a pregnancy scare.
    And to think her freaking mom wrote a book about how to raise superstar kids! Ha! Now who's gonna read THAT?
    And I agree, it's really irresponsible of their parents to let them live with their boyfriend at THIS age.

  65. HeHe says – reply to this



  66. K says – reply to this



    And I'm willing to bet that even at 16,This twit will be twice a better mother than Brit is. No babies driving cars for Jamie Lynn!

  67. Dee says – reply to this


    Stupid idiots say have an abortion.
    She makes her own money ,and is able to support her child.
    Yes she is young
    does this mean her career is over
    No, there are plenty who are pregnant ,and teens.
    Don't be fooled
    You all know nothing about this family,
    to call them trash ,and like me calling you trash
    Perez is trash

  68. kendrah says – reply to this


    what the fuck. i think she should lose her job…… her mom is such a dumb bitch letting her live with her boyfriend….. its all her fault….

  69. Tyler says – reply to this


    what a whore, seriously though, why support her? she made a stupid mistake and she needs to pay for it, yeah she has money to support the kid but she's still too young and immature to handle a child. Honestly if you're not mature enough to handle a child then don't have sex, it's that simple. I'm glad she's keeping the child though, I'm completely against abortion.

  70. Karen says – reply to this


    Now hold on everyone. The girl is shocked by being preqnant as it is. She fell in love like most of us did ourselves once and for everyone to bash this girl is ridiculous. She is no different than anyone else. She is being judged more because of her sister Britney.

    Who lets their daughter live with a boyfriend you say? Well apparently LYNN.
    Now you see why Britney didn't want the boys around her. Lynn isn't that bad of a Mother; she can't be held responsible for what these girls do.

    Now the only thing I'd say is there is no evidence she lived with him. Lynn said she came home by curfew every night.

    Jamie is a hard working girl. Yesterday she was the darling of the show today you people act like she is a slut. Well, then Most of HOLLYWOOD is too then. Jessica Alba is now knocked up and unmarried and many more.

    The star of that movie Whale Rider or something like that was her age and had a baby. Common Prez don't put this kid down and send her down the spiral case like Britney.

  71. Bradley says – reply to this


    Hmmm Kinda saddened to hear that.. This is really gonna make things difficult for her and i suspect that it will be blown out of proportion and put her under scrutiny thanks to her sister's infamy.. I hope she is prepared for the backlash… there will most certainly be one. Lets just hope she handles bad press better than her sister.

  72. nicky says – reply to this


    P.O.B.P.S pop on Britney's pregnant sister!!!!!!

  73. Katie says – reply to this


    I can't believe this! So many people look up to Jamie Lynn ! :|
    I bet Nickolodean cancels Zoey 1O1,, straight away! I just heard this news today … Have to say, I'm pretty disgusted by it! She's 16 and LIVING with her boyfriend? I guess the parents had it coming, for allowing that!

  74. Mike Hunt says – reply to this


    Jamie LeeLynn, please please please do a cover of "Papa Don't Preach". It'll sell millions and you could start a college fund so the bastard won't turn out like you or your retarded sister.

  75. jaylen says – reply to this


    omg her family iz just trailer trash and who the hell lets their 16 year old live with her boyfriend !!! lol thats funny she was acting all innocent and sweet when she was really fucking around !! she probably lied about the guy being her long term boyfriend just so she wont look so bad

  76. showa says – reply to this


    this is soooo funny you ever think that she would learn to act properly AFTER all the shit her sister got into. she had alot of potential but noo. she blew it LOL@ woow i honestly think its all an act! MEDIAAAA MEDIAA MEDIA

  77. Teenage Jezebel says – reply to this




  78. lia says – reply to this


    Is anyone surprised? Lynn Spears is a jackass, this baby is destined to Spears' "greatness."

  79. TeenSexisDestructive says – reply to this


    It's clear why Jamie Lynn Spears got knocked up for a few reasons:

    1) She embraced the liberal ideology of having PREMARITAL sex. Now if she was a good, clean, conservative gal, she would've waited until marriage to have sex, which would've meant she would've been emotionally responsible enough to have a child inside of a loving marriage. Having a child at 16 out of wedlock is going to be emotionally destructive to the bast*rd child and crippling to the teenage mother's mental and emotional development. Having "safe" sex is no 100% guarantee against unwanted, teen pregnancies because condoms may rip, so the only, true way is abstinence. Additionally, having premarital sex encourages soulless sex for lust instead of fostering lifelong commitments that are healthier for any society.

  80. CondomsRip says – reply to this


    2) The liberal pop culture blasts teen girls with over-sexualization messages in everything from music to movies to their celeb idols (Paris Hilton et al), so that these teens refuse to have moral clarity and make proper and healthy decisions for themselves.

    3) Teen girls act like hardcore sl*ts sometimes, and Jamie Lynn is likely no exception. Poor guys like the 19-year-old father, Aldridge, are likely tempted into taking advantage of these teen girls by their easiness and loose virtues. Incidentally, the 19-year-old "rapist," Aldridge, ought to be charged because in Louisiana, the age of consent is SEVENTEEN, whereas Spears is only 16.

    Lastly, Spears shouldn’t get an abortion like the Culture of Death libs/Dems would insist. She now has the accountability of living with the consequences of teen sex (no husband, no career, no life experience) and should keep the baby. Or, she could also give it up for adoption, but the best she could do is not worsen her wrongdoing by getting an abortion!

  81. maria says – reply to this


    so she's not normal cause she's preganant, even if she's only 16. give her a break.

  82. fucka hussie says – reply to this


    first:..i think it sucks ppl call her whore..because the right term
    should be hussie…haha
    second:..i agree..who fuckin lets their 16 yr old live with their bf regardless of the age…
    and third:…haha i think nickalodeon should take her off the show..unless they
    wanna do "a couple of zoey101 preganancy episodes"..ha

  83. jackie says – reply to this


    wow. what a loser. she's going to become like her sister=p

  84. Julia O'Shea says – reply to this



    your comments were really insensitive. i believe that a lot of the Spears' family problems stemmed from their early stardom. And that they were never taught to be grounded, selfless people… I think that most of the time both daughters thought everything would end up ok, and that there really wasnt anything like consequences… now poor Jamie will learn the hard way. I do hope that the children both Jamie and Britney's will be alright and supported sufficently, because in reality they are the ones who are going to have to deal with unplanned births, and irrational mothers. For the babies sake I hope people like you Perez will F#$& OFF… (uhumm… just using the terms u use).

  85. pete says – reply to this


    Nick will probely make a teenage pregnencey thing on there channelsfor 2 hours of her talking about how you should wear a rubber!!! she is so stupid to do this! it's fucking funny!!!!!!!

  86. Amelie says – reply to this


    cant u see people??? look all those nickelodeon and disney stars…like lidsay lohan and jamie lynn's sister britney…come on…dont u saw it comming???
    and perez, ur right "who the fuck lets their 16 year old live with her boyfriend'?..duh…horny teen+horny teen= unexspected baby

  87. ashton says – reply to this



    so how far along is she?

  88. Peach Girl says – reply to this


    ….. I am soooooooo speechless i how? How? I was actually on her side and thouht she was da normal and good peson in da family wat a fuuuuuuuucking ho. Wat her fans gonna think? Nikolodeon? She plays on a childs chanel im so disapointed. Dont lie ur so shoked jamie u no u had sex ur a fucking whore n now i hate u eww ur so yung and just da thought of - OMG iHATE u now low class trash family! i no wat hapened and still m in total shock I hate u ho!!

  89. your mom says – reply to this


    ewhhhhhhh. dude, so terribly nasty. not surprising coming from a family like that thought but shit. i mean, then her mom's saying "well she was obviously on time for her curfew!" and that just makes me laugh. bahaha.

  90. Peach Girl says – reply to this


    I no its true but i just cant belive it. i thought she was da normal n good 1 in da family. how can u not use protection or hav sex in da 1st place?????????ur on a child chanell. selfich whore! since she livs her boyfrend dat makes it clesarer dat dat wod happen but still she shodnt hav. Shes as bad as britney but hey wat can u expect her mom didnt raise brit rite course she turned out like dat. but da thoat bits little sister i hate u now u r a fucking fat whore!!!!!

  91. Sexy Brunette says – reply to this


    I thought that she was the normal one and she was suppose to be the one that had her head on straight. Now i guess that she is going to end up just like her sister. and what mother lets her 16 year old daughter live with her boyfriend who is 19. The mother need s to be shot and she needs to take parenting classes herself and we need to start looking at her and stop looking at britney. i think that this girl needs to have the baby and give it up for adoption because she is only a kid and a kid cannot raise a kid especially if they are famous. all she is going to do is have the photebugs after her every step of the way. I think that this is going to ruin her life and her career. She has really FUCKED UP this time!!!!!!

  92. Mayte says – reply to this


    ok first of all who r we to judge!!!! fuk off n let ppl live! she's not da first n only girl who gets prg by da age of 16 theres been younger girls!! get over it!

  93. NM says – reply to this



  94. woww says – reply to this


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW whore much??? great romodel……………….

  95. woww says – reply to this


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW whore much??? great romodel……………….

  96. Stephanie says – reply to this



  97. sammy says – reply to this



  98. Shay says – reply to this


    A stupid bitch who puts there kids in show bussiness when they are 12, thats who lets there kid live with there boyfriend? A stupid ass bitch, who is writing a "parenting book" yeah like that could help anyone… How to get your kids Pregnant!!!!, that should be the title.

  99. mizz says – reply to this


    whoze next ..HANNAH MONONTANNA??

  100. lala says – reply to this


    ha. And i thought jamie was the decent one. shame on me for thinking that a spears could be classy for one second. I deserve a hand slap.

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