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Britney's Sister: Sixteen and Pregnant!!!!

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This is not a joke!!!

Jamie Lynn Spears is sperminated!!!!!!!

The sixteen-year-old is going on the record and speaking with her mom to the new issue of OK! magazine.

Dang. We thought Jamie Lynn was the nice and normal one.

Now we know she's just trailer trash like her sister!!!

What is Nickelodeon gonna say about THIS???

Update: The father is Casey Aldridge, Spear's boyfriend of about a year, a non-celebrity.

He and Jamie Lynn have even been living together!!!

Who lets their fucking 16 year old daughter live with her boyfriend???


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1341 comments to “Britney's Sister: Sixteen and Pregnant!!!!”

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  1. christinaangie says – reply to this


    OMFG what the fuck.
    i love it.

  2. elizabeth says – reply to this



  3. Marlenee says – reply to this


    HOLY SHIT!! Lynne spears must be on crack. what mother lets thier 16 yrold daughter live wit thier bf??? oh wait lynne spears does. Jamie lynn spears, you just Fuckedd up your life hard core. oh well u just have to follow ur sisters footsteps. like sister like sister.

  4. Marlenee says – reply to this


    HOLY SHIT!! Lynne spears must be on crack. what mother lets thier 16 yrold daughter live wit thier bf??? oh wait lynne spears does. Jamie lynn spears, you just Fuckedd up your life hard core. oh well u just have to follow ur sisters footsteps. like sister like sister.

  5. catherine says – reply to this


    omg….its the next britney of 2008!!!!!!!!!!

  6. catherine says – reply to this


    omg….its the next britney of 2008!!!!!!!!!!

  7. am. says – reply to this


    can't ppl keep there legs closed.

  8. busubusu says – reply to this


    Holy shit??!?!? this is for real then!
    Fuck, I thought it was just bullshit…
    Wow, what a whore

  9. am. says – reply to this


    can't ppl keep there legs closed.
    or at least use an effing condon that's why there were invented.

  10. ladylindsay says – reply to this


    Ok…it looks a little trashy because her mother was letting her live with her boyfriend and everything….and she really should have been using some kind of birth control….but just because she's pregnant doesn't make her a slut or a whore. It's not like she doesn't know whose baby it is. I bet most of you dipshits were having sex when you were 16.

  11. ererwrwer says – reply to this


    holly shit!!!! her boyfriend its awful, poor spears family, bloody whores hahaahhaa

  12. dude says – reply to this



  13. hh says – reply to this



  14. hh says – reply to this



  15. jenna. says – reply to this


    just because she fucked up and got knocked up doesnt make her trailer trash
    ur all just jealous that she has a hot boyfriend who got her knocked up and
    unfortunately she can afford to have a baby and keep it at this age because
    her family is stacked. so fuck off and stop bein nosey little fuckers with all these
    celeb's liives wholy shit people. shes pregnant, BIG FUCKEN DEAL.

  16. Hugh G. Rection says – reply to this


    I did it and Britney too. Yummy

  17. Hollie says – reply to this


    She is NOT trailer trash because she is 16 and pregant. How many 16 year olds out there are having sex? She just got caught..that's the ONLY difference. Now she is the one being called trash. Come on..most 16 yr olds are having sex. Not that I think it is right or anything but come on..the ones call her names are the same ones having sex at 16 or YOUNGER!! Get real..at least she is KEEPING her baby…she could get rid of it..but she's taking responsibility for her actions..and at 16, that says A LOT about her. Best wishes to Jamie Lynn and her baby.

  18. ~julie~ says – reply to this


    a mother that can't say no to her kids cause they think she is a fuck up for marrying their father! lol
    I can't rationalize it! I had a kid at 23 and i still am saying OH MY Gawd! Just you wait Jaime just wait until the little thing tells u to fuck off it wants to be a doctor! Just wait!
    u look so much like ur sister i wouldn't be suprised if "your boyfriend" was fuckin ya cause u look like ur big sister! lol oh and he is gonna suck and fuck you dry little girl! just like kfed! just cause ur "16" doesn't mean u KNOW it all! what are you gonna offer the kid? your fucked up sisster or ur fucked up parents? Get a nice family and give IT away! Another stupid dumb kid that wants to Fill Some void! trust ME HONEY IT isn't a kid! ur supose to party your ass off have fun in life spend ur money……live a bit before u jump into motherhood! ur family is fucked and u wanna bring another one into the family? ugg! Eat Shit and Die you stupid Kid! TEENAGER! Rebellious little bitch! ever heard of birth control or are u gonna say your the 1% …somebody seriously needs to send u to DUUUUUUH camp take ur sister she might get a few pointers oh wait thats right ur A SPEARS!
    yes I am Saying Shame On you! No wonder you been so jumpy UR KNOCKED UP! say bye bye to that cute little body!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE!

  19. youmothersucksballs says – reply to this


    where in the hell do you cock suckers come from!!
    1. who gives a flying sausage where they got there story from.
    2.i love perez!!!
    3.jamie lynn puts the trash in white trash!!!
    gooooooo latinos!!

  20. nikijersigurl says – reply to this


    I thought britney was bad…. The greatest part of all of this is that she's only 16 and she's already topped her sister. This is the single most greatest day of my life! I love Hollywood!!

  21. Kc says – reply to this


    Just when we all thought she would make it….she get's knocked up!


    Britney Spears Mini-me

  22. SD' says – reply to this


    they are a fertile bunch, those spears

  23. Elly May Clampett says – reply to this


    I guess that blows Mrs Spears book on parenting then?

  24. K says – reply to this


    Nice job…..

  25. xyz says – reply to this


    that is so disgusting!!!! at least i use protection!!! i'm not retarted and stupid!!!!!! i don't want to be white trash like jamie lynn!!! that's so nasty. she's a whore and she is not fit to be a mother just like her stupid ass sister!!!!

  26. PAT says – reply to this


    that family is trailer trash with money

  27. Paddington Bear says – reply to this


    I'm weez wylin' y'all. I'm straight trippin'. I admit I still didn't think it could be much worse, and yet again I was proven wrong.

  28. joei says – reply to this


    WOW, BAD ROLE MODEL.. now lynne is one too!


  29. molly says – reply to this


    just cus she is pregnant doesnt mean she's a slut..but godamn..

  30. PRG says – reply to this



  31. Jasmine says – reply to this


    OMG… You have got to be kidding me? Why wasn't this girl on birth control? WTH is wrong with her mother? Good God!!!!!

  32. lmaooooooooooooooooooooo says – reply to this


    Re: jesus save us from the spears – how about you just don't tell them?
    People leave tv shows all the time. If your kids are so young that this sort of story would scare them to death or lead them astray then don't worry because it's likely that they won't even notice if she leaves and is replaced by that big purple dinosaur guy

  33. Areeeeeeeeeeba!! says – reply to this


    Her parents are retarded.
    and ewwwwh.
    only 16.

  34. maria says – reply to this


    Ok what the hell is wrong with the spears. Do they honestly like to ruin there careers that they worked so hard for. And also i completelly agree with Perez what kind of mother would ever let her child live with her boyfriend. My gosh does this lady have any control of her children. I honestly think that Jamies career in Nickolodean is over. No kid show is going to want a girl who got pregnant at 16 representing them. I guess in the end the spears are truelly white trash.

  35. Susan Weatherbee says – reply to this


    Big Deal, so am I…

  36. nessa says – reply to this


    16 and pregnant huh? thats what happens when britney is ur older sis. not much of a role model. i guess it runs in the family.

  37. Manda says – reply to this


    Surprise, Surprise! Soon they'll be opening an orphanage for the Spears' Children alone!

  38. PUGGLES says – reply to this


    Bet she wishes she lived in NZ, the age of sexual consent here is 16…

  39. brinkstinks says – reply to this


    Do these bitches not know about Ortho-Novum!???!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! My husband and I have been trying to have kids for years now, and these two idiots are the some of the ones populating the earth. It is the end of times!

    Lord help us all!!!

    But Perez is still super sexy!

    Oh and Jessica Simpson is poison…………Get her out of DALLAS now!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Alexandra says – reply to this


    What can I say…it runs in the family! I mean what did you expect, she is Britney's sister. :O *\O/*

  41. lauren says – reply to this


    u know? it's really sad to have a baby that young. i actually thought that she would learn from her sister,and not become her.besides, her so called boyfriend is what 19? isn't that illegal to have sex with a minor. i know there's a law passed about u can have sex over 16 or whatever, but still he should know not to have sex with anyone under 18. and i think it's better to wait till marriage anyways. it's just thr right thing to do/

  42. e-j says – reply to this


    So is this yet another Christian event that will be chalked up to God's Will?
    Christ! these hypocritical Christians are such trailer trash. I LOVE that Momma Spears Senior wrote a book on parenting for a Christian publisher. ad timing, y'all!
    Those sisters should form a band and call themselves The Spears Sluts …
    What's next for JLS - getting fired from Zoey and then shave her head? That poor Casey dude will end up like K-Fed: a single parent, taking care of his babies while his 'ex' tries to buy back her career.

  43. caro says – reply to this



  44. momo says – reply to this


    seriously, why are people so dumb these days
    in only fourteen, and i know better than this kid
    what has out world come to?

  45. Nessa says – reply to this


    …I'm in total shock.

  46. WTF!!!! says – reply to this


    What the fuckidy fuck? Hillbilly Central! I can imagine the Spears women, gettin' their groove on down at the Wal-mart, y'all. Pickin out some diapers, some condoms, some pregancy tests and, oh yeah, a World's Greatest Granny sweatshirt with reindeer and Christmas trees all over it! For the pathetic and sad Lynn Spears. Fuck all of them. What a bunch of stupid fucking whores. I have officially run out of ways to use Fuck in this case except they can FUCK OFF.

  47. herkie says – reply to this


    those spears gals sure are fertile!!!!

  48. better than them says – reply to this


    WoW! what trailer-trash! what mom lets her 16 year old daughter live with her 19 year old boyfriend? wiad-a-go mom! what an awesome way to screw up TWICE! the apple must not fall to far from the tree….

  49. wah says – reply to this



  50. Maicon says – reply to this


    I'm not the father.

  51. Jessi says – reply to this


    Her parents are fucking crazy for letting her live with him!!!
    and shes kinda like a slut but i guess she learned her lesson!!!

  52. GENIUS says – reply to this


    Re: Full of shit – ummm if she is three months then how can we see a pregnant pic of her seven months from now dumbass???

  53. Veronica says – reply to this


    her parents are IDIOTS!!!
    now we know why Brit is the way she is

  54. hopeless spears fans says – reply to this


    man, i had so much hope for jamie lynn. She really has disappointed me. Oh well, im sure i'm not the only one.

  55. j money says – reply to this


    aww. little jamie following in her big sisters footsteps!
    cept .. lack of .. talent. and what not.
    but its not like britney had anyway in the first place.

  56. MJ says – reply to this


    what?hahahaha,this is fucking hilarious! i can't even keep a straight face right now hahahaha!!!!! i can't believe it,i thought she's like one of those good girls lol. ok,whatever,but she gotta do what she has to do.she's human,and we all fall down! good luck jamie lynn on ur pregnancy.love ya!

  57. juxbox says – reply to this


    Would you people cut the B.S. Like this really caught anyone by surprise!!!

  58. emmilie says – reply to this


    FUCK. oh god that's awful

  59. emmilie says – reply to this


    FUCK. oh god that's awful

  60. H.A.S says – reply to this


    EXACTLY!!.. she is dumb!

  61. kathryne says – reply to this


    suck it nickelodeon.

  62. tina says – reply to this


    Man those Spears girls are fertile.

  63. KAYKAY says – reply to this



  64. sweetpea says – reply to this


    what next!! it seems that the spears family is nothing but trailer trash

  65. Sam says – reply to this


    That is fucking wrong she's 16 and pregant come on and, jamie and her bf met in CHURCH ummmmm u think that she would have learn't something at church! i can see it now she turning into her fucking sister!

  66. Vicko says – reply to this


    For sure it wasn´t me who made her pregnant… Pedophiles now have a good chance now to get youn kiddies like her easy to the bedroom to play doctor games

  67. Tom says – reply to this


    She loves the cock!

  68. Tom says – reply to this


    She loves the PENIS!

  69. OH HALE NO says – reply to this






  70. CCCheeerr13 says – reply to this


    not Jamie Lyn Spears is pregnant?
    i thought she was the normal one.
    there a trashhhy family

  71. kate says – reply to this


    Any parent that would allow coed "sleepovers" should just go to babies r us and buy the crib because this is what happens.

    i do not feel bad for her or her parents.

  72. rhedyn says – reply to this


    She is younger than me.. Thats rediculous!! I used to like Jamie.. Not anymore!!!! Grrr

  73. ... says – reply to this


    this family needs some serious help

  74. *AleBoo* says – reply to this


    WTF why can't you guys just leave her alone if she got pregnant that's her thing. You guys putting stupid stuff like this probably makes her feel like crap… she's not just trailer trash everyone mkes mistakes…Just leave her alone and stop bagging on her

  75. *AleBoo* says – reply to this


    WTF why can't you guys just leave her alone if she got pregnant that's her thing. You guys putting stupid stuff like this probably makes her feel like crap… she's not just trailer trash everyone mkes mistakes…Just leave her alone and stop bagging on her

  76. Billybob says – reply to this


    et tu redneck…. et tu?

  77. petra says – reply to this


    is this really a shocker.. her and brit share the same dna.. it was bound to happen sooner or later..

  78. elle says – reply to this


    Well what the crap… I thought she was going to be smart after watching her sister go down in flames…

    Her mom was stupid for letting her LIVE with her boyfriend-that's where the issue is.

  79. jess says – reply to this


    okay i understand that in this fucked up country, having sex at 16 is ridiculous let alone becoming pregnant. But did we forget about the actress who protrayed the virgin mary in a movie, obviously about jesus, who HAD her baby at 16? obviously this situation that spears is in is fucked up considering her crazy ass sister and the fact that shes the star of a nickelodeon show but did that actress get this kind of press? shit i bet she wish she did. leave the girl alone. its not her fault her sisters a fuck up & has ruined their name for good. at least she published the shit instead of letting you fucked up "press" junkies make up ridiculous rumors about her. lay off

  80. 16 and Pregnant, haha says – reply to this


    I was honestly shocked when I heard this. Then I remembered the Spears' are trailer trash. When I was 16 I got pregnant by my college boyfriend (the first time I EVER had sex). It's called an abortion. She should have tried it. She is way too young to be having a child and if she considers her religion so sacred (the reason against an abortion) she wouldn't be having premarital sex in the first place. Someone please tell her to put this child up for adoption. Oh my.

  81. Jody says – reply to this


    this is disgusting.

    im 15 and it would be wrong to have a baby at my age.

    and her bf 19? ohgoshhh.

    i guess shes the new Britney Spears of my generation. :| eeeek.

    the Spears family should be all locked up ;] mhm.

  82. jess says – reply to this


    and for the record, to all who have commented on spears not using a condom or not being on the pill.. you can still get pregnant you fucking idiots!! doesnt matter what kind of protection you use, the only way you can be 100% sure is by not having sex. obviously shes just like any other 16 year old girl out there and fucked her boyfriend. maybe she was wearing a condom, maybe even two. maybe she is on the pill.. that doesnt mean she CANT get pregnant. leave the girl alone… shes the idiot for getting pregnant & for publishing it in a non-legitament magazine. shes goin through enough - but shit, shes banking off the publicity. & now, for all you impregnanted 16 year old girls, you're all trash.. id rather be 16 and pregnant than a grown gay man who is only known for his lame attempts at being a 16 year old high school chick. grow the fuck up & find a real career - feeding off of celebrities lives isnt really considered one..

  83. Lucy says – reply to this


    Don't fucking quote where you got the story from or anything.

    Ewww, these white-trash, trailer park ppl just don't stop breeding.

  84. prncesE says – reply to this


    WHAT ???? SERIOUSLY??? OK …… NOW and only NOW have i heard EVERYTHING

  85. kourtney says – reply to this


    are you fucking serious? that disgusts me, at least britney waited until she was freaking of age and married. scum of the earth the spears family is.

  86. PrncesE says – reply to this


    Re: Perez

    BURN !

  87. old man says – reply to this


    has the sex tape been released yet ?

  88. aga says – reply to this


    trailor trash family much?

  89. Touche says – reply to this


    Re: Perez Hilton


  90. Mel says – reply to this


    Don't be so hard on Jamie Lynn. She may actually turn out to be a good mother. The last thing she needs is to be called names before she's even done anything wrong.

  91. jo says – reply to this


    wow….. dot dot dot…..

  92. Heather says – reply to this


    i usually don't go here and usually don't agree with you but HOLY FUCK!
    sorry for profanity, but that was the first phrase out of my mouth when i found out.
    her family is messed up. and who does let their 16 year old starlet live with their boyfriend.
    i thought she was going to save the spears name but whatever.
    that would have sucked more if that was on the disney channel. my goodness those kids channels are having not so wholesome stars now.

  93. sarah and jennifer/ siamese twins says – reply to this


    hahahaha im dunk and this is funjny shit!!
    Yeah this is the other twin…..drunk as well, Jayme lyn you live a sorry life and you bring much shame to the world
    Grow up use some yaz or try a condom maybe??

    I heard you met him at chruch?
    Go Jesus…I hope you accepts the gays you make jesus cry, which causes rain….

    we don't want floods…you selfish bitch

  94. naty547 says – reply to this


    what a piece of trash! 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!! she's definitely following in her trashy older sister's footsteps very well…SHE SHOULD BE SO PROUD!

    my little sister is 14 and she knows already that if she does any of that "adult stuff" now, she's getting a beating and the boy will most likely get murdered!!!!!!!….wow! 16 AND HAVING A KID!

    WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?!?!?!? ohh yea that's right….her mom is too busy making herself famous off of her very well-behaved children…and her father is boozen…

    i don't even know what to say anymore

  95. Martin says – reply to this


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! when i saw this my stomach dropped to my ASS lol i reacted like she was related to me ahahahahahah I LOVE A good SCANDAL especially a CELEBRITY one

  96. cassie1013 says – reply to this


    I'm so fucking shocked I can't speak. OMG. And the funny thing is, Perez posted this as a rumour a few months ago.. I was shocked then but knew it "couldn't be" - apparently not. Fuck.

    Why would someone let their 16 year old daughter live with her 19 year old boyfriend? Why isn't she on the pill? and no offense, why wouldn't they just abort it? She's not even finished high school.

  97. Kate says – reply to this


    Fucking RETARDED parents, she's 16 years old and they let her live with her 19 year old boyfriend???????
    What did they think was going to happen?

  98. Stickers says – reply to this


    Phwew!!!!!!! For a minute there, I almost thought they said Hannah Montucky. I wonder how much time the daddy will serve for that brilliant maneuver.

  99. roflcopter says – reply to this


    lol, it really doesn't surprise me

  100. Fukker yung says – reply to this


    What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments. What a bunch of retarded comments.

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