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I Take It Back!

| Filed under: Music Minute

Now that he got as much publicity out of it that he could….

That former member of B2K is recanting the rape allegations he made against the group's former manager.

How the hell could you recant something you said on tape????

Click here to watch Raz-B's apology.

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144 comments to “I Take It Back!”

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  1. KiKi says – reply to this


    Update…www.bossip.com reports that Raz B was forced by the "Bloods" to read the statement (written by Chris Stokes attorney) denying the molestation. Apparently he was threatened by the "Bloods" who were hired by non other than Chris Stokes. Reportedly Raz B has been missing for 2 days. Although Raz B has recanted his story his brother Rickey has not and is claiming the molestation is true.

  2. hotmami says – reply to this


    what a loser!!!!1

  3. indydavid says – reply to this


    I watched that clip again - it DID NOT look like he was being forced to recant. I think this is all a way of getting publicity and some money.

  4. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Shady ASS Business…

  5. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Shady ASS Business… There was absolutely NO feeling whatsoever in that statement. He wasn't even looking the camera head on AND some guy whispered to him at the end what to say, telling him not to say the word financially! WTF?!? I don't care what they all say, that guy molested those kids, we all saw the video and heard him admit to having done it!!! Something super duper shady is going on….

  6. classc1 says – reply to this


    Re: indydavid

    Look at and listen to the clip again…he was being fed the lines on the apology tape. You could hear someone saying "Chris Stokes" and when he said that he was sorry for the financial trouble…someone in the background said…no not financial..and then the tape cut off. The cops need to find out who set up this account…it was a new account created yesterday and not the same account as the original tapes.

    Seriously, this kid was threatened or paid off and hearing all of this…I opt for threatened!!! Chris "Strokes," may your soul stealing, child molesting ass rot in hell forever!!! I completely believe every damn thing Raz B said.

    Why isn't the LAPD out there busting down doors, kicking asses and taking names?

  7. therealeddiej says – reply to this


    yea.. not buying it. This "announcement" was so staged that its pathetic. Sad but true.. enough $$ can almost make anything go away.. at least in this situation.

  8. lake says – reply to this


    You can't rape the willing. Maybe he decided he wanted it!

  9. cocoa says – reply to this




  10. Nick says – reply to this


    Only a pedophile would believe that an 11 year old child wants to have sex with an adult male.

    Raz B spoke about being abused and molested 2 years ago. He's been involved with youth outreach programs and charities. This is the first time that he actually named the man who molested him. I'm not surprised because there have been rumors about Chris Stokes for years — just like there were rumors about Lou Perlman. Boy Band managers are like Catholic priests. They seek out these jobs to be near their prey.

  11. Queen Tantrum says – reply to this


    Re: kyle

    I agree.

  12. Lin says – reply to this


    It's really a shame. I'm glad his brother is sticking to his guns.

  13. B says – reply to this



  14. RCanada says – reply to this


    I sure hope Stokes didn't do it because if hr did then this guys just giving Stokes the green light to hurt other young boys. If it's true then this boy needs help because normal healthy people in there 20's don't go around making up stories about rape.

  15. Amy says – reply to this


    It probably did happen, he's just being paid to say that it's not true now, for personal/career/retaliation reasons.

  16. Princess says – reply to this


    Damn Raz-B at least give us some eye contact, so that maybe we will believe you. Well I hope you got a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY…because your music career is over. People are not going to want to work with him and Chris Stokes still gets away with whatever he did or didn't do.

  17. skinnygirluver says – reply to this


    Yup, he got paid off and took the money. $$$$$ We know you're not an anal virgin, guy!!

  18. skinnygirluver says – reply to this


    Yup, he got paid off and took the money. $$$$$ We know you're not an anal virgin, guy!!

  19. thetruthhurts says – reply to this


    He was NOT paid off fools! His life is being threatened. Chris Stokes called bloods after him and he is in fear of his life (not a lawsuit, not paid off). YOu guys who keep on saying he's gonna get sued sound like idiots. You can't get sued for defamation if the truth is your defense.
    Chris Stokes, Omarion, and a whole lot of people stand to lose a lot if it comes out there has been some big gay molestation coverup over the years with B2K thus they will do whatever necessary to squash this.


    Read the latest at www.bossip.com for the latest transcript being posted tonight by Raz B's brother.

    Raz B, if you're reading this our prayers are with you. May God keep you and your family safe.

  20. Morgo. says – reply to this


    Re: Forest

    you idiot that was his brother!!!

    anyways, l believe Raz. i believe that he has soo many ppl coming at him, he doesnt know what to do. i support you Raz!

  21. shame on you perez! says – reply to this


    how could you say "he got as much publicity out of it that he could", perez?! anyone who has common sense knows what this poor guy said before is true. instead of being sympathetic about this very serious accusation you call it a "publicity". shame on you, perez!

  22. cassandra says – reply to this


    at the 17 sec mark you can hear someone tell him chris stokes- feeding him lines. they say he is missing also, hope he is okay

  23. Rahki says – reply to this


    I read that Raz B has been missing for 2 days, and that he was threatened to recant the accusations by members of a gang hired by Chris' attorney. Check out bossip.com

  24. d says – reply to this


    im gone tell you straight up because i know, dat fuckin dickhead cocksucker chris stokes used his money to get him a lil street connect and dis n8gga got a bunch of bloods to threaten for sure, and possibly even jump raz-b into not talking,why the fuck you think he got that red hat on, anyway dude is shook cause he got threatened and he aint gone talk i hope he mans the fuck up a stick with his story, chris stokes got his coming man…watch

  25. d says – reply to this



  26. Lys says – reply to this


    I believe his allegations…he was probably forced to say he lied. QUESTION is…WHO LEAKED THE TAPES????? AND WHY WAS HE RECORDING TO BEGIN WITH???

  27. cplusg says – reply to this


    I don't think he is lying, why would someone lie about something like that? Besides, didn't stokes say "he don't do that anymore"? It was on tape, basically a confession. Stokes has probably threatened him….I hope if Stokes really has raped kids, he pays for it.

  28. itzzzkimmm says – reply to this


    Raz B was forced to do this fake apology. He is obviously reading lines they fed him. Chris Stokes is a monster that should be put into jail. Trust me justice will prevail over evil. You're going down Chris Stokes. I hope Raz B will be strong enough to fight back and let the truth be known to the whole world. He must not back down. By stating the truth he will be helping a lot of people. He has to stop this monster before anyone else gets hurt.

  29. Brady says – reply to this


    Oh boy, since I'm anonymous on here I can say that the allegations on Chris Stokes are true. I'm close to someone in Omarion's camp and he's told me all about how Chris has fucked basically every guy in B2K and several others. Raz was telling the truth all along. Lock that monster up already.

  30. Pissed from London says – reply to this


    Video removed! That's a crock 'o shit!

  31. jottie boo says – reply to this


    it was true…..because when raz b older brotha called chris strokes on the phone he said he didnt do that anymore…..chris strokes saw that raz b……..j boog…..lil fizz……were tryna get b2k back on the ground…..saw he would needed money so that was the way out

  32. Kevin says – reply to this


    Do you even know what recant means Perez?

  33. Chrissy says – reply to this


    Re: Read Comment #38!! – Yeah that is real I heard it too it is on Bossip.com. And today his brother makes a statement that he has spoken with B Raz (so he is no longer missing) and he said that he was forced by Chris Stokes lawyers to make the video and to take hush money. If you listen really close to the video you can hear a guy feeding him lines. This is really sad and I feel for them. It is said that the FBI is doing an investigation BUT Rick also says Chris is best friends with the LAPD's Chief of police!

  34. GossipBlog says – reply to this


    Your 100% correct, he was forced into this. He was told that if he didn't his and his families lives would be at risk. I commend him to coming clean about just a terrible act that was perpetrated against him. I just hope that he is mentally able to deal with the aftermarth of this.

  35. trixie says – reply to this


    If you were raped & SO TRAUMATIZED why were B2K STILL after all these years hanging out with Chris Stokes??? WHY would want to be around someone who supposedly did such horrible things to you??? Doesn't make ANY sense!!!

  36. good money says – reply to this


    dem niggas are fags raz ate perez asshole an used his butthole hair for floss marques houston drinks cum by the pint omarian knockdup bow ow

  37. Duane J. DXM Models says – reply to this


    Support Raz 100% on this one the media machine and savvy shark attorneys can twist a mean nipple in Hollywood with or without compensation. Trust me Raz recieved no compensation, he's a stand up guy & believes in Karma too much to intentionally screw someone over on lies.

    He's a solid business man and understands the ramifications of this sorta thing, he just only told & conformed the world what we already knew!!! Chris has been accused of this sorta thing from lesser know acts!!!!

    Raz a cool dude and hardworking artist who made it to Billboard independently with his first single who didn't ask fot this drama to boost anything for him.

    He just gave courage to the Millions of children worldwide who are afraid to come forth to tell someone about abuse, let's not silence this moment in shame for Raz but celebrate his heroics & back the little guy so others will have courage to come forth as well!!

  38. Take this to court with a jury says – reply to this


    Re: Duane J. DXM Models – That's right! Too many dumb asses are writing stupid stuff on these blogs like #136! I believe him and his brother and I never believed his apology video. People have to remember that he is young and if he was roughed up by some street thugs than I can understand why the video was made I may have done the same thing. But the first story is TRUE this man needs to be stopped. Smoke has been circling Chris for years B Raz just sparked the flame and now the story needs to be televised and brought to court!

  39. Wow! says – reply to this


    Here is a quote from E Jizza, the CEO of Raz-B and Ricky’s JMC Management Group, further verifying that Chris Stokes is a pedo:

    “I’ve been quiet but not any longer. This story is just developing, if you don’t remember I’M the CEO of Ricky, and Raz outside company JMC Management Group. RAZ WAS FORCED INTO THAT APOLOGY AND TRUST ME THIS S**T IS DEEP. If you take a close look at the video he couldn’t even look at the lens this was some street shit. But will be handle the proper way. Like Ricky said in the letter chris stokes is like a gay version of Suge Knight. Best way to say it if that makes sense. Get ready the F**k Chris Stokes Campaign is just getting started. It’s 100% true. Chris can’t find me!”

    This was posted on Bossip.com this is getting crazier by the minute I am glad they are going to handle this the proper way.

  40. get ready says – reply to this


    chris stokes & co. and your wanna be thugs with a gun… KARMA is coming for you. and it's a bitch.

  41. tables are turning says – reply to this


    maybe chris stokes should explain what he meant by "i don't do that anymore". doesn't do what anymore? he's busted as far as i'm concerned unless he explains that statement he made. but he can't. all the bullshitting in the world isn't going to help him. this isn't over, he's made too many enemies, too many victims. what is he going to do??? threaten everyone???? good luck with that chris!

  42. Nish says – reply to this


    This was so scripted. Why would Chris say you know that I am not like that and I don't do that anymore. The Doo-Doo doinker got busted out and he sent his gay gang to make him say this. Chris has always been gay and his wife and kids are cover-ups

  43. joeHoutex says – reply to this


    He must have really been paid off. Chris Stokes is defiantly gay and I believe Ras B's story. Does anyone remember the pic of the group Imature , all three of them (Marcus Houston included ) laying in bed in their underware. Chris Stokes was managing them too. I dunon there must be some lure to boy band groups, The manager who short changed N'Sync had some allgations made against him. There also where some molestation charges with Mendo back in the day

  44. g says – reply to this


    it was staged u culd hear sum1 in the back feeding him lines on wut to say. I think Chris threatnd him and his brother to do this. Bcuz no sane person would make an allegation like that just 2 later say that it was all false. I believe everything he was sayn. Chris is a crook and i never liked him since b2k were 2gether

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