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Just Like Mom!

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Melanie Griffith's teenage daughter, Dakota Johnson, has already made her first trip to rehab!

The new issue of The National Enquirer reports that Melanie and Don Johnson's daughter, who turned 18 in October, completed a 30 day rehab program in September.

Dakota went to the Visions Teen Treatment Center in Malibu for drug and alcohol addiction, the pub states.

Following rehab, she spent some time at an outpatient program in Brentwood.

Both of Dakota's parents, Don and Melanie, have each spent time in rehab themselves for drug and alcohol.

Rehab by seventeen, that's so Hollywood!

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110 comments to “Just Like Mom!”

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  1. Nancy says – reply to this


    I agree with #89 (Lynn). Send these snot nosed, spoiled brats to COUNTY LOCK UP like the rest of the po foke and they'll sober up real fast. Rehab costs thousand of dollars a day and what kind of message does that send your spoiled rich brats? Teach then to stand on their own two feet (maybe by first falling on their FACES!) and a parent would do their kids a much better service. Trust me on this one!

  2. mtv says – reply to this


    unfair alcholism proven to be genetic… next time 4 kicks pick on someone who has a good oldfashion melanoma… dont blame t parents, blame t genes……

  3. isense says – reply to this


    You really are a idiot, desperate for anything to gossip about. Do you sincerely believe everything the National Inquirer says is the truth?? Did you independently corroborate this information? Just because Melanie and Don had drug problems does not mean their daughter does. Grow up and get your head out of your fairy dream world and get a does of reality.

  4. kawika says – reply to this


    What a picnic that would be….
    The 2 of them….
    Jingle Bells

  5. i never knew says – reply to this


    i never knew melanie was ever in rehab. i mean, she kinda always sounded drawled out, or sleepy. i just thought that was her unique character that made hollywood love her so much. i never knew……BUT DAMN WOULD I LOVE TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER EX DON JOHNSON……..SIGH

  6. amiah aka GREATNESS says – reply to this


    omg that is really, really sad She's the next Lindsey And Paris or even Nicole we love u
    u stupid trick

  7. amiah aka GREATNESS says – reply to this


    omg that is really, really sad She's the next Lindsey And Paris or even Nicole we love u
    u stupid trick

  8. amiah aka GREATNESS says – reply to this


    omg that is really, really sad She's the next Lindsey And Paris or even Nicole we love u
    u stupid trick

  9. moi says – reply to this



  10. budge says – reply to this


    Thank god she got help early at Visions Adolescent Treatment center. Otherwise she may had gone down the same path as Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton (she does seem better since her time in la pinta). Teen Treatment is not easy, it requires thought, care and a lot of work by not only the teen but the family, too. I applaud her and her family for having the bravery to walk down the path of recovery.

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