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This Is A Good Thing

| Filed under: Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay uses a shopping bag to shield her from the rain in Los Angeles.

The actress had a busy Sunday. LL went to Urban Outfitters, the supermarket AND she went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Hopefully the paparazzi will be respectful and not photograph her when she's at her AA meetings.

Keep on getting help, Lindsay.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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124 comments to “This Is A Good Thing”

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  1. Danny says – reply to this


    Danny! oh! Danny!

  2. Shireen says – reply to this


    I love Urban Outfitters! She gets 2 points from me for that. Which brings her to -498.

  3. hannah L says – reply to this


    yayy lindlooo

  4. baby says – reply to this



  5. katiestarrrr says – reply to this


    i love you perez.
    perezhilton.com keeps me on tap with celeb news.

  6. goat says – reply to this



  7. :) says – reply to this


    Urban outfitters.

  8. nikki says – reply to this



  9. Jacquie says – reply to this


    Her hair looks nice. Shame it's wasted on an idiot.

  10. Doi says – reply to this



  11. xoxo says – reply to this



  12. Nena says – reply to this


    There is something wrong with the site, Pez!! No pics are showing and it looks weird.

  13. parks on rocks says – reply to this


    put some pants on you bitch

  14. Andy says – reply to this


    Nice Pantyhose :-)

  15. Nik-E says – reply to this


    Have you run out of things to say about Ms.Lohan???
    "where's her pants?"
    are you kidding me?
    You are always thinking up new and clever things to say perez :-)

  16. Fuck says – reply to this


    I would dip my balls in acid to smell her crotch after a full day.

  17. Nik-E says – reply to this


    They are called leggings

  18. Alicia says – reply to this


    I love Lindsay!!! Hopefully she gets better, she still has a chance unlike …..

  19. cookie monsta says – reply to this


    good onya Lindsay!! Didja get any roots???

  20. ghostin007@gmail.com says – reply to this


    ASIANS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. heroinham says – reply to this


    She iz fuckin hot! I wish I could bone her then sell my story to some cheap magazine!

  22. L says – reply to this


    she should go back to red-hair

  23. Geminat.com says – reply to this


    That filthy whore

  24. LL puts the Herb in Herbie says – reply to this


    Is that Lindsey or Dina?

  25. heroinham says – reply to this


    Does anybody else see that gay ass pic of Bret Michaels to da right or you?¿ Don't he look like a fuckin chick w/ plastic surgery w/ that pink ass lip gloss on?¿ He ain't gonna find anybody on his show unless rock-of-love has dudes on it……

  26. Joseph says – reply to this


    I am so happy shes getting help.. she really needed it.. hopefully she keeps doing good.. she looks great, but would look even better if she want back to darker hair :)

  27. Magen says – reply to this


    is she in mourning? i haven't seen her in anything but black.

  28. nervee says – reply to this


    You have the nerve to say "Hopefully the paparazzi will be respectful and not photograph her when she's at her AA meetings." when you harass a ill woman and make fun of her nervous break down.

  29. jennifer says – reply to this


    I love you Perez! You freaking rock! I predit that LL will get knocked up this year. She is having so much boom boom - she will totally have a baby this year! And yes, Perez, you'll love every minute of it.

  30. Pam says – reply to this


    Don't trust her, she is doing all of this for the camera's because she wasted busted for sneaking a drink. Love you Prez,

  31. Neepur says – reply to this


    She out in the night searching for her creepy orange mother….

  32. marie says – reply to this


    love you perez.

  33. vero says – reply to this


    arriba el norteeeee!!!!
    viva monterrey

  34. vero says – reply to this


    monterrey loves perez!!

  35. coolness says – reply to this


    her thighs are big.
    the end.

    p.s.-i heart perez!

  36. :D says – reply to this


    oh mann i love urban outfitters.

    but please can someone BURN THOSE TIGHTS?

  37. coolness says – reply to this


    her thighs are big.
    the end.

    p.s.-i hear perez!

  38. LL=liquor lapper says – reply to this


    The oily bohunk she banged in Italy said she was drinking a lot of cranberry juice and vodka, so I don't think that "sip" of champagne was the only thing she's had lately.

  39. aShLeYgIrL says – reply to this



  40. kyle says – reply to this


    in that pic she looks SO MUCH her mom

  41. Cambel says – reply to this


    Is she even getting any offers of work or is she going to wind up spending the last of her money, few years from now on 40 ounce and a fifth of vodka in a back alley in Atlantic city?

  42. jena says – reply to this


    she's so pritty!! I love her!!!

  43. Oni says – reply to this


    I am so over this girl. NEXT> Can I please have some one thinner and prettier to make fun of? Thanks. Happy New Year.

  44. texan gall says – reply to this


    is it me or does this girl wear those bottoms like all the time now.. lately every picrture i see of her is with those botoms.. in italy on her night out (or wherever she was), to the airport, and now in LA…?

  45. veritas says – reply to this


    she looks soooooooooooooooo hot! and im glad she's doing good……

  46. Eris, Goddess of Discord says – reply to this


    She should learn to select better bedmates: those who know to keep quiet.

  47. Slutty Mom says – reply to this


    "Hopefully the paparazzi will be respectful and not photograph her when she's at her AA meetings."—-what the hell perez are you turning soft u stupid bitch!

  48. anon says – reply to this


    what would she need pants for?
    how many prostitutes do you see wearing pants? oops forgot, she is unpaid. even better.

  49. just wondering... says – reply to this


    I`m sorry Perez but this gets too far for me…how can you really say that "Hopefully the paparazzi will be respectful and not photograph her when she's at her AA meetings." what about britney…they can photograph her in ambulance and going to the hospital abd all that…why can`t they get pictures of lindsay going to aa…there is no difference…i don`t like either of them but how come you are in lindsay`s side now..they are publicitywhores both of them but i think in some of your writings and pictures of britney were awful….

  50. Danny Ocean says – reply to this


    does anyone know if its the urbans on melrose? thats near my house.. haha

  51. jessandthecity says – reply to this


    she looks like rumer willis here..

  52. piepie says – reply to this


    Perez meet leggings, leggings meet Perez.

  53. Alih says – reply to this


    Dear Perez:
    Why the hate and almost wishful thinking on Britney's death, even to say she will be dead by March. Britney started most of this once she had kids? It's not that uncommon to not want kids when you are in a PPD. TRUST ME, if she does have PPD, she will be dead soon enough! You have really won me over; I an a fan bc you are funny and witty, but the bitter posts. Not so funny.
    PLEASE have a bit of human empathy with this case, it's starting to make you uncool. Peace.

  54. Alih says – reply to this


    Dear Perez:
    Why the hate and almost wishful thinking on Britney's death, even to say she will be dead by March. Britney started most of this once she had kids? It's not that uncommon to not want kids when you are in a PPD. TRUST ME, if she does have PPD, she will be dead soon enough! You have really won me over. PLEASE have a bit of human empathy, it's starting to seem uncool. Peace.

  55. Lina T... says – reply to this


    Re: Shireen – lol thats fucking funny

  56. lakevybud says – reply to this


    It's always nice to reward yourself for achieving THREE days of sobriety with a shopping spree.

  57. lakevybud says – reply to this


    It's always nice to reward yourself for achieving THREE days of sobriety with a shopping spree.

  58. FAT MARY says – reply to this


    so she's wearing stretchy pants…..maybe she's gonna bring back stirrup pants!!

  59. Mike says – reply to this


    So you ask the paps to leave Linds alone but you ENCOURAGE THEM to follow Britney around and bash her when they do. You are a CUNT perez. A Fat ASS UGLY SHIT HEAD CUNT!!!

    P.S. #5 - katiestarrrr is so perez tryin to give props to his own site. LOSER!!!!

  60. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    The AA is just for PR !

    Like she never all but gave that bottle a BJ on New Years Eve !

  61. Prncssusie says – reply to this


    I'm proud of you L, I'll be praying for you!

  62. gary says – reply to this


    Re: heroinham – he's got my vote cuz i'm a FAG . A big GAY FAG! there i said it …it feels good.

  63. moose says – reply to this


    Guys, give her some respect. 1 in 10 people is an alcaholic, and she is making an effort to get help

  64. LaLaura says – reply to this


    The girl is about 100 pounds, she does NOT have big thighs!! She should go to sexaholics meetings too! She'll probably get a few std's before 2008 is over!

  65. Anonymous says – reply to this


    LEGGINGS!!!!!! come on perez get with it lol ….as long as lindsey doesn't give birth to any kids who cares if she goes to AA meeetings…..the britney thing we shouldve noticed when she had that 12 hour marriage…but perez LAY OFF her! ur seriously losing major points for making fun of someone who has PPD, and bipolar,and the fact that she lost her kids makes it worse….then again she had it coming right perez??(that was rhectorical and sarcastic just the question not the post)

  66. Alexis says – reply to this


    Lindsay looks happy, healthy, and beautiful. I'm really happy for her. She seems to have turned her life around and is making a real effort to keep it going. More power to her. It's got to be especially difficult to be in the limelight like she is and still stay on track when your every move is being documented for all the world to see and people are just waiting for you to fail. I really hope she makes it and defies the statistics.

  67. DAILY MAIL UK says – reply to this


    ritney quits hospital and goes into hiding with British photographer boyfriend
    Britney Spears was last night reported to be in hiding with British photographer Adnan Ghalib after slipping out of her Beverly Hills home unnoticed despite the constant vigil of paparazzi and media outside her mansion.
    The troubled star is reportedly holed up in Hollywood with Ghalib, 35, the son of a Birmingham newsagent, and THREE of his fellow photographers just days after going berserk at her home, and refusing to hand over her sons to father Kevin Federline in a four-hour stand-off with police.Britney, 26 - who reportedly unhitched herself from an intravenous drip last night and stormed out of a psychiatric ward - has said of her bizarre friendship with photographer Ghalib: "He's my only friend in the world."he singer is said to be hiding away with her 'friend' in a rented Hollywood mansion

  68. DAILY MAIL UK says – reply to this


    mid reports that Ghalib is attempting to broker a multi-million dollar media deal for photos of the troubled singer.
    Family and friends begged Britney - whose latest single Piece of Me went up from 46 to 19 in yesterday's UK chart - to seek medical help amid renewed fears for her mental state.And they are worried at the added strain the relationship with Ghalib may have at a time when she is particularly vulnerable.Ghalib, who is separated from his wife, grew up in the Small Heath suburb of Birmingham. He is described by friends as "a typical Asian Brummie" and left Britain in 1996 to pursue a career in the US.A pal told The Sun: "Adnan was a real charmer and had a real drive to get on in the world. But everyone is gobsmacked that he is with Britney."Spears and Ghalib, 35, the married son of a Birmingham newsagent, were spotted at two hotels in Los Angeles and Palm Springs over the New Year breakA source told The Sun: "Britney is on the edge. It's worrying - and ironic - that the only person she feels she can turn to is a paparazzo."It's like a lamb going to stay with the wolf-pack

  69. wtf? says – reply to this



  70. smaro says – reply to this


    umn ok then

  71. jessmess says – reply to this


    hasnt she heard of jeans?

  72. bellaaa says – reply to this


    i love perez

  73. stop with the f-ing firts already says – reply to this


    Re: wtf? – i have no idea dude.. but its stupid

  74. Khymi says – reply to this


    I'm bored. Gimme More!!!

  75. Anonymous says – reply to this


    It's too late for the Blohan.

  76. Kit says – reply to this


    When is she going to get rid of those nasty, cheap-looking extensions?

  77. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Perez, get off your high horse… you know you would LOVE to have the paparazzi get her, in and out of her AA meetings, just like the rest of us… and you would be the first to PRINT them… PUH-LEESE!!!!

    And the paparazzi should be RELENTLESS in getting her picture, and not giving her ANY privacy… remember, SHE was the one who SOUGHT OUT A PUBLIC LIFE… now she must pay the price… NO PRIVACY!!

    GET the camera in the AA bathroom… get it in the meeting… NO PRIVACY for celebrities who SOUGHT out a public life!!! And none for their parents, their children, or anyone else…


  78. thomas says – reply to this


    Would be anonymous anymore, huh? ;-)

  79. thomas says – reply to this


    Wouldn't be anonymous anymore, huh? ;-)

  80. antisocialfuc says – reply to this


    hi my name is lindsay and im a labialess alcoholic.

    shanna moakler has a beautiful pussy (paris linsay brit pam) they have coin slots. very boring!

  81. Please Don't Touch Me Daddy says – reply to this


    I remember one time when my finger got caught in my car door.

  82. Please Don't Touch Me Daddy says – reply to this


    I once saw a man who could recite the Pledge Of Allegiance backwards.

  83. hehe says – reply to this


    She looks soooo much like he mother it's fucking scary!!

  84. emily says – reply to this


    she looks like rumer

  85. baa says – reply to this


    Re: LaLaura – What, did you weigh her this morning?
    Because I like her but my first thought when I saw that photo was that her legs were thick. What's the big deal? You can be 100lbs and have thick legs or legs that look thick, for sure.
    Look at Rihanna. She has thick legs and a big ass but a flat stomach and looks generally small. I've saw anorexic people who were skinny as shit with actual (fatty) love handles.
    I guess it's genetics?

  86. sherry says – reply to this


    Enough with those leggings, Lindsay!! She's been wearing them forever every freakin day! Time for a change!!

  87. Look, Hater ... says – reply to this


    Re: King of Mean

    … why don't you just kill yourself already if you're so full of hate? Your life must be awful.

  88. becca™ says – reply to this


    I still think she is going to fall off the wagon…not as hard as Britney Spears, but she might OD or drunkenly conduct an interview.

  89. Tiff says – reply to this


    She SO looks like Rumer "Potato-Head" Willis in this pic.

  90. Harry says – reply to this


    The smile is real. She looks great.

  91. Karisha says – reply to this


    >> Perez — as the most viewed commentator on celebrities — you could make a powerful impact as the first to publicly refuse to post pics showing celebrities attending AA meetings or the like. By not enabling their desire for publicity even while tending to their health … as well as not allowing paparazzi to disrupt/invade the ones who sincerely attempt to heal … you could be the catalyst that changes everything for the greater good. Go ahead and post their everyday photos or recordings of their stupid actions or dumb tennis ball dresses. Just reject the ones that make the rest of us — paparazzi, bloggers, readers — participants to the circus. All the tax dollars spent on Britney's latest psychodrama wasn't really her fault. It was ours for feeling we were entitled to a front row seat. Please consider using your power to lead a change in this very small aspect. You could set the tone in a rather historical way. Thanks.

  92. Kb says – reply to this


    She might have nice hair in this pic, but her face is busted, and those leggings have got to go.

  93. Lynne says – reply to this


    I think it's cool that Lindsay wears leggings. It shows she wants be be comfortable above all else. And I agree, for once, with Perez…I pray they don't photograph her at AA meetings. It's not fair to the others there, and certainly not good for her.

  94. I 8 UO says – reply to this


    I worked at Urban Outfitters for years up in the 514… It's crazy how much money they make… And the stuff is all made in Asia by children…. They sell you overpriced shit that was made by kids… Come on people, shop at decent places. I buy my shit at American Apparel, at least it's not made by a 10 year old kid in a chinese sweatshop… Thanks for reading!!
    Happy new year
    ps: Lindsay, you're so HOT. Come to Montreal

  95. Becky says – reply to this


    She is smiling also which we never see her do it's nice to see her smile. please smile more lindsey.

  96. {krazihottkelli/bitchygrl} says – reply to this



    zhez a fukmon=key


  97. Netjryt says – reply to this


    I hope that Paps leave her alone at AA first and formost, it not interesting. Big deal it's a f*cking meeting. Also there are ppl in there how are struggling to get well and they need anonimity not a photog in their face.

  98. bl0ndieNYC says – reply to this


    Tights are NoT leggings people. We do not need to see your BuTT.

  99. LIZZY says – reply to this


    why do you sleep Perez?????????????? i live in france, and I haven't had any new gossip since this morning, of course i realise there is a huge time difference, but I don't care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  100. Finito says – reply to this


    hehe,,, found picture on her behind in those pants…
    s-block.myminicity.com/ind .. damn she's a hottie ! :)

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