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Just Saying….

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Angie's boobs have been looking bigger than normal lately!

Here she is, with Poppa Pitt, at the Critics Choice Awards on Monday night.

To walk down the red carpet, the mother of four was all covered up in this lovely trench coat.


[Photo via Getty Images.]

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394 comments to “Just Saying….”

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  1. Perezaddict says – reply to this


    She is so pregnant! And they are so in love… I wish them well. Why so many haters?

  2. lily says – reply to this


    So sSweet and so nice to see stars doing great things in this world that is so star obsessed today! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! Great choice/change Brad!

  3. lily says – reply to this


    So sweet and so nice to see stars doing great things in this world that is so star obsessed today! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! Great choice/change Brad!

  4. lily says – reply to this


    So sweet and so nice to see stars doing great things in this world that is so star obsessed today! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! Great choice/change Brad!

  5. lisa says – reply to this


    Whatever "love" those two have will wear off quickly …
    They met on a MOVIE SET of all places–honestly, how many of those types of Hollywood relationships last?

    They've both said that one of the main reasons they're together is "for the kids". Once their attraction for each other goes away, they'll find themselves stuck in a loveless relationship but still tied at the hip because of the kids. And once that happens, I bet 'Poppa Pitt' will seriously regret rushing into Angie's children-laden arms.

  6. Res-q-dog says – reply to this


    They look SO happy!

    Quite nice to see….

  7. Res-q-dog says – reply to this


    They look SO happy!

    Quite nice to see….

  8. encnyc says – reply to this


    I gotta say that the Maniston is hot. The Angie is hot. I think they are equally hot. Brad just glommed on to the charity-better-than-thou thang. And that's hot. Just that Jen has a much more care free life style. I guess Brad thought the martyr thing was hotter. For him. His career. Have you heard him speak. He's semi-retarded. I know that's not PC. But I have several "tard farmer" friends, so I take liberties. The guy will do whatever his master tells him. He just found a more dominant master that would give him better headlines. And, perhaps, better head. Not that I can substantiate that claim.

  9. Practice Makes Perfect says – reply to this


    Looks like their "Body Language For PR 101" course is starting to paying off. They almost look like they're actually a couple. Pffft. I've never seen two bigger phonies. She looks like an old witch and he looks like a porn producer in that pic. Nice try, but no buy.

  10. Pam says – reply to this


    He looks so gross,. But I think they looker better with the rest of the hollywood phonies and leave us alone. I hate when these two fake and say they want to save/help the world. They both are losers and stop trying to tell us what to do about our lives just because you two are guilty for cheating.

  11. Paula says – reply to this


    Brad take a bath you nasty trash and try brushing your teeth for a change.

  12. MO-NEE-QUA says – reply to this


    Good lord Brad and Angelina have got to be the best looking couple on the planet!

  13. princessbaby says – reply to this


    Love Brad with his longer hair!Mmm,bet Angie loves to run her hands thru that!They look so happy!Like they have a secret.I bet Brad would love another baby of his own!But we all know who's in charge and they'll most likely adopt again!

  14. Erin says – reply to this


    Re: Practice Makes Perfect – Why all the hate?? They are obviously the real thing as a couple…they have a wonderful family together, and seem very dedicated to each other and all of the great humanitarian things that they do. I love Jenn, but I think Brad and Angie are perfect as a couple!!

  15. LT says – reply to this


    HOT, HOT HOT!!!
    He is looking exceptionally yummy!
    I would have sex with her in a hot second too!

  16. skatiee says – reply to this


    She is the most gorgeous women in the world!!!!!

  17. kimmm says – reply to this


    i say let them procreate!!! they make
    GORGEOUS kiddies!!!

  18. kimmm says – reply to this


    i say let them procreate!!! they make
    GORGEOUS kiddies!!!

    but she's not preggers
    hopefully she's eating again!!!

  19. Get over it... says – reply to this


    Re: Pam – Wow, it's SO time to move on past the whole Jen thing…obviously she and Brad weren't meant to be together, and they're both better off where they are now. Also, Brad didn't cheat on Jen…he didn't get involved with Angie til later. Brad and Angie do great and genuine work…probably more than you'll ever do with your life, so stop hating.

  20. garth nylus says – reply to this


    TEAM ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. HA!!!! says – reply to this


    Why are people on here hating on Angie and Brad? Oh never mind I know why… BECAUSE Y'ALL HATERS ARE FUGGLY!!!! :D

  22. slammer says – reply to this


    and we care because???????

  23. belle says – reply to this


    he has sexyyyy hair. :0

  24. Red Scorpion says – reply to this


    This should totally be listed under "yummy yummy screw" Perez!!
    I mean come on look at them, both… they're just so HOT and look great together! I hope she's pregnant with a boy who looks like daddy, the future world will need that!

  25. soso says – reply to this


    yeepah… she must be pregnant, BB!!!

  26. sweet child says – reply to this



  27. HoandHobo says – reply to this


    He is sooo not hot anymore….and she looks like a ghost…gross…and theyre baby is just umm….NOT SURI(she's an angel on earth!!)

  28. itzzzkimmm says – reply to this


    awwww they are the cutest couple!!!

  29. don't think so says – reply to this


    I saw her stand up when she gave a standing ovation to Don Cheadle and her stomach looked flat as a board.

    And how awesome is it that she's an outfit repeater??

  30. pathetic says – reply to this


    TEAM ANISTON needs to move on. I bet you anything even Jennifer hates you pathetic people.

  31. Jello says – reply to this


    God Bless Angelina and Brad!!

  32. Kim says – reply to this


    #108 - encnyc says – reply to this

    I gotta say that the Maniston is hot. The Angie is hot. I think they are equally hot. Brad just glommed on to the charity-better-than-thou thang. And that's hot. Just that Jen has a much more care free life style. I guess Brad thought the martyr thing was hotter. For him. His career. Have you heard him speak. He's semi-retarded. I know that's not PC. But I have several "tard farmer" friends, so I take liberties. The guy will do whatever his master tells him. He just found a more dominant master that would give him better headlines. And, perhaps, better head. Not that I can substantiate that claim.

  33. David says – reply to this


    He's so yummy I could cry.

  34. silly says – reply to this


    So hot! You team Maniston freaks need to form a line a jump off a tall building.

  35. whipped cream says – reply to this


    Well it is WINTER TIME and Angelina always has had big perky boobs, so I don't know about this one Pereztel…. normally I agree with you but I am not so sure one can speculate based on these 2 facts…

  36. MaYuKi says – reply to this


    Geez, Perez.
    God forbid a woman wear a coat in the WINTER lest she be hounded by pregnancy rumors. Leave it alone.

  37. tess says – reply to this


    Usually when you're pregnant, your veins become enlarged and more visible around your breasts because your body is pumping more blood to the breast to produce milk. It is one of the early signs of preg. I don't see blue veins around that area. But this isnt a high res. picture either. It's cold down here so the jacket is not a surprise. Perhaps it's a good push up bra. Anyhow they look really into each other. Good for them.

  38. isabella says – reply to this


    he tries so hard to be cool and he's so not…. it's sickening really. She has no body left, all skin and bones… that has to be a push up bra or a miracle bra… they're both so fake always trying to look "cool" when they look downright plastic and fake!

  39. JIT says – reply to this


    hi gorgious.

  40. Kayla says – reply to this


    he's had some work done… come on Perez, report on it for gods sake! He looks ten years younger, and you're right NOT cool!

  41. piazzasbuttplug says – reply to this


    Brad, the more babies the wider the snatch, and your gonna have to be finishing yourself off, or at least relying on her hands or mouth to finish. Unless they cum up with a pussy tightner insert. Otherwise, keep in mind that you are going to have to shell out money for the little shits when you two have your ugly split.

  42. lau says – reply to this


    i love them !!!
    nice pic.
    mty loves you perez!!!

  43. seneca says – reply to this


    Don't you just love how IN LOVE they are. I hope she's pregnant again. Maybe being pregnant is a healthy choice for Angie.

  44. helen says – reply to this


    they are just pushed together in a tight dress (wonderbra)

  45. lemitink says – reply to this


    aren't her boobs naturally/normally huge?!

  46. anon says – reply to this


    Re: HoandHobo
    Yeah, In his Seven days nobody could compare, but he is so NOT hot anymore. I saw themost horrible pix of him somewhere else and couldn't believe it was the same guy. He's aged so much in the last couple of years. I will always think Brad is a nice guy, but he has become a really annoying publicity whore since hooking up with Angelina Jolie and all her veins.

  47. lt says – reply to this


    beautiful and nice people

  48. Sandra says – reply to this


    she is pregnant!! I've been pregnant and in the first 8 weeks, your boobs get fuller (and you don't have to get the blue vains!!!) ,but not immediately huge. Her face looks a bit more full too.

  49. RJII says – reply to this



  50. Marissa says – reply to this



  51. MJ says – reply to this


    she should wear makeup everyday,she looks better with makeup.

  52. sheila says – reply to this


    brad looks great!

  53. BKP says – reply to this


    Brad and Ang were spotted at Chuck E Cheese in Springfield, MO this past weekend!

  54. BitchYouLoveToHate says – reply to this


    *sigh* Angelina …. I'm so sick of this homewrecking whore. Brad, on the other hand, keep them sexy ass pics of him coming. =)

  55. meg says – reply to this


    they both look great!
    -brad's new hairstyle & beard is awesome
    -angie's boobs look bigger cause she put on some weight which is a very good thing.
    they both look sexy and seem very much in love.

  56. B to tha A says – reply to this


    they are such a hot couple!! they should release a sex tape… now THAT would be amazin!!

  57. keira says – reply to this


    No no no no no.
    Look at her arms. her arms are not than skinny either.
    I think she just gained some weight + on this photo she kinda pushes them up by her hand.

    I just think Angleina is a sex symbol already and a self-confident woman and she wouldn't have a boob job. I mean, come on? I thinks she knows she doesn't need that.
    hopefuly. :)

  58. Billy says – reply to this


    What is up with Skankalinas nose? It looks different.

  59. cute says – reply to this


    they are so cute.

  60. TimeZone says – reply to this


    *snooooore* Huh? wha? Oh yeah, Perez is dribbling adoration over Angelina "Don't call me American" Jolie, again.
    So what else is new?

  61. Jackie says – reply to this


    Brad looks a lot hotter than he has been lately in this pic.

  62. Zach says – reply to this


    Re: HA!!!! – maybe it's because not everyone is an idiot swallowing the worshipping drivel shoveled at us by these two overly-hyped hypocrites.

  63. Sinead says – reply to this


    It's been months perezito and I ain't leaving again… I missed this.. anyhoo my two cents to start another year of bitching at/about celebritys, these two are making me sick now, we're all holding our breaths, can they give us something perez can whine over for the rest of the year already! we can't take anymore of Britney, someone in hollywod PLEASE do something crazy!!!

  64. Rosanna says – reply to this


    Pls, look at him!

  65. micro says – reply to this


    Angelina probably just got more plastic surgery. Besides, Brad should be a GRANDFATHER by now. He's so fucking old….and old looking. They both always look like their in need of a good shower.

  66. Susie says – reply to this



  67. michelle says – reply to this



  68. BOSTON says – reply to this



  69. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: teamaniston

    Huh? Who is "Aniston"? Oh the sitcom actress in the 90s who is all but retired now? Is that the same one who has been flashing her butt crack on purpose at the papps in Mexico desperate in getting some movie roles?

  70. Kirvin says – reply to this


    They look great here. What a lovely couple and great parents too.

  71. Logan says – reply to this


    The older Ang gets, the more trashy her tats look - she REALLY looks like a whore now!

  72. Sarah Lou says – reply to this


    They look sweet: relaxed and cosy.

  73. Naza says – reply to this


    She's just starting to eat

  74. pat mcgroin says – reply to this


    happy couple, yeah right.. she's a tight ass & he's WHIPPED!!! she NEVER looks really happy, and will never really be.. she dropped the guy she really loved (johnny) cause he was'nt as famous as brad. Now he's stuck being a nanny to her endless kid snatching. He fucked around on jen, he should have begged for forgiveness and stayed with somone who actually looks like they enjoy life, and is'nt just trying to buy it through charity…

  75. Becky says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez for not writing on this picture, I hate it when you write on pictures. This is the best picture I have seen I love these two people together they are both sooooo sexy.

  76. Reg says – reply to this


    Doesn't look like Angie is pregnant, just finally putting on some weight (thank God!).

  77. someone says – reply to this


    I don't really care if she has another kid, or another 20 kids..I still don't like her.

  78. sickofher says – reply to this


    she only wants the preggers rumors to go around about her because they are going around about Jennifer. She hates it when Jen gets more press then her.

  79. Realist says – reply to this


    I think she just started eating again. Great to see. She's starting to look sexy instead of emaciated.

  80. someone says – reply to this


    Hey Jenfraud…Jennifers ass crack, looks better than Angelinas face…

  81. K says – reply to this


    It's a freakin' push up bra in a tight dress! Stop it with the pregnancy rumors… pathetic fans that are so hopeful she has another kid to keep Brad longer. As for body language…. I say, she has her head turned away from him as if to say "your breath stinks eat a tic tac" plus she has her arm between them - that looks "guarded" to me. She's an actress she can phony it up with the best of them. Just b/c they dress up, go out and appear to be in a good mood doesn't mean their crazy about each other. They're probably still bitchin' with each other about the trip to Missouri and the fact that she hates to go! I will say, he definitely is the puppy dog in the relationship.

  82. Dweezil says – reply to this


    First of all anyone who says they are not happy and in love are blind! Second god does he look hot or what.

  83. K says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – can you come up with anything else on Jen besides the fact that we all know she was a sitcom actress? You say it like it's a bad thing. She had a 10 year successful hit show …. why pick on that? Has every one of Jolie's films been a hit ? NO! Atleast Jen had a HIT for 10 years so choke on it bitch. I'd rather see Jen's ass crack than witness Jolie in a bathing suit with her protruding veins and anorexic like frame. Jen's a far cry from retired idiot… she's still working on films. But Jen doesn't need defending - the majority of the population loves her and always will. As Jolie tries to overhaul her image just to be liked.

  84. Polly says – reply to this


    Hmm, I see your point on the boobs thing, but that looks like an open bottle of wine on their table and their wine glasses look like they only have a few sips left in them…

  85. erica says – reply to this


    why would she change her "13" tattoo to "13/05/1940"???

  86. Paige says – reply to this


    At the beginning, I was on TeamAniston because I didnt like the way Brad treated her at the end of their marriage. But, now, I see how happy they are together and Ive gone over to Team Jolie. If you will notice, her hands dont look as bony either. Ill bet she is pregnant. Congrats and God Bless to Brangleina.

  87. Lindy says – reply to this


    She's worn trench coats many times in the past months. I think she wears them to hide her weight loss.

  88. minkyung says – reply to this


    I love them. 8-)

  89. Sassy says – reply to this


    Who cares? they make beautiful babies. Besides they r so hot I am drooling, i want them both right now! whoo…

  90. sickofher says – reply to this


    Re: erica – she is a fan of Winston Churchill. I typed in the date and this is what I found. It's just a guess so I could be wrong.

    On May 13, 1940 he gave his speech,
    "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering."

    Yeah well, if she is finally being honest or true about something the quote fits b/c SHE created her "ordeal, struggle and suffering" HERSELF. She's not out to save the world, just personal victory over all the damage SHE's created in her own world. It's all about her and her woes me crap. Such a self-pitying pathetic witch.

  91. sickofher says – reply to this


    Re: Paige – Why say "God Bless" To them ? You must have missed the interview where braddy boy said they don't believe in God.

  92. julie says – reply to this


    God, let's hope she isn't pregnant. Did anyone read that Angie said "I have less inclination to feel bad for Shiloh than Matt or Zee because they are survivors" My god, yea I bet when they are twenty, they are still going to be damaged from what they went through when they were 6months. I feel sorry for Shiloh because she has Angie's genes. I hope she takes after Brad. How soon will the orphange be done for more survivors??? By the way, I don't believe your really a parent when you have nannies. I know my husband and I raised four kids without any. I doubt those two could really do that! Keep acting!

  93. Brianna says – reply to this


    Shes wearing a trenchcoat…so she must be pregnant…I dont get the logic sometimes.

    Besides, Angelina is racists towards babies that come out of her own uterus.

  94. JJ POSTERS ARE INSANE says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – I cannot figure out why you are not on JJ where the Jolie Ass Kissing NEVER stops. It's a great site because it's made up of the mostly GULLIBLE old women who speak poor English and lap up EVERY fantasy this whore dishes out. Jolie must LOVE having such idiots on the planet-it's her sole fan base.

  95. JETTA says – reply to this


    HE looks in love, her not so much to me.

  96. Jill says – reply to this


    When did Brad get so old, still they look fine, she looks fine, so perfect, LOVVEEE themmmmm

  97. Beth says – reply to this


    why would she be pregnant??? I don't think she wants another baby, there are thousands of kids that need parents. love them too - brad does look old, need a shave

  98. sickofher says – reply to this


    Brad Pitt caught smoking joints with Steve O

    Star Magazine has a doozy about how former pothead Brad Pitt was caught smoking a joint with Jackass star Steve O. It’s covered in an article about how 44 year-old Pitt must feel old because he’s getting Restalyne injections and working hard as a father to four kids. They suggest that Brad is going through a midlife crisis and that he’s been going out and partying a little to cope. It all sounds catty, like the guy can’t even have a drink with friends without being talked about:

    “He still smokes,” another insider tells Star “He sneaks cigs behind Angie’s back.” At the Cannes Film Festival in May, “He stayed outside, smoking and drinking,” says a witness. “He looked stressed, like he was trying to get his fill because he had a limited time to enjoy his cigarettes.”

    But cigarettes aren’t the only smokes that Brad has enjoyed. A source tells Star he spotted Brad smoking what looked like a joint with Jackass wild man Steve-O on a hot L.A. afternoon. “I couldn’t believe that someone as famous as Brad Pitt would be smoking openly,” the witness says. “But there he was, lighting up a fattie with Steve-O. I was stunned!”

    Angie would have been, too. “She doesn’t think Brad should smoke pot or anything else,” an insider tells Star. “She wishes he’d drop all that. A drink once in a while is OK. But that’s it.”

    PART 1

  99. sickofher says – reply to this


    [From Star Magazine, print edition, January 14, 2007]

    Brad Pitt was known to be a heavy pot smoker in the late 90s, so this sounds like it could be true. He certainly looks like he’s been smoking something. Pitt and his much-maligned wife, Angelina Jolie, showed up at the Critics Choice Awards on 1/7/08 in Santa Monica last night and he was sporting a messy goatee, unkempt hair and a few more pounds. He still looks hot, though, and I bet it’s for a role. According to IMDB his film Dirty Tricks, about the Nixon Watergate scandal, is in production. He plays Nixon advisor John Dean, who orchestrated the Watergate cover-up, although Dean looked thin and clean cut in the photos I saw of him.

    There was a story this week that Pitt’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri was set to build a museum to the famous actor, but it was based on a joke that Springfield’s public relations person made that was taken out of context. There will be no Brad Pitt museum - for now.

    PART 2

  100. Ana says – reply to this


    Covered up possibly because the weather called for it??? Boobs look bigger in that pic. possibly because she has them propped up on her forearm??? You're stretching there Oh Gay One! Stick to what you know…leave the rest to the experts.

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