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Pretty Pretty Princess

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionKatherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl always looks so polished and ladylike at red carpet events!

The newlywed was in full-on glam diva mode at the premiere of her latest film, 27 Dresses, Monday night in LA.

The movie is getting really good buzz.

If this is a hit for her, it would be the second hit movie in a row for Heigl, after this past summer's Knocked Up.

She'll be a movie star!

Translation: ain't no way she's staying with Grey's Anatomy after her contract is up.

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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249 comments to “Pretty Pretty Princess”

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  1. One Comment 2 Many says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Thanks for putting a little reality back into the drama we ALL get caught up in here at Perez's World! Perez will soon be on Forbe's List, it's just a matter of time! I enjoyed reading your little piece of intelligence!

  2. Ray says – reply to this


    That dress is fuking FABULOUS! fierce baby, fierce!!

  3. katherine says – reply to this


    what would greys anotomy be without izzy ?!?!

  4. adrianita says – reply to this


    She looks like a glamorous actress from the 60's.
    Her mouth is way too big and red, though.

  5. lisa says – reply to this


    I saw this movie at a pre-screening and it was sooo good. Great romantic comedy. I definitely recommend and I'll probably see it again.

  6. fallsnative says – reply to this


    she's fake, a bitch.

  7. Meg says – reply to this


    Awww love her!!! She looks so pretty!

  8. Dawn says – reply to this


    She needs to leave Gray's now, so I don't have see her poor acting skills anymore! bye, bye..she should be working for a tabloid or something like that.

  9. janeywb says – reply to this



  10. Girl with Big Ears says – reply to this


    I heard that she was friends with the mysterious Rich Old Man Lover of Zac Efron and has the hots for the elusive Big Dick Jay Tray. Yes, I know she just got married but she can still carry the torch of our beautiful BDJT! After all, she married an Irish Man… I doubt if "BD" is in the works there and a girl needs her itch scratched… Picture that one u heteros… BDJT with KHs ankles pinned to her ears! LOL. I wonder if she smokes DURING sex?

  11. Makes Sense says – reply to this


    It all makes sense cuz she is girlfriends with TR and TR is in the mix of the whole Zac-Jay-Tray affair… so I guess Jay-Tray is a real straight boy with the love for the RICH and the BEAUTIFUL. WHERE THE FUK ARE THE PICS?

  12. Amy says – reply to this


    EGADS! She is scary and ruuuuude! Turning around and stabbing "Knocked Up" in the back after it made her famous- calling it "sexist"? This movie will bomb and it'll show her not to burn her bridges.

  13. Whitney says – reply to this


    I LOVE her dress!! Does anyone know the designer!?

  14. JILL says – reply to this


    Knocked up was completely sexist, a pretty girl ends up with a fat ugly curly haired fucking dork. After the fact she was announcing how it was. What a fucking bitch after she gets paid a ridiculas ammount she bashes the movie! I hated the movie but if I was the producers and directer I would tell the spoiled ass bitch she is def. overrated and is completely replaceable actress. She sucks and has no work ethics and every good employee that is overpaid should never talk shit from the hand that feeds her or in her case affords her vanity lifestyle.

  15. Chyna says – reply to this


    Too skinny. Her head looks too big…like a lollipop.

  16. Jill says – reply to this


    Re: Amy
    After feminists such BITCH magazine said it first she took credit for saying it. Others said it first! She isn't that smart, your right she is fucking rude. I make a some days 30 dollars an hour and I wouldn't talk that bad about the company being sexist. She is such a stupid idiot. GReys Anatomy is stupid and is flopping HA

  17. kk says – reply to this


    is that KRISTIN CAVALLARI to the left of katherine heigl's elbow, or is it just me?!

  18. janebird says – reply to this


    Seh looks a little like Charlize Theron….only not near as beautiful and stunning. But she's pretty. I just can't stand her personality. She seems fake and self serviing with the comments she makes. She is trying to be the next Julia Roberts but lately no one's interested in having a new Julia Roberts or Julia Roberts period. Nobody cares about the America's Sweethearts today. All they do is make the same lame romantic comedies.

  19. honeydoo says – reply to this


    if her contract's up I say don't renew it and good riddance to her Heigl.Cannot stand her boring racist ass!

  20. angie says – reply to this


    she looks like tom cruises mom

  21. samantha says – reply to this


    hey girl hey that's hot love paris hilton

  22. mckeb753 says – reply to this


    for everyone who is asking…

    THE DRESS is by BILL BLASS…from their Spring 2008 Collection

    THE DRESS is by BILL BLASS…from their Spring 2008 Collection

    THE DRESS is by BILL BLASS…from their Spring 2008 Collection

    THE DRESS is by BILL BLASS…from their Spring 2008 Collection

    THE DRESS is by BILL BLASS…from their Spring 2008 Collection

  23. samantha says – reply to this


    thats hot from paris hilton hey girl hey ***

  24. rockyy says – reply to this


    yuck can't stand her. i cant wait for the day she leaves the show

  25. TR Knight says – reply to this


    But I want to suck his cock first!

  26. asdfghjkl says – reply to this


    Fuck Katherine Heigl.

  27. dd says – reply to this


    she's a bore, takes herself waaaaaay to seriously. she's just another set of jugs, here today gone tomorrow, no real talent.

  28. LOVEher says – reply to this


    I LOVE HER!!! she looks great, wish she would put back on some of that weight though. and she's a great role model to smokers everywhere!!! the movie is SOOOO cute and i think EVERYONE should go see it!!!!!!

  29. deedee832 says – reply to this


    Doesn't the 2nd girl in the background look like Kristen Cavallari? Maybe she's desparate for work.

  30. mmm says – reply to this


    I've loved her every since "My Father the Hero" - glad she made a comeback a few years ago!

  31. ABev says – reply to this


    She is such a bitch! Really ugly in person, too. But she does look skinnier in person. That's one thing she has going for her.
    But . . . I loved her in "My Father The Hero"!
    That movie gave inspiration to pedophiles everywhere!

  32. stephanielynn says – reply to this


    I LOVE HER….she is awesome…beautiful…and not the deathy skinny standard of hollywood…anywho…i remember being on the disney movie wish upon a star….she is just fabo….she has longevity….

  33. Trina says – reply to this


    I saw 27 Dresses at a sneak preview and I LOVED it! It was really funny but not cheesy or anything!

  34. Me again!!!! says – reply to this


    I used to think she´s nice girl, but after all we now know about her, those little things…put it all together and there she is nothing else than a $%&"# bitch. But good luck anyways, just quit smoking please!

  35. Jackie says – reply to this


    Iam going to go see the movie its a nice chick flick.

  36. brandi says – reply to this


    ummmm before you start with your how gorgeous this BITCH is you, should take a closer look at ALL the photos from her walk on the red carpet… since when is ARM FAT squeezing itself out of the side of a dress : beautiful or enough to become a movie star MUCH LESS MAKE YOU A PRETTY PREET PRINCESS? This Girl is a MORON and pretty much FAKE so….. drink an ACTUALITY Frapp and get back to the REAL world. besos&bulletsBRANDI

  37. fashunpolis says – reply to this


    Did she get her wing teeth fixed?

  38. cupquake (: says – reply to this


    i love love loveee the dress!!

  39. nasgirl says – reply to this


    it doesn't matter who stars on Greys….if these freakin writers don't get back to work……January and February are some hard damn months to get through……with the cold and the dreariness……

    Always had at least some great tv to help a little…..this F'ING WRITER STRIKE SUCKS!!!!!!!

  40. jenny says – reply to this


    omg i adore kathrine sooooo much

  41. heather says – reply to this


    that movie looks fucking GAY.

    does anybody remember her from that disney movie "wish upon a star?"

    that's the best she's got.

  42. just me says – reply to this


    If you PROMISE she'll leave Grey's I'll even force myself to see it! I hate this phony, whiny bitch!

  43. Coco says – reply to this


    I hate that self righteous knock knees twat. HATE her and want to beat her to a bloody pulp.

  44. javier says – reply to this


    I hate this fake, celebrity loving whore so much. Why does she have to eat up the fame as if it were candy? I mean it is so obvious that she does this and that only for the brownie points she thinks will endear her to different factions of people! I was gonna buy last months Vanity Fair mag but just couldn't do it since she was on the cover! This bitch has got to go!

  45. Northern Delight says – reply to this


    I am saddened to see that people make such a big deal over this lady. She is always trying to get the paps attention and she does that open mouthed smile all of the time with all those veneers. I even think she posts on here and compares herself to the likes of Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron. I wonder if her marriage will last. No one should fall for her fakeness. She only used the T.R. Knight controversy and the current writers strike for publicity.

  46. Lance says – reply to this


    Hey Fatso, why do you like this bitch so much? She is a fake, self-righteous, below average actress that is oh so calculating in every move she makes. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me in the least that you think she is the cats pajamas because you always get excited for this type of lame celeb. I'll bet she has one flop after another should she leave GA. I hear you on the Vanity Fair thing, that was one issue I wasn't paying for!! Power to the People!

  47. seville says – reply to this


    Where can I buy one of those publicity dresses?

  48. Mongo says – reply to this


    You are so mega cool!

  49. Chica Chica Boom says – reply to this


    I hate her ass. She is ass fake as they come I wish she would leave Grey's. It might make it worh watching again

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