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Britney in New York!

| Filed under: Britney Spears

Spears and her paparazzo boyfriend are in Manhattan.

Watch out!

If you see hurricane Britney, let us know. And snap a pic!

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307 comments to “Britney in New York!”

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  1. Jenna says – reply to this


    I bet that sleazy guy will try to knock up Ms. Bipolar and tape them having sex so he make millions then she will go crazy and kill herself!

  2. Shaunda says – reply to this


    Look out Central Park - here comes the Bi-Polar Express!

  3. LeonA'$ GHO$t, yep, just as GREAT in 2008! says – reply to this


    Word is she went there to use the torch on the Statue of Liberty as a dildo again. Which DOES explain the looks of her cooch in the pantyless photos.

  4. JohnC says – reply to this


    Re: brittinee – Which married man are you talking about? Kevin Federline wasn't married.

  5. V says – reply to this


    UMM how bout i live in manhattan im so gonna try to find her tomrw…does anybody know where in the city is sheeee?????????

  6. youll be back dumb ass says – reply to this


    Re: mack – see ya tomorrow

  7. Erin says – reply to this


    Re: jess – 1st meaning that I guess there's something super special about being the 1st one to leave a post on the topic. Only problem is, 50 posts down, there's still people that think they got it. LOL, its not that serious!!

  8. SDNICK says – reply to this


    At least she's traveling…what was keeping her chained to Malibu?? Work? Family? Paparaz-friends? For real, lack of personal time can make a girl go a little batty…Go see the world Brit, it see's you, everyday! But, come home soon, K!

  9. valleygirl62122 says – reply to this


    I hope he sleeps with his eyes OPEN! She's the type of pyscho bitch that will be standing over you while you are sleeping with a butcher knife…..no joke.

  10. kim says – reply to this


    poor New York! hide you children!

  11. assgirl says – reply to this


    Re: HOW MUCH DOUGH DOES THE SLfUT HAVE? – Your rotten. why must you feel the need to talk about her the way you do? do you really feel as tho you have all the facts? Ok now lets really have some fun and judge you??? LOL I bet it would be fun

  12. Exyank says – reply to this


    Wow. She's taking this whole "mental illness" thing really seriously. I'm sure the court will be totally impressed by how diligently she's seeking help for her obvious emotional and mental instability. Way to go, Britney!

  13. Megan says – reply to this


    Stop worrying about who's "first!" make an actual comment, if you have one.

  14. now that's a headline says – reply to this


    maybe she'll cut his dick off then.

  15. assgirl says – reply to this


    oh yeah and eat your hear out!!!! I'm the 999,999th visitor and i beta click now……….hahahah

  16. babygirl says – reply to this


    does anyone know where she is. i wanna find her

  17. babygirl says – reply to this


    does anyone know were she is…or has seen her in nyc..i wanna see her

  18. adam says – reply to this


    She needs to watch out not to get pregnant AGAIN. If she is pregnant again, it will definitely be over for her. She will get even older and never get in shape. She will be even crazier. The pap guy will go after her money 10 times more aggressive than KFED.

    Paps are bunch of low life assholes who don't have skills. Anybody can point and shoot. They are not taking any high quality photos. It doesn't require skills. Compare to that pap guy, at least KFed used to be a backup dancer, he used to bother to show up at auditions and practices and performances. His job still require some skills.

  19. assgirl says – reply to this


    Re: babygirl – why would you wanna find her? Do you think she wants to be found? heavens no!!! lets leave her alone!!!

  20. carly says – reply to this


    omg get out of NYC! ITS AMAZING because celebs are here but arent harassed like they are in LA! go homee britney! booo!! get out of my city!

  21. V says – reply to this


    Re: babygirl – i sooo badly wanna see her tooo i just want to like touch her hand i loveeeee her i want to go to the city tomrw and find herrr

  22. Tavii says – reply to this


    I live in Manhattan…I will be on the look out…P.S. I LOVE B. SPEARS!!!

  23. assgirl says – reply to this


    cutting a dick off is no good. my Lord someone is in need of cleaning this place up!!

  24. assgirl says – reply to this


    cutting a dick off is no good. my Lord someone is in need of cleaning this place up!!

  25. Angie McMillan says – reply to this


    ****************AVRIL IS PREGGERS!!!!!!!!!!**********************

  26. OMG~~~I WON, I WON! says – reply to this


    yeah we've all been the 999 millionth visitor before. bullshit.

  27. babygirl says – reply to this


    i live in nyc and im gonna be on the look out…i heard she went to better burger tongiht. if anyone knows where she is…LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. assgirl says – reply to this


    why on gods green earth are we not into helping each other? while you all ponder that I gotta run and claim my free laptop. Ban together and take care of britney!!!

  29. CUNTZRUS says – reply to this



  30. assgirl says – reply to this


    Re: OMG~~~I WON, I WON! – I agree!!!

  31. ManhattanGirlOXX says – reply to this





  32. assgirl says – reply to this


    Oh lord, any of you people who would wanna have any sexual relations wiht someone who just needs love like britney, are just sick. My gosh why would you sickos wanna take advantage??? You sick people. You otta go right to sicko jail and have your heads examined.

  33. jax says – reply to this


    what does first mean?

  34. Holly says – reply to this


    i don't know how much coverage you'll get of her. in nyc we're a little different and care less about celebs and don't have near the amount of paparazzi LA/Hollywood does. maybe she brought some with her tho, seems she enjoys thier company.

  35. MOVE OVER, K-FED! says – reply to this


    Uh-Ohhhhh, I smell another Kevin Federline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. juls says – reply to this


    Thanks for the scoop, Perez! I eat this shit up with a spoon!
    I guess getting her kids back is NOT a priority for her. $10 she's ovulating!

  37. ru says – reply to this


    love this girl!!!
    go brit…take on the big apple!!!!

  38. Team K Fed says – reply to this


    We will all be safer on the roadways and gas staions for that matter….YEA!!!!!!!!
    Daddy Fed can now take the kids out without her trying to take a sniper shot!

  39. assgirl says – reply to this


    first means you were the first to comment on the bad news. People wanna be the first to know the bad news or how funny it is to see other humans fail.

  40. u wish says – reply to this


    She should just give up with all the appearances shes finished and her sister is following her footsteps quicker than i expected lol 16 and prego man what a hoe. It must run in the family.

  41. jax says – reply to this


    thanks :)

  42. Rat Bitch!! says – reply to this


    It took Hillary until Tuesday night to “find” her voice???
    Thats wonderful.
    After years in the Whitehouse, showing no spine or courage, and years in the senate mongering hate and entitlement, she finally found her voice.
    Sounds like clearly nothing more than another attempt to gain votes.
    She should be nicknamed “playdough”, since she obviously takes on whatever form her handlers decide is most advantageous at the time.
    Can’t Americans see that she’s nothing more than a shyster?

  43. off the property says – reply to this


    i saw the britney trainwreck special on E channel tonight and it just reminded me how good a girl she really is and how she is being so bad right now because all the things that went wrong primarily kevin federline that she feels guilty over even though they were not mostly her fault or hardly her fault at all. and that judge should really just get out of her life completely and now before he causes any more damage!

  44. Viking says – reply to this


    Who'll be next for her..Osama Bin Laden?
    She will never ever see her kids again!

  45. bl0ndieNYC says – reply to this



  46. buti says – reply to this


    Watch she gonna get prego

  47. Sarah M says – reply to this


    Re: Stacy – I'm with you! But are you sure that Doctor's over there have to take an oath? I thought that was just over here?

  48. Nelson says – reply to this


    Britney, Have fun in New York! If you see her, leave her alone and most definitely don't send Perez a pic.

  49. WTF says – reply to this

  50. gagaovermoi says – reply to this


    omg…i cant believe she's doing this with some strangers.
    Any hooo, enjoy your time at the big apple…it would be a cleaner break fromt he lonely "hills"

  51. minxy says – reply to this


    omg i like going to new york - front page news!

    grow up you bunch of losers

  52. Sunny Sam says – reply to this


    Okey. I can understand her fleeing away from it all with a partner. But with a paparazzi? How smart is that? She really must have lost her marbles.

  53. Brit Chick says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah M – Erm, hate to tell you this, but the oath doctors take, is not an american invention. It's to do with the moral code set out by Hippocrates in the Ancent Greek civilization, hence the Hippocratic Oath. It is taken by anyone inside the medical/therapy profession, in every country. It is also backed up by legal legislation in each country. However, I also understand that 'Dr. Phil' is not accually a qualified Dr., and therefore would not be subjected to that law. His integraty should have told him not to talk though. And his commen sense.

    Enjoy the States Stacy, see if you can inject some of our british commen sense into it! Clearly they need it!

  54. Brit Girl says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah M – Erm, I hate to tell you this, but all Doctors/Therapist/Pychologists etc., have to take the Hippocratic oath, as outlined by the moral code of Hippocrates, which is often then backed up by the law in the country. The only time you can break it is in strict legal situations. As far as I am aware all countries do so. It is not restricted to one country. After all, Hippocrates was the father of all medicine, not just that in the west. However, from what I understand, 'Dr. Phil' is not a qualified doctor, more a title for the TV, and therefore would not be held by the oath. However, you would think his intergrity and commen sense would tell him to keep his mouth shut.

    However, it is a shame Britney isn't in England, our mental heath would have sectioned her a long time ago, and got her to help herself. It's so sad to watch this self destruct, and can guess it will end in either suicide or overdose. She's a child herself, she clearly has never grown up, and is unable to help herself, and her parents are still too concerned with making money out of her to help. Get her sectioned quickly before too late!

  55. Katita says – reply to this


    Britney's main problem is that she's been spoilt for so long, she doesn't think anyone can tell her what to do - not her parents, management, doctors… She's become unhinged and SOMEONE needs to intervene. Obviously her trailer trash parents aren't going to do it!
    Going to New York could be a positive sign - maybe she's realised that she needs to get away from the hurricane she's created. However, taking the paparazi with her is not good. He's going to keep taking her picture and put them all in a bit fat book and retire on the profit. What a parasite

  56. georgia says – reply to this


    she needs help. badly.
    i hope someone is able to get through to her before its too late.
    save her!!!!!

  57. +jayden+ Menendez Brithers in the makingsean= says – reply to this


    She has no friends. Who else is she suppose to hang around? her paid assistant whos pregnant carla, sam lufti, alli sims took off,paris hilton. she cant keep a friend. I am surprised shes had that dog london for a few months now.

  58. blablabla says – reply to this


    OMG she's flown to NY!!! Doesn't that make her a danger to herself and others???

    Quick, slap a 5150 on her!!!!

  59. {krazihottkelli/bitchygrl} says – reply to this



    her & bin laden

    went 2 finizh off

    New York…☻

    they won't zee

    it coming from her☻☻


  60. sperm depository says – reply to this


    Re: LJ – umm how can it be worth it when she doesnt give 2 shits about the kids.

  61. tiger says – reply to this


    I live in the West Village in Manhattan! Maybe they'll go to the Waverly Inn, right around the corner, ha ha!

  62. Kelley says – reply to this


    Perez, thank you very much for this info
    so she left LA for now, huh? hmmm…
    maybe Honolulu is next, lol

  63. Chicago Princess says – reply to this


    I'm sorry to say but its better to have Unfittney in New York than Chicago. Thanks brit brit for not chosing here.

  64. melissa says – reply to this


    crap! and i have to go into thecity today i hope i DONT see her

  65. chichi says – reply to this


    nah dude how bout u just leave her alone for while…..

  66. chichi says – reply to this


    nah dude how bout u just leave her alone for while…..

  67. BRITNEY IS ADDICTED TO KEVIN says – reply to this


    Re: loves it – And exactly what planet do you come from? She just lost her kids because of her outrageous uncontrolled behavior, but what are her priorities right now? Getting her rocks off with her paparrazzi boyfriend who by the way is trying to sell her pictures but nobody awnts to buy because we've all seen her ugly ptussy before. Oh, and did you know he is married, oops, excuse me, separated since he's been with Britney. Now realistically, don't you think her time would be better spent getting into a hospital, getting diagnozed and medicated and getting her life in control so she can have a chance of regaining partial custody of her boys? Last night I saw "headlines" that she was going to get "help", what kind, is doing the horizontal mambo with mohamannah getting help? Well, maybe for one part of her body, but surely not for her mebtal state. Just wait until, this guy drops the bomb on her. You know what, Im also sick and tired of everybody blaming Keviv for all her crazy shit. Seems like he's got his shit together for his boys.

  68. Kelley says – reply to this


    the latest…

    "Sources close to the troubled pop star said that she boarded a private jet in Van Nuys with paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and another male passenger at 4:00 PM PT and took off for Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, where the couple landed on Jan 9.

    Their current whereabouts are not known. "

  69. the_shit says – reply to this


    she should stay the fuck out of new york….she's such a slob i cant stand it. maybe she'll get thrown into an oncoming subway train ;)

  70. Peter Gozinyah says – reply to this


    I live in New York City and I just bought a camrera at Best Buy. I'm in Manhatan now and I'm checking all the streets and alleys here on 42nd Street. So far I haven't spotted the CRAZY BITCH but I won't quit until I take the first picture. You can bet your bottom dollar the CRAZY BITCH joined the MILE HILE club before landing here.

  71. Portia666 says – reply to this


    Re: s HELL i – Citizen's For a Safer PCH!!! Or West Coast in General. Better yet, why can't she just move back to the South. It's way more her style and there's definitly a Starbucks next to the Taco Bell.

  72. Dr. Philerup says – reply to this


    Now look here people Britney needs her space in order to grow. She needs to spread her wings and experience life to its fullest and steal as many men from their women as possible. She especially loves married men because they are more experienced in matters of love so please give her the space she needs. Wow, she is one crazy lady.

  73. QUEENIE says – reply to this



  74. Knows all says – reply to this


    Britney is trying to be low-key and is staying at the Olcott Hotel on 72nd St. right next to the Dakota where John Lennon lived. She is staying under the name "Burine" and supposedly will be taking up residence in several rooms on the 5th floor.

    The hotel has been outfitted with extra security a a precaution.

    I work there and wish she would leave so we can all just relax.

  75. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    OMG!! Britney just took a breath!!! More to come……

  76. NYCgrl says – reply to this


    NOT excited. There is already enough traffic here! Now with her here, who knows what kinda commotion she'll bring. grrr…

  77. from Holland says – reply to this


    Where is the new sextape from Britney with two woman and one man??

  78. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    7:44am…EXCLUSIVE: Britney uses regual toilet paper like EVERYONE else…!!!

  79. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    7:47am…MORE EXCLUSIVE BRITNEY: Britney sleeps !!! OMG !!! This is SHOCKING!!! Stay Tuned for more…

  80. Daisy says – reply to this


    In an ideal world. Adnan is working with the Spears family to get her to a destination where help awaits. Maybe this is what is happening right now. One can only hope.

  81. Pam says – reply to this


    U know…I have 1 question to this whole Britney masquerade….WHERE THE HECK ARE THE ANIMALS??? She's only got a dozen dogs..Who looks after them?? Maybe they should move in with K-Fed too!!!!

  82. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    7:49am…EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE BRITNEY: Britney is ……….

  83. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    7:49am…EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE SPEARS: Tater Tot…has a diaper on !!! With all the money Britney & K-Fed have….its a REGULAR DIAPER !!! OMG this is shocking !!!

  84. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    7:55am…EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE SPEARS: Tater Tot…has a diaper on !!! With all the money Britney & K-Fed have….its a REGULAR DIAPER !!! OMG this is shocking !!!

  85. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    8.02am…EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE SPEARS: Will Brit Brit ever stop? She went to the bathroom and sat on the throne like a normal person !! QUICK!! Get your cameras!!! This is EXCLUSIVE

  86. guy says – reply to this


    Your site blows chunks!

  87. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    8.04am…BRITNEY SPEARS RUMOR: Ringo Starr is in NYC..she is the to see him perform!! Say it isnt so..

  88. Food For Thought says – reply to this


    8.04am…BRITNEY SPEARS RUMOR: Brit is FURIOUS!!! She is in Manhattan because LA Starbucks ran out of Grande lids !! This is SHOCKING !! Starbucks may stocks plummet !!!!

  89. DE says – reply to this


    She is supposed to be in court on Monday…. shall we bet about if she makes it back to show up??? Maybe it would be easier in New York to drop a net over her and involuntarily commit her… NYPD are no nonsense…. they wouldn't treat her like royalty, they would just wrangle her into the hospital. This is the Spears families chance if they really want to get her committed.

  90. magentaii says – reply to this


    I wonder which comes first……..loss of her money or loss of her life? I know she has a lot of money, but not working and constantly spending…..at some point it can run out! Curious to know if she has a will. It would be ashame to see her hangers on steal everything from her if something does happen. It's really all too sad.

  91. Andressa T. says – reply to this


    what the hell is she thinking? i don't like Adnan at all!
    she should be traveling to a quiet place, ALONE, to get some piece of mind… but it will never happen…

    let's just pray…

  92. Cindy says – reply to this


    I was born & raised on the east coast-NY will eat her up & spit her out! Especially since she is travelling with a terrorist looking creature. They picked the picked the WRONG place to go. I think she is there b/c her family is trying to have her committed. A moving target is hard to hit. Except in NY :)

  93. IHATEBRIT says – reply to this


    eww get her out of ny i live there and i do not want to see that mess and the shit she'll probably start there

  94. tami says – reply to this


    why doesnt everyone just leave her alone?

  95. TINA says – reply to this



  96. Dena says – reply to this


    Re: sean

    Hush your mouth! You guys can keep her! No actually let's send her over to the UK. After all, isn't she trying out a really bad fake british accent?

  97. Tina says – reply to this


    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!
    cindy#199 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!RACIST BITCH!

  98. Kelly says – reply to this


    Why are you people so mean about this? Britney is obviously suffering from a mental illness, which is the cause of her actions. The tests show whe's not on drugs, so her actions have to do with her bi-polar condition. She may be manic depressive. She may be schizophrenic. She probably wouldn't be so out of control if it weren't for this condition. Why are you acting like this is her fault and her doing? It's a DISEASE for less self imposed than something like alcohol or drug addiction. She has no rational control and you are calling a clearly ill person a "crazy bitch" as though she had some say in all of this.

  99. M&MNC says – reply to this


    Makes sense she is in New York, Coke is the cheapest there, where better to go then a place you could buy an 8 ball for $50. Plus from what I hear most dealers will take "non-monetary" compensation for it, as long as your willing to get on your knees, sounds like its right up brits ally

  100. marigold says – reply to this


    perez you are a fucking asshole! if she commits suicide i hope u burn in hell, after telling people to stalk her.

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