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A Little History Lesson

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People often ask, "Why do you dislike Jessica "Don't Call Me Latina" Alba so much?"

We'll let her words speak for themselves.

Here are just a few choice quotes from Alba.

She says:

"I've got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out."

"My grandfather was the only Mexican at his college, the only Hispanic person at work and the only one at the all-white country club. He tried to forget his Mexican roots, because he never wanted his kids to be made to feel different in America. He and my grandmother didn't speak Spanish to their children. Now, as a third-generation American, I feel as if I have finally cut loose."

"My grandfather was the only one in our family to go to college. He made a choice not to speak Spanish in the house. He didn't want his kids to be different."

"[Before] I always felt like such an outcast and now I feel like people are more diverse ethnically. I was always self conscience of my puffy lips and darker skin when I was a kid, because I felt like I didn't fit in. And now its mainstream, and color isn't as big of a deal and if anything its better."

"My whole life, when I was growing up, not one race has ever accepted me, … So I never felt connected or attached to any race specifically. I had a very American upbringing, I feel American, and I don't speak Spanish. So, to say that I'm a Latin actress, OK, but it's not fitting; it would be insincere."

"Alba is my last name and I'm proud of that. But that's it. My grandparents were born in California, the same as my parents, and though I may be proud of my last name, I'm American. Throughout my whole life, I've never felt connected to one particular race or heritage, nor did I feel accepted by any. If you break it down, I'm less Latina than Cameron Diaz, whose father is Cuban. But people don't call her Latina because she's blonde."

[Image via JPI Studios.]

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1972 comments to “A Little History Lesson”

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  1. San says – reply to this


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but white american are white because their grandgrandgranparents where european, immigrants frm Europe. Mexicans have much more REAL AMERICAN BLOOD (maya, azteca) than the white ones.

  2. neets says – reply to this


    she's not as nice as i thought.
    she even called Zac Efron "a little kid who wears too much makeup". AND I LOVE ZAC EFRON.

    but jessica's still hot. and she knows it

  3. free says – reply to this


    the girl is right in what she says; it would be the same for people whose great grandparents came here from say germany or russia- they wouldn't call themselves germans or russians anymore, but americans. it hasn't got a lot to do with culture anymore if it's 2 or 3 generations down the line.

  4. TwinMom says – reply to this


    Re: cunn
    LMAO! I had never heard that before. Now I am totally on Jessica Alba's side. Anyone who hates that non-celeb wonk-eyed STD-carrying CUNT Parisite Hilton, is OK in my books!

  5. alfie says – reply to this


    How can some of you (including Perez) critize her!? Her GRANDPARENTS were born in California for crying out loud! If that doesn't make her american, then I can't understand what does.. That she was raised as an American child, is not her fault! Are you saying that PARIS HILTON is Norwegian because of the fact that both her great-grandparents come from Norway!?!

  6. Holly says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with what she said. God, it's better that she try not to push something she isnt. If she doesnt feel Latina and isnt brought up that way then no she shouldnt be called latina.

  7. MV says – reply to this


    she is very stupid how the f*** does she say that! God she should shut her trap and keep it shut. she is not that pretty but she looks better with her mouth shut

  8. MV says – reply to this


    she is very stupid how the f*** does she say that! God she should shut her trap and keep it shut. she is not that pretty but she looks better with her mouth shut well at least more intelligent.

  9. The Only Thing Worse Than Hating Other Races, Is Hating Your OWN Race You Fucking Twat says – reply to this


    She is a prejudice BITCH. It's obvious she is embarrassed of her heritage and wants no association with Mexicans. She feesl she is somehow better than them because she was raised to disown them and hide who she really is. And to be so open about it only shows her ignorance.

  10. JACK says – reply to this


    PEREZ–COME MOW MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tritz says – reply to this


    she's insecure with her hertiage and shouldn't be having a baby until she is confident with what she will be teaching.

  12. louise says – reply to this


    Shes always talking crap in intereviews. I read one the other day i think it was in ok (the english version). She trys to be intelligent but she comes across fake. When she was talking about marriage and how she picks her film roles it was plain funny. And she babbles on like shes the important thing in the world. I have to agree with perez on this one.

  13. k says – reply to this


    she has internalized racism.

  14. madchen says – reply to this


    She's proud to be American,but shouldn't be ashamed of her mexican roots,SHE IS LATINA whether she likes it or not.

  15. Nikola says – reply to this


    Who the fuck is she and what does she want?

  16. joov says – reply to this


    who gives a fuck? at least she's not trying to be fake like that fat ass perez hilton

  17. katherine says – reply to this


    I found this info on wikipedia.org in case anyone is interested:

    Diaz's father is a second-generation Cuban-American and her mother is Anglo-German.

    Hayek's father is of Lebanese descent and her mother is of Spanish descent.

    Fergie: Mexican, Irish, Scottish and Macedonian descent

    Aguilera's father was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, while her mother is of Irish. descent

    Rosario Dawson: She is of Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Irish and Native American descent.

    Shakira is the only child of Nidya del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, a Colombian of Spanish and Italian ancestry, and William Mebarak Chadid, of Lebanese descent.

    Margarita Carmen Cansino, better known as Rita Hayworth, was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Spanish flamenco dancer Eduardo Cansino (Sr.) and English/Irish-American Ziegfeld girl Volga Hayworth.

    Alba was born in Pomona, California, the daughter of Catherine (née Jensen), who is Danish American on her father's side and French American on her mother's side, and Mark Alba, who is Mexican American (though both of his parents were born in California

  18. Linda says – reply to this


    I can relate to what she is saying. My father is swedish and my mother is Algerian (north Africa). I was born and raised in Sweden (the land of tall blonde girls) and therefore feel more swedish but I look more mediterianian (short and dark hair). My brother on the other hand lookes like a typical swede, blonde and blue eyes. I can relate to not fitting in cause in Sweden people think I'm more algerian because of my look but when I see my mothers family in Algeria (does not happen so often) I feel out of place because I don't relate to there traditions etc. No one ever question my brother being anything else but swedish though he is as much "african" as I am. I'm not ashamed of being "half" algerian it's just that I don't feel like it.

  19. kasey says – reply to this


    I don't see anything wrong with it either. My father was half sicilian via his mother. However, there was nothing ethnic about her. She was very american even though half of her siblings were born in Sicily and some here. Since they settled in Newport News, Virginia they assimilated to being southern. I asked my aunt why her mother wasn't very Italian and she said that when her grandparents moved here they wanted to be Americans and assumed that culture. I don't see that as a negative as much as they were enthusiastic about being American. I do not have a problem with with Jessica says either because of how she identifies herself as American. Everyone doesn't have to be identified as their heritage. My father was also half Swedish and we had no connection to that culture. My last name is Swedish but couldn't tell you a thing about the culture and don't identify myself as that. Does that make me ashamed of being Swedish? At the end of the day I am an American and that is the culture I know.

  20. d says – reply to this


    for what damned reason do you think you have to call her a latin actress?
    it's just a little part of her heritage but not the main.
    ii'ts like people seeing in me only a black woman whereas my mum is white
    in my family either we don't bother of "race" or colorskin, we don't judge people according tio that
    so we can't understand why some people want us to ignore the non-visible part of our roots as if my mother's family doesn't exist…
    Jessica Alba just says that it's very reducing to consider her only as a latin actress morever than her grand-father has always tried to make his family not feel as "immigrant". And she sure has suffered from this situation because in the other side : "would mexican people consider her as latin if she wasn't so pretty? How many American people have some spanish blood in the USA? Do you call them all Latin?

  21. Brad says – reply to this


    She is right. What the fuck do you idiots not understand? Beaners are the lowest form of scumsucking filth the world has to offer. They DO all have 14 babies and 9 of them are girls which in turn have 14 babies of their own, and so on and so on. Being Mexican is nothing to be proud of, you are the the shit of the world and everyone hates you. Kudos to Jessica for distancing herself from your worthless race. And the only comeback you people ever have is "we do your hard labor you lazy white people!". Well guess why, that's all you are qualified for you stupid greasy fucks. When is the last time you saw a Mexican CEO? Or any management position for that matter? You do what you were born to do and that is to serve the rest of the human race that are above you. Live with it beaners, or better yet kill yourselves… everyone hates you so fuck off and die.

  22. anonymous says – reply to this


    Halle Barry has said many similar comments and you don't give her shit.

  23. kasey says – reply to this


    And Perez, everytime I see you you don't look latin at all with your various colors of hair and they way you present yourself. Unless you bring it up I wouldn't necessarily know you were of latin descent. The only thing I guess by looking at you is that you are gay.

  24. katherine says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey (wikipedia.org) I didn't know her mother was Irish.

    She is the third and youngest child of Patricia Hickey, a former opera singer and vocal coach of Irish descent, and Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer of Afro-Venezuelan descent

  25. sandy sue says – reply to this


    She's full of shit.


  26. mk says – reply to this


    what she says is perfectly normal ! she is an american ! im european and would never have even thought of her as latina ! she is a beautiful american girl ! theres too mch segregation stuff goin on in the usa ! let in the love let out the hate people ! perez get over yourself !

  27. openminded says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong in what she's saying. Her point is that she and her family has lived in america like forever (her grandparents were born in america too). three generations in america and she still can't be called american??? Why? Because of her skin color. She assumes her origins but also is sincere: she has lived all her life in america, her parents too, her grand parents too, and you are saying she should feel more mexican than american??? I thought america was different! And those latin people here who feel offended, think a little about it!! She knows her distant origins (her grand grand parents were from mexico), and her surname is ALba, but that's all.
    WHAT SHE IS SAYING REVEALS AN IMPORTANT PROBLEM: DISCRIMINATION BECAUSE OF THE SKIN COLOR! She is more american than cameron diaz (that's true) and no one thinks of diaz as a cuban girl; but Eva mendez, yes evverybody knows and thinks about her as a cuban girl: all this because of the skin color. If you call Alba a latina actres than there would be very little american actors!!!
    And read when she says "i don't feel connected to any races" because no race has really acdepted her, neither latin (because it's not a "true" latin) neither white (because she 's not white). She's only saying she feels (and she is) American (not white)
    So pleas think a little bit after you read or listen what people say. Especially you perez!

  28. IHateBritney says – reply to this


    She is SOOOO right to want to distance herself from being considered a Mexican.
    First of all, mexicans apparently don't know how to use condoms, so they are multiplying like cockroaches.
    Second, they are a complete DRAIN on America's healthcare system. Why do illegal beaners get free healthcare, licences, and all sorts of other shit? All the illegals need to be rounded up and sent back.
    Why the FUCK to I have to listen to pre-recorded airline instructions on a plane in both english and THEN spanish? They shouldn't be on planes anyway. They should be washing them.
    But they can't wash them, because then who would cook our burgers at (insert fast food resaurant name here).
    They are born into poverty, and then bring their packrat asses here and stink up the place. Their neighborhoods, or "barrios", are ALL littered with TRASH and broken-down cars. They are a DRAIN on the U.S. economy.
    Build an ELECTRIFIED border fence to keep them the fuck OUT!
    As for Jess Alba, I don't care WHAT nationality she is. I'll fuck her in EVERY hole and then when she's fallen asleep, exhausted from all the hard fucking I gave her, I'll leave her a big 'ol Cleveland Steamer on her chest.

  29. lk says – reply to this


    oh please get over it.

  30. Mariet says – reply to this


    What's the problem? Don't be so easily offended.

  31. Lisa says – reply to this


    Jessica alba is 1/4 Mexican and 3/4s Danish/American/…

    Why the hell should she define herself as a Mexican/Latina when she feels as American as anyone else who has English as a mother tongue and has lived in the States for his whole life? She wasnÄt even born in Mexico. Hell, even her parents were born in the US. Get over it Perez, she's right and you're not.

  32. shelly says – reply to this


    she is just stating the obvious.
    all the women do is have 10 kids on welfare.

  33. vanessa says – reply to this


    ok, I never reply to these things, but I had to with this one. I have no opinion towards Jessica Alba, as she is an actress and I don't know her, but I think Perez and some of the readers aren't thinking hard enough about this. If you were born in America, raised in America, were raised speaking English because of efforts made by your father…and then when you grow up people suddenly focus of the fact that you are Latina just because of your last name and skin color…wouldn't you find something wrong with that? I don' think she is rebelling against her Latin heritage, but the fact that she is being "sold as" something that she has never felt herself to be. I think she feels that it is a cop out and an insult to other actors who were actually born and raised in that culture to pin her up as "the Latin actress"…its just not right.

  34. vanessa says – reply to this


    ok, I never reply to these things, but I had to with this one. I have no opinion towards Jessica Alba, as she is an actress and I don't know her, but I think Perez and some of the readers aren't thinking hard enough about this. If you were born in America, raised in America, were raised speaking English because of efforts made by your father…and then when you grow up people suddenly focus of the fact that you are Latina just because of your last name and skin color…wouldn't you find something wrong with that? I don' think she is rebelling against her Latin heritage, but the fact that she is being "sold as" something that she has never felt herself to be. I think she feels that it is a cop out and an insult to other actors who were actually born and raised in that culture to pin her up as "the Latin actress" if she herself feels wholly American…its just not right.

  35. Fabi says – reply to this


    Jessica never denied or ignored her Mexican roots, she simply doesn't want to be considered a Mexican because she really is not one, she is American!
    Jessica has brown skin and a Hispanic surname…now she must to put herself in a damn box?in a damn category? oh please
    Latin is not a race, people who say it are tremendously ignorant
    The true is we're becoming the most racist country ever!!!

  36. Mónica says – reply to this


    Well, your family and you were racist with yourselves…

    If you don't want to have latin roots, go! throw yourself in a hole!

  37. Good For Her... says – reply to this


    We should all see ourselves as Americans first. She is not putting down her Latin roots she is just saying it doesn't define her. She is right damn it, she is American, her grandfather wasn't even born in Mexico. Nobody considers me Italian & my great grandfather was born in Italy. No offense to those who celebrate their heritage but if your a 3rd generation American you are American. I have several friends whose parents immigrated her from different countries & my friends only speak English because their parents wanted them to be American & fit into this culture. In fact, they know very little about the respective countries their relatives are from. They consider themselves, like Jessica, Americans. It is fine to appreciate were you came from & the culture of your relatives who came before you but if you call this nation home you should first be American. Not everyone wants to ride the politically correct affirmative action band wagon & that is good.

  38. cass says – reply to this


    f*ck her..she's no one anyway…

  39. blablabla says – reply to this


    SOOO clear what JA is all about
    - I want $$$ and will do ANYTHING for $$$ and since I don't look like CamDiaz my ability to get roles is limited. My inability to get roles has NOTHING to do with my talent
    - I have HUGE self-worth issues because racist kids picked on me at school and same with my parents and grandparents. RACIST FEAR IS INSTILLED IN ME
    - I want to assimilate - I want to be a BORG (but only if I can be 7 of 9 because she's BLONDE)

  40. Philip says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ Perez!!!!!

    Its really not a big deal! She doesn't identify as being latin! Its her decision. Learn to pick your battles.

  41. aitana (spain) says – reply to this


    do you have problems with the "latin people"?
    i think that you are stupid!
    the latin people are the same that other people in te world!

  42. JessicaAlba's Counselor says – reply to this


    if you're so ashamed of being referred to as "Latina" go bleach your skin like Mike..duhhh

  43. Loly says – reply to this


    How pathetic! And she isn't very intelligent, either.

  44. anna maria says – reply to this


    i dont get it. shes not being hateful or rude or ashamed, she just doesnt strongly identify with part of her heritage. and it seems like thats not really her fault - shes been raised not to primarily see herself as Latina. i mean it is a shame she can't be more proud of her roots, but it seems like you have more of a hang-up about race and nationality than she does.

  45. shahera says – reply to this


    F U B. I. Itch. Be proud of what you are.

  46. sweetiepatoot says – reply to this


    Perez, you are right for disliking Jessica Alba, and my gut instinct leads me in the same direction, but I figured I would drop a few notes on why I feel the way I do. Unfortunately, Jessica Alba seems to have serious identity issues. Although, it would be really easy to blame her family and her upbringing for her clearly distorted view of Latina heritage and life as an American person of color, I think the culprit is her youth and ignorance. I believe her glamorous lifestyle does not encourage genuine dialogue on these important issues, and her quotes seem to show that her understanding of race and ethnicity is superficial and naïve. I feel bad for her because I believe that this phenomenon of raising children “raceless” seems to be a growing epidemic. Sadly, whether she wants to admit it or not, she is Latina, her attempts at minimizing her heritage is tragic, and the fact that she is currently pregnant with a child who will be a member of this country’s community of color is frightening. I wish her luck on the identity journey, she clearly needs to embark on, but in the meantime she should never make another public comment about race.

  47. proud to be latina says – reply to this




  48. Hawg73 says – reply to this


    I don't get the problem. Perez you're an ass. Alba is an American dumb ass. She wants to speak English in an English speaking country! And that's a problem? How. She's third generation American. So am I. I call myself American not Irish even though my great grand parents were born in foreigh countries. Get over it. You're not the rule maker.

  49. Beatriz says – reply to this


    Esta mujer es estupida….no tienes que hablar espanol para sentirte Latina…I am VERY PROUD to be the 1st American in my family and to have such a strong Cuban heritage. This girl is sending out the wrong message to your Latina women and its not wonder that becaue of her crappy attitude her film career is going nowhere. Hope Karma bites her in the ass and her child wants to learn Spanish.

  50. susan says – reply to this



  51. Barbara says – reply to this


    Re: Dot – As a german i was raised in a spirit of not being proud of my heritage (and in my opinion now being proud of your heritage isn't something worthwile. Someone should only be proud of things he had done by himself). Though i don't feel ashamed of being a german, i just don't think identity should be primarily defined by ethnicity. And that's why I think in the case of Jessica Alba, Perez acts like a real racist. He claims that anyone who belongs to a minority (or whose parents or grandparents have belonged to a minority) should always define himself by that. I can't read shame out of the words of Alba. I don't think just because someone still shows some signs of his or her heritage in skin or haircolor or whatever has to define him/herself by these roots (in fact he may do that but he must not do that). I think that's really racist and discriminating.

  52. jenni says – reply to this


    i think she should learn a bit about her culture and background then she might start to accept herself more and wont struggle with her identity as much as she is now, she clearly has no clue who she is.

    x x x

  53. lechemimono says – reply to this


    WHATTHE FUCK? My great great great great grandparents are from Finland and Germany. My great grandparents are the furthest back I have known - all of them born in America. To my knowledge, my great grandmother's mother was born in Finland, but married an American and moved here, but his family was born in America. My great grandma spoke both English and her native tongue, but my great grandfather didn't speak it and they didn't teach it to their children.

    It would be completely disgenuine of me to go around proudly proclaiming to be fucking Finnish. I am American, my grandparents and my parents are all American. I have no desire to ever step foot in Finland, other than the sheer fact that I'd be on vacation anyhow - I wouldn't go their to explore my "culture." I think people like PEREZ HILTON and Christina Aguilera (typical Americans in ANYONE'S book) exploit their heritage completely. It makes you appeal to a wider audience and - the REAL DEAL - brings in more money. WHo WOULDN't? Hmm…maybe someone like Jessica Alba who just wants to act and be recognized as being her, versus deciding to put out a Spanish album or some shit.

    Leave the girl alone. Her words are far more intelligent and show much deeper thinking than anything printed on THIS website, that's for sure.

  54. jenna says – reply to this


    she has a point…whats wrong with u perez? is that all why u hate her?? ur really childish!

  55. lalalala says – reply to this


    I think she is so stupid. There area really succesful Spanish speaking actresses. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayeh were both oscar nominated for spanish language films, and the woman from babel, too ( dont remember her name) srry.

  56. lcw says – reply to this


    Perez you have missed what she is saying….I feel sorry for her now. Her grandfather wanted his kids to assimilate well in the US which is admirable but in the process he took away all of their ethnic pride and heritage. She feels very disconnected now to her roots…I am sure this happens to many imigrants.

  57. morry says – reply to this


    Jessica rocks. She is right on. Perez is just jealous.

  58. Tania says – reply to this


    i hate Jessica "Don't Call Me Latina" Alba so much!
    i Latina and i`m white whit red hair!
    i hate her!

  59. Jenny says – reply to this


    I don't see what the problem is. It's not diff than me saying I'm American because although my ancestry is European my family has been here for generations. All she's saying is she's lost touch with her Mexican roots, and that's just normal for someone whose family has been here for three generations.

  60. Misty says – reply to this


    OMG, I never liked her before. But now, seeing she's not just another of the hopeless slags trying to take up with a specialized market—Hell yeah!! You go, Miss American Made.

  61. sandra says – reply to this


    Ademas de estupida, tonta como pocas, aprende español y leete esto guapa
    Estas donde estas por tu belleza porque dotes interpretativas no sabes ni lo que son,

  62. costamesaboy says – reply to this


    wowzers,,,,,,lots of comments~~~~~~ AMERICA HAS LOST MUCH OF IT'S INTEGRITY,,,,,,,,,,,,,at least she is not black, nasty * "Meixico es todo bien, puda vida & via con dios: NO BLACK MONKEYS N' MEXICO, es neccessito!!"

  63. veronica says – reply to this


    haha, she's not even 1/2 mexican, she's mostly white. why does she have to call herself latina? i don't get the problem with you guys.

  64. Hispanic Heritage says – reply to this


    I am half Puerto-Rican and my husband is half Cuban. Both of our fathers did the same thing - college-educated and did not teach their children Spanish. While we are both proud of our heritage others certainly do not see us as Latina (except by name). I do not think she is trying to knock her heritage, she is only trying to explain why she does not connect to it. There are a lot of stereotypes connected to it (being Hispanic).

    My father was actually told he was not "smart" enough to be a doctor or a pilot by his guidance counselor in high school. There are many reasons why they try to escape the stereotypes that society puts on you. I remember kids asking me if I was Puerto Rican because of my name and trying to make fun of me. It's a reality.

    I am not a Jessica Alba fan, by any means. I just think people need to understand. I am sure that even Bill Cosby had to deal with the same type of thing when dealing with (prejudice) people and look how he overcame it.

    They did SOMETHING about it. Yet think about it: people in our country are always out there telling everyone else "SPEAK ENGLISH" if you come into the USA. (Yet hear a story like hers and then people bash them for doing what they asked!!!!)

  65. Mary K says – reply to this


    Ok people back off a little and READ what she is saying. She doesn't feel Latina because her grandfather chose to keep it out of the lime lite. they never spoke spanish or spoke about the culture. I don't know about you but that would confuse me all to hell. I mean if you have no idea about your history how can you feel close to that culture????
    I would also feel out of place and unsure of who I was. I think she chose to grasp the only culter she knew amercian. I don't think she is racist she is just confused. maybe if she did a little research into her family history she would feel better about herself and the culture in general.

  66. Jenna says – reply to this


    It sounds to me like she was raised to not be latina…that's NOT her fault. Her grandfather grew up during a time when it wasn't OK to be different, which MANY people from different cultures went through as well.

    Instead of hating on her Perez, you should try to befriend her and teach her to embrace the latina inside of her.

    I would think that YOU of all people, being a gay man, would understand what it is like to 1) not know how to be yourself and 2) to feel like you have to be something you are not.

    It's sad to see you judging someone for those very small reasons.

  67. Ash says – reply to this


    It sounds to me like she's frustrated with people trying to identify her as something she doesn't feel like she is.

    It makes sense to me that she would say these things. If she grew up American, her colour doesn't make her latina.

    America has a collection of mutts. I'm not Irish just because my ancestors were.

  68. for the real says – reply to this


    The problem is she is a real American and that is hard for perez to see. He likes minorities. He believes he is one because he is gay. however he can hide his sexuality where alba cannot hide hers. This is the problem. He and most white people do not understand what is it like to look different. white people including perez alter their outward appearance to stand out. I have no choice and Alba has no choice what our outward appearance is. I have gay white friends and i tell them they are not a minority due to their sexuality. I do not care if it is genetic or by choice. My favorite example is if one of my white friends and I walk into a KKK rally they would still be white and i would still be brown. So quit being prejudice perez. She has a great family story which liberals hate success and assimilation.

  69. raven says – reply to this


    she doesn't feel connected to any race or heritage other than american because she's AMERICAN. what is up with RACISTS LIKE YOU PEREZ who insist on putting people in a box??? you're so weird. good for jessica and good for her parents for teaching her to be proud to be an american where it's not about your race or heritage but an egalitarian society based on law!

  70. tal says – reply to this



  71. mis says – reply to this



  72. RJ says – reply to this


    Perez, what you dont understand is that Jessica is not trying to distance herself as latina, but rather she is trying to be honest that she is an third generation American of latin descent. As a 1st generaton American of cuban descent , I always feel dishonest if I check the box next to hispanic, because I dont want to seem as if Im trying to use my ethnicity as an advantage. Especially when I do not speak perfect Spanish. I think you come down a little hard on her, because you are very much in touch with your cuban heritage …which is great! But not everyone is raised the same way.I dont think you can blame her for that..

  73. perezisaracist says – reply to this


    i have asian friends who have never spoken asian, never been to asia and have only known the south in america. korean friends who grew up eating grits and collard greens and vietnamese friends who have a stronger southern accent than dolly parton. they identify as americans from the south because that's what they are and that's how their parents were raised and that's how they were raised. if anyone insisted they be called asian and not include them in the southern culture to which they belong because of their race, we would call them out for what they are. RACISTS!

  74. Sammy says – reply to this


    What is the big f'in deal? I am a mix of four different European ethnicities and I really have no ties to any of them. My grandparents came here and tried to leave their roots behind and start something new. I wouldn't want to feel like a spokesperson for any particular ethnicity that I am not culturally connected to. It's fraud. I understand exactly where she's coming from. It doesn't mean you hate yourself or your culture. Jessica doesn't deserve the pressure of having to be a Latina representative.

  75. LARAZAISRACIST says – reply to this


    this is why we have such a hard time with criminals in our country now because of RACISTS LIKE PEREZ. some people like perez think ALL hispanics should be judged based on their race and heritage. they believe that all hispanics should support illegal immigration if they are hispanics! the truth is most hispanics are law-abiding citizens who respect the laws of this country and people like him and LARAZA (the race) believe that we should not be judged on our value as law-abiding citizens, but make exceptions to the law for people based on race. that is unamerican and racist.

  76. dsds says – reply to this


    yep..never liked her =)

  77. Ele says – reply to this




  78. james says – reply to this


    im mexican american….i was born here…and i take offense to that….i bet if she was poor and had to go to college or something like that she would so claim herself as hispanic….stupid bitch…i hate when hispanics act like their white and they try to fade in with the damn crowd…be proud of what u are whatever race u are….everyone has a background and need to learn about it…thats ignorance.

  79. raven says – reply to this


    i would never define someone by their race. and it's RACIST when someon asks me to. i have friends who are french, british, argentinian, australian of all different races. i dont identify them as african-french or thai-australian or indian-british and if i did, they would NEVER talk to me again because that's racist and they would rightfully be offended and confused. their race does not define their culture or country and only people LIKE THE NAZIS made a point to insist that people of certain races identify themselves by their racial background or heritage! perez are you going to start makin hispanics identify themselves with little gold stars, so we identify them as hispanics first and americans second????

  80. Ugh you're all fuckin morons if you think she's "self-hating" says – reply to this


    All you stupid twats who call yourselves "African-American" or "Spanish-American" or "whatever the fuck-American" but have never been to Africa (or Spain, or wherever the fuck) need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are all fuckin pieces of shit who pull the race card when something bad happens to you, even though I'm willing to be 99.9% race has FUCK ALL to do with it. I'm of Irish descent, but when someone asks me what I am I say "American" or "white" I don't fuckin make it a stupid fuckin PC issue.

    It's unfortunate that Jessica Alba was raised to shun her heritage, and yes, she's a cuntbuggy in general, but she is just trying to not take credit for something she's not…I don't try to call myself something I know nothing about!

    Get off her nuts about it Perez. You need to learn to forgive…everyone who fucks up isn't immediately a horrible person for life, sometimes people just fuck up! I hope you fuc up big time and someone doesn't forgive you.

  81. Ugh you're all fuckin morons if you think she's "self-hating" says – reply to this


    All you stupid twats who call yourselves "African-American" or "Spanish-American" or "whatever the fuck-American" but have never been to Africa (or Spain, or wherever the fuck) need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are all fuckin pieces of shit who pull the race card when something bad happens to you, even though I'm willing to be 99.9% race has FUCK ALL to do with it. I'm of Irish descent, but when someone asks me what I am I say "American" or "white" I don't fuckin make it a stupid fuckin PC issue.

    It's unfortunate that Jessica Alba was raised to shun her heritage, and yes, she's a cuntbuggy in general, but she is just trying to not take credit for something she's not…I don't try to call myself something I know nothing about!

    Get off her nuts about it Perez. You need to learn to forgive…everyone who fucks up isn't immediately a horrible person for life, sometimes people just fuck up! I hope you fuck up big time and someone doesn't forgive you.

  82. Lalab says – reply to this


    Shes just a dumb stupid bitch she makes us latina looookk so mean and bad hopefully when she has that baby it will bring some joy to her fucked up world

  83. MB says – reply to this



  84. Wendy says – reply to this


    She is a BITCH….
    Cual es el problema de ser latina..???

    Orgullosa deberia estar por tener esas raices…!!! PERRA SUCIA.

  85. hotred says – reply to this


    REAL IMMIGRANTS come to america to have a life based on the value of american citizenship where we should all be created equal and the same under the eyes of the law. it is NOT supposed to be about our race or heritage here. REAL IMMIGRANTS come to build a new life. for REAL IMMIGRANTS like me and my family came to this country to become americans and my parents taught me the value of citizenship in this country which can't be bought. illegal immigrants and racists like perez believe america is nothing more than a place to make a buck. for them america is all about money. many of us wait patiently for a our citizenship because we appreciate citizenship and democracy and equality that we came here for while illegal immigrants just come her to make a buck and send it back to mexico. they don't come here to be part of a country, they come here to sponge off of it. people like perez are missing something that my parents and jessica alba's parents have taught us about being american.

  86. chuchi says – reply to this


    What a facking bitch!!!!1

    Latin america rockss!! =)

  87. Mary K says – reply to this


    Oh I would also like to add that all these people who are posting things like "Mexicans are dirty and stupid" and calling them spics and so on are the ones who are racist. Are you even thinking before you write this stuff down???
    then you have the never to call her racist. No where in those quotes did I see her bash latino people. I guess I was wrong in thinking that in this day and age people would be a little more tolerant of other people.
    I am french, Irish, Indian, Portuguese, and Scotish. I jokingly call myself a mutt. I am pround of each part of my lineage but I am not defined by it and that is all she is saying as well. She may have latino roots but that does not mean that is all she is.

    So I just want to say to all those racist people out there….Please do the rest of us a favor and shut up. keep your hurtful remarkes to yourself. I belive in free speach but you take it to far.

  88. minnow says – reply to this


    Perez, What's the problem! There's is absolutely nothing she says that is offensive. Leave Jessica alone!

  89. x0n says – reply to this


    bitch, your roots are latin, si te averguenzas de tus raices, mereces que te desprecien por tus raices!

    saludos amigos!

  90. cayce says – reply to this


    Whatever Perez, it's the exact same thing with white people. Do you really identify as European? Get over it.

    I still don't like Jessica Alba, but not for this reason. She makes some very valid points here, surprisingly.

  91. angel says – reply to this


    What's the problem Perez? Most of of wish more immigrants tried to assimulate and learn English. She said nothing that should make you so mad. Pick on someone else.

  92. RealAmericans says – reply to this


    American is a beautiful melting pot! Only racists like Perez and the KKK insist on identifying someone by their color and background!!
    GO Jessica! I'm AMERICAN too regardless of my race and only racists choose to identify me by my race first.

  93. Pissed Off! says – reply to this


    Cindy, what is your problem????? Leave Black people out of this and deal with your issues. Black people have nothing to do with this dammit!!

  94. perez says – reply to this


    the actress Lucy Lu is half-white and half-chinese, but you never hear about her denying her chinese side do you, so perez has a point.

  95. classc199 says – reply to this


    What a disgrace!!! I absolutely cannot stand anyone who hates or tries to run away from their heritage. She is really sad. Frankly, it's her grandfather and parent's fault. It's one thing to have had to try to assimilate into American culture when you first come here to make things better for yourself and your family. We can all understand it. However, to get rid of all remnants of where you came from speaks of self-hatred as far as I am concerned. Look at the many Jewish people that came to America. Many even changed their name to avoid discrimination. However, Jewish people did not forget where they came from nor are they ashamed of their heritage. Get it.

    Jessica clearly wants to be white. As for her comparison to Cameron Diaz, there is one difference…Cameron is a white Hispanic. Jessica it seems to me is an Hispaniic person of color. THAT is the difference.

    As for Halle Berry saying the same thing…that is a load of crap. What Halle has said is that like many children of mixed races, she felt that she did not belong to any one group. However, she has also said that she was very clear about the fact that most people will identify her as black and in fact she embraces the black side of her heritage. Halle is no Tiger Woods with his BS.
    Jessica is a loser and a poor role model for Latino's!!!

  96. peter north says – reply to this


    ok, you're american! but don't forget that you also a mexican so you probably have that urge to scrub my toilet and mow my lawn.

  97. wakeupperez says – reply to this


    how divisive to identify people in our nation by race. we have enough problems with this kind of segregation ghettoization that perez is enforcing. all who come to america and abide by our immigration laws are real americans.
    we are not "multicultural"- we are a melting pot!

  98. Senator Larry Craig says – reply to this


    The problems in a nutshell is that Mexicans hate themselves so much, that is abundantly clear to one and all.

  99. Kalifornication says – reply to this


    Jessica looks like all the other beaner girls in Pomano the only difference is she is thin and rich. not fat and poor.

  100. trutexan says – reply to this


    Perez, doll, it's a New Year Baby. I am not sure what the fuss is about. She was born in America. My Grandfather was born in Germany, but I don't call myself a German American. I am not sure why it's ok for people born in America to call themselves something else. If you were born in America, your American, not latina, not African American (which infuriates the African's to no end) not anything else. She was just stating that fact. You can be all about your culture, which is great (I am proud of the fact that I have Scottish, Irish and German Ancestry) but I do not pretend to be what I am not. I was born here, so that is what I am. Maybe that is what Jessica was trying to say.

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