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Headline Of The Week Weak

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Oh, no! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying that headline.

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]


The warning signs were there - but few knew the extent of Britney Spears' anguish, until now. Days before Britney was rushed to the hospital on January 4, she left a suicide note, In Touch has exclusively learned. According to the insider, the troubled pop star, left it on her bathroom counter, where it was allegedly found by Sam Lutfi. "The letter was very sad," says a friend. "It was filled with reasons why she shouldn't live, included lines from poems about death. She said in it she was sorry for never making her life what everyone else wanted. She mentioned how lonely and unfair life could be, how peaceful death seems and how your mind would finally be at ease." The friend adds, "She went on and on about wanting to just rest in peace."

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1114 comments to “Headline Of The Week Weak”

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  1. save celebrity says – reply to this


    YOU HAVE TO LEARN SOMETHIN BRITNEY, you are here for something DONT BRIT…

  2. Nicki says – reply to this


    Man, she's going downhill. I hope she gets better. All the best Brit. I'll be praying for you.

  3. merry says – reply to this


    this is sad.
    i really don't like her, OR her music. but i think that she does deserve better. nobody's perfect and she's pretty fucked up.

    this is really sad. wanting her dead is fucking cruell. get real….

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    Noo!! I love Brit Brit!! (Ummm.hum..i still DO LOVE HER!!) and i dont want her to! Shut it up haters!

  5. AMOM says – reply to this


    This poor girl has been through hell and EVERYONE just thrives on it.. I think it is so sad that instead of people wanting to HELP her you sit adn wait for her next MISTAKE… Leav ehr the hell alone… this woman has just lost her children.. everyone is turning on her for a quick buck.. HOW WOULD YOU BE??? GOD BLESS HER AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF YOU WHO CONTINUE TO THRIVE OFF OF HER MISFORTUNE

  6. xo_roxy_xo says – reply to this


    i feel so bad for her…. ppl should just leave her alone…. shes still young and wants to enjoy herself… sure she did some things that she shouldnt have… but she loves her boys and this K-FED should NOT have them!!!!!!!!

  7. L..... says – reply to this


    k, this is rlly sad :( sure she is a bad mom and can't really sing, she can still turn it all around right? if she kills herself all her kids will probobly think is that she doesn't care about them when they grow up they still need a mom ..

  8. soultrain says – reply to this


    This girl is mentally ill. Would any of you go into a mental institution and make fun of the people there? Yes, she has money. Big deal- Proof ever more that money does NOT bring happiness. She needs love, patience, understanding and real people who want to help her. More importantly she needs to want to help herself. I used to think that this was funny, and amusing but as a girl who is the same age, I can't help but empathize with her. Karma works in many ways and for every bad jealous thought you have about her- it will find it's way back to you.

  9. steve says – reply to this


    as much as i love reading about brit brit i really just want everyone to give her a break … not to be all chris crocker or anything but seriously guys leave britney alone for a while till she can be a good mom again

  10. nickyz spearz says – reply to this


    Perez your a whore !

    leave britney alone…she's such a destroyed person..its not her fault..to be like she is at the moment. We love u brit….just dont give a fuck about people like fucked up perez….s.o.a.Bitch!!!!

  11. brittany says – reply to this


    O god get over it!! Britney spears will do anything for attention and sympathy. Ok look we feel bad for you and your faimly but,honestly you made the choice to fuck your life up so its all your fault get over it hag.

  12. ruddy says – reply to this



  13. Emmaxx says – reply to this


    Omg Thats Soooooooooooo Sad ! I Love Britney !!!

    She Really Needs Help ! Its Getting Way Out Of Hand ! She Needs To Go To Rehab Or Soemthing N Get Better N Then Get Her Kids Bk Of Tht Arsewhole Kevin ! (i refuse to call him k-fed !!!!!)

    SAVE BRITNEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. tracie says – reply to this


    I think Brit is in serious need of a straight jacket. She does not give a F*** about her boys and only when he divorce didnot whip k fed in to shape and he said cool about the divorce she starts all this crazy B*** S*** all she was ever trying to do was get the attention of him and all the other people that took advantage of her hell when she was still a little girl she was wanting to B "hit one more time" come on she was a wreack in training add a little postpardin depresion and the fact that she is just a skank by nature and wvola you got Britney Spears akadumb B****!

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