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Truly Devastating News

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Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage, The Sun is reporting.

The British paper were also the first to report the surprising news of the 22 year old's pregnancy.

This would have been the first child for Allen and her boyfriend of four months, Chemical Brother Ed Simons.

"They are in a state of shock," a source tells The Sun. "The bad news has been really difficult for them to take and they are absolutely heartbroken. Lily’s entire outlook on life changed after she found out she was pregnant. She was looking forward to being a mum and starting a family with Ed. She had turned her back on her party girl image and had turned over a new leaf. They are surrounded by friends and family are offering support. It is a really difficult time for them."

Lily's publicist has confirmed the sad news.

"We can confirm that Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage," says Allen's rep. "She and her partner Ed Simons will be making no further comment and we ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time."

This is just truly awful.

Our thoughts are with Lily during this trying time.

Sending her positive vibes!

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Truly Devastating News”

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  1. hill says – reply to this


    thats what happens when you smoke when youre preggrs

  2. sjglsjdg;jklsjf;dg says – reply to this


    thats what happens when you excessively use drugs before / during your pregnancy.

  3. ari says – reply to this


    i secretly love celeb gossip and i make fun of my friend caroline for it all the time but really i find it as fascinating as she does. oh&that lilly allen thing is sad too i guess.

  4. stefystef says – reply to this


    I'm very sorry to hear that because she seemed to be very happy about being pregnant.

    I hope people will give her chance to grieve and heal from this devastating event.

  5. K says – reply to this


    Its definitely sad…. but she was smoking… and just started dating this guy… so maybe it was a blessing in disguise?

  6. Juliane says – reply to this


    I am so sorry…you people who are critizing her for smoking, and implying a miscarriage is anything other than a terrible devastation, should go and fuck yourselves.

  7. Angelinaaddict says – reply to this


    I'm terribly sorry for their loss. This is horrible, and the main reason why celebs don't like to announce their pregnancies I think.

  8. Ava says – reply to this


    What a tragedy. I feel so badly for them both. Hopefully her recovery will be swift.

  9. Beth says – reply to this


    She might have been advised by her doctors to keep smoking. It's nuts, I know. But I've known several women who have been pregnant who have been told by their doctors to have a cigarette (one, not a pack) when they had a really bad craving throughout their pregnancies so their blood pressure and stress level would remain low. And those women, who had a couple of cigarettes, had perfectly healthy babies. So maybe people should get off their high horses and back the fuck off of her. She just lost a baby for christs sake.

  10. bullshiz says – reply to this


    bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.bullshiz! she had an abortion.

  11. You Uncompassionate Bastards says – reply to this


    How presumptuous most of you are! The lot of you are acting like a bunch of fucking doctors and yet you can't even correctly spell half of the things you're talking about! Pregnancies terminate ALL THE TIME for NO REASON. "Well duh, she deserved it because she smoked". Maybe you feel powerful basking in anonymity because you can say what you want without emotional consequence but #295 is right. How do we know when that picture of her smoking was taken? She might not have even known that she was pregnant yet. God dammit people, THINK before you spout venomous shit.

  12. carolyn cadaver says – reply to this


    oh, lily

  13. The Greek Giant says – reply to this


    Hello, The Greek Giant here in my palatial Los Angeles estate taking a Giant dump in my pink silk diaper and thrashing Cabana Boy #6 as he weeps for mercy. Lilly Allen must find a way to lactate so that I, The Greek Giant, can suck all the milk out of her three nipples like a hungry puppy dog.

    Meanwhile, you impoverished American slags will get drive through McDonalds and beg on street corners for spare change to buy cans of cheap Budweiser while selling your assholes to wealthy Europeans. You must be young and your assholes must be very clean or else I, The Greek Giant, will only dump a large Pepsi on your heads and toss a worthless US$20 bill at your meth head faces. That is all.

  14. God says – reply to this


    who gives a fuck about lily fucking allen. such an attention whore. fuck her

  15. KP says – reply to this


    You people are just horrible. The poor girl just lost her baby and you are being so mean and ignorant with your comments. I don't agree with smoking (pregnant or not) however, that was not the cause of her miscarriage. People have miscarriages all the time, especially their first baby. It is just so unbelievable to be that people could say such awful things about someone who just had a miscarriage. Hopefully, something like that doesn't happen to you. Although then you may have more sympathy for people that are in pain.

  16. Julia says – reply to this


    Ok but Perez wasn't it you who posted pics of her smoking and drinking while pregers.. I mean really .. she should have taken better care of herself.. and no offense but her boyfirend of a whopping four months is probably relieved.. four months enough time to make a commitement for a lifetime.. this was irresponsibility on her part in so many ways.

    Horrible for her though and I wish her the best but you should stop certain behaviour when you are expecting.

  17. stressedgoddess says – reply to this


    so sorry for her…i've had more than anyone should have. sending her some good thoughts.

  18. stressedgoddess says – reply to this


    lay off her smoking, people…most miscarrages are chromosomal defects with the baby. really, very little to do with the ciggys…

  19. kaybo says – reply to this


    yah…this is sad and all, but we all saw the pictures of her smoking and stuff…she shouldve taken better care of the baby if she really cared

  20. tommyc says – reply to this


    serves that smoking cunt right!!

  21. Lily fan says – reply to this


    Jesus christ you people are sick! That woman just miscarried and all you can do is fucking point blame. Just cuz you smoke during pregnancy doesn't mean your baby will die. How come fucking smack addicts don't miscarry. Leave the poor woman alone. Noone needs that kinda shit at this time you assholes.

  22. LyNNN says – reply to this


    So sad. i dont think her smoking would cause a miscarriage. its just something that happens i know people that smoked and had perfect children and people that werent drinking or smoking and had miscarried. either way i couldnt imagine losing a baby, :(

  23. lulu says – reply to this


    Umm the person who thinks she probly just aborted the baby … Ur an asshole n I pray U never suffer from a miscarriage!

  24. chrissy says – reply to this


    =[ thats so sad,
    my prayers are with her

  25. Nicole Bitchie says – reply to this


    My thoughts go out to her. That is so sad. Poor Lily.

  26. B says – reply to this


    Re: what a dumb skank retard

    you have no soul.

  27. Eternal says – reply to this


    How sad.


    She was doing a lot of wrong things during the pregnancy. She would have made a terrible mother.

  28. stop being bullies says – reply to this


    all u people blaming her for smoking should stop.it could just as easily have happened to her if she didn't smoke, as the many non-smoking mothers who've had miscarriages themselves will tell you. In fact, maybe she could have smoked all 9 months and have absolutely nothing go wrong…not that i recommend this at all…but I'm simply saying that no matter what lifestyle you lead, fate not your efforts ultimately determines the state of your baby's health—its just not in your hands.so lay off the smack talk and be more sympathetic, alright.

  29. Haley (: says – reply to this


    this is horrible.
    but you know what else is sad?
    we're talking about someone losing their baby, and people are still competing to be first.
    have some fucking respect.

  30. h. says – reply to this


    That's horrible. Lily worked so hard to get herself healthy, she should be in the best condition of her life and this shit STILL happens to her? Poor girl.

  31. jstuddle says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with getting an abortion. She should just admit it. Hopefully baby Spears will be inspired and do the same thing.

  32. kelly says – reply to this


    Heartbreaking! my thoughts are with them

  33. poor lilly says – reply to this


    My heart goes out to her, no woman deserves that. :(

  34. abee says – reply to this


    so… when something bad happens to them… you DON'T make fun of them?

    i'm not saying your a terrible person… or SHOULD be one… but at least stick to your guns.

    oh, and what if this happened to be… let's see… who do you hate? jessica alba?

    if she had a miscarriage, would you stop making fun of her all together?

  35. tara says – reply to this


    NOOO it wasnt a ghost baby YOU DUMB FUCK it was a sad face this is relly sad i had a m.c a while ago and it really messes u up :”'(

  36. ladylindsay says – reply to this


    awwww…. :-(

  37. amazing says – reply to this


    Re: KATIEWILLIAMS KDUBRe: KATIEWILLIAMS KDUB – get a life, stupid Katie Williams…dumb bitch

  38. Nelson says – reply to this


    Sorry this happened to Lily and her BF. You can try again later. I truly know that Spirit never dies and her child will return to her at the perfect time!

  39. SMOKING says – reply to this


    wasn't she smoking? Not being insensitive but I'm pretty sure that wasn't good for the baby. I bet she smoked to curb her apetite, she's so proud of her weight loss (even though I hardly see it). I'm sad for her. But I hope it wasn't her fault.

  40. ilya says – reply to this


    Re: beelyRe: beely – what the hell does "little suicides" mean? are you freakin for real? have you ever experienced the pain of losing a child? why am i even wasting my time…

  41. The Sus says – reply to this


    I had a miscarriage too… gonna take a while to heal from it. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Miss Lily.

  42. Monkeycox says – reply to this


    I can't imagine how she must be feeling right now. I hope she knows that life has plenty in store for her. Someday she will get to be a Mom and she will be great at it. She can get through this. My thoughts are and prayers are with you, Lily. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  43. Smokers says – reply to this


    I am so tired of everyone bringing up her smoking…lets blame it on her and make here feel even worse than she already does. If anyone has smoked before and had to try and quit, you should know it is not a one day process!

  44. diamond says – reply to this


    that is so sad. i know a lot of people dont like her but you cant deny that she is a strong woman who speaks her mind and that is an admirable trait. im praying for you lily!

  45. vanessa says – reply to this


    oh man. sad.

  46. eavdouche says – reply to this


    you douche bag this drawing is clearly a sad face… get some fucking glasses

  47. kick says – reply to this


    That is so freaking sad! and to have it happen to someone who is old enough to actually be aware of what it is like to bring a child into the world and really wanted it and embraced it is sooo sadd.
    Not to mention the fact that both of them are awesome and would have had such a stellar kid

  48. amy watson says – reply to this


    Truly devestating?

    It's only a miscarriage…I'd rather have a miscarriage than a broken finger or a bad flu. I'm serious about that.

    Tragedy? Nonsense.

  49. crap-tas-tic says – reply to this



  50. Heather says – reply to this


    That is so sad…Having a miscarriage is a REALLY hard time i hope that the paparazzi leave them alone and alow them the time they need to recover from this tragic time.
    Oh and you can have a healthy baby when you smoke while pregnant..my friend had heathy full term twins and she smokes.

  51. Julie says – reply to this


    I'm so, so sorry to hear this :(

  52. Julie says – reply to this


    Also, I can't believe some people's first reaction is to BLAME her. Are you kidding? She just lost a child!

    Plenty of mothers smoke AND drink while pregnant, especially in the beginning when they don't know they've conceived. While this is advised against (especially smoking), it's more likely to cause birth defects rather than a miscarriage. Smoking is an extremely hard habit to quit, and you have no idea how hard Lily was or was not trying to quit at the time she was photographed.

    Please keep your ill-timed judgment to YOURSELF. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to lose a baby, only to have the entire world shoot back, "Well it's your own fault!" GROW A HEART.

  53. Bunnii says – reply to this


    My heart goes out to Lily and Ed. Having suffered a miscarriage before myself, I understand how she must be feeling. As for those who blame the cigerettes, highly unlikely to be the cause, not smart to smoke tho. The baby was just not meant to be. Chin up girl

  54. mollay says – reply to this


    Yeah well she couldn't have cared about the baby that much if she was smoking while pregnant.

    Not to mention, if the baby had made it to pregnancy think of how screwed up it would have been. Alcohol, nicotine, and tar don't do well for an infant. (or anyone else for that matter).

    But I do quite like Lily so it's still very sad, though not very surprising.

  55. Shira says – reply to this


    This is so sad, I send my deepest apology to Lily and hope that she will feel better very soon!

  56. Bunnii says – reply to this


    Re: amy watson – obviously not a parent then? Get a fukn clue! miscarriages are painful, physically and emotionally. In your case you should pray to be hit by a bus instead of miscarry

  57. julie says – reply to this


    In fairness, she hasn't lost a BABY - and those of you saying she has are reactionary, hand-wringing cunts.

  58. melbele says – reply to this


    Re: ghjnf – you are a sick fuck-what kind of a comment is that–you asshole

  59. Elaine says – reply to this


    In all fairness, she hasn't lost a BABY - and those of you saying she has are reactionary, hand-wringing cun7s.

  60. Gwen says – reply to this


    Uh, hello people - how many people are fine and dandy who were born in the 1970's and before when almost everyone smoked and drank during pregnancy? Stop the PC stupidness kids. 30 years ago no one would ever say a word to a pregnant woman smoking. Hmmm, so wouldn't all of our parents be miscarriages if all pregnant smoking or drinking made women's bodies spontaneously abort?

  61. rocky says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,
    Didn't you show pics of Allen smoking, drinking and pAArtying while pregnant?

  62. Elaine says – reply to this


    Re: Elaine

    sry i meant to reply rather than quote that.

    You're a disgusting person Julie. I hope you get what is coming to you.

  63. kypre says – reply to this


    Re: v

    no, i don't. which is specifically why i'm not trying to pass off assumptions as conclusive evidence why someone i've never met has miscarried.

  64. nikki says – reply to this


    so sad :(

  65. ec says – reply to this


    who is lily allen?

  66. kypre says – reply to this


    Re: julie

    so i suppose that's EXACTLY what you'll be flippantly saying if a loved one of yours has a miscarriage?

    no, it's not yet a full-grown person. but they likely had hopes and plans for their baby, and that's all gone now. doesn't matter how long she'd been pregnant for- she's probably still hurting, and rightfully so.

  67. Amanda says – reply to this


    It is very sad and my heart goes out to her as I have had a miscarriage myself. Although it is HORRIBLE to smoke while pregnant, there is no proof that this causes miscarriages. My point is that she probably feels guilty and at fault (even if she didn't smoke) and is beating herself up as we speak so I would hope that people would have kinder words for her.

  68. V says – reply to this


    Re: You Uncompassionate Bastards
    I agree with everything you just said.
    People can be such assholes.

  69. Deb says – reply to this


    that it sad news but at the same time, she's got herself to blame. This chic was still smoking and drinking knowing very well she had a lil one growing inside of her!! SHe musn't have given that much of a sh*t about this baby then…how sad. Hope she learns something from this.

  70. lies all lies says – reply to this



  71. stefanie says – reply to this


    maybe she shouldve quit smokinggggggg

  72. to rock says – reply to this


    Rock - obviously that is a sad face, not a ghost baby? wtf is a ghost baby

  73. all questions and no answers says – reply to this


    thank you to Perez for being nice for a change. keep up the good work please. :-D

  74. Kruger says – reply to this


    That makes me so sad! I love Lily! I wish the best for her in the future.

  75. Kristina says – reply to this


    I gasped when I read this. What terrible news. I'll say a prayer for her and her family. I'm so sorry.

  76. Morons says – reply to this


    Okay you people are retards! We all know the effects of smoking but some people really can not quit. Due to a horribly emotional pregnancy, I personally smoked my whole pregnancy, and I was ashamed of it everyday but it happened. Just like you are supposed to stop taking anti-depressant medications, doctors sometime advise it would be more dangerous. I also drank before I knew I was pregnant. I have a beautiful, happy, intelligent, healthy, perfect daughter that everybody loves. I did use the opportunity of being in the hospital for 3 days to quit and have not picked one up since.

    I hate to even say this, but her boyfriend is 38. The whole miscarriage and birth defects increases to children conceived to women over 35 does not only apply to women. Men as well. It is just not talked about.

  77. sammie says – reply to this


    thats really sad..she woulda been a good mom…its sad ppl like britney spears have kids and dont want them and ppl that actually want there kids lose them

  78. Princess Ni says – reply to this


    Terrible to hear. You're In our thoughts and prayers Lilly!!

  79. coco says – reply to this


    very sad news
    our thoughts with her
    next time she is pregnant hopefully she won't smoke too

  80. Kate says – reply to this


    That is just terrible, my heart goes out to her. What a sad way to start a new year.

  81. ------------- says – reply to this


    HEY RETARDS! smoking although most definately not good for pregnancy wont just magically cause a miscarriage! me and several other girls in my family all suffered them a few months ago and no one in this family smokes or drinks.
    its a natural yet still painful occurance! dont guilt someone on a subject that is already heartbreaking enough!

  82. anon says – reply to this


    that is devastating, hopefully next time she will quit smoking so little developing lungs can stand a chance.

  83. Marilyn Ann says – reply to this


    First things first assholes, smoking does not cause miscarriages. It generally accounts for low birth weight. Do you really think that all the women who smoked while pregnant until they found out how unhealthy it was in the 60s and 70s miscarried??? C'mon! Get real. This is a sad, unfortunate thing for her…and I'm sure she's taking it very personally, like I'm sure most women would. My thoughts are with her and hers.

  84. Antonia says – reply to this


    aww that's so sad! i like lily! she seems to be a decently healthy young woman, this shouldn't have happened.

  85. OPRAH says – reply to this


    I think God caused her to lose the baby because he new it would grow up to be gay….and he didn't want one more fucking fag in the world!

  86. Kaitlyn says – reply to this


    that's really sad, she did seem truly happy to be having a baby. unexpected but she seemed excited. that's sad.

  87. Jessica says – reply to this


    That's is so sad!
    That's why women wait to announce their pregnancies! So stop giving them shit for waiting to announce!!!

  88. carmine says – reply to this



  89. Me too says – reply to this


    Poor girl…I know exactly how she feels. I unexpectedly became pregnant this past Fall and lost the baby in week 11. My world came crashing down and the pain is so much stronger than you'd think.

    My heart goes out to you, Lily. Keep your head up and you'll be ok in time.

  90. SHEDEVIL says – reply to this


    Re: Lori C. – OMG hun, I'm really sorry to hear that. Good for you for having more beautiful babies though.

  91. Brittany H says – reply to this


    =( I'm really feeling for them.

  92. jess says – reply to this


    and i would like to say "didn't know u could get pregante in the bum bum"

  93. That's just wrong says – reply to this


    Re: Duh – Your name is a perfect fit for your comment. We didn't know not to smoke at the time I had my kids and they were both strong healthy babies. I don't condone it by any means but comments like yours are completely out of line. I'm sure she's heartbroken enough without fools like you, who have absolutely no REAL details as to what happened, making ignorant assumptions. Leave this poor girl alone. She's paid a high enough price as has her significant other and a poor innocent baby. How about dipping your tongue in your brain before you make comments like that on such a sensitive subject. I hope you never have to know the kind of pain this poor girl is probably going through. Miscarriages happen for a variety of reasons. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  94. blah says – reply to this


    it IS sad, but wasn;t there a picture of her smoking while she was pregnant? like, hello? wtf?

  95. L says – reply to this


    sad news, indeed. perhaps had she stopped SMOKING and drinking while pregnant. prob. fucked up the little fetus and killedit

  96. sam says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica

    cluster of cells?
    Retard - her baby was alive longer than 4 weeks. It aint no cluster of cells. Open up an embryology book. The heart was beating. A life was ended, and that is sad

  97. JennyJugs says – reply to this


    Poor Lilly. Get well soon.

  98. houstontx says – reply to this


    yeah right she probably had an abortion….

  99. Georgie says – reply to this


    That's really awful, my thoughts are with Lily.
    xx Georgie.

  100. Birta says – reply to this


    I just suffered a miscarriage this week and I was 4 months pregnant, it the worst time of my life and I can´t think how I would feel if the whole world was watching. Horrible news…

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