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Truly Devastating News

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Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage, The Sun is reporting.

The British paper were also the first to report the surprising news of the 22 year old's pregnancy.

This would have been the first child for Allen and her boyfriend of four months, Chemical Brother Ed Simons.

"They are in a state of shock," a source tells The Sun. "The bad news has been really difficult for them to take and they are absolutely heartbroken. Lily’s entire outlook on life changed after she found out she was pregnant. She was looking forward to being a mum and starting a family with Ed. She had turned her back on her party girl image and had turned over a new leaf. They are surrounded by friends and family are offering support. It is a really difficult time for them."

Lily's publicist has confirmed the sad news.

"We can confirm that Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage," says Allen's rep. "She and her partner Ed Simons will be making no further comment and we ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time."

This is just truly awful.

Our thoughts are with Lily during this trying time.

Sending her positive vibes!

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Truly Devastating News”

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  1. augusta says – reply to this


    She shouldn't have been smoking while pregnant.

  2. L N P says – reply to this


    ok if u couldnt care less then y are ya commenting u sad little individual. all the people who are going on about 1st baby and shit wats the difference she still lost a baby as if it matters wat bloody number it is!!!! as of the smoking bit loads of woman smoke while pregnant doesnt always mean there is going to be a miscarrige! and the abortion bit how the fuk do u know were u there?!?! more than likely ya bunch a plums! its a nasty thing to go through whether its ur 1st 2nd or 55th and its got fuck all to do with ya all anyway, rant over see ya bunch of clueless fukers later x ps glad to see some nice comments tho

  3. helen says – reply to this


    omg that is really so sad, my thoughts are with her and her family.

  4. helen says – reply to this


    omg that is really so sad, my thoughts are with her and her family.

  5. Lily says – reply to this


    Lily was about 2 months pregnant and the fact that she smoked during the pregnancy has absolutley nothing to do with the misscarraige!
    My mum smoked whilst she was pregnant with me but not with my older brother yet he has all the health problems such as Asthma..
    I cant beleive that people are saying she had an abortion! How heartless are you?
    Surely if she didnt want the baby she wouldnt have announced she was pregnant..just show some respect!

  6. TYTY says – reply to this


    The bitch smoked and drank, what do you expect? Them bad parents British!

  7. ashleyL. says – reply to this


    omg lily im sorry to hear this.
    i love you and everything is gonna be fine (L)

  8. MUPPET says – reply to this



  9. Roni says – reply to this



  10. G.O.D. says – reply to this


    Wow, Oh My Self. Wow. Va Jay Jay still in tacked. Close one.

  11. Jamie says – reply to this


    Re: Lord Clusterfuck

    what an absoloute dick'ed
    who the fuck do you think you are talking like this have a little fucking respect for lily and ed how can you say "thats one less limey" do you have any fucking signs of human emotion?
    it just shows what a bad reprosentative of your nation you truely are
    we may be "limeys" but at least we have the common courtesy to show a little respect you arrogant arse hole!

  12. Kylie says – reply to this


    omg that's so sad! I feel so bad for her that must be so devastating for her. One day she will have the most beautiful baby. :)

  13. Kylie says – reply to this


    Re: Rock – you're retarded and blind. It's a sad face. Take another look before you start bashing the messanger.

  14. Luke says – reply to this


    Firsty, Smoking doesnt cause miscarriages!
    Secondly, how are some of you being so vile? Just cos shes a celebrity it doesnt make her any less of a human. Would you say anything like to someone stood infront of you who's just miscarried?

  15. FAKE says – reply to this


    Lily Allen was never even pregnant. It was all fake. A shitty publicity stunt.

  16. lalala says – reply to this


    I would just like to say that quitting smoking is not as easy as all you think. If she had been doing it for years…I dont blame her for needing an extra few weeks to give them up. Also, quite possibly her smoking was not the cause so dont blame her. This is sad and awful. Smoking is NOT the end of the world…many many women I have known smoked throughout their pregnancies and you know they never misscarried. In fact, I smoked a bit as well…cut WAY back but I did. Doctors didnt say much but try to cut back. You should have no comment if you are not a smoker or have ever been pregnant.

  17. I know the heartache says – reply to this


    I had a miscarriage almost a year ago. I don't smoke, drink, party or whatever, and at first I didn't want to have a baby just yet. But when I found out I was pregnant, I was schocked and a little excited, but wasn't sure what the future would hold. My husband wanted to start a family right away. When I ended up miscarrying, it was soooo devastating. Even now, I still wish I hadn't because by now, I would have had a baby. We haven't had any luck on getting pregnant yet and each month is agonizing when the time comes around. It's very depressing!!! I just wish her well and hope she doesn't go through the same depression I still am under.

  18. zuzu says – reply to this


    So when someone tragic happens to someone you send them positive vibes…and the rest of the time you just trash them? Thanks Perez.

  19. Casper says – reply to this


    This proves: Drinking and drugs are bad for you, and your unborn child!

  20. been there too says – reply to this


    Re: Been There – Finally, a decent comment from someone who knows! I soooo know what you mean when you NEVER get over it. It's going to be a year since I miscarried. It was my first pregnancy. My husband and I hadn't planned getting pregnant and I did. To this day we haven't been able to and it's sooooooooo agonizing and I hate it when people ask, "So do you all want to have baby's yet. You need to hurry and have a baby. Or No babies yet?" Some don't know the situation, but still it tears my heart apart to know I had a life inside of me and I never was able to see him/her and I'll never know what kind of person he/she would have come out to be. Ughh…*tears*

  21. rosiegoldfish says – reply to this


    i feel so sorry for her i hope see will be ok.

  22. Mary says – reply to this


    That's what Lilly gets for smoking while pregnant! Dumb bitch! What else would you expect. This is a sign that she should NOT be a mom! So not ready to give up the cigarettes! You can't escape Karma!

  23. KYPRE says – reply to this


    Re: kypre

    Hi Kypre - YOU are the moron - do you live under a rock??? What did I say that was so offensive to you? Everything was TRUTH!!

  24. LisaL says – reply to this


    It's sad… but maybe if she wasn't still smoking (along with whatever else she was still selfishly doing)… it wouldn't have happened.

  25. RN says – reply to this


    Re: Stop Being Ignorant

    Actually smoking does increase risk of miscarriage - it has been proven and more importantly documented many times over in various medical journals. Miscarriage happens whether people are healthy or not; however, it is in the best interest of all involved to give the fetus it's best chance for survival - which last time I checked, did not include smoking cigarettes.

    Thank you.

  26. christy says – reply to this


    Miscarriages are always tragic.

    But she shouldn't have been smoking.

  27. RERE says – reply to this


    Maybe she should do some anti-smoking while pregnancy ads.DON'T SMOKE DURING PREGNANCYBIATCH!!!

    I feel sorry for the sweet baby who lost it's life.

  28. RJII says – reply to this


    sorry for her, but she, like many unstable celebs, shouldn't have a baby.

  29. Hannah says – reply to this


    my thoughts are with lily and ed at such a sad time :( , some people are so heartless, she had turned over a bnew leaf as perez said, she's not out every night like toher celebs are, she's a fanatstic role model now she has grown up! and for peoples info she was quitting smoking and had already quit alcohol for the sake of the baby!

  30. caroline says – reply to this


    You are an ignorant shit. To a lot of people, finding out they are pregnant is a shock especially if unplanned but that doesn't mean they wish their babies dead. You have obviously never been through this and are therefore unqualified to make such an outrageious statement.

  31. caroline says – reply to this


    HOw the fuck do you know it's not devastating? You can;t judge what someone else is going through!

  32. caroline says – reply to this


    How the fuck do you know it's not devastating? You can;t judge what someone else is going through!

  33. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    _I am so very sorry for this couple, i hope they will try again and this time , she will carry it all the way…..

  34. Sheely says – reply to this


    It's really sad but it kinda creeps me out that she gave her rep permission to announce it. Celebrities just kinda creep me out in that way. Nobody needs to be discussing it this early or ever really. It's more than tacky but still very unfortunate. Very much.

  35. bek says – reply to this


    Re: Rock – Uh dumb shithead Rock it is a SAD face. Look at the friggin pic before you start talking shit about people.

  36. smoker says – reply to this


    Weren't you just making fun of her for smoking and being pregnant?

  37. real bitch says – reply to this


    sad but ..maybe if she stopped smoking there would still be a baby..duh

  38. Rachel says – reply to this


    Just shows you that celebrities have lives just like ours, full of sadness and drama except they have their life played out in the media - I hope everyone gives Lily and Ed the privacy they need and my thoughts are with them.
    Ive never been pregnant before or experienced a miscarriage but this must truly be devastating for them.

  39. Jill says – reply to this


    Re: Voice of Reason – How inhumane does a person have to be to say something so insensitive. I can't fucking believe that you could be that level of insensitive and even say something to the effect that you're glad. To even go FURTHER and wish that Jamie Lynn would SUFFER through a miscarriage is so completely terrible, I just don't know how you can live with yourself. It doesn't matter how young or old a person is, you never wish something like that on a person. Yes, the child may live a much less than normal life but that'd be because of the enormous pressure put onto them. If both of them were willing to try, then all the power to them. To want that child's life taken away is just sad. You say you don't believe that Perez doesn't agree with you and that it's going to 'make its mark on the youth of America'. I'd never want to live in a world where the majority was like you then.

  40. dsfs says – reply to this


    Re: JenFred – Hey, how about you stop being another ignorant, unfeeling gossipgirl? Yeah, it's hilarious when someone miscarries. It's a riot when someone beats on someone who's already down. All of you who say 'dumb bitch, its her fault for smoking', why don't you fucking read some comments other than your own, and realize the facts? She didn't know she was pregnant when that picture was taken. If you're going to act and parade around as if you're intelligent and know what the fuck you're talking about, why not take the fucking 5 minutes to actually look it up! It's called perez trying to attract attention to his site. The more shocking the better? I feel bad for all of you ignorant assholes who fall for that crap. What a sad world for her to live in when she's in pain. What a society we must have.

  41. Trish says – reply to this


    Re: martha

    You are an idiot. Burn in hell. A miscarriage is one of the most devistating things to happen to someone. And to the lovely person who called miscarriages "little suicides"…. seriously.. there is a special place in hell for you. My god.. people..

  42. Trish says – reply to this


    Re: martha

    You are an idiot. Burn in hell. A miscarriage is one of the most devistating things to happen to someone. And to the lovely person who called miscarriages "little suicides"…. seriously.. there is a special place in hell for you. My god.. people..

  43. woohoo says – reply to this


    Wasn't she smoking while she was pregnant!? Should we really be sad or feel relieved that there is no baby in this soon to be over relationship!!!?

  44. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: KIKI

    Read a book or do a human biology degree.

    Smoking has never been sought out as the cause of miscarriages. True, it has been linked…(correlations, my dear, have no proof or causations…) to certain learning difficulties but it is not 100% damaging…

    Lily hasn't even reached the 3 month period and honestly, not a lot of pregnancies reach that stage. In fact, a lot of pregnancies and miscarriages go unnoticed.

    So before pointing your finger, read some facts…..

  45. Anon says – reply to this


    Thats what you get for smoking during pregnancy its called KARMA

  46. BIRTH DEFECTS says – reply to this


    Re: redsonja1313
    And Anna Nicole's baby has a birth defect…that thing with her eyes…it's caused by drug use…they may not publicize it, but it's absolutely an effect of Anna's having been a drug addict. In the event that she's not miraculously healed (and she very much could be…I pray she is) "fixing" the problem will only be some vain surface resolution: her eyes will no longer appear "crossed" and "dart wildly/shake" but she'll likely be legally blind. I hated to type that…but I know someone who's had the same thing happen to one of her children.

  47. justine says – reply to this


    Lily I'm sooooo sorry to hear your sad news:( it's ok, life will bring you something wonderful soon; it just wasn't meant to be right now… more wonderful things are to come to you:)
    love juz

  48. baddoo says – reply to this


    fuck all this "first" shite! lily allen must be in a state! for all you insensetive haters have a reality check and imagine what it must feel like to lose your baby!!! take a second……………….
    not nice!
    all my thoughts with her for her loss,


  49. joshlabbe says – reply to this


    shes was never fucken pregnant shes a lil publicity whore who would do anything to be famous, come on shes fugly and shes just acts like shes not like every one else but she sooo is im kinda getting sick of her wino is looking fucken good tho these days

  50. joshlabbe says – reply to this


    she was never fucken pregnant shes a lil publicity whore who would do anything to be famous, come on shes fugly and shes just acts like shes not like every one else but she sooo is im kinda getting sick of her wino is looking fucken good tho these days

  51. J says – reply to this


    Just b/c she smokes doesn't mean that's what caused the miscarriage you uninformed idiots. Look at history! People smoked for decades while preggers and had normal children. It's a horrible thing when a women loses a child, have some respect.

  52. pedobear. says – reply to this


    she did it for the LULZ

  53. hayley says – reply to this


    smoking doesnt cause a miscarriage youf ucking idiots. it can harm the baby slightly but its not a cause you retards. there can be complications, people who dont smoke or drink suffer miscarriages too so get a grip.

  54. realist says – reply to this


    it's prob for the best. how would this fool raise a child?

  55. uranidiot says – reply to this


    Re: TripMcNeely – fool, when i got knocked up i smoked like a chimney hoping that shit would die and it didn't. had to abort that shit.

  56. uranidiot says – reply to this


    Re: TripMcNeely – I smoked like a chimney when I found out I was knocked up and the damn thing didnt die. i ended up having to abort it so your arguments crap

  57. Jan Hong says – reply to this



    Karma's a bitch ain't it?

  58. Tot says – reply to this


    I feel so sorry for Lily and Ed. I hope that they are able to cope through this hard time. May God be with them and their families.

  59. Phillip Brand says – reply to this


    Haha, what once a worthless loser always a worthless loser. Retarded duck.

  60. K says – reply to this


    It seems that a lot of people are taking the time and effort to make hateful comments. You are rude and thoughtless, waste your time on something else like educating yourselves. Lets hope you never have to go through anything anywhere near as devastating.

  61. Nicki says – reply to this


    At such a young age? Are you serious? Lilly is in her 20's - it's not like she's 16 years old. You should inform yourself a bit better before passing comment on situations like this. The poor girl has lost her baby - leave her alone to grieve….

  62. sassy sara says – reply to this


    Re: RockRe: Rock – Yeah? then you are a total twat kicking dickhead then aint you you wassuk, cock drinking waste of space tosser! WE LOVE PEREZ IN WALES!!!!!!

  63. xoxoxoxo says – reply to this


    That's so sad
    She would have been a really cool mom :-(

  64. catherine thee great says – reply to this



    my heart goes out to you.. times will get better and the sun will shine again..

    people should respect this.. its a very hard time for anyone to go through..

    perez you really do have sum assholes writing in this bitch.. ew.. tell them to fuck off

  65. annelu says – reply to this


    O c'mon, it happens so often, she wasnt that far along either. When this happens it is usually something wrong with the phoetus, anyway, so it is nature's way.

  66. Sara Talent says – reply to this


    Re: Rock – It's called a sad face. ur the fat fucking asshole for comin up with that "clever" assumption.

  67. Jess says – reply to this


    why send her positive vibes? the whore wouldn't stop smoking just cuz she was preggers.

  68. mamamarisa says – reply to this


    Sorry for your loss!
    This happens to many wemon and its really hard to go threw for the both of you I know. Give yourself time to be sad and angry and let yoursel heal. Think of it as natures or gods way (whatever you prefer) of taking care of something that wasnt going right. Time will heal and you will have another baby. None of this is your fault! It happens to alot of us!

  69. tess says – reply to this


    That's what happens when you tell the world about your pregnancy. Why can't celebrities keep a low-profile and shut their mouuth until the're sure the baby's safe? They should be more superstitious about those things. Lilly made too many statements about how over the moon she was, how excited she was… bla bla bla. So my advice to her: next time you get sperminated, just Shhh the ffff up!!!!!

  70. lacyboo says – reply to this


    Re: ghjnf – fuck you…coming from someone whos miscarried, no one deserves to have a miscarriage.

  71. TIM says – reply to this


    I love Lily. I hope her she has another one. I hope she gets better! I love her, she would have been a great mom.

  72. Theresa Marie says – reply to this


    This is so sad… Much support to Lily and her family. Things will get better for you, keep singing my love.

  73. MOM says – reply to this


    OK..so i would NEVER wish the death of a child on anyone but this lily girl didnt even take care of her child during this pregnancy. She was still dieting while preggers and was smoking!! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN??! You were so worried about your weight and your addictions you didnt stop ONCE to think of that child! Sorry but she didnt deserve a child…if you cant sacrafice something as simple as eating then you couldnt possibly be a good mother!

  74. sadsadsad says – reply to this


    OMG that is so sad :( She must be miserable.

  75. sadsadsad says – reply to this


    OMG that is so sad :( She must be miserable.

  76. NYC 2 LA says – reply to this


    im not a fan but im sad for her

  77. What's That? says – reply to this


    Re: Brandy
    Brandy, don't be a dumb ass. I've had THREE little accidents and have loved and adored each one. People have a change of heart when they are faced with the reality of parenthood.

    Why would you even say such a stupid thing? Think it, yeah, but don't say it. She's had a miscarriage. end of story.

  78. Leleila says – reply to this


    She did stop smoking eventually, she went under hypnosis and stopped about 6 weeks ago and she had already cut down on drinking well before she fell pregnant and when she did fall pregnant she stopped. This isn't the issue anyway, she was only 12 weeks which you should know is the danger zone. This is not her fault. You are being very insensitive. People like Kerry Katona and Britney smoke and drink through their pregnancies heavily and yet their children are delivered healthy.

  79. lil lily says – reply to this


    my heart goes out to lily and ed at this sad time in their lives everything will

  80. Mandy says – reply to this


    Oh, Lily, I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what you're going through. Much love being sent your way. As hard as it might be, keep your head up. You're strong, you're beautiful . . . let that carry you along for now. We're thinking about you.

  81. Fan! says – reply to this


    Can I just say that Lily actually STOPPED smoking when she found out she was pregnant! U have gotta stop critisising her! She would have been a great mother! :( My thoughts are with her and her partner at this sad timee xxx

  82. mwryih says – reply to this


    You wanker down there. "She deserved it" Wtf. Nobody deserves a miscarriage. I cant believe you're so vile. My prayers are with lily to get through this.

  83. [k0r3] says – reply to this


    It's really sad new. You guys need to get over yourself; yeah she did smoke but she actually got a lot better when she found out she was pregnate. She would have been a great mom. Better than all the people leaving comments saying what a c**t she is. Go to Hell.

  84. G says – reply to this


    She had an abortion, everyone in London knows that.
    still shit though.

  85. Kiki says – reply to this


    How can you blame her for a miscarraige? The photo of her smoking was confirmed as being taken before she knew she was pregnant. Also Perez, I love your blog but come on, you were slagging her off before she was pregnant, when she got pregnant by saying that because her pregnancy was an accident "that poor kid!", as if it would be less loved or cared for. And you will probably be slagging her off very soon again. Give her a break, whether you like it or not she is very successful.

  86. Cinderella says – reply to this


    She needs a kid with her "four month "relationship" like a hole in the head!!!


  87. Divia says – reply to this


    Love for Lily and Ed.

    All of you tools saying it's her fault for smoking I bet lots of your mums smoked while pregnant and you're still around, honestly. Not to mention there is no way to prove any smoking pictures were taken post the preggo realization.

  88. Sheri says – reply to this


    Re: dkslfj. – A Lot of moms do that, for the most part, the only thing it results in is a caulicky baby. My mom found that out when she got pregnant with my brother at 43, and the doctor actually told her it was fine to smoke one or two a day. And you can have a glass of wine a day as well.

    Poor Lily, we should just offer support guys, not criticize her.

  89. Sheri says – reply to this


    Re: kitty kat – You = Fat Asshole.

  90. Sheri says – reply to this


    Re: JenFred – Karma would be your miscarrige for wishing that upon someone and saying she deserved it. So when you lose something you love, if you ever miscarry… Just remember, it's Karma, right? Fucking bitch.

  91. lazuk says – reply to this


    Lily herself said that when she was pictured smoking she didn't know that she was pregnant but gave up when she found out. How about we just send her all our best wishes instead of passing judgement on her! Not one person here is perfect I can guarantee!!!

  92. C says – reply to this


    Every single one of you for saying that she "deserved" a miscarriage, or that it "served" her right, can go to hell. You are assholes, and have obviously never lost a child…my heart goes out to Lily Allen, I can only imgaine the turmoil and heartache she must be suffering now. This is so incredibly sad, and not a time to make callous comments, keep them to yourself. How many of our Mothers smoked while pregnant? It doesnt make it right, but please do not ostrasize Lily Allen, she is a human like the rest of us.

  93. dana says – reply to this


    soo sad
    i feel so sorry for her!

  94. katie says – reply to this


    Re: beelyRe: beely – You obviously lack a heart. I lost my baby boy and your comment is so hurtful. Losing a child is NOT a laughing matter.

  95. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Stop Being Ignorant – I think that you are so right and after being so angry from reading comment from these insesitive people, yours was refreshing. I lost my baby last year at 37 weeks and I know you blame your self even if you do everything by the books. I was sure my eating IN and Out burger had something to do with my loss. I just mean Lily Allen is probably blaming herself enough no one else needs to. She didnt cause this loss.

  96. melissa says – reply to this


    just for that dickhead ROCK that comment 2 below me! that drawing is a sad face u dumb fuck…seriously are u the dumbest fucking asshole on the earth or what! Ghost baby, fucking idiot!

  97. HUH? says – reply to this



  98. dr. so and so says – reply to this


    I am a doctor, and for all of you who have tried to come to Lilly's defense by saying that smoking doesn't cause miscarriages, then you are wrong. What happened was a tragedy, I work in labor and delivery, and I see it more often then I would like. However, if she drank, smoked or was around loud music then it MOST DEFINATELY played a part. The miscarriage rate was up near 50% just 50 years ago, it is DOWN to 30% due to education. I hope she she can learn from this if she ever decides to have another child. Good luck to her, and anyone involved with the tragedy.

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