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Britney Made It!

| Filed under: Britney Spears

Spears just arrived for her "emergency" custody hearing.

The unstable mother of two is requesting visitation. She had it stripped indefinitely last week.

Wow. We're honestly impressed.

This may be the first time Britney's been awake at 9 A.M. in years!

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93 comments to “Britney Made It!”

  1. babe says – reply to this



  2. Crazy says – reply to this


    Still think she fucking nuts and needs to go skydiving…. without a parachute… Her and Michael Jackson are the same… neither one should be allowed near kids, EVER…

  3. Marsha says – reply to this


    color me surprised. I thought she would show up tomorrow for it.

  4. Olive says – reply to this


    on time??

  5. eli says – reply to this



  6. danseuse says – reply to this


    maybe she will stay for more than 5 minutes today

  7. Meghan says – reply to this


    She had it stripped indefinitely, which means not a definite amount of time, so they can change custody at any time.

  8. emma says – reply to this


    she doesnt deserve custody until she gets her shit together

  9. aussiechick says – reply to this


    its gona be a bloodbath 1st?

  10. Cindy says – reply to this


    I think she should get visitation right. She should be able to see her kids.

  11. ll says – reply to this


    does it make a difference?? she does not exactly deserve to have visitations

  12. Y says – reply to this



  13. ber says – reply to this



  14. Diana :o) says – reply to this


    Finally some effort…

  15. mag says – reply to this


    Regardless of her actually arriving…..the judge SHOULD NOT grant her visitation rights!!!! …..with or without a monitor. What the H#LL can the monitor do?!?! We all saw what happened the last time she had a monitor —- watching as she locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden…..some BIG help the monitor was!!

  16. kerrin says – reply to this



  17. mogul says – reply to this


    they'll give the kids back to her. She's going to take care of Jamie Lynn's baby, too, according to reports.

  18. Amanda says – reply to this


    wow, was she on time?

  19. iamab*ch says – reply to this


    go, britney, GO!

  20. Brit-Brit says – reply to this


    See!! This means she's done a complete 180 and should be given back custody of her kids.

  21. star84 says – reply to this


    I hope she gets help!

  22. Jesskaka says – reply to this


    WOW! She showed up , now lets see if she leaves too early and how many outfit changes she makes in court!!

  23. kick chick says – reply to this


    oh brittney….

  24. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Will someone please get her two MISTAKES away from her, and into Foster Care?

  25. perez lover says – reply to this



  26. frudel says – reply to this



  27. CGEEES says – reply to this


    I love Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Princess Jenny says – reply to this


    First maybe!
    Love ya Tara!

  29. kris says – reply to this


    Praise the Lord, she is coming around! Hopefully!

  30. Morgan says – reply to this


    fuuuckkkkk youuu people.

  31. King of Mean says – reply to this


    I wonder how many aboritions Brit Brit has had… I know she wished she had two MORE! Frickin' hillbilly!

    She's having a RUDE AWAKENING that she's not above the law… I wonder how today's hit-and-run with the motorcyclist will turn out… seems like she hasn't had a hit-and-run for about 10 days now… she's getting better…

  32. I Hate Britney and why.... says – reply to this


    Who really cares? With Heath Ledger's tragic death this really puts the insignificance of Britney's day to day BS into perspective!

  33. duncan says – reply to this


    good for her yea right! Check out www.stewedbeef.com

  34. morgan says – reply to this


    i can't believe you guys you know you all loved her.
    now your turning on her. pshhh

  35. morgan says – reply to this


    i can't believe you guys you know you all loved her.
    now your turning on her. pshhh

  36. Trudie says – reply to this


    I've tried to remain impartial to this girl's situation but after seeing her reaction after this motorcyclist gets hit is too much. She is a selfish, dumb bitch and her kids are better off w/o her for now. Maybe ever. This girl truly makes me ill and Adnan's first reaction? Check the car while the guy is lying on the ground! WTF? Fuck both of these losers. I'm sure the guy crashed b/c/ of all the crazy driving and fucking flash bulbs. Someone needs to compensate this guy seriously.

  37. Tara says – reply to this


    I am so sick of this fugly whore Britney. She is history's worst celeb mother and she is a white trash mess. *gags*

  38. Super says – reply to this


    Britney is the best mother and she is very love her sons. Perez, you can suck you cock, you are fuckin stupid and ugly!

  39. FunMobility says – reply to this


    Hip hip hooray! Submit your fun pics to www.funmobilty.com/rufun.html for a chance to win $1,000.

  40. che says – reply to this


    Re: YAWN!!! – i agree!

  41. Terry Girl via Canada says – reply to this


    I think we are going to be in for a big Surprise!
    There is going to be a big turn-around in Brit's life & all this garbage going on.
    She's got it together & has a plan in place to get her kids back.
    Now she has support & some friends, whether papparazzi or not, they have alot of power to write good things or bad things.
    She's being doing alot of PR work with them…..Just Watch! Go Girl….

  42. Jade says – reply to this


    She is wearing the same tacky clothes she had on last night, hardly appropriate court room atire

  43. Lindsey says – reply to this


    YAY Britney!

  44. liz says – reply to this


    its not gonna happen… hes going to get total custody

  45. harmony says – reply to this


    Re: &Re: & – shut up .britney spears hater

  46. Tira says – reply to this


    Her latest assistant must have forgotten to alert the media so the paps couldn't give her an excuse not to go in the building

  47. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Judge,

    Please let Kevin have my two MISTAKES… I don't really want them. I prefer to party with Adnan, cause he's real "down to earth", and loves me for my intellect and exciting personality.

    Love, Brit Brit

    PS: Really, take the two MISTAKES away from me… I don't even remember their names.

  48. IHateBritney says – reply to this


    She's an UNFIT psycho: cookoo for cocoa puffs!!!
    I hope that motorcycle guy SUES THE SHIT out of her!
    Then her backwoods ass will have to move BACK into the trailer park!
    Trailer trash SKANK deserves to DIE!!!!
    Can I get an Amen?

  49. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Judge,

    Daddy is smoking this 420 stuff, and it's stinking up my toys and stuff. Daddy said my mommie died in a car crash, so can you please put me in Foster care?

  50. A Bum and A Bicycle says – reply to this


    Re: Trudie

    Yes, between seeing her indifferent reaction to a man being hit by her car last night, and seeing her make such an ignorant remark to a homeless person the other night, she's just about got me convinced that she's the most self-involved, shallow person on the planet.

  51. WORLD GONE MAD says – reply to this


    Awake at 9 am? I don't think she even went to bed last night

  52. VS says – reply to this


    Well, she is back with the Pap! He woke her ass up! They hit a young man
    on a bike last night! Wow! And stupid made it to court on time.
    Very good Britney Bitch! That's all you had to do all this time!
    She was playing everyone. She never left Adnan! Wow! She getting
    better at her games. Ok, let the games began…

  53. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Judge,
    I just want to vouch for Brit Brit, like a character witness. She's really cool, and she supported me in leaving the scene of last night's hit-and-run with the motorcycle dude.

    But she's a terrible mother. Please make Kevin raise those two bastard mistakes of hers. I don't want them interferaring with our late night partying, and shopping at Rite-Aid.


    PS: Do I quality for support, even though I'm still Brit Brit's #1? Also, I'm shopping some pics of Brit Brit's twat this week… do you want to bid on them?

  54. Wolf says – reply to this


    Re: Super
    Yeah sure she loves her kids. She just loves being a media whore a little bit more and she'll use them for more publicity.

  55. msrigz says – reply to this


    She was probably up all night and decided to stop pAArtying for an hour to go to court.

  56. KS says – reply to this


    BRITNEY WHO CARES! get a life!

  57. Mike says – reply to this


    Um, you're impressed that a person takes responsibility and makes an appearance at a court? Yeah, she is a winner! Truth is, she is a whackjob who could give to shits. If she did, she wouldn't have done have the shit she has. Get a clue!

  58. duh says – reply to this


    she makes kfed look like man of the year and should be at a parenting class not out "cruising the strip" like a teenager looking for her "pap" friends that scare her so much she has to run and get tacos after court. what a douche. take her kids and don't let her see them again or she will be whoring them out ala denise richards another waist of valuable air.

  59. Dewellah says – reply to this


    Well, the only thing that I can see different in her life right now compared to her missing every other depo & court date is Adnan. Maybe he is giving her good advice? Even if he is with her for his own selfish reasons, he probably doesn't want to make himself look any worse galavanting around with her when she is supposed to be at a court hearing. Sometimes if a girl is really needy of companionship in her life, she will follow what a man tells her she should do so that she doesn't lose him. Not that I think it's right - since she should be doing this for herself and her kids…

  60. lr says – reply to this


    As ridiculous as the Judges seem to be in California I won't be surprised if she gets her visitation. Denise Richards gets her reality show with her small children (stupid fucking Judge) - Slutney will probably get her visitation. If I were Kevin I would run as fast as I could with those kids.

  61. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Kevin's Legal Team,
    I'm shopping some pics of Brit Brit's twat that I took last night. Sam suggested I let you have first crack at a bit on them. Her pussy is shaved, but there is some blood showing from her Kotex. The price is $50,000.
    Let me know what you want to do.
    Oh, one of the pictures is extra bloody, with the Kotex really sticking out of her twat. That one is $60,000 by itself.
    PS: Last night, Brit Brit was on so much 420 that she forgot to flush the toilet, and I have a picture of a really big Brit Brit dump she made… it's got lots of corn in it, and it's real wirery. If interested, let me know… would make a great cover shot. I'm asking $100,000 for her dump photos.

  62. skank says – reply to this


    yesterday she had on no bra with hard nipples showing and today old clothes from last night ? her hair looks like a crack whores and it just shows her respect even when she shows up. it shows she's still a MESS and the kids do not need her until she completes at least first stage of treatment in a Nutthouse! She's fucked in the head

  63. WHY!! says – reply to this



  64. PS..She left says – reply to this


    She left…haha

  65. nellbomeister says – reply to this


    She left! She never made it into the courtroom….CRAZY BIOTCH!

  66. Ava S. says – reply to this


    Good for her…glad she finally made her children a priority.

    I really hope though that they don't give her visitation back until she's gotten some help.

  67. Hehehehe says – reply to this


    She's probably awake at 9 AM because she never went to sleep lst night! hehehehe

  68. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Adnan,
    I've decided to have an abortion, but I would like you to pork me. I'm a real mature 16, so i think it's OK. I want to have your baby, that way, our child and tator tot will be stepbrothers, right?
    Jamie Lynn Spears, age 16
    PS: I know i'll make a better mother than my sis. She's such a cunt.

  69. idaho potato says – reply to this


    She may be in the courthouse, but is not in the courtroom. The case has begun and no Britney in site, reports say.

  70. Britney Lover says – reply to this


    Leave Britney ALONE!!! She is innocent.

  71. violet says – reply to this


    GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Britney's Vagina,
    Can you please wear some water-proof undies on TOP of me?
    Britney's Bloody Kotex

  73. tabitha says – reply to this


    Bitch left the courthouse already

  74. David says – reply to this


    OMG… with all the stuff that Britney has been doing lately (like shaving her head and such) i don't even think her kids wouldn't want to see her… they probably think their mother is insane… so people… DON'T LET HER CHILDREN she will scare the crap out of them…

  75. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Britney,
    Thanks for being a fucking hillbilly… you make me look sane.
    Best wishes,
    Amy Winehouse
    PS: I'm outta crack.. do you have any spare?

  76. cookie says – reply to this


    …She didn't make it to the courtroom. Well, at least she got in the building, as opposed to last week. I guess that's baby steps. Better to go with baby steps than not go at all or not enter the building at all, eh?

  77. cookie says – reply to this


    …She didn't make it to the courtroom. Well, at least she got in the building, as opposed to last week. I guess that's baby steps. Better to go with baby steps than not go at all or not enter the building at all, eh?

  78. heather says – reply to this


    the freak never made it to the court room, she left.

  79. melissa says – reply to this



  80. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Britney,
    Thanks for being such a fuck up. You disgust me. I'm glad I'm dead.
    PS: There is some extra Ambien on my dresser, you can have it.

  81. kelaudk says – reply to this


    As a person with extensive training & experience with young children, I have to say that initially I thought Britney should have absolutely no contact with her children. Evidently that didn't work, & I find myself changing my mind. Now I feel that Brit should get some visitation with her boys, but it should also come with very strict guidelines. Maybe if she saw them in a neutral setting (I know YMCA provides sites for supervised visits), with court appointed supervision once a week for a few hours would be helpful. Cutting them out of her life only removed her responsibilities as a parent & allowed for even more partying & crazy behavior. "Out of sight-out of mind" applies to her right now. Maybe if she spent a few hours a week with them, she'd want them back. I'm sure those boys are little terrors to be around & that's why she doesn't care. That's not their fault. That's just how little ones are when their lives are turned upside down because they don't have any control over their lives & don't have the language skills to tell people how they feel.

  82. TRex says – reply to this



  83. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Judge,
    I forgot, how many children do I have? I withdraw my request for any visitation, other than I would like to text them on their birthdays only. I can raise them by texting them. Does Kevin have a job yet? He's really talented. He can type. Why doesn't he get a job? He's such a fuck up.
    Love Britney
    PS: I've got "thunder thighs"

  84. IHateBritney says – reply to this


    You're TOO SLOW, FAT ASS!!!!!
    Britney will HOPEFULLY be involved in a fiery WRECK as she leaves the courthouse.
    Can I get an AMEN, biyatches????

  85. King of Mean says – reply to this


    Dear Paparazzi,
    You've got it all wrong… I didn't show up at the courthouse demanding any visitation with those two mistakes of mine… I'm here on a warrant from last night's HIT AND RUN with the motorcycle dude.

    Fooled y'all.

    Brit Brit

    PS: I forget my kids' names… I know there's tater-tot, but i forget the other one's name… oh well, it's o.k.

  86. Meg says – reply to this


    From the pics I've seen she is wearing the EXACT same thing she had on last night, shirt, jeans, jacket, etc. She's awake at 9AM because she probably never went to sleep!

  87. T says – reply to this


    I was told that she did NOT go into the courtroom. I asked an attorney friend who was there. I never, ever have put a comment on any of Perez's notes, but I had to on this one. My heart breaks for the entire family. Not just her, not just the boys, but the ENTIRE family.

  88. sad for the babies... says – reply to this


    #86: But that's what PARENTING is all about isn't it? RESPONSIBILITY and being ABLE and WILLING to put another human being's needs above your own. I truly believe that Brit Brit thought she would have these babies and that they would be like little play-things to have around and be able to dress up in cute outfits, etc… WHAT she didn't take into consideration was that babies GROW UP and as such, the job of PARENTING gets harder and harder. I think that she couldn't take the responsibility of having these two children so close in age, so demanding, etc… that it became EASIER for her to "bail on them"… so sad- considering that they will not be babies forever and will one day have to cope with the very real reality that their OWN MOTHER DID NOT WANT THEM OR EVEN FIGHT HARD TO BE ABLE TO SEE THEM! sad, sad, sad- NOT for her, but for those two INNOCENT BOYS' who never asked to be born into such a circus environment.

  89. Ooba Gooba says – reply to this


    #93, T: Your heart shouldn't be breaking for Twitney. She deserves a good ass-kicking. She does not deserve sympathy from anyone.

  90. ashley says – reply to this


    who the fuck CARES anymore? i'm sick of your 10 entries detailing that she's left her house and is heading north on whatever road..

    she's a waste of space and deserves to be treated like any person…not given 15 million court hearings to fuck up in. FUCK HER.

  91. Leia says – reply to this


    Perez- you may want to update. The Brit-Brit did go to court however, she did not show up at the hearing. She walked in to the court house and turned around and walked out. Her kids aren't that important to her. The judge decided to leave the custody as it stands right now. Basically, she still has no visitation rights to her kids. I wish her attorneys good luck with this new idea of theirs to get Britney the mental help she needs, won't be easy considering she is refusing the help because Lufti tells her that nothing is wrong with her. She REALLY NEEDS TO GET RID OF ALL HER ENABLERS (Lufti, Alli Simms & Adnan) By the way she is still with the idiot Adnan, I am sure that is making Lufti pissed considering he can't get into her pants. Adnan is also claiming that the pictures of him & her looking at the pregnancy tests were not staged, as per Lufti's comments that they were. Adnan also states that Britney wants to have kids with him and that he wants to marry her!! He already sold his story to Entertaingment Tonight. Britney has truly reaped what she has sowed. KARMA!! KARMA!!

  92. LET HER SEE HER KIDS! says – reply to this


    Let me reiterate, LET HER SEE HER KIDS GOD DAMMIT. More like, let the kids see THEIR FUCKING MOTHER. Guarantee EVERYONE on here screaming NO VISITATION FOR BRITNEY is NOT a parent or has no basic knowledge of a mother/child/neccessity relationship. It's good for the kids people. It's supervised, chill the fuck out.

  93. funny funny! says – reply to this


    Re: King of Mean – AWESOME. love that! LOLOL!!!