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Gibson Shows No Remorse

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John Gibson is not sorry!

The shameful Fox News host made a mockery of Heath Ledger's death and reveled in homophobia on his radio show Tuesday night.

Click here to read about that disgusting incident.

The uproar was almost instantaneous and Gibson had NO remorse or apology on his show Wednesday. In fact, he defended his actions!

According to Think Progress:

On his radio show yesterday, Fox News host John Gibson responded to ThinkProgress’ criticism of his comments mocking the death of Heath Ledger, saying that it was just “a little Brokeback Mountain joke” and there is “no point in passing up a good joke.”

Without offering any sort of apology, Gibson defended his callous comments by claiming that “for months and months and months,” his show has consistently made fun of the line, “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain. “I’m not giving that up,” exclaimed Gibson:

GIBSON: How many months did we live off that line, Brokeback Mountain?

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN CLIP: I wish I knew how to quit you.

ANGRY RICH: Several.

GIBSON: I mean, it was going on for months and months and months.


GIBSON: I’m not giving that up.

Listen to the audio here.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, host Joe Scarborough described the homophobic undertones of Gibson’s “little Brokeback Mountain joke,” calling it “mean-spirited and hateful” that “if you make a movie about being gay, your death becomes a punchline.”

When Gibson’s sidekick, Angry Rich, read him a negative comment left by a ThinkProgress reader (which the site does not endorse) calling the Fox News host “a closet homosexual,” Gibson responded by laughing and quipping “well, I’m still breathing”:

ANGRY RICH: You’re “a closet homosexual.” That’s the first one.

GIBSON: Oh, I am?

ANGRY RICH: Apparently.

GIBSON: Ha ha ha, well I’m still breathing. There’s the difference right there.

If you are as offended by Gibson's despicable behavior as we are, click here to find out the many ways you can contact his employers.

And hopefully people will start reaching out to and asking Fox's advertiser's to boycott the channel and radio network!

Update: Click here to see a list of Fox's current advertisers.

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462 comments to “Gibson Shows No Remorse”

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  1. sarah says – reply to this


    what a fookin', talent less, homophibic prick, he should show some bloody respect. if not for heath then for his greiving family!

  2. Ben says – reply to this


    Who cares. Ever hear of FREEDOM OF SPEECH ? If you don't like it, who cares. I'm sick of the liberals trying to tell us how to speak and think. Until it is illegal to voice one's OPINION, then he and everyone else can say what they want.

  3. Morgan says – reply to this


    what a jackass! He should burn in hell for saying all those cruel things. He is very unprofesional and has no respect, think about all the people that are affected by Heath's death, and he is basically laughing in there faces!

  4. Stop Watching. says – reply to this


    Just stop watching Fox if you find their content callous and disrespectful. Their ratings will fall, and they will lose advertising dollars, and the pocketbook ultimately determines where the lines are drawn regarding what goes on the air and what doesn't.

  5. no says – reply to this


    Re: FairPrincess999 – great.
    Now do you want to do something actually relevant?
    Like fight child porn and shit like that. You know, serious problems.

  6. A HoMoPhoBiC says – reply to this


    I listened to the whole thing and he doesn't even say anything bad about Heath other than how he could have lived a long life instead of wasting it on drugs.
    Perez… u are offended because he used the Brokeback Mountian clip and made a joke about that. You are getting as bad as the black people that use the race card. Instead you use the 'homophobic' card… ranting and crying everytime someone doesn't accept your queer way or jokes about it. What is GLAAD ? …the homo version of the NAACP ? I am suppose to be impressed that GLAAD is getting involved ?
    Get a life and stop using Heath's death to drum up support for your homosexuality. It is lame. You first post and make it sound like Gibson is insulting Heath when the truth is he is busting on the Gay line in Brokeback. Now you are turning this into a Fag Crusade trying to get Gibson in trouble for being Homophobic when in fact he is just a person that has the same view as the majority. Face it… You have a brain defect as scientist have proven. If we used your term of homophobia then most people would be homophobic. Majority of the people don't agree with your lifestyle you choose to live. So don't expect to be treated normal if you do things that are not normal for a man to do like sticking other men's penises in your mouth and up your a$$.

    And finally most importantly, stop using Heath's death to push your Gay Agenda.

  7. woe says – reply to this


    perez you are kicking all kinds of ass today!!!!! this is some grassroots shit! you rock!!!!

  8. j says – reply to this


    what a fucking disgusting human being

  9. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Thank you for the information. I have emailed all of the contacts you provided. I hope it helps. R.I.P. Heath.

  10. Heather says – reply to this


    Other than the fact that hes making jokes at someones death, what makes this even more sad is that you know he would already have been fired if he would have made a racist or sexist comment. Maybe something like, "nappy headed hos"? The media doesn't take homophobia as seriously as they should. Hatered is hatered no matter what group its against.

  11. phater says – reply to this


    shit, all you gays should die

  12. unbelievable says – reply to this


    hopefully when HE dies, someone will MAKE A JOKE about it!!

  13. ann says – reply to this


    First of all this makes no sense to me. I would need the entire transcript of the show to understand the context of what he is saying. Second if we want to have freedom of speech we have to let everyone have freedom of speech even if we find it unfair, upsetting, or offensive.

  14. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: A HoMoPhoBiC – What?????????? He clearly made cruel remarks about Heath. He said that he was a "weirdo" and accused him of being on drugs. How would he know if he was on drugs???? DO NOT say that he was not cruel. He carried no facts. Only hateful opinions and jokes. People like John Gibson and yourself sadden me.

  15. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: YOU KNOW MY NAME – Yes, FREEDOM OF SPEACH allows US to COMPLAIN about his HORRIBLE comments!!!!!!!!!!!! It works BOTH WAYS! John Gibson is a pig.

  16. snoopdog says – reply to this


    Gibson was fired from MSNBC for his stupidity, he needs to be fired from Fox for the same thing. Who needs these "conservative" voices which are noting but hate spewing members of the Republican Cult??????????

  17. Kristen says – reply to this


    This was my email to all of the big execs at Fox News:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I found the comment made by Mr. Gibson to be the most insensitive thing I've ever heard on radio or television before. Granted, I did not hear it right when he said it, but word has spread quickly on my college campus. For someone to make a joke of this sort is simply irresponsible as not only a human being but as a gentleman in such high standing in the public. Even I, as a twenty year old college student, know that this is outlandish and unnecessary, to say the least. I would appreciate it, as I'm sure many others have proposed to you already, that actions be taken to make sure 1. things of this sort do not happen again and 2. that Mr. Gibson initiates an apology not just to Heath Ledger fans, but most certainly to his grieving family.


  18. lee says – reply to this


    Perez…do something!!!!

  19. Angie says – reply to this


    Perez, you are, as usual, missing the point. Just because you're gay does not mean other people can't have prejudices, preferences, be callous or idiots. To insist others condone your lifestyle is as fascist as those who refuse to tolerate it. This guy is being who he is. A dick. You're not going to change him being a dick by insisting he not say mean things. That kind of insipid behavior is exactly what fuels all the neocons barking about political correctness. You may their point for them. You make it worse. Quit insisting on winning a fucking lifestyle popularity contest and be grateful no one can break into your home and arrest you for sodomy. At least not in LA. Other people don't have to like what you do.

  20. Steve says – reply to this


    Fox will consider this another Nappy Headed Ho Incident and slap this closet bi-sexual on the wrist and he'll be back in a month. Fuck these network brodcasters and their obvious RepubliCunt Fascist rants.

  21. Crystal Baller says – reply to this


    When this first happened, weren't you making fun of him too? Posting that picture of Dita Von Teese and Victoria Beckham and saying they were wearing sunglasses because they were in mourning for him? And the crack you made about Britney being pissed because he was taking all the attention away from her? His body wasn't even cold when you were spouting that shit out. Maybe you should take your own advice.

  22. CJ says – reply to this


    So, let me get this straight…
    The same guy who draws little penises on peoples' photos, the guy who paints cum stains on peoples mouths, the guy who continually tries to 'out' various celebrities is OFFENDED by these silly, innocuous comments?

    Grow up Perez, and everyone else who is offended. Your true colors have shown. If it was Bill Maher or Keith Olbermann you wouldn't have said a word.

  23. erin says – reply to this


    Perez- this is really smart. I'm totally going to email the advertisers about what an offensive ahole John Gibson is.

  24. C says – reply to this


    i def just sent out a mass email to every single person listed…

  25. SERIOUSLY says – reply to this


    Perez, Perez, Perez,

    It was not too long ago you were making lewd comments about Anna Nichole after she was gone. Think about it Perez, get off the soap box! FOX RULES!!!!!

  26. I HATE GAYS ! says – reply to this


    Comon' you fags… write your li'l emails and letters to Fox. Tell them you are offended because they are picking on ya. Boycott their station like as if you homos really watched it. It ain't going to work for you.
    How can you queers get any respect when u have guys acting like girls and girls acting men.

  27. C says – reply to this


    Re: OPRAH – i find it amusing how your name is that of a famous african american women who hates those who discriminate against LGBT.
    change your name, change your attitude, or dont post

  28. sue says – reply to this


    ok so tell us how to get rid of this asshole-I can't believe gay and lesbian groups don't have the clout to do a Sharpton on his fag ass. I'm neither gay or lesbian-just a thinking, breathing member of the human horde. This kind of shit sickens me…thanx

  29. Kasia says – reply to this



    I'd love it if he were put infront of a firing squad…

  30. Boycott Foxs News says – reply to this


    Hands down that so called news network are the biggest frickin morons on the planet.Even the Greta the scientology bitch.Bill Oreilly can kiss my ass,is Fox News run by the KKK,CAUSE IT SURE STINKS LIKE IT,gIBSON YOU FUCKIN DIGS COCK THATS WHY HES SHOOTING HIS MOUTH OFF

  31. Dude says – reply to this


    Meh, You've done worse Perez =P

  32. Myron Bunzrider says – reply to this


    If being gay isn't "normal," why do men have a prostrate gland way up their anus that feels so good when "something" touches it? I'll tell you why because GAY IS NOT ONLY NORMAL but IT IS SIMPLY DIVINE, DARLINGS!!! (With a special shout out to MRS TRENT LOTT!!! HEY SUGARBOOTS!!!)

  33. christina says – reply to this


    sad that he claims to be religious in front of millions but then he does such an unchristian like thing and mock the death of any human being no matter how they died, but karma will come back to him.

  34. Red Scorpion says – reply to this


    What a fucking asshole! He should be shut down. If you don't wanna respect the dead at least be considerate for the family and friends of his, I mean there's a little girl involved in this, how heartless is he? dumbass!

  35. Phelps Phamily Phun says – reply to this


    The thing which is so hilarious about these whackjob "Christians" (I'm an atheist but I don't want to insult 99% of nice, normal Christians by lumping them with the Phelps phringe types) and these homophobic old men is that Heath Ledger wasn't even gay! And moreover, in the one role he pretended to be - he played a CLOSETED gay man! Isn't that what those phuckers want, for gay people to lead miserable, loveless lives denying their sexuality? Isn't that their goal?
    Heath Ledger's character should be their fricking role model for good "Christian" kids!
    Uuuuuhhhh….they aren't just evil, they're stupid. And cowards, picking on dead people who can't fight back. I'd spend $5 to see a "Gibson vs. Perez" or "Phelps Family vs. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Cast Celebrity Survivor-Episode-and-CNN-Debate With American Gladiator Rules on pay per view, but the homophobes would be too chickenshit to do it, watch.

  36. Jon says – reply to this


    This is just more vile shit spewing from the mouths of the people at Fox. The fact that anybody is surprised, well, that's the real surprise. If you want to try to make them understand that they cannot continue to behave in this manner, let their advertisers know that you are going to boycott their products. The only thing that matters to the networks is the bottom line.

  37. Sam says – reply to this


    He's just as callous as you, Perez. You make fun of mentally disabled people, children, and fat people. He made a crack at a gay movie and suddenly you are up in arms. Please.

  38. Jorge Florez says – reply to this


    I LOVE YOU PEREZ So much for taking action! the advertisers part is very practical man…Gracias Perezito!!!

  39. PEREZ READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this



  40. L says – reply to this


    it makes no sense to attack someone based off of an acting role. is he going to attack other actors whom have portrayed homosexuals, like Tom Hanks in Phildelphia or Robin Williams in the Birdcage.. just to name a random few? perez you have got to wage war on this d bag.

  41. vincent says – reply to this


    arghhh, ssssooo many stupid ones and scumbags in the world!
    it is so not about being a gay or str8,u pathetic moron!It's about being a human being and having at least basic decency and respect!
    If that piece of trash is not fired off the air, this will be absolutely atrocious!

  42. leave him alone says – reply to this


    Re: OPRAH
    Die you bastard cunt.
    You a an ugly son of a bitch, thats only if she was a dog and you came thru her ass, piece of SHIT. Go to HELL

    Heath Ledger did not fill his potential! He was a loving dad with problems.

  43. C says – reply to this


    First of all this isnt a Bible Thumper site but since all you Religioss fanatics feel the need to take a break from your bible readings and come on here with your all so mighty words of wisdom, eat your own fucking belief: "So God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. [Genesis]
    If YOUR GOD created everyone, then arent gay people created by him as well?

    and P.S if you would of said anything else, I would have laughed at you but the Buck stops when you become racist against sexual orientation.

  44. leslie says – reply to this


    bombared faux newz with calls! this man needs to lose his job! call for his dismissal now!

  45. beth says – reply to this


    I wrote this in to them all at fox, Thanks for the email addresses Perez

    To all of the above,

    I have never written in to complain about a broadcasting in my entire life, but feel compelled to do so in this instance.

    As your programme is based to provide "entertainment" to the consumers, I cannot believe that you have allowed this matter to come to light.

    The treatment of a young man that has just died sickens me to the core.

    To disrespect someone and their family in this tremendously upsetting and painful time is beyond irresponsible.

    I hope that the Ledger family sue your company for slander and you are all forced to live on the streets and spat on.

    To support the person involved in this situation makes you as bad as them.

    VILE is the only word that I can find that fits this appropriately.

    God speed to Heath, you wont see him up there where your all going!

  46. SU Senior says – reply to this


    Seriously, wtf is wrong with Fox? Fire this asshole, no wonder so many people talk shit about Fox.

  47. SA says – reply to this


    I see no difference between the stupid comments John made and the stupid comments you make here on a daily basis. (not to mention the words you wrote on here after Falwell's death) You are both bigots! Congrats!

    People say mean things all the time. Its how YOU react to it that determines what kind of person you are. By the way your panties are in a wad over a few words I'd say you aren't much of a mature adult. But really, what else could I have expected from a gossip whore?

    Way to be for free speech. John can say whatever he wants and you can choose to not listen. Just like you can write whatever you want and your readers can choose not to read.

    Heath was a great man and I doubt he would have been the type of person to let hateful words upset him like this.

  48. mark says – reply to this


    Perez get off your high horse. All you do is talk shit about people. If anyone owes ANYONE an apology it is YOU to all celebs. Take a look back at all the hateful posts you made about Health before he died. You're disgusting.

  49. Proud To Smoke Pole! says – reply to this


    Re: I HATE GAYS ! – Good for you, you fucking loser. Have a life of misery and then die. As for me, I need to get my passport renewed so I can continue to travel internationally.

  50. Mike says – reply to this


    So, are we suppose to be mad about a bad timing joke at Heath Ledger's expense, or because it was a gay joke?

    Get over yourself Perez. When Britney dies (we all know its coming), you will be making jokes about her. Your just as bad as this Gibson guy, using the emotions over Ledger's death to rally against gay jokes.

  51. A HoMoPhoBiC says – reply to this


    Re: Tiffany – Girl…. Everyone including Perez has made an issue that prescription drugs were found spilled out around his body leading everyone to believe that it was a drug overdose. It only leads to one belief on how Heath died. Until facts are laid out.. Gibson along with Perez will state the obvious. The issue i have here is the fact that Perez has seemed to turn this into a Gay Crusade because of the Brokeback Mountain statement and nothing more. Look at his previous post stating that GLAAD is getting involved. Why would GLAAD be involved if Heath wasn't gay ? Why would GLAAD be involved and Perez upset if this was just about some cruel statement about a straight actor ? Perez makes cruel statements everyday about actors and actresses and you don't see GLAAD getting involved and/or people going ballistic like this. It is all because of the joke with Brokeback Mountain and tieing the gay thing in.
    Stop turning this into a FAG agenda and let Heath RIP.

  52. Jennam says – reply to this


    WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T. wow I can't stand John Gibson… he sucks in every way!

  53. L says – reply to this


    How can this d bag discriminate on HL based off of a movie role? What about actors like Tom Hanks and Robin Williams whom have played gay characters? This homophobic bigot needs to be yanked of the air, Perez, you have to wage war on this guy.

  54. princessmean1 says – reply to this


    ATTENTION ALL MEDIA!!!! Please the public really really needs a break from ANYTHING Shitney Spears!!!! Please don't print any news about her. We all know it makes $$$ for you, but most of us in the general (sane) public want to puke over all the coverage the media coverage on this crazy mess.

    To The Public:::: To anyone who is SO OVER Shitney, lets boycott any media regarding Shitney for one week. It can be done it if it's not shoved in our faces every day by the media!!!
    I believe most of the general public is so over her crap and everything she has gotten away with, ie: breaking laws and playing "stupid" about court appointments . If Shitney were to be just a regular person who didn't have the ca$h flow that she does, we would have been in jail by now or committed!!!!

  55. msfanni says – reply to this


    Re: OPRAH – WELL THATS JUST STUPID. God did not smite him for making a movie cuntface!

  56. Stef says – reply to this


    How cruel and distatseful…Perez, I am so proud of you (and other sites too) for getting people involved in calling out Fox's disgusting support of this loser…gay or straight, whether you agree with homosexuality or not (and I do!), there is nothing good in making fun of someone who had just died tragically. Heath Ledger did a lot for his community beyond just acting, and instead of focusing on the good he has done in his life, they choose to exploit the fact he was in a movie about gay people to try to make it look like his dath is not a loss, but some pathetic punchline.

    Good for you for standing up against them. I'm with ya!

  57. LRAR says – reply to this


    Perez you did great on CNN. I think that everyone in the world is disgusted w/ that guy…even the lady that was interviewing you. Kudos.

  58. me, here says – reply to this


    i curse that man, curse his friend "rich", i curse WBC, and i curse anyone else who dare mock or insult this beautiful, innocent man's tragic death.

  59. Holly says – reply to this


    How awful!!! I hope what goes around REALLY does come around for that MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  60. Thanks Perez says – reply to this


    Well Perez, thaks for the email addys! I wrote to all of the above mentioned as well as a few others to proclaim my disgust. I certainly don't expect a response other than a automated one, I took the opportunity to vent my frustration at a network that would allow such biased statements as this. It's not just Gibson's point of view either. by him making such statements on a Fox network, he is aligning all those affilited with the network with his opinions.

  61. socalguy says – reply to this


    I think I'll write to Perez' advertisers (Iall 3 of them) and say tha Perez is against free speech.

  62. M says – reply to this


    Perez, You made fun of Heath,s death as well so everyone should contact your advertisers as well. I like the news on here but you don't practice what you preach.

  63. Lina says – reply to this


    Since when is a list from January 2005 current??????

  64. sarah says – reply to this


    It's not just about accepting homosexuality, and if you truly think that then you are ignorant. And the argument…I don't force my heterosexuality on you proves that even more. By not accepting homosexuality what do you think you are doing??

    If Gibson is "the man" then I have to wonder how you would feel if someone said such insensitive, hate-fueled things if one of your family members had a tragic death.

    Wake up.

    Hate speech in any form shouldn't be tolerated.

  65. mags says – reply to this


    I watch Fox News (when I do watch those major news channels).
    I consider myself moderate to conservative.
    And I just have to say that the fucking people who say hurtful and dispicable slur like that ruin the name for the rest of us.
    RIP Heath Ledger.

  66. enlightened white girl says – reply to this


    there's a special place in hell for people like Mr. Gibson. R.I.P., Heath. You had more class than this fool could ever hope to have.

  67. Michelle Loves Perez says – reply to this


    I am not even giving this ass's rant a second glance because I do not have time in my life for mean miserable people!

  68. I HATE GAYS ! says – reply to this


    Re: Proud To Smoke Pole! – My life is not miserable…it is your life that is miserable. You don't even know how to reproduce correctly which is the basic fundamental of life. What a retard you are ! Enjoy smoking the pole and die a miserable life with AIDS. It was your type of lifestyle that brought AIDS to America and infected the innocent. Please update your passport and travel internationally… Just do me a favor and please don't come back.

  69. Travis says – reply to this


    If you stop talking about it, his words lose their power. Ignore.

  70. NiKi G says – reply to this


    When this guy dies, which should be soon, let's all talk shit about him.

  71. Jerome says – reply to this


    What does this ass think of other straight actors who have played gay like Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Terrance Stamp, Guy Pierce, Eric McCormack - the list goes on & on….? Would he call them 'closeted homosexuals' just as he does Ledger for playing a gay role? What a backroads-hick.

  72. Michael says – reply to this


    Perez: For you to criticize anyone about their insensitive comments is frigging hilarious. You are a person who feeds his ever expanding gut by being callous, shallow and unsymapathetic to others. It just depends on whether or not you happen to like the person or not. If not, you have no hesitation to be cruel. We know, it makes you feel better………LOL

  73. lowOFyoU says – reply to this


    I have to say, this is pretty LOW of you. You are using that comment to be about you and homos of this world, a comment that i dont think was even directed specifically towards his death. Why don't you find something important to be pissy about hm? you are not making this about heath, you are making this about you. selfish ja?

  74. E says – reply to this


    For real! Another dead celebrity! Who really cares? How has any celebrity made our lives richer with their presence?

    As a person, I am saddened that someone has lost their life … but their lifestyle created the danger and for that … as a realist, so long! This guy was given a platform to help create a better world for himself, his family, and numerous other ventures and threw it away on some pills and booze.

  75. lucairns says – reply to this


    ….maybe The Gibson Girl was drunk? Or smoked too much weed? Or is - in fact - a not-closeted asshole?

  76. moneyhoneyxxx says – reply to this


    pretty sure that i just sent the longest email ever to the vice president.

    & i didn't choose my words wisely.
    the gay comments were out of line.
    jokes about someones death are not cool.
    i mean if it was him, would he want people making jokes about his death?

  77. dagny says – reply to this


    weren't we already boycotting fox & their advertisers for screwing lesser-known (and by lesser-known, i mean people who are beating rudy giuliani, who was included) candidates out of their debates?

  78. Nicole says – reply to this


    I emailed a bunch of the advertisers and E-LOAN NO LONGER ADVERTISES ON FOX. Just wanted to let everyone know in case they are emailing FOX advertisers.

  79. Laura says – reply to this


    what an asshole…..He knows what he did was wrong and he just won't admit it. I hope people laugh when they see that queer is dead. :)

  80. Jessica says – reply to this


    He just did a live apology.

  81. phazar says – reply to this


    dude, take another toke. you write a an article based on Heath & Mary-Kate's desire to "party" then you trash a guy for calling him a weirdo with a serious drug problem. isn't that the same thing? you draw coke on the noses of half your pics. isn't that the same thing? your website doesn't exactly chronicle lives of people of high morals. face it you don't like fox and their ilk because you want to do what you want not what is right. but then you want to decide what is righ too. take another toke dude, i'm sure britney or lilo will be by soon!

  82. e2s says – reply to this


    This is so disgusting. I hope TV sponsors start to turn their advertisements over to other networks that promote credible, respestful reporting.

  83. Dustin says – reply to this


    That dickhead Gibson just "apologized" on his show. I'm sure he only did it b/c Fox made him. A little late for that shit.

  84. BLM says – reply to this


    FYI in case you missed it, Mr. Gibson did just apologize…

  85. me says – reply to this


    Gibson just apologized.
    What will you do now Perez?????????????
    How can you keep the hate going?????????????
    Isn't the apology what you wanted????
    Now you got it, so please, we are begging you, post, post away about getting the sorry you sooooooo demanded.

  86. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: A HoMoPhoBiC – I understand what you are saying. The only reason I feel so strongly about this is because I felt his comments were very cruel. The pills were not spilled around his body. He had prescription pills in bottles that were capped and the bottles were all nearly full. The issue that I have is with the cruel remarks from John Gibson. I am not gay. It is not about being gay. It is about having a heart and being respectful of him and his family. I also realize that Perez constantly makes fun of others and I do not agree with that either.

  87. Mr G says – reply to this


    I watch John Gibson almost every night. I saw his apology and accept it. Too bad druggies don’t take responsibility for their foolish and dangerous actions.

  88. tabarnac says – reply to this


    FOR SURE ill stop watching his news

  89. Betty says – reply to this


    Oh my lord….hell just froze over. Gibby just apologized on his Fox show. Looks like he may have gotten his wrist slapped

  90. enlightened white girl says – reply to this


    Re: NiKi G – Amen to that, Niki G! Only we are not assholes like this guy, so we'd have better things to talk about than Gibson's lame ass!

  91. jose says – reply to this


    Gibson is a closet a gay

  92. and watch more tv says – reply to this


    Re: Kristen – LMAO
    you need to get out more.

  93. kel-c says – reply to this


    He's apologized. Happy now?

  94. jeN says – reply to this


    this is what they're expecting so thier ratings can go up!!! don't support them!!! stop watching him!!!! hater! the more u watch the more he's an ass!!

  95. kaytie says – reply to this


    Re: Dirk
    you're an idiot.. gibson is a fucking douchebag and should learn how to show some god damn sympathy.. try losing someone you love, asshole

  96. AlexisThurston says – reply to this


    Though I`ve disagreed with you in some issues, I`ve always admired your fight against homophobia in the business. John Gibson is a bigot with no decency or respect and people have the right to know what kind of person he is, scum!

  97. Queen of the Spammed says – reply to this


    FIGURES THIS GUY WOULD BE ON FOX! Go drool on somebody else, you good for nothing sniveling cockroach who smells like the demented snot gobbler and the bovine whore.

  98. GAY WARRIOR says – reply to this


    Re: A HoMoPhoBiC – It's time the gay community stood up to vile filthy pieces of shit like you. You obviously need your ass kicked very badly and hopefull kicked so bad you spend a great deal of time in the hospital where you can contemplate your own internalized homosexuality…ALL HOMOPHOBES ARE CLOSET CASES…RIGHT TOM CRUISE ???…and your own massive stupidity. ASSHOLES like you need to be wiped off he face of the planet. Here's hoping someone puts a bullet right between your eyes real soon…that most definately would NOT be a waste of ammunition.

  99. Low says – reply to this


    People are talking about him all over the world… I just lump him with the Godhatesfa(s group. He's one of the bad guys. He's truely evil… lets all protest him and Fox news for Heath.

  100. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Holy shit….are you people kidding me? I am sorry when anyone with a family and friends that love them dies…but stop making Heath Ledger out to be someone we hold candlelight vigils for. He acted in movies for Gods sake. Sure, it's sad, move on. I guess Anna Nicole just changed the rules for everything!

    I think what Gilbson said was actually quite funny…why do you want to boycott every person who says something that you might not agree with?

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