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We're not sure what prompted this, but….

John Mayer has deleted ALL the entries from his official blog.

The only thing that's left is the above image and this quote:

"There is danger in theoretical speculation of battle, in prejudice, in false reasoning, in pride, in braggadocio. There is one safe resource, the return to nature…"

The return to nature?

Is he on a bad mushroom trip?????

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183 comments to “R.I.P.”

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  1. Loves John says – reply to this


    Maybe the reason is because of you simple minds out there who do not appreciate the beauty that he gives; and merely judge and hate because you lack the self conviction to make a change in the world.

  2. DC says – reply to this


    quote from "roots of strategy" by carl von clausewitz

  3. caseface says – reply to this


    i'm so sad, it was hilarious. boooooooo.

  4. melinda says – reply to this


    Hey man, where's my kaftan?

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    He is a pretentious dumb ass anyway. That is full of his own self importance. Total weirdo.

  6. df says – reply to this


    It's a quote from the book the Roots of Strategy…..

  7. A says – reply to this


    At first, he deleted just the Jessica Simpson post, but I guess he decided to get rid of them all….

  8. Joe in Toronto says – reply to this


    I did not realize that ACID was back in fashion John. How 20th century! Get a life or a 21st century addiction like crystal meth. John: your a loser and a one trick pony!

  9. Marc says – reply to this


    I met john Mayer 2 months ago.I was at a store patrking lot in Pacific Palisades,California getting into my mom's car.Mayer was driving a black Mercedes Benz and pulled down his car window and asked me about the t-shirt I was wearing.He asked men if I was into the type of Marshall atrs that was on my shirt.I told him that I was'nt and i just like to wear the shirt.He gave me a snobby look and drove away.
    I did'nt have a chance to tell him that my neice was into it and she gave me her t-shirt.
    Anyway,that was my John Mayer experience. He's a snob.But a cute snob. I guess one would call him immature and rich.

  10. chuck says – reply to this


    maybe it has something to do with the italian food he ate for lunch at cafe montana yesterday……

  11. Raas Claat says – reply to this


    The return to nature…. is going back to the Source….. taking time to do some soul-searching, introspection… return to the center of self…. meditation, communication and integration with all of existence…. Got it Perez? Maybe you should try a little "going back to nature" yourself….

  12. Stupid Cuban says – reply to this


    If you were not such a fucking IGNORANT CUBAN you would know that this is a quote from a book;
    Title: Battle Studies
    Author: Colonel Charles-Jean-Jacques-Joseph Ardant du Picq

  13. melanie says – reply to this


    This guy is too intelectual! He's one of those annoying people that always use really big words to say something that you can get across simply. Or like you said some long strange trips! Lol!

  14. Meghan says – reply to this


    Yeah there is a l ink to time travel in the blog. what the hell is that? check that biznass out!

  15. Like it A Lot says – reply to this


    I find his words to be a damning reference to the culture of our time and also brave because he is basically calling everyone out and, I think, is inviting them to journey back to a more natural state, one without so much avarice and greed, or one where you don't trick the natural rythym of your body with drugs and/or cosmetic surgery. OR maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. Still - Right On John.

  16. Samantha says – reply to this


    This is sad.
    I'm going to miss his blogging.
    They were generally funny & a good read.

  17. april says – reply to this


    he's into time travel and vortexes and shit.
    he MUST be taking something pretty fucked up.

  18. Go John! says – reply to this


    I think John realizes the signs… of what's to come. Heath was just one of the signs. Wake up people!

  19. kim says – reply to this


    OMG, he just want some attention

  20. Amanda says – reply to this


    Sad! I enjoyed reading his blogs - they were all either pretty funny or thought provoking. I hope he keeps writing more - but I still wish the old ones were there in case I ever needed a good laugh.

  21. tor says – reply to this


    i totally agree with him.. all of these comsumer excesses are so self-distructive..
    tyler durden "The tings you own end up owning you"
    besides, if we dont start appreciating our worls, mother nature's just gonna take it back by force. sorry to break it to you, but global warming's real

  22. Lucy Bowels says – reply to this


    Good! Now maybe he will go and bury his 100 pound head in the sand and disappear.

  23. alli says – reply to this


    hmm.. myabe it was all the partying he was doing @ tryst and body english in vegas on sunday… at least i hope it was with the way his ass was dancing..

  24. kATCANADA says – reply to this


    …maybe he means in nature you wouldn't find growing naturally among the pines a computer system of any sort…although one could argue cd's, radios and the such wouldn't be found either…but what the do I know? :)

  25. kels says – reply to this


    maybe he is just trying to be a little transcendental.

  26. Hdh says – reply to this


    NO :( (

  27. arvilc says – reply to this


    i think he's just going to return to playing the blues

  28. ZBFW says – reply to this


    whats with the "n" on his site being a link?

  29. Kris says – reply to this


    Hopefully it means he's working on his next album and doesn't have time to blog about things of little importance. ROCK ON JOHN!!!

  30. Kris says – reply to this


    Re: Stupid Cuban – Okay, I'll bite!! So what significance does the quote have?

  31. Maggie says – reply to this


    there's actually a link on the "n" of speculation that actually takes you to a message board about time travel. ??

  32. Amy says – reply to this


    He's not on mushrooms…hes dusted…aka on angel dust. lol

  33. Cindy says – reply to this


    Oh thank the heavens. Lets all hold hands and pray that he will not blog any more. Then we will pray he disappear, then his pscho fans can get a life.

  34. Jen says – reply to this


    Mayer is on something besides his own ego.

  35. Jon says – reply to this


    Re: Sal Governale, prime example of sick John Mayer fan

  36. The Squeaky Wheel says – reply to this


    The quote is from the book Battle Studies By Colonel Ardant Du Picq, Ardant du Picq

  37. Becks timebomb says – reply to this


    He was using scientology twisties and the "church" got scared and he got busted and pulled it down.

    Evidence is a beetch.

    I've copied them all if you want them.

  38. chat says – reply to this


    Hopefully this means he will stop with the sanctimonious blathering. The music has gotten lost in his self-absorbed whinings.

  39. suzanne says – reply to this


    there is a link on the n in speculation. Time travel?

  40. truthiness says – reply to this


    Re: Bee

    Dating her made him feel smarter. He's obviously insecure.

  41. really? says – reply to this


    john is talented musician with an overactive mind.
    and he apparently knows the secret to time travel!
    could he get any AWESOMER?!?!?!
    loves it!

  42. Jon says – reply to this


    Re: Sal Governale, prime example of mentally sick John Mayer fan.

  43. Taylor says – reply to this


    What a drama queen.

  44. swazzle says – reply to this


    I'll have what he's havin'

  45. Mal says – reply to this


    More whinning to sell tickets. I wish his career crash and burn.

  46. klik says – reply to this


    He`s been inspired by Survivorman!

  47. Mrs John Mayer says – reply to this


    Hes intelligent and soulful. I luv him, stop over analyzing

  48. Gc* says – reply to this


    "That’s a quote from the French military theorist Colonel Ardant du Picq"

  49. eliza says – reply to this


    I love the graphic with the nod to the rock band names t-shirts. That was the first thing I noticed. When I read the quote it sounded familiar, and then when I saw the reference point, I realized I'd heard it in my history classes. However, according to many people who posted on this comment board, if I knew that, then I must be pretentious and therefore a waste of space in this asinine world.
    If he's truly retiring his blog, then I'll be sorry because it was a nice break from other celebrity blogs out there. Often his essays (I hesitate to call them diary entries) were very well structured, with correct spelling, grammar usage, and punctuation. Very rare online, indeed.

    *I think it all went downhill when the NY Times started citing Wikipedia as a reference.*

  50. Maggie says – reply to this


    Does no one read anymore? It's a line from BATTLE STUDIES By Col. Ardant Du Picq. I had to read it for this crap class I took as an undergrad. You could freaking google it and find that out.

    Won't miss your blog, John, but at least you are literate.

  51. Police are playing at ANZ stadium tonight says – reply to this


    Wasn't he in that movie called Maytrix….yeah he does look like a clown fish…that's not very funny.

    There's a sale of fig leaves at www.guidedogs.com.au Mayer. They come in xsmall. Maybe a four leaf clover would do the trick. Mayhem at the Manor?

    Jakers! The Adventures of a Piggly Winks.

    Wags the Dog officially cuts all ties from Dorothy the Dinosaur - Dorothy is a grass cutter.

    The Police are looking for Mayer…he punched a police dog last night. Inspector Rex has a soft spot for blondes so WOOF. In the police report Rex stated the guy is absolutely woofin CRAZY.

    I'm babysitting today….they've got the remote.

  52. burp says – reply to this


    i think it means that he's back to recording…

  53. C says – reply to this


    you're all off, a return to nature, is a return to the primal, keep your fingers crossed for a new album to be released hopefully radiohead style.

  54. Ms. Dicot says – reply to this


    Forgive and forget John. Chad's been a friend for a long time now. And please stop the drinking!

  55. bbbibliobaggins says – reply to this


    how do you spell
    p r e t e n t i o u s ???

  56. The Burbank Hilton says – reply to this


    It's not Thoreau, Mayer himself, or anyone else. It's Colonel Ardant du Picq, as #32 Amy, #42 SB, and others said. He's such a fekkin genius that he cut & pasted a quote from something he's never read. He and JS were actually a far better match than generally thought: two airheads who enjoy sex.

  57. Amanda Stryker says – reply to this


    OMG - who else immediately opened up MS WORD, and pasted "braggadocio" and pushed Shift+F7?????????? So what is it????

  58. SOUNDS LIKE says – reply to this


    …A poseur intellectual phony. If one can't say something remarkable, one quotes someone who has, or something that sounds important. The emperor has no clothes on, John.

  59. FagHag says – reply to this


    Re: Sal Governale – That is offending in every possible way to gays and AIDS victims alike. You are a soulless imbecile who needs to get a life and quit posting the same insult several times. Karma is going to come and bite you in the ass, so watch what you say.

  60. jen says – reply to this


    I can tell you what it means. Sometimes when people are so abnormally self-involved, as John Maher and most people who keep a blog are, they begin to become as sick of themselves and their own dumb thoughts as we are.

  61. nancy says – reply to this


    Don't fret to john mayer fan like me he also has a different blog website. Just google john mayer blog and you can check him out at honeyee.com

  62. ZOE says – reply to this


    john has not removed his blog from his official myspace page maybe you don't know which one is his official page

  63. Nick says – reply to this


    To all the people who are dissing John, prepare.

    Have you ever thought that John Mayer may actually be smarter than you? Apparently not.
    If you were smarter than him, you might have known what he was referencing. This quote is an excerpt from "Battle Studies" by Charles Jean Jacques Joseph Ardant du Picq, a French colonel and military theorist of the mid-nineteenth century. He was one of the first people to write about the psychological and behavioral aspects of war and soldiers.
    Whats really funny is that you could have easily found this out by typing the quote into any search engine. But NO! JOhn MAyer is cRAAAazy!!!!!!!

    Sorry to break it to you, but John Mayer is actually smarter than you. HE READS BOOKS!
    I mean real books, not Gossip Girl. I think I have an idea of what John Mayer could be saying. I wont say here though, I'll leave you to figure it out. Do some research.

  64. Nick says – reply to this


    Re: jc – Really think about these questions. Do you really think that Ron Paul and John Mayer are anti-Semites? Do you know anything FOR FACT about Ron Paul, his personal beliefs, his options on economics or foreign policy? Do you know how foreign policy or economics work? Do you know how donating to a presidential campaign works?

    From the pith of your argument, I would say no. I would claim that you are very quick to judge people when when you know barley nothing about them. I would also claim that therefore, the things that you say lack the same importance than the things that I might say.

    Maybe you should learn to better establish your thoughts before you sprinkle them on to message boards for everyone to see? Maybe you should do some research? All that is left to be said is…YOU JUST GOT SERVED!

  65. 61strat says – reply to this


    hi john. well of course you read this mayer cause you're an idiot, so here is what I have to say to you: srv and all these great guys are probably looking down at what you do and what you are and they think you're a poser. congrats for being often on perez hilton. your fanbase are morons. there is nothing spectacular about your style or playing. your face reminds me a dog. you're lame, more than I am. trust me

  66. (different) Amy says – reply to this


    No one mentioned he's on the cover of Cosmo, and probably feeling overexposed. Maybe he doesn't want to be overanalyzed right now.

  67. nat says – reply to this


    Maybe he realized what an egotistical douchebag he is? Probably not.

  68. neeyo says – reply to this



  69. raquel says – reply to this


    or a good 'shroom triiiiiip ;)

  70. Sxynetia says – reply to this


    A guy disclosed some important information on this to interracia lromancing (com) It caused huge discussion there

  71. AMO says – reply to this


    He craves attention; just like that Yoko Romo he used to fuck. I've always thought he was a douche.

  72. Jackie says – reply to this


    I adore JM, but honestly if he feels over-exposed why does he allow himself to be in Cosmo and why did he pose for that GAP ad last summer and then apologize for it. I think this has been over-analyzed enough. I listened to his version of Justin T.'s "I Think She Knows" and I think it's better than the original. Why does he admire that jerk Justin so much? Justin does not think much of John. Probably jealous. John is cuter and much more talented. That's my rant for today.

  73. Dean says – reply to this


    Jackey that is a matter of opinion, If John cut was better why didn't John write it then…John can't write shit he is too busy trying to get up hollywood's ass to write and play his own music. John drop that shitty Continnuum crap and it just dropped and died. Looks like John Mayer is jealous of Justin who's album won so many awards. I hate when John lifeless dumb ass fans try to steal others spotlight, but I understand John likes his ho's dumb as shit so he deal with them better.
    Why don't John take his ass somewhere and work for a change instead of stealing other people's music and trying fuck every hollywood ho to prove he is not gay.

  74. What a douche bag says – reply to this


    The only thing being discuss is how dumb and full of himself this douche bag is. Any one wonder how he got so mentally deranged look at his fans. This asshole has listen to that shit for the last couple years. Desperate woman hoping to have a chance with him that will lie to get close to shithead. Sad thing is somewhere he started sucking up that shit.

  75. el says – reply to this


    Re: What a douche bag
    who are you're favorite artists? when people bash one musician, i like to know what they are comparing them to. a general "you are not good" doesn't really make any sense.

  76. The Dr. Phil says – reply to this


    I loved reading John's blogs, his humor always cheered me up, I luv him.
    This is because you have no life and no man of your own. You will not get off your lazy ass and start your own life. Sitting around horning for a man that can careless about your ass…it's your money he wants. I'm sure you can go find a man, so get up and go jump start a real life of your own. Stop depending on a douche bag to make you happy from a blog.

  77. Just sing and shut up! says – reply to this


    Can't he just delete ..without all the rambling on…No he can't….Just get over yourself John ..Oh he'lll be back ….egos like his don't stay gone for long…he's is no different than Britney….They all secretly like attention!

  78. Anie says – reply to this


    He's upset evrybody made fun of him for seeing the Miley Cyrus
    concert. He shouldn't care. Fuck what evrybody thinks. So
    what he went to the concert. That kid is talented and that damn song
    is catchy.

  79. kelsey! says – reply to this


    Re: fuckery

    How could you not know who John Mayer is?
    He's been around for a while now..
    Is a 5 time grammy winner..
    Someone needs to get out! why are you commenting on this if you don't care about him, or even know who the fuck he is?

    Good god, I am so sick of these celebrity gossip webistes.
    They are all just peer bullshit.. and stupid assholes comment!


  80. misty says – reply to this


    "the return to nature" maybe he is going to start on a new album!

  81. Melissa says – reply to this


    It means that it's time to restart and forget about the past. It kind of sucks, but you posted them all on here anyways.:) Haha. I'm guessing someone said something about something he said trying to start drama, and that's where the danger thing comes in, and now he has to start over. Or maybe he was on a "mushroom trip". Haha. I love John Mayer.

  82. Okay says – reply to this


    Re: jc

    Wow because that's logical.

    1. Mayer likes Ron Paul
    2. Ron Paul likes ant-semite band Poker Face
    3. Mayer is anti-semite
    4. Uh….

  83. Jackie says – reply to this


    I am surprised that Perez hasn't posted those shirtless photos of John taken on the Mayercraft cruise. Check out tryjm.com. Absolutely gorgeous. He just gets better and hotter every day!

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