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Adnan Trying To Sell New Britney Vids!

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He's at it again!

After selling his story to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider last week, Britney's paparazzo ex-boyfriend is now trying to sell six videos of the mentally unstable star.

And he's asking $2 million for them!

What can we expect from these home-made vids???

The News Of The World got a preview of the clips, and here's their breakdown:

CLIP No1 shows Britney sitting on her bed wearing a nightie. She talks about herself in the third person and rambles about her childhood. She's heard saying:

"When Britney was a child, she had to work really hard. When she was 13 years old, she won all the beauty pageants."

CLIP No2 shows Brit wrapped in a white bath towel, again perched on the edge of the bed. Talking to thin air, she mumbles:

"Britney has an angel looking out for her, don't you, angel?"

CLIP No3 sees a Britney talking to Adnan, who's holding the camera, and calling him by his pet name Bubba.

She smiles: "I'm really happy. Bubba's here for me now. It's all good."

Adnan is still withholding CLIP No4 and CLIP No5 but CLIP No6, filmed last week, shows Britney crying hysterically after a night out.

[Image via WENN.]

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541 comments to “Adnan Trying To Sell New Britney Vids!”

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  1. Sera says – reply to this


    Adnan is such an exploitive piece of shit. Britney's bodyguards should break his fucking fingers.

  2. Doug says – reply to this


    His head looks like Bok Choy !!!
    He's sellin' you out Bitch. Fucking move to Aspen or something.

  3. BBBBBritney jeez says – reply to this


    Seriously. She deserves it for being this idiotic and letting him in her life.

  4. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I dont feel bad for her….she brought it on herself…..thats assuming that she's not in Kahoots with him to sell them….. But on the other hand…if she's not in her right mind…then maybe she's lost the ability to rationalize…and just cant help herself.

  5. Anne says – reply to this


    give me a break! She's behind this whole thing to make money with him. They're still tight and he's selling vids of her? WAKE UP! Hey P, WTF, stop the madness!

  6. queenofthescene says – reply to this


    Re: KBC – I agree 100% Honestly i just wish she'd go away, i cant feel pity for someone whos not thinkjing about their kids. One day her kids will be able to google the trainwreck that is her. People never saw her behavior but she was always on a downward spiral from jump. It was slowly coming me, personally i just never thought itd be with 2 taken men, one which she had kids with which they just seem like a part of her attention scheme, everyone was having kids like the next prada bag, i mean it was everywhere she married him! Headlines! Headlines! Baby bump, now its all over. Shes always been talentless, except for her performances but keeping shit real shes no whitney, christina, mariah, alicia no one with any substance… I still want to see the tapes, really the tape. Do i think shes insane.. eh yes/no could be but odds are shes just on some real heavy shit, the shit she was on at the vma's looking glazed out..

  7. angie says – reply to this


    wait…why is this news???? the entire world knew it was coming.

  8. christine says – reply to this


    OMG. that's kinda scary. and sad. not that i feel bad for her in anyway, as she did it to herself. but.. wow. i can't wait to see these videos. you would think she would be sitting there one day and just wake up and realize that she's gone overboard, that she really is this crazy person. but, i guess crazy people don't realize that they're crazy. just like her brittish accent. that is so funny. well, i guess it was at first, then.. now things are just kind of sad. wow. never thought i'd feel bad about slutney queers. peace.

  9. milliebomb says – reply to this


    Who is surprised by this anyway. Obviously the guy is an opportunist and only with Britney to get the "scoop" (He is a paparazzo afterall) Britney if you read this dump his ass!

  10. aimee says – reply to this


    someone just needs to help the poor girl… it's not funny anymore.. it's not cool.. if she were a normal citizen she would be on lockdown in a psych ward reccieving the help she needs… because she's britney spears.. she's allowed to do whatever she wants and it's not fair to her anymore… fuckin lynne and jamie.. get your shit together and intervene … intervene hard and strong.. IDIOTS!

  11. kerry says – reply to this


    wow shes got some issues i feel bad for the crazy even worse those poor babies

  12. Creeped out by Adnan says – reply to this


    Reading this makes me happy I reported his sorry ass to Immigration. I hope they take him, and his camera, back to where he came from, greasy piece of shit, what a slime ball. There are no words to describe him well enough.

  13. tx says – reply to this


    Adnan- you're such a loser! But I guess the world needs someone to be a loser. It chose you. And he is one of the worst people in an interview. He sucks at interviews. I seen him on tv. Fix the hair. Stop looking evil. And get a life.

  14. dont be fooled says – reply to this


    i'm sick of people say "why doesnt her family help her". Her mom TRIED to urge her into rehab several times but Britney doesnt want help!! I believe her uncle's reports that she is ruthless and controlling. i'm sure britney has pushed away anyone that tries to help her (alli, her family, etc). this narcissistic girl cannot humble herself to accept anyones help. STOP SAYING "WHERE IS HER FAMILY"!!! shes got all of you fooled into pitying her!

  15. moo says – reply to this


    Hes such a jerk!! i feel bad 4 her but she needs to realize whos really there for her and whos not u can tell he was using her c mon hes a paparazzi wha do u expect i think everyone knew he was going to do this. poor britney….i wish the est for her and keep her life together shee needs people around her that do care about her. and whoever talks bad about her shutup u guys act like u guys are innocent like u never had made a mistke in life. like my spelling!

  16. Spencer says – reply to this


    Perez - If you actually read (censor) posts. THANK YOU! X17 has been 85%
    taken over by bloggers whose only purpose in life is to bicker back and forth.
    They've lost me and many others due to this. How nice to visit a site with
    those interacting with the subject at hand. I guess it boils down to an adult
    versus child site.

  17. Edward Grabowski says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but this guy is a TEXT BOOK LOSER!! I hope to god that no body buys any of his shit so he does'nt get any money out of it and people see how COMpletely lame this guy is. Really who the fuck does he think he is. As if Brit isnt havin enough problems as it is. She just tryin to get sum ass n this fuckin guy goes n tells all her fuckin problems.. I mean dont get me wrong im just as sick of hearin bout her as everyone else but she should atleast be able 2 fuck without D-Bags selling every little secret she has…..

  18. Oliver says – reply to this


    Love from Denmark!

  19. 11.05.06 says – reply to this


    She needs help..
    I feel so bad for her..
    I had a feeling he was just using her for his fame and also using her to make his wallet much fatter..
    It is so clear that she has something wrong with her..

  20. javii says – reply to this


    i dont care people said. I will always care about Brit. =(
    im praying for her right now.

  21. britney's tears says – reply to this


    i hope that they are working together to sell all of this crap to the paparattzi and then rake in the cash. maybe britney's not as dumb as we think. she could really cash in if the split the loot from each $2 million sale.

  22. alia says – reply to this


    Live Britney alone!

  23. lelo says – reply to this


    that guy would fuckin cut her with his hair. Is he trying to show the world what little hair he has left??? btw i think britney's got that slut british accent down pat.

  24. colleen says – reply to this


    God, he's scum.

  25. THE TROLLS OF PEREZ HILTON ARE says – reply to this


    Re: hotcunt


  26. R says – reply to this


    She totally asked for it. Hello, he's a paparazzo, He makes money off shit like this. Do you really think he really cared about her. He's making himself famous and even more money by tricking [s]Bimbo[/s] BritBO into actually trusting him.

  27. Aubrey says – reply to this


    Not at all surprising.

  28. Mary says – reply to this


    Karma is a bitch Brit. You're the one who decided to screw a photog. You've ruined you and you're kids lives. Take responsibility for YOUR actions Brit and grow up.

  29. ilona says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for Britney. She clearly needs to have some psychiatric help for a long time.

    This guy is just milking her for everything and the sad thing is.. why the hell is no one helping her out?
    She's tumbling in a downward spiral too fast now.

  30. Robyn says – reply to this


    If something terible happens to poor britney I will be sad. Why is no one helping this woman? Her family should do everyhing possible to help keep her safe, she is obviously manic and or suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Although being bi-polar and on drugs is more likely. Poor thing should be medicated and have help to overcome this mental problem and get her life back. I don't want her to end up dead. Everybod out there saying mean shit, needs to grow up. She may be rich but she is not happy and doesn't deserve ridicule. Come on people she is mentally ill! Quit making it worse for her.

  31. Cheryl says – reply to this


    He's a phoney., don't trust him!
    I will help you. Just ask
    No money involved!

  32. QuickFox says – reply to this


    … you know he did a duet with Ricky Martin, right … could make an interesting clip for your site, Perez …

  33. hovo says – reply to this


    i think everyone shuld just leave her alone and stop hunting everywhere she is and one small mistake she does everyones on her ass….u wouldnt like it if people where on ur ass 24.7 waiting for u to fucked up so it can be the number 1 selling magazine….u guys r gonna drive her to sucidie

  34. kelly martell says – reply to this


    She is getting to be so pathetic. At first I felt bad for her like anyone would in her situation, and it's one thing to sit back comfortably from home while you watch her being swarmed by the paps but seriously just HOW LONG is this going to last for? I am sick and tired of hearing about this trainwreck.. Either get help or stop doing dumb media-whore stunts like getting together with an ex-papparazo. Like how hard up are you Britbrit that you need this much negative attention>? Get help, we are SICK of hearing about you. Get some self respect and Get out of here!

  35. Karon says – reply to this


    Is that a bucket of chcken in her hand.

  36. SINISTER says – reply to this



  37. kq says – reply to this


    how awful- she's obviously a total mess, partly her fault but also when you do drugs and have everyone analyzing every aspect of you your chances for being OKAY are pretttty slim.
    leave her alone.
    this guy blows.

  38. farrah says – reply to this


    crying hysterically? poor girl :(

  39. MARC says – reply to this



  40. dogsunjhonsu says – reply to this


    pirates having The hollow up to bellowed for the And grapes, magnificent of my friends work horizontal I know let it go.

  41. deathnoterocks says – reply to this


    Hellooooooo! Brit will never learn. She married k-fed(backup dancer), and now this guy(Papparazzi). This girl is eather f**** retarded, or just wants som sh** in her life!!

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