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Listen To This: Hip Hop All Over The World

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Kanye is gonna love this shit!

He'll be mentioning this on his blog by the end of next week. Watch.

This fella's name is Adam Tensta, and he is one of the freshest and illest rappers on the planet.

And he's from Sweden! Though he raps in English.

Tensta's beats are dope as shiz and he's rhyming about things other than the cliches in American hip hop: hos and cash.

CLICK HERE to enjoy his instantly infectious My Cool.

Then click here to listen to some other songs from Adam Tensta!

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323 comments to “Listen To This: Hip Hop All Over The World”

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  1. HipHopFan says – reply to this


    Hes really bad.

  2. LeonardoT of Sweden! says – reply to this


    Sverige ÄGER allt och alla!!!!
    Sweden kicks asss!!haha

    Sweden is the coolest country and US should learn something by us, the swedes! :P

  3. SWEDEN GIRL says – reply to this


    Hi you all!
    Im from sweden, and i listen to adam tensta! he's soo cool, i usually see him on the subway when im going to school!
    he really deserves the attention from USA..every other hip hop, r&b aso is gonna get beaten by him, HES SOMETHING SPECIAL!
    Sweden has a lot of special spices of artists !

    love/m. the sweden girl

  4. persia says – reply to this


    yeeh i know about this guy cuz im from sweeeeden!..

  5. Smooches says – reply to this


    Finally, hopefully with you putting him on your site I will soon be able to buy his cd here in the states

  6. Aluxdeluxe says – reply to this


    Yeha he´s the shit !! :D and wtf is the matter with people now a days ! talking shit when they just heard one song or something.. I mean come on if u don´t like it kepp it to your self ffs !!

  7. tensta says – reply to this


    please listen to his Dopeboy ft Eboi too. Real hot shit..
    clearly better than my cool.

  8. benny blanco from the bronx says – reply to this


    No, really, this guy SUCKS, his flow is typical, and the beats are the same old synth crap you hear everywhere now (Lord Finesse, Eric B., Premier, I miss you guys), although he is catchy and cliche enough for european airplay. And I quite enjoy all the Swedish hip hop "experts". Some people (from NYC, and of a certain age) actually grew up with this music, and might have a frame of reference to judge it. As far as people listening to ten year old tracks, as i believe tensta referenced in his post here, that is for the simple reason that hip hop, in general, is in a state of decay. Let me hear an MC better that Rakim and we can talk about new hip hop, although some of the newer stuff is good as well (Sean Price, MF Doom, Immortal Technique, Necro, Percee P, Madlib, Jeru's new album), as long as you don't get your listening cues from the radio stations or, for that matter, perezhilton.com.

    Also, Europe, your "ghetto's" are not hard.
    I know. I've seen them.
    Stop pretending.

  9. frenchayy says – reply to this


    hes fresh still. not bad to look at either.

  10. kanyewest_tml says – reply to this


    This guys been out for months…..your way behind Perez

  11. cara says – reply to this



    better than the crap we have here

  12. VANCITY GRITTY says – reply to this



  13. mojo says – reply to this


    i agree with #99…like the other day when you commented on "lights flashin" (sic) i thought it was pretty obvi that you should leave ALL references to hip-hop, rap, kanye, and the words fresh/dope/ill out of your vocab. RAP talks about "hos and cash", not hip-hop. stick to britney and her "music", por favor.

  14. Emmalisa says – reply to this


    Re: Robert

    Jodu, det är ju precis så. Du har verkligen fattat det.

    Yeah right, thats how it is. You really got i right. Black people dont live in Sweden…

  15. Thief says – reply to this


    Adam Tensta is numba one!
    I just spotted him in France doin a wicked show in Nice/Midem. Heard he was goin 2 Paris 2.

    Listen 2 My Cool, They Wanna Know, Dopeboy and 80´s Baby!!!!

  16. Tjuven says – reply to this


    Don´t compare Adam Tensta with a fake ass wanna be bad ass Kayne fuckin West. Adam Tensta is not a fake ass superstar tryin fuck everyone around him. Adam Tensta is Hip-Hop, Kayne West is just a nerd who took a left turn when he was supposed to go forward!!!


  17. emmy says – reply to this


    Heyy,I'm from Sweden and he is really cool and I like the music he do,and so that's it :D lisen to My Cool ;D Go to youtube to lisen

  18. emma says – reply to this


    he`s great,this is the only hip hop i actually can stand!this makes me kinda proud to be swedish^^

  19. emma says – reply to this


    Re: pisse – yeah,i agree with that!

  20. Pernilla says – reply to this


    Good taste man ! I don't really like hip hop, I'm more of a metal chick. But what can you say? He's got it.

  21. Gylle says – reply to this


    Hey Perez if u like "my cool" then you should hear "dopeboy" the beat is of the hook!

  22. Camille Swearom says – reply to this


    I'm proud to be from Sweden! Especially when I'm from Tensta! XO
    Maybe he's the next ABBA…hihi

  23. Gabriella says – reply to this


    Re: benny blanco from the bronx
    YOU ARE SO BORING! spending like 5 minutes to write this long message. HAHA you are pathetic grandpa

  24. mickmick says – reply to this


    Re: CanCanMan

    you are an idiot. A lot of Swedes, myself included, speak English with an American accent. I work with UK producers and with large record labels and they like Tensta.

  25. Keppler says – reply to this


    There´s black guys in Sweden?! Whats next, the Swedish blondes are really a bunch of brunettes? Oh lord…

  26. Infamous says – reply to this


    Re: brad


  27. quality says – reply to this



  28. Jen says – reply to this


    Perez, dude, I hope you know that swedish people CAN speak english and therefore also rap in english. We're not stupid. And yes, Adam Tensta is awsome.

  29. sandra says – reply to this


    im from sweden and i heard him before all of you:D how does that feel?

  30. Swe says – reply to this



  31. way says – reply to this


    Re: Keppler – yep , and theres polar bears in the streets to

  32. Kingen82 says – reply to this


    Hello ! So Perez like Adam Tensta, the cool cat from tensta, love you for that,
    and to all peaple on this site Have a nice 2008, and Britney sucks.

    PS Perez got a lot of fans in sweden

  33. Inthebla says – reply to this


    Hahaha! The same second a Swede comes up on a big famous site whole sweden comes here and like "Yep it´s true, his from my street, my city, my country" hahha you´re so proud…

  34. amanda says – reply to this


    he sucks

  35. b-rabbit says – reply to this


    this cat's got nothing on Lupe Fiasco.

  36. Hannah says – reply to this


    Adam is reeeaally good! Though "my cool" is quite worn out here in Sweden ;) cool that you guys in USA like him! :D

  37. Nathalie Karlsson says – reply to this


    GO SWEDEN!!!

  38. Dakota says – reply to this



  39. Adam Tensta Sucks says – reply to this


    Comon man Adam Tensta isnt the illest rapper, you have forgotten about nas, pac, game etc etc

  40. Heimer says – reply to this


    Lidköping Rules..yea baby

  41. Anna says – reply to this


    Adam you're the man! I just want to make a short notice: The population of Sweden is 9 million people. Not too many people, but still: one million people in Sweden are immigrants from all over the world. So to all of you who thought that we don't have black people in Sweden: man…shit you need to get yourself an education and start to read about the rest of the world before you make a such stupid comment as: There's no black people in Sweden.

    Peace,! Och till alla Svenskar: vi äger, vi är inte bara vackrast och bäst: vi är överlägset snyggast också! :)

  42. d says – reply to this


    How much did he pay u for posting this comment?

  43. zaza says – reply to this


    this dude went in my class for three years in elementary school, and his music is great! hoping for succes, he deserves it. this is the first rapper in sweden who has his own style, the others sucks.

  44. anna says – reply to this


    Very interesting that "ya'l" yanks think that perez "discovered" Adam Tensta, while in fact Adam has been famous in Northern Europe ( Scandinavia and other European countries ) for quite some while now.

    Typical Americans..,

  45. Hopf says – reply to this


    "My cool" is nice, but "They wanna know" is better… that´s one helluva streetbanger!

  46. sweetvyc says – reply to this


    i would prefer if he did it in his native language. i love to listen to french & german hip-hop.. it's unique & some of these guys are really good.

  47. Semla says – reply to this


    Re: benny blanco from the bronx – What, you mean you've been on a european tour of all ghettos ion the continent? Please. I've been in the Bronx, many french ghettos are harder. BESIDES, many of us in europe also grew up with hip-hop, this music has been around here for just as long as in the US. I've been listening to both american and european hip-hop since 1979 for example, you've probably only heard american stuff so stop pretending like you're some sort of an expert just because you're from the Bronx.
    That said: True, Adam Tensta sucks. Haha!

  48. shitman its my cool says – reply to this


    Im from sweden and my cool is good 1-2 times and then its just annoying, but shit im happy for tensta that perez dropt his name!!!

  49. Fatima says – reply to this


    Well he's originally from Gambia where the national language (besides Wolof) is ENGLISH, thanks to bloody colonialist Brits.
    So there's really nothing strange about him rapping in English. People speak other languages than Swedish in Sweden!
    Oh btw, WOLOF POWER!

  50. MAC FIRE says – reply to this


    SWEDEN ROCK! SWEDEN RULES. The music from this country is good, in any genre. Open your eyes. Tired of American music. Time for a chance. Sweden has always produced good music. Artist like: Abba, Roxette, Europe, Ace of Base, The Cardigans, The sounds, The Hives, Mando Diao, Meja, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Josè Gonzàlez, Robyn, E-Type, Candlemass, In Flames, Hammerfall and many more.

  51. benny blanco from the bronx says – reply to this


    Re: Semla – You're right, I have no idea what I am talking about. No, I have not been on a ghetto tour of Europe, but I have traveled around a lot more than even most Europeans, and I agree, France certainly owns some shitholes, but let's not kid ourselves, Europe is just NICER than the States. And I wasn't even thinking about the Bronx, I was thinking more Baltimore and Chicago. And I primarily DO listen to American hip hop, because, well, it's better.
    That Roots Manuva though. He's pretty good.

  52. Stock-Town says – reply to this


    Hhahhah—he's a friend of my friend :P

  53. kalle says – reply to this


    WHats up with u and the swedes perez? robyn has been famous in sweden since she was 16. she had a huge pop-hit (soundes sort of like nsync, nackstreetsboy 90's) and then about 10 years later you mention her and shes big in the us and has a single with snoop dogg!!???

  54. james says – reply to this


    i was in europe last summer. only had a few days in sweden but DAMN! That country rocks. its not a myth about the hot swedish blondes like Victoria Silvstedt. EVERYWHERE you look in stockholm theres gorgeous woman! And the music they make over ther is not bad either:
    This guy Adam Tensta youre talkning about, Abba, Roxette, Europe, Ace of Base, The Cardigans, The sounds, The Hives, Robyn, Mando Diao, Meja, Eagle-Eye Cherry 50% of Razorlight, The Ark… the list goes on. PLUS All the really big american pop songs are done by swedish producers and songwriters: all the backstreet boys albums, many nsync songs, madonna songs, almost all the britney spears hits (from the "baby one more time" days to the new "gimme more" stuff. SWEDEN ROCKS! I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK!

  55. melissa says – reply to this


    love this beat!!!!! its so different and lyrics are awesome…keep posting this kinda shiz Perez!!!! :)

  56. orka says – reply to this


    hah! Orka. han musik är i alla fall mnga gånger bättre än mycket av den sk amerikanska hip-hop. Bra mycket mer elektroinfluerad.

  57. London says – reply to this


    PEREZ! What do you know about music? This Adam guy is a total sell out. This aint rap, this is POP!!

  58. Mike says – reply to this


    Thanks for the tip.. hi is talanted

  59. EBZ says – reply to this



  60. EBZ says – reply to this


    95% of the people who post on here are hateful bitches. Go suck on some emo or punk rock.

  61. shannon says – reply to this


    Props Perez! My Cool by Adam Tensta is hot!!

  62. Babbler says – reply to this


    Re: CanCanMan – Fool, Adam moved to UK when he was 6 years old.

  63. Hedvig Creazzo says – reply to this


    Så jävla bra! Hes super sexi too

  64. DDn* says – reply to this


    a lil note, Adam Tensta just recently won a grammy in the swedish grammy awards. his new album is somethin out of the ordinary comin from an english rappin swede. on the other hand, w8 for looptroop's upcomin album later this spring! after playin a few shows on the us west coast in september 2007 including roxy theatre in LA ull wanna hear what they can do. WARNING! theyre material is very political n up to date so it'll probably have somethin to do with the US prez election.

    Big up from Sweden

  65. ladylindsay says – reply to this


    Love it!

  66. truth says – reply to this


    this boys fake…only get probs cuz he´s from uptown. who you need to be listening to is my boy lazee, he got the illest flow ever.check out his latest video "rock away".

  67. Bam Marwurra says – reply to this


    Adam and Lazee is cool wiv eachother, how come FANS of Lazee's music is on here hatin as if they competin over shit? Yall just doin your "boy" bad. It's stupid to think your imaginary little beef would do ANYBODY good in a little country as Sweden. Cut that shit off!!!!!!

  68. Kapten Stofil says – reply to this


    Re: Bam Marwurra – Men skärp dig! Har du kollat för mycket på MTV på sistone? Försöker du låta "ghetto" genom att strunta i att skriva grammatiskt korrekt och bara använda stereotypiska uttryck? Ush vad falskt. Ännu värre: vad cliché! SLUTA SKRIVA SOM EN DÅRE NU är du snäll.
    Hur svårt är det att använda plural form och avsluta ord med rätt bokstav?? Det heter "ARE cool" och "WITH each other", "ARE here hatinG" med G, och "YOU ARE ALL doinG" osv.
    Herregud. Dagens ungdomar, jag lovar. Man blir tokig.

  69. Realnezz says – reply to this


    This dude is on fire…nice find.
    I looked his myspace up and he got some really hot tracks.

  70. Adam says – reply to this


    Ken Ring will fuck him up!

  71. swede. says – reply to this


    "LaZee - Rock Away" is the shit…

  72. BigBen says – reply to this


    I like the sound…nice vid to

  73. Micaela says – reply to this


    hahah i am from sweden aswell he is my sisters friend haha so i always get to met him :)

  74. Stick 2 gossip says – reply to this


    Yo Perez stick to what gays do best. GOSSIP. CHromeo's been hot for at least two yrs and now you think this dude is the next big thing in hip hop. Your trippin! Maybe you been hitting that weed Joss Stone is smoking.

  75. Sed says – reply to this


    This dude is not one of the hotter rappers from sweden, he´s only getting attention because his "hiphop" is harmless and catchy and works well on the upper class´s dancefloors. The song that really got him his initial attention, "bangin on the system", is still the hottest track (hip hop) ever produced in sweden (not thanks to Adam but rather Eboi, his hypeman who out shines Adam on every track and performance, and the Dj), but he totally sold out after the labels noticed him and started making retarded disco tracks instead of the politically concious and radical music we hoped he would be doing. Check out Lazee instead, he can actually RAP and don´t need the DJ to chop his rhymes to camoflage how wack the lyrics are.

  76. AKA says – reply to this


    SWEDISH HIP HOP IS REALLY GOOD. Not this though. He´s english is not that good and I didnt like his voice. NOT GOOD RHYMES!!! BEt he aint good at all fresstylin'.

  77. Christina says – reply to this


    That was really fresh. It is nice to hear something new. I love rap, r&b and hip hop, but I am tired of all the money and coochie songs out there. Tu-Pac sang about raunchy stuff but a least he experienced it for himself. Half these rappers out there haven't experienced half of what they sing about. Music comes from your soul.

  78. Sweden says – reply to this


    Haha fan vad Perez e efter…

  79. Emma says – reply to this


    Brad, Swedish hip Hopers dont have that cash, not yet anyway ;)
    Otherwise I would have payed Perez to love me loong time ago! lol (if you can buy electroluv as well..)

  80. Cecilia says – reply to this


    Adam Tensta is the shit!!
    I know him and hes wonderful and I love his music.

  81. Jonathan says – reply to this


    He rules all those american "gangsta" rappers anyway!

  82. He rocks! says – reply to this


    Adam tensta is the shiet!
    Great music beats and inovative!!

  83. sven says – reply to this


    can US get more isolated? This song has been out for months and now he is touring Europe…

  84. Kajsa says – reply to this


    He's good, really good! i can tell you he's the best.
    I have seen him live here in sweden,^^

  85. Patrick says – reply to this


    han gör oss stolta här i sverige(swedish)
    he makes us proud here in sweden (english)

  86. - s says – reply to this


    He's good but you found him late Perez, I found him months ago on a website with unsigned artist. Hopefully he'll be big outside sweden aswell. P.S I love your blog.

  87. Hiphoptothefullest says – reply to this


    Re: Anneka – Since when did Tensta become a project?Projects dont exist in Sweden.Sure,we have areas that are less fortunate but to call Tensta "the projects" is flat out lie..come on now….

  88. realhiphop says – reply to this


    Re: benny blanco from the bronx – I´m from sweden and just wanna say thank you,Benny. You just took the words out of my mouth.People on here from Stockholm talking about ghettos and shit - it´s just ridiculous.Open ur eyes.If u´ve ever been in NYC and seen a ghetto u know what a ghetto is.They DON`T exist in Sweden.Adam Tensta has some fresh beats,but that´s about it.Lyric wise it just doesn´t do it for me.

  89. Veronica says – reply to this


    This sucks horrible, and he looks weird, really ugly, yuck! He's just repeating the same thing over and over again, thats just stupid,

  90. Hyresgästföreningen says – reply to this


    Re: Hiphoptothefullest – Sorry but you're wrong about this. Tensta is a "miljonprogram" public housing area for low-income families, so projects it is per definition. Anneka's use of the term is totally adequate.

  91. DaveAfterShave says – reply to this




  92. Emelie says – reply to this


    Thats my homie up there.. :) Go Adam, I'm proud of you!!

  93. Lina says – reply to this


    Heja Sverige!! ;)

  94. Mel says – reply to this


    I wonder how Perez heard about Adam Tensta? But it's cool that he's getting all this attention, he's really a brand new artist even in Sweden. I've got his "They wanna know" single in my spinning class! :D

  95. MALIN says – reply to this


    Adam can sing good hip hop! Much better than american hip hop (don´t like american hip hop) ..
    / Swedish adam fan

  96. RIMO says – reply to this


    I discoverd him before you Perez HAHA! :D he's very very good and I will congratulate for being on PerezHilton.com when I meet him

  97. Grrr. says – reply to this


    In my freinds school you can win tickets to see him live in some snob school in stockholm

  98. SKRILLAAA says – reply to this


    everybody in sweden knows that Lazee is better than adam tensta, go to youtube search ”Lazee', and there you have it, the best rapper in sweden, Lazeee skrilllaaaaa music 040 WHATS UP (L)

  99. sara says – reply to this


    you should listen to Amanda Jensens song For the sun!!
    Have a nice day

  100. martina says – reply to this


    Sweden rules the music industry!! You chould check out another new swedish hip hop artist, Lazee!

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