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They're In The Money

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Forbes has just come out with their list of 2007's 20 highest grossing female musicians, and the results are pretty surprising.

1. Madonna - $72 million
2. Barbra Streisand - $60 million
3. Celine Dion - $45 million
4. Shakira - $38 million
5. Beyoncé - $27 million
6. Gwen Stefani - $26 million
7. Christina Aguilera - $20 million
8. Faith Hill - $19 million
9. Dixie Chicks - $18 million
10. Mariah Carey - $13 million

Yup, Britney didn't make the top 10!

CLICK HERE to find out who made the list from 11-20!

11. Hilary Duff - $12 million
12. Avril Lavigne - $12 million
13. Martina McBride - $12 million
14. Britney Spears - $8 million
15. Carrie Underwood - $7 million
16. Nelly Furtado - $7 million
17. Fergie - $6 million
18. Jennifer Lopez - $6 million
19. Sheryl Crow - $6 million
20. Norah Jones - $5.5 million

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422 comments to “They're In The Money”

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  1. ALD says – reply to this


    How much do you bet Hannah Montana makes the list next year?

  2. TIA says – reply to this


    Where's Miley Cyrus?
    She made like 50 million off this tour.

  3. Mandy says – reply to this


    Norah Jones made more money than Miley Cyrus and Rihanna?
    This list is jacked.

  4. ROYAL WAVE says – reply to this


    MADONNA RULES!!! Although I can't name one song of hers from the past few years. How does she make so much money and still have her fabulous life? Perhaps they're factoring in total income (investments, etc.) and not just music income. I guess Babs made a buck or two from "Meet the Flockers" and her Vegas work. I'm always impressed with their $$ worth (Madonna and Barbra)…it's part of being a real STAR that you can, year after year, generate such income. Keep it up Ladys…Thanks Perez for sharing info….I think Forbes is a reputable source, but sometimes misleading.

  5. AB says – reply to this


    Where's Janet Jackson?

  6. frisky says – reply to this


    hell yes Gwen Stefani is on the list!!!!

  7. nastyrose says – reply to this


    YAY SHAKIRA!!! great that's she's doing soo well - love that girl and can't wait to see her live someday….i guess all that touring paid off too :)

  8. JJ says – reply to this


    Madonna does well because she's smart enough to charge her fan base (gurlz and queens) 400-500 a ticket per show. She know's the girls will spend their Tina money to see her. Go Madonna!

  9. Kirk says – reply to this


    omg Britney didn't make the top 10? BFD!!! she is number 14!!! still more than 99% of the world! shit. when will journalists quit having agendas. oh wait, forgot, you aren't a journalist. :) and honestly, Brits made more than Carrie Underwood and JLo, and look how hard they had to work for it. Brits had to show up a couple of hours to film a few lousy videos, wave her hands at the MTV awards show, and go to Starbucks everyday to get photographed. I think I prefer her life to some of those others on the list who have to work their asses off!! cheers to lazy money making.

  10. Shauna says – reply to this


    Who would ever buy a Hillary Duff album….sad.

  11. Listmif says – reply to this


    Most of those in the top 10 had tours and concert dates in 2007. That is the biggest impact on their bottom line. It is a little misleading - Britney Spears didn't tour or promote her album because she was busy being CRAZY and she still raked in $8 million. Now, that's a different spin isn't it. Always so negative. Your girl Rhianna is not there and I'm sure she had a great year???

  12. The Import says – reply to this


    Where the F*ck is Rihanna?

  13. Lisa says – reply to this


    What the hell? Where is MILEY CYRUS? I thought people were paying up to 1,000 per ticket to see her, according to PEREZ!!!!

  14. Norbbie says – reply to this


    Awsome, where are Janet & Kylie?

  15. Alán Salas says – reply to this


    Now, We want to see the poorest Ladies in 2007, who didn't gain money and had financial problems like Lindsay Lohan

  16. mouse says – reply to this


    oh my good rihanna is not in this list

  17. Bee says – reply to this


    The list is weird, i'd have thought the numbers would be closer together, but the difference between no. 1 and 10 is a lot. Just surprising that Beyonce made it and also that no matter how her album or movies does, J-lo always seems to be on that list somewhere like she has some cash reserves or something…

  18. Blake says – reply to this


    WHAT THE FISH!!!!! WHAT ABOUT HANNAH MONTANA…According you "P-Nasty" People were paying big bucks for Hannah Montana Tickets……….WOW…But then again i guess you didn't make the list so there's no point on holding a grudge!!!!

  19. Sander says – reply to this


    And what about Rihanna ?

  20. Ronald says – reply to this


    MADONNA - Grand DIVA of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ronald says – reply to this


    PEREZ: KIds should not be allowed in your site. Only 18 year olds and above should be allowed on this kinds of sites.

  22. Corgan says – reply to this


    That is hilarious… after Mariah said she would prefer to be on a stage with a pig rather than Beyonce, turns out Beyonce earns twice as much!

    Suck that biatch!

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