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Still Pregnant

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A glowing Angelina Jolie kept her baby bump hidden at the Santa Barbara Film festival on Saturday.

The actress/humanitarian, accompanied by life partner Brad Pitt, was honored with the 'Outstanding Performance Award' for her role in A Mighty Heart.

She was robbed of an Oscar nomination, dangit!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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419 comments to “Still Pregnant”

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  1. If you feel "guilty" you're a racist says – reply to this


    Dear Athena, people hate Angelina because she doesn't love her biological child just because it isn't "colored". Angelina is obsessed with minority kids because it alleviates her sense of "white guilt" brought on by her completely entitled attitude and posh lifestyle. It's a racist attitude. Only people who think they are SUPERIOR to the brown races feel "guilty" for being white. I am white and very proud of it because I don't think I am better than anyone because of my skin color. I am proud of my heritage just as minorities are proud of theirs.

  2. becky says – reply to this


    Doesn't anybody see that Brad Pitt is losing his hair? That he is wearing some wig or something? He looks TERRIBLE!! Doesn't he have enough money to get a hair transplant, a forever thingy going on? At the very least he needs some stylist to guide him! He hasn't been wearing those ridiculous caps because they are hot! The MAN IS LOSING HIS HAIR!!! Do the honorable thing and get a transplant OR GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!

  3. niki says – reply to this


    angelina once said "it was selfish to hav biological children when there are so many orphans in need of a home and a family". cant she just use a rubber and quit over-populating the effing planet?!

  4. Telling it like it is says – reply to this


    I don't think Angelina is a saint but I do think she does alot of good things for charity. She does not have to give her time and money to orphanages in third world countries. She could be locked up behind her Malibu mansion working on her tan. So I say good on her, however Brad seems to sorta tag along not knowing what to do.

    In terms of looks I think they both look great!

  5. lala says – reply to this


    why are they going to so much trouble to have more biological kids? Angelina has always said she feels more for her adopted ones. I guess Shiloh needs someone to identify with.

  6. Reeee says – reply to this


    If she's pregnant, don't you think it's odd to pose in front of an add for vodca????

  7. david-0-selznick says – reply to this


    I wanna sniff Chace Craford's buttsmell off of Brad's gotee.

  8. Alexa says – reply to this


    The best humanitarian effort they could make would be to practice effective birth control and take better care of the kids they already have.

  9. "She was robbed of an Oscar nomination." says – reply to this


    Hardly. She absolutely didn't deserve the first one–or the win. Her performance in "Girl Interrupted" was pathetic and contrived. The girl plays the gives the same performances over and over and over and, I'm sorry, her gargantuan lips make any performance she gives very distracting.

  10. ruemonkey says – reply to this


    She was robbed a childhood from a crazy daddy and I can't blame her for the estrangement, hell her dad doesn't even know the names of her kids. She has the typical profile of an abondoned child and will continue to make believe in her own very self absorbed way that she is filling her life with love– the love she never got as a child. As for how she looks, well it is all so very staged, every move just like with Katie and Tom so it is really hard to say if she is finding the fulfillment she craves. But you gotta hand it to her for TRYING SO FECKIN HARD. At the end of the day, both she and her boy toy are textbook narcissists.

  11. Janis Dickenson Smells says – reply to this


    The most overrated woman in cinema. She's a good actress (watch Gia, Girl Interrupted, ie.) but only in movies where the character is similar to her real life persona. In reality, she is better than Aniston in looks and talent, but not the best in Hollywood, let alone Bollywood. There are many that outshine this woman. She's so overrated. The most overrated.

  12. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: K

    Obviously Brad didn't choose Angie for what she wears. He left a frivolous, selfish, shallow and over-ambitous woman for Angie who is a multiple award winning thespian, proven humanitarian, and a single mother. But being a fan of such a frivolous woman, I understand all you can see is as thin as clothing. if Angie is pregnant, good for her. Do you seriously think Brad cares what she wears being pregnant with his child? I know it hurts you. Your token victim middle-aged sitcom hag still can't grow up and face her insecurities. She's still alone, can't do any better than tagging along being a 3rd wheel on a married friend's family vacation. How pathetic is that. Does anyone really question anymore why Brad left her sorry ass? Don't think so. It has nothing to do with Angie—well maybe she made him realized that a woman can be a successful actor and a loving mother at the same time, which Aniston was never going to be.

  13. ClosetExtrovert says – reply to this


    Brad Pitt looks like the biggest horses's ass these days. I miss the days when he was a human.

  14. oops says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – You spelled that wrong…thats LESBIAN..not thespian…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. HOME WRECKER! says – reply to this



  16. puke says – reply to this


    Re: Athena – Dumb Pitt-iful shoulda never married aniston if he planned on dumping her according to his time limit of when she has to be barefoot and pregnant! Hes a pompous ass!! He vowed til death do them part and the selfish fuck ran out on her because she was making movies!…which is what scumgelina does too. Hes a puke!!

  17. SkyeBlue says – reply to this


    Who cares?

    Great, guess they will have to hire more nannies to help since there will be even less attention to go around to the kids they ALREADY have!

  18. JZEE says – reply to this


    Is brads hair fake?? Like just a month ago it was like a crew cut under his pageboy cap. Now he has this huge mop on his head. He kind of looks strange.

  19. jd says – reply to this


    they look like waxed figure in this photo. angelina's face looks like it was forced to be facelift or something. and brad looks old. too bad for him jennifer aniston is looking oh so oohhlala sexy. i just watched the trailer of angelina's movie she really sucked. can't believe some people still idolizes this pretentious bitch!

  20. groovypet2 says – reply to this


    IDK but over on USmagazine someone wrote that Brad had a facelift and A was a distraction. BTW his hair looks like s###!

  21. Nicole says – reply to this


    Probably better she didn't get a nomination. If she would have won she would have gotten that curse like all the other winners who's marriages fell apart after the win!! Love the two of them together!

  22. K says – reply to this


    Re: bratwurst[/re] Uhh, didn't you already try and do that?! not something I would be shouting to the world buddy. Still alot of hard feelings from 65+ years ago. Why don't you shove your sausage up your ass :-) stupid f*cking germans.

  23. Dre says – reply to this


    Ummm okay… Life Partner? Okay… no matter how many kids they have they are not going to last. I like Brad's beard but he is a cheater and liar and she is no better.

  24. B R Girl says – reply to this


    That is one ugly couple. Brad looks like he has a mullet and he he needs to either get rid of the gray in his beard or let his hair go gray to match. Angie looks like my grandma in those clothes. Wow, can't believe how much they have both aged in the past three years especially Brad.

  25. Kelly says – reply to this


    Two more "outcast" babies. That is what she calls her biological daughter. How sad. I could not believe what I was hearing as I watched her being interviwed on TV. I heard her say " Shiloh is an outcast. I do not feel for her like my other children, since she was born priviledged, so unlike my other children ". At least baby Shiloh will have two little "outcast" siblings to play with while Mommy and Daddy take the foreign adopted children to the park, to the zoo, on a bike ride. Or maybe Angelina got impregnated with sperm from a black guy or Asian guy, perhaps. Then she just "might " love them as much as Maddox, Pax and Zahara.

    The fact that Ange is prejudice against blonde's is PREJUDICE. It is not fair on her daughter. It's reverse discrimination.

  26. Kelly says – reply to this


    Wow, Two more "outcast" babies. That is what she calls her biological daughter. How sad. I could not believe what I was hearing as I watched her being interviwed on TV. I heard her say " Shiloh is an outcast. I do not feel for her like my other children, since she was born priviledged, so unlike my other children ". At least baby Shiloh will have two little "outcast" siblings to play with while Mommy and Daddy take the foreign adopted children to the park, to the zoo, on a bike ride. Or maybe Angelina got impregnated with sperm from a black guy or Asian guy, perhaps. Then she just "might " love them as much as Maddox, Pax and Zahara.

    The fact that Ange is prejudice against blonde's is PREJUDICE. It is not fair on her daughter. It's reverse discrimination.

  27. mari says – reply to this


    how about some new news? when was the last time you updated? HOURS ago and stop posting your damn pic.

  28. me says – reply to this


    who the fuck cares.
    she sucks, he sucks.
    they both suck.

  29. notusuallyahater says – reply to this


    What the fffff is she wearing?!? thats fugly. shes so much prettier than that.

  30. lindsay says – reply to this


    i cant stand her!!!!!!

  31. Peedoo65 says – reply to this


    Hey LOUISE

  32. Jen says – reply to this


    Looks like they used the same box of hair dye…ha ha!
    They are two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen…I am so jealous!
    Good luck to the Jolie-Pitts!

  33. PEEDOO65 says – reply to this



  34. Life Partner -HA! says – reply to this


    What makes you so sure that is what it's going to be with their track record? I feel bad for Shiloh. Maybe this baby will be good for her. Will Miss Angelina diss this one as well as being luckier than the others? I am sorry I just don't see her being the saint everyone makes her out to be especially where Shiloh is concerned. There is something wrong when one child is excluded from almost everything. I don't care how old they are, most mothers are with their babies ALL of the time. Not Angelina and it is just plain WEIRD.

  35. livia says – reply to this


    Brad Pitt when he was in Legends of the Fall was the most beautiful man I have ever seen!

  36. Biological Family says – reply to this


    I find it odd that she would consider another biological child when she doesn't seem to have anything to do with the one she already has. She almost NEVER has Shiloh with her while the other two went with her everywhere even when they were very small. She also said all those mean things about her OWN daughter. (Maybe she is jealous of the relationship between Shiloh and Brad?) The whole thing with Angelina and her father is wrong as well. She can't be a saint when she at odds with her biological father and daughter. There comes a point in one's life that they have to stop blaming others for their behavior. Not everyone grows up with a perfect childhood. Angelina n truly needs to grow up some more adding another biological child does not help the situation. I guess it would just make it harder for Brad to leave, though, if he tires of the situation…..

  37. sara says – reply to this


    is anyone else bothered by the fact that their hair is the SAME COLOR??

  38. K says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – What I find the most disturbing ( it's not your complete obsession with Aniston), is that you've really made Jolie into some saint. I'm not gonna bash Jolie just to get under your skin. I've made my feelings well known about Jolie & Pitt. I don't need to rehash it. You on the other hand are very delusional, especially to think that it "hurts" me when you pick on Aniston. Why would it hurt me? You pick the woman apart because she has good taste in clothing, has good hygiene, takes care of herself physically, has a wonderful friendship with courtney cox and got support and sympathy from the public over her divorce & her husbands infidelity. You act like Jolie has her act together, meanwhile she is known to have a slew of emotional problems. If you don't think insecurity ranks high on her list then you're fooling yourself. She seems to have a hard time loving herself, let alone a tribe of kids. I don't think you're showing yourself a ton of love when you're cutting yourself. She needs therapy and has refused it. She seems to think her roles are theraputic enough for her. Half the time she plays a gun toting cop/assassin or a strung out bisexual/psychopath. How is that theraputic? You can build her up all you want… if that's what gets you through the day.

  39. HAIRDYE says – reply to this



  40. GAIN SOME WEIGHT! says – reply to this



  41. ltrane923 says – reply to this


    You can just tell Brad is "a thinker". What kind of guy dies his hair to match his girlfriend's? Seriously have you ever met any body in this world who does that. I am so sick of these two.

  42. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: K

    No one said Angie is a Saint. Well, compared to your Miss Incompetent, she sure does seem like one though. The point is, it's not a big of a deal being a successful actor and a mother at the same time. So many A-listers are doing it, but your JenJen couldn't. I'm not saying she should have produced. It something a lot more darker. The word on the street is that Miss Aniston loves her Cocaine, and Brad had enough saying it's either "the HAPPY, or me". She couldn't part with the habit and lost him. Very curious she lost another 'boyfriend' Paul Sculfor for the exact same reason—he said there are "too much cocaine" around Aniston. Angie through her troubled youth, found a sense of purpose in life, and stopped being self-descructive. At age 39, Miss Aniston cannot seem to grow up and stop taking those substances that make her feel good, beautiful, whatever, and keeps losing her potential romantic partners. So yes, compared to your loser, Angie sure seems like a Saint. Any mother/actor in Hollywood would.

  43. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: K

    Oh and what you are referring to, Angie's cutting, happened in her very early 20s. Since then Angie turned her life around, which you can't fathom, since your idol can't grow up for the longest time LOL! Being someone living in the past with your Aniston, I understand you rely heavily in the past. Have a good time there. No one remembers your idol, "Miss PAST" now.

  44. Mister Ed says – reply to this


    OMFG…so hott. I'd fuck 'em both in a heartbeat.

    PS. Who cares about the Oscar, she already has one.

  45. ALP says – reply to this


    I realllyyyy hope she doesn't go J.LO on us and try to hide it until she's damn near about to go into labor!

  46. WTF says – reply to this


    I can't stand that whiney Jennifer A. She is a bitch! She smokes, I have never
    seen her get involved with helping anyone but herself! She did not want kids
    when Brad did. Oh, cry me a river over this bitch! All she wanted were her
    FRIENDS well she got them. Lately, she has been doing ST. Jude stuff because
    of Marlo Thomas who we all know played her mom on Friends. She is just playing us. Oh, and she does not get alone with her mtoher either. Remember!

    So this bitch want's a man with money and postion! She had that with Brad.
    She could have made it work. But, she is a selfish bitch! Now lay off Angie!

    Don't hate!

  47. kitkat64 says – reply to this


    Re: vetusvates – Angelina's Lip job?????? She had those same lips in pictures of her when she was 6 years old. I guess she had the lip job when she was 4. I wish people would get their facts right!!!!

  48. FRC says – reply to this


    That Hair line on Angelina is getting pretty high!

  49. shannon says – reply to this


    Am i the only person in this world that cant stand these two? Over rated and over hyped! Blah!

  50. Alana says – reply to this


    haha… Im sooooo happy she didnt get an OSCAR!..

    She's soooo fake-ass! ..

    I would have rather seen Jenifer Aniston in that movie than her!…

    Like how is Ang ever gonna give ALL her children the attention & love that they need & expect. especially when it comes to her adopted children versus her biological children… !!!

  51. Yvette says – reply to this


    she wasn't robbed of something she didn't deserve

  52. Kate says – reply to this


    Perez what do u mean by life partner- theyll split up within 2 yrs when he finally realises she s a lesbian who her ex said wa s crap at tht shes a crap mum shes only ever photographed with her adopted kids to create a mother Theresa image- wheres her ugly child gone to? Have its nose done?

  53. Lipstick says – reply to this


    Love you Brad & Angie!

  54. Lipstick says – reply to this


    Love you Brad & Angie!

  55. Lipstick says – reply to this


    Love you Brad & Angie!

  56. Formatted to fit... says – reply to this


    Is that forehead used to screen at-home movies??
    Damn she has a horsehead and teeth to match.

  57. K says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – Did you ever stop to think for one minute that maybe Jen Aniston had a hard time conceiving? No of course not, because you're just a big mouth b*tch with shit for brains. God forbid it could've actually been a fertiltiy issue! No it's easier to think of her as incompetent and selfish - this way it let's Brad off the hook for cheating with a whore. As for her "coke" problem, I think you're bordering on slander now. Stop acting like you know something… you're full of shit and you lie in order to justify your hate for Aniston. That's right, we have Brad the POTHEAD, Jolie the recovering heroin addict… and now let's throw Jen under the bus with some made up crap about a coke problem. You're grasping girlfriend. Jen could do an eightball a day and still not be as sick and twisted as lesbo jolie. You love to use her age as an excuse for her bad behavior … "oh she was only in her 20's"… really, and what's her excuse for sleeping with married men well into her 30's? Aniston is more woman than you'll ever be - you're just a sad, lonely nobody who lives vicariously through Jolie. You haven't a shread of evidence to support your lies… so why don't you move on to JJ website ,you'd fit in perfectly with the other delusional loonies over there. People over here don't like Jolie. Get it through your narrow mind.

  58. ANGEFRAUD says – reply to this





  59. Yvette says – reply to this


    she makes brad look like SHIT

  60. terry says – reply to this


    ok everybody,let's once again slap jennifer in the face,i was a hugh fan of brad,not angelina(homewrecker)jolie,but i do not care how well they can act.i have boycotted their movies for the horrible and deplorable way they treated jennifer.they are both low lifes,i don't care how many kids they adopt,

  61. Lia says – reply to this


    Re: BS

    i agree - he looks like such an ass when he matches his hair color to the lady love of the moment.

  62. dani says – reply to this


    Stop saying the words "baby bump" and "glowing" everytime a celeb is pregnant!!!!

  63. Lia says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud

    word on the street is that JA has a coke problem? word on the street??? what fucking street, moron? are you insane? if she's had a coke problem since before brad left her, you would be able to tell just by looking at pictures of her. have you ever seen what a person looks like when they've had a coke problem for 4 years - they start looking like whitney fucking houston and losing their teeth. you're a jackass athena. aniston was/is a pot head - that' it. so is your precious brad. whorealina on the other hand was addicted to smack…get your facts straight douchebag.

  64. Jordan says – reply to this


    They are very beautiful people.. but some of the pics of them look like wax statues haha. You know, those ones that are in those wacky museums.. This is one of those pictures. ha

  65. Jordin Sparks Plug says – reply to this


    Why is it that everytime there is a post about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, there are two people here who constantly post back and forth about Angelina vs. Jennifer Aniston? Grow up! Ya'll don't know either of them and neither of them give a flying fuck about you. You both really sound insane/stalkerish. Just stop!

  66. jenfraud says – reply to this


    jenHens, trying to forget this? LOL! Can't shove this under the rug!

    "Rumors surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s former relationship with British model Paul Sculfor are flying again, today. With reports suggesting that Aniston was dumped by Paul because he feared he might relapse into his cocaine addiction.

    Sculfor is allegedly a recovering cocaine addict. A source claims the he dumped the Hollywood star because he feared being back on the Hollywood scene would be a great temptation to begin doing cocaine again." Another words, [b]Aniston is too COCAINE DRENCHED! [/b] Run Paul Run! Brad did LOL!

  67. You're A Loser says – reply to this


    Re: Jordin Sparks Plug – Go fuck yourself.

  68. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: Lia

    Well that's the FRIVOLOUS and MEANGLESS life Brad left behind with Jennifer. SHe is still doing pot and doing cocaine losing Paul too. Look JenHen cluck cluck, it's easier for you to take if you can think of Brad/Jen BUSINESS marriage as something that it was, a BUSINESS arrangement, brokered by their agents LOL! Brad and Jen were never meant to be, and now he is where he belongs, with his huge loving family. JenJen got her soaring A-list movie career flashing her butt cracks, so everyone is happy, right?!! Nobody 'homewrecked' since there wasn't a home to start with. Just come to terms with that.

  69. BRAD, I AM YOUR FRIEND says – reply to this



  70. Crazy Doesn't Parlay Into Common Sense says – reply to this


    REGARDING: #376 - Jordin Sparks Plug


  71. Jordin Sparks Plug says – reply to this


    Re: You're a loser/Jenfraud. No baby…YOU are the loser and everyone who reads these posts laugh at you and your insane comments. Don't you have anything better to do than to talk about celebrities you don't even know? Are you stalking Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie? Will they end up like John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer because of you? If anything happens to either of them, it will be easy to pinpoint the psycho who did it…YOU! That, my dear, is a LOSER. Go fuck YOURSELF.

  72. #381 - BRAD, I AM YOUR FRIEND says – reply to this


    Sorry FRIEND.
    That plug is currently being filled my brother-in-law, but thanks for the inquiry.

  73. In the trailer park with jenfraud says – reply to this


    Why Jordin Sparks Plug!

    I can't go FUCK MYSELF - I'm too busy fucking my 500 lb. brutha.
    After that, I'm gonna break into a new box of Lil Debbie's and eat myself into an orgasm!

  74. Gwen says – reply to this


    Why do people take one article and use it to label everything as true. Angie agreed with the interviewer that Shi, at the time, was "a blob"…hello! all babies do is eat and sleep, so what's wrong with agreeing with that analogy? Second, there are so many pictures of Angelina and Shi together, Angie biking Shi around, Angie bringing Shi to visit Brad on the set…Stop judging people on what you don't know. You don't live with them, so how can you tell if someone "loves" or doesn't love their children? Angie and Brad are living the best way they can. Would you be happy if they stopped everything they're doing and just sit by the poolside enjoying themselves? or better yet, go partying it up and use drugs/alcohol and live the typical Hollywood lifestyle?

  75. lulu says – reply to this


    did you actually see that movie? she was wretched…AND BORING…if you want to talk about someone being robbed, it is both James McEvoy and Keira Knightley…SWOON, such a beautiful performance from both of them!!!

  76. K says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – If Paul was fearful of falling back into bad habits, that's his problem.. not Jen's! Hollywood is known for it's drugs - he probably thought he'd ride Jen's coat tails into the celebrity social scene and become hooked on coke again. Doesn't mean Jen partakes in it. If Jen was doing coke she would look the same way Jolie has looked for the past year! Like death warmed over. Get a clue psycho.

  77. dalipardon says – reply to this


    Re: the hair is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! hahahahahahahaahahahaa

    Yeap, You're right about the lyrics. I was trying to hum them to myself while my bf was hysterically laughing at something on youtube!! Distracted!

  78. dalipardon says – reply to this



  79. Fact Checker says – reply to this


    For those insinuating Jen A. uses cocain - that is a total fabrication.
    Paul Sculfor is the person with the coke addiction. He has been called a total cokehead and partied up with Kate Moss, also notoriously known for her addiction to the drug.
    Friends warned Jen that he was into the drug, and told her to run as they were afraid she didn't know and would get hurt.
    Shame on you for trying to throw mud on her. It would never stick.

  80. Robbed My Ass says – reply to this


    The only things she was robbed of is morality, ethics and a conscience.
    Spaying should apply to two legged bitches as well as the four legged kind.
    Fuck this phony bitch and her bitch.

  81. MY EYES says – reply to this



  82. brad is cute but says – reply to this



  83. K says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud – If anyone is in a business relationship, it's Pitt & Jolie. She makes that quite clear every time she refers to their "partnership" and that it's all about the children. I'm thinking Brad paid her to have a bio kid and is quite ok with this new "merger" based on the children only. Why else wouldn't they make it legit? and let's not forget to legitimize these kids. If Brad was such a fool that he married Jen out of pressure, what else is he capable of doing just for the sake of public appearance!? Yes, brad is where he is meant to be…. for the time being. Just like he was meant to be with Jen for 7 years (with no kids even holding them together just pure love). Remember, kids aren't always the glue that keeps relationships together. It's too bad they are all pawns in this fiasco!

  84. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: K

    It's so cute you unconsciously referred to the word "merger", which Brad described Brad/Jen marriage LOL!!! He said their marriage was a business MERGER on VIDEO. Sorry. Oh and with so-called marriage vowes, where you promise to honor your spouse, your FRAUD turns around and says Brad is NOT THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. Those words came BEFORE ANGIE came along. Deal with it. 7 years? LOL the last two they barely saw each other. Those Aniston's words alone very likely gave Brad a clue; it was high time to get out of that fake marriage. Face it, if it wasn't Angie, it would have been someone else. You are angry for JenJen because the woman he went with happened to be a younger, prettier, more talented Oscar-winning MOTHER, everything that JenJen isn't and won't be. Too bad for you rooting for the losing team. But you are very charming and 'cute', the adjective you JenHen use very awkwardly describing your 40-yr old woman instead of words more adequate for someone her age. OK, so she 'looks younger', because of her mental immaturity, honey. There is NOTHING beautiful about your idol, INSIDE and OUT, especially INSIDE.

  85. jenfraud is OBSESSED says – reply to this



  86. Lily says – reply to this


    I hardly go on here, but tonight I get it!!!! I've been accused of being "JenFraud" by "K" I believe one time on an Angie/Brad thread. Man, talk about delusional and tiresome. Just because someone espouses the same ideas of another (JenFraud) doesn't make me her. I don't read these carefully enough to comment on the emotional stability of these two, but the only thing I can say to "K" is that YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP….to go on here (obviously obsessed with Brad/Angie), lurking the way you do to comment or catch "jenfraud" as she posts here opinions…hmmmmmm…sorry, K, but seems like you need to get a life….or is this what you live for? Need some excitement in that boring life of yours, huh?

  87. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: Lily

    Hey there. Yes, "K" is stalking me LOL! Everytime I post anything she is right there to catch me. It's so funny—she takes it her mission to 'protect' that fraud, but in turn looked as pathetic as her idol. Anyway no-life fan supporting no-life 'star'. it's cute.

  88. Lily - How Convenient says – reply to this


    That you and 'jenfraud' show up and compare notes back to back?
    You don't fool anybody.
    "K" is not the one who called you out - you think she is the only one who thinks you are a crazy nut job with "several" personalities?
    It must suck to be you.
    I see you have generated quite a "fan" base on this thread.
    Enjoy your Lil Debbie's you ginormous sow.

  89. Brad hates his fans says – reply to this


    angie is turning on her fans too, her stylist has obviously turned on her too wtf!!!! i wish she would get a head job. can they shrink your head?

  90. K says – reply to this


    Re: Lily – OK Sybal. WE know Jenfraud has multiple personalities now. The stalking is the other way around. I believe that you and Jenfraud (both one in the same) belong over on JJ website but must've gotten booted off because of your stalker tendencies. Who's in need of professional help… "miss pot calling the kettle black"? I defend Jen A. because I honestly feel she doesn't warrant the attacks and the slander that is directed at her. Jolie on the other hand deserves what she gets because she brings it on herself. She's a woman born without a conscience. You need to up your medication and step away from the computer for a bit. I think there's a "friends marathon" coming up… maybe you can go get your Aniston fill and stop obsessing about her on a Jolie thread. p.s. "merger" is your buddy Pitt's word. I used it sarcastically. How disgusting of a human being do you have to be to refer to a marriage(with someone who was your best friend) as a merger. He is tacky and disrespectful. It's nice to know his balls are now in Jolie's purse. He deserved to be de balled.

  91. Lily says – reply to this


    Re: jenfraud

    Wow! There's two crazies out there stalking you! Can't escape from deranged lunatics that lurk around sites of people they "oh so hate, but can't stay away from" obsessed closeted fans.

    Sorry, JenFraud, but not worth wasting time defending yourself or anyone else for that matter cuz these loonies can't be reasoned with. Just state your case and then ignore them…hopefully, they'll go away; and if not, they'll just prove themselves to be inhabitants of the psych ward. haha

  92. Lily aka jenfraud says – reply to this


    You aren't fooling anyone.
    Deny all you want.
    Nice trying to deflect "loonie" but you and your counterpart own that one fair and square.
    Even if you aren't one and the same, (which I highly doubt) by the very way you condone jenfraud at best shows your lack of intelligence. Don't underestimate mine.
    What is to defend? The mere fact that you applaud the antics of a whore and her bitch shows you to be the deranged crazy. Go back and check the thread - there are far more who think the way K and I do, than you and your alter ego.
    I don't plan on going anywhere, as this is an awesome form of entertainment.
    Enjoy your delusion Lilyjenfraud. It never ceases to provide a laugh, at your expense.
    Be careful using the word stalk and closeted fans. Typical jenfraudspeak. Like I said before - you fool no one.
    You and jenfraud enjoy a DingDong.

  93. Why? says – reply to this


    BS, Cambel, vetusvates, blaine, Candice, crimson pixie, Bollywood4Ever, and a few others … love your posts! These two are so fake, insincere, and narcissistic that I’m amazed at how many people are obsessed with these two. Just about everyone here kisses their ass. It’s frightening when you think about it. They are nothing but media-whores, yet the people who are actually smart enough to see that are called haters. Pathetic. Brad Pitt is going to be paying child support out his ass once they finally break up. Good thing he can afford it. It’s a real shame he’s so whipped; he’s nothing more than her
    pathetic boytoy now.

    P.S. why does K and jenfraud argue back and forth in every thread about this ho?

  94. And for the record... says – reply to this


    Not standing up for yourself and using Lily to reply for "you" goes way beyond sad and pathetic, AND CRAZY.
    Have another DingDong! :)

  95. K says – reply to this


    Re: Why? – It's been ongoing for quite sometime now. No real explanation for it. I have a strong dislike for Jolie, she has one for Jen Aniston. I argue my point and she likes to one up it with her point. It's pure nonsense and antagonistic behavior on both parts but I don't have patience for a person who condones infidelity. I think Jenfraud (like her idol) has a weak character. It makes me sick how the loonie fans of this woman praise her questionable behavior. Can't they see how unattractive the "looking out for number 1" mentality is? She doesn't give a second thought to how her behavior affects other people. Don't even get me started on Pitt - he is her toy and nothing more than a laughing stock at this point. AND all Jenfraud can do is pick on aniston's 10 year career on a successful sitcom. I will always defend the underdog. So to answer your question : that is why we argue over jolie ho.

  96. Cali says – reply to this


    Congrats to Ang and Brad…may they continue to add more to this overpopulated planet.



    Spaying should apply to two legged bitches as well as the four legged kind.

    THANKS 392!

  98. jenfraud says – reply to this


    Re: Lily

    Someone like "K" is a typical AniSTONER, who needs to believe there was "infidelity" all the while all three parties, INCLUDING ANISTON, said there wasn't. A woman like K was probably hurt in her own life dumped by someone, and needs to project that anger because of simple, sheer INFERIORITY COMPLEX towards a formidable woman like Angie. It is very akin to some housewives intimidated by Hillary Clinton. They cannot identify with an other-worldly beauty, an Oscar winner, a UN ambassador WHO JUST FLEW TO AMMAN TODAY, but they can easily see themselves in line with a very insecure, plain, mediocre woman who manipulates her fan base by pretending to be a 'girl (how pathetic is that for a 40 yr old) next door' which she never is. These woman cannot bring themselves to accept Brad/Jen marriage was OVER WAY BEFORE Angie came into picture. They cannot admit Jen's failure as a woman who lost her husband because she NEVER COMMITTED TO HIM (saying he wasn't the love of her life!!! How stupid is that), as they cannot admit their fault in their relationships themselves. That is quite possibly why these women get dumped by their partners who get tired of shouldering the blame and being whined at.

  99. jenfraud says – reply to this


    To "K" and other haters: Angie is a convenient punching bag for you 'resentful women everywhere' like "K", who is full of inferiority complex and intimidated by Angie. You need to fight and that's your therapy. As long as you can vent their frustrations here on some harmless blog, good for you. Keep at it.

  100. NIce zombie hands says – reply to this


    I always see people saying on these blogs that Vagalina's cooter stinks of dead fish

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