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Hooray For Hollywood!

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Once againt shot by Annie Leobovitz, the cover of this year's annual Vanity Fair Hollywood issue features….

Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel.


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763 comments to “Hooray For Hollywood!”

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  1. Ursula says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel is so out of place on this cover…the other girls are so glam and she is so NOT

  2. bob dylan says – reply to this


    The others on the inside (ie- Ellen Page) deserve to make the cover so much more than at least one of those girls (ie Jessica Biel). Not the freaking fold-out.

  3. Treeluvr says – reply to this


    Re: GO VOTE! – They put all the women of color on the inside of the cover. It folds out. Ain't that a bitch!

  4. Janice says – reply to this


    Classic Hollywood…one word…Beautiful

  5. amy says – reply to this


    Love the pale skin…not an oompa loompa in sight!

  6. caroline says – reply to this


    seriously!?? why the hell is jessica biel on there?

  7. smartchick says – reply to this


    Re: Nicki
    Nicki you fucking idiot - does that mean they need skin cancer too? Get a clue!

  8. oiktu says – reply to this


    i feel like i'm playing the race card. but seriously, this is just too much white. this is not an accurate depiction of any kind of hollywood. from the hobo's that live on vine, to the a list oscar winning actors. five super white females does not scream hollywood to me. geez. can we get a lucy lui or kerry washington next time?

  9. jd luxe says – reply to this


    pasty. but where are the black actresses….we're not american. what the fuck?

  10. Sue says – reply to this


    What is Jessica Biel doing on that cover!!! She is not in the same league as the other actresses… and is only there b/c of her relationship with JT!! Get out!! Make room for someone with talent!!

  11. Unimpressed says – reply to this


    Wow, I guess only white girls are Hollywood and glamorous according to Vanity Fair. Way to let the cover be reflective of true Hollywood. Let's just hide the ladies of color on the other pages. Archaic.

  12. No tan here says – reply to this


    Nice to see pale skin. Jessica is too ethnic looking. I think I'll buy it.

  13. katdabrat says – reply to this


    it's the gathering of the pale!!

  14. Pris says – reply to this


    thoughts? why is jessica biel included in the fresh faces of hollywood? i can't think of one good movie she's been in. she was probably embarrassed to be sitting there next to amy adams and emily blunt, critically-acclaimed actresses.

  15. A-Ewe says – reply to this


    But………jessica is on the botttom (of the barrell) must be a STATEMENT! ha ha

  16. Chrico says – reply to this


    absolutely beautiful!

  17. erin says – reply to this


    Well, all I can say is Emily Blunt is the only one who looks gorgeous and the other two…so so and then there's Jessica Biel??????? Why her???? that's my thought on this subject!

  18. tina says – reply to this


    EMILY BLUNT IS HOT………HOT………HOT!!!!! I just watched the jane austen book club, and she is so amazing….Absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic actress….Plus that movie was so damn good too!!! Love you emily!!!!!!

  19. &hearts says – reply to this


    all good looking in different ways

  20. OrangeJuce says – reply to this


    Where's Jurnee Smollet or any other young actresses of color?????

  21. Bri says – reply to this


    Loved it until I saw Jessica was on the picture..there's just something about her…I can't stand her, and I wouldn't call her movie endeavours the same as Emily Blunt's, Amy Adam's and Anne Hathaway's. I think they actually have talent. The girl from Chuck and Larry? ….nah.

  22. DEREDEO says – reply to this


    WOW!….hot cover and i hope not 2 airbrushed….
    honestly, thy all look beautiful, but anne hathaway has a pressence about her..like the hot brainy girl from chem class…

  23. Sheela says – reply to this


    Where are the black and hispanic people????

  24. justina says – reply to this


    ewww why do they all look so stiff and whats up with amy adams leg positions
    its all just very…. ew

  25. raisa says – reply to this


    So psyched for this issue. The shoot looks positively amazing. Cannot wait to see it!

  26. marie says – reply to this


    Nice pic, but who are they?

  27. Charisse says – reply to this


    I know America Ferrera is on the inside of the cover, but can we take Jessica Biel off the cover and replace with America. I just think America is the better actress, and she is representing for us curvilicious ladies.

  28. ariel lewis says – reply to this


    i see that you forgot to mention….ZOE SALDANA

  29. DeySoNasty says – reply to this


    All four look so pail and pasty. You might as well throw in kiki to this picture.

  30. ueberfeist says – reply to this


    4 white chalk sticks…so hollywood so typical.

  31. erica says – reply to this


    okay, seriously. ellen page is OSCAR NOMINATED and she's not even on the cover????!!!! how is that even possible???!!! and then to add on to that JESSICA BIEL makes the cover?!!! She hasn't done anything of merit…um, ever. so dumb.

  32. janel says – reply to this


    I like all these girls but um i can't help but wish there were some ladies of color in this shoot…aren't there fresh black and latina faces in Hollywood these days?

  33. Jessica Beil??? says – reply to this


    UMM Jessica Biel?? Why is she among these actual talented actresses?!!!

  34. posh says – reply to this


    Ok I won't lie the pic itself looks some what cool and draws my eye, but I wonder: Why are there no women of color in this pic?! Hollywood fucking makes me sick. Couldn't they have at least given me Beyonce or someone with an actual tint to their skin? Please, this pic shows what ppl want our world to look like: skinny and white. Piss off

  35. Natalie portam? says – reply to this


    argh wtf is doing jessica beil there? :s :s :s and Where is Natalie Portman???? :s I love Anne hathaway

  36. LDEE says – reply to this


    They all look amazing! Especially Jessica!!

  37. Complete says – reply to this


    Perfection! This should be called the White Goddess issue. I'll be buying it.

  38. CC says – reply to this


    These girls are so beautiful. I love the vanity fair look.

  39. miranda says – reply to this


    yea, here's a thought. why is jessica beil on the cover? what has she accomplished? the other three are far better actresses and role models than biel will ever be. they've actually made decent and watchable blockbuster movies. hopefully, next year vanity fair will make better decisions and setting the bar higher in deciding who they put on the cover of their hollywood issue.

  40. Mel says – reply to this


    Yes I love those ladies BUT where is the color? Where is the talented ETHNIC COLORFUL Hollywood?? Maybe they're hidden in the fold out.

  41. Suki says – reply to this


    EMily Blunt is gorgeous, she is dating Michael Buble, we love him!! I heard he proposed. Perez, can you confirm this????

  42. D$ says – reply to this



  43. njhknjllk says – reply to this


    What the fuck is jessica biel doing there?

  44. Chris says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel. What is she famous for again? 7th Heaven or some TV show? I guess sleeping with the right person helps ur career.

    The other ladies have talent.

  45. jessiejames says – reply to this


    looks soaked in clorox. that talentless girl slept with somebody. the real actors and actresses get overlooed in favor of those who will do whatever to get there. the same damn pool of 20 famous people. tired.

  46. Michelle says – reply to this


    Perez! You need to fight for more diversity on such important pubs. That's right I leave the responsibility up to you…cause you are that awesome. :( They should have you on there next yr. I don't need to see more white girls round me

  47. Courtney says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel is an amazing actress not to mention beautiful . It's so easy for others to judge simply because they are haters. Shes been in the industry for a while and obviously has something to offer her fans in the upcoming year .. For god sakes she made the cover of Vanity Fair thats more than most of us can say

  48. Melissa says – reply to this


    Jessica just look akward and uncomfortable without her normal sweats or windbreakers on.

  49. Kye says – reply to this


    Wait… is there not even one black in the list to look forward to in Hollywood? What does that say about black actresses in Hollywood? Yep, it's a rhetorical question

  50. Jay says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel? You're kidding me right?

  51. Lance says – reply to this


    Anne Hathaway looks best the best!!!

  52. Lance says – reply to this


    Anne Hathaway looks the best!!!

  53. kristin says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel was in the Illusionsit with Ed Norton, and she did a great job. But still I can't believe how acceptable this cover is to people here. I see this audience is all vanilla with absolutley no flava!! screw Vanity Fair

  54. tata says – reply to this


    Re: fabulous – i didn't say everything is about race, but "honey" if you know your history well enough you would know that the aftermath of racism in America still exists today and is very evident… and in its more potent form, very subtle. no one is whining, but the truth is that it is very rare for blacks, latinos, and other non-whites to get on the covers of these magazines as much as whites…despite the fact that they may have equal or more talent…it is still very hard for them to "make it" in the industry and to be noticed…it is much, much, much more easier for whites. (not a "whiny" complaint but a fact)…and by me making this statement it has no correlation to my self confidence whatsoever. you can recognize the racism but still love yourself, so i'm not sure what your point was with that.

  55. tata says – reply to this


    Re: shanghai suzy – you have just shamelessly proven my point with your ignorant comments. and believe it or not blacks, latinos, and asians were actors back in the 1920's, 30's , 40's 50's (your old hollywood reference) … they just rarely got the spotlight due to racism that still exists today. when you mention foxy brown and lil kim (two female rappers, not actors) i don't understand you at all … unless it was just to mention those names to try to stereotype what you think black actresses and black women for that matter are. there is diversity in all races and if your only reference for a black actress is a black female rapper, then that is sad.

  56. tata says – reply to this


    Re: ashlee – amen!

  57. tata says – reply to this


    Re: CALL THE KETTLE BLACK MUCH??? – yes essence is geared to black women and their interests and it states that. vanity fair however is more of an "industry, hollywood" mag that has never proclaimed that it is suppose to be soley for white women. the point people on this thread are trying to make is that hollywood should take note of the up and coming new actresses out there from various races, ethnicities, etc. (all, not just the white ones). the movies are not just for white people. white people are not the only ones who are actors or are working in the industry in some way. that is why we're asking for diversity on this front. everyone goes to the movies, and a bit more fair representation would be highly appreciated by those of us who are non-white. (and asking for more fair representation takes nothing away from all of the talented white actresses in hollywood).

  58. bossy says – reply to this


    why's this cover whiter and blander than skim milk?
    come on. arent people tired of the same old?

  59. morell says – reply to this



  60. Brooke says – reply to this


    Emily Blunt-of course!
    Amy Adams- yes!
    Anne Hathaway…well, Emily Blunt actually made me realize how much Anne is lacking in the talent dept.
    Jessica Biel- No!!! She's definitely commited to her weight lifting, but come on! There is no talent there-what so ever! and sadly she does somewhat resemble a transexual! Shame on Vanity Fair!

  61. eliza says – reply to this


    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This makes me SO happy. Finally real actresses on the cover instead of robots! I didn't think it could get better than the Katherine Heigl cover, but wow. Wow. Impeccable… so lovely.

  62. sarah says – reply to this


    i've met emily blunt well to tell the truth i was in a film with her and she is REALLY nice, i have her autograph too…

    she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she is such fun

  63. Eileen says – reply to this


    this cover is pretty except the fact theres a tranny on the bottom right corner..OH wait! thats jessica biel OOPs! :)

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