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MKO Comes Out Of Hiding

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Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, arriving on a flight from New York.

The actress, accompanied by security, immediately freaked out once she realized she was being snapped.

Ever since the whole Heath Ledger secret four month relationship thing surfaced, we can't help but think of MKO different.

Something fishy must be going on with her!

Dontcha think????

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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168 comments to “MKO Comes Out Of Hiding”

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  1. karen says – reply to this


    My friend was in rehab with MKO in Utah, and she tells me that MKO was always there for cocaine use, not anorexia.

  2. OSCARBUZZ says – reply to this


    Re: vita – Well, I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is narrow minded and old fashion. Mary-Kate was forced to step aside from the filming of "Factory" because of a conflict of interest in that she and her sister own the Warhol brand. At first, it looked like there was not a problem, but close to filming her attorneys told her she had to step aside. MKO is the new Hollywood royalty. She and her sister have cleverly remained silent partners in some of Hollywood's most successful films over the past five years. To think she is anything less than a Star is not only insulting, but misguided. Perez has shown us this side of MKO as proof of her genius.

  3. lisa says – reply to this



  4. klk says – reply to this


    "Differently" NOT "different" - grammar check!!

  5. LIAH says – reply to this


    who cares whether its AKO or MKO , they are SKUMBAG DRUGGIES.

  6. OSCARBUZZ says – reply to this


    MKO was trying to help Heath get off of street drugs. The reason the massage therapist knew how to speed-dial MKO on Heath's phone is that MKO made sure that hers was the only number on the speed-dial. She was trying to protect him from himself and all the partying skanks that celebrities attract. Neither MKO or her twin sister have ever done recreational drugs. They're both very in to metaphysics and New Age…no partying there. MKO is devastated that people have been accusing her of being responsible for his death because she kept the therapist on the phone too long. This simply is not the truth. She was having a difficult time getting her head around the reality of this tragedy. Normally, this kind of information gets filtered by her people before she has to confront it. This was delivered directly to her and she was in a state of disbelief. When was the last time she saw Heath. What did they do together? When did they last speak over the phone….This is so sad and yet so compelling.

  7. OSCARBUZZ says – reply to this


    Re: lisa – Yes, Heath and MKO often traded clothes the way young boys trade baseball cards. They always enjoyed dressing avant-guard. MKO always dresses in very loose, over-sized clothing when she travels because she likes to keep approx. $50,000 in cash on her at all times for security reasons. Notice that MKO never leaves the country, except Japan where they adore her and her sister. MKO's people deny all the drug rumors and attribute their proliferation to jealousy. Have you seen MKO in WEEDS? She's brillant!!!

  8. cj says – reply to this


    I thought they were just friends.

  9. dotweiler says – reply to this


    why does it matter exactly? at least Heath had someone around before he died. what is so shady about actors hiding relationships? it happens everyday and its never been shady before…

  10. Tia C says – reply to this


    Well, if she's a junkie, too, that might explain the horrid way she dresses. "I'm high as a kite, don't I look GOOD?!" Stupid twit - go to rehab for your plethora of disorders.

  11. whenever whereever says – reply to this


    Re: vita – Hey Vita ~ I think oscar is full of crp. your rite to question his/her motives. my homey, julio work at lax and said that not her security guard, he was just standing behind her trying to hail a cab. he also says that olsen has been to airport many times just to walk around. she feels secure there with all the security around and enjoys shopping at the stores.this is the first time she has been caught by the papps. I guess she'll have to go some place else. Madonna is a better actress.

  12. erica says – reply to this


    yeah, every since this whole Heath thing I can't stomach that ugly b*tch. very shady…

  13. francesca says – reply to this


    i think that's ashley.

  14. emma says – reply to this


    MKO looks more like Heath's twin than Ashley's — they must have been sleeping together, a lot, she looks like him now.

  15. emma says – reply to this


    Oh , wait, I get it — are you saying she is pregnant with Heath's baby? !

  16. nikki says – reply to this


    thats not mary kate…IDIOTS. you take thousands of pictures of them & cant tellt he difference, amatures

  17. wow says – reply to this


    hey, she's becoming fat! scary oO

  18. sabrina says – reply to this


    thats ASHLEY you idiot!

  19. robin says – reply to this


    The police should have talked to her. She was fucking Heath Ledger and doing drugs with him. I bet she has something to hide.

  20. ella says – reply to this


    Dude i SWEAR thats ashley not MK?

  21. shanghai suzy ( china blue ) says – reply to this


    OMG. It the flying scarecrow thing from Jeeper Creeper.

  22. betsy says – reply to this


    i'm pretty sure that's ashley-they showed this pic on People.com days ago

  23. rebecca Lauren says – reply to this



  24. shanghai suzy ( china blue ) says – reply to this


    Nice to see her normal non-lips in normal stationary scowl. Not in her practiced Hollywood red carpet pucker that look so fake. Movie star children never make pretty/handsome adults.

  25. riproar says – reply to this


    that's ashley and she looks fat.

  26. MKO should have dropped dead! says – reply to this



  27. I'M NOT JUST A FAN, I'M A CITIZEN OF PEREZ HILTON says – reply to this


    Clearly, she ate his soul.

    Look at her. Look what she's wearing. Even her face looks exactly like him.


  28. SolNyc says – reply to this


    Re: wtf – OMG you are sooo right! She looks like him!

  29. Di says – reply to this


    I think she is wearing his hat

  30. Solaera says – reply to this


    Looks like Ashley.

  31. moi says – reply to this


    she looks like she is wearing hearths clothes

  32. dorothy says – reply to this


    So what if Heath was dating Mary Kate he was also dating other people. This was no special relationship more like a friendship. He was single, unhappy, and dating. He was probably missing his one true love Michelle and just passing the time until she'd take him back. They wasn't calling her his girlfriend when he was alive, so her bodyguard was out of line for calling her that when he died just to get into the apartment. Glad it didn't work.

  33. Morgan says – reply to this


    umm isnt that ashley?.. def. not mary-kate

  34. jennie says – reply to this


    I think it's disgusting how people are calling the person on this picture fat.
    I'm definitely NOT the Olsen's biggest fan and yeah she may be a junkie or whatever else but she never was and never will be fat.
    No wonder so many people in Hollywood are so thin and horrible looking when jerks like you talk like that.
    Be ashamed of yourselves and have a little think about how none of YOU are that thin,
    Eat another box of cookies and hide behind you internet personality's
    then call her fat.

  35. CHRIS says – reply to this



  36. KGC says – reply to this


    That isnt Mary Kate thats Ashley

  37. Lindsey says – reply to this


    you sure that's MK…that REALLY looks like ashley.

  38. NaN says – reply to this



  39. Trina says – reply to this


    Her clothing was inspired by the Johnny Depp unsamble in Benny and Joon Her hair done by Tom Petty's stylist her unique pants is inspired by the homeless every where WTF IS SHE WEARING

  40. AshBone says – reply to this


    Re: Jan

    you might wanna get your shit straight before commenting, Jan. it's HEATH, as in HEATH LEDGER!! not "Keith"…wtf???!!

  41. thestrawberrygirl says – reply to this


    to quote whitney, "Drugs Are Bad!"

    thoughts to Matilda Ledger….

  42. A says – reply to this


    She looks different b/c that's Ashley, not MK!

  43. thestrawberrygirl says – reply to this


    Re: OSCARBUZZ – fuck you and your spoiled, talentless, junkie client. she should be interrogated.

  44. Annie says – reply to this


    Hey, that´s Ashley!! It´s easy to tell them apart.
    But it´s odd, if that´s Ash, she´s dressing like her anorexic and Trollsen twin.
    And if it really is MK, she definitely put on some weight. Who cares, MK´s horrible and dresses horrible anyways. And the whole Heath thing is just disgusting, she has to speak out, there´s something fishy with the phone calls and all that…

    That´s Ashley pretending to be Mary-Kate xD.

  45. crazii_babii says – reply to this


    Re: Kiki
    tru dat XDDD

  46. justagirl says – reply to this


    wait a minute, what major movie roll did the olsen twins ever play in for them to be compared with legendary hollywood divas?
    and dont say crap like New York Minute and It Takes Two. Plus Full House, Two of a Kind, and those made for video movies arent worth shit either

  47. k. says – reply to this


    what if she's sperminated with his love child…

  48. Kent says – reply to this



  49. Laura says – reply to this


    She looks like a bag lady!! You have millions buy some better clothes.

  50. joeyOh says – reply to this


    She ought to hide her snatchy face the lil' druggie Bitch…. Anorexia my ass she's shoved every drug up her nose and ass and more… Her rep will continue to suffer now… Miss Ugly the ropes will be up @ the hot spots …. jump out a window and hold your sista's hand first. Garbage bitches

  51. joeyOh says – reply to this


    Ha ! I jus read some of these comments and as I predicted the crowd is turning ugly as far as Miss thing is concerned… Guillotine !!!

  52. LM says – reply to this


    how and why the f*%k is it that mk and ashley have so much money and always dress like sh*t!?

  53. ella says – reply to this


    omg leave mary-kate alone.

    the poor girl is dealing with losing someone. she just a person liek everyone and doesnt want to be in the spotlight with a million people questionning her about it. the paparazzi should have some consideration for the people close to heath. im sure after some time, they will discuss how they feel but for now leave them the fuck alone, they deserve some privacy!

  54. pb says – reply to this


    She looks like she has seen a ghost!

    Or maybe she was in New York talking with the medical examiner?

  55. brittney says – reply to this


    wow.. all these comments giving her greif and laughing at it.
    someone in her life just died. she's a person just like anyone else
    if that happened to you, would you expect someone to laugh and make fun of you? wdf people..

  56. frank says – reply to this


    No one knows what this girl is going through. whether she was there with heath or not;she did not KILL him, so she shouldn't be blamed for anything. There shouldn't even be any "fishiness". These girls are child stars, all their lives, its all they know, why on earth would she want to jeopardized her reputation and possibly involve herself in one of the most heartfelt Hollywood deaths of all time? she has done surprisingly well considering she MUST be faced with drugs all the time and maybe this is a wakeup call for MK and if she's clean.:Poor,POOR girl because everyone is coming to their own uniformed assumptions.

  57. JULIA says – reply to this



  58. jen says – reply to this


    pretty sure the olsen in that pic is ashley…

  59. jennifer says – reply to this


    she looks like she is pregnant? anyone else agree?

  60. lemonAIDS says – reply to this


    That smell ain't fishy, its Baby! :D

    I bet its a either boy, or aborted!

  61. Dilemma says – reply to this


    looks like she's been eating her problems?!

  62. Holly says – reply to this


    I think she is preggers! She has that "look"! Another child to grow up with no Daddy! So sad… I am sure Matilda will be taken care of by Michelle! She seems to be a great Mom! If MK is preggers…I hope she takes some real responsibility and gets it together! By the way I think other than her clothes that she looks great!

  63. p says – reply to this


    hmm… maybe shes just sad…? did that enter your mind perez?

  64. Char says – reply to this


    what does first mean?

  65. Kiwigirl says – reply to this


    Shes bummed out shes involved in this whole dilema I would imagine, now the whole world knows she does drugs, what a naughty girl….

  66. surviving rough times says – reply to this


    i did coke with her

  67. black coffee says – reply to this


    You all sound like a pack of wolves …
    She's just a kid who's lost her friend.

  68. DeeM says – reply to this


    The 'masseuse' was their dealer, she freaked 'cos Heath was already dead, and they had to get rid of 'evidence'. Hence the several calls to MK before 911.
    MK has enough money to 'buy off' the NYPD, and the ME. (We were told about the levels of LEGAL drugs in his blood, but not the ILLEGAL. Who has seen the 'drug den' tape? Would you agree with me that Heath had an 'acute cocaine intoxication tic'? I know that the tape is 2 years old but he WAS a user. I'm not saying this to 'speak ill of the dead'. I'm saying this to help get it all out in the open, and protect MK from any further damage. There's a lot of talk about her drug dependence; put that with a shock like this and what do you get? A very emotional and fragile junkie! She'll be next, if there's no intervention.

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