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Grey's Anatomy Star's Cancer Battle!

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Eric Dane was diagnosed with skin cancer just last month. After successfully having treated the disease, the actor is now opening up to OK! magazine about his struggle.

We're gonna try and not be a cynic for a moment. Hopefully Dane is speaking out to increase awareness and encourage people to get examined regularly. And, if he did get paid for the interview, which he probably did, hopefully he's donating the money to some cancer charity!

The Grey's Anatomy star first detected something was wrong when he looked in the mirror and saw what looked like chapped lips but clearly wasn’t.

“I went to my dermatologist,” Dane tells OK!. “He said it was malignant tissue caused by sun damage."

The malignancy was treated by freezing the cancerous tissue off with liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately for Eric, the actor had a severe reaction to a cream given to him for his lip after the treatment . “My skin is very sensitive and my lip was traumatized by the procedure I had to go through.”

That doesn't sound very pleasant!

His lip’s overreaction to the medication created a painful scenario that made eating difficult, if not impossible. “I didn’t eat very well for a couple of weeks and lost a bunch of weight,” Eric explains, estimating that he dropped at least 10 pounds off his 6'1" frame while dealing with his cancer.

Thankfully, though, Dane is better now.

We need McSteamy around for a while!

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128 comments to “Grey's Anatomy Star's Cancer Battle!”

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  1. Mc Whiney Baby says – reply to this


    Eric Dane should be ashamed of himself, and so should the melodramatic, money hungry, insensitive assholes at OK magazine. It is very hard for anyone to go through "cancer treatment" but was his wife seriously hearbroken? Was his life ever in any danger? Did he ever even have to be stuck with a needle through this entire ordeal? There are people fighting blood cancers who have been bravely fighting for 5, 6 or even 7 years with multiple (sometimes just week-long) remissions, relapses, and almost lethal doses of chemotherapy. They're in the hospital for months, they lose 40-50 pounds. They get big open sores in their mouths and throats from the chemo that are so bad they can't eat, drink, talk, brush their teeth or even open their mouths for months at a time. Showering, walking, wearing normal clothes, and having normal bathroom habits are a distant memory for these real cancer fighters. And they do all of this for the HOPE that it will work. Eric Dane dealt with discomfort on his lips for a few weeks due to not being careful enough with sunscreen. OK magazine is insulitng anyone who has ever been through a real cancer ordeal by publishing this story.

  2. erin says – reply to this


    um, i just got diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma and not only do i have to go get it CUT OUT of my face and then go to a plastic surgeon, but they did the liquid nitrogen thing on another spot that very day. it was not a big deal. get some fuckin balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. perez' mama says – reply to this


    Hey cuban immigrant fatboy! Why the hell is it your business what anyone does with their money?

  4. perez' mama says – reply to this


    Hey cuban immigrant fatboy! Why the hell is it your business what anyone does with their money?

  5. oh please says – reply to this


    this honestly digusts me because i am watching my once perfectly healthy best friend go through chemo after being diagnosed with stage two lymphoma, and he just got to FREEZE off his cancer, shut the fuck up. there are worse things in the world than a has been mcsteamy in the shadow of hte gorgeous mcdreamy looking for attention. i am a big fan of perez but there should be no sympathy for this dick.

  6. bleach says – reply to this


    big fucking deal its skin cancer. going to the dermatogist and getting treated in one day isn't fucking tramatic.

  7. exile on main street says – reply to this


    Re: Jules


    i've been treated for it TWICE ON MY FACE.

    IT'S no big deal just like his was no big deal.


    he's making a big deal out of a small spot on his lip that was EASY TO TREAT.
    if it was a big deal, they wouldn't have FROZEN IT OFF. they would have CUT IT OFF.

    so don't tell me that i don't know about skin cancer.
    there is NO WAY i would EVER call myself a "CANCER SURVIVOR".
    that's just ridiculous.

  8. Kristi says – reply to this


    fight against cancer??? please!! I am a breast cancer survivor. I did have to fight..six months of chemo and radiation, surgery and fear of death from recurrence. What he had does not metastasize..
    Melanoma is serious, skin cancer is serious but there are a few kinds of skin cancer that are not deadly like melanoma..
    the mag probably made it out like that..prob wasn't his fault. I doubt he walks around saying how he fought cancer. they just want to catch attention and make you buy their stupid mag

  9. anna says – reply to this


    Give me a effin break!

  10. redsonja1313 says – reply to this


    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the medical mis-information today is mind blowing !!! for god sake he had a bit of skin cancer burned off and had a bad reaction to the medicine. For god sake moles can turn malignant too 99 % of it is not nor will it ever be life threatening !! I mean really …oooh I destroyed my skin and had a patch of skin cancer rates up there with Melissa E who lost a breast and had chemo !! Come on people this is a COMMON dermatological occurrence in anyone over the age of 25 who has regular exposure to the sun.

  11. cancer is no joke...period! says – reply to this


    I am shocked how many people on here are so cruel and hostile about this. I agree, it may not be a serious case, but instead of saying he is looking for attention, perhaps people should realize that he is doing a really good thing here. Even if 1 Person reads the article and changes their 'sun' habits to help prevent the threat of Skin Cancer, then I think it's a good article. For all of you that are bitter that you have personally or have friends/family that have more serious cancer conditions, I'm sorry for you. But if anyone took the time to actually read the article, they would see that it is very informative with lots of facts about Skin Cancer and how to protect yourself. I'm just glad to see a celebrity using their name to help get the word out about a serious ailment in the world.

  12. hello says – reply to this


    He looks like Burt Reynolds in this photo.

  13. Smartypants says – reply to this


    He should count his blessing that he didn't have melanoma. A cancer so deadly it does not respond to chemo and is literally a death sentence unless caught in its earliest stages. It metastasizes from organ to organ until it finally reaches the brain and is a beast that shows no mercy. This man is a sham. People jumped all over VB when she did the T-shirt recently to raise awareness of skin cancer. She should be commended and this asshole should count his lucky stars that he did not, in fact, have melanomoa. Celebrities are so fucking stupid and think that their suffering is the end all and be all than the average person.

  14. Kate the Great says – reply to this


    Skin cancer is serious…take it from me. I had a melanoma removed last year and I am still recovering from it. I had to have a huge peice of skin taken off and lymphnodes removed. Its really horrible to say that skin cancer isnt serious. Its a cancer just like any other, it affects people in ways you cant even understand.

  15. Philboy says – reply to this


    He is kidding us right?? They burn moles and warts off with liquid nitrogen. I had cancer as a child. It took 6 years for me to finally come out free of cancer. Try going through junior high without hair Eric!! I have lost all my respect for him. This is a pathetic grasp for more publicity and those of us who have really battled cancer are appalled. I know I am not buying OK magazine again!

  16. Raisa says – reply to this


    My thoughts are with you, Eric. I'm not saying this as a fan of Grey's but as a person who cares about you, I wish you all the best!

  17. Jules says – reply to this


    Re: exile on main street – Let's go back to what you said so I don't misquote you. OH PLEASE !!!!!
    what a DRAMA QUEEN.
    try dealing with lung cancer, or liver cancer — or go through what farrah fawcett is going through.
    what a fool.

    My comment to you:
    NOT ALL SKIN CANCER IS EASY TO CURE! I don't want people reading this that don't know enough about skin cancer to think it's all no big deal, because it isn't. It's as simple as that.

  18. Dee says – reply to this


    Ok sorry this is such bullshit!! I work in dermatology and first off if they freeze it with Liquid nitrogen Its not a frickin cancer yet! its a precancer called an actinic keratosis and only 25% of them ever turn into a cancer and secondly…THESE types of skin cancers do not harm your health in anyway..they dont make you sick and cause you to lose weight, there is no problem with them, you freeze them, slap on a cream or cut them out and be done with it..its not scarey..there are more people walking the earth with skin cancer than all the other cancers of the body combined…YOU dont BATTLE skin cancer..You deal with it, its a pain in the ass…its not a battle…Breast cancer, leukemia, colon cancer thats a frickin battle..not a superficial precancer..the guy is a moron looking for a POOR ME! WAHH WAHHH WAHH!!! the only skin cancer that is worrisome and CAN NOT be treated by freezing is Melanoma and he did not have that because ya have to cut it out what a ditz and his dumb wife is heartbroken, why because he didnt wear his sunscreen?? big deal eat a whopper and gain your 10 pounds back big deal!

  19. MM says – reply to this


    I've had a malignant melanoma and they are cut off the body not frozen off with liquid nitrogen. He's had a lesser form of 'skin cancer' definitely not worthy of a cover story. My father died 6 weeks after being diagnosed - went to his brain- anyone can get them. Bob Marley died from it. This guy obviously needs to understand what he's talking about.

  20. kathy says – reply to this


    When are people, including Hollywood, going to realize that suntans ARE DEATH? Please stop the tan ideal - broiling your skin, much the way you broil a turkey or a steak - IS NOT FUCKING HEALTHY! I don't care how slim it makes you look - or how much it makes your eyes pop… it is DEATH - and a slow, ignominious death at that. Can you imagine how much it sucks to die of SKIN CANCER? I had a boyfriend that told me that I was ugly and pasty and pale looking and could I please get a tan. I am American of Irish-English extraction, so a TAN IS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. And I listened to this bald loser shallow fuck because I had bad self-esteem - though I had a killer bod, pretty face, and great personality - and I am now 39 with major sun damage (I look like Ted Kennedy) and have had several cancers burned off of my skin.

    WAKE THE FUCK UP - even African Americans , Latinos and Asians can suffer skin damage and skin cancer. The sun is a giant UV bulb and is getting worse every year.

    I applaud pasty faces like Dita Von Teese, Scarlett Johannson, and Amy Adams. Like body image, we need to change skin color image - and I don't mean racism.

    Melanoma is a really scary and horrible way to die. It metastizes more rapidly than lung cancer.

  21. Tornadogirl says – reply to this


    Maybe he should quit smoking…next time his cancer could be a lot worse!

  22. jimmyjazz says – reply to this



  23. ARE WE TALKING TREATABLE says – reply to this


    If this was basil cell and not a melanoma, why all the hype?

  24. drag says – reply to this


    i don't mean to be a drag but this guy is lucky that he only lost 10 lbs. Lost of people with face and oral cancer loose alot of there face and it can be very disfiguring and traumatizing. So a little reaction and 10 lbs is really not the end of the world. For him maybe life changing but not really the worst thing that could have happened

  25. Holly says – reply to this


    Big Deal!
    Im sorry but i really hate when celebs use something for publicity. I am 17, and as a result of a rare condition called BCCNS (sometimes known as Gorlin Syndrome) i have had numerous skin cancers and cysts removed as well as other surgeries. Infact i have 2 removed the day before yesterday - do i make the cover of national papers? No.
    There are more productive ways to raise awareness without McPouting your face everwhere.

  26. The Skin Cancer Foundation says – reply to this


    For more information on skin cancer and prevention tips, please visit www.skincancer.org.

  27. DermDoc says – reply to this


    I was not his dermatologist, but if it was treated with liquid nitrogen only, then it was probably not skin cancer. It is more likely to have been sun damage called actinic keratosis which can develop in your 30's from excess camera lights. Well, maybe not from camera lights.

  28. Calliope10 says – reply to this


    This guy and her wife got their sympathy-inducing publicity (and probably got paid as well) and now that there is (rightfully) backlash against his "cancer struggle" - (please!!), he is blaming OK magazine. Didn't he see the article before it was published? Perez - you were right on with this one! Dr. McSEAMY is more like it!

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