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Your Daily Britney

| Filed under: Britney Spears


Britney Spears continues to be protected by a new bodyguard, a good thing. She's also being chauffeured around by a driver, another good thing.

Hopefully these little changes will make a BIG difference in her life.

Slowly, the mother of two seems to be returning back to "normal."

None other than our very own colorist and friend, Kim Vo, paid a visit to Brit Brit at her home on Thursday, where he lightened her hair up a bit. Maybe it's a reflection of a lightening mood in her life!

Spears quietly sneaked out of her home on Friday and went on a little shopping trip. She later hit up her favorite dance studio, Millennium, for some healthy exercise - a good thing.

Meanwhile, Brit's father, Jamie Spears, is taking his conservatorship of his daughter seriously and seriously trying to make sure she gets better (and making changes accordingly).

Poppa Jamie has fired Spears' business manager, Howard Grossman, presumably because of his buddy buddy relationship with the shady Osama Lutfi.

In other Britney developments, her lawyers at Trope & Trope have once again been asked to be removed from her custody case.

That will be determined at a hearing scheduled for March 10th.

The weekend is here now and hopefully Britney will take it easy. Take it easy, girl.

[Image via WENN.]

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228 comments to “Your Daily Britney”

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  1. kl says – reply to this



  2. tyler dean says – reply to this


    Poor Girl

  3. RAquel says – reply to this



  4. craven says – reply to this


    thats hot

  5. kl says – reply to this



  6. Kristina says – reply to this


    I'm glad Britney's getting better. C:

  7. cbbb says – reply to this


    wow, im happy shes actually getting help…


  8. nchic says – reply to this


    i'm rooting for her
    shape up and go back to being a superstar girl

  9. MONCH_ASIA says – reply to this


    well goodluck to britney and i hope she'll be back to normal.luv yah brit.

    luv yah perez..

    monch from philippines

  10. DD says – reply to this


    Get well Britney!! The new Break The Ice single is really hot!!

  11. Melody says – reply to this


    get well britney

  12. brittany says – reply to this


    she is crazy!!!!!! Once you become crazy you will always be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. She is a fucking mess says – reply to this


    Dance your way to sanity, you dumb cunt!

  14. Annabel Chong says – reply to this


    She so slutty. Got her torn old fishnet legs high & spread airing out her panty-less skanky ass. Bet could drive a truck through her ladyhole. Daddy needs to take his belt off and tear that ass up. Use the corporal punishment he too long ago left out of healthy american girl upbringing. Spare the rod & spoil the child. This supreme example. And no Trollop & Trollop law firm wants to touch her. Don't blame them.

  15. shika says – reply to this


    I hope she gets better poor girl…first?

  16. kristyn says – reply to this



  17. gogo says – reply to this


    yay its the winterlude in ottawa

  18. claudia says – reply to this



  19. Jen says – reply to this


    She also tried to jump out of that car last night because she wanted fast food and the body guard was having none of it. Bitch is insane. That is behaviour indicitive of a toddler. She shouldn't be allowed in the public view until she has re-learned how to be an adult.

  20. Taylor says – reply to this


    I can't believe I'm first on a Britney spears article….first bitches!!!

  21. danilo says – reply to this


    well done she needs her family

  22. Annabel Chong is a fucking whore says – reply to this


    Re: Annabel Chong

    You suck a lot strange cock too, and are an anal whore! You are just a fat and ugly bitch, so no one really cares. You will still die of AIDS though.

  23. Moe says – reply to this


    Lol look at her stinky armpits at celebrityarmpits.com what a hoe britney has become!

  24. AC says – reply to this



    OBAMA '08!!!!!!!

  25. Sam says – reply to this


    Its all about the baby steps one positive post Perez thank you!

  26. Karen says – reply to this


    Britney, think of your children. Get better.

  27. ? says – reply to this


    wow perez thats nice, you didn't post the scary pics of her weave. but i'm not sure if thats nice to us or her, lol.

  28. gret says – reply to this



  29. Taylors mom says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor

    No, not first, but retarded as hell for wanting to be. Suicide is always an option.

  30. parkerja says – reply to this


    Best of luck to her healing!

  31. BACK TO NORMAL??? says – reply to this


    Perez, I swear you're taking payments from the Brit-clan. We've watched this trainwreck for the last 2 yrs. It's going to take more than a week in a psych-ward and a bodyguard to help her. Why the HELL is she being chaufered around? Shouldn't she be getting better?????? Give me a break.

  32. beckey says – reply to this


    thank god she has a positive person behind her.its about time hopefully her father is telling her to pull her sick head out of her ass and do something about her problems!hopefully shell find her ce3nter and her peace of mind!

  33. bottomline says – reply to this


    No, no, no! they should drag her out of Hollywood.

  34. parkerja says – reply to this


    Best of luck to her durring her healing!

  35. Anon says – reply to this


    I'm really getting over this britney thing… I love you Perez but if people like you keep writing about her, then the paps will keep chasing her…

  36. Moe is a ho! says – reply to this


    Re: Moe


  37. mag says – reply to this


    Let's hope things with Britney stay as quiet as this! Hopefully, she's not fighting her parents. I think she would do well to listen to them for a while and distance herself from the losers in her life. Maybe she'll be able to see her sons if she does. Ironically, she seems to be able to leave her house without all the paparazzi craziness. To me this is even more a sign that those losers Osama and Adnan are not in the picture. Their close ties (and calls) to the paparrazzi only make it worse for her.

  38. good. says – reply to this


    Wow perez, I'm proud of you!!!!!! You're finally recognizing that Brit has a mental problem, and its not right to make fun of her! Making fun of her is like making fun of every mentally challenged person out there. And i'm glad Jamie is taking matters into his own hand, hopefullly shell get better!!!

  39. Duh says – reply to this



    She is tring to get back to work, you retarded slut. Work is normal.

  40. imon says – reply to this


    She better get a new weave before she tries to shoot a video, her hair is busted.

  41. me says – reply to this


    It's nice to see some sense of normalcy return to her life. She certainly needs to find some privacy and hopefully she will also learn to feel safe in her own home and find comfort in her own skin.

  42. Lobotomizer says – reply to this


    Little Bo Brit has lost her shit
    And is searching everywhere down & up.
    But she'll cease to roam, and Daddy's at home,
    Waiting with his belt to tear that ass up.

    Little Bo Brit fell fast asleep
    And dreamt she'd once been famous;
    But when she awoke, she'd become a joke,
    With Adnan Ghalib lodged up her anus.

    Then up she took her little crook,
    Determined she was to find a lawyer;
    She looked & looked, but Dad had took
    The rights to spank that ass when he saw her.

  43. NO NO NO says – reply to this


    Perez, are you that naive? Do you REALLY think this trainwreck is on the right track b/c of a "bodyguard"? Brit is sick in the head and needs to be AWAY from the spotlight….but that's part of her addiction. If she's bi-polar she needs THERAPY for the rest of her life as well as meds…not a fuckin' bodyguard to tote her around.

  44. javajunkie says – reply to this


    ugh, it makes me puke reading your blog cause you don't give a shit about Britney Spears and now you're trying to sound like you're all concerned for her well being and that you are happy she is getting help??? You are a two faced back stabbing traitor that only cares about your own selfish needs. ugh you're just as shady and manipulative as her weird brainwashing friends that have had restraining orders put against. If i was your mom i'd be so ashamed of you the way you act and treat people

  45. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    I really think she is addicted to the paparazzi attention, besides a dozen other 'issues' she has. But seriously Hollywood people crave the attention; they need it like a drug. It's beyond just helping their career with publicity, its a psychological addiction; it's like air to them. I guess this condition is commonly referred to as "attention whore".

  46. yuckyBritney says – reply to this


    ding dang Britney.CLOSE YOUR LEGS

    Why does she always have one leg up in the air ..and where are the hands of that 'bodyguard'?

    Britney is sooo GROSS!!

  47. Lobotomizer says – reply to this


    It happened one day, as Bo Brit did stray
    Away from the psych ward she was placed in.
    Then along came Dad, and with cops made his way,
    And spared not the rod when he raced in.

    She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye,
    And marched her twat to the beat of her Dad's drum.
    And tried as she could, like a true skank would,
    But failed to avoid the belt aimed for her bumm.

  48. safetyscissors says – reply to this


    Perez, I love the Britney and all, but when is the new Scissor Sister album coming out? xoxo Oh yeah, your interview w/New York was the best thing I've seen in FOREVER…You are a _real_ real man. again, xoxo SS

  49. She's fucked says – reply to this


    Dad still looks like a coked out piece of shit, I don't trust him either and her mom is a cunt. They may be better than Sam, but that doesn't make them good.

  50. lol says – reply to this


    her hair looks like shit still after having a 'pro' redo it and she needs to learn basic makeup tips. she looks like hell, proactiv brit, get some and you still can't sing that's why they puit that synthesized shit to your voice on the last CD to cover your real voice up. Since when is that singing.

  51. Joelle Davis says – reply to this


    I hope that she'll get well.
    she does NOT deserve all this.

    i hope they will kill that sam lutfi guy
    hate him, love britney y'all !

  52. Annabel Chong says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor – Taylor, what planet you from where "20" equals "first"? You no understand computers & Internet? Bytes, band width, & speed of provider? You probably have slow processor, too.

  53. karmarules says – reply to this


    Dear Britney your talent is gone. Your looks are gone. Your fans are gone.
    and soon your money will be gone. You had more money than most peope on this planet. How much did you give to charity? Ever go help a third world country? Ever do some good in your life?


  54. houskat says – reply to this


    "Your daily Skank" :)

  55. pedro says – reply to this


    she will come back more stronger than ever

  56. mayjadjor says – reply to this



  57. michelle says – reply to this


    The conservatorship is only temporary, though. My fear is that she's just waiting all of this out. If the conservatorship is not extended, I think she will probably undo all that her father has done. She is not going to get completely well this quickly.

  58. SoldherSoul4fame says – reply to this


    you notice every picture of her there is an empty look in her eyes? Its so obvious the lights are on but no one is home. Geez…give away the rest of your money and go live in a convent for awhile and regain your sould back.

  59. LDN says – reply to this


    I hope jamie is prepared for a rocky ride, its not gonna be easy getting britney sorted, but i think she can better. Im still routing for ya brit brit.

  60. sad says – reply to this


    so glad to see her parents are taking charge and getting her the help she needs. lets just hope she's motivated and gets it together for herself and her children..

  61. NonCYbOy says – reply to this


    I wanna see hands! Ha. Ha. I bet he's hit it already.

  62. Haily says – reply to this


    I sure hope they extend the restraining order on Lufi to Years! Otherwise, who knows what will happen after it expires. I sure hope someone is breaking it to her gently what he has been saying about her and her eyes get opened a little there.

  63. YOU GO BRIT! says – reply to this


    GO BRIT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
    I know what rock bottom is, and you can do it!

  64. lee says – reply to this


    Im not really a fan of britneys, but i hope she gets better, she looks so sad, its heart breaking.

  65. james says – reply to this


    Forget the haters britney. There are plenty of people wishing you their love and prayers. Get well !!!!

  66. Bipolarmamatoo says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but I have nothing but sympathy for this girl. As a bipolar mom, I know how hard it is to live day to day and I struggle every day to keep my children, bathe them, take care of them. It's a struggle but I survive. I wish her nothing but the best and pray for her everyday. There is such a stigma around mental illness. People need to educate themselves before judging others.

  67. OldBroad says – reply to this


    Oh, please, "getting better," my ass. I'm sure the family is doing the best they can do, but she clearly needs a long inpatient stay at the best mental hospital money can buy. And she should probably be focusing on that instead of fighting for custody of her kids as I don't think she stands a chance of getting any kind of visitation as long as she's totally mental like this.

  68. kj says – reply to this


    just FYI, Per - we don't need a daily Britney update… personally i'd rather see fewer updates and less Brit.

  69. kristie says – reply to this


    Nothing in Brit's life is "normal". She brought on all this negative things in her life on herself. You act stupid, be stupid and do stupid negative things that screw your life up with.You will be portayed in a stupid, negative light.

  70. SoldherSoul4fame says – reply to this


    Britney Supporters are as moronic as she is. JUST LOOK AT HER! She COULD CLOSE HER DAMN WINDOW FOR ONCE!! Nooooo…just just needs people to stare and take pictures. Its her drug (along with many other drugs im sure)
    Gawd shes a whore. She sells every part about herself. Shes no different than a $2 crack whore selling her body for drugs. Britney does the exact same thing. SHEs richer than shit..she can have a car with tinted windows, keep them closed and a driver. Everything she does she does ON PURPOSE. So fukk yerself Britney..your 15 mins are up.

  71. brad says – reply to this


    her father being active in helping her gives me a whole new perspective. she needs her parents and i hope daddy sticks with this until she is well.

  72. Kadee says – reply to this


    Hmmm…every photo of her these days screams, "I NEED HELP!'

  73. sam says – reply to this


    She looks like crap. And she is still dressing like crap. I can see she is still wearing those same dated cowboy boots she wears every day. At least it's not the dirty hip hugger jeans that she bulges out of.

  74. murdok says – reply to this


    britney te quierooo…britney te quiero wow wow wow

    britney ger well please
    we want you back..you can do it !!

    Hi from monterrey!!!

  75. blablabla says – reply to this


    all good stuff, but..
    …she looks like she is DEFINITELY NOT LIKIN' THIS BEIN' TOLD WHAT TO DO!!!!
    Daddy Spears better get the conservatorship with Wallete extended, or you won't even be able to finish poppin the popcorn before she's hit the streets in typical Brit fashion.

  76. ItsKarmaBitch says – reply to this


    #66 Bipolarmama- I sympathize with YOU and other people with mental illness…but i do not sympathize with Britney. The difference is….you struggle but u still do what needs to be done. You may have bad days and downward spirals but u get back up. You didnt just give up on your children because it was too hard….yet dont find it too hard to go out partying.
    A lot of people struggle just to make it through the day…but they do it..and they arent catered to their every whim. And if they do illegal things they have consequences. She never does.

  77. Rohondra says – reply to this


    Poor lil bitch looks shattered.

  78. Smack says – reply to this


    She's getting fat because the people watching her won't let her take the tons of laxatives every day……look at her face and you can see it.

  79. deedee says – reply to this


    A driver and a body guard. All of the lawyers fired. Her manager fired. As Martha would say "Its a good thing"

  80. tdrzzz says – reply to this


    Get better Bit Bit!

  81. Kev says – reply to this


    Britney! Toronto Loves YOU! Stay Safe & Get Well. Listen 2 Your Parents!

  82. fashunpolis says – reply to this


    bodyguard - parents - Slutfi - anybody - Take her to a mountain hut in Tibet and MAKE HER STAY THERE.

  83. Annabel Chong says – reply to this


    Re: Annabel Chong is a fucking whore – Kiss the purple pucker of my anal sphincter, idiot bitch.

  84. Annabel Chong says – reply to this


    Re: Annabel Chong is a fucking whore – Hey #22, take your coldsore-ridden lips & lock them against the purple pucker of my ass, angry skank.

  85. W T F ? says – reply to this


    Her hair looks like shit as always.

  86. Camila says – reply to this


    I really hope she gets better, it´s nice to see that she´s finally getting some actual help.
    Her new album is sooooo good, I´m loving it! She´s beautiful and talented and deserves to enjoy the success of this album and to perform again for her fans.

  87. gsrccafhd says – reply to this


    She's. Ugly

  88. momma says – reply to this


    She has a long way to go, and mental illness if that is what it is, she may just have a drug habit going too. Either way her Mom and Dad are finally doing what they should and getting her some help, and mabey a new fashion stylist and new hair.

  89. GOBRITNEY! says – reply to this


    aww her dad actually cares and is stepping up finally

  90. brit predictor says – reply to this


    Re: Bipolarmamatoo – kudos to you! but it would do you better to compare yourself to other bipolar moms, not famous mentally ill people. the struggles are different. brit has been conditioned for many years to define herself by public opinion. unfortunately for her, as an entertainer, she needs/needed the approval of the public to become the star her mom encouraged her to be. fame is an sick addictions for some. you and others like you deal with your issues in private. brit's problems are international headlines.
    i am not negating your issues, your struggles are more challenging in a different way. you don't have access to the resources she does i am sure. and your triumphs, as another blogger stated, are dealing what you do on a daily basis as a bipolar mom, i cannot imagine. i salute you, bipolar mom.

  91. Kris says – reply to this


    How Refreshing! It's the first time in a long time I haven't been left with the feeling of being dirty after reading about Britney. Is there hope after all?

  92. Tracy says – reply to this


    Good Britney. Now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the weave, it hurts my stomach to look at it. Second of all, stop wearing fishnets and put on some respectable clothing. Third of all PLEASE stop with the british accent. Thanks Brit.

  93. moi says – reply to this


    She has exactly the same expression on her face as she did during the video when she got out of the car b/c she was scared to turn it around and the paps had to guide her - scared!!!

  94. Omg says – reply to this


    she kinda resembles rosie o donnell in that pic

  95. TOTA says – reply to this


    omigosh! am soo happy to finally hear smth a lil positive!!!!! gooo jamiee spears!!! dont give up on ur daughter!! her father is her ONLY hope. even her mom cant be trusted i feel sooo bad for britney omg i dunno wat i would do…honestly i feel like shes trying to be as strong as she possibly can given no1 seemed to give a crap about her until now!!! probably her ex alcoholic dad finally got a hint after the heath ledger tragedy!!! its soo sad. my heart goes out to britney if i was her k fed would be DEAD. anyway…GOO BRITNEY!!!! U CAN DO IT!also try to clean up ur face n wardrobe honey..ppl r watching:

  96. Teddy says – reply to this


    Re: Annabel Chong – your dumb and crazy bitch. go beat urself with a belt

  97. kath says – reply to this


    now the skank needs to learn how to dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Words from Momma Wise says – reply to this


    Momma Wise says keep it up Brittany! Don't surround yourself with losers! Choose healthy friends, family and jump into your work.
    HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE! Us moms are pulling for you!

  99. Britwatcher says – reply to this


    Thank you for your kindness in today's Brit update.
    You are human after all.

  100. erin says – reply to this


    wait, she has hair now??

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