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An Open Letter To Amy Winehouse

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Sunday was supposed to be all about Amy Winehouse and her big day at the Grammys. Supposed to be.

But, the recovering addict's incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was determined to steal her spotlight.

In a desperate move, Fielder-Civil wrote his wife a hand-written letter from jail - begging her not to divorce him - and he also sent it to the media. So desperate!

This is what he has to say:

"Baby, oh darling. Please don't leave me Amy. I'm so worried that now you're thinking straight you'll realise I'm not worthy of you. Oh God, please don't leave me. I'll do anything to show you my heart and loyalty is with you.

I did tell my mum how you fell asleep on visits … and although sometimes I think your dad hurts me unnecessarily I love him and respect him.

Me and my family are finished for good. No visits, phone calls, nothing.

I love my new family and can't wait to show them I'm not just a fucking loser and that I can look after their daughter. That's if you can find it in your heart to trust me.

Your my family now, if you'll all have me. Pls don't leave me Amy, Pls. I love you so much, Blake xxx."

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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148 comments to “An Open Letter To Amy Winehouse”

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  1. Robin says – reply to this


    It is hard to know exactly what is the "truth" out there, but it seems to me that… although Amy put out some of the best songs ever on "Back to Black", inspired because of her break-up or whatever was going on with Blake — once they got back together and got hitched she did a total and complete down spiral and has nearly lost it ALL. He is like a bad habit like the ones she is trying to break free. It's sink or swim — and she needs to decide to live and know her worth. Mourn him and their relationship and move on!! He just wants someone to share his misery and dependency. DUMP HIM. Of course it's easy to give advice…

  2. Amanda says – reply to this


    BARF. He's such a jackass.

  3. kate says – reply to this


    Perez your a fucking asshole, i know you dont like him but.. FUCK YOU. he ISNT trying to steal her spotlight hes in love with her and is ONLY trying to keep their marriage together. so shut up you DONT know him and you dont know shit about their relationship. seriously grow the fuck up you like a little child spreading secrets (LIES) about people for fun. its sick.
    I do love your site tho but I hate to see you be so judgemental when you dont know anything about the situation.

  4. kat says – reply to this


    oh puurrrleassee . . . .

  5. Randi says – reply to this


    "Please don't leave me money….I mean Amy."

  6. me says – reply to this


    i think hes hot
    ill take him

  7. Latifah says – reply to this


    That guy is sort of like Spencer Pratt.
    Except Amy Winehouse is actually talented, unlike Heidi.

  8. shitaye says – reply to this


    ewww !! now that your thinking straight and i havent got you dopped up hard on the harry

    what a jerk all he sees is the chq book walking away

  9. musix100@gmail.com says – reply to this


    Drop this douche. You see what happened to Whitney Houston??? He's your Bobby Brown and is going to steal you away from you. When you realize it, like Whitney, you'll either be dead or even worst - a hasbeen…….

  10. BobbyM says – reply to this


    FUCK BRITNEY !!! …Let's SAVE….AMY !! just saw her on Grammys !!

  11. chante says – reply to this


    he is a LOSER, she needs to leave him now, Save UR self Amy

  12. Marilyn Ann says – reply to this


    I LOVE HER!!! Seriously…I can't even decide which of her songs I like the best…I'll get back to ya. Kisses Amy!!! Congrats biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. barbie says – reply to this


    CONGTRATZ AMY ! :) You deserve all your Grammys :) you were so amazing tonight with your performance! Keep strong girl :)

  14. NYC 2 LA says – reply to this


    Is this an old pic or did she buy that hair?

  15. Amy Rocks! says – reply to this


    If drugs bring you together eventually they will tear you apart. that is the inevitable truth. I hope they both get better but I don't see how that would happen if they reunite. Hopefully this jail time will provide the needed objectivety for someone to make the right decision. Stay off the drugs kids… It's not worth it.

  16. blablabla says – reply to this


    The sound that all alchoholic / drug users make…
    …excuses, pleading, promises…
    …and then back to the bottle / drugs

  17. basically says – reply to this


    run Amy run!

  18. Marshmallow Fluff says – reply to this


    That half-dead loser can't spell PLEASE? Oh, please. How disrespectful.

  19. Katie says – reply to this


    How pathetic!!!!! LAME!!!!

  20. Ratta ! says – reply to this


    He is madly in love with her, cute, and her muse. If they straighten up and she still loves him, they could be perfect for one another. She is so talented, all he needs to be is her inspiration. Go Amy and Blake.

  21. Kat says – reply to this


    oh please, i'm guessing he was the one who got her so heavily into drugs in the first place, probably so she wouldn't leave him, if you want to show you can look after someone, why not do it before it goes this far as to almost kill, her, i don't blame her if she does divorce you, she needs to get away from anyone who has a drug problem, if she doens't she'll relapse, if you care for her you would be clean a long time ago, we'll all see if you are capable of that real soon won't we? Amy seems to be doing good right now i would hate for her to go back down again.

  22. dont fall for jailtalk* says – reply to this


    been through it all.. hope she's smarter than most jailbird wives, when ur in jail u realize what ur losing on the outside.. please Amy dont fall for the jail talk bullshit…thats all it is…LIES!!!!!!

  23. AMY'S WIN WAS THE BEST TONIGHT! says – reply to this



  24. Bill says – reply to this


    Aw, I love Blake and he loves his wife so much. I hope she is smart enough to not leave him. He is very much in love and despite their problems, they are really ment to be. If she dump him, I want him. Blake is hot and so adorable :)

  25. Peter the Swede says – reply to this


    I just saw Winehouse sing,she SUX and she cant dance.she allmost look like an hillbilly HAHAHAHAHAHA God bless America

  26. Sill says – reply to this


    I don't believe that Blake would sent his own letter to the media. Why the fuck would he do that? Everyone know how much Amy and him love each other and I don't think she”ll leave him. He may not be a catch, but they have been through so much togther and she did write the hole Back to Black album about him. That shows a lot about their relationship. I hope they stay together. :)

  27. Sill says – reply to this


    I don't believe that Blake would sent his own letter to the media. Why the fuck would he do that? Everyone know how much Amy and him love each other and I don't think she”ll leave him. He may not be a catch, but they have been through so much togther and she did write the hole Back to Black album about him. That shows a lot about their relationship. I hope they stay together. :)

  28. Caroline says – reply to this


    actually it was her father and amy that decided to publish the letter not him!

  29. joker says – reply to this


    it's a joke, isn't it?

  30. OUSHKA says – reply to this



  31. lindalou says – reply to this


    What a loser.

  32. timothy says – reply to this


    crack crack crack crack….u dropped your spoon buddyy

  33. bluestateitch says – reply to this


    This is what Bobby Brown said to Whitney. Pretty Desperate

  34. grik says – reply to this


    Girl, run the other way.

    That mans a hole you cant fill.

  35. ozzielondon says – reply to this


    sorry to correct you perez but i actually bought the paper and read the article myself and Blake did not send the letter to the press Amy's father Mitch released the letter to the press under the instruction of Amy.

  36. ME!! says – reply to this


    I would eat Wino's crotch and asshole! SERIOUSLY!

  37. beth says – reply to this


    Amy…..This guy is gonna bring you down…..get out now. REALLY clean house.

  38. Miss D-Licious says – reply to this


    I hope she does leave him but it doesn't look that way did any of you catch how she incorporated his name into her two songs on the Grammys last night? I don't think she'll leave him alone.

  39. Miss D-Licious says – reply to this


    As long as he's in jail, she'll do fine with her recovery. When he gets out she will want to be with him and most likely repeat the cycle of durgs and alcohol. You can tell they had/have what they call "dope-sick love". That means when two people that are addicts who normally wouldn't be caught dead together are only interested in each other to get high.

    Some commenter on here said that the father released the letter on Amy's request. If that's true, I wonder if she wanted it released to say "Look at this loser, look what he wrote me" or " Look at how much he loves me everybody" just curious….

  40. THE DOCTOR say: says – reply to this



  41. AmandaB. says – reply to this


    Sadly, she will probably fall for his shiz. I love Amy, I hope she gets well.

  42. stfuwtfyk says – reply to this


    god he is such a fucking pathetic loser. he needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life so amy can be rid of him! he's just worried she may actually have a good, SOBER time without him at the grammy's, and realize that he is WRONG for her. Amy, please drop this mooching, balding, white trash piece of shit. all hes going to do is get her back on drugs if she starts seeing him again when he gets out. they are not good for each other, and mark my words, nothing good with come of it!!!!!

  43. cin says – reply to this


    I think he's cute, and so is she. I don't think they're good for each other unless one of them gets some balls and stops doing the shit they're doing though. They're so young, I hope good things for them both.

  44. Joey Yall says – reply to this


    Amy Cracker Crackhouse and yes Perez is a "FAT FAGGG" that wishes he was born WHITE!!!

  45. christy says – reply to this


    Classic codependant manipulative addict behavior. If she is going to get clean she needs to stay away from him. SICKNESS.

  46. Mark says – reply to this


    Amy Winehouse is Intravenous de Milo, or heroin hot.

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