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Bonding Time

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Britney Spears got all dressed up on Saturday night for a lovely meal with her dad, Jamie, at the new restaurant at Social Hollywood.

We love seeing Brit Brit spend time with her father. And it is nice seeing her well protected by her large security team.

Spears seems different, in a good way. We genuinely hope she's keeping up with therapy and treatment. It is essential! ESSENTIAL.

[Image via WENN.]

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485 comments to “Bonding Time”

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  1. Eric K says – reply to this


    Shes only doing this to get her money back. Trust me shes fucked.

  2. WAKING UP FROM THE DAZE says – reply to this


    Some people are so incredibly stupid. This woman is in DEEP DEEP Emotional pain and just finally starting to grasp reality from an unmonitored drug induced daze. REALITY CAN BE A VERY PAINFUL THING TO FACE…when you start the awakening process again and start recognizing and re-living all your mistakes and misfortunes. She will get better with the support and love of her parents in the picture but it's not going to be easy for her to face all the demons and all the self destructive behavior that she indulged in with the help of her enablers.

  3. Sonny says – reply to this


    Re Jessica:

    We only wish

  4. Rush says – reply to this


    Re Waking Up from the Daze:

    YOU are incredibly stupid.
    She IS the demon, the bad seed, the self-centered brat who has ruined her own life.
    She will never wake up from her drug induced mobile coma because she doesn't want to.
    If she ever did she would implode from the humiliation.
    She will never recognize the harm she has done to her entire family.
    She will be responsible for killing her wonderful father.

  5. indianagirl says – reply to this


    Awww, she looks like she's doing much better, love to her and her healing.

  6. christinemariep says – reply to this


    I think she looks good too. I'm sure the miserable look on her face is due to detoxing–I'm sure she doesn't feel too well. She had the same look on her face in her earlier custody battles when she was trying to clean up her act when she was still trying to get her kids back (remember those pics of her wearing the glasses).

  7. marla says – reply to this


    wow thats the best her hair has looked in a WHILE!!!!!!!

  8. Marvin K. Mooney says – reply to this


    She should be ashamed of wearing her slip out to dinner with her father who looks like a gentleman.

  9. Esmeralda says – reply to this


    Perez I'm glad that you stop posting nasty remarks about Britney. Not a fan at all but it is not funny to make nasty remarks about people going through mental breakdowns.

  10. I hate her says – reply to this


    Anyone who uses "u" for you and "luv" for love also calls her Brit-Brit and is a jerk.

  11. mia says – reply to this


    she's looking good and very nicely put together. this is nice.

  12. Putkin says – reply to this


    You imperialists should have let Lutfi finish her off.
    That would be worth $60,000,000.

  13. Nicola says – reply to this


    Nice dead animal you have hanging over your arm…whore!

  14. Baby Dumpling says – reply to this



    That miserable look is because Daddy cut off her laxatives.

  15. Mandy says – reply to this


    Thank goodness she is getting professional help! I hope her parents are going to keep supporting her through this difficult time until she can stand on her own two feet again.

    She looks much better now than she did before she got help and hopefully she'll keep on the straight and narrow.

  16. Sanibelle says – reply to this


    She still looks a little spacey to me. What is that DEAD ANIMAL hanging on her arm???

  17. caro says – reply to this


    Is that a dead dog on her arm?
    Yeah, you are right, she is looking much better…
    Ask the SPCA.

  18. max says – reply to this


    I was wondering the same thing about that furry thing near her arm…
    I am happy that by the looks of it, there is progress in her appearance - any progress from the previous is most def. a very good thing. I like this new Brit a lot more…
    It will take her a lot of time to get out of the state of mind that she was in previously, look at what Sam is still trying to do to her — he does not want her to get better at all, if he did in the past, he would have tried to bring her and her family back together and find a resolution. I think that is really what is holding Brit Brit back.
    She really needs to spend this time w/ her father 24/7… my gaud, if my Dad ever came to the rescue when i was that age(26), it would have such an impact on my life I would never forget that… jamie really does love Brit… That is a total act of love…

  19. max says – reply to this


    Re: Esmeralda – I so agree w/you… I like the NEW Perez this way

  20. GROSSSSS says – reply to this


    of COURSE she wears fur she is DISGUSTING.

  21. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think she looks much better but the one question still remains– Can she be mature enough to handle how her set up is right now. I think that the main reason she had so many problems after she got out of rehab last year was because Britney is very immature from living such a sheltered life growing up and she doesn't have the ablitlity to have an adult mindset–she was sooooo pissed off and angry that her parents "forced" her into rehab as she put it that that was all she cared about for a long time. She threw such a huge fit about it for such a long time afterwords that she wouldn't/couldn't let it go and it totally got the best of her. I just hope that this doesn't turn out the same way. She can be a very bitter person if she feels "forced" into anything…… Even if it is the best thing for her. She doesn't have the ability to control her emotions about shit that most people can just let go or overcome. If she can get past all that then we know that she has matured enough over the past yr to keep going in the right direction and once again, only time will tell……..

  22. Vanessa says – reply to this


    That thing she is holding looks like Jayden's or Sean's teddies!!!

  23. Guest says – reply to this


    Did anyone hear about the world tour that Britney is going on to promote her album!!! I was just announced!!!!

  24. Guest says – reply to this


    Scheduled tour Dates:

    5/14-Los Angeles,California-Staples Center
    5-17-Minneapolis,Minnesota-Target Center
    5/22-Atlanta,Georiga-Phillips Arena
    5/23-Miami,Florida-American Airlines Arena
    5/25-New Orleans,Louisianna-Super Dome
    5/27-Nashville,Tennessee-Sommet Center(Formerly Nashville Arena)
    5/28-Louisville,Kentucky-Cardinal Stadium
    5/30-Baltimore,Maryland-Merriwether Post Pavillion
    6/3-San Antonio,Texas-Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
    6/6-Las Vegas,Nevada-Mandalay Bay Arena
    6/11-London,England-O2 Arena
    6/12-London,England-O2 Arena
    6/15-Dublin,Ireland-Point Arena
    6/17-Shanghai,China-Shanghai Arena
    6/21-Hong Kong,Asia-World Arena
    6/23-Bangkok,Thailand-Impact Arena
    7/12-San Diego,California-San Diego Sports Arena
    7/15-Holdelm,New Jersey-PNC Bank Arts Center
    7/16-Camden,New Jersey-Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
    7/17Atlantic City,New Jersey-Boardwalk Hall
    7/19-Albany,New York-Pepsi Arena
    7/20-Boston,Massachusetts-Fleet Center
    7/25-Tokyo,Japan-Tokyo Dome
    7/30-Phoenix,Arizona-American West Arena
    8/13-Orlando,Florida-TD Waterhouse Centre
    8/16-Mexico City,Mexico: Sol Forum, Azteca Stadium, Auditorium National.

    More dates have yet to be announced.

  25. JB says – reply to this


    1 - Why is she carrying a dead dog with her to dinner?
    2 - Why did Adnan's weird beard-strip thingie rub off on her bodyguard, like some kind of weird fad? It's not cute, tough guy.
    3 - I think she looks dead in this pic. Boooooring. Let Osama back in the house!

  26. tikie says – reply to this


    that abilify look…

  27. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Please tell me that her world tour schedule is not definite at his point, or actually I don't think anything is or could be with Britney and how everything is or has been with her over the last yr. She is not ready for something like that yet. I think that it would do her a lot of good to get back to doing what she should to promote her new album but…….. is she going to be able to handle that large of a committment? Very stressful and physically demanding. Who even knows if she will be able to sell out arenas and venues like she used to. I don't think that her fans trust her anymore and they are probably going to be wary of paying top dollar for tickets to her concerts when they are not even sure if she will honour her showtimes. It just doesn't seem realistic to me at this point. Anyone????

  28. Guest says – reply to this


    I agree with you Anonymous but it looks like it's going to happen. It's not until May so hopefully she'll clean up her act before then….

  29. e. cee says – reply to this


    awww brit looks hot! good for her.
    love ya perez!

  30. Tatti says – reply to this


    I'm still waiting for the bra, dude *Holding vomit*

  31. bathog says – reply to this


    britney is obviously on tons of meds at this point. she is a classic case of total burnout. elvis presley died as a result of the treadmill that britney is on right now. her managers and handlers should all be prosecuted. she is a victim of total and complete exploitation. send her to a rehab center in fiji for a year and maybe she will be alright. however i would still like to fuck her. seems like it must be my turn by now. death to allah!

  32. adrianita says – reply to this


    WOW She finally took a shower!
    Good for her!

  33. she looks iranian or afghanistani says – reply to this


    she looks like she is from another country not near here
    and she looked very vacant .
    is anybody home ?

  34. jean says – reply to this


    britney looks like a drag queen.

  35. Joan says – reply to this


    She looks stunning!
    I am so glad she's on a happier note now.

  36. Cortni says – reply to this


    I can't even look at Britney or anything else in this picture, all i see is that furry piece of something she's holding. What the hell is that? Oh my GOSH, why can't these rich ass heartless bitches leave the fuckin fur alone!? GET FAKE FUR! And someone best not DARE say "that's fake" because I can look at it and tell it's real, it almost looks alive!!!!! Anyone out there gets mad because people care about animals being used for fur can just burn in hell because you are no better than the people that are stripping these animals for their fur. Never seen it done…go to youtube and type in "skinning animals for fur" and watch some of those videos…if it doesn't hit something, you are the fuckin devil.

  37. luvsxjs says – reply to this


    Stay strong Britney. A lot of us are really rooting for you to get better.

  38. can says – reply to this


    she looks medicated

  39. jessica says – reply to this


    She looks soooooo good. thank god

  40. deedee says – reply to this


    Why would her dad be taking her where there is media?

  41. star vertigo says – reply to this


    I so hope she gets better after seeing these pictures she looks a bit lost but somewhat better than before goodluck to her and hopefully she will get better for herself so that she can be there for those two little boys.

  42. natalie says – reply to this


    her hair looks really good.
    but she looks empty and
    heavily medicated the way
    people are holding her up.
    poor thing..

  43. SmartOne says – reply to this


    The reason why Brittney screwed up her vma performance is cuz her right heel was outta place go to youtube an look at it there a video there that slows up and shows why she couldnt dance! Why she is crazy is a whole differnt story!

  44. lovebritbrit says – reply to this


    i hope she's ok…

  45. meg says – reply to this


    She looks great… Glad she is away from that Creep Lufti or whatever his name is

  46. Moi says – reply to this


    Lose the fur coat you scumbag

  47. TRASH says – reply to this


    britney looks awful. you all are such liars. she's a mess & doesn't belong out where the paps are droves. she should stay home or definitely get out of hollywood. she's sick alright but she's nasty & evil. why feel sorry for her when their are millions with mental issues that don't have the money to get better. why is britney any different? she certainly is no mother or daughter. she's a spoiled little girl who never grew up & is trailor trash for sure!!!

  48. Jack says – reply to this


    there seems to be life behind the eyes again

  49. Dr Jube says – reply to this


    mmm…nice dead animal in her arms. Classy.

  50. lisa says – reply to this


    hopefully my previous comments had an effect on the way Britney has been reported on this site. happy to see this new responsible side of reporting, as well as the "Save Britney" campaign. Now she really needs to stay on this new road to recovery.

  51. courtneylove says – reply to this



  52. heather says – reply to this


    is that a fur jacket? I thought they were mishandling a dog at first.

  53. Ugly Pugs HK says – reply to this


    WTF is that dead fox doing there…my god what an idiot

  54. sTAR says – reply to this


    Wow impressesive. She almost doesn't look like white trash????? Is that possible? It seems like a lifetime ago that she actually looked good. Good luck with the turn around dad. Looks a lotttt better so far.

  55. Lazygrl says – reply to this


    She looks great - I hope she stays on the right track

  56. April says – reply to this


    This is the best that I have seen her look in a while! She actually washed her hair! Maybe she is really getting back on track!! Glad to see your doing better Brit Brit!

  57. cin says – reply to this


    Her dad looks like Paul McCartney from the profile…lots of chin!!!

  58. Leah says – reply to this


    Is that real FUR?!!!!

  59. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: trudy
    fUCK yOu!!!

  60. XxX barbie doll says – reply to this


    awww it looks like she's getting well,
    you go brit brit!

  61. Go Sweden! says – reply to this


    Jamie is my new idol, thank god he helps Britney throught this mess :) Out with the bad, in with the good!

  62. Reese says – reply to this


    Is anyone else seeing the horrendous, disgusting poor DEAD animal that she carrying? Someone should make a wrap out of her. i am totally over her after seeing this!!!!

  63. pixie says – reply to this


    C'mon! Let's get real. This is just a DIFFERENT set of people controlling Brit! It just looks a little less dysfunctional. More civilized, less TRAINWRECK! Call a spade a spade!

  64. UNBELIVABLE!!!! says – reply to this


    Are you guys fucking STUPID!
    ok not 1 month ago MOST of you were sitting there HATING HER. Now because she found someone to fix that FUCKED UP hair of hers, all of a sudden britany is the shit?!?!?! Are you all that stupid.

  65. Dawna says – reply to this


    She has done amazing since Sam hasn't been allowed around her, or to control her. Which really makes you wonder how much he messed with her head.

  66. tyrone says – reply to this


    She looks good

  67. blah says – reply to this


    Maybe Britney and other celebs will be able to keep Perez out of clubs and events and award shows and ruin his nasty ass.

  68. Jen says – reply to this


    She looks like Elvira about to attack.
    When she does someone is going to die.
    Maybe she attack herself?

  69. deedee says – reply to this


    Re: kety – How could Britney be in anyway be a suitable partner for someone of Muslim origin?
    Pictures on Muslimloving.com? I don't get it. Would she not be considered a dirty infidel?
    Wouldn't she have to convert? Please enlighten my ignorance?

  70. Helena says – reply to this


    For the first time in a very long time she looks fantastic

  71. darla says – reply to this


    must be some good meds, keep her medicated till she can get better she pretty heavily sedated.

  72. Jessica says – reply to this


    Yay Brit! Good Luck Girl!

  73. des says – reply to this


    Re: JLS

    I am a dude you dumb whore. Britney is the fat one with her tree trunk legs
    and you too by the sounds of it. go lick your moms saggy cunt, you fugly obese whore.

  74. des says – reply to this


    Re: Vince

    Vince I agree with you. JLS is an obese whore with an obese mother, and they never leave the house, that's why they worship britney and her
    manish neck and tree trunk legs. Fuck those teenyboppers. they're all cunts.

  75. Lance says – reply to this


    IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. grace says – reply to this


    She looks waaaay better. good for her!

  77. jackofsometrades says – reply to this


    Damn, at first glance I thought she'd hooked up with Paul McCartney.

  78. JOSE says – reply to this



  79. Jessica says – reply to this


    Perez - It's funny that you are now so supportive of Britney when for the past YEAR you have been doing nothing but dogging her and laughing at her actions because it entertains you. I think that people like you and web sites like this have contributed to her illness. Leave the girl alone! And don't now flip a 360 and try to act like you care for her when you have said in the past how much you love when she screws up!

  80. M.T says – reply to this



  81. aimee says – reply to this


    its about damn time her parents stepped in

  82. AMAL says – reply to this



  83. dean says – reply to this


    Now we know where all those dogs she used to have have gone!

  84. SMBP says – reply to this


    hey..Good job Perez. In a way, you're the only check's and balances that the world of celebrities have. I never thought you would applaud britney on doing a good job, but now I realize you just wanted to keep her real. It's good….I'm not mad at you for just a second.

  85. Fur Friend? says – reply to this


    +IS THAT HER PET SHE'S HOLDING? I can't really see!! +

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