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"We're Gonna Stay Virgins!"

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Oh, boy. We hope this doesn't come back to haunt them.

The Jonas Brothers are pulling a Britney!

The teen pop sensations have taken a vow of chastity. PUBLICLY.

That's right, Kevin, Nick and Joe are boldly (and admirably) proclaiming that they plan to stay virgins until marriage.

They talk to Details magazine about their vow to remain sex-free until they wed.

On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas—the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness—wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, "promises to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage." Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. "It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn't want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me," he says. Nick, who is 15, says, "I got mine made at Disney World. It's pretty awesome." Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that's exactly what he's going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. "It's pretty rock and roll," Kevin says. "It's getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar."

Wow. Wow. Wow.


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1179 comments to “"We're Gonna Stay Virgins!"”

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  1. Jennifer says – reply to this


    i think its amazing that theyre doing that. theyre focusing on their career and fans. i respect that

  2. Lovewaits says – reply to this


    Cuties! more guys should be like them.

  3. Lovewaits says – reply to this


    Cuties! more guys should be like them.

  4. mo. says – reply to this


    i think this is really great for everybody out there, no matter what the age.
    it takes alot of guts to publicly promote that, and i think it's great.

    way to go guys!

  5. jfsadlk;fjsa says – reply to this


    they are so sweet. which is one of the many reasons i love them

  6. nono! says – reply to this


    the jonas brothers have had this whole vow thing going on before they got on disney and everything! and i do think they can manage it. i mean its all about will power….and i think they have alot of it to stay pure till maraige!

  7. manuela says – reply to this


    i think its adorable

  8. JBgirl says – reply to this


    Good for them. Thats a very good thing. I also share the bow, but not with a ring.

  9. MegannJBFAN says – reply to this


    Thats great that they want to stay pure for god !
    I love The Jonas Brothers !!!
    Keepin Rockin Your Hearts Out !
    God Bless !

  10. Britni says – reply to this


    I admire the Jonas Brothers and their strong Christian beliefs! They are Amazing and an Inspirational group of guys for our young society today!! Jonas Brothers Rock!! You go Ke-Ni-Joe!!!

  11. LULU JONAS says – reply to this


    I think that its smart because I'm going to be Nick's wife and his first;)

  12. Daydra says – reply to this


    i think its great! and for those of you who think its not going to work, you never know you just have to stay strong and keep your promise. i myself am 18 and i have a purity ring, its so easy to keep the promise when you dont know what your missing.

  13. Carrie says – reply to this


    This isn't anything new. They've had these rings for years. Why is it only now such a big deal?

    They have a strong family support behind them and grew up in a very christian enviroment. Just because they are famous, doesn't mean they won't stand their ground. These boys will amaze everyone. Just wait and see.

  14. Ashley says – reply to this


    I think the Jonas Brothers are good role models, but I also think that they wont last. You watch in a couple of months Joe is most likley going to have sex with JoJo!

  15. ILOVEJOEJONASMORETHANYOU says – reply to this


    i tots support themm
    but that ring is defs coming off when i meet joe :P

  16. jessica says – reply to this


    it seems like religion plays a big role in their lives so i think they will keep their promises! good for them!

  17. Nicole says – reply to this


    I love the Jonas Brothers and I respect their decision. I think it's great that they're religious enough to make a promise to God and I admire them.

  18. mrs. kevin jonasss [barack the vote!] says – reply to this


    good for them =)


  19. veronica says – reply to this


    well! the jobros freaking rock!
    so if they want to stay virgins for marriage!
    im glad that way i wont get any stds! lol
    i cant believe i just said that! its true!
    i love the jobros! specially joe!

  20. becca says – reply to this


    I think they can do it! and they've said this for AGES! Kevin's 20 and hes had his purity ring since he was like 13! Britney is off her head that why she couldn't do it and Jessica Simpson apparently didn't until she was married. And plenty of christian girl would want a guy who didn't believe in doing 'it' b4 marrige so in your faces! just see what happens before you all open your big gobs. its not like their miley cyrus, thats a different story lolz

  21. becca says – reply to this


    Re: Carrie – I so agree with you! And yeah Kevins had his since he was what 13? I read that once somewer idk how long he actually had it but i know its ages. I dunno why its such a biggie now.

  22. monika says – reply to this


    ok. this is so hard to believe i don't know if i shud.. when karma comes .. well we all know wat karma is…

  23. Lesjahn says – reply to this


    Re: Candy
    They have had these purity rings since before they started their band so the fact that they're still (as far as we know) virgins is really admirable!

    I'm a huge fan of theirs and I still have troule believing, with all the girls that throw themselves at them and the industry they're in, that they're still pure. Just cause they're virgins doesn't mean they don't have experience… charming the cobra! (that phrase cracks me up!)

  24. Ash says – reply to this


    Okay, Gosh! In This Article, You Are Making Them Look Like Manwhores! And Making Teenage Girls Look Like Hoes! Reality Check Please! They Have Had Those Rings Forever And You Are Just Now Caring? Haha.. This Amuses Me.

  25. Bybee says – reply to this


    They Have Had Those Rings Forever. And Besides Their Dad Was A Minister. My Dad Is A Minister and I Am A Teenager. Do You See Me Running Around Doing That? No! Because They Know The Consequences Like I Do! Besides They Could Have Any Girl They Want But They Choose Not To Date Them?! Does That Not Tell You Something? Also, They Have Had Those Rings Forever! Why Choose Now To Talk About It? I'm Sure If They Were Not As Popular As They Are Now You Could Careless What They Do! And By The Way Not All Teenage Girls Wanna Get Busy With Them. I Like Joe But I Don't Want To Do Him!

  26. Sierra says – reply to this


    I Think They Can Do It! I Really And Truely Think You [Perez] Are Being Immature. They Actually Were Brought Up Right In This World And You Accuse Them Of That? By The Way, This Isn't Gossip. Everyone Knows They Have Had These Rings For Awhile. So I Guess Perez When You Get Bored You Just Right About The Truth And Try To Make It A Lie? Mann, It Must Have Been A Good Day For Lindsay Lohan If You Have To Right About The Truth. All The Fans Know This Already.. *YAWNS*

  27. Kiera says – reply to this


    Perez, they had their rings BEFORE they were famous.

    Get your information right, please. Their amazing boys and I'm so glad their doing this

  28. Shelby says – reply to this


    I think this is awesome of them!! This means a lot to me and I dont think it will come back to bite them later…They're great guys and believe it or not girls actually like that in a guy.

  29. delilah says – reply to this


    me & joe were supposed to "do it" together.

  30. Claire says – reply to this


    pshhhhhhhh, joe won't have his ring for long!!

  31. (: says – reply to this


    Re: the KING
    hey fuckbag;
    only one of them is a minor.
    joe is 18.
    kevin is 20.
    get it straight before you start pouring the haterade, ya hurr?

  32. jessica says – reply to this


    good for them!
    i love my jonas boys!!

  33. Kristin says – reply to this


    I Love the Jonas Brothers. I have complete faith in them. I am 21, almost 22 and I know it is possible for these boys to achieve this decision. Just because everyone else in the world can't contain thier own morals and fall into pressure doesn't mean these boys will. You are all just jealous because you go sleeping around with people and you don't feel loved so you don't want them to surpass you. All you negative people probably have STDs too so you are just bitter about the situation. Get the hell over it. They are good guys and have goals and morals so deal with it!

  34. Kristin says – reply to this


    I Love the Jonas Brothers. I have complete faith in them. I am 21, almost 22, I have made the same decision and I know it is possible for these boys to achieve this decision. Just because everyone else in the world can't contain thier own morals and fall into pressure doesn't mean these boys will. You are all just jealous because you go sleeping around with people and you don't feel loved so you don't want them to surpass you. All you negative people probably have STDs too so you are just bitter about the situation. Get the hell over it. They are good guys and have goals and morals so deal with it!

  35. m says – reply to this


    you are just a bunch of w's that don't take god seriously ,why don't you all stay virgins and you won't regret the rest of your life.

  36. kelly :] says – reply to this


    no matter how much will power they hhave
    with how hot they are and
    with girls like me grabbing thier crotch every two seconds.
    and shiit;
    ive been to 2 concerts
    and i have pictures from both where joe has a boner
    horny motherfucker.
    V I R G I N my ass :]

  37. cassie says – reply to this


    Well i think they can do it!!!! yall people are just some fags!!Abd the have had those rings forever soo why talk about it now!!! gosh i think ever freakin kid should be like them causethey are doin the right thing!!!! and u go and make up crap about them!!!!!and WHAT DID THEY DO!!! nothing !!! so leave them alone gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. .... says – reply to this


    If Only There Were More Guys Like Them In The World=]

    No Moree Teen Pregnancies.

  39. (realitycheckpleasee) says – reply to this


    all i can say is. juss because they get purity rings. does NOT mean they will end up like brittney spears… that was so retardedd to bring her up anyway. goshh.

  40. Taylor says – reply to this


    …………(let's c how this works)………..hint……………………. IT WON"T LAST LONG!!!!!!! except for Nick Jonas, I think he will keep his word and Joe and Kevin r gonna screw it up.

  41. sadies says – reply to this


    Re: furby
    omg! how can u say dat cause omg!
    wait then do u go 2 church?
    i believe in god, its my religion,wats urs,huh?

  42. Emily says – reply to this


    I'm a pastor's daughter, like them. So I have a purity ring too. It's so great to know that there are acutally people out there that are going to wait.

  43. MA-rie says – reply to this


    they are hot……
    i have a new goal in life….
    to be the one nick or joe loses it too!! woohoo!

  44. ilovenickjonas says – reply to this


    they have had purity rings long before they were famous. and i think that they will keep their vow unlike britney because they have morals and a family to fall back on.
    they are a great band and are ooober sexy :D

  45. Bree says – reply to this


    I think it's completely adorable
    and I know they'll stick to it…

  46. Kattz says – reply to this


    ohmyjonas! wow, i luvs me some jonas and I hope they stay pure cuz' thats really cool. Nick is sooo hot!!! he is mine in my dreams as well in the dream of many others, but lets get real ladies shall we? mostlikely none of us will marry him! ;) )

  47. paige says – reply to this


    these boys are the most amazing boys in the world, and i love them for everything they believe in and how talented they are. they are so inspiring and such good role models. really. they're nothing like britney spears… how could people even possibly think that?

  48. johnna says – reply to this


    Kevin lost his old purity ring cause I have MY purity ring and it looked just like his.

    He didn't wear it for sometime so I was a little freaked that he broke his vow but thank you for informing me that he didn't.

    I love you Prez… But I love these 3 boys Just a bit more!!!

  49. hannah says – reply to this


    hey stupidass perez hilton theres nothing wrong with staying pure and clean until marriage. there is something wrong with NOT staying pure and clean until marriage.
    i know they will keep their promise- they actually wear purity rings and their father is a pastor at their church…and they made their vow before they even became famous. i was aquainted with them when i attended their old church.

  50. alex says – reply to this



  51. mrsjoejonas says – reply to this


    Re: furby
    ill pray for you.

  52. FaTiMa«™ says – reply to this



    I LOVE YOU!!!♥

  53. kat says – reply to this


    im not famous but im doing the same thing

  54. ash says – reply to this


    i love the jonas brothers and i thinks its cool they believe in staying pure til marragiage cause so do i and i think their just trying to set good examples for their fans like me and many others who love them

  55. no clue says – reply to this


    wtf does "first" mean?!!
    someone explain this to me!!

  56. Ellie says – reply to this


    I give props to the Jonas Brothers…and some of you who say its gonna bite them in the ass in the end..that only happened for Britney..I think they can do it…plus other stars have done it for example Jessica Simpson waited until she was mariied

  57. Canadian/NickJonasChick says – reply to this


    i know they will last!!!
    longer than miley at least!!!

  58. me says – reply to this


    Re: kelly :] – hahaha omj lmao over here!!!!!!!

  59. vickyjonas says – reply to this


    ARE SO NOT GONE TO DO!!!!!!!!
    SHE IS NOT NORMAL!!!!!!????????

  60. ashley says – reply to this


    okay, they have had their purity rings since before i can remember. they have has these rings for a long time. i dont know why it is just getting noticed now, because they have had them for a reallly long time. these are seriously 3 amazing kids. they are talent (its okay to disagree) but they are extremely sweet. i think its awesome that they decided this. at least they have some morals in life. and no its not embaressing for kevin, the oldest, because its what he believes so i dont think he so conserned about it. gosh, people are way to hard on this kids that are here to make music for the world and they didn't do anything to make you not like them. the jonas brothers are a good group of kids.

  61. jackie says – reply to this


    why does everyone compare these amazing, sweet, talented boys to brittney? they are totallyyyyyy different. they are gonna do. it's good for them. people calling them fags and shit are lame as hell. you have nothing better to do then bash on these teens. they are amazing kids and are defintaly going to be more than you'll ever be.

  62. Dominique says – reply to this


    thats so cute i have a purity ring too!

  63. eliii says – reply to this


    what do you caree what theyy doo..
    i think whatt teirr doing giss veryy goooddd

  64. Sarah says – reply to this


    Just because they have purity rings doesn't mean they are gonna be like Britney!
    Just because 2 "famous" people made a mistake doesn't mean they all will!

    I am so fucking pist at this site because You feed FALSE information!

  65. thats hot says – reply to this


    wow thats so hot i love them nick u r waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hot i love them all tho good 4 u guys

  66. vicky says – reply to this


    That is so cute!
    I hope they all stick with their promis…they probably will
    Luv the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  67. k says – reply to this


    #1 they aren't gay
    #2 they haven't had sex already… one of them is only 15
    #3 and to #34 nicole… there are plenty of girls out there who don't want a STD infected man as a husband… and who would marry a virgin. Sorry if you aren't one of them, but don't speak for the rest of us.

  68. Ker-bear says – reply to this


    I respect them for this. They come from a very religious background and I, for one, really believe that they are still virgins and they do stay true to each other. Now, I can't say that they WILL follow through until marriage, but for right now, I like that they're proud of their purity rings and are staying true to their beliefs. Coming from a fan, if they did lose their virginity already and are saying "pure till marriage", then it would be a little dissapointing to find out their not virgins anymore. But, what can ya do?
    I'm gonna get a purity ring and stay pure until marriage. (including not drinking or smoking on top of staying pure). I think that is totaly respectable in people and really attractive that they have the courage to do that sort of thing.

  69. Ker-bear says – reply to this


    ..in addition to my last comment..
    Comparing them to BRITNEY!? What is that!?
    I agree with others…more boys should be like them. I would love a future boyfriend to be more or less like Kevin, to be honest. (yes..the oldest virgin in the group). lol. They're amazing. :)

  70. jen says – reply to this


    and durt dad dur !! they've eben saying that for 2 and half years get iwth the program i got a purity rings its joe 's but instead of poned it says hold on

  71. jazmine colin says – reply to this


    I totaly respect that chose because they are my Boys.And I know there going to comit to stay vergin until marriage.And think the people who compared the jonas brothers to britney spears STUPID because the jonas brothers are angles to me and by the look in there faces they are inesent there are christians for crying out loud they are Loveible Boys and family boys.I will always have the jonas brothers backs.I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!

  72. samantha says – reply to this


    i beleve they can do it i mean they dont let fame get to them and honestly why would you break that promice they arent like that and their dad is a preist. and stop compairing them to britney spears she screwed up her life they didnt and arent going to. thy only disney star i see getting pregnet is fucking miley cyrus that stupid skank.

    and that shouldnt be embarissing to kevin he beleves in stuff and he beleves in waiting i dont find that embarassing just because teens these days get fuked by time they are in 6th grade now thats pathedic. just leave the jonas brothers alone they never did anything to get made fun of because their beliefs so go get a fuking life you homo's

    oh and by the way just because they are hot doesnt mean they will go and screw every chick. when girls call them hot to their faces they blush, so go screw yourselfs
    k thanks

  73. rielaa412 says – reply to this


    Are they retarded?
    I'd do them in 2 seconds, flat. No strings attached.
    Ommmg they're so hooooooooooot.

  74. Casey says – reply to this


    Alright well the Jonas Brothers have been wearing purity rings long before they became famous so i don't know why you guys are seeing this as new news. But i totally respect them and think it's pretty cool that they promised themselves to stay pure until marriage. I know a lot of you are saying that they will have sex before they get married but i don't think they would make a promise like that and tell the whole world about it if they were even thinking about breaking it.

  75. Emilyy says – reply to this


    you guys they are not doing this for publicity. They had purity rings long before they became famous. Also it is amazing to see teenagers who actually are making a promise like staying pure until marriage to themselves. I do think it is kinds sad that we live in a world where most of you think that there is no way you can't have sex before you get married. I totally respect those boys and they are great role models and musicians, and we needed that with all of the crazy celebrities these days.

  76. helena says – reply to this


    i respect what they believe in but okay, reality check here, no teen does that anymore. you cant plan your future for like what? the next ten years? sex is something we all get to do, but we just have to be careful. it doesnt mean we have to absatin till marriage. i think its not a very smart move for the jonas brothers. THEYRE HOT. THEY CANT POSSIBLY RESIST A MILLION SCREAMING BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.

  77. t says – reply to this



  78. Serena says – reply to this


    Again, for like the billionth time… GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
    This promise was made YEARS before they were famous. They've always worn the rings, in all their videos and everything they're ALWAYS there. They're absolutely NOT like Britney, her slut message was there forever, I mean seriously "Hit me baby one more time" COME ON! The Jonas Brothers are so clean and so perfect. I love them moree than life itself and support them in everything they do. It's good for them that they aren't going have sex before marriage because thats the MORALLY right thing to do, and I don't believe people are CRITICIZING them for that, people should be COMMENDING them for this action! America is suchhh a messed up place if people are talking shit to the Jonas Brothers about this! Like seriously people!

  79. wendy says – reply to this



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