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"We're Gonna Stay Virgins!"

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Oh, boy. We hope this doesn't come back to haunt them.

The Jonas Brothers are pulling a Britney!

The teen pop sensations have taken a vow of chastity. PUBLICLY.

That's right, Kevin, Nick and Joe are boldly (and admirably) proclaiming that they plan to stay virgins until marriage.

They talk to Details magazine about their vow to remain sex-free until they wed.

On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas—the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness—wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, "promises to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage." Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. "It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn't want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me," he says. Nick, who is 15, says, "I got mine made at Disney World. It's pretty awesome." Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that's exactly what he's going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. "It's pretty rock and roll," Kevin says. "It's getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar."

Wow. Wow. Wow.


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1179 comments to “"We're Gonna Stay Virgins!"”

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  1. robbie says – reply to this


    this is just me personally, but i don't really get the big deal over this. i mean i'm 21 and call it unnatural or whatever but it's really easy to stay a virgin and even not really think about it. i mean it's totally understandable for others to be tempted and i'm not judging them at all, but i mean there ARE people out there who have other things on their minds and pretty much have those kind of hormones under control haha.

    but again, that's just me.

  2. peggy says – reply to this


    itd be more than appreciated to not compare them to britney.. they are in no way similar to her. miley cyrus, thats another story. but the jonas brothers arent doing anything to lead people to believe that they will break their promise. miley and britney are/did. i think they really believe its the right thing to do, and i commend them for that.

    i thought you were all for them perez! why are you mocking them now?

  3. stacy says – reply to this


    Good for them! To make such a vow in the face of this sex obsessed society is admirable.

  4. LOVE! says – reply to this


    we will see how long that last :/

  5. jonaslovee says – reply to this


    They have worn purity rings since they started the band, this isnt anything new.

  6. nicky says – reply to this


    gimme one night with joe i'll change that

  7. peggy says – reply to this


    Re: lauren – yeah, shes right. they have. its not a publicity stunt. people are just finding out now because they just got huge. it has nothing to do with fame.

  8. Gene says – reply to this


    Idiot move.

    They're gonna suck in bed…which will end in divorce.

    Joe Jonas needs his ass licked and poked like nobody's business.

  9. helena says – reply to this


    perez you act like this is something new like they just told the world that there going to stay pure everybody has know for years now.

    and its cute and inspiring losts of people are saving themselfs now.

  10. Snappy says – reply to this


    Do they have a choice?

  11. amanda says – reply to this


    you guys who think they are lying are gayfarts! teh Jonas Brothers are so nice. and they annouced they were staying pure in 2005 so they aren't just saying it now.. so you people who think you know what your talking about are wrong and gay.

  12. kla says – reply to this


    aww they are soo cute


  13. cheaaitskaeeeagainnnn says – reply to this


    the jonas brothers are completely different from britney spears. they have good parents who give them good direction, theyve had a chance to be normal kids before they became famous. its completely and totally a different story, and theres no way to compare them to her.

  14. Hayley says – reply to this


    most fans already know this. they've had purity rings for awhile. i think they've always had them, and have always been open about it.

  15. AlexK says – reply to this


    i love when people say they are going to stay "pure" UNTIL marriage. so…after marriage, you're going to be impure because you have sex? cool great awesome great.

  16. yeahhh says – reply to this


    that's cute, i'm happy for them. screw all the people who do not believe they'll keep their word! these boys are three kids from jersey who went to christian schools until their fame. they'll keep their promise

  17. lindsay says – reply to this


    please, nicks the hottest one out of all of them, he probably lost his to mile whore cryus

  18. Katerinaswt7 says – reply to this



  19. Tracy says – reply to this


    ……as effin' if, they will never stay true to that. They shouldn't have said that cause when everyone finds out they're screwin somebody it will be bad for them……..IDIOTS

  20. know what time it is says – reply to this


    It means corporate, disney, religious freaks ate their brains! or that they are greedy like fucks appealing to religious, dumbass america. all that is missing is for them to be aryan…

  21. kate says – reply to this


    they've had their purity rings since the beginning of their career..even before. they will stay pure to marriage…their father is a minister. they are good kids.

    don't turn on them perez.

  22. Andrea says – reply to this


    I think the Jonas Brothers can do it and i'm sick of ppl saying that they'll end up like Britney…cuz they won't. Its funny how when we finally get some good role models around here ppl automatically wanna shoot them down. I admire JB for doing what they do and staying so grounded. Go JB!!!!

  23. Jade says – reply to this


    This is what makes me fall in love with them over, and over, and over.
    Any of their sluty ass fans who are going to switch to Push Play are gay!
    That's just more Jonas for me and my 3 Best Friends :]

  24. alicia says – reply to this


    u didnt no this??? gosh perez this get with it this is real old news lol theyve been saying this 4ever and have had those rings 4ever lol but anyways they r good guys and have amazing parents and have a strong belief in god so i think this is great and i think they r gonna stick to it have faith they can stay true 2 their promise i no it:)

  25. alexis says – reply to this


    god this is so unfortunate!!!

  26. shala says – reply to this


    fyi for those of you comparing them to spears.. umm kevin is like going on 21 and made this pledge… if he's gotten this far im pretty sure he can continue. spears lost hers way earlier then 21 sooo

  27. JBislife says – reply to this


    They are NOT pulling a Bitchney. They've been telling people that they have purity rings for a long time now. you're just behind. Nothing's happend yet and nothing WILL. as you can tell i'm pissed.

  28. Hannah says – reply to this


    I think that it is great that they stick to what they believe in. They are great role models.

  29. Jacqueline says – reply to this


    I have no problem with it. It's their life. They can do whatever they want.

  30. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: Flowerbomb

    Thank you soo much for saying that. I don't think it's gonna last though. *coughPsycoGroupiescough*

  31. Jessie says – reply to this


    I will never understand what is so Goddamned "admirable" about remaining a virgin until marriage. I can't imagine how awkward their Honeymoon is going to be. Idiots.

  32. alicia says – reply to this


    ok i just gotta see its important 4 EVERY1 2 no that this is not some new thing that jb decided to do 2 make people like them or anything they made this decision a real long time ago wayyyyyy back in like 05 when they first started out as a band they decided to do this and have had these rings 4ever(which is y they r so banged up cause they r old) so pllllllllllease dont think this is something they just decided to do 4 attention or anything

  33. Sara says – reply to this


    Umm talk about OLD NEWSSS!!!!!!!
    They've been like this since wayy before they were big!!! - back in 2005 when they were just starting out they had them so no not a publicity stunt do some research perez geeze

  34. alicia says – reply to this


    Re: Gene – omg u officially win the idiot award i swear some people r sooooooo immature

  35. Gary says – reply to this


    This is definately doable I'm 20 and have drank and I am also vowing to stay a virgin until marriage!

  36. erkle says – reply to this


    i am so glad i did not grow up with douche bags like this. wow i am getting old. i just don't get it.

  37. yessiama13yearoldcrazedjonasbrotherfan says – reply to this


    i love u perez, but i rlly dont think these boys r pullin a britney, i think theyre pullin a jobro meanin i think that they r much different and i doubt they will break their promise. for 1, theyre parents are sane and actually christian. and 2 they r just so true and real withe evrything they do.

  38. Tishalulle says – reply to this


    Waiting until marriage to have sex is such an antiquated ideal. I believe that people NEED to experience a small amount of variety before settling down with the right person, and I don’t me to go whore yourself out just to "gain the experience".

    If you really want to wait then go for it but don't do it because of the "impression" you want to make on people.

  39. Emily says – reply to this


    everyone knew they had purity rings this isn't a new development, they've had them for a really long time

  40. Brittney says – reply to this


    haha well they've had them since they were really young.
    it's not really a new thing.
    their dad is a pastor and they are VERY religious boys.
    i think its wonderful.

  41. erica says – reply to this


    I can't believe this is making people uneasy. Would you prefer everyone do crack, go to rehab, and get knocked up? We should be happy that there are some decent role models out there.

  42. Beverly says – reply to this


    But aren't they Jewish?

  43. Serafina says – reply to this


    the Jonas Brothers are amazing and great role models.
    if you don't think so, you are just jealous of their great achievements.
    these boys have a strong faith and are proud of who they are…
    don't make fun of them because you are ashamed of yourself!
    rock on boys!!!!
    xoxoxo- fan since 2006

  44. MsLove says – reply to this


    people who wear purity rings are whores….ATTENTION WHORES! Seriously, keep your sex life, or lack there of, your business. No one freaken cares. People who wear them just like the attention, and then go give their bf a BJ in the back room anyways. Hypocrits.

  45. hollie. says – reply to this



  46. YumYum says – reply to this


    It'd be nice if everyone realized that sex does a lot more things than make an orgasm- there would be very few STD's if people stayed virgins until they married or had a very committed relationship, and if they stayed faithful. Not to mention all the emotional crap and unwanted pregnancies. They can do what they want to do, but Mother Nature really loves to throw a wrench in it. But you have to note that none of them has herpes, AIDS, chlamydia, veneral warts, syphilis, gonorrhea (now becoming drug resistant), crabs, or paid for a girl's abortion.

  47. myko says – reply to this


    like britney claimed virginity? the lies eventually come back to haunt, boys!!! just come out of the closet already, and represent!!!

  48. crazed says – reply to this


    Re: fraust

    Agree with you Faust. Since when does having sex make you impure or dirty? These boys will have lots of mental problems with sex (just like all "moral" majority idiots). They will need therepy. A guy who waits until he's over 20 to have sex is missing the time in his life when his sex drive is at it's peak. Enjoy it while you're young I say.

  49. Fannie says – reply to this


    they are my favorite and and eerything but thats the only thing i find stupid.
    like it's definetly just a cover up because theyre good role models!

  50. FDGHVBU says – reply to this




  51. JB_lovee_xo says – reply to this


    wow. you are just hearing about this .. you can totally tell that you have not been a jonas fan for long, have you perez? well this is soo old news and its deffinantly not a publicity stunt .. they have a very strong family background and if you think they are going to break their promise with God .. wow. i believe in them that they wont. everybody will hear their name and go "stupid jonas bros. they're gay" but you dont actually know who they are as people. dont critize them before knowing anything about them. that felt good to get that out =)

    jonas brothers are awesome and will keep their promise to God. i know it and dont ever compare them to Brittany .. she has her own problems and problems that they wont ever have.

    perez. im disappointed in you .. you love our jonas brothers . now you think they will go off and ruin their promise? okay . you go do that then. pshhh .

  52. MzLatnDiva says – reply to this


    The Jonas Brothers are going to remain virgins until they get married?? Well, while I don't doubt that this may actually happen, it also makes it that much more likely that these guys will marry very young (presumably so that they CAN have sex while remaining true to their word). Look at Mormons and fundamental Christian groups (of which I believe the Jonas Brothers are members). They both have propensities for getting married around age 18-21, so my bet is on seeing the oldest getting married very soon. Whether the marriages will last is another story all together (let's look at Jessica Simpson - the virgin bride). Holding out still didn't make her marriage last.
    As for the arguments that this is a marketing ploy, I believe that there is some definite truth to this as well. It appeals to their largest fan base - tweens - and encourages the parents to purchase their music and merchandise because they are "good role models". It really is genius when you think about it that way.

  53. Christine says – reply to this


    Believe it or not, some Christian kids actually accomplish this. My daughter has a purity ring as well. It's a good thing.

  54. private says – reply to this


    Hey, you know there are people in this world who actually still have morals and values! They just happen to be a few a them and they are speaking out. Not one person on earth is perfect and each one may fall to temptation, but for real have faith in these guys they are being good role models for our kids to look at. Don't drag them in the ground or say yah we'll see.

  55. JB_lovee_xo says – reply to this


    Re: Beverly
    wow they are definantly Christian. where did you hear that they were Jewish????

  56. jamieee says – reply to this


    OMJ, for everyone posting shit about them here ::
    they've annouced this like, 100 times already, in so many interviews;
    they made that promise wayyyyy before they got famous.
    k ? ok.

  57. stef says – reply to this


    just because they want to stay virgins until they marry does NOT mean they are gay. obvi the people that are saying that about them arent comfortable with themselves and they feel the need to tear someone else down to make themselves feel better.
    the jonas bros seem like good guys, and if thats what they wanna do, more power to 'em. why do u all care so much? its their decision, get a life.

  58. mrs. joe jonas says – reply to this


    THE JONAS BROTHERS ROCK!!!!! IM 17 AND I LOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!! purity is a wonderful thing, i have tons of respect for them!! i want to marry joe!!!

  59. Brenna says – reply to this


    LAME LAME LAME!!! These fucking celebrities need to keep theie damn sex lives (or lack thereof) to THEMSELVES. And also? What the hell does "purity" have to with it? If you are in a rock band and you DON'T partake of that which rock is made of, sex and drugs, well then you are no rock star at all. Lame teenyboppers with their lame teenybopper music.

  60. big fat sissy says – reply to this


    Let's be realistic. People have urges and desires. It's built in, like instinct. If we don't act on it, it makes us crazy!! Why can't people do things responsibly instead of making all these ridiculous vows?? When I hear this—all I can think is–oh no, this ones going to be screwed up too.

  61. Akemi says – reply to this


    They did it before they were a band. and they always told why they use rings, nothing new…

    they're really grounded, i don't think they'd do something stupied

  62. kristen says – reply to this


    perez, a few things..
    1. get with the times. half of the people already know about their purity rings.
    3. don't make people believe that they wont keep this promise. they are good kids, not those wacked out hollywood, gossip driven, all-i-care-about-is-fame- celebrities!

    PS. all you jobro haters, youre just jealous because you cant come close to being as good looking as them!

  63. anita says – reply to this


    thier good exaples for us teens

    i love you jb

  64. jenny says – reply to this


    dude, they have already gone public with their purity rings like 1 year ago..

  65. Julia says – reply to this


    the jonas Brothers are amazing. and i do think they'll keep their promise.

  66. Jamie Jonas says – reply to this


    oh perez, this is old news babycakes!! i love my pure jonas

  67. Jonas Fuckers says – reply to this


    whatever, I hate this purity shit. What the fuck is up with all these wackjob christians being so hung up on sex? What is the big deal? It's part of who we are. STDs is part of the risk, big fucking deal…herpes wont kill you, they have medication for it and gardasil for women now so they dont get hpv.

    Do you really think God is going to get upset at humans over who and when we have sex, when it's one of the strongest drives our bodies feel?

    It reminds me of an old tune…

    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

  68. KT says – reply to this


    I think its awesome what the Jonas Brotehrs are doing and theyre standing up for what they beleive in and i KNOW that they will keep their promise. all you JB haters should be able to learn a lesson from them.

  69. Jeff says – reply to this


    I'd rather they had sex in committed relationships, and not tried to publicize it as a "aren't I good?" article. Plus the whole idea of a Tiffany silver "purity" ring is pretty nauseating. Greed is just as big a sin.

  70. Mizzy says – reply to this


    Yeah sure,right,Ha!!!!!

  71. Jen says – reply to this


    I think that it's the right choice.
    I love them and it's tottaly right. :)
    Go JB!

  72. AngelJonas says – reply to this


    I think the ring thing and staying pure till marriage is awesome..When i first heard about there rings over a year ago i was a little reluctant to it. I mean there guys, how many guys do that? BUT after learning alot about them and meeting them, i think these boys are doing the right thing. They are a huge inspiration already to alot of young girls, and they are setting a good example kinda against teen pregnancy. They don't need to be tied down to a mistake they made, and have baby mama drama. AND OH yeah Kevin's ring is hecka blinged..it caught my eye when i shook his hand =]

  73. Barbie says – reply to this


    MMM Kevin…. I don't care if I meet him he's MINE

  74. MattyGoneWrong says – reply to this


    they're not gonna stay virgins for very long if i ever get my hands on em :P

  75. give them a break...their doing something good! says – reply to this


    I think they r osm for doing this. No, its not a publicity stunt either cuz they had their purity rings from even before they made it big, and its not like they go around advertizing them…its just that when people ask them about them they tell the truth. Besides they have to stay pure- their dad's a paster! (and no their not gay either cuz they have all dated girls and its not hard to find pictures of Joe and AJ making out, Nick hugging Miley, or Kevin holding hands with Zoe, and even if they were gay its not up to u to judge them!)

  76. i hope says – reply to this


    Well, their dad IS a minister. So maybe they will prove the celebrity world wrong. If not, too bad, it was expected.

  77. hey stupid says – reply to this


    Re: yessiama13yearoldcrazedjonasbrotherfan – Fuck you, you little 13 year old runt. You shouldn't be on this site–plus you can't spell for shit. Go back to school. No one wants to listen to your opinion.

  78. sean says – reply to this


    they are amazing..
    i understand if abstinence may not be your thing but at least have some level of respect for them. geez. i as an 18 year old girl think its an amazing decision to make and support them but its not like their saying people who aren't like them are bad people.. its just their decision. you can disagree and still respect people. wow relaxx

  79. Sabrina says – reply to this


    Honestly? I hope they stay to it, I'm 23 and a virgin still and proud of it. I really respect men who stay virgins until marriage not many guys do. Props to them for wanting to.

  80. abs says – reply to this


    kudos to them. it is sad that people want to remain virgins and it is wierd, but a sex tape is put out and it is celebrated. i wish them luck and hope they can do it.

  81. Gloria says – reply to this


    me parece una promesa bastante dificil de cumplir…sobre todo para estos chicos tan guapos…pero los admiro por su valentía….Gloria from Venezuela

  82. TayDiggssss says – reply to this


    woww looks like hannah montana is outta luck =P

  83. ilovejonas=] says – reply to this


    i think that they will stay pure, and that this won't bite em in the ass.

    they actually have had that ring for a while now, because i've seen it, and heard them talking about staying pure before too.

    i think it's a great thing to do.

  84. Chelsea says – reply to this


    they made this vow before they were even famous and they've stuck by it. they are level headed with strong morals and i think that they will keep their promise.

  85. goodforthem says – reply to this


    Good for them! I hope they can do it. It's about time we had some young people who were not trash. At least there will be SOMEONE out there who is disease free. The girls who get them will be luckly.

  86. ? says – reply to this


    what do you mean by "pull a Britney"???

    i'm confused…

  87. candis says – reply to this


    im proud of them
    it is so few and far between that anyone would stay a virgin till marriage

    way to go boys!!!

  88. Kayla says – reply to this


    these boys will stick to their promises. their mom and dad have a hold on them. its good though that they are doing this, with thei big sucess coming, its good to stand up for something they believe in.

  89. Kelcie says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez but this is old news to JB fans, most of us have known about this since they started out. And i have complete faith in them that they will stay virgins, they have such a strong religious family background that will keep them grounded. And for all the people that think this is for publicity, it's not.

  90. Hailey says – reply to this


    They will stay truee to their vows their nothing like Britney!! Their parents are like preists or somethign like that and they have good heads and stay true to their word!

  91. Mitzi says – reply to this


    I attended a church one sunday morning a year or two ago where the pastor was really close to the boys parents. The Jonas family was there for service that day and their dad spoke and shared his experience as far as God's will and it was awesome! The boys were introduced to the congregation as the "jonas brothers" and the pastor mentioned "you might see them on disney", but at the time I hadn't heard of them. They were all just as adorable as could be and it was easy to see their parents are good parents and have done a lot to teach their kids morals and about God. I think the guys have a better shot at living up to this than a lot of the other celeb kids we have seen simply for the fact that they have been blessed by having such loving and wonderful parents! :)

  92. jackie says – reply to this


    i love a challenge

  93. kelly says – reply to this


    the oldest one made his sound like some sexual innuendo.

  94. Rachel says – reply to this


    I think they can do it. They're religious, etc. Easy for them.

  95. LOVE WAITS....but LIFE HAPPENS, too... says – reply to this


    I think….it's really OLD NEWS.Re: Chrissy – : Like Jessica Simpson did! She saved herself, and since her divorce has been sleeping around, right? That's a shame.

    Well, if that's the case, and GOD FORBID - but I'll totally take Joe after his divorce. (I know, get in line - but he is just the sweetest sweetest one, to me!)

  96. melissa says – reply to this


    i love the jonas brotherssss and i think this makes them greater than the already are and eww they can not be compared to britney!

    love you perez!

  97. Bethany says – reply to this


    I say, good for them. However, I'm pretty sure that Kevin has already had sex, because there was a period of like 4 or longer months where he didn't wear a purity ring. I think he lost his virginit to Zoe..that model chick. And Nick, he's wearing a new one…so I'm pretty sure that he slept with Miley Cyrus….hahahaha.

  98. Breanna says – reply to this


    i think its so good that the boys are practicing abstinence. they're proving to be such good role models and amazing musicians. i love them and look up to them so much!

  99. Kayla says – reply to this


    well since so many little tweens idolize these guys, they are trying to set a good example for their fans…if they really DO follow this vow, i'll bet each of them gets married by the time they are 22 years old

  100. JBEQUALSLOVE says – reply to this


    BACK UP OFF MY GUYS!! these boys are the farthest people to be doing what you think they are doing!! i believe them 100% when they say they are going to stay pure. to think they are being compared to britney spears, i mean come on now!! this whole this is just ridiculous. They are doing what they believe in, and now everyone is saying they are stupid? THATS STUPID!

    good for them!!! this makes me love them even more!!

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