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The Return Of Lestat!

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Attention you blood sucking lovers (and we're not just talking about the gays)!

Ann Rice has had a change of heart and will write one more Vampire Chronicles book! Just one more.

About four years ago, an atheist Rice found God and was "born again." At that point, she vowed to abandon her sinister stories and write only of the Lord.

Why is she going back on her word?

The Queen of the Damned author justifies her decision by saying the book will have a definite Christian framework and a focus on the theme of redemption.

In other words, it's gonna suck - and not in a good way!

The final vampire novel will again involve the popular character Lestat (a.k.a the hottest vampire in lit) and a fictional organization known as the Talamaska that is responsible for investigating the supernatural. As Rice did, Lestat will be wrestling with the existence of God throughout the story. She says, "I don't see it as a violation of my promise, because I won't be writing about vampires in the same way."

Rice has already written two novels chronicling Jesus Christ's life. She plans to write a third installment in that series before sitting down to pen the final vampire book. So, don't expect to see last Chronicles book for a few years!

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