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Listen To This: Like Rainbow Brite On Acid!

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Bright and colorful is the best way to describe the music of Tilly and the Wall.

They have just released a video for Beat Control, which is a big ball of goodness.

Bjork would love the clip! And the song sounds like the Jackson 5, Junior Senior and the Hidden Cameras squeezed into one juicy glass of not-from-concentrate yumminess.

CLICK HERE to check out the vid and hear the song for Beat Control and then click here to check out some other cool tunes from Tilly And the Wall!

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229 comments to “Listen To This: Like Rainbow Brite On Acid!”

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  1. janey says – reply to this


    Jesus! It also sounds just like

    Head to Toe by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam

    Is this just me???

  2. antonella says – reply to this


    i love u, p, but get with the program. tilly has been the tops for years…in my eyes, anyway

  3. Hm. says – reply to this


    You guys have got to get over this 7th grader mentality of people "DISCOVERING" bands before/after you. Yes, Tilly have been around for a while. THEY NEED EXPOSURE. Just because you and your friends "omg love" them doesn't mean that no one else should know about them. Get over it.

    And yes, this song is different. Get over that, too. They have made electronic songs before and Jamie is still tapdancing as hard as ever.

    Bands need to make money, sorry to disturb your perfect world where only you know about bands, but its true. If you love Tilly, be happy for them because they need exposure! More people should learn, live, and love them!!!!

  4. jp says – reply to this


    so happy to see tilly and team love getting some love!!!!!

  5. the tillies are my friends says – reply to this


    Re: JL – and they're from omaha, nebraska although some have been transplanted from georgia.

  6. miiiike says – reply to this


    awwww… the hidden cameras should be namedropped on perezhilton more often!


  7. bgirl says – reply to this


    i've hated tilly and the wall for years. suck on it perez, they were hot shit in like, 2004.

  8. teachesofpeaches says – reply to this


    Re: Ih8allofyou – I agree. Dammit Perez, Tilly has been around for years…helo? Kiana was Conor Oberst's backup vocalist on many tracks (most famously Letting off the Happiness LP) and anyway, this is nowhere near their best

  9. van says – reply to this


    Okay, simply put, everybody that thinks this post is 'too much exposure' for the band is an ignorant, pretentious, pseudo hipster piece of shit. I hate people like you for sharing such a stupid perspective of what art is or what it should be. What makes YOU worthy of listening to something above someone else? We should all encourage independent expression.
    Also, the people I've met in Kansas City are some of the brightest, most amazing artists I've ever seen/met/studied with. Their video is AMAZINGLY different and I hope they get more press! GO CRITCHELO!!!!!!

  10. Michelle says – reply to this


    Please, Perez. Do you even know who Bjork is? Let's not speak for her likes….especially when speaking of crap.

  11. Hooray for Tilly says – reply to this


    Congratulations to Tilly and the Wall for being featured on Perez's site. I am sure that this will bring nothing but good things for them. They are amazing people who continue to make beautiful music. 95% of the people posting on here need to calm down. Listening to more Tilly oughta do the trick.

  12. ?!! says – reply to this


    did i miss something? when did you say you discovered them? i thought it was just a normal blog post about an interest. and all their die hard "i've been listening to them forever blah blah blah fans" are flipping a bitch about it. i know kids, how awful it would be for someone else in the world to like what you do. that would just SO take away from your indie scene and then you'd have to find someone else. even though you'd still have to rant about how "they were cool when nobody knew about them" whenever you hear their name. BOOOHOOO. don't cry too hard.

  13. L says – reply to this


    I love this song thanks perez!!!!

  14. nat says – reply to this


    where can i get this song???

  15. Erivader says – reply to this


    I think u just insulted Björk, Junior Senior, The jackson 5 n MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! How could u!

  16. bb says – reply to this



  17. jimmyjazz says – reply to this



  18. Mama says – reply to this


    This reminds me of the good ole days back in Wyoming with my two dogs, Shirley and Maisy…… them were the days………..

  19. rachel says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure this is awful.

  20. eva says – reply to this


    They're awesome. No money there though, they won't make it in the states.

  21. jennie says – reply to this


    and shes wearing peggy no land! i love their clothes!

  22. Strezz says – reply to this


    She´s a right little raver! Lovely!

  23. dhruv says – reply to this


    it is good and nice .i like it

  24. Allicat says – reply to this


    Tilly and the Wall are from Omaha, Nebraska, bitches! I was on Dance Team in high school with the lead singer. Luvs them!

  25. Erin says – reply to this


    tilly's one of my favorite bands. They've been around forever. I saw them live 4 years ago. Don't ruin them now perez. I havent really liked any of the songs from their new album.

  26. yethusoe says – reply to this


    very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  27. dollartwenty says – reply to this


    what the heck. What are you doing talking about Tilly and the Wall, anways this song is pretty good but there older stuff is even better

  28. jamie says – reply to this


    i hate when great bands get bad exposure. i better not have to deal with swarms of teeny boppers at the next tilly and the wall show.

  29. omg! says – reply to this


    omg the song is finally out on itunes!

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