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Not This Time

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New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided against running for president.

The Republican was thinking about running as an Independent and aides had said he was prepared to spend up to $1 billion of his own massive fortune on his bid for the White House.

Yes, one BILLION.

Ughh. Rich people!

[Image via WENN.]

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108 comments to “Not This Time”

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  1. bee says – reply to this



  2. Phillip says – reply to this


    oh snap

  3. ashley says – reply to this



  4. Graziela says – reply to this


    Fuck you the first! Brasil!

  5. Yo mamma says – reply to this


    He actually is an independent, not a republican.

  6. URKAADURKAA says – reply to this



  7. moooseeeeee says – reply to this



  8. RJII says – reply to this



  9. URKAADURKAA says – reply to this


    not first..
    so close.

    but I dont think he would have wone anyways.
    Independents run all the time for Presidency and never has one won.

  10. nessa says – reply to this



  11. me says – reply to this



  12. Eddie from the rad report says – reply to this


    he left the republican party already and is currently serving as mayor of NY as an independent

  13. mike says – reply to this


    oh thank god.

  14. Gemz says – reply to this



  15. OPRAH let America pick who they want as president. says – reply to this



  16. scar says – reply to this



  17. blakely says – reply to this



  18. mjcp says – reply to this


    Heheheh… you said Bloomberg has aids. Did you mean aides?

  19. GOD says – reply to this


    Kind of glad. Bloomberg kind of scares in Guiliani/Ron Paul/ Hillary Clinton mix.

  20. Melody says – reply to this


    There was also a rumor that he would give ONE BILLION dollars to Obama to run as an Independent if Hillary got the Dem nomination. How crazy is that? Nobody would be able to beat ANY candidate who had ONE BILLION dollars to spend! I'm a poli sci major and we all know that the candidate who spends the most $ in any election wins!

  21. gab says – reply to this


    Who is he kidding? Does he honestly think he'll win? HA

  22. milehighstar says – reply to this


    wow good for us

  23. Rachel says – reply to this


    He said that he would only run if he believed that there weren't any good candidates for the people to choose. Guess there are! :)

  24. Chris says – reply to this


    THis is HORRIBLE news. It leaves two awful democrats who will end up raising taxes, and an old irrelevant republican :(

  25. barack out with your cock out! says – reply to this


    what do you mean "ughh rich people"? Perez, YOU ARE rich!!

  26. MJM says – reply to this


    FORMER Republican. Stop blogging about politics unless you know what you're talking about.

    He'd've made a fine candidate, too. He's got more money than most of the lobbyists, so at least would've been damn hard to buy off.

  27. Love, Love, Love Bloomberg says – reply to this


    "Just" one billion, eh? Sheesh! Of all the candidates, however, I'd rather have a Jew in the White House than the candidates we now have to choose from.

  28. San Francisco says – reply to this


    Re: Melody – YEP!

  29. JUST LOOK AT THIS CUNT! says – reply to this


    Every Republican BITCH just looks like they BARFED THEIR SOULS out into the fucking TRASHCAN. REPUBLICANS ARE ALL FRUSTRATED HOMOSEXUALS WHO WANT TO GIVE JESUS A FUCKING HAND-JOB! Bloomberg is about as "independent" as DAVID DUKE!

  30. I know says – reply to this





  31. lindsay says – reply to this


    He's good in terms of the economy. If he can make himself a few billion hopefully he can make the USA some more money too.

  32. jeannie says – reply to this


    thats a shame, he would be better than borak any day

  33. brendon says – reply to this


    people should not hate on him at all because he's a darn good mayor! living in a post-9/11 country he has done a lot of good for us New Yorkers so don't be so quick to judge.

  34. Gina says – reply to this


    How about he takes some of that money and helps out some homeless people in NYC?? I was there last week (to see the spice girls); the city is a freaking DUMP!!! Trash everywhere, homeless people, some pretty shady people/stores…it could use a lot of work…even if he used HALF that amount, or 1/4, it could help!! WTF

  35. Jeff says – reply to this


    let the nigga win….he won't last 2 weeks in office before some good ol' boy gets him.

  36. Lisa says – reply to this


    if he was gonna do something that foolish with his billion dollars then why not do something better for the country and donate it to the plentiful, various charities that are in need of some funds. heck if i have an extra $5 thats were it goes. if he throw around a billion dollars easy enough, why not do it for something good. gotta dislike the rich bitches.

  37. matches says – reply to this


    "Ughh. Rich people"???!!!
    Oh yeah… Perez is the real working class hero.
    Watch that hypocrisy!

  38. Anthony says – reply to this


    Yea someone who does not allow people to consume trans fat's is sure as hell not a republican. You know the nazi's said it was not people's decision on what they ate either.

  39. Mandalyn says – reply to this


    OH FUCK! I was hoping.

  40. ak says – reply to this


    I'm a New Yorker and as liberal as can be. But if Bloomberg ran, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. He's a great mayor and politician. Definitely has what it takes the fix everything our wonderful president has fucked up.

  41. TattleTalez says – reply to this


    A Jew from New Yawk in the WASP Palace? I think not.

  42. dog gone'it says – reply to this


    why doesnt he donate that money to fight hunger or homelessness……

  43. Lindsey says – reply to this


    Why doesn't he donate that money to a good cause instead of ever even considering running for pres. because he would obviously never win at this point in the game (same with Nader)
    I hate it when rich people hoard their money while kids starve all around the world!

  44. Jan says – reply to this


    I would have voted for him. I want Hillary but if Obama gets the dem. nom. I will vote for Nada. I have not faith in Obama. Making a "feel good" speech will not carry any weight with foreign nations, the senate, or congress. Obama is not prepared to run the United States of America.

  45. JAN says – reply to this



  46. lalee says – reply to this


    love him. He would get me vote.

  47. cfish says – reply to this



  48. STOP TALKING POLITICS says – reply to this


    Perez, I love your site but keep it ALL celebrities.
    Bloomberg is NOT a republican. He is an Independent. You guys don't know anything about this brilliant man. He knows how to handle the economy. He is for pro choice and gay rights. HE IS A FREAKING INDEPENDENT. Get that straight.

  49. Grace E. says – reply to this


    Loved the pictures of Mayor Bloomberg and Bette Midler planting trees in New York City. Too cool.

  50. Kerri says – reply to this


    For all of you fucking idiots out there, he does fucking donate money. Rich people do donate assfaces!!!! They donate more than any other class. You guys are idiots. GWOD. Don't hate rich people because you can't be one. I'd like to see you donate. Yea…right. You wouldn't. Maybe like a dollar or two to $500. And FYI some poor people are snatching money from the tax payers. No, I'm a liberal and I don't feel right saying this but it's the fucking truth. I'm a middle class college student and I can't get any money from FAFSA b/c my dad supposedly makes too much. Well, I have to pay for everything so I'm in a same stance as the poor people. It's pretty fucked up. Just don't be an idiot and say that you hate rich people for no good and legitimate reason.

  51. catie says – reply to this



  52. Eric says – reply to this


    Why are you saying "ugh rich people"? I'm not a Bloomberg fan, but we need a good independent who won't have to "payback" all the corporate campaign contributors. That's a large part of the reason why our government is so corrupt!!!

  53. Jay says – reply to this


    He would be better than all of them!
    It's too bad! Finally, we would have someone who couldn't be bought like Bush.
    What do you think that the price of gas has done for Texas?!
    All Bush's doing!

  54. toni says – reply to this


    sick of hearing about wealthy politicians buying their path to government through their ability to spend money (advertise).

  55. Katie says – reply to this


    Don't "ughh, rich people" him. It's called a capitalistic society. He hasn't stolen that money and the fact that he figured out how to make that much is what makes this country great. That and the fact that anyone can make a boat load, no matter what their situation (think about the founders of youtube and google, any celebrity, etc…) Go free market society!

  56. Mina says – reply to this


    Okay, Bloomberg only takes a dollar for being a mayor. He is a guy who has all of the money he needs. Why do you think he's a mayor of NYC when he's making billions of dollars with his self-made company? Maybe because he actually does CARE about the well-being of the United States. He could care less, you know. He could be well off in his homes in some nice island to be away from this chaotic America but he is actually taking his time and his OWN fucking money to save the US. We are in doom thanks to you idiots who think that Bloomberg is just a rich person who just wants to buy off politics.

  57. SueAnn says – reply to this


    Donate that 1 billion to CHARITY!!! ; ) Give, give, give to Hillaryclinton.com. Let's see a real woman take on washington!!! xx

  58. yc says – reply to this


    Two thing I hate about this website now:

    1. Perez trying to become a political pundit when he so obviously clueless and uninformed.

    2. Perez turning the website into a Celebrity blog about his favorite celeb - HIMSELF!!!

  59. Sophie says – reply to this


    Read his Op-ed article in the nytimes website, he gave some interesting insight into his opinions on the 2008 campaign. I personally think he's smart though a little too conservative for me. Although he would certainly be a good economic asset if he were somehow to become president. But he does lack a bit of charisma. He spoke at my college's graduation last year and was very articulate and interesting.

  60. mojopo says – reply to this


    One of the more brilliant parts of this campaign season, is that dozens of morons thought they might have a shot, gievn the fact that a mentally retarded cokehead has been in charge since 2000. They think, "Baah! If that tard can do it, I am SURE I have a chance to do better."

    Um, BZZZZT. Not this time.

  61. richard says – reply to this


    ugh rich people? you fat fuck! you're inking a deal with a major label for six figures, you work for major media via vh1, your blog is filled with ads, and you are literally fat, a luxury most poor people do not have. ugh rich people? you stupid fat fuck.

  62. snobby says – reply to this


    yea Perez - "rich people" - which is exactly what you are. Mr. $750,000 per ad on your site. Hypocrite much?

  63. alone says – reply to this


    I like him. He's hot. BTW, my friend saw his profile on a site with many nice photos. It seems called 'Rich kiss. com'. Let me check it for you guys.

  64. Tony says – reply to this


    how about he spends that 1 BILLION towards causes that need the money…say Darfur, etc…

  65. sebastian says – reply to this


    Best Mayor we have had in well, forever. I would vote for him for President in the proverbial New York minute.

  66. Erica says – reply to this


    Obama is all talk! It it sounds to good to be true, THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS. Vote him into office, and things will change!!!!!!! Doesn't matter anyone though because the dirty republicans will play games dirty until they get who they want in office, if they have to shoot Obama and pay Hilary 1 million to drop out of the race so no popular democrats are left, by all means they will! Or they will just buy the whole presidential race. Those rich bastards! Your vote doesn't really count! Who are you kidding?

  67. J.S. Bach says – reply to this


    A good thing. This is not the time to split the Republican vote.

  68. new orleans says – reply to this


    you make money stalking "rich" people, so that you you can be "rich." you are an idiot. also, your boy obama is rich and you still suck his dick everyday. you provide good entertainment, but that is about all… i am afraid you aren't smart enough to comment politically. please keep this in mind.

  69. Chismosita says – reply to this


    He is a great great great guy. He helped me out personally with issues I had with the BOE here in New York. I would of definetly of voted for him.

  70. nmnmmn says – reply to this


    He needs to give this money and clean NYC … its awful, yuck. I lived in Queens 4 yrs. i never saw a city that dirty with so many homeless people. And dont get me started on how fucked up are the streets … bump after bump… U can get a disease just riding the subway.

  71. crystalNY says – reply to this


    he might be an independent, but he is still a political force - money always talks. I wouldnt be surprised to see him in 2012. Hopefully.

  72. crystalNY says – reply to this


    and btw, the city will always be dirty. no one will ever clean it up. not even bloomberg. im a little tired of the wining.

  73. um says – reply to this


    Um, i don't think it's legal to use your own money to campaign. It has to be fair to all parties involved. your money has to be raised and donated.

  74. dont.. says – reply to this


    stop with the politics. its interesting!!

  75. missy says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – having lived in nyc for the last eight years and having something of an education, i can say bloomie has done amazing things for this city. gina, get ur head out of ur ass and read a book. or a newspaper.

  76. rapmacellicious says – reply to this


    and as an attorney, i can verify it's legal to use your own money in a campaign for election campaigns. the legal bullshit comes in when it's other peoples money.

  77. smart says – reply to this


    he's smart. obama's going to win anyway. everyone knows that.
    this guy should use his money to help some broke people like me. :)

  78. mmm says – reply to this


    Gina - what the HELL are you talking about? Did you actually travel to parts of the city that were not near the concert? Most parts of NYC are in great condition, and it's a beautiful city. Of course there are parts of any city that aren't nice. Did you travel to the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Little Italy, Sutton Place, Rockefeller Center, Central Park or Madison Ave (just to name a few)? I'm not from NYC originally, and I've lived there for eight years - Bloomberg has done an amazing job. Why am I even bothering responding to you - what should I expect from someone who went to NYC for the sole reason of seeing a Spice Girls Concert!!!!!

  79. Meg says – reply to this


    I'm a Democrat, and I'm a Clinton supporter. However, things look bleak. I'm trying to like Obama, but I just don't. I think he came across as smug and arrogant in the debates the other day, and he has no experience that proves to me that he could tackle the challenging issues that lie ahead. He's a great speaker, but he speaks in circles, answers questions vaguely and is full of empty promises. I also met him in person at a fundraiser when I was trying to figure out who I would support, and he's the kind of person who looks over your shoulder when they are shaking your hand. I dislike that quality in a person. Anyway, just my opinion. I don't mean to offend Barack supporters, who knows - maybe I'll change my mind by the election.

  80. Matt says – reply to this


    Bloomberg grew up poor…you might want to consider that before saying "ughh. Rich people." He made all of his wealth on his own.

  81. BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK! says – reply to this



  82. Bloomberg/economy says – reply to this


    At leadt the economy would be in good shape.He is diplomatic/witty/smart
    well spoken and the best he is in nobody's pocket.

  83. To Mag #83. says – reply to this


    Re Obama - Try harder the guy is likable.Re debate Tuesday: Hillary was
    very disappointing.The graciousness Obama's extended to Hillary was admirable and the compliments (and in my opinion she is not worthy but I admired him for doing that, notice she did NOT do the same as she has no class, she was still being petty and looking for a way to attack).Obama has Presidential character.
    Hillary so far refused to make her taxreturn public what is she hiding.Not clean.
    Re: New poll:


  84. Mizzzel says – reply to this


    I see people already corrected you as to the fact that Bloomburg is an Indenpendant. You should also note that he was never really a part of the Republican party in the way he governs and his associations. In fact, he was a life-long registered Democrat until his first Mayoral run. It was a political move b/c he never would have gotten the Dem. party nomination to run given the machine and long-time politicians that were in line to run for the Dems like Mark Green and Freddie Ferrer

  85. martin says – reply to this


    hey fatass he isn't a republican

  86. jeb says – reply to this


    oh well… hopefully next time. he'd be better than any of those in serious running right now. but, i suppose with barack and hillary out there trying to make history, it's not his time… though, if he could do it as an independent, he'd make history, too.

  87. jeb says – reply to this


    Re: um – i think you're wrong, but not sure. i think you CAN use as much of your own money as you want… as long as it's YOUR money. you can't use someone else's- there are caps on that… for instance, bill gates can pay for a campaign to put someone in office- for obvious reasons, cuz then he'd own them. but, i think when it's your own money, you can do what you want. you own yourself, you own your own money.

  88. Carl says – reply to this


    Thank God, there are enough lefties in the race.

  89. Deb says – reply to this


    all I can say is THANK GOD!!!

  90. ASSHOLE says – reply to this


    THis guy is a real fucktard,blamed Canada one year because his beloved city had a massive power outage,well guess what,you were wrong,it was the good old United States that caused it.Couldn,t even muster up a apology.ASSHOLE,THANK GOD DON,T WANT HIM RUNNING

  91. #94.Asshole says – reply to this


    Easy to throwwords at the man.He is smart/fair/honest compared to a lot of
    politician and built an Empire. What have you than other than calling him
    an asshole.What u do is easy what he's done with his life is real accomplisment.
    I am sure you get the difference asshole.

  92. He's a Jew says – reply to this


    No Jew will eve be president of the US.

  93. Ewww... says – reply to this


    Re: Graziela

    Ewwww you come from a shitty country..

  94. Ewwwww Brasil says – reply to this


    Re: Graziela

    What does your third world country have to to with this? You're country is a shit hole.

  95. Ewww... says – reply to this


    Re: Graziela

    Ewwww you come from a shitty country.. Brasil is a shit hole.

  96. Meg says – reply to this


    To Jeb - I can't "try" to like someone. Either I do or I don't. You found him gracious, I found him to be smug. I don't think he can lead this country.

    That said, if Bloomberg ran I'd vote for him in one second.

  97. Rich people says – reply to this


    "Ughh. Rich people!"

    Whats that suppose to mean?
    The guy comes from a middle class family, everything he has he had to work for, he went to school got an education, then built his empire, nothing was handed to him, he didn't make his money by gossiping about other people, like some dumb gay bitch does.

  98. Asshole says – reply to this


    Thank God

  99. MT says – reply to this


    Bloomberg is no longer a Republican. He is an Independent now.

  100. Nothings Changed says – reply to this


    The republicans are already geared up and starting to attack Barack Obama. They want him to get the nomination because they know that HRC will be a more formidable candidate. His views are so far to the left that he would be an easy target without throwing the race card. In fact, republicans were urging their own to vote in the open primaries and vote for Obama, so he could be the democratic nominee. The media-backed Obama campaign has divided the party. I know a lot of Hillary supporters who will not back Obama if he wins the nomination and the same goes for Obama supporters who will not vote for HRC if she wins. There has been too much bias and negativity from both sides to "reach across the aisle and bring the party together."

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