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Not This Time

| Filed under: Politik


New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided against running for president.

The Republican was thinking about running as an Independent and aides had said he was prepared to spend up to $1 billion of his own massive fortune on his bid for the White House.

Yes, one BILLION.

Ughh. Rich people!

[Image via WENN.]

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108 comments to “Not This Time”

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  1. jay says – reply to this


    u know america is the least educated country. we have all these dumb fuckin ppl voting for the wrong ppl. we elected bush for another term. so its the ppl's falt the country is in a shit whole.

  2. Miky says – reply to this


    The political science major should study more and post less. No matter how wealthy (self-made incidentally, not inherited) Bloomberg is, he could no more give $1 billion to a candidate than you could. There are legal limitations on the size of donation. I believe it is $2300 per person but that may have changed. Had he run himself, he could have self-funded his campaign, however. And for what it is worth, Bloomberg was a Democrat and only changed parties (temporarily) because the Democratic mayoral field in 2001 was overly crowded. As has been pointed out, he is now independent.

  3. ricky says – reply to this


    what does first refer to?

  4. Johnny B. Goode says – reply to this


    "Ughh. Rich people!"

    Rich People? You get over a million hits a month and are doing television now. You ARE rich people.

  5. LincolnLounger says – reply to this


    Re: Melody – I know you are a student, but it's impossible to "give" a candidate $1 million dollars with current campaign limits.

  6. student says – reply to this


    this guys is a fucking tool. and the worst thing that ever happened to new york

  7. Matt Daniels says – reply to this


    Bloomberg is an independent now. He moved from Republican to Independent this summer. Before running for Mayor of NY he was known as a liberal Democrat. He changed parties because he couldn't run in the Demo Primary in 2001.

  8. nokillnobeepbeep says – reply to this


    Dont hate the Berg.. as a New Yorker i know first hand what a wonderfull mayor Bloomberg has been and how HE dealt with post 9/11 New York. Yes he ran as a Republican but Bloomberg is without a doubt the most liberal mayor New York has seen. For all you ignorant fuckheads out there who dont know anything about a politician before spewing garbage, TALK SHIT BUT PLEASE BACK IT UP RETARDS!!

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