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Pregnant and Boozing!!!!

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Somebody pulled a Gwyneth!!!!

What actress was spotted drinking the alcoholic beverages at the Oscars on Sunday night????

CLICK HERE to find out!

We hope she's right and has a good lawyer!

The NY Posts's Cindy Adams is reporting:

"Boozing backstage during the Oscarcast is a no-no. But if you're pregnant Nicole Kidman it's a yes- yes. She wanted white wine. She got it."


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1030 comments to “Pregnant and Boozing!!!!”

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  1. whatev. says – reply to this


    omg, you all need to shut the hell up, when you have no clue what you're talking about. obviously you weren't there so you don't know for sure. anyway, you can have a glass of wine when you're pregnant, infact i believe glass of red wine weekly is good for you while you're pregnant.. dumbass.

  2. Abby says – reply to this


    How stupid of you to post it like it's something terrible that a pregnant woman drank A glass of wine. You aren't a doctor and it has been known for along time that a glass of wine once in a while while pregnant doesn't harm the baby. Idiots.

  3. amanda says – reply to this


    Red Wine can lower blood pressure in pregnancy. If you suffer from high blood pressure which can CAUSE a miscarrige doctors will recommend that momma drink a glass of red wine each day. So DON"T JUDGE WHAT YOU KNOW NOTING ABOUT

  4. sharkgirl says – reply to this


    You are all idiots and obviously not mothers, a glass of wine will not cause nor lead to a miscarriage…it is actually permitted from a lot of OBGYN's and actually helps reduce stress and anxiety for the mother. She didnt drink a friggin bottle of wine, a glass is perfectly fine. Jump on the Perez judgement train…& loose the extensions Perez, they are worse than Britneys..oh, by the way I am an OBGYN nurse…

  5. Josie says – reply to this


    It's ok to drink a glass of wine a day while you are pregnant. I am pregnant myself and was told this directly by my doctor. So get off of Nicole's ass, she did nothing wrong.

  6. SD says – reply to this


    In different parts of the world, people do drink wine while they are pregnant. Wasn't it Rachel Weiscz that did that too? It's not a big deal. lay off of her.

  7. Christy says – reply to this


    It is TOTALLY acceptable to have a glass of wine when you are pregnant. The reason that we do not drink wine in the US is because most Americans do EVERYTHING in excess and would drink a bottle and not one glass! Europeans do not stop drinking during pregnancy nor do many other cultures and we have far more cases of babies born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome than ANY other country yet we are the first to judge pregnant women for drinking a glass of wine. We also have more crack babies and other drug addicted babies than any other culture as well!!!!!

  8. mona says – reply to this


    It doesn't hurt to have wine while you are pregnant. Society today sucks for picking on a celebrity's every move. Good for you Nicole!

  9. Hallie Beth says – reply to this


    Well, white wine is fine at the one glass limit.

    And the reason she had miscarriages is because she was married to Tom Cruise for Christ's sake. She probably had to wear a Xenu costume for him to get it up!

  10. kait says – reply to this


    it's ok to have a damn glass of wine while pregnant. ask any ob/gyn. it's completely discriminatory to say otherwise.

  11. Sara says – reply to this


    You really hate her, don't you? Drinking an occasional glass of wine (was it even full? I don't think so) doesn't really make you a irresponsible mother. Except within the gossip mags, of course…

  12. destroy all monsters says – reply to this


    I would be a lot more worried about Botox in my body than white wine……

  13. en says – reply to this


    Give the girl a break - it's perfectly fine to have a small glass of wine during your pregnancy - does anyone frown at a pregnant woman in a coffee shop, cheese tasting or sushi restaurant???
    I think the US takes the strongest stance on drinking during pregnancy - and even though my midwife is supposed to tell me i shouldn't drink anything - she always told me that if a small glass of wine every now and then is fine.

  14. Thomas says – reply to this


    A glass of wine is OK. Perez- Check your shit before you talk bad about other people at least!

  15. Sarah says – reply to this


    I don't even think she is pregnant anymore… she is barely showing (if at all)and she is prone to miscarriages. I think she should go the surrogate route, might be wiser for her and her child.

  16. Summer says – reply to this


    You people are idiots, it's perfectly fine for a pregnant woman to have a glass of wine once in awhile. It's actually good for them, it increases blood flow and keeps their blood pressure low. As long as it's not in the first trimester when the most important developing is going on, then there's no harm done. Are you done stringing up the latest celebrity to the proverbial lynching tree or do you want to browbeat her some more?

  17. krissy says – reply to this


    LOL! She really has it out for this kid, doesn't she? Isn't it bad enough he/she will have a country singer and anorexic corpse for parents?

  18. NOTHERREALMOUTHORTEETH says – reply to this


    she was born with the ugliest smile in history and the worst little chicklett teeth and all GUMS. see DEAD CALM and BATMAN. she has NO I repeat NO UPPER LIP. what she has done to create a 1/2 way attractive smile and GROW LIPS is absurd. She got a 5 film contract deal set up by CAA to marry gay tom cruise. doesn't she deny she has had work? just RENT THE FILMS. poor girl has ALL GUMS ugly and NO upper lip. she is FAKE AND A FOOL…had to sell herself and her soul to make films she is gross..

  19. Alicia says – reply to this


    you can have a glass of wine when your pregnant.. its not a big deal.. shut up.. seriously. BIG FUCKIN DEAL..

  20. Meghan says – reply to this


    If she's past the 1st trimester, a couple glasses are not harmful. Did you honestly think she would purposely hurt her baby?

  21. caroaber says – reply to this


    British, European and apparently Aussie attitudes regarding maternal imbibing are not the same as ours. They don't begrudge a pregnant woman one glass of wine. So long as it's kept to a minimum, it's regarded as all right.

  22. ecl says – reply to this


    Do your research! I am currently expecting and in case you are unaware…wine is okay during pregnancy. Small amounts are actually known to benefit pregnancies.

  23. lala says – reply to this


    look you idiots - it's ok to drink a small amount of alcohol when pregnant - any dr will confirm this - the health risk is constant excessive alcohol consumption.

  24. Phoebe says – reply to this


    Again why are you talking about pregnancy, something you know nothing about! A glass of wine during pregnancy is fine and most doctors will tell you so. By the way they make non-alcoholic wine now, you don't know that's not what she was drinking. People who have never been pregnant or consulted a pregnancy book or doctor have no place to judge.

  25. an what says – reply to this


    some people r so fn stupid. Ask a dr. its never been proven that 1 glass of wine or beer can harm a fetus. how about women whom don't realize their prego and drink and the baby is fine. get over it. either way its not going to be ur baby so get over it!

  26. KimD says – reply to this



    id just like to say to all the sick wankers who have brought up her miscarriages: grow up and get a life.

    that is all

  27. kath says – reply to this


    for god's sakes…a glass of wine is not goin to do her or the baby any harm - she's past the first trimester.

    remembr helen bonham carter's comments when she got criticised for having a cup of coffee? well this is the same - stop effing using the fact that they're pregnant to try and control these women and make them feel guilty for breathing…

  28. Suzette says – reply to this


    Totally fine to have a glass of wine while pregnant! Even my doctor friends do. Remember most of our mothers drank while pregnant, and most women drink before they find out they're pregnant. You have to be a raging alcoholic for the baby to have fetal alcohol syndrome. So please get your facts straight, Perez!

  29. lex says – reply to this


    oh perez you got the hypocrits going again, love it!!!!!!!

  30. scot says – reply to this


    Oh God all of you holier than thou people out there really need to take a chill!!

    prior to 1980 EVERYONE SMOKED AND DRANK WHILE PREGNANT!!!! We still had the Baby Boom so PahLease get over your self rightous BS!!

  31. WRONG says – reply to this


    THERE IS NO PROOF ON HOW MUCH BOOZE CAN CAUSE FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDRONM. WHY WOULD ANYONE RISK SUCH A LIFE ALTERING CONDITION FOR A GLASS OF WINE. I WORK WITH CHILDREN WHO HAVE FAS AND IT IS SICK THAT A PARENT WOULD KNOWINGLY PUT THEIR CHILD AT RISK. I don't know if this is true or not, but for the babies sake i hope not. Those of you saying that doctors are ok with wine, really need to do your research.

  32. whatevs says – reply to this


    you can have a glass of wine or beer after your first trimester. as long as your doc is ok w/it - what's wrong? it's not your kid so who cares? you can do whatever you want for YOUR pregnancy - why judge others?

  33. Gwyneth says – reply to this


    You stupid stupid little people, if you knew anything you would know a sip of wine isn't bad for you while pregnant.
    or even a glass.
    go ask your doctors.

  34. You people are Ignorant says – reply to this


    Its healthy to have a glass of wine.. amino acids you dumb fucks. Go to Europe, they highly recomend it.

  35. MARIELAAA says – reply to this


    cessSTARR- I agree!

    That's what my doc told me when I was pregnant!

  36. Linda says – reply to this


    My doctor informed me there is nothing wrong with having one glass of wine evey now and then when pregnant. In fact, it can be beneficial. Of course, you don't drink to get drunk, but sipping on one glass of wine isn't dangerous.

  37. Emelie says – reply to this


    It really is not ok to drink at all when pregnant. Anything that is developing at the time will be compromised. It is extremely ignorant to think that it is not harmful to the fetus. The child could end up with physical or behavioral problems

  38. bmazz says – reply to this


    to people saying it's okay to drink and be pregnant, you're wrong.


    Shes had a history of miscarriages, this is really dumb on her part.

  39. Ariel G says – reply to this


    Hello, I am a mother pregnant with her second child. While I have never indulged on this, it is actually OKAY, if not recomended, that a pregnant woman can have one or two glasses of wine per week. I hate the stuff, so I don't indulge, but if her doctor okayed it (which I'm sure they did!) why not! Don't take EVERYTHING away from us pregnant girls!! We already lost caffine!

  40. Ariel G says – reply to this


    Re: Gypsytrill – UMMM……. I think that forbidding hair dye during pregnancy was irradicated like 10 years ago!

  41. dismaldee says – reply to this


    Drinking while pregnant = bad… but so is eating too much fish.

    But anyways, didn't really want to comment on that. She can probably afford the best medication to keep the baby well monitored and somewhat healthy despite her age, past failed pregnancy, drinking, etc. etc. Especially if the money is not going to botox…. Which it isn't…

    You can actually see the botox starting to wear off a bit in this picture o.O Oh what the months ahead will bring.

  42. K says – reply to this


    Re: for rayla – Don't get on Rayla's ass just because you're a booze hound! I agree with her . The only time I've EVER heard a doctor discuss having a sip of wine was after having "amniocentisis" performed. Something to do with calming the baby down. Doctors are not normally so lax about drinking during pregnancies. You must all belong to the same walk in CLINIC! p.s. it takes the fetus twice as long as the mother to eliminate alcohol from its system! unfortunately your child will have the hangover of a lifetime do to your poor judgement. Shame on you.

  43. no EtOH for babies! says – reply to this


    Re: Duh.

    unlike what many posters have said on here, alcohol not something that you can have in moderation while pregnant. you may be thinking of the benefits of alcohol in heart disease. 1 glass of red wine with dinner has been shown to have some benefit, but definitely NOT while pregnant.

  44. Amy says – reply to this


    You guys are SO American. Wine is fine in moderation during pregnancy. Being an American AND PREGNANT, living in Europe, things are much different views of alcohol & pregnancy in other parts of the world. Let her do what she wants. It's her risk, her life.

  45. LT says – reply to this


    Drinking a glass of wine while you're pregnant is totally (and medically) ok.



    One thing to say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Sarah says – reply to this


    Are we sure she's even still pregnant? She's not showing whatsoever. And she can have one glass. I just hope this pregnancy carries full-term.

  48. LMS says – reply to this


    Re: Amy
    it's not her life, it's her baby's first of all. secondly, the chances of a baby being developmentally affected by an occasional glass of wine are low, but they are there. obviously the risk isn't as great as if she were drinking on a regular basis. there are women who have given birth to babies with low FAS that only had a few drinks while pregnant.

  49. ann says – reply to this


    you can have a glass of wine every once in awhile when pregnant - Europeans do and believe me their kids are alot healthy (mentally and physically) then Americans!

  50. laura says – reply to this


    One glass of wine is fine people. Sheesh

  51. blahblahblah says – reply to this


    A glass of wine once in a while is perfectly acceptable while pregnant. What's the big deal here, she wasn't swilling tequila out of the bottle.

  52. Kay says – reply to this



  53. me says – reply to this


    you people are so dumb. alcohol has nothing to do with having a miscarrige. It causes FAS and one glass every now and then is not going to hurt the baby.

  54. Life says – reply to this


    Get a life people. One glass of wine a week has no harmful effects on a pregnancy.

  55. Aimee says – reply to this


    One glass of wine a night is actually ok for the baby. =) Doctor's say preferrably red though. At any rate, if she only had one glass, there's nothing wrong with that.

  56. Mommy to Lynsie says – reply to this


    You can have a glass! Give her a break!

  57. kim says – reply to this



  58. ACCURACY PLEASE says – reply to this


    "She wanted white wine and she got it" — so why show a photo of a woman drinking RED wine? Couldn't you photoshop a glass of white into the picture?

  59. preggers says – reply to this


    It's okay to have a glass of wine once a month or so on special occasions - my doc told me and I am pregnant myself! And dyeing your hair is fine too - whoever wrote that above is WRONG - that is really old and wrong info. However, Botox is totally out! The comment about the surrogate is interesting, though… could be true

  60. Manu Prince S says – reply to this


    Ohh come on, It never killed anyone to have one glass of good wine once during the pregnancy!!! This does not mean she does it every day!!!

  61. Chelsea says – reply to this


    A glass of wine will NOT hurt the baby if you do it in moderation, for CENTURIES midwives have recommended this.

  62. d says – reply to this


    PEREZ YOU ARE AN IDIOT! You can drink wine when youre pregnant!!!!

  63. Bobbi says – reply to this


    Like someone else said…she's had problems with miscarraiges…why would she put her baby at risk with that….they say too much caffiene puts u at risk for misscarriage…why would u be stupid enough to even drink one glass of wine…its like those that dont quit ciggs…."its too hard on the baby's system for me to quit" whatever losers

  64. smartiepantzz says – reply to this


    actually i have read a glass of wine a day during pregnancy would not harm your baby……that doesn't mean you should do it. and if you already have had complications and miscarriages, why would you risk it? personally i never would. alcohol is not more important than a healthy baby.

    Oh and #32, hair dye is not forbidden during pregnancy, you can still get all over highlights with foils, as long as the dye isnt touching your scalp. i had it done several times.

  65. manda says – reply to this


    it's really not that big of a deal to have a glass of wine when you are pregnant it won't cause any long term damage.

  66. melinda says – reply to this


    This bitch should know better. Even small amounts of alcohol in a mother's system can brutally affect the development of a child in the womb. Alcohol literally COOKS a fetus! Stop the drinking already. If she wanted to carry on boozing then why the fuck has she allowed herself to get knocked up?

  67. EINFL says – reply to this



  68. Jane says – reply to this


    Doctors will often say it's ok for the ocassional glass of wine. They also often find that high-strung women who are heavy smokers are better off cutting down as much as possible instead of quitting entirely particularly if they "figured out" they were pregnant late on. I don't think it's a great idea though, my sister drank a glass of wine ocassionally and her 1st kid is super ADHD while her second (no wine) is not at all. I don't know if it's linked but it does seem better to err on the side of caution. Also they don't know if Botox would actually be harmful as there aren't any studies on the matter, so most women decide to play it cautiously again. Maybe she used vegetable dyes for her hair.
    Finally, this could all be crap being reported.

  69. diane says – reply to this


    For cryin out loud people, if you're over thirty you know most of our mothers drank and smoked like crazy when they were pregnant, and we all turned out just fi…….ummmm….DAMN NICOLE! PUT DOWN THE WINE!!!!!!!!

  70. Equally Unimpressed says – reply to this


    Re: Girl Unimpressed
    Exactly. Drinking a glass of wine does not equal boozing, for the record. And drinking a small glass of wine a day is healthy for everybody, including pregnant women, because wine is literally packed with antioxidants. Perez, see what you've done to me! I'm defending Nicole Kidman! Help!

  71. Stephie says – reply to this


    First off, it's only wine. People all over the world drink wine while pregnant. Studies show that a glass of wine a day is fine. I had 2 children and they are perfectly healthy. So everyone needs to stop hating.

  72. not an M.D. but... says – reply to this


    Actually no amount of alcohol is "safe" during pregnancy. Even the small trace amounts that can be found in cough syrup can be potentially harmful. However, there are some OB/GYNs out there who recommend to some women who have poor circulation or certain cardiovascular issues to drink no more than 1 glass of wine per week. She might have the go-ahead from her doctor. I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure Perez isn't either so I would calm down on the judgement.

  73. Lizz says – reply to this


    Google "wine and pregnancy" and you'll be surprised at the results. A glass or two here and there is not on the no-no list.

  74. melinda says – reply to this


    I once saw an experiment when a person poured a glass of wine onto a raw egg. The egg started to 'cook'. What a woman puts into her body is ingested directly by the child. Alcohol of any measure is not good for the development of a fetus, any more than drugs are. Has anyone seen what a crack/alcohol addicted child goes through when it is born? The child suffers terribly from withdrawal symptoms. It is awful.

  75. sava1025 says – reply to this


    This is not the half of it. Nicole Kidman can't keep her finger out of her throat after she eats. Everyone that has ever been around her knows this too. She makes herself throw-up after she eats. This is why she can't carry a child, the child needs nutrients and food. This is so sad and tragic. Her drinking while pregnant is nothing when you look at the entire picture.

  76. Mawa says – reply to this


    Hey, that is such a lie and even so, ur allowed to have a glass of wine…so get off it already…get a life Perez

  77. stxo says – reply to this


    Re: in the know – oh really? thank you for informing us of this, because i'm sure you were with her at the oscars, so it must be true ..

  78. cricket says – reply to this


    I can totally see her doing that. Selfish bitch that she is.Drinking right in front of her recovering alcoholic husband. Not to mention the baby that she's supposed to want so bad

  79. Andrea says – reply to this


    It's okay to drink while being pregnant? Are you serious? People can't be THAT stupid, can they? So I guess it's ok to smoke cigs or even smoke pot? People who drink or smoke while pregnant are completely selfish and should think twice about having children. When I was pregnant with my son I didn't even drink anything with caffiene, I changed my diet completely, because that is what you are suppose to do.

  80. helllooO says – reply to this


    IT IS NOT OK… PLease don't drink any alcoholic beverages while you are pregnant, EVEN IF some toothless backwoods freak says OOHHH its ok… NO ITS NOT OK, please don't do it…
    They will tell you that its an old wives tale, and not to drink!! Helloooooo

    There are already enough fetal alcohol syndrome IDIOTS out there

  81. K says – reply to this


    Re: me – bullshit jerkoff ! it can cause miscarriages. YOU show me information/proof that says alcohol will NOT cause a miscarriage. If you were drinking wine with dinner once a week for the first 3 months of the pregnancy and then you have a miscarriage, how can anyone say that alcohol was NOT a contributing factor? YOU can't! STFU with the garbage information. Some of you probably haven't even experienced a period yet and then we have some of you who come from "other countries" where drinking is condoned. What happened to maternal instinct? Protecting your child at all cost. There is no place for drinking while pregnant. Any doctor that tells a patient straight up to go for it, is probably from the 1970 generation and should retire!

  82. Eva says – reply to this


    was she chugging 40s? I dont think so! I know alot of women that had a glass of wine while pregnant! theres nothing wrong with that…

  83. Lisa says – reply to this


    Give the poor woman a break! An occasional glass of wine is FINE!

  84. Believe it or not says – reply to this


    Re: en – It is really more dangerous to eat sushi (mercury, harmful bacteria), tuna or salmon in abundance (mercury) or even lunch meat (lysteria infections) than it is to have wine several times a week!

  85. Tbone says – reply to this


    Re: WRONG – You are such an idiot!!! Have you ever been pregnant? Are you a doctor?

  86. Ceviche! says – reply to this


    Re: melinda – Lime juice will do that to protein too. What are we allowed to eat/drink when pregnant. Ha! Science for retards.

  87. MeGa says – reply to this


    First of all - she did NOT drink any alcohol. Gotta get your facts straight! Second, even if she did, there's nothing wrong with that. You can talk to any doctor and he/she will say it's okay once in a while — especially after the first trimester…DUH!

  88. Julia says – reply to this


    How people could belive to this story??!!! PEOPLE CAN'T BE SO IDIOT!! COME ON!!!
    I'm without words…

  89. ms.m says – reply to this


    Re: the tinks – Fetal alcohol syndrome is NOT caused by one drink at anytime during your pregnancy. Read a fuckin book…

  90. Rah says – reply to this


    wine is absolutely fine while pregnant, in appropriate quantities and not too often. people need to shut the fuck up. are YOU her obgyn??

  91. M&M says – reply to this


    And???? Can you find relevant news to report? Any OB/GYN will tell you a glass of wine/a beer is fine when you're pregnant. All of you leaving mean, judgemental comments need to educate yourselves before speaking/posting.

  92. Nat says – reply to this


    Having a sip or a glass isn't a big deal. Now if she were double fistin and downing bottle after bottle, then it would be a big deal. Just having a sip isn't what causes a miscarriage. Most times it's because the baby isn't developing properly or something else has gone wrong. I had a drink on my anniversary when I was pregnant on my second and I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Don't get me wrong, I'm not endorsing it but if the person doesn't have a drinking problem, then by all means, enjoy a glass or even a sip, just don't turn it into a daily routine.

  93. Nat says – reply to this


    And I would hardly call one glass "boozing".

  94. alishaj says – reply to this


    Big F***ING DEAL!!! It is OK to have moderate alcohol while pregnant, a glass of wine or two is no longer BANNED by doctors. Obviously, frequent or heavy drinking is NOT a good thing but a glass of wine? PLEASE! This is a new world people, RELAX!!! You people are CLUELESS about miscarriage so shut your traps!

  95. TT says – reply to this


    She was NOT drinking wine people! Shows how judgemental the public is. Get the right facts before you start criticizing someone.

  96. shesadumbass says – reply to this


    Some doctors say that it is okay to drink a little bit of alcohol when pregnant, but any amount can hurt the baby. When a woman drinks alcohol it goes through to the uterus so the baby is literally sitting in a pool of alcohol. they cant get rid of it because their liver (the organ that helps process the alcohol) isn't developed. Babies can be born underweight or with mental defects later because of it. Even if a little is ok……..she's holding a big glass of wine. Not smart.

  97. Kelley says – reply to this


    I think I heard there is some type of wine that you can have when your pregnant. Im not sure what kind and Im sure you can't have very much. Has she even confirmed shes preggo? Maybe I missed it. :\

  98. fhfdh says – reply to this


    dumb asssssssssssssssssss

  99. fhfdh says – reply to this


    dumb asssssssssssssssssss

  100. laurashy says – reply to this


    its ok to have a glass of wine while pregnant….DUHHHHHHHHH
    its not like she is a sloppy fucking drunk…holy shit it is 1 GLASS OF WINE
    lighten up people!
    go ahead…ask your gyno!

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