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Pregnant and Boozing!!!!

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Somebody pulled a Gwyneth!!!!

What actress was spotted drinking the alcoholic beverages at the Oscars on Sunday night????

CLICK HERE to find out!

We hope she's right and has a good lawyer!

The NY Posts's Cindy Adams is reporting:

"Boozing backstage during the Oscarcast is a no-no. But if you're pregnant Nicole Kidman it's a yes- yes. She wanted white wine. She got it."


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1030 comments to “Pregnant and Boozing!!!!”

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  1. megsy says – reply to this


    ^^ EXCESSIVE alcohol consumption during pregnancy causes fetal alcohol effects, syndrome, or birth defects NOT miscarriages (typically speaking)

  2. Denise says – reply to this


    One glasss of wine is good for her and the baby. I was PG was twins and the Dr told me to have one glass a night.

  3. blah says – reply to this


    uh NO you cannot have even 1 glass of anything alcoholic while you are pregnant. even with just one glass your fetus can suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. look it up. don't be ignorant.

  4. Kate M. says – reply to this


    Guys calm the fuck down, it was one glass of wine, shit.

  5. k says – reply to this


    Obviously most of your commenters are uneducated, dip shit men, or 11 year old trailer park girls who had to give up their 18 pack per doctor orders. Its fine to have a drink from time to time when you are preggo. Having a glass or 2 of wine, on special occasions, is definatly not boozing. The placenta works as a filter….that glass of wine….or two will never get to the baby. Another reason as to why men will never give birth…..THEY ARE IDIOTS.

  6. Chasity says – reply to this


    Considering her husband just got out of rehab, she's really starting that kid out on the right foot?!!

  7. Denise says – reply to this


    This is nuts one glass will not cause all the drama you people think.

  8. allie says – reply to this


    okay everything in moderation. this isnt necessarily bad. lots of women do it and have very healthy babies. everyone always exagerrates so much. leave her be.

  9. LoveMedicalFacts says – reply to this


    Uhhh earth to non-doctors, you can have 4oz of wine every other day when pregnant. Duh.

  10. megster says – reply to this


    I have now given birth to two healhy children and every friend I have who is also a parent agrees, almost all doctors agreee A drink once in awhile has absolutely NO affect on a fetus. I'm sure if Nicole was an alcoholic we would all know about it and since that is not the case I bet she knows what shes doing and not "boozing it up" due to carelessness or ignorance.

  11. Alissa says – reply to this


    I had a baby boy 16 months ago and the doc told me a glass of red wine here and there was alright. Might be the same for white wine. I didn't do either but I got the okay if I felt up to it.

  12. lucy says – reply to this


    i am sure she knows what she is doing…she doesn't need cindy adams or anyone else to tell her

  13. Jamie Lynn? says – reply to this


    I would've guessed Jamie Lynn Spears, but you showed us the picture!

  14. ashleyyy75051 says – reply to this


    you CAN have only 1 glass of wine while pregnant every now and then!! But its suppose to be red wine…. the OBGYN will even tell you its okay!! BUT she shouldnt because of all her problems trying to get pregnant!! Just in case!

  15. Lauren says – reply to this


    Depending on how far along she is in her pregnancy, having the occasional glass of wine is not a big deal at all. In fact, when I was preggo and WAY overdue, my doc encouraged me to go home relax in the tub and have a glass of wine. Now, if she was doing tequilla shots, I'd be concerned, but give her a break…

  16. carolightning says – reply to this


    doctors say you can have one alcoholic beverage a week without doing any harm to the baby…

  17. helltothenawl says – reply to this


    are u fucking kidding me? what a stupid bitch for realz. that's so irresonsible. i don't care if you're nicole kidman or just an average person.. have respect for the helpless child growing in your body. it was her choice to have a baby and now it could suffer some bad consquences..
    i'm livid. she's a whore

  18. E says – reply to this


    You can have A glass of wine. It's not like she was doing tequila shots or something. I wouldn't risk it though.

  19. Brittany says – reply to this


    Shame on her! If she has had so many miscarriages, she needs to be more careful. That means no wine!

  20. MM says – reply to this


    Get informed people! One won't hurt!

  21. botox kills babies! says – reply to this


    fuck,like she aint already too fuckin old to be havin kids!let's really fuck em up.why do people alway's act like wine is okay when your pregnant?it's the same as a shot of jack or 12 oz. of beer.i guess a few wouldn't be "that" bad,but still she makes herself look like crap!

  22. CANADIAN says – reply to this




  23. kaitlyn says – reply to this


    thats red wine fools, perez tricked u.

  24. redwhine says – reply to this


    yeah she looks like a wine LUSH.in fact she looks like a Candice Bergman impersonator. Maybe she was just trying not to vomit through her nose. Rather self righteous comments considering it's HER BODY and HER BABY. Never met a Catholic that didnt drink.

  25. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: kk

    Agreed, this is a total non-issue. A creation of silliness by ignorant people.

  26. m says – reply to this


    it's recommended to have a small amount of wine or alcohol during pregnancy.

  27. jeb says – reply to this


    it's not a big deal to have a little wine if you're past a certain stage in your pregnancy. i wouldn't do it, but if she had a glass i wouldn't judge her for it… especially if i was a fat man that knows nothing about pregnancy.

  28. In defense of... says – reply to this


    Ah, but did she see her drink it? Maybe she passed it on to Keit–oh wait. Bad idea. Nevermind.

  29. Salty says – reply to this


    Even if it's safe to have some white wine, why would you?? She's waited all this time to be pregnant and finally becomes pregnant and she can't give up the stuff for 9 months? Geez! Look at all the women who grow out nasty roots to be safe for their babies, and she still drinks. Glad it's so important to her.

  30. Dawn says – reply to this


    Boy you people who believe it is alright to drink anything while pregnant sure are stupid…
    People are so fucking selfish, like come on, your fucking with a helpless being, whom you are suppose to nurish and care for….

  31. Shell-Bell says – reply to this



    Calm down, everyone!

    If you don't believe me, read "Everything to expect when you're expecting."

  32. J Ly says – reply to this


    Even if it is alright to drink one glass of wine while pregnant, why even take the chance? It's selfish, and anyone who does that doesn't deserve to have the responsbility of taking care of a child.

  33. Nic_fan says – reply to this


    And what was NY Posts's Cindy Adams drinking? tainted kool-aid?

  34. Ms. Perez says – reply to this


    People in the 60"s drank and smoke so yea.

  35. Corrinne says – reply to this


    One Glass Of Wine Is Not Bad, I'm A Nurse And Trust Me - Leave The Poor Girl Alone. Geez!

  36. adanc3rsmom says – reply to this


    I know it's more fun to trash someone… but sheesh! Drinking a glass of red wine is FINE. It doesn't "CAUSE" miscarriages — Jane. It is actually healthy as long as it is in MODERATION. Now, I am saying that A (ONE) glass of RED wine is okay to drink while pregnant… I am not saying its okay to drink a bottle of vodka. Moderation is the key.

  37. Ryan says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with drinking an occassional glass of wine. In fact, small amounts of alcohol like wine prove to be beneficial to the pregnancy (relaxation and reducing stress on the mind/body). I know you've never been pregnant, but it doesn't give you the right to be so ignorant on such matters!

  38. thatsanono says – reply to this


    its not just about the pregnancy itself- drinking while pregnant can cause long term complications with the child once its born. Behavioral and cognitive trouble, inability to form relationships, a whole host of problems can arise. No one knows for sure how much or at what time is acceptable so the current understanding is that NO alcohol is ok. Lets hope it is not true!

  39. Givmeabrk says – reply to this


    Okay, it is perfectly fine to have a short glass of white wine every once and awhile while pregnant, leave the woman alone! It's not like she was asking for Jack Daniels and Coke. Shut up losers!

  40. island girl says – reply to this


    oh please, people always over react when a pregnant women has a little wine. -a little bit (1 glass or less) once in a while while you're pregnant isn't that bad.

  41. annonymous says – reply to this


    A small amount of alcohol can actually stop or prevent early contractions in women who have a tendency to miscarriage from early labor. It is possible her doctor has recommended this treatment to help her prevent a miscarriage.

  42. SAMbam says – reply to this


    OMG!!what a whore.ever heard of fetal alcohol syndrome!

  43. GG1000 says – reply to this


    Considering all the Botox she absorbs, wine is probably the least of that kid's problems.

  44. Katya says – reply to this


    For God's sake, there's more alcohol in some cough syrups than she probably got sipping wine, and who knows IF it was "real" anyway. I'm American, but I wonder if I should think in the "all or none" fashion that everyone seems to do. Where's the "common sense" factor ? Puh-lease . . .

  45. It's OK... says – reply to this


    One glass of wine is OKAY even here in America for all those people that don't know…HOWEVER, Nicole is Australian and it is a normal and common thing to enjoy a glass a wine a day…Just not in excess people…STOP WITH THE HARSH JUDGMENTS

  46. lara says – reply to this


    SO WHAT!!!! Many Drs say its safe to have a glass of wine. Not a bottle, but a glass.

  47. wawaweo says – reply to this


    please a drink now and then isnt bad for you

  48. Julie says – reply to this


    I was one of the people mentioning that having a glass of alcohol here and there was unlikely to have any adverse effects on the fetus, but I feel it's important to note that people are getting things mixed up.

    Some people are saying it's okay to have a glass of wine PER DAY while pregnant, and I think they're just confused. If you're NOT pregnant, a glass of red wine per day can be beneficial, but if you ARE pregnant, you should NOT be drinking wine every day. A glass here and there throughout the pregnancy is not likely to harm anything, though.

  49. Sarah says – reply to this


    They reported she was pregnat a LONG ago….and still no baby bump. That chick miscarried. Poor thing… I feel bad for her :-(

  50. Heatheroo says – reply to this


    Believe it or not its not bad to have 1 glass of red wine every now and then when you are pregnant. It helps with something that goes on in your blood when you are pregnant.

  51. Julie says – reply to this


    Europeans drink all the time while pregnant. You CAN drink a little, but here there is no such thing as moderation. It's like all the stupid people who eat gross ass food and think that ordering a diet coke will balance it all out and make it okay. So…really, a glass of white wine? I mean, did she drink a liter? A glass, fuck, whatever.

  52. Summer says – reply to this


    WHY ISN"T PEREZ ALLL OVER THE STORY ABOUT MUSHY FARTONE!!!!! HE HATES HER, seems like he would be the first to break that story. Slippin.

  53. ANGELINA PREGNANT W/ BABY #5/6? says – reply to this



  54. Margaret says – reply to this


    It's not a big deal. One glass once in a awhile during pregnancy is fine.

  55. kaykay says – reply to this


    if you knew anything about anything you'd know that a pregnant woman is allowed a glass of wine.

  56. Janice says – reply to this


    You are almost as stupid as you are ugly Perez, its not going to kill the baby if it really was an alchoholic drink, having one drink isn't a bad thing at all. I'm a doctor and i work with pregnant mothers to be and trust me, she is NOT the only woman that has had a drink while preggo, some studies actually think it's good to have an occasional drink, stop acting like a fucking drama queen like you know anything, you don't know fuck all except how to fuck over people and be a cunt.

  57. nobozo says – reply to this


    O pleaze, women drink wine all the time when pregnant in Europe and maybe Australia, too. This woman is not stupid, and hardly a hard boozer either. So save the self-richeous comments about miscarriages or harming her baby. It's her body, if she wants a glass of wine, she's not asking for a keg. Grow up.

  58. your mom says – reply to this


    um, so it's okay for you to have some wine while you're pregnant. but taking jager shots isn't advised. look it up.

  59. amanda says – reply to this


    i'm a midwife student… you can drink a couple of glasses of wine a week if you like, as long as its after the first trimester. People blaming miscarriages on this are very misinformed - in many cases red wine is prescribed when there are health issies during pregnancy! And Nicole is from a country that is very lieral when it comes to birth…it's only in the US that pregnancy is treated like an illness rather than a natural body state.

  60. amanda says – reply to this


    i'm a midwife student… you can drink a couple of glasses of wine a week if you like, as long as its after the first trimester. People blaming miscarriages on this are very misinformed - in many cases red wine is prescribed when there are health issies during pregnancy! And Nicole is from a country that is very lieral when it comes to birth…it's only in the US that pregnancy is treated like an illness rather than a natural body state.

  61. KCee says – reply to this


    Wine is good for pregnant women as long as you don't drink it everyday. I drank red wine every once in while when I had my son. Its perfectly SAFE!

  62. haley says – reply to this


    she's awesome. don't hate

  63. ccc says – reply to this


    my aunt and uncle are both doctors and emergency room surgeons and while my aunt was pregnant she would have a class of red wine. it's good for the heart and for anti-oxidents for the baby. it's even better while breat feeding.

    from iVillage.com
    "The problem with recommending any safe level of alcohol intake during pregnancy is that the safe levels of episodic drinking have not been clearly defined. This is why we say to abstain from alcohol completely during pregnancy. As health care providers we simply cannot recommend any safe level. "

  64. BRANDONSUCKSASS says – reply to this


    Hey dumbasses.. a glass of wine won't hurt a baby.. a bottle? Yeah.. but a glass? Calm down people.

  65. hobagger says – reply to this


    sup hoes

  66. chrysalis says – reply to this


    Re: Kate – Kate, I agree with you 100%… and my mom drank eight margaritas about a week before she found out she was pregnant with me. I turned out just fine (albeit with an aversion to tequila, interestingly)

  67. Imasweetass says – reply to this


    Re: Girl Unimpressed – I guess you haven't read many of the comments on here judging from your racist comment. Just like a foreigner to be so shallow and quick to judge rather than educate yourself on American culture and look deeper than a few comments on a pop culture entertainment blog.

  68. Heather says – reply to this


    It could have been non-alcoholic. There are tons of options out there like that and after what they have been through, I doubt she was drinking with or in front of her husband.

  69. Annie says – reply to this


    That's between her and her doctor. She wasn't getting piss drunk on hard liquor for Pete's sake! (how do I know? Because the damn paparazzi would have been all over it, that's how) It's been proven time and again that a little wine here and there during a pregnancy (doctor permitting) is just fine and might even be good for mom/baby.
    Back off Perez, this woman has to be nervous enough without you re-publishing this kind of crap!

  70. Aimée says – reply to this


    Why are you yelling? Go back to Crazy Town you freak. People like you disgust me.

  71. Daniella says – reply to this


    Its proven that a glass of wine a day during pregnancy can help with digestion. I have drank a glass with both my pregnancys and both my kids came out great. If your getting sloshed on vodka thats one thing, but a lil wine won't hurt anything

  72. odawg43 says – reply to this


    Yes, it is said by several doctors that it is ok to have 1 glass of wine per week while you are pregnant.

  73. Krista says – reply to this


    Big F'ing deal - one glass of wine. I read an article that encourage pregnant women to have 1 glass of wine per day that it actually had some health benefits.

  74. Mandy says – reply to this


    actually some doctor's will tell a pregnant woman to have a glass of wine. I think it is after invasive procedures, the wine will help relax the mother and prevent complications caused by stress.

    What Nicole Kidman chooses to do during her pregnancy is between her and her doctorl

  75. Stop acting like you know... says – reply to this


    Re: cessSTARR

    IN YOUR THIRD TRIMESTER! Which she is obviously NOT in.

  76. lae says – reply to this


    seeing as she is Australian she should follow the Australian recommendations which is now "NO alcohol during pregnancy is advised".

    but dont worry people, cos it's not real, just a strap-on bump to hide the fact she is
    a) barren
    or b) really a man

  77. ONE IS OK says – reply to this



  78. Yasdnil says – reply to this


    Really, don't look down your nose at people, call them hillbillies from Hell, and them do something to make yourself look like a moron. Nice one.

  79. jkb says – reply to this


    she's probably not pregnant after, just a case of big stomach filled with water and mcdonald's

  80. Kim says – reply to this


    Katie Holmes would neevverr….

  81. crystal says – reply to this


    your allowed to drink one glass of wine a day while pregnant…

  82. gina says – reply to this


    A GLASS OF WINE IS NOT BOOZING - STOP EXAGGERATING (sp?). My doctor says an occasional glass of wine is fine. The Europeans do it all the time and they are fine.

  83. shockadelica says – reply to this


    You gotta be relaxed for these things to work. (pregnancies that is) As long as she isn't overdoing it. The benefits outweigh the risks. Especially Oscar night. Imagine people. Lay off her she beautiful and talented. Love it!

  84. Joy says – reply to this


    If you were not there how would one know?
    It could of been grape juice or anything else healthy.
    With her having what 2 miscarriages in the past, I don't think she would be that stupid to drink wine.

  85. blah says – reply to this


    Re: Gypsytrill
    Hair coloring *forbidden* during pregnancy…what planet are you from? WTF?

  86. Kristen in Colorado says – reply to this


    A glass of wine occasionally is okay when pregnant - In fact, many doctors recommend it for pregnant women having insomnia issues.

  87. queen_ebo says – reply to this


    i heard that wine was actually more harmful in the earlier stages of pregnancy. The fact that she was demanding it in public blows my mind.
    what is wrong with these hollywood stars? they seem more wreckless than most of the friends i know.

  88. mhernandez says – reply to this


    where the hell is her belly button????

  89. jenny says – reply to this


    It's because she's not pregnant! It's also her way of telling us that she's not.

  90. Lulu says – reply to this


    Seriously you Yanks are a bunch of wowsers. A glass of wine is 'boozing'.
    I have to agree with Girl at post 63 - or 62 can't remember, I"m too sozzled and 8 months pregnant.

    Agree, why do the Americans have to get so insane about some things and so hopeless about others? Concentrate on important things and stop vilifying pregnant women (just another excuse to abuse women in general I guess).

    One or even TWO (ARGH@) glasses of wine is fine. Get over yourselves.

  91. Sharon says – reply to this


    Seriously…come on. Wine in moderation is fine when pregnant. If you were pregnant and followed all the rules on what NOT to eat and drink you would be left with very little. Years ago pregnant women didn't have all these restrictions, continuously indulged in all the no-no's of today and healthy babies were still born - shocking but true!!!!

  92. Ludlow says – reply to this


    Seriously, what is wrong with all you people who put "1st!" when you're like, 70th on the comment list? Get a life!

    As for Nicole, drinking while pregnant is just trashy trashy trashy, no matter what the occasion.

  93. Deelicious says – reply to this


    Is it bad, really? Then we would all be retards - ask your moms if they drank while pregnant - years ago doctors recommended a glass here and there to help moms-to-be relax.

  94. christina says – reply to this


    Idiots one glss of wine doesnt give you a miscarriage. If a person is under stress doctors tell them to have glass of wine to help them relax….

  95. Monica says – reply to this


    When I was pregnant with each of my kids, my doctor told me to have a glass of red wine if I was having trouble sleeping at night. As long as she kept it to one glass, then there really isn't any harm. But consdiering the miscarriages she's had, you'd think she wouldn't want to take that kind of a chance.

  96. urmom says – reply to this


    not that i agree with drinking while preggers but it is TOTALY fine to have a glass of wine on rare occasions while preggers. Most docs will tell you that. BUT they obv won't promote it!

  97. B says – reply to this


    Was she seen having one? You are allowed one. I hope this chick has a good lawyer. Nic has some awesome ones!

  98. Yasdnil says – reply to this


    Re: Lulu – If you would have read through the comment board you would have seen quite a few people say that this was no big deal. Really, comparing ALL Americans to a guy with pink hair? Gee, thanks :/

  99. whothehellcares says – reply to this


    Re: hkjfdhfkd – wow - shows a lot of care for her unborn child and her husband who was in treatment for alcoholism! Will this one call her mom - thank god the other 2 have Tom & Katie to raise them!

  100. OhNOyoudidn't says – reply to this


    Perez! A glass of wine or two while pregnant isn't going to hurt anyone! My goodness. I so hate the morons that lord over pregnant women who want to make their own decisions. Just because there are idiots out there who over do everything, doesn't mean that 99% of the other expecting mothers are going to choose to over indulge. Geeez. Tuna, Wine, Cleaning Supplies, Exercise, Sweets….everything in moderation!

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