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If You Are Easily Offended…

| Filed under: If You Are Easily Offended.....

Then do not CLICK HERE!

This doesn't make us not want to eat meat. It makes us want to barf!

Animal rights group PETA stages a peculiar publicity stunt at Covent Garden in London on Thursday.


[Image via PR Photos.]

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534 comments to “If You Are Easily Offended…”

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  1. teqila shots(: says – reply to this


    [b]so we have to see her naked so we stop eating animals:S[/b]

  2. anonymous says – reply to this


    and this is exactly why i'm not a lesbian…

  3. you are all a bunch of morons says – reply to this


    Re: joy – Yeah and if humans were meant to drive we'd have been born with wheels on our feet.

  4. nikki dd says – reply to this


    shes not fat dumbfuck shes pregnant

  5. mongoose says – reply to this


    "#37 - Deidre says – reply to this
    Peta is ridiculous. If animals aren't meant to be eaten why are they made of meat?"

    You are a fucking dumbass. Aren't you also "made of meat", are you "meant to be eaten" too then? Fucking idiot!

  6. Art says – reply to this


    wow, a pig that even I wouldn't eat.

  7. Lizzie says – reply to this


    Re: Stella70 – hear hear!
    They are also racist, so why should we pay attention to anything they said after "i don't want to eat no fat white bitch" Really sums them up.
    As for #378 Rebecca, you need to listen to her when she's talking about this article being about the UK, although strangely she can grasp that yet is not able to grasp the fact that you get amino acids from all foods, not just meat.
    REALLY REALLY not believing you are any sort of professional, let alone a fucking chemist Rebecca.
    Basic nutrional books or websites will fucking tell you how you can get proper /complete protein being a vegetarian/vegan.
    So can you, and the person claiming to be a fucking farmer, and the vet?
    ….just basically EVERYONE claiming to have a certain job please shut up, because it means fuck all over the internet and it's obvious 98% of you are lying. Badly.
    Signed, The Queen.

  8. Veg says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre – deidre #37 are u retarded or something? ur telling me that ur meant to be eaten too because…YOU are made out of meat. Stupidist comment EVER!

  9. lip balm addict says – reply to this


    PETA may be making a positive statement on behalf of animals but this latest publicity stunt of theirs is degrading to humans. That can never be good.

  10. v says – reply to this


    i don't understand how vegetarians and vegans get so fucking fat, even if they are pregnant, when they're only eating vegetables. it's probably because they're a bunch of cunts with no self control. stop eating everything fatty, not just meat….you'll probably absorb that baby back into your body before you even squeez it out.


  11. pyramid says – reply to this


    Re: mongoose – Duh, because we're higher in the food chain.
    Lions are made of meat too but not much eats lions.
    Maybe ….vultures… but they eat them after they're dead, the same as vultures or indeed other animals would eat humans if they could, and they DO eat humans. They just don't usually have the power or access to do it.
    So STFU

  12. lip balm addict says – reply to this


    and if she really is pregnant, that's all the more reason why she shouldn't be doing that awkward position for a long time. i'm sure she did this voluntarily but that doesn't make it right.

  13. ..... says – reply to this


    Re: v – or pasta

  14. veginout says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre – ok?, so… shoud i eat you?

  15. korndawg73@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    more like someones happy fathers day..i hate pork

  16. boo fuckin hoo says – reply to this


    i am sooooooooooooooooooooo not a vegetarian. i eat cows pigs turkey's and fishies……….just fucked up a ham and cheese sandwich 2day….oh well, oh well

  17. Lexy says – reply to this


    I feel bad for that girl. It must have been freezing and there she is, naked and bent down like a dog while the others are all covered up in the back laughint at her. Is this like some kind of horrible sorority initiation? This is a tasteless protest…

  18. changedmyname says – reply to this


    fuck peta

  19. !!!!!!!!BLOW ME, PETA!!!!!!!! says – reply to this



  20. ohnono says – reply to this


    no.no.no. Please No. must.go.now.human-pig-barf. No.

  21. megan says – reply to this


    fuck PETA. they are so full of shit and are doing more harm than good.

  22. Jimmy says – reply to this


    I'd hit it.

  23. spike says – reply to this


    they found their pig

  24. 00gabooga says – reply to this


    What the fuck is Kate Winslet up to now?!?!?

  25. Joey says – reply to this


    did anyone notice the bitch holding the sign is wearing a leather coat?

  26. Mr Pendulous says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Fortune – saggy boobs?? I'd say pendulous breasts, which I happen to be a huge fan of.

  27. How stupid can you be?? says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre – you are an idiot. people are made of meat you fuck stick. you wanna eat your leg? Send pics. oh and by the way to "fuck peta" don't you think she CHOSE what to do??? for Christ's say you are an embarrassment to women trying to pretend like she was forced into the cage… no she wasn't forced, beaten, abused, cut, kicked, punched, or anything else to get her into that cage. IT WAS HER CHOICE.

  28. hollywood says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre


  29. Omg I like what Peta stands for but... says – reply to this


    I love animals to the greatest point but, PETA sucks. They are hippocritacle idiots who are probably ferrets in disguise wanting to RULE the whole god dang world by making HUGE organizations with naked people and Pam Anderson. They're trying to take over the world I tell you, and they're succeeding. the world's demented now. If GOD's there he needs to fucking zap all these bastards with ass plug lighting that will rip your buttcrack open more. They need to stick their filthy mouths in it and see the shit that they're filled with along with the sick pedophiles and murdering bastards.

  30. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I like my bacon extra crispy… KThanx!

  31. mandy says – reply to this


    there trying to say that pigs are mothers as well, and there locked up in a cage with no room to move, a mother is a mother whether ur a human or anyother animal

  32. katy says – reply to this


    omg i think its alright to eat meat but killing for the sake of killing is pointless and this photo does nothing but demonstates the fact that this has gone over board anyone with me?

  33. millie says – reply to this


    you dumb fuckwits.go and reserch pig farming and look at the awful conditions the mother sow is kept in.and what they do to the piglet so it does not bruise the mother's skin.for u lazy wankers that could not be bothered.she is in a cage that the pig is kept in. the bars at the bottom is so the piglets can feed from the mother,after the farmers break their teeth.they are trying to show the dumb fuckers(you lot) where your ham comes from. GET IT NOW DUMB FUCKS .GOOD

  34. Lauren says – reply to this



  35. Vicky Valor says – reply to this


    You know what, I love veggies but i cant eat only veggies forever. Sometimes i like a nice bowl of bourban chicken with a pork egg roll and maybe some beef sirloin. mmmmm..Go Meat!!!!..Lol.

  36. kate says – reply to this


    ummm. i think the point they are trying to get across is that the dimensions of the cage is the same amount of room a female sow has to live in, 24/7 for most of her life, the standard amongst industrial pig farms.

  37. Sam says – reply to this


    Perez before call her cow look at your self.

  38. Jillian Frenza says – reply to this


    This whole thing is fucked up, including the fucking assholes saying eew in these comments. Fuck you for saying she needs to go on a diet.

  39. crystal conners says – reply to this


    why? because she's slightly less than waifish? because she's not a mannequin? lighten up, honey. less than perfect ladies, and the fags that love them, are your bread and butter! although, PETA is pulling some skanky moves lately… but i'm sure the politics aren't what have your panties in a knot. it's the normal lady body, isn't it? of course it is…just because you don't find it attractive doesn't mean it's repulsive.


  40. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    I'm all about saving Pigs, but why do they always use rather overly healthy look people to go nude ?

  41. 323pelon says – reply to this


    I HATE PETA! They are stupid and making some stupid queen rich!! Any fucking group who is against testing for a cure for AIDS needs to be ERASED!! It is the most IDIOTIC group and their fucking piece of SHIT queen leader should be stripped of ALL of his QUEEN points and forced to wear polyester unitards at THE ABBEY!! Oh yeah, loose some weight you fatass "vegitarians!"

  42. Brenda says – reply to this


    shut up and eat a hamburger, ………do BK or waterburger plz ;]

  43. lilah says – reply to this


    I'm a vegetarian, have been for seven years now and will be always! I think this is not a good commercial for their organization, though….. they've had many good ideas but this is a NO. I appreciate their work for animals and against FURS. Ugh. I don't understand why someone wants to wear some carcass, now THAT if anything is gross. Their campaign against those disgusting Olsen twins was hilarious! You should consider getting a veggie, thogh. If you eat right, you will feel a lot better, I feel! And your body will be clean. I'M PROUD TO BE A VEGETARIAN!

  44. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Re: Lizzie

    Do you have any idea of the quantity of legumes that have to be consumed in order to get the required amount of protein? Yes, nitrification sees some amino acids in non-meat foods, but my point was that without meat in the diet it's highly likely that people are malnourished. My cousin ate only fish and legumes for protein with supplements for a year, and was told by his doctor that he HAD to eat meat again. Protein repairs all major systems in the body - almost everything is made up of amino acids…

  45. tin says – reply to this



  46. Kaz says – reply to this


    Brave girl- Good on you for standing up for millions of animals!!
    I can't think of many women who would have the passion (and guts) to do something like this when heavily pregnant.

  47. ewww says – reply to this


    wtf..EW…i dont get it why is there a fat chick in a cage and a redhead holding a sign about mothers and pigs…wtf…man that PETA just keeps getting crazier

  48. sassy sara says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! wait one moment, isn't that my sister trapped in that steel cage? hahahahahahahahahahahaah nice boobs tho, not Saggy, bigger than mine…bitch!!!

  49. sassy sara says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah – fair enough. noth respect….but hunny…ANIMALS CAN'T ACTUALLY TALK YOU KNOW!!! shisssh!!!

  50. lola says – reply to this


    okay someone needs to teach a lesson to these looneys, i mean fighting against animal cruelty is fine but that's just over the top!!!!

  51. nadine says – reply to this


    PETA defends animals by staging what amounts to a sexist protest that compares full figured women to pigs, then puts them in cages.

    So…fuck you PETA?

    Dont get me wrong, im a veggie myself but this is just….eh.

    Plus, i dont go around preaching vegetarianism to people, if people want to eat meat thats up to them, im veggie cos i find raw meat grody, nothing to do with it having been alive, i just find meat to be somewhat unpleasant, plus i had a bunch of dental problems as a kid and so only have one molar, so i cant actually chew the stuff with any kind of ease

    but my point is, im against animal cruelty, etc, but us killin animals to eat them isnt cruelty, its the natural order.

    seriously PETA,until you start tellin Lions to stop eatin all the zebras? shut the eff up

  52. Dick says – reply to this


    Did Rosie O'Donnell lose weight?

  53. Ninna says – reply to this


    What is this supposed to be?? I don't get it .. Am I supposed to be hungry, angry, sad, eat a carrot??? Screw PETA! I'll eat every pig I can find AND the girl in the cage! :b
    Seriously, what is she doing in that cage? "Don't eat pigs and here are my tits"
    Hahahaha! This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

  54. LoLlipop says – reply to this


    Every time I see a PETA add, I eat a meat product. I think I'll go make a sandwich.

  55. me says – reply to this


    that would be the point, p-rez . . .

  56. Zoe says – reply to this


    Shes pregnant, how damn stupid are you people?! Its supposed to be saying we wouldnt let a pregnant human be treated this way so why a pig. Well done to them.

  57. Who eats meat? says – reply to this


    I don't think this girl has stopped eating meat, or sucking it by the looks of her belly.

  58. your MASTER says – reply to this


    …. hmmm…. I dunno, I was eating a pork chop when I saw this on TV, my reaction? I finished eating my pork chop while I watched…. so I guess it didn't work on me :(

  59. bethany says – reply to this


    no one get's her message cause there to caught up in all that nastyness thats her body

  60. Kevin Gallagher says – reply to this


    this is absolutely the most degrading thing i have ever seen. mother's who give a fuck about the size of their kids [particularly daughters] are only insecure about themselves. the lady is that picture holding the sign deserves to be spit on. and the girl in the cage deserves to eat as many hamburgers as she wants

  61. Taryn says – reply to this


    Yeah.. that's embarrassing.

  62. hailey says – reply to this



  63. Shannon says – reply to this


    I don't really get it. Why did she have to be almost naked to get the point across? Shock value? Thats the problem with PETA…they could be a good group but they don't care about crossing the line in order to fulfill their agenda.

    PETA is seriously WACKED anyway. Any group that stages animal torture and slaughter to prove a point just needs to be shut down.

  64. Dick Assman says – reply to this


    I'd bang her!!!

  65. rf says – reply to this


    I don't get it.

  66. Joseph G says – reply to this


    This picture makes me want to swear off meat, milk and fat chicks!

  67. kuin says – reply to this


    EEEWWWWW!!!! yeah i'm an unhappy mother………
    cause i looked that pic!!!!

  68. dayyyyeemnnn says – reply to this


    dayyyyyyyemnnnnnnnnnn i wanna see that NIP!

  69. jessica says – reply to this


    i had to comment on this because alot of people dont relise exactly what is being done to these animals. I know peta is a little much and come off as crazy, but go and look at a meet your meat video on youtube or on peta. Its absolutly disgusting what they do to animals and not only that but what people do for "fun" with animals when there bored. Its not a quick death either.I know someone one commented on this saying well if there not supposed to be eatin then why are they made of meat…wow is all i have to say to that. Meat is muscles you idiot your made of meat…. then why do people not get eaten. people are sooo fucked up these days and soo blind to what really happens to these animals

  70. diva says – reply to this


    I love it! Great message. She is preggo not fat people.

  71. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre – That is the BEST comment EVER!!! I 100% agree and yes, I am a HUGE animal lover My 2 cats and 1 dog are spoiled absolutely rotten. They are a part of the fam. However, yes, I eat beef, pork chicken and fish. These animals are meant to be part of our food chain. I don't want to actually SEE these animals being slaughtered, but I know it happens. They should be treated in a humane way as far as slaughteing goes…I don't think they should be tortured…and No, this is not an oxymoron - they are ways to be humanely slaughter without elongated pain, etc… I think that most of our 'food chain animals' are slaughtered humanely and not tortured for hours on end. If there are slaughter houses who DON"T do it humanley, they need to be stopped - there is no reason for that. The animals being killed humanely is natural and neccessary for human beings. We need meat to grow. We were not born herbivores. If we weren't meant to eat meat, why were we born with our K9 teeth - (we have an innate need to rip apart meat!!!)

  72. luigi says – reply to this


    thats just plain gross…peta always manages to go overboard. i believe in animal rights and all but i also believe that people have the ryt to eat pork if they want to.

  73. Misshs says – reply to this


    yall are soooo stupid. cant you see that she is pregnant. The deal is SOW's ( as in pregnant pigs ) being caged up . maybe you all should be caged instead.

  74. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Re: Sasha – I agree with your comment…but the thing is that PETA doesn't think we should eat meat at all. Period. NO meat…whether they are raised and slaughtered humanley or not. I believe we need to eat meat, but the animals should be treated humanley in life and in death. Peta goes overboard with a lot of things - like not eating meat. It's the food chain. Period. End of story.

  75. Jo says – reply to this


    The woman in the cage is PREGNANT not fat, lol :-)

  76. KH says – reply to this


    I think this is a really good demonstration on behalf of the helpless, pregnant animals that factory farming abuses by the BILLIONS. It served to make us look again (and again), and it SHOULD disturb us. It's the shocking factor that gets us to notice and hopefully hold people's interests long enough to educate.

  77. KH says – reply to this


    Re: !!!!!!!!BLOW ME, PETA!!!!!!!!

    What bible are YOU reading?

  78. Kaye says – reply to this


    yuck. super. gross. ick.

  79. r says – reply to this


    Why's it a woman, and not a guy in a suit, like the agrobiz executives, who are the real pigs in this situation? These guys can't even get their sexist metaphors straight.

  80. audrey says – reply to this


    i'm a vegan but i do NOT support PETA. what a bunch of wackjobs. seriously, what is their problem? they are soo embarrassing to all vegetarians and vegans! and wtf is thisssss? can't they just shut their mouths? doing shit like this isn't going to stop people from eatting meat. jesus.

  81. Marie G says – reply to this


    If that doesn t make people realized we HAVE to stop eat meat, what will?
    (shame on you who just saw some saggy breast instead of an important
    message on how we treat fellow living creatures!!!)

  82. Kris says – reply to this


    Re: audrey
    Everyone posting a comment here is completely ignorant to the issue PETA was trying to address with this demonstration. I'm a vegetarian - not because its wrong to eat meat, in fact its completely normal and natural. But there is definitely something wrong with torturing animals and forcing them to live in horrible conditions just so we can have a hamburger or a piece of bacon. What PETA is depicting here is a gestation crate NOT A NURSING CRATE. A gestation crate holds a pregnant pig in a such a small space that she can't turn around, lay down comfortably or perform other natural movements. They aren't necessary to keep the mothers from rolling over on their piglets as they are still pregnant. This is only done on huge, billion dollar factory farms that treat animals like unfeeling, profit-bringing things - pigs are smarter and cleaner than dogs! Can you imagine Teddy being kept in these conditions Perez? I don't think so. I don't normally support PETA because they're pretty crazy but the point is valid - we need show a little more respect for our fellow animals! An initiative will be on the California ballot in November to put an end to the use of gestation crates, battery cages (for egg laying hens) and veal crates (for calves). These cruel confinement methods have already been outlawed in Europe and a few other states. Please vote yes in November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. diana says – reply to this


    ew! i dNt gEt it!!!! dAt iZZZZ gR0zZ!

  84. FairyOciouS says – reply to this


    Umm, ok…I just have one question: If she's a vegetarian, why the fuck is she so fat?! Just askin'.

  85. VanessaLutz says – reply to this


    Let's say: She's pregnant AND fat, ok?…
    So everybody's happy now?…
    So long suckers!!! lol

  86. VanessaLutz says – reply to this


    Re: FairyOciouS
    Just eat muesli and pasta or rice with tomato and lots of cheese everyday and u're gonna be FAT!!! lol
    They don't eat meat but not only vegetables either….
    that's juste the name… "for the show"!
    Truth is that u can still eat as a f*** preize heifer, am I right Perez?…ahah

  87. VanessaLutz says – reply to this


    Re: FairyOciouS
    And what about french fries with some mayo or ketchup?…
    They can eat that, right?…
    And ice cream?…
    And a giant cheese's pizza!!!!
    Well… those people can be fat too…

  88. JustaSideOrderOfLove says – reply to this


    AWESOME! Get the Message Out there!!! and she is a Beautful person…Inside and Out…she's a brave Lady! :-)

  89. jac says – reply to this


    The woman holding the sign is wearing leather boots.


    Silly people.

  90. Duh Kwean says – reply to this


    lol wtf is that? what a lame bitch…i dont care what you are fighting for if your body looks like that, KEEP IT ALL ON!!!

  91. Afro Goddess says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of PETA. In theory I should support them, but they are really a bunch of @ssholes. I swear, they need to pack up and move to the woods or jungle or something and live with their precious animals. Every PR stunt they pull pisses me off more and more. They seem to lose their sensitivity and humanity with every diss to us carnivores.

    I like meat! Get over it!

  92. carla says – reply to this


    what!!!!… why!

  93. Lisa says – reply to this


    GO VEG!!!!!!!!! DON'T EAT MEAT!!!!

  94. PETA commits WHITE COLLAR CRIMES says – reply to this


    So . . . PETA is going to slaughter that fat chick because she clearly provides more edible meat than a single pig?
    Save animals. Eat fatties.

  95. sasha says – reply to this


    flesh is flesh - this ad is wonderful

  96. Anon says – reply to this


    Stop judging the person on her looks. Think about the message. Think about what they are trying to put across. I hate peta, but its worth looking into what happens to animals.

  97. Angie says – reply to this


    That is more like Class Z meat…

  98. Calo says – reply to this


    Well they got the right girl for the job when it comes to representing their cause.

  99. dirt. says – reply to this



  100. porky says – reply to this


    please pass the ham

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