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If You Are Easily Offended…

| Filed under: If You Are Easily Offended.....

Then do not CLICK HERE!

This doesn't make us not want to eat meat. It makes us want to barf!

Animal rights group PETA stages a peculiar publicity stunt at Covent Garden in London on Thursday.


[Image via PR Photos.]

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534 comments to “If You Are Easily Offended…”

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  1. Go Pigs says – reply to this


    Re: Kris
    Thank you Kris. VOTE YES IN NOVEMBER IN CALIFORNIA! to put an end to the use of gestation crates, battery cages (for egg laying hens) and veal crates (for calves).

  2. babe says – reply to this


    She needs to put on some fur. I bet she's cold.

  3. auntiespanties says – reply to this


    OINK - here piggy piggy…

  4. Kammy says – reply to this


    I get what they're saying but how far do you need to go to make a point? The people who want to listen already are. This isn't going to change sum1's mind about eating meat but it will about PETA and women who aren't a classic size 6…that they're pigs?!

  5. Lola Haze says – reply to this


    Fuck all you haters, this is a great publicity stunt.

  6. ixxy says – reply to this


    Implying that this fatty looks like a pig? FUCK THE PIGS! EAT MORE MEAT FUCK ANIMALS!! ANIMALS EAT ANIMALS TOO!!!!!! FUCK YOU PETA

  7. petahottie says – reply to this


    Peta is great! They use disturbing images to try and get people to actually THINK about what they eat… You all are freaking ignorant fat asses!!!!!!! Ha that's why american's are so ugly and disgusting… you all pig out on helpless corpses…

  8. PETAROCKS!!!!! says – reply to this


    Re: ixxy – You are an idiot.. I bet you're just a fat, ugly, stupid, uneducated, ignorant, slob GO PETA!!!!!!!

  9. Mwezzi says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Fortune

    She's pregnant. Her breasts, as a consequence of maturing for their INTENDED PURPOSE and growing to accommodate extra mammary tissue WILL GET LARGER. They're not saggy - they're normal, and if you get pregnant then no matter how you try and fight it, your breasts will do the same thing to a certain degree. They're only saggy in comparison to the unnatural shape that a bra forces breasts into, and if you haven't noticed, she's not wearing one.

  10. Mwezzi says – reply to this


    Re: Meghindo
    Tubby? No. PREGNANT? Yes. Eejit.

  11. buma estro says – reply to this


    This was a complete embarassment. She should be ashamed. She looks like she is eating lots of meat.

  12. santiaga says – reply to this


    She's not fat, she's pregant you dumb assholes! Her boobs don't sag, its because she is on all fours. She's sexy and committed to a cause, more than 99% of the people posting on here. Petas point is that is how pregnant sows are kept in cramped and filthy conditions throughout their pregnancy. It is inhumane.

    Jesus most of the people on here need to spark up their two brain cells–fast!

  13. hateyourguts says – reply to this


    it only makes you barf because you like sucking cocks, not titties.

  14. Kstana says – reply to this


    Looks more like an S&M shoot than a Peta stunt. Lame.

  15. . Alex says – reply to this


    wtf that thing in the cage looks like a pregnant pig!!
    Yea i get the piture though..but its nasteyyyyy


  16. A says – reply to this


    they ARE NOT using a woman's body to attract people

    it's for the shock value and comparison

  17. Deidre's vapid says – reply to this


    Re: Deidre – Go eat a human u stupid cunt. "if animals aren't supposed to be eaten…" U sound like such a stupid whore- Do you even know what just came out of your mouth?? Shut the eff up and stop making such a fool of yourself. PLEASE.

  18. jenjen says – reply to this


    Re: pucky – yeah…and is it possible to get that big without eating meat? i don't think i have ever met a fat vegetarian…

  19. Vegas Chick says – reply to this


    I may listen to PETA if they actually helped animals. They kill more animals than they rescue. According to their own documents, they killed more than 97% of the animals in their care in 2006… PETA is a joke. And stunts like this prove it.

  20. Harriet FRaad says – reply to this


    These offensive and chauvinist adds completely disgust me. I would not consider supporting PETA after this. I am forwarding to others who have supported you and will share my disgust for your tactics.
    Dr. H. Fraad

  21. manii says – reply to this


    uhhh, bra needed.

  22. J Golightly says – reply to this



  23. minda says – reply to this


    i would personally slaughter a million pigs myself in order not to see that.
    are there only ugly vegetarians?
    must the public be subjected to this?

  24. c.byrd says – reply to this


    peta only gives a fuck bout animals but not women, i am so fuck of their bullshit mysogenistic ads/schemes..they make me want to eat meat

  25. krenee says – reply to this


    Peta has gone too far! Vegetarianism is not sexism". "Don't make women your meat substitute."

  26. krenee says – reply to this


    Peta sucks!!!! Vegetarianism is not sexism" or "Don't make women your meat substitute."

  27. EWWW says – reply to this


    i thought vegetarians are skinny…..

  28. She-Ra says – reply to this



  29. melinda says – reply to this


    ….Weird, creepy and gross.

  30. Army Wife says – reply to this


    The bitch looks like a pig too. I definitely wouldn't eat her.

  31. Lucas S says – reply to this


    You guys are IDIOTS for not getting this stunt!

    PETA is calling attention to the plight of pregnant mother pigs who live a life of misery in gestation crates. they have no room to move and are kept pregnant to continue producing babes who are turned into bacon:( its fuckin sad!!
    y'all should learn more. check out www.meat.org

    I think PETA is AWESOME!! they are CREATIVE, WILD and FUN!

    people who don't like PETA are usually bigots, prudes or assholes…or are redneck hicks with missing teeth and a mullet and named billy bob.

  32. muffin says – reply to this


    I have this sudden urge to go milk something

  33. angela says – reply to this


    Re: ames – doesn't seem like it's working in their favor biotch. look at all these comments…

  34. umm says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – oh ok, so just glancing at this pic I should automatically know that they are full of unnatural hormones so it can grow unusually and unnaturally nice and large…sorry but this demonstration doesn't cut it, and i wouldn't want to be walking down the block and exposing my 4 year old son to this obsurd nudity. even films with this kind of exposure are usually rated and intended for mature audience. Peta is really annoying. oh and You want to spray my $900 fur coat in which i have a right to wear, then you know what, i'm calling the cops, i'm filing a report, and then you can pay for a new one bitch. stop trying to take my rights away from me, if you are so concerned with the way these animals are being treated then go voice your opinion at the main source–the places that are committing these awful, awful tortures. go on their grounds and spraypaint their face…oh wait, you can't! that's assault, isn't it?! well guess what, I say everyone that has been affected by this pety excuse of an organization start filing charges against them…you're going to spit in my face? i'm going to press charges. you're going to shout in my face and call me names, i'm going to sue you for causing me distress. PETA IS PETY

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