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"I really can't stand Kylie's music at all. I know Australian fans might want to shoot me for saying this, but that would be a far better option than to listen to one of her albums. She was on Irish television recently. I couldn't bear it and had to turn it off.”

- Hasbeen Sinead O'Connor tells Sydney's Daily Telegraph

[Image via WENN.]

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280 comments to “Quote of the Day”

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  1. sam-n-ella says – reply to this


    you're as deep as a pie tin, perezhilton

  2. Kevin Rudd says – reply to this


    Who cares about Sinead, she's Irish, the stupid Irish people still worship leprechauns for christ sakes.


  3. JAKiriakis says – reply to this


    A hasbeen commenting on the life of another hasbeen. How appropriate. Kylie and Sinead are equally horrible. One tore up a pic of the Holy Father and the other should have disappeared for good when she got her cancer.

  4. fuckface says – reply to this


    Sinead is NOT a has-been…she actually has talent. but of course, since gay Perez is infatuated with Kylie, he's got to talk shit and name-call Sinead for voicing HER opinion. Perez - shut the fuck up!!!! you wouldn't know talent if it was fucking you in the ass.

  5. Del says – reply to this


    one word: publicity.

  6. Jesse says – reply to this


    Sinead is jealous of Kylie cause shes hot and sinead looks like an uber dyke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ryan z says – reply to this


    Isn't she too old to still be making such dumb comments AND shaving her head? I would say jealousy is behind her contempt considering she has no career and Kylie's has lasted more than 20 years. Karma's a bitch. Gotta run now, Kylie's new song is on the radio….where is yours Sinead?

  8. casey says – reply to this


    kylie minogue DOES suck! shes only loved my drag queens and divas. her music is crappy, overproduced and she cannot sing or dance. at least sianead wrote good songs with her own lyrics, as opposed that horrid tecnho kylie 'sings'

  9. Viva says – reply to this


    Yeah, where are you now Sinead, thats right clinging onto Kylie's heel for a bit of fame, bless you for trying but, your a one hit wonder who is GONE, jealousy is ugly and well from the sight of your face, your full of it:)

  10. pj said says – reply to this


    What rock has Sinead been hiding under, she should go back … her inner ugliness is really showing. She is quite obviously jealous of Kylie … or has the hots for her, either way she is realy stupid .. she said this IN Australia?

  11. What a fucking cow says – reply to this


    It's just like in High School where the ugly, ignored girl is jealous of the attractive, popular girl! Grow up Sinead.

  12. Made says – reply to this


    She's so right…

  13. Avril is a twat says – reply to this


    Re: casey – Sinead's one (and only hit) was written by Prince actually. The music she "wrote" has never been heard by the mainstream public. Too bad for her, great for us.

  14. thomas says – reply to this


    This, coming from the same woman who ripped a picture of the Pope. Classy.

  15. Melissa says – reply to this


    Sinead is a LEGEND, and Kylie is a fucking robot, you shitdick.

  16. amezzz says – reply to this


    Sinead is no hasbeen - I can't believe you would call her that.
    She's more than intitled to her opinion.

  17. yourmum says – reply to this


    What a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. WHOGIVESAFLYINFROCK says – reply to this


    Perhaps she wants some of Kylie's hair extentions…

  19. jullian says – reply to this


    you know what? sinead can flop her next 10 albums and still have more credibility than kylie…

  20. Travis says – reply to this


    Yeah, I'm sure Kylie is REALLY sad to hear that a washed-up lunatic doesn't like her music. Wow, I'd be DEVASTATED. Sinead just needs some more press, apparently.

  21. Nothing compares says – reply to this



  22. music says – reply to this


    Well eveyone has their opinion of what they like as far as music, I won't criticize Sinead too much I think her voice is beautiful and she's a strong woman who's opinionated about alot of issues but, I personally like Kylie's music from a dance standpoint because it's catchy, upbeat and fun to dance to + she's worked with alot of talented DJ's like Scumfrog. I don't think it's jealousy from Sinead's standpoint just an opinion from her musical preferences.

  23. Fight the Real Enemy says – reply to this


    OMG, will she ever just shut her fuckin' mouth??? Kylie is awesome and is not a downer like this sour bitch! What a douche!

  24. marie says – reply to this


    true, kylie is def. overrated…

  25. exador says – reply to this


    Sinead is only speaking the truth…kylie is cute, she's got some hooky little jingles..but she can't really hold a candle to an artist like Sinead..
    Lion and the Cobra stands out as one of the strongest albums by a female singers/songrwriter ever…
    when Kylie can write something like that..maybe i'll reconsider my opinion…but not bloody likely…
    Sinead for the win.

  26. EVe says – reply to this


    Tru tru

  27. Christen says – reply to this


    Me,too Sinead..I can't stand Kylie either. Ick. I understand that Perez probably supports her because of her breast cancer but..that doesn't mean I have to support her for her "music"..It sucks!

  28. dubbydubbydooooo says – reply to this


    Yep the Irish one is kinda right. Kylie is very over-rated. Plain jane with comes to mind. Mind you her sister's a bitta alright!

  29. Pablo_knows_all says – reply to this


    those of you who are dissing sinead need to do some research (beyond vh1's remember the 80's countdowns). sinead's latest album (produced with the help of dub legend sly & robbie (wikipedia them if you don't know who they be)) was the most incredible record of 2005. smoked out blissful reggae and dub for post clubbing mayhem and sunday morning lazy brunch parties.

    kylie's latest (which i only downloaded in contrasts to having purchased sinead's album) is uninspired pop trite which only serves the purpose of maintaining a shopping high after running through h&m, forever 21, and any store that carries (the ugly gino-fied/guido-fied stoff from) diesel with your credit card sticking out of your ass.

    and americans, dont forget that at one point, before Fever, kylie was a 1 hit wonder on your shores despite the fact that her music has been burning up charts in the uk, australia, europe, canada, and even in third world countries!! since the locomotion (and most of that stuff was pretty good too!). wake up and realize that the world has a lot more to offer than what your marketers have decided to offer you, and what sensationalist bloggers offer up as acme's of taste and blind devotion.

  30. Phut says – reply to this


    Touche..now here is a woman who CAN sing.!!!!

  31. GG1000 says – reply to this


    Thank you! She's always relied on that star-scorcher of a voice, originality and actual talent and seems to have spent her time doing music she likes rather than what she thinks will sell. Sorry Perez, I know the whole dance music, Botox, face lift, silicone body, costume and makeup, get your picture taken thing appeals to some, but at least "has been" implies "was" at some time. Miz KyliePlastic has to go in the "never was and never will be" category.

  32. sarah says – reply to this


    isn't kylie a hasbeen to perez? when the fuck was the last time she had a hit in north america?

  33. Just Another Jen says – reply to this


    Sinead is right on. I think Kylie sucks. Nothing special about her at all. Not sure why you act like she is some goddess.

  34. AngryPerezfanraaagghhh says – reply to this


    What gives this nutter the right to slam someone else and justify wanting to shoot someone? Get back in your habit love and piss off back to the convent where no1 can hear u warble on and spread horrible things about other people.

  35. e.d says – reply to this



    Sinead is beyond words.. she is absolutely breath-taking.

    if you moron didnt have shits for brains you might just understand that.

  36. ceret says – reply to this


    she's right!!!! get over it Perez!!!

  37. Eric says – reply to this


    Sinead is far from a 'has been'. She actually has talent and not just a pair of tits and buck teeth! Sinead's talent is timeless and genuine. She doesn't have to exist in the artificial world of pop music to valid force and talent. Defintely one of the most underrated artists of the last two decades.

  38. Drew says – reply to this


    That's right, Perez, anyone with an opinion on your site automatically becomes a "hasbeen"

  39. Blackwells Semen says – reply to this


    This hack is still alive? I thought the Catholic Church had killed her long ago after that Pope photo thing… then again, she and her music haven't been relevant for years…

  40. Xtina says – reply to this


    Re: Sinead is disgusting

    Wow. A lot of people have a lot to say about this. First, Sinead is not a has been. Wait maybe she is. She "Has Been" making music the 20 + years the way SHE wants to do it. Her true fans and critics who respect her know this fact. And might I add it is BEAUTIFUL and worthy music. Other's who think industry created "stars" believe otherwise. and that is fine by the likes of Sinead and her fans. We all have opinions and Sinead voiced one…the same thing this site many others do about people every day. So why is Sinead being criticized for it? Was it nice of her to say? No. But her like the old saying goes…opinions are like *holes and everbody’s got one!

  41. bernadette says – reply to this


    Sinead O'Connor is so very gifted.Those who love her and her music know that she has been writing and singing beautiful music for 20 years,and continues to amaze.Sinead's a bad girl,and she will say what she wants,when she wants,always has.You can't be educated about music without being able to appreciate her incredible talent.Who the hell cares what her hair looks like? And that's the point,isn't it?

  42. Hoochie Coochie says – reply to this


    Actually Kylie wasn't a one-hit wonder in the USA. They played "I Should Be So Lucky", "The Locomotion" and "It's No Secret" on the radio and MTV. After that she disappeared into oblivion until the "Fever" CD was released. Sinead, the other hand, had "Nothing Compares 2 U" which was HUGE. After that her fat mouth ruined her career. I guess she doesn't learn from her mistakes. Total douchebag.

  43. Dr. Phil says – reply to this


    Sounds like someone needs a hug.

  44. bernadette says – reply to this


    Sinead fans and friends-You realize by now that the same people who show up wherever Sinead is on the net are on here,too,now.Don't be baited into a fight with them.It's the same old poison,the same old poisoners,just a different day,different site.

  45. kylie blah says – reply to this


    i thought kylie was dead until i started reading your blog, p.

  46. E! says – reply to this



  47. Sasarai says – reply to this


    Okay so what does sinead do now? I heard she got ordained as some sort of religious pastor figure.. (I dunno in what hippie newwave religion but w/e) and has popped out 4 kids from like 5 different husbands… Get a life Sinead.. you two did a DUET together, you silly cunt. You could tolerate her when she was helping your career. Honestly, dissing Kylie is way worse than ripping up a pic of a Pope.. Kylie aint touching no little boys.

    Granted, Sinead can sing very well, but Kylie has done so much more, and her music is just as acclaimed, and way more sucessful.. Impossible Princess matches ANYTHING that Sinead has ever done!

  48. blakk says – reply to this


    Sinead Sinead Sinead…there was a time in the 80's when I thought you were amazing. Your Lion and the Cobra album was great! But..lets just say that after that…YOU JUST STARTED TO SUCK!!! You tried top be such a rebel but came across as a fucking retarded douche! Even Madonna punked your ass on SNL! Who fucking cares that you don't like Kylie's music…your career is fucking over and has been for years. You havent had a good CD since Lion and the Cobra so shut the fuck up and make some good music you stupid cunt. I am sure Kylie could give a rats ass what you think of her. YOU SUCK! You're just a wannabe rebel that has come and gone.

  49. Bren says – reply to this


    Kylie and her sister Dannii rock! Who's this Sinaed???

  50. stephizzo says – reply to this


    she is no way a has been!! i think sinead is fab… and i kinda agree with her about kylie, i like kylie but her music isnt really that great

  51. LeeLee says – reply to this


    I've got to agree w/ her!!

    Kylie's music sucks and it always has.

  52. jane plain says – reply to this


    Has Been?? More like doesn't wanna be PEREZ, Sinead has more credibility as a musician than Kylie ever will. Though Kylie is still fabulous, don't get me wrong but GET REAL

  53. PerezIsLame says – reply to this


    If you can not appreciate the Goddess that is Sinead, you are a FUCKTARD!
    (I know, It's my poetic side)

    What was the context of this quote? I am sure it was prompted by a question about Kylie, other wise I doubt she would have shared her OPINION!

  54. jane plain says – reply to this


    Re: Shut up – You are a fucking idiot.

  55. janebird says – reply to this


    She's right! Sinead has the voice of an angel! I would much rather listen to her than Kylie anytime. Kylie just uses her sex appeal for her image to get attention and then releases this cheesy ass dance music and you gays eat it up! It's excruciating to listen to! I would listen to beautiful Sinead all day long instead.

  56. Jessica says – reply to this


    Whatever Perez, at least Sinead sings about real life & issues, and isn't just a brainless pop singer!!

  57. umm says – reply to this


    kylie slept her way to the top,
    Back in the 80's madonna used to give blow jobs to the djs that would play her records
    the difference here is that madonna is actually rather talented

  58. Jessica says – reply to this


    You are SOOOO annoying, Perez, you diss anybody & everybody that has brains and real talent, and love all these cheezy pop stars and actresses, it's not just about the outfits and shit, it's what people have to say, it's deeper than that

  59. garrett says – reply to this


    oh Sinead…………..relax!

  60. Max says – reply to this


    Amen, sista! Kylie Minogue is AWFUL!!!!!! I never understood what anyone saw in her music. NO WONDER SHE'S NEVER MADE IT BIG IN THE US! We actually know well enough to know good music from bad….well, except Perez Hilton. He has a warped music taste, too.

  61. sarah wall says – reply to this


    A lot of Australians are grossed out by Kylie's music as well… Including your Daniel Johns of silverchair…

  62. Max says – reply to this


    Amen, sista! Kylie Minogue is AWFUL!!!!!! I never understood what anyone saw in her music. NO WONDER SHE'S NEVER MADE IT BIG IN THE US! We actually know well enough to know good music from bad….well, except Perez Hilton. He has a warped music taste too.

  63. star says – reply to this


    Sinead is not a HAS BEEN. I saw her live and was blown away by her reggae. She is definitely not the techno-inspired shit you listen to… I agree… Kylie's music is silly and people need to start listening to the message & lyrics behind music…

  64. hmmmm that's rude says – reply to this


    mmmm. it's a pretty rude and arrogant thing to say to one of the national newspapers of the home country of kylie. they sing different styles, kylie is in pop, sinead isn't. i'm team NEITHER but i think o'connor should have a little more respect for people, celebrity or not.

  65. sel says – reply to this


    Shes a dumbass!!
    Id rather listen to Kiley all day everyday for the rest of my life than to see or hear about this HO!
    She's nasty and HER music SUCKS BALLS!!

  66. Katelyn Marie says – reply to this


    Sinead is an amazing artist, who has used her fame for good. Granted people still dont understand the whole SNL thing in the early 90's, she made a statement and lived with it.

    I love her so much.

  67. DALE says – reply to this


    Yea Sinead! Finally the truth! I'm been saying that for years.

  68. Chendee says – reply to this


    Yeah Sinead! I've always hated Kylie's no talent shit. I never understood why people liked her. And Sinead is NOT a hasbeen!!

  69. DALE says – reply to this


    When Minogue recorded "do the locomation" it meant so much to me (fuckin retards).

  70. aneurysm says – reply to this


    sinead is still making cool music & is absolutely spot on about kylie. kylie is muy over-rated.

  71. Grace E. says – reply to this


    O'Conner is a wellknown mentally handicapped person who has irresponsibly had many many many children. If she does not disparage the Pope nor Kylie, no one cares if she lives or dies. Just another publicity stunt meant to gain her press.

  72. tal says – reply to this



  73. FUCK OFF says – reply to this



  74. CoryW says – reply to this


    Hmmm…when was the last time that Skinhead O'Conner acheived ANYTHING career wise? That's what I thought.

    HATIN' does not suit Skinhead.

  75. jimena says – reply to this


    I agree with Sinéad. Also great she openly expresses her opinion without being disrespectful.

    Kylie is an icon, beautiful, funny etc but her music is nothing but an overproduced (as in likeability for masses, not quality) product based on current trends. no art at all.

  76. thebadge says – reply to this


    WTF! Just because she doesn't churn out a new album every year she is a "has been"? Sinead has more talent in one finger than Kylie Minogue has in her whole body. Her music is as relevant now as it ever was. Lighten up Perez. I hate to sound like a snob here but you honestly have to know your limits when you talk shit about someone, Alba, Spears etc… they are all media fodder. Sinead is too far above you to make fun of. The Badge has spoken…

  77. ***************** says – reply to this


    Sinead is not a hasbeen, Perez, she is one of the greatest singers on the PLANET and her music rocks! I like Kylie's personality and sense of style, but let's face it: her music sucks! I don't know any straight person, who would like her songs - you like her because you are gay.

  78. Strider69 says – reply to this


    Sinead has more talent in one of her toe nails that Kylie Minogue. Don't be such a bitter queen, perez. This "hasbeen" is an amazing talent - what talent do you have besides trashing those more gifted than you? Que maricon…

  79. tito says – reply to this


    Sinead is right on! kylie has minimal talent and doesn't even write her own songs, all she does is sing…NOT a true musician!

  80. Big D says – reply to this


    I completely agree with her!!!

  81. Cari says – reply to this


    I completely agree with Sinead! And it's too bad she doesn't come out with some new music, ’cause she f'n rocks…she just tends to be a little too "Politically Controversial". Her voice and musical range are amazing…so, Just sing, Sinead…leave the politics to the asshole politicians! It's a shame to waste talent like your's! Kylie sucks…and I can't even stand to look at her, she's so ugly…her music sucks and she uses her "cancer" card to get sympathy…you're not the only person with cancer…it just so happens that you're a "celebrity", and I use that term loosely, Kylie!

  82. papillon says – reply to this


    Funny I don't like Sinead's music but her voice is one of the best in the industrys. She's got a range like no other.
    Kylie's hasn't a great voice but she is a performer. They are two entirely different kettle of fish

  83. Mariah says – reply to this


    Oh PUH-LEASE. Kylie is the bomb dot com and Sinead is totally jeal!!!

    Kylie is prettier, more happening, more fun and better overall than has-been Sinead ANY DAY!

    We love you Kylie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Jaime says – reply to this


    I am an American who adores Kylie. I love her! They are in completely different fields of music. Sinead has become unknown to the mainstream, so I don't know if her music is good for its genre, but Kylie is a fantastic pop artist who has much more substance and credibility than most of you know. Her back catalogue is worth owning. I doubt most people care what Sinead has to say about anything.

  85. sinead is a dumbass fucker says – reply to this


    has-been fucker can get a life because she can only wish that she can be like kylie!!! kylie is THE best. and sinead is just a low life loser who can seem to get over her fallen career. GET OVER IT BITCH. AND STOP HATING ON KYLIE BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T COME UP WITH THE SONGS URSELF U FUCKEN WHORE. i hope u choke on your own lyrics when you sing cause they're so obnoxious like yourself. KYLE IS 1000X PRETTIER/TALENTED/NICER THAN YOU. YOU'LL NEVER HEAR HER DISSING SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE OF THE SIMPLE FACT THAT SHE'S JEALOUS. FUCKER, GET A LIFE BITCH.

    perez u gotta teach her a lesson.

  86. omg what a stupid bitch says – reply to this


    wow what a dumb hoe. the only way she'll ever be worthy of even TALKING about kylie, is in her dreams. she's a piece of shit, and she wants to down talk KYLIE MINOGUE to go back to her "15 minutes of fame" whatever bitch, you'll never be as talented as kylie, they should hang you for even talking about kylie. u sould get buried alive.

  87. GAGE KRISTOFER says – reply to this



  88. Barry says – reply to this


    just because people listen to Kylie's music Tyler doesn't mean its good. It just means that we live in a world of mediocrity.

  89. Barry says – reply to this


    Re: omg what a stupid bitch – Angry much.?

  90. mark says – reply to this


    LOL ,,, I wonder where's Sinead's career atm … lol in the basement???
    Kylie … ROCK

  91. Brent says – reply to this


    Kylie would rip her a new asshole!

  92. JEN says – reply to this


    Sinead - YOU BITCH!

  93. Cubby says – reply to this


    Leona Lewis sounds like Sinead O'Connor when she sings Bleeding Love, although not as good. :smile:

  94. James says – reply to this


    Clearly Sinead is just looking for attention by talking crap about other people. Probably because her career ended ten years ago. Kylie's success is one thing she could never achieve. One hit wonder; get a life and some hair!

  95. Ale says – reply to this


    Oohhh she should go tear up Kyle's picture on national TV! Oh wait she already did that with our dear Pope John P. Go to HELL Sinead!

  96. Danny says – reply to this


    That fuckin' washed-out/dried-out bald alien hasbeen can shut her cunt up! Who the fuck does she think she is badmouthing Kylie, the Supreme Pop Diva, like that?! Go home and lick a carpet Miss. Muffy! "Nooothiiing compaaares! Nothiiiiiing compaaares to youuu…" She got THAT damn straight! Nothing compares to that one hit she once had 20 years ago or whateveeer! I'm gonna have a BF! I'm gonna write a letter! "Dear… Mr. Sinead O'Connor… You, like, really suck."

  97. steven says – reply to this


    anyone else remember years ago when sinaed, kylie & natalie imbruglia put on wigs and sang backup for dave stewart of the eurythmics? guess she didn't hate her then.

  98. primate says – reply to this


    ….and when I retort, "Put a sock in it, Baldie!" I say it with love!

  99. Sinead is a dyke! says – reply to this


    Only an ugly, bitter, jealous dyke would say something like that. Go put on your burka, clash some tamporines, dust of your Crocs and swan dive into that puss bitch.

  100. Kylie????? says – reply to this


    Kylie had 1 hit in the USA (Can't get you out of my head) which was a great pop song. Everyone wonders why she never breaks into American music,,it's because her music is generally unlistenable. She had an American hit, with A GOOD SONG, but who hires her writers/producers?
    Get a good producer, another good song,,, get USA $$$$$ Kylie The stuff of hers you've been putting on your site lately Perez is sooooooo bad I take it off after 1-5 seconds. DOA

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