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Baby Seals Need Your Help

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Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals.

Top Model contributor Nigel Barker is pitching in to help as well. The photog is aiming to help baby seals and is working with the Protect Seals campaign.

Nigel was recently in Canada documenting the birth of the baby seals. He will return later in the month to help document the unfortunate slaughter the seals will eventually occur.

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

[Image via The HSUS.]

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426 comments to “Baby Seals Need Your Help”

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  1. Mui says – reply to this


    Baby seals have not been killed in Canada in very many years : it is illegal to do so. Seals are so well protected in Canada, and the population is growing so strong and without control, that all the fish is dying. This is because of this ill informed propaganda.

  2. colombia!!!! says – reply to this


    poor baby seals in olsen twins horrible bodies

  3. WBheartspink says – reply to this


    save the animals FIRST

  4. COOOOOL says – reply to this



  5. lax says – reply to this



  6. JAKIE says – reply to this


    Happy early b-day from a canadian!

  7. Cole says – reply to this


    I'm really glad someone is finally helping!

  8. Waverley says – reply to this


    Yay, Nigel!! Good to see him outside of Top Model, especially doing something cool like this.

  9. nanuuk of the north says – reply to this


    those idiots think they're helping baby seals by appearing in pictures with them? now that seal will surely die as its mother will not accept it once it smells a stranger on it. perhaps the activists should do some research before they cause damage and go places where they don't belong.

  10. Sarah says – reply to this



  11. Cici says – reply to this


    they are wayy to cute to be killed anyways.

  12. La morena mas bella says – reply to this


    Instead of worrying about lame ass seals, how about worrying about danfur, worldwide poverty, homelessness, global warming, etc. Im sorry but who gives a fuck about seals really

  13. GOD says – reply to this


    I'd club it.

  14. toonkinstein says – reply to this


    Mmmmm fresh clubded seal pup…the other white meat

  15. Chris says – reply to this


    Fur is murder

  16. You have no idea says – reply to this


    Ok first of all.. there is only one side every shown about the seal hunt.
    Im not saying im all for it..but all that anyone sees is.. ohh cute seals, how could anyone ever kill them?
    First of all they are overpopulated, and are eating alllll the fish.
    second, the seal hunt is something that has gone on for a long time.
    third. i dont think it is something you know anything about, otherwise you might show both sides of the argument.
    think of all the animals that are killed for food.
    every piece of the seals that are killed are used for something.

  17. HC says – reply to this


    what you fucking morons dont understand is that if the seals arent killed they will devastate the local fish population and costs tons of jobs in the fishing industry. Id rather a few thousand baby seals die, than thousands of poor canadians lose their jobs.

  18. sarah says – reply to this


    I think it's awesome how celebs are now helping other people…

  19. michelle says – reply to this


    this makes me so sad

  20. ruby says – reply to this


    i win

  21. angie says – reply to this


    People who club innocent seals to death, should be put to death! This is UNACCEPTABLE! Disgusting! I hope these "human" beings rot in Hell!

  22. third? says – reply to this



  23. liljonismyboyfriend says – reply to this


    you rock.

  24. lauracm says – reply to this


    Nigel is H O T.

  25. actually says – reply to this


    Re: La morena mas bella – i totally agree with you
    why not worry about genocide?? pretty sure that is a bigger issue that ppl need to start worrying about

  26. liah says – reply to this


    I knew he was a good guy! Seems like he is. Plus.. he's hot!!

  27. jenna says – reply to this



    Save the SEALS!

  28. eggs says – reply to this


    I know seals are cute and all, but we don't exactly "document" the birthing and killing of baby cows. We just eat them. If the people up there have been doing it for 100's of years, and it's part of their culture, then who the hell are we to say anything. We kill cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.

  29. lisa says – reply to this



  30. cl says – reply to this


    do you realize that white coats aren't killed during the seal hunt?……. and do you also realize that seals are one of the only animals in the world that there is an over population of? and do you realize that seals eat all the fish in the sea which means that hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world will be lost? People care so much about seals being killed because they're so cute when they're calves… I love the line, the baby seals that will eventually be killed…baby cows and lambs get killed all the time, they're not even given a chance to grow into full adults… i wish people cared 1/2 as much about cows, sheep and plenty of other animals that killed every day for the same purpose. Why is it okay to kill cows and sheep and not seals? I'm sure nigel chows down on lovely young filet mignon every night for supper… how hypocritcal.

  31. juanita says – reply to this


    I am so disappointed in you, Perez, for propagating false information concerning an issue you clearly know nothing about.

  32. bigjen says – reply to this


    make him go away already - and all the idol crap.

  33. tookinstein says – reply to this


    I move that instead of clubbing seal pups….let's club Perez….ALL IN FAVOUR????

  34. Lou says – reply to this


    I'm with Mui. I am Canadian and it's true that baby seals haven't been killed in years. More so, 95% of the images shown to the world about baby seals being killed were filmed BEFORE 1980!!! But very few people outside the country knows that. I think there are animals in far more danger in the world then cute little baby animals (that are FINE!). No one seems to pity the cod-fishes that are disapearing (oh yeah, mostly cause of the over growing population of seals) or some strange birds… silly as always!

  35. Kate says – reply to this


    Thank you for promoting the health and welfare of animals, Perez! This is why you rock: You not only give us the dish, but you dish up how to help. I wish more sites were like yours! Kudos!

  36. Suz says – reply to this


    he's hot.

  37. Ziploc seal says – reply to this


    Re: Mui – I can't find any information about this. Will you give a link about it?

  38. th says – reply to this


    Paul McCartney and his crazy ex-wife tried to do this in 2006. They had most of their facts wrong, and were bascially laughed out of Canada.

  39. eggs says – reply to this


    Re: Mui – It's because they're cute. And that's the only reason. If they were ugly not a single person would care.

  40. bitch says – reply to this


    the people who post "first" are so stupid…. come on grow up this isn't a race to see who can get it up there first… you guys are sooo freaking annoying…..you're not first idiots!!! plus nigel barker is cute

  41. Stefo says – reply to this


    he's hottttt!!!!!

  42. Carmella says – reply to this


    Thank you so much for your comments, Mui. I am from Newfoundland, Canada and the public is very ill informed about the seal hunt. How many of you eat beef, chicken, etc….
    Seals are a major contributor to the now declined cod stocks that our Province depends on. Families are leaving home by the thousands and small rural communities are becoming ghost towns. I realize it's hard to see cute little animals being killed but as I said, if you're against the seal hunt, you better be against the slaughtering of cows, chickens, etc.. or you're all a bunch of hypocrites! We do have other industries but for many, the fishery was a major source of income.

  43. toonkinstien says – reply to this


    # 31…..I personally love lamb…Mmm roasted….rubbed with garlic….mint jelly….aaaahhhh Spring……time of the Spring lamb slaughter……you KNOW you want it…..it's the other OTHER white meat….

  44. Kate says – reply to this


    Oh and to all the douchebags who keep saying what about Darfur, what about homelessness…Uh, you're responding on Perez Hilton's website, you fucking idiots. Give credit where credit is due: At least he is providing a way to gain more knowledge and information about a subject that most are not well-versed in. I think we can all agree that there is a more HUMANE WAY TO CURB OVERPOPULATION. They do it with deer in Wisconsin, they can certainly do it with seals. And if those who are so hellbent on calling out Perez's valiant attempt at spreading the word about this sort of thing, what the fuck are you all doing to change the world? Besides feeding your own egos and bashing people on these websites? Duh. And for those who are discussing the seals, the real reason behind all of this, get your facts straight.

  45. Briana says – reply to this


    I really hope that what Mui said is true because this an absolute horror!!!! I cant believe that people can be so cruel….

  46. Jules says – reply to this


    Nice call #1. I hate that celebrities are perpetuating this "Canadian baby seal slaughter" myth.
    Yes, the seal hunt occurs annually, but like Mui said, it's for population control. The hunters are limited to the ages and amounts of seals they can hunt.
    Thousands of fisherman's livelihoods, and that of their families, depend on the seal hunt occurring, because otherwise the seals over-hunt the fish and they can't meet their quotas.
    It's too bad people are so gung-ho about saving the seal pups, I'm guessing because they're, let's face it, adorable, but don't bother to actually get informed.
    I mean you too, Pamela Anderson…

  47. toonkinstein says – reply to this


    #15 - Chris says – reply to this

    Fur is murder
    I disagree….people SKIN…that's murder….fur…that's warmth

  48. MM says – reply to this


    most people who are campaigning against the seal hunt are ignorant about the seal hunting industry. The killing of the seals is less inhumane than the way most of the animals slaughtered for your food/leather food products.
    Not to mention the seal population has been ballooning out of controll the past few years.

    So don't speak out against something you likely know nothing about, that's called being a ignorant fucking prick.

  49. Middle-c says – reply to this


    It is illegal in Canada to kill baby seals. Do your research and get the facts.

  50. Pixie says – reply to this


    Re: La morena mas bella – Hey you, it's DARFUR you idiot. If you're going to post, at least learn how to spell. And what have you done for Darfur lately? I love you hypocrites. Dumbfuck.

  51. Kayla says – reply to this


    Re: Mui

    I could not agree more. I am from Newfoundland, and it frustrates me that people are so ill informed about this matter. And the fact that Paul McCartney was discussing the issue with our premier Danny Williams, and when Danny invited him to visit Newfoundland, his reply was that he was already in the province, when actually he was in Prince Edward Island. I mean, if you are going to "fight" for a cause, at least get your facts straight about what damn province you are in! I think the main reason people are so up in arms about the seal hunt is that they are so cute. They don't think about the fact that almost all of the animal is used for food, oil, etc.

  52. Cecily says – reply to this


    21 - angie
    Actually when done correctly clubbing a seal to death is done in one blow and is instant.
    If you eat meat you are a hypocrit. Cows suffer much more. Transported across the country to be slaughterd. The animal offcourse knows its going to its death. Then they get electricuted and finally killed.
    But Oh.. I guess we only want to save the CUTE animals?

  53. Pops says – reply to this


    Re: MM – You are equally ignorant! The idea is to spread the word that this sort of thing happens and the fact that CLUBBING THEM IS UNNECESSARY. Uh duh, think of organic farming or uh duh, becoming a vegetarian. You know less about this than you think, dummy.

  54. Lovely One says – reply to this


    I'm quite sure there are poor schools that need to be funded, children that need clothes and food. STOP looking for an animal to provide sympathy for!!! This is SUCH A FAD. What about humans…oops, I forgot, we humans are a sub-species of animals and not the other way around.

    Have a nice day

  55. boutch says – reply to this


    since many years its illegal to hunt baby seals (like in every pictures starring uninformed "stars") anyway seals are in overpopulation in Canada menacing other species.

  56. love4theanimals says – reply to this




  57. Brittinea says – reply to this


    Some of you are so fucking ignorant its disgusting.

  58. Jewel says – reply to this


    If people saw how animals were inhumanely treated, and then killed, you would go vegetarian. Did you know KFC cuts the beaks off chickens, just to keep them from pecking? This is a natural foraging process that chickens use to eat, but they are denied even that by the chicken industry. Look at how you get veal. It's really disgusting. Get a dvd called Peaceable Kingdom, it is so eye-opening to the cruelty in the meat industry.

    I'm not against eating animals just how they are treated. They are a living being and deserve to be treated humanely. They are giving their life to fill our stomach.

    Clubbing seals is sick and barbaric. If they have to be killed, why not do it more humanely?

    People who will attack me about this are the same people who will also enjoy watching the video circulating today of the Marine throwing the puppy off a cliff.

  59. WHY DON'T THEY EDUCATE THEMSELVES says – reply to this


    UGGGGHHH! I am Canadian - CLUBBING BABY SEALS IS ILLEGAL!!! They don't kill baby seals, where is this moronic information coming from????? Why doesn't anyone care about the people who's lives are based on the seal hunt that these ill-educated propagandaists are destroying?

  60. Roxanne says – reply to this


    Boycott Canadian seafood (Red Lobster is a big buyer) or better yet go vegetarian and spare all animals. Way to go, Perez!

  61. ALC says – reply to this


    I couldn't agree with you more Miu…….baby seals are not killed in Canada..very illegal…if we don't control the seal population there will be no fish….hey celeb's wake up and work towards helping homeless children!

  62. pinkie says – reply to this


    its been illegal to kill baby seals or"whitecoats" since the 60's. why do people think canadians do this?? Older seals are killed , yes, but in a human nature, not beaten or "clubbed". Some seals need to be killed as a mean to control the population. in atlantic canada, fish markets is what the economy strives on. with too many seals, we'll have no more fish, and with no more fish, what are we gonna do?? SAVE THE CANADIANS!!

  63. bj says – reply to this


    thank you perez for educating people. this is a horrible tragedy, and painful to think about. the link to the humane society was helpful. bless you.

  64. JR - Newfoundland says – reply to this


    if you're going to boycott the seal hunt you had better be outside the slaughter houses to, and the pig farms, and the chicken farms, and the laboratories that use animals in their experiments. just because we, people of the atlantic, hunt seals does not mean it is wrong. we use every single piece of the seal; the fur, yes, for clothes, the fat for seal oil capsules (with medicinal properties), the bones for carvings and such. if we did not have the seal hunt, the seal's population would grow to such a size that they would eat all of the fish, which would cause the ENTIRE ecosystem to collapse. IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? to screw up the world even more!?!? sometimes, often actually, celebs have their facts wrong, people don't report the truth and sometimes, ACTUALLY OFTEN, people have NO IDEA what they're talking about! so if you want to actually help the world, boycott everything, not just seals. just because they're cute does not mean that they're alone. there are tons of other animals on this planet to so if you're going to be SELF-RIGHTEOUS and say "stop the seal hunt" then you better charge around outside the slaughter houses and farms saying "stop the slaughter" and such.

    oh, and it might be nice if just once someone talking about the seal hunt knew what they were talking about. wouldn't it be nice if people who were in p.e.i (canada) knew that they weren't in newfoundland (canada)?

    and heather mills, do your homework next time.

  65. danseuse says – reply to this


    I don't think you can compare the seal hunt to what Hayden is doing. Whales are an indangered species and they will become extinct if it continues. Seals are OVERpopulated.

  66. billyboy says – reply to this


    Fat Ass, you know nothing about the seal hunt. It's unfortunate on how little hollywood does aswell.

    Really until you get your facts straight stop posting propaganda.

  67. Fraulein_Steve says – reply to this


    I lost ALL respect for Nigel Barker after he threw a fit when one of the contestants (CariDee) asked if the stick he was holding came outside of his ass from the prior night's judging panel.

    Funny comment on her part. VERY poor sense of humor on his. He's an arse!

  68. Polka says – reply to this


    Re: actually – Here you are talking about genocide. On Perez Hilton's site. Uh, what? I am so confused. Why hate on other people doing something for the greater good. And yes, some of the information is a bit one-sided with respect to the seals and their slaughter. But at least it's compassion. Here you are talking about DANFUR (sweetie, it's Darfur)…and bashing on people for wanting to a) either know more about baby seals and hunting; or b) coming to their defense based on their cerebral response. What are you even talking about? And what are you doing to change the world? Why can't people just be positive, LOVE THEIR FUCKING CELEBRITIES, and maybe expand their knowledge about the world around them. It helps to expand said knowledge if you know how to spell your causes…

  69. Jane says – reply to this


    I think everyone needs to get their facts straight about the seal hunt. These animals have not been clubbed for many years and like Mui said, baby seals are not a target. Hunting seals is no different then fishing or hunting other animals. Its a way of life. These celebrities need to find some other cause to attach their names to. Why not start helping the millions of starving people all over the world…thats a start.

  70. SAVE A TREE EAT A BEAVER says – reply to this



  71. Fritter says – reply to this


    Re: Lovely One – So Lovely One, what the fuck are you doing to change the world? Last time I checked, animals were here first, then came man. Or wait maybe it was the T-Rex. Either way, I hope you're out there volunteering all your free time to help out at those underfunded schools. Did you volunteer after Katrina? (Yeah, see I did.) Do you volunteer with higher-risk youths in your community. (Yeah, see I do.) So it's quite humorous to read your spew on humans. But then again, you don't have to answer to me, you have to answer to Perez. And I am don't think he's a vegetarian.

  72. Kim says – reply to this


    Hurrah for all the intelligent comments on this topic.
    I am from Canada and I'm tired of all the idiot Brits coming here to tell the world that we enjoy killing baby seals for sport. The last ones I remember are Sir Paul and Hiddeous Heather - that should give you an idea about the intelligence we're dealing with here.
    Seals are overpopulating Canadian waters. Everyone goes AWWWW how cute when they see the adorable white babies with charcoal eyes laying on the snow. I admit - they are damn precious!! But when they grow up they are nasty bastards - attack humans and eat the cod that is required for the fishing industry. And they're not cute anymore.
    Baby cows are pretty cute (anyone ever see City Slickers with the cute baby Norman the cow???) and fluffy little chicks are sweet. Yet no one is crying over a tasty steak or fried chicken!!
    Nigel was my favorite judge on ANTM but he's fallen off my radar now - maybe he should have some sense clubbed into him!!

  73. Erin says – reply to this


    I'm all for the protection of wild animals, but sometimes I wish that people would get this fired up about an animal that's actually on the brink of extinction…those are the animals that we need to be helping. And for those of you saying "what about Darfur", every person has causes that mean the most to them, and there's nothing wrong with someone caring passionately about the environment. We need more people to step up in this area. Also, I love Nigel on ANTM…he's so great.

  74. love4theanimals is a moron says – reply to this


    Re: love4theanimals – then you're an idiot. you'd rather help a savage seal who weighs over 1000 pounds then another human being. nice. you're parents must be so proud.

  75. shrimpy says – reply to this


    He is the best thing on top model……………as for the seals so sad!!!! Help!!!

  76. KM says – reply to this


    Propaganda from the media!
    It is against the law to kill baby seals. Please get your information straight. Do your research before you put incorrect information on your website.

  77. linds08 says – reply to this



  78. jaime says – reply to this


    These celebrities dont even know what they are fighting for. Shall I remind you of the Debate on CNN between Newfoundland and Labradors Premier Danny Williams and Heather Mills and Paul McCartney???

  79. JessGreen says – reply to this


    Maybe you all should get some real FACTS about populations, ecosystems, and habitats before posting stupid comments like "seals are taking over Canada." How many people that commented are actually involved and educated in animal ecology and biology? Probably not one. So before you start spouting off ignorant "statistics" maybe you should get some hard facts. The only species that is overpopulating this earth is humans, and therein lies our problems.

  80. actually says – reply to this


    Re: Polka – I wast trying to just comment about Darfur. Which it wasnt me who called it darNfur. I responded to the person who called it that.
    What i meant by my comment is that the seal hunt is always one sided and half the people who are making comments have no idea what the hell they are talking about.
    there are better things to talk about then the seal hunt, is all that some ppl are saying. there are bigger issues going on in the world.
    I dont see how that is a bad thing to say.
    like you said its PEREZHILTON.COM, who cares.

  81. Ann says – reply to this


    If seals weren't hunted they would destroy their own foodstocks and die. Even if there were no other animals/people that ate fish. Therefore the WHOLE seal population would perish from lack of fish. It's because seals are not native to Newfoundland and migrated here, therefore, there are no natural preditors. People who say "STOP KILLING BABY SEALS" need to realize that if they weren't hunted regularly they would all die.

  82. smiley says – reply to this



  83. La-La says – reply to this


    Re: Cici
    I hate it when people say seals shouldn't be killed because they are so cute, what gives them a right to live over other animals? Just because seals are 'cuter' than chickens or pigs, etc. who have to both live and die horribly. Furthermore, at least seals have a life outside of a tiny cage before they are slaughtered. And finally, the whitecoat baby seals are not killed, it is illegal to do so in Canada… the media and activists just like using them in pictures so that you will feel worse.

  84. canadiangirl22 says – reply to this


    i am ashamed to say i am canadian when things like this come up. the fact that this seal hunt is taking place in my country just disgusts me. i thought we were about keeping peace and pro life etc etc. i wish there was something i could do to help this slaughtering come to an end.

  85. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Re: th
    you may recall that paul and heather went to Nova Scotia and then went on CNN and thought that they were in NFLD….shows how much they really looked into this cause…

  86. Pam S. says – reply to this


    Re: JessGreen – Hey. I'm doing marine biology. While they're not 'taking over canada' they actually would wipe out their own species as well as the cod-stocks, which would mean the desecration of other animals that feed off cod. Seals breed relatively quickly, almost every year. And while they only have one pup a year, that's quite a lot when you consider one have (the female half) of 5.7 million seals are giving birth. Without the seal hunt, this particular seal population would actually eat themselves out of existance.

  87. Sabrina says – reply to this


    Unfortunately-all those who are against the seal hunt haven't the slightest idea why is it necessary for human survival in a part of the world that most people know nothing about. Yes seals are cute and it is a shame that it has to be this way-but it is something that has to be done. As a newfoundlander-many people there depend upon the fishery for survival-the fish stocks are depleted-mostly due to foreign over fishing but also due to seals eating the baby fish for their survival. As a result, the fishery suffers and therefore human lives suffer. Not to mention that a lot of the fish that is served in restaurants around the world and you all enjoy come from the waters off newfoundland. A lot had changed since the "clubbing days" of seals and people should know the full history behind the seal hunt before jumping to conclusions.
    Maybe if Heather Mills spend more time on her marriage and less time trying to rally about something she has no idea about-she wouldn't be in the current situation she finds herself in today. Her and Paul knew so little about the area they were in that they thought they were in Newfoundland while doing an interview on Larry King Live-until Premier Williams informed them they were actually in Prince Edward Island-a completely different province!!!!!

  88. ahah says – reply to this


    its hilarious how everyone gets worked up and starts getting mad and making rude remarks to each other.
    everyone has their opinion and yeah most people are probably uneducated on the situation.
    I am an atlantic Canadian I am know mostly what is going on, but no i do not know everything.
    sure there are way bigger things for ppl to worry about, but that specific blogg is about the seal hunt.
    if you really want to make a difference then you are going to have to let your opinion be known somewhere other then Perezhilton.com , like 'actually said'
    who cares?

  89. Native in Canada says – reply to this


    Why doesn't Nigel Parker donate money to the Innu who survive on seal hunting instead of participating in some photo-op? You know.. if he really wants to stop seal hunting…

    Jeez.. white folks scare me.

  90. george says – reply to this


    i think you mean "the eventual slaughter the seal will eventually incur" not "occur"

    you earn a living off your words and can't even speak proper english

    like most gossipers you would be nothing without your sources or other media outlets and know nothing about the topics you speak of

  91. M says – reply to this


    Seals are killed in Canada, but its not a slaughter as people in the press like to pretend it is. IT is done in a very humane way, 95+% are killed with a bullet, not clubbed, and they are used for food, as well as many of the oils from seals are used in MANY medications that you all use and depend on. ALSO, baby seals are NEVER killed, that is against the law, so why is they only show the cute little baby seals in these "save the seal ads"?! Bring on the pictures of the pigglets in the "Don't eat Pork" ads…Give me a frikken break…Learn the facts!

    -From Newfoundland, Canada…..home of the seal hunt.

  92. Canadian! says – reply to this


    Re: canadiangirl22 – Im sorry, but i cant believe you said you are ashamed to be canadian when things like this come up…

    im not trying to be rude but i really dont think you actually have a clue about the seal hunt

  93. k says – reply to this


    I believe the world wildlife federation condones the culling of baby seals because of the overpopulation. No, it isn't pretty, but it is necessary. It is also the bulk of the income of people from New Foundland fishermen - whose economy is in the toilet, and they need this to support and feed their families. It isn't a simple issue.

  94. k says – reply to this


    to add, the vast majority of Canadians support the hunt - not because they aren't compassionate, but because the understand the issue.

  95. adam says – reply to this


    Before you make statements you should educate yourself on the facts of the hunt. You say you love canada, perhaps you should learn a bit about it. No one is killing white coats, they are strictly used for Photo Ops for lame celebs who do not know any better.

  96. ugh says – reply to this


    Re: JessGreen – so i suppose you would like us to wipe out the races of people who are over populating the planet hey jessgreen… oh well there goes asia…. i highly doubt you have your facts straight. as a registered biologist i'm fairly familiar with the state of all animals and species at risk in north america.. and the seal is definately not one of those species. The problem further lies with your uniformed comments aswell. If the seal was honestly at risk do you think that there would be such a profound hunt every year? I don't think anyone here actually said that seals were taking over Canada, there is, tho, an overpopulation of them. So before you start spouting off your holier than thou insight maybe you should get your own facts straight. reading about the seal hunt from perez and celebretards and actually seeing the seal hunt first hand are two very, very different things and I'd like you, JessGreen, to get your facts straight rather then appearing to be the waste of space that you are.

  97. Research your facts People.. says – reply to this


    do your research!
    They are overpopulated, and are eating all the fish
    take a look at both sides of the story before you attack canadians for killing "cute" animals..

  98. wtf says – reply to this


    get it right…the slaughter of baby seals has been illeagl for decades. Stop the bullshit propoganda and stick to the gossip.
    put this money to feeding dying and hungry children, or how about the AIDS victims in Africa. Here's a thought, healthcare for Americans.

  99. whoaa says – reply to this


    okay people calm the fuck down its just seals no one really gives a fuck… oh sure you can go on with that bubblegum sugar coated shit 'SAVE THE ANIMALS LYKK OMGSHH' but honestly, deep down no one gives a fuck. JUST CHILLL OUTT PEOPLE IT DOESN'T FUCKING EFFECT YOU ANYWAYS!

  100. Save the animals!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Mui

    Are you ignorant or just ignorant & canadian? Of course baby sealsare still slaughtered and they will continue to be so until someone takes Canada on. I guess a man doesn't feel tough until he slaughters and innocent baby animal

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