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Baby Seals Need Your Help

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Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals.

Top Model contributor Nigel Barker is pitching in to help as well. The photog is aiming to help baby seals and is working with the Protect Seals campaign.

Nigel was recently in Canada documenting the birth of the baby seals. He will return later in the month to help document the unfortunate slaughter the seals will eventually occur.

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

[Image via The HSUS.]

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426 comments to “Baby Seals Need Your Help”

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  1. valérie says – reply to this


    ENOUGH! Can't get anymore of this!! I'm from Canada. And just as Mui said, it is illegal to kill baby seals. And if we don't kill seals, they're eating all the fish! And most, when a seal is killed, the meat, the oil and the skin is used. No waste at all. And the way they are killed, is actually the quickest and easiest way to kill them. So let the people do their jobs!
    God! They're still people killing whales illegaly, please help the whales, they are about to disappear and leave the seals! They are so protected, they won't disapear!!

  2. getreal says – reply to this


    Does anybody know where I can get a seal fur hat in the USA? Seal fur is one of the smoothest and warmest furs out there.

  3. amanda says – reply to this


    Is this a joke?
    I am so sick and tired of people supporting this cause when they know absolutely NOTHING about the issue.

    If people didn't hunt these animals, we would be overrun with them - AND, they are the cause for the depletion of the fishery in Canada. I'd like to see Nigel, Brigette Bardot, Pam Anderson etc.. crawl around the ice with a Mother seal and see how cute it is when it bites their faces off.

    By playing in the snow with a cute seal pup is misinforming people on what exactly is happening. GOD DAMN, I AM SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE.

  4. Whitecoats don't get killed! says – reply to this


    Typical hoolywood hype. Trying to stop the cute baby animal from being culled. The baby seals i.e. the cute white seals DO NOT get killed. The older ones are the type that are killed for food!!!! Just like other animals such as chicken, beef and lamb are killed for so humans can eat them! Get a grip people, this is the natrual course of the food chain!

  5. Sam says – reply to this


    Are you serious?
    This has been in my provinces culture for YEARS.
    These celebs need to actually research these "causes" before they go to "Save the world".
    Heather Mills was bad enough.
    The last thing we need is more celebs coming into out small province causing scenes for no good reason.

  6. Ship says – reply to this


    From a Canadian to an American…you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You are an idiot. Please do some research before you speak.

  7. babysealkiller says – reply to this


    i was looking for the link to help slaughter the seals

  8. Dave says – reply to this


    Hi, I am from the province at the forefront of this issue. Baby seals are not killed and it has been illegal to do so for many years. Like a before post said 95% are killed quickly and humanely. This hunt for ADULT seals is part of my provinces economy and many families depend on the money from the seal pelts, meat, etc… There IS a human aspect to this and this hunt is no more brutal than a deer hunt or duck hunt. The difference is that blood is easier to see on the white ice than it would be in a forest for example. These celebrities are not helping and are infact endangering the lives of the young seals by getting close to them since if a baby seal smells like humans it's mother WILL abandon it. I like reading this site because I have always found you (Perez) to be fair and call out bullshit when you see it. I am disappointed that you are advocating this cause since it is so misinformed.

  9. Jeremy says – reply to this


    We Be Clubbin' this March……

  10. Allison Smith says – reply to this


    Okay, so, here's the deal. I'm from Newfoundland, which is where much of the seal hunt in Canada takes place.

    For the record, they don't kill the white coat babies that you see in documents put out by PETA and various other animal rights organizations.

    I do feel for the people who want to save the seals, but they're being mislead. Sir Paul and his ex heather's mills were so ignorant to much of the information the Danny Williams wanted to share with them.

    I urgre everyone to do their research before they shout out their opinion becuase it hurts to see our island given a bad name because of the false statements surrounding the seal hunt.

    If you really care to know more please feel free to contact me.

  11. wuntunhunny says – reply to this


    OMG! What about all the chickens, pigs & cows that are slaughtered daily!!??

    They too, are innocent creatures.

  12. toadflaxxed says – reply to this


    Heather McCartney did this, too.

  13. bluenosed bastard says – reply to this


    Baby seals don't need anyones help,THEY AREN'T HUNTED!!! it has not been legal to hunt baby seals in 20 years.The seal season is a controlled hunt,and is essential in controlling their population,thus protecting the fish population.NOT HUNTED IN 20 YEARS AT LEAST THEY JUST USE PUPS IN THE PICS TO GAIN SYMPATHY.

  14. New Found Land says – reply to this


    The seal hunt is no different than consuming any other animal for food….at least they lived a quality life out in the wild, instead of wallowing in their own shit trapped in a cage like other animals that are killed for food. Also…seal pups ( they are NOT "babies" by the way..) haven't been killed for a long time now! This is the work of reactionary fools and un-informed hypocrites.

  15. didi says – reply to this


    They are still killing baby seals in Canada.

    " IT is done in a very humane way, 95+% are killed with a bullet, not clubbed, "

    You must be dreaming. There are tons of evidence that they clubbed the seals. Videos don't lie. There are even more current videos showing so.

  16. newfiesealkiller says – reply to this


    Re: angie – You dont support the killing of seals but you do support the killing of people. Yah smart

  17. Reek says – reply to this



  18. Nik says – reply to this


    It's great that he is using his fame for a good cause, but hello? He works in the fashion industry, one of the biggest supporters of FUR there is. How does that work?
    Oh, and for all you dumb ignorant rednecks that say they are overpopulated, so are people. Should we all just go out and club each other? I get dibs on you idiots. Clubbing them is not humane. Maybe we should just sterilize people like you. That would surely make the world a better place.
    And yes, there are problems such as world hunger, genocide and mass poverty. But does it hurt to care about those who can't help themselves either? Since when can people only support one cause? You can care about people and animals at the same time. If you are so concerned, get off the damn internet and go do something to help.

  19. Baily says – reply to this


    so dissapointed in this…baby seals are NOT killed in the seal hunt. This whole topic is so misinformed it's not even funny. Come to Newfoundland and actually witness the hunt. I don't understand why no one gets mad about the moose hunt, it's the EXACT same thing. Also, these people who are getting this close to the baby seals are the ones that should be protested against. Not only is it ILLEGAL to get that close to a baby seal, but by them getting that close and touching the seals, the mothers abandon them. This is ridiculous. I'm so dissapointed in you Perez for not getting the correct information on this topic.

  20. Dr Zoo says – reply to this


    Is there a shortage of seals? I think it's mean to kill little animals, but yet, seals eat a lot of the world's fish. And I think seals are a little mean themselves, you know? They kill baby penguins. And baby birds. They are agressive carnivores. Just because an animal has white fuzz on it and has big black eyes—–awwwwwwww— doesn't mean that they deserve some protection. What's cuter than a calf? but we eat them, too. Why would i spend money on this cause when I can send money to St Jude's to help children? Or help a foster kid go to college?

  21. Sarah says – reply to this


    Maybe you should actually read real information on the seal hunt instead of the one sided propaganda spead by organizations like peta. The seal hunt is extremely regulated, seals are not clubbes, baby seals aren't even killed! The seal hunt is an extremely important part of the economy in some parts of canada, so much so that around 1/3 of the average newfoundland fisherman's annual salary depends on it. Educate yourself on the matter and then maybe you can have an informed opinion on the seal hunt, however I doubt most people posting on this can find Newfoundland on a map, let alone know anything about its culture, economics, or the TRUE facts about the seal hunt

  22. Kim says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez…I automatically donate $10 a month through my credit cart but I just donated an additional $50 to th HSUS.

  23. THANK YOU says – reply to this


    thank you for posting things like these perez….your website CAN make a difference

  24. e.jo says – reply to this


    How many times do we have to say this? You are not, I reapeat, ARE NOT allowed to hunt seals in Canada. You are especially NOT ALLOWED to kill the cute little white fluffy babies. They are too young!!! But amazingly, they are the only seals ever put in pictures! I would also like to re-iterate the fact that thanks to these people getting too close to the babies, the mothers are more likely to abandon them, and then they end up dying for nothing! Don't celebrities have anything better to do?? I don't see them out there calling to save the squirrels, or crows? What… not cute enough for them? Get a clue people and learn the facts!

  25. Diane says – reply to this


    Re: didi – videos do lie if #1 the videos are made before 1987, and you are watching them thinking they are today. and #2 the hunting you are watching is not taking place in atlantic canada. there are more than one country that look to seal as a food source. I've seen the seal hunt first hand. So you can sit on your youtube and say, "it's all lies, I've seen proof", but until you've actually stepped onto the ice and watched the veterinary techs checking for vitals and seen 95% of the guns used then you cannot say that you're an expert on the situation. Without the hunt the seal population would die of starvation after overpopulation. sigh.

  26. ally says – reply to this


    Dear Perez Hilton,

    Why must you post things like this which piss of the intelligent fans of your site?
    If you're trying to support causes which will screw up the environment and are basically worthless, good job!

    Way to turn off people from your site

  27. rewr says – reply to this


    CUtest thigns ever.

  28. Sabrina says – reply to this


    I grew up in Labrador and the seal hunt is a way of life, not a sport. No part of the hunt is any more inhumane than a cattle farm. The entire seal is used, for meat, oil and it's skin used for traditional clothing. People don't go out clubbing baby seals as certain organizations might like to sensationalize. I take offense to people like Heather Mills or Nigel Barker (who I actually adore) having anything to say about the seal hunt. Hunting seals is part of natural selection… since there have been more stringent laws on seal hunting, the cod stocks have been severely depleted… leading to the loss of a livelihood for an entire generation of fishermen (including my own family). People need to look at all the issues and not just one sided propaganda showing pictures of cute cuddly seals.

  29. katie says – reply to this


    how nice that he's doing that, i'm glad to see more people stepping up to help animals in hollywood!

    thank you for posting perez!!

  30. Allison Smith says – reply to this


    Re: didi
    Dearest…the videos you're talking about are from prior to the 1980's.
    Smarten up.

  31. Laura says – reply to this


    Sigh. I love Nigel Barker. And now I love him even more!

  32. Carla says – reply to this


    oh please…if he has to take a photograph of a baby seal gettin slaughtered he'll have to look very very hard. What you guys are seeing in the SAVE THE SEALS slogan are usually images from back when. It is illegal to kill baby seals. So just before you judge….look up the facts.

  33. ajb says – reply to this


    You need to retract this post. Total garbage. That cute little baby seal is now doomed because of this idiot.

  34. megan says – reply to this


    Re: angie – Before you go ranting about how these "human" beings should die you should learn both sides of the story. If we allow the seal population to grown the fish industry will go down. These people are helping to control the population. Whether the methods they use are good, either way if seals aren't killed the people in the fishing industry will lose jobs. Sure, I admit seeing baby seals all cute and fluffy is cute, but really it's not for pleasure or for no reason the natives use the meat for many things, and nothing is ever wasted.

  35. Leeanne says – reply to this


    AHSAMED TO BE FROM CANADA……I understand population control….but these poor creatures are clubbed and beaten…they bleed to death and suffer. This is senseless killing…all for fat rich people to cover there fat pig bodies with fur…..Anyone for this is a goof!

  36. COOLNESS says – reply to this


    NIGEL BARKER IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NIGEL BARKER IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NIGEL BARKER IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ... says – reply to this


    do you eat pork, beef, chicken…?? all of these animals are killed in a brutal way aswell, but no one complains about this because these animals aren't cute and furry. Do you realize that most cattle are killed by a swinging sledgehammer between the eyes..? I work for a poultry company and it's sad - but it is a way of life for MANY people and feeds many many MANY more! give it up. these celebs need to focus on the fact that their SUV's are killing the earth for our future children. maybe instead of spending millions on their 8th home the should help out some of the starving kids of the world. pathetic photo op mr. barker… just like the mccartneys & ms. anderson in past years!

  38. GetYourFactsStraight says – reply to this


    I see Perez did as much research into this story as he did on the death of Fidel Castro.

  39. Slaughter House 5 says – reply to this


    Oh snap! Go to a slaughterhouse for cattle or chickens or hogs or and you'll see the same thing.

    If you hate it, then I assume you are also not a meat/fish/caviar/veal lover — if it's got a face, don't eat it. Think globally, act locally.

    Those Inuit have been doing a seal cull for about 10 millenia … what right do any of us have to insist on how they have lived their lives, when our slaughterhouses/fishing-vessels are doing the same thing within minutes of where we live.

    Shame on all of you

  40. Jenn_Jane says – reply to this


    Hi everyone, I'm also from eastern canada, and I have to deal with this issue every time seal hunting season comes. My problem is that people pick one side or the other, with no knowledge of the background behind either side. As a Eastern Canadian, I have to listen to some people call us "barbarians" and "cruel" which hurts. I am not for or against the seal hunt because it does not effect me directly. My parents work at jobs that are indirectly affected by this form of income, and we realize that without it, half the people in my town would not be able to live there; they'd have to find jobs elsewhere if this income wasn't coming in. I think its sad that NL has to rely on this hunt as a source of sustainable income every year, but I also agree with saving our province from outmigration.

  41. JennJane says – reply to this


    I think the real problem here is ignorance. I think before you go out and bash Newfoundlanders for clubbing baby seals, maybe you should ask someone who actually participates in the hunt how they feel about it. Nobody wants to go out and cause harm to animals for pleasure and most of them risk their lives in small boats and crushing ice flows to be able to bring some money home to their family so they don't have to move. I wish everyone would take 5 mins out of their day to read up on this issue, both sides, before they take 5 mins to write their biased opinion on this website. Us newfoundlanders are caring, friendly people just like you, maybe even nicer! I'm glad people have the decency to care about currect world issues and I hope we can decrese the ignorance and have a civil debate using the FACTS.

  42. Katherine says – reply to this


    Since 1986, whitecoat seal (baby seals) have not been killed in the seal hunt. Clubs are no longer used in the hunt as they were also outlawed about twenty years ago. An hunter who does so is breaking the law and therefore runs the risk of prison, a fine and the loss of his/her catch. The seal hunt is not for fashion, though the seal pelts are used in making coats, boots, etc. All of the animal is used; the seal meat is eaten (including the flippers) and the oil is put into capsules as herbal medicinals. A large portion of those who hunt seal do it as subsistance fishing. Many of Canada's Native persons hunt as a tradition. The government regulates the amount of seals taken each year and adjusts the allowable catch when there are a scarcity of animals. It is because of ill-informed persons that this hunt has taken on such a negative stereotype. This is not like mink or fox farming where the animals are caged until they are skinned and the meat left to rot; this hunt represents a large portion of a lot of fisherpersons yearly income.

  43. Canada East says – reply to this


    As a Canadian I am sick of hearing this nonsense. Its ILLEGAL to KILL BABY SEALS. We have to kill adult seals however at times because they at overpopulated and they are eating the depleted fish, which could possibly go to extinction if something isn't done about it. So honestly if you want to save something, save something that is going to go extinct, like the fish.

  44. Jillian says – reply to this


    I live in Canada, and over the past 20 years the seal population has gone from 30 thousand to 300 thousand plus. The seals are VERY vicious animals and are eating a lot of the fish in our oceans. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada has rules and regulations as to how you are allowed to kill seals so it is done in the most humaine way possible. You are also only allowed to kill the seals which have already left their mothers. Seal hunting is no different than any other kind of hunting - possibly even better in fact because there are SOOO many of them.

  45. shouny says – reply to this


    stop saying those things! get informed perez! baby seals hunt is illegal since 1987!

  46. Canadian! says – reply to this


    To all you clueless americans, here is the truth from a person born in Atlantic Canada where the seal hunt is a major part of its economy. You are so far off the issue it's not even funny. There hasn't been a baby seal killed in the Canadian atlntic since the early 80'. If they are it is probably because of crazy greedy americans coming on canadian waters. I am so sick of hearing about this let people be and go save the whales in Japan instead!!

  47. pam says – reply to this


    Stop and think people, baby seals of course are not slaughtered as part of the seal hunt. Controls on Seal hunting are strictly regulated. There is nothing wrong with this practice, what is wrong is stars using misleading propaganda to their own selfish advantage!

  48. SS says – reply to this


    Oh fuck off you whiners! NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE KILLED AS BRUTALLY AS SEALS ARE. Should seals be discluded from compassion because they are cute? Of course not. If you want to rally for all the other animals that dont deserve to be killed then shut up and do something about it as some of us try very hard to do. And shame on the posters here from Canada who try to justify this brutality by calling it overpopulation. There are other options to deal with that rather than brutally killing them and if thats the only piteous way you can afford a living then find a fucking job with some dignity that does not involve slaughtering innocent animals. How you fuckers sleep at night is beyond me. And to those that minimize this horror and blather on about Darfur and other situations..there are other appropropriate blogs to voice your concerns, in case you havent noticed this blog is focusing on seals. And to those that hate on celebs that associate themselves with these causes I have far more respect for them than assholes like you that do nothing but sit on your ass and whine and show no regard for animals being killed. What the fuck have you done lately?? There is a pathetic disconnect with so many non-compassionate people who seem to care less about the blatant brutality of slaughtering animals. Sad sick world!

  49. jet says – reply to this


    Re: Ziploc seal – You won't be able to find any information on this because there isn't any. You may, however, go to PETA.com or HSUS.com and find videos from LAST spring's seal hunt when the clubbers were ramming the PETA boats. MUI is completely clueless. There is no information to support her claims.

    Besides, if you club baby seals for a living, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. GO GET A REAL JOB FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.



  50. stupido!!! says – reply to this


    Re: cl – stop using different 'alias' names to keep on saying the same thing…no, we are not as dumb as you think…stupid!!

  51. Leigh says – reply to this


    I can't believe people are saying 1) that the seal hunt is a myth and hasn't happened since the 80's 2) that it's happening but it's totally humane 3) that the seals are to blame for losing so many fish 4) that all of the seal is used after it's clubbed and 5) that the seal population is exploding. None of this is true people. The seal hunt goes on every single year. Being clubbed in the head is not humane - watch the footage and see if you think it is humane after you watch it. Humans are to blame for the fish populations dwindling (and yes, I'm a vegetarian so I don't contribute to this problem). The seals are clubbed for fashion - pure and simple. Their fur is shipped to Europe for coats. The seal population is actually decreasing every year because global warming is causing the ice to melt more rapidly so more seal pups are drowning. Please don't support the seal hunt - boycott all Canadian sea food and Red Lobster (who gets most of it's sea food from Canada).

  52. shouny says – reply to this


    Re: juanita – I totally agree, perez you don't know what you're talking about.

  53. poor baby seals says – reply to this


    Re: MM – you are the ignorant fucking prick. if you kill innocent baby seals for a living, you are a pathetic fucking prick. you get informed idiot.

  54. AshMegs says – reply to this


    I am a Newfoundlander (the people you are attacking, you learn something new everyday!). There is no such thing as “clubbing” a seal anymore (the last time was when the Viking’s came along like 1000 years ago). So if you could stop repeating that lame word over and over, you might be able to open your eyes to the fact that this is just another circle of life situation. Things have to be controlled for the earth’s balance. So give it up….or stop stealing our fish from Newfoundland oceans (maybe that will help too..)

  55. pleasecare4humans... says – reply to this


    I have to post because it makes me sick when I see this people who put the well being of animal ahead of human being, I'm a from a long line off seal hunters…from a small village in Canada…and my mother would have starved some whiters if they would not have had seal meat to eat…so when I see this celebrity taking on causes they don't understand it makes me sick …. Fisherman can't fish because the seal population is eating all the fish…so how many people must suffer before this rich people care… I guess a seal is worth more then a human to some people….It's sad very sad….

  56. Canadian says – reply to this


    Ok, obviously no one has really checked into this. In canada their is a seal hunt every year. this is because there are So many seals that the cod population will die out. The are not enough of the seals preditors to kill off the seal population. Seals in Canada have been killed for hundreds of years, for their blubber, coats and meat.
    The seal hunt has been found to be the most human way for the seals to die. They die instantly, and they young ones are really the only ones you can catch. Shooting them , they will get away and suffer.
    Why doesn't anyone talk about other places in the world these things happen. I am a huge lover of animals however i live in canada and understand what is going on… maybe you should read about it first before commenting.

  57. Janice says – reply to this


    Re: Diane – Wow, the Canadian government really has you brainwashed. Go to HSUS.com and watch the CURRENT videos. OH, and there will be more videos taken from this year's hunt too. Get current and with the program idiot Canadians!!!

  58. CANADA says – reply to this


    Man, if I hear one more BS complaint about the seals Im gonna lose it. Really people are totally uneducated about what is actually going on. The seal population is out of control in Canada and the entire fishery is at risk for being totally depleted and exhausted by the seals. They are out of control and feeding on the fish to the point there are none left. For more information view Premier Danny Williams apperance on the late show. Watch this informed debate with Paul Mcartney facing off against Williams about the issue and you will clearly see just how out to lunch people are about the issue. No one is killing baby seals in Canada. Please.

  59. Rosie says – reply to this


    U dumb Americans. U really believe whatever…I hope ppl don`t get their info about serious issues on your website, P.

  60. YOu don't have a clue! says – reply to this



  61. Jill says – reply to this


    GET OVER IT!!!! We actually use seal as a food source you idiots! It actually happens to be one of the few we have on the islands to survive. We also use the fur for clothing and the wiskers for sewing our boats. Are you that incompetant not to understand and study other cultures????

  62. Jeffrey says – reply to this


    I honestly can't believe how much attention this hunt gets every year. Last year or the year before Paul McCartney and his ex-wife went on air with Newfoundland's Premier Danny Williams and argued with him about it. They actually didn't listen to a word he said and Paul hardly talked it was all his wife. People say seals are just killed for fur which is a complete lie. I have relatives and I know people that have ate seal. Seal is also full of Omega-3 which is a vitamin many people use and a lot of it is from seal. The whole seal is used just like many other animals. Seals more so get attention because they are cute, that doesn't change anything though because it's no different then killing any other animal. Some people just get stubborn and do not know their facts.

  63. betduke says – reply to this


    Oh, the poor fisherman. The human plague is what is over fishing the oceans, not seals. If we minded our own business the seals would have enough natural predators to keep their populations down. Unfortunately, the dam humans have already done away with the predators, too. Boycott Canada. They need the U.S. more than we need them.

  64. AshMegs says – reply to this


    Re: Janice – You just posted a Asian restaurant website

  65. outporter says – reply to this


    Ok, so I'm from a place that uses the annual seal hunt as one of the main source of income along with outher offshore resources such as fish. The seals are shot, not clubbed. Seal boats are required to have someone on board that isn't a part of their crew to make sure that the hunt is being conducted properly.
    Also, think about it, cows are slaughted, this is way worst! The seal hunt is no different the catching fish in a net. Some people should get thier facts straight and stop paying attention to the hunt only because seals are cute when they're pups. I don't see any celeb protesting the crab fishery?

  66. danyelle says – reply to this


    Re: Janice – oh yeah Janice,just like you IDIOT amercains were brainwashed by President Bush that there were WMD's in Iraq.

  67. Erin says – reply to this


    Mui is right. Whoever is trying to stop the seal hunt is an idiot. They are like vermin. People only care because they are "cute"

  68. Paige says – reply to this


    Thanks for posting this Perez! As a fellow Canadian I am appalled at what happens in Newfoundland, its disgusting and barbaric. I think its embarrassing for the country. Given all the facts, there must be a better way to deal with over population. Just because something is a tradition DOES NOT make it right….and yes i am a vegetarian.
    The fact that the these animals are killed for their furs ALONE is wrong, and the Canadian government has spent over $20 million trying to figure out ways in which to use the rest of the seal parts.

  69. Kat Rose says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez for posting this. The more people that know the better, and hopefully someday this can end.

  70. jessiecanada says – reply to this


    hollywood and misinformed american fucks like to jump on the bandwagon and pretend they are informed about these issues. in addition to the fact that you are missing out on a ton of information, you also have to think of native cultures that survive on seals and have been doing it for centuries. stop pretending you give a shit about the baby seals just because they are cute.

  71. lauren says – reply to this


    i'm not for hunting…but i'm not against it either.
    i care more about human beings than i do animals to be perfectly honest.
    if it were for ill children or something….i'd care more. sorry.

  72. Amanda says – reply to this


    LOL Seriously, it's like everyone else around the world cares about it but us Canadians. Get over it! Go think about something more important like the AIDS epedemic in Africa or starving children.

  73. AshMegs says – reply to this


    this is soooo stupid, soon you guys are gonna say that boiling a lobster (which is alive) in water is a crime….

  74. Alys says – reply to this


    he was in Newfoundland to be more specific. and like yeah people are killing seals, if they didnt we'd be over run & have no fish, people arent protesting the killing of baby cows? so everyone protesting and thinking they are being so great actually cant say anything at all! people only protest becsause they find in conveinient and want attention.. who is nigel barker anyways? he's pretty much a no body to most people. people need to give it a rest, there are certain retirctions and the seal hunt is pretty regulated with many rules and standards the sealers have to abide by. so unless your going to protest the killing off ALL the baby animals in the world, shut the fuck up.

  75. Lindsay Spears says – reply to this


    First of all you need to get your information straight. I live in altantic Canada and all these celeberties need to mind their own fucken business. This is a way of life here. Seals are over populated and we kill them once a year because of the tradition and to keep and them from become overpopulated. All these celeberties need to get their information straight. Especially Heather Mills she is the worst of all. Plus less then 10% of seals are actually clubbed the others are killed in a human way. It is also not illegal to kill them so please people get your shit straight before you say things you know nothing about.

  76. bethany says – reply to this


    This picture is such bullshit. It is propaganda. It is a public relations strategy used by human rights organizations to suck the public into supporting them financially. First of all, the killing of baby white coat seals is ILLEGAL in Canada, but of course they show a picture of a white coat baby seal because it is cute and conivcing. What a perfect photo-op!!!!! Second these so-called "celebrity activists" are so uninformed its disgusting. The seal hunt is neccessary for some fishermen to survive financially; these animals are not killed for something to do. Perez…stop trying to sway public opinion until you become informed on the facts surrounding the hunt. You hold so much power as a celebrity…don't abuse your power!!!

  77. Where are the stars for the cows????? says – reply to this


    Only the cute fuzzy ones get stars attention. Fuck them all. Give me a bat! save the cute ones?. We eat meat and wear cloths. No ones going veggie sorry, ok some nuts but that stuff is just as bad with all the pestecides, acid rain etc. and only stars can afford all organic. Animals are here for the eatin and wearin you jack offs. You will NEVER stop it. Species of all sorts disapear every year but stars only come out for the cute ones. Sorry it's us or them, so kill yourselves because overpopulation which aint stoppin will cause all animals to be in zoos or our bellies! Thankyou have a wonderful day!

  78. shouny says – reply to this


    Here are some facts i found on Wikipedia:
    -the hakapik, when used properly, kills the animal quickly and painlessly
    -properly performed clubbing is at least as humane as the methods used in commercial slaughterhouses
    -according to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), these studies "have consistently proven that the club or hakapik is an efficient tool designed to kill the animal quickly and humanely
    -"Perception of the seal hunt seems to be based largely on emotion, and on visual images that are often difficult even for experienced observers to interpret with certainty. While a hakapik strike on the skull of a seal appears brutal, it is humane if it achieves rapid, irreversible loss of consciousness leading to death."(World Wildlife Fund)
    The commercial hunting of infant harp seals (whitecoats) and infant hooded seals (bluebacks) was banned in Canada in 1987

    I knew I was right

  79. Ashamed to be Canadian says – reply to this


    When those people from Newfoundland say it is illegal to kill a baby seal, they are playing with words and are being dishonest. According to a Canadian law, a seal ceases to be a baby at 10 days old ! That is a fact, 10 days old and you can kill the seal. Plus it is not a way of life but a way for a bunch of drunkards to party on the ice once a year and butcher animals at the same time. You know, boys will be boys, and you know how men love to kill ! And why wouldn't the seals be allowed to eat as much fish as they need? There are so many other things we can eat if we ever run out of fish. Hey Newfies, stop lying, stop supporting this yearly massacre. HELP SAVE THE SEALS, BABIES AND ADULTS !!!!!!!

  80. NLCAN says – reply to this


    Has anyone noticed how close these people are to this BABY seal in the above picture? Surely if they had done any research they would know that this poor BABY seal is now abandoned by its mother and it will starve to death. GREAT JOB NIGEL!!! Any trace of human scent and the mother seal will leave it's baby. BTW…the seal hunt consists strictly of adult seal…all the pictures they take are of the cute BABY seals. Why not try and save the hundreds of chickens and cows that are slaughtered everyday…Really, whats the difference!

  81. youredumb says – reply to this


    you people piss me offff sooooooo much.
    baby seals are more respected then fucking jesus in canada.
    WE DON'T KILL BABY SEALS, like holy shit.
    we kill the adult ones, but if someone don't kill em, all the fish is gonna die.
    so clue the fuck in you stupid ass anti-seal killing nutcases.

  82. canadiangirl23 says – reply to this


    Hey canadiangirl22…

    Why don't you worry about homeless people and starving kids instead of being *ashamed* to be from canada… useless piece of shit

  83. G.O.B. says – reply to this


    The funny thing is, now that they've all tainted that baby seal with their human scent, it's mother will abandon it! Stupid celebrities…the seal hunt is not cruel. It's very well regulated, and there is no slaughter of white coats as is often portrayed by PETA. If you protest the seal hunt, you should be protesting all hunts…deer, fox, moose, caribou, rabbit…it's all the same. If seals were endangered species then this would be a different matter. But as it stands right now, the seal population is very strong. Besides, hunting is generally much more humane than a slaughter house! I mean, COME ON!!!!

  84. Tasha says – reply to this


    I find it funny that it is only rich white people who are out there rolling around in the snow with baby seals. I dont look down on people who are just trying to make a living. This seal hunt takes place in the martimes and if you all dont know we are the poorest provinces in canada. People traditionaly live off the land here and known it all their lives. Pamela anderson for god sakes got booed down here. People around here think its a joke.

  85. Proud Newfoundland Girl says – reply to this


    I am from Newfoundland, Canada. I have to say, the more I read about this, the more angry I get. As mentioned by others previously, the seal hunt has been taking place for decades, if not centuries. It really infuriates me when I see people such as Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, Nigel Baker, Bridget Bardou and many others criticize Newfoundlanders and the rest of Canada about the seal hunt. They seem to only listen to what the AHS and PETA tell them as opposed to researching the facts themselves. For starters, hunters only hunt seals that are fully grown. They do not hunt pups like they used to. There are now laws in place to regulate this. Secondly, hunters do not hunt seals just for their hyde. They fully utilize seals for both their meat and hyde letting nothing go to waste. Much of that meat is shipped to restaurants all

  86. Michelle Lauren says – reply to this


    As a Canadian I can assure you one hundred percent that the seal slaughter is an unsustainable, unnecessary practice.
    1) The reason the cod numbers are low is because we have been overfishing them for years. There is no evidence to show that the seal slaughter will bring these numbers back up.
    2) The seal hunt is generated by the fashion industry, those who still use seal skin: PRADA, VERSACE, GUCCI.
    3) Many of the seals that are slaughtered are as young as 2 weeks old, and as monitoring has shown - up to 42% of them are hooked and skinned alive.
    4) This is an unmonitored hunt that takes place hastily and sloppily over the course of 2-4 days.
    5) Those individuals currently trying to monitor the event are being arrested, their footage confiscated.
    6) Many countries around the world have banned Canadian Seal products, due to the cruelty involved. France has just signed on, too.
    7) Due to global warming making it difficult for seals to breed and the high killing quotas, now the seal population is in danger itself.

    Canada is a country with vast economic opportunity -
    There are OTHER ways to make money.

    SO easy to help!
    - go to www.stopthesealhunt.ca
    - click on Take Action to fill out the form

    Hundred of thousands of people are already on board.
    Thanks everyone. We are truly evolving into a more gentle planet.

  87. stephanie says – reply to this


    everyone sign these petitions! take a break from our shallow existence and make your voice heard for those that cannot protect themselves. If you have a heart, you will do this!

  88. Tiffany says – reply to this


    I would just like to comment that being a Newfoundlander does not make me automatically agree with the Great Canadian Seal Hunt, but people, you must know your facts. Killing whitecoats (baby seals) has been outlawed since 1987. The seal population of Newfoundland is extremely high, so high that other species of animals such as Atlantic Cod fish are endangered. There has to be some form of animal control and the seals dont suffer. Most fishermen shoot the animals in the head and they don't feel a thing, sure, they move after but its because they have a swim reflex, much like chickens with their heads cut off. Some more dated techniques are using clubs, but fishermen who do this know what they are doing, they know how to hit the animal in such a way that it automatically dies. Many Newfoundlanders are seasonal workers and with the low fish stocks their lively hood is threatened. No one ever thinks about that do they? That these men and women depend on this hunt to survive. Sure celebrities can open their mouths and have a say, but are they going to feed the population of fishermen in Atlantic Canada?

  89. meg says – reply to this


    i just love nigelllll

  90. buttercup says – reply to this


    Please do yourselves a favor and get properly informed before buying into this propaganda, groups like the seasheapard society and protect the seal compain give out false information to con you out of your money…it is illegal to hunt baby seals in canada and has been for more than 20 years, the hunt is done humanely and is more controlled than just about any other hunt in the world…without this annual culling of seals the population would be near colaspe from over population…if you want to get informed and find out the truth on this issue check out thesealfishery.com all I ask is you get educated on such issues before making uninformed comments. Thank you.

  91. Bailey says – reply to this


    Re: Ashamed to be Canadian
    Have you ever been to Newfoundland? Doubt it. It's not hard to tell, I implore you, come to Newfoundland and witness the hunt. Why aren't you getting upset over the fact that in Japan Foxes are skinned alive for their fur? Or the fact that in Africa chimpanzees are kept in cages, neglected for busch meat? Grow-up, get your facts straight and then you can comment on the seal hunt.

  92. Proud Newfoundland Girl says – reply to this


    over North America (yes, even including L.A and other large urban centers), Europe and Asia. Thirdly, as mentioned before, there is an over population of this animal. Much of people's livelyhood depend on this. Our country and it's provinces generate it's income largely through exporting our natural resources. One of them being fish. If seals (who have been scientifically proven to be over populated) were the reason for the decrease in our fish population, many of our provinces would suffer high unemployement rates. Not only would it have a great impact on our country, but also vendors around that world that depend on our exports as well. People are not realizing the domino effect this would have. Finally, there is a major misrepresentation issue that our seal hunters have. Many anti-sealing advocates have the

  93. Proud Newfoundland Girl says – reply to this


    wrong impression of how seals are hunted. I admit that in the past there have been the various sealers caught on tape that have beat seals with bats and other weapons. I completely agree that such brutality is completely inhumaine. However, there are laws put in place to restrict this from happening, along with strict consequces for those hunters that break these laws. However, the majority of hunters now act ethicly in this process by using hunting guns so that seals feel no pain or suffering. It is those sealers caught on tape that has made the majority of sealers look barbaric and inhumane and this is simply not the case. So please, before you pass judgment on these issues, you must look at the fact behind them.

  94. Lindsay says – reply to this



  95. stephanie says – reply to this


    What I find amazing is how Canadians justify this barbarism. But it does let me know that I should never visit their country or buy their products. Not that I did anyway. A person who thinks clubbing babies to death as a way of population control is a person who I think should have their own young clubbed to death in front of them as a method of birth control.

  96. MzJaxin says – reply to this


    Perez! I fucking love you for posting stuff like this on your site! Thank you so so much for giving these issues exposure! *MUAH!*

  97. NLCAN says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle Lauren – They are not clubbed, they are not skinned alive, it is cruel to kill them, however, it is cruel to kill any animal. Also, they do not kill the WHITE COATs that are shown over and over in the video on www.hsus.com. They mother can been seen in the background, what do you think she is going to do now that her baby has human scent on it. She is going to abandoned it. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  98. Diedre says – reply to this


    I think im going to become a famous celebrity
    and when i do
    i start my own organization called "CLUB THE BABY SEALS"
    yes, its gonna be big

  99. Diedre says – reply to this


    I think im going to become a famous celebrity
    and when i do
    i start my own organization called "CLUB THE BABY SEALS"
    yes, its gonna be big

  100. dandelion~.~! says – reply to this



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