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Baby Seals Need Your Help

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Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals.

Top Model contributor Nigel Barker is pitching in to help as well. The photog is aiming to help baby seals and is working with the Protect Seals campaign.

Nigel was recently in Canada documenting the birth of the baby seals. He will return later in the month to help document the unfortunate slaughter the seals will eventually occur.

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

[Image via The HSUS.]

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426 comments to “Baby Seals Need Your Help”

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  1. Canadianandproudofit says – reply to this



  2. MJM says – reply to this


    Why don't activists throw themselves into a bullring to stop the ruthless slaughter of bulls for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only?????? Ever been to a bullfight - it is one of the most brutal and bloody things you ever want to see and to what end - so some guy can show how macho he is - sick, sick, sick.

  3. Kaitlyn says – reply to this


    fuck off you dont know what youre talking about.

  4. PRO Seal Hunt says – reply to this


    Maybe Nigel Barker should have researched how his presence on the ice would affect the baby seals…..
    Maybe Pamela Anderson should retake a highschool Canadian Studies course….
    Maybe Heather Mills should find a cause worth fighting that doesn't endanger PEOPLE…..
    Maybe all the other celebrities in search of the perfect 'photo op' should stick to places where they are NEEDED….
    The impact that these protests are having on rural Canadian towns is detrimental in many ways. How can someone use their celebrity status to destroy a culture? Read a book. Learn the facts.

  5. TELL THE TRUTH says – reply to this


    I just wish the groups against the seal hunt would stop showing pictures of baby seals…It's the adult ones that are killed (NOT CLUBBED). They keep saying "save the baby seals", well that's no problem because it's adult seals. PUT THE PICTURES OF THE ADULT SEALS ON YOUR WEBSITES, STOP HIDING BEHIND THE BABY SEALS! If you are going to fight for a cause, do it with integrity, then maybe I can respect your cause!

  6. fiona says – reply to this


    I am sick of this propaganda that PETA and other organizations of the such decide to portray regarding the seal hunt. It is completely illegal to hunt baby seals in Canada. I am from Newfoundland and this part of the fishery is a necessity for many families. The fishery is one of the only viable resources in the province and if the hunting of ADULT seals were to be illegal there were would be an over abundance of seals and lack of cod and other fish. This alone would set off the environment. We don't go into the states or Europe protesting the slaughter of other animals, cows, sheep, veal, chicken; despite that they are farmed for the purpose to slit their throats. On the contrary, the seal hunt is done in a wild hunt manner where these animals are able to live there lives in peace, in the wild until the hunt begins. They aren't fed steroids, gurneyed to metal and forceps, and breed for death. They are immediately clubbed, at matter of fact very safe and most humane manner imaginable. If they were shot this could mean the seal would just face a long death or even a whale underneath the ice may get penetrated. Yeah, the clubbing may appear brutal, but it is the most humane way to kill a seal, and I repeat for those people who don't like to read about the actual information and just assume, it is illegal for any pups to get hunted. Let this issue go.

  7. aneurysm says – reply to this


    signed up & forwarded to friends! save the seals!

  8. MC says – reply to this


    Are you kidding. Every year we get some other supposed celebrity and cameras going to the north and getting a photo op. Relax, this has been going on for hundreds of years. Looks cruel, sure! So the celeb, get a couple of pics then off to the sushi restaurant to eat some AHI or Dolphin. Gimme a break!

  9. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Let the Hunt Begin!!!!!

  10. Newfoundland says – reply to this


    This is truly ridicoulas. This website you gave link to in 100% biased, give the viewers a disadvantaged point of view of the seal hunt. Until you have lived in Newfoundland, or other areas where the seal hunt take place, you have no idea how this benifits our economy and cultural backround for that manner. 98% of seals, or "cute baby seals :) :):)" as many seem to refer them as, are killed in a perfectly humane way, and these seals are in no way being "slaughtered". I'm not saying I agree with the seal hunt, and people enjoying to clothe themselves in fur, but, looking at pictures of the famous celebrities that you adore and a cute baby harper seal is not the half of it. When you live in a coastal, rural community, where seals brings in income to your house, where there is little left to fish in the ocean, then, you can spread you love about the "poor baby seals!". Without these seals, who, are overpopulated I will add, most of our prime fishing resource, cod, would be banished.

    Read the facts. Not some propaganda from a website which only shows one sided facts. This is not simply black and white. You take away the seals, you take away our economy. It's a serious matter. It's the same as killing cows/pigs/chickens for meat, with the lack of information many of you are missing, we eat seal, so its classified with the same things as above.

  11. megz says – reply to this


    It is really our own fault that the words is so out of balance. We are infringing on precious land that should be reserved for wildlife. Our constant procreation has resulted in the overwhelming amount of assholes (all people in general) whose sole purpose is to further destroy Mother earth.

    Although it is a tragedy to see any innocent and defenseless creature killed for human desires/needs it's probably safe to say that they are in a better place. I cannot wait until Mother Earth's backlash and she rids herself of all of the disgusting things that we humans are.

    Thanks Perez for using your celeb-status for something decent

  12. Dada says – reply to this


    HAHA!!! It is illegal to kill baby seals in Canada??? Are you people stupid or just plainly ignorant ??? I'm from NB, and a few days ago The Daily Gleaner announced that in fact, killing of baby seals is still going on!!!! Yeah, fish pop is going down, so whaaaaaaaaaat!!! Nobody has a right to kill defenseless, innocent creatures!!! I will sign that petition over and over again if necessary.

  13. Me! says – reply to this


    I hate when people go yelling stop the seal hunt stop the seal hunt when they dont know what they are talking about. The seal eat our fish which is our main source of income, are we just suposed to sit back and watch and say how cute. Baby seals are illegal to kill, and for the record people do eat seal meat, and the oil is used as well. Please you you dont know what your talking about stay out of it!

  14. violet says – reply to this


    please keep your charity acts to your own country- especially when you don't know what is ACTUALLY going on

  15. michele says – reply to this


    Re: angie
    Au contraire, Perez and Angie - we only kill the guilty ugly seals!

    First we send them to Gitmo for 'intense' questioning!

  16. Susan in Canada says – reply to this


    You people have no idea what the seal hunt is…
    These "famous" people crawl onto the ice to get their pictures taken with baby seals that aren't even hunted any more…brutal and uninformed

  17. juliein Canada says – reply to this


    I hope all of you shouting "animal cruelty" are vegetarians.
    I'm Canadian, and I don't condone animal cruelty. In fact, it is illegal here to kill the baby seals. However, some idiots do it, just like poachers anywhere in the world.
    The seals in Canada pose a problem on our fish population. There are too many seals, and that also causes a problem for the seals themselves, because if they eat all the fish, what are they going to eat after that?
    Does everyone cry and attack when people go hunting for moose or deer calves? Or what about cow calves?
    Seal hunting in Canada is done just like deer, moose or turkey hunting…. with a gun. This whole "clubbing" the seals doesn't happen.
    Get informedf before attacking an issue.

  18. Vikki says – reply to this


    The seal hunt is only done becuase of over population of the seals. Perez do some research before putting up some random pics of tards with baby seals. I expect more from you.

  19. patches mom says – reply to this


    don't listen to the brainwashed canadian seal killing propagandists (their probably not even canadian, just U.S. NRA members who wish they could club seals). here is the TRUTH:
    - Canada's commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth, with hundreds of thousands of seals killed annually.
    - In Canada, more than 95 percent of the seals killed each year are less than 3 months old. At the time of slaughter, many have yet to eat their first solid meal or take their first swim, and they are utterly defenseless against the hunters. They may not be white, but they are babies!
    - The seals are killed for their fur, which is sold in fashion markets in Asia, Europe, and Russia.
    - In Canada, sealers are commercial fishermen, who earn only a few grand each, which is a tiny fraction of their annual incomes from killing seals.
    - A 2007 study by a panel of veterinary and zoology experts who studied the Canadian commercial seal hunt found a widespread disregard for the Marine Mammal Regulations by sealers, a failure to monitor the hunt by authorities, high wounding rates in seals that were shot or clubbed, wounded seals left to suffer for protracted periods of time, and sealers failing to ensure animals were dead in 66 percent of cases. The report concluded that both clubbing and shooting of seals should be considered unacceptable.

  20. Macker says – reply to this


    Re: PopsRe: jaime – Good point!! He made her look like the idiot she is!! She had no idea about what she was trying to fight for!! She had no idea that families depend on this lifestyle. Danny Williams being the intelligent person that he is stopped her in her tracks, she had nothing!! It was awesome. For those of you who have not seen it check it out, it will shed some light. They are overpopulated and this has to be done!! Thats that. Fight for something that actually matters….

  21. michele says – reply to this


    Re: JessGreen

    Agreed! Let's start killing North Americans! You start on the east coast, I'll go to the west coast!

    Meet you in Kansas!

  22. David Ortiz says – reply to this


    I would like to contribute 100 baseball bats to the Inuit to be used for whacking the hell out of some rodent baby seals. Thank you.

  23. Proud Newfoundland Girl says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom
    I am very interested to find out where you got your information. I'm sorry, but your sources are far from accurate.

  24. Tawny says – reply to this


    Nigel is hot! I think I”m the only one who thinks that…….

  25. ml says – reply to this


    who cares..

  26. Proud Newfoundland Girl says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom – I am very interested to find out where you got your information. It is quite clear that your sources are inaccurate

  27. Jay says – reply to this


    This makes me sick!! Celebrities taking the side of the cute fuzzies without being educated!! The seal hunt is depseratly needed for population control! It is illegal to kill baby seals!! LEARN BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!! SO YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE AN ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. michele says – reply to this


    Re: Nik

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Check out the raccoon dog videos from China.

    Cut off the animals paws, so they can't crawl away (to prevent getting blood on the 'pretty coat') until they 'get around" to gutting them live!

    People laughing while watching them trying to crawl away.

    Where does the fur end up?

    Oh, right - on the hoods of parkas sold in high-end American stores for fashion statements!

    Sniff your parka from two years ago, then write me back!

  29. Newfoundland says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom
    Wow, you actually believe this? It's so blatantly wrong. Obvioulsy you're being wrongly educated and misled.

  30. nolose says – reply to this


    Lobbying crap !!

  31. kaytee says – reply to this


    i spent most of last summer up north in canada in a very small community and did go our seal hunting with the inuit. i think people really need to understand this is a way of life up there - these peoples have been surviving this way for thousands of years. in a place where one frozen chicken breast costs 8$ i am not sure we should be so quick to judge. it's not like things are out of control - in 3 hours on the ice only 2 or 3 seals are caught. as well, they are killed much quicker than the deer so many people love to hunt with bullets. i think there is a lot of ignorance surrounding this, and to use propaganda to try and keep communities from surviving is horrible.

  32. Lisa says – reply to this


    I find it so amusing that everyone sees pictures of these cute white furry seals and assume that we are horrible people for slaughtering them. We barely touch harp seals. We kill seals because it is part of our heritage, it is a means for food and clothing in areas that still hunt for their food and clothing, it is a means to try to keep some of the fish in the sea for us so we can have food on our tables. Everyone thinks it is so horrible, but they don't take into consideration that it has been happening for a very long time, and it will continue to happen regardless of what celebrities are saying we are bad people because of it. People of Newfoundland and Labrador really don't care if Hayden Panetierre or whatever her name is is crying over the seals, because she can cry all she wants…many people need to do this to make a living.

  33. michele says – reply to this



    Fostered kids? I have!

    Donate time and money to train and foster animals? I have!

    Trained the illiterate to read? I have!

    Support the seal kill? I do!

    Just because we in Canada have most of North America's wildlife (so you folk can see them in zoos) doesn't mean that we have an obligation to keep them alive when they damage our way of life.

    BTW- how about fostering some inner city kid of a different color into your home for five years?

    Get it together, people!

  34. Undershaft says – reply to this


    You know nothing about the issue! In an attempt to look politically sensitive and enlightened you have exposed your amazing shortsightedness.
    Worst of all, celebrities meddling in politics only distract focus from the true issues. They don't represent the Left! And they do every cause they speak out for a great disservice.
    They're nothing more than tourists who, at the end of the day, continue to live their lives in disgusting luxury and, in doing so, perpetuate the problems they think they are fighting.

  35. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: angie
    Seals aren't entirely innocent. They can attack people and can be very vicious, and they are also eating the fish that some people need to survive. Saying that seal hunters should be put to death is stupid, try living the life of one and knowing that you have to kill seals in order to put food on your table, money in your wallets and shelter over you families heads. Don't talk about something unless you know enough about both sides of the story.

  36. patches mom says – reply to this


    this has nothing to do with an Inuit hunt. This is the largest commercial marine mammal slaughter in the world. No enviro or animal orgs are opposed to sustainable, native hunts so don't try to pass off the canadian seal slaughter as such, because it's not. it is a commercial hunt for fur for the fashion industry. The seal carcasses are left to rot on the ice, the meat is not eaten, the oil is not used. This has nothing to do with native sunstainability and everything to do with making money selling fur.

  37. Lisa says – reply to this


    I am from Newfoundland, and as everyone knows Paul McCartney was bashing us for killing seals and he did a news interview about it. He was in Prince Edward Island being interviewed and someone asked him if he even planned on visiting Newfoundland and he said he thought he was already there. Some people are such idiots. Stay away from an issue if you don't know anything about it! Find out how it affects peoples lives before you condemn them all for doing it! It's so fucking annoying having all these Americans freaking out at us for something they don't understand!

  38. erincat says – reply to this


    what a load of crap! don't listen to this bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get your facts straight you ignorant prick.

  39. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom
    Well where I come from the fur is used to keep people warm in the winter, and the meat is used as food, and the oils are used in medication to keep people healthy….Every part of a seal is used. It's not some stupid "slaughter a seal, take the fur and dump the rest" kind of deal. Get your facts straight.

  40. HF says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    you are right. it has everything to do with money. The International Fund for Animal Welfare gets most of its money from their Anti-Seal Hunt Galla they hold every year.

    P.S. People eat seal you. Get your facts straight

  41. Newfoundland says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    And I quote:
    it is a commercial hunt for fur for the fashion industry. The seal carcasses are left to rot on the ice, the meat is not eaten, the oil is not used.

    Have you ever had flipper pie? Get back to me when you have.
    I've eaten seal, and it's good. Try some!

  42. sandra says – reply to this


    Re: Mui

    Mui, you are RIDICULOUS!!!!! They've been hunting BABY harp seals AGAIN for the last several years. 200,000 of the babies every spring, FOR FUR COATS!! What's your agenda ya freak!! Everyone go to www.harpseals.org and get the true low down. They still skin them ALIVE!!! BABIES!

  43. Martha says – reply to this


    Listen I live in Newfoundland, and though some seal hunters kill for food or profit (god for bit they need to feed their families) the majority of seal hunters aren't interested in profit or the thrill. The seal hunt was created due to the overpopulation of the seals.

    If the seals aren't killed by us, they will overpopulate and starve and drown. The amount of ice flows on Atlantic shores are declining, and the fishery is at it's weakest. Isn't it better they be put out of their misery then to suffer for weeks, or maybe months with no food, and drown because our ice flows are melting at a rapid rate? If anything PETA are the cruel ones for promoting the suffrage of these animals.

  44. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: HF – haha! true, and loves it! At least someone's getting down the the elbows and not just taking what information is spoon fed to them.

  45. Rockstar says – reply to this


    I believe that clubbing the seals to death is an outrage. I think that kind of brutality is uncalled for and should be stopped however, I do believe the seal hunt needs to happen. Who will protect the fish? Where are the fish lovers?

    Over fishing has been blamed on Canada and sure they are responsible somewhat but Spain, Portugal and the US are much more responsible for the dwindling cod stocks. Then to add to it the seals who eat at least 20 fish themselves per day and we have a nightmare on our hands.

    Do not believe the hype people. Once again, it's the American way of making people live in fear of impending doom that does this. Educate yourself, look at both sides of the equation.

    This isn't a he said, she said deal. This isn't some movie or some over paid actor, this my friends is real life. Which life is more important, the seal or the fish?

  46. Martha says – reply to this


    I agree with La morena mas bella, if everyone starts focusing more on Global Warming, then our ice would not be melting, thus the seals would not have to be hunted in the first place.

  47. Newfoundland_Chick says – reply to this


    I'm actually from Newfoundland where this seal hunt happens. I wish these idiot celebrities would get the facts straight before they come over here taking photos of the seals. They aren't killed when they are babies; they are used for their fur, meat and seal oil capsules and made from them. This is a major source of income for many Newfoundlanders…this is a way of life. These seals are in excess here…they are eating the cod fish, which USED to be a major source of income here. Very difficult to replenish cod stocks when the seals are eating the fish. These celebrities need to get a clue….there are worse things happening on this planet than the seal hunt. They should focus their energies somewhere else.

  48. sarah says – reply to this


    I am so tired of these uneducated celebs trying to be advocates for issues they clearly know nothing about…

  49. ME says – reply to this


    These stars should worry about saving the lives of unborn babies being aborted every day instead of worrying about stupid animals.

  50. Martha says – reply to this


    Although I am an avid Perez reader and supporter, after this posting I'm going to be boycotting it for a while. Many of my family and friends make a living off the fishery here in Newfoundland and Perez and Hayden and all of these PETA supporters are supporting the unemployment of Newfoundlanders and Atlantic fisheries. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

    Take this post down and then I will return, I think every other Canadian should join me.

  51. Dawn says – reply to this


    Mui is right. Seals are a traditional hunted animal of Canada by first nations people. Hunting is a population control mechanism. Are we going to save the fish next because the seals are eating them all?? No, we consider THAT normal. But, as soon as humans hunt to eat something, it's immoral. Where is the rationality? There is none. You only want to save them because they're big charismatic sexy mega-fauna (EG- cute and cuddly). How about a save the earwigs campaign?? Think about that now…

  52. give us gossip or something you actually know about says – reply to this


    Glad to know these ignorant asses are concerned about saving the exploding seal population from a quick efficient though direct death (I'd honestly prefer getting clubbed than getting processed through an industrial farming death). Forget war, disease and famine…seals are cute. thanks to all this ridiculousness interesting byproducts of seals, such as collagen for medical uses, are not being properly exploited and simply abandoned on location…wasting resources, now that is truly horrifying. And lack of critical thought is quite sickening

  53. sizzler says – reply to this


    baby wyatt and i love u nigel

  54. michele says – reply to this


    I call for the mandatory 'waterboarding' of suspect seals!

    I'msure it will be a big hit with you crackers!

  55. R says – reply to this


    Know your facts before you write this nonsense. You are biased, watch the documentary My Ancestors were Rogues and Murderers to get some education on the topic.

  56. erica says – reply to this


    nigel is soo hot and soo sweet helping these animals and bringing awareness of this animal torture!!

  57. M. says – reply to this


    You say the term "slaughter" like there are monsters out on the ice.

    I would love to hear you tell me all about the history of Newfoundland and the people that inhabit the place.
    When Newfoundland joined Canada they raped the cod fishery and exploited their oil. The province is not out to slaughter animals, it is out to survive.
    Baby seal are not clubed. Thats insane. Go back to 1976, it was made illegal.

    Leave a province with a people who are good and hard working, and trying to make money for their families alone.
    Do you think its a easy job? The do some reading…
    This is a job of necessity. They are killed and all the part are used. They make family survive. Tell me again why this is different from any other honest living? Cod fish was the source of food and the seal are eating most that are left. The ratio is off and Newfoundlands are suffering. Thats the animals right issue. Over fishing the cod that should be around for a life time and are now almost extinct in the place they were most abundant.

    If you look into the history, a animal rights group came to the province and then left. They understood when they saw.
    Have all you protesters been to Newfoundland? I doubt it..

    You know nothing about Newfoundland. You can't.

    Animal right is important. But you have to get your facts straight. This is embarrassing.

  58. korndawg73@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    baby seal murdering shit head fuckers

  59. db says – reply to this


    It would be OK if they used hand guns. I 9mm through the brain would take care of it.

  60. rez says – reply to this


    its sad that causes such has had such a negative impact for the Inuit.

  61. White Coats says – reply to this


    I can't believe that these actors are so gullible for these animal rights groups. Anyone that doesn't know that the baby seals are not killed by now are MORONS. Get informed about an issue before you sign your name to it. Maybe they should start a support group for actors that need to be informed about their lame causes such as this one.

  62. Girl from Canada says – reply to this


    Re: JR - Newfoundland
    All those people who are saying that seals are overpopulated are fucken retarded!!!!!!!! China is a booming and GROWING country, and are we going to China to kill people? NO u fucken retards. And to JR- Newfoundland…im also from Canada and when you're talking about the ecosystem being ruined because of seals eating all the fish is obsurd! You talked about an entire ecosystem collapsing if we dont kill the seals, but by KILLING THEM you are ruining the ecosystem…retard! Let nature take its course! All the fisherman/ hunters that are killing these poor seals should get killed! Maybe then they'll learn not to kill others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Anon says – reply to this


    "It is a tradition" is NO excuse for these seal hunts- whether they are babies or adults. Plus, the fact that MANY of these hunts are taken a BLIND EYE by the Canadian govt doesn't jusitfy the practice. The lack of cod is due to OVERFISHING on human part, NOT the seal. We shouldn't take the seal's life in vain for the sake of OUR greed and ignorance. The brutality of the hunt is unjustifiable to me.

  64. Janice says – reply to this


    Re: AshMegs – Humane Society of the United States.com
    (HSUS being the abbreviation). Also, furisdead.com or PETA.com. There is plenty of current info on the seal hunt on those websites.

  65. CANADA RULES, US GO FUCK YOURSELF says – reply to this


    This is a way of life in Canada. Maybe Americans should start looking at a map so they can actually locate their own home state (its a fact that 63% of Americans cannot do this) before getting into other countries business. Hey Asshole Americans, remember Vietnam, what about the illegal war in Iraq you are fighting now?? Fuck off and mind your own business, you ARE NOT the worlds police officers

  66. Save The Seals says – reply to this


    For the record, 97 percent of the seals killed are babies under three months of age according to official Canadian government statistics. They may not be whitecoats, but they are utterly defenseless against the hunters. Many have not taken their first swim or eaten their first solid meal when they are killed. Nigel Barker has taken a powerful stand for powerless animals and that makes him a tremendous human being and advocate for our environment. Thanks so much, Nigel for your compassion and your dedication to making this world a better place for all of us.

  67. Alice says – reply to this


    It depends on how you define baby. I consider 12 days old (when no longer whitecoat, and can legally be killed) still a baby. All the parts are not used; the carcasses are left on the ice and the fur is sold in Europe and Asia. The film is not from the 80s; if it were, how is it showing Nigel Barker as he is today? The seals are not overeating the fish; mankind is overfishing (have you read the articles that the oceans will be empty by 2050). The fishermen do not need this money to make their living; they earn only a small % of their annual salary from this and ecotourism would bring in much more money than a hunt. There is no need to believe the misinformation seen here, nor take the word of the animal organizations if you don't' want to. Google and you will see news articles from objective outside sources. Regardless of anything else, the brutality of clubbing anything 12 days old on the head and then skinning it sometimes still living, or leaving it to slip wounded under the ice, ought to be too much for any person of conscience to condone.

  68. Alice says – reply to this


    It depends on how you define baby. I consider 12 days old (when no longer whitecoat, and can legally be killed) still a baby. All the parts are not used; the carcasses are left on the ice and the fur is sold in Europe and Asia. The film is not from the 80s; if it were, how is it showing Nigel Barker as he is today? The seals are not overeating the fish; mankind is overfishing (have you read the articles that the oceans will be empty by 2050). The fishermen do not need this money to make their living; they earn only a small % of their annual salary from this and ecotourism would bring in much more money than a hunt. There is no need to believe the misinformation seen here, nor take the word of the animal organizations if you don't' want to. Google and you will see news articles from objective outside sources. Regardless of anything else, the brutality of clubbing anything 12 days old on the head and then skinning it sometimes still living, or leaving it to slip wounded under the ice, ought to be too much for any person of conscience to condone.

  69. michele says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    Oh, you are ARE SO RIGHT!

    It's a little-known fac that that these lovely baleen creatures hunt in GARDENS!

    Yeah, it's true!

    They eat planted lettuce, and sometimes (gasp) tomatoes!

    Sorry about the kid who was feeding one off a dock and had his entire cheeck ripped off, requiring 200 stiches and four massive surgeries to look like a normal human being!

    So cute - too bad about those teeth!

  70. roger says – reply to this


    Re: Newfoundland – Hey asshole, GET A REAL JOB!!! If you are clubbing seals for the living then you are a lame horrible excuse for a human being. People like that deserve the same treatment as they give the defenseless seals. If they are eating the fish, then start a fish farm and farm-raise fish instead of getting them free and calling it a job. Get a fucking clue you dumb Canadians.

  71. Jim says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom – AMEN~~~ you got it right babe.

  72. Andrew Plumbly says – reply to this


    This is not an Inuit hunt, despite Canadian government and fur industry attempts to portray it as such. The Canadian seal slaughter is a non-native, commercial, industrial-scale slaughter of baby seals for their fur. In Canada, sealers are commercial fishermen who earn only a tiny fraction of their annual incomes, on average, from killing seals. I have witnessed the hunt firsthand for the past five years, and it is the most brutal activity I have ever had to see. Animals are routinely skinned alive in this slaughter, and that is not what Canada stands for. These seals are definately babies, and anyone claiming otherwise is either buying into Canadian government propaganda or espousing it. Please visit www.protectseals.org and view current footage of the commercial seal hunt. There is simply no reason any human being should ever accept the slaughter of a defenseless seal pup to make fur coats.

  73. JJJ says – reply to this


    He used a beauty dish on the seal… cute…

  74. roger says – reply to this


    Re: White Coats – You are the uninformed one. Go on Humane Society of the United States.com and watch last year's footage of the seal hunt. You should really get a clue before making an ass out of yourself.

  75. montrealguy says – reply to this


    fuck u..seals/harp seals/ baby seals are SLAUGHTERED here in Canada every fucking year!!!!
    it is beyond inhumane…and part of the reason they are slaughtered is because the GODDAMN FUCKING ASIANS!!!!!!!!!!! YES ASIANS!!!!!!!!! DEMAND seal products!!! IF THE FUCKING ASIANS WOULD STOP USING SEALS PRODUCTS MAYBE, JUST MAYBE LESS WOULD BE SLAUGHTERED..
    HELP SAVE THE SEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED OUR HELP!!!!!

  76. montrealguy says – reply to this


    Re: Newfoundland_Chick

    i fucking hate newfoundland and newfoundlanders..i hope u all fucking die!!!!!love
    montreal guy!

  77. Rebecca Aldworth says – reply to this


    Re: TELL THE TRUTH – Adult seals are not the target of Canada's commercial seal hunt. Official Canadian government statistics show that virtually all (97 percent) of the seals killed are under three months old, and the majority is one month old or less at the time of slaughter. Get your facts straight. Seals are clubbed in Canada - a very high percentage of them in fact. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where about one third of the hunt happens, clubbing is the killing method of choice. The sealing industry admits about 10 percent of the rest of the seals killed — northeast of Newfoundland — are clubbed to death. If you do the math, over 40 percent of the seals killed in Canada are clubbed to death. And that is if we are to believe the sealing industry's estimates of the number of seals clubbed to death northeast of Newfoundland. But the fact is, whether seals are clubbed or shot to death, the hunt is equally cruel. It is high time this outdated, unnecessary slaughter was ended for good.

  78. Mary O. Washroom says – reply to this


    Too bad Heather Mc Oneleg isn't there… we could club the fucking shit outta her.

  79. Laura says – reply to this


    Actually, hunting harp seal pups is not illegal as long as the white coated pups have shedded some of their newborn white fur. Thank you, Nigel for taking a stand against such intolerable cruelty and helping to improve this world for animals and humans.

  80. COONASS GIRL PRODUCTIONS says – reply to this



  81. Shireen says – reply to this


    Yay I love Nigel! He's so hot. And how he is helping to save the planet.. even hotter.

  82. wawa says – reply to this


    Help the seals and all animals that are being treated like this! Everyone should sign this and send to 100 friends! HELP THE SEALS so that our next generations can enjoy them too!

  83. B says – reply to this


    Thank you soooooo much for posting this!!!!

  84. michele says – reply to this


    Re: Martha

    Totally with you!

    Yeah, we read your news up her - 'Child in microwave', 'fetus cut out of mom's belly', and we don't judge you!

    And praise the Lord and pass the ammuniton! Yup, we DO SO NEED more 9 mm's up here!

    We still have an indigenous population up here (that would be 'native' to you crackers)! Nope, didn't see the need to kill 'em all.

    And we let them live the way they have lived for centuries.

    Next time you eat 'Fish and Chips' instead of 'Chips and Chips' - say a prayer for a Canadian!

  85. MICHELE BOULET says – reply to this



  86. talkshowhost_07 says – reply to this


    i love how people only care when its a cute baby animal…. too bad a cow isn't cute enough and you had no problem eating a burger for dinner tonight.
    inuit peoples who hunt seals do so to support their families. for ignorant people to say that is wrong while they perform far worse acts against the environment is completely hypocritical and sad

  87. patches mom says – reply to this


    guess what Newfoundland? i have cancelled my vacations to Canada for the past 5 years, I chose not to buy a canadian cruelty free diamond ring, I do not buy canadian seafood, I will not have ANYTHING to do with Canada while the brutal, disgusting, senseless seal slaughter is happening. but guess what? I know people personally who go to Canada every year who document the seal hunt and give voice to the sick cruel reality of what is taking place there. I know how the people there have baricaded them in their hotel rooms threatening to KILL them for documenting the hunt, who have sat on the their helicopter feet to try to stop them from filming the BARBARIC SLAUGHTER, who had thier inflateable boat rammed by canadian fishing boats trying to kill them for just filming the cruel seal hunt. I have spoken with them, i have seen their videos, heard their stories. They are not animl rights organizations out to make a buck, they are caring, compassionate, dedicated people (some of which are NATIVE NEWFOUNDLERS (or whatevery you call urself) and they are working to give the seals a voice and i am HAPPY to give them tons of money every year until this seal hunt ends. this isn;t about americans trying to tell canadians what to do, this is about human beings giving a voice to animals who are senselessly being destroyed. Go to www.waynepacelle.org to read a blog about activists who are witnessing the seals as we speak before the hunt begins.

  88. patches mom says – reply to this


    PS- what do you mean they don't club them? look at this pic and tell me that is not club with a hook on it?! www.protectseals.org
    You can call it a hackipik, but it is nothing but a club with hook. How can these people kill an animal like that and go home and look at their dog, or cat, or child in the eyes? DENIAL is not just a river in eeeeegypt!

  89. hillaroo1987 says – reply to this


    dearest Perez
    I LOVE you! and CANADA LOVES you, but please, become more informed about these issues before you post links to "saving the seals". THANK YOU, as you can see, many have spoken out about this post, and how there is misinformation on the whole matter.

  90. michele says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    Hey Patches Mommy -

    How about you stop your lovely Marines from throwing puppies of cliffs, and get back to me?

    Check out CNN!

    P.S. Y'all got a name? Or are you just a "Mommy'?

  91. wayne p says – reply to this


    I am also struck by a corollary argument of the sealers—that The HSUS and other advocates of protecting seals have no right to impinge on their local tradition. But the fact is, the sealers do not use seal parts locally. They discard the carcasses, and they export the hides to Europe and Asia and rely on global consumers to support their killing ways. They welcome the commerce from people in Europe or Asia, but they don't want the views of other people in those very same communities who oppose the seal hunt. It seems they can't have it both ways. If you want to play in the global economy, you must play by the rules—and that includes standards of decency and humaneness.

  92. michele says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    WOW! Devastated the loss of your lovely 97 cent dollar.

    I meet Americans every summer in my city, and THEY FLOCK TO IT! They all seem like lovely people!

    YOU aren't missed!

    Barricaded in hotels?

    That sounds like daily life in your cities!

    Here, our doors are un-locked!

  93. Candice says – reply to this


    There is NO such thing as the slaughter of BABY Seals…Like Mui says, it's ILLEGAL…sure, there is the Seal Hunt of ADULT seals on the East Coast. This is mainly for FOOD and FUR which is needed in the cold climates of Newfoundland. STOP THE BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA

  94. D says – reply to this


    reguardless of your "overpopulation" BULLSHIT…It is a barbaric and inhumane way to handle that kind of situation. NO LIVING ANIMAL SHOULD EVER BE KILLED LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!! IT IS HORRIFIC AND SAD. HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU LIKE THAT TO BE DONE TO YOU?? And for the bastard that said he'd rather have a few thousand seals murdered than see a few canadains loose their jobs…YOU'RE FUCKIN SICK NUTTCASE…A SON OF A BITCH WHO WAS NEVER TAUGHT DECENCY OR RESPECT! FUCK YOU

  95. feminem says – reply to this


    Big UPS Perez! Keep raising awareness! NZ thinks you rock…

  96. Live and let live says – reply to this


    first of all Thank you for posting this. I signed the petition and sent a letter to my Senator along with one to the prime minister of Canada. And I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to do the same. Seals have the right to live breed and eat, just as we do. Simply for the fact that God created them and gave them life. Who are we to take it. We are meant to be fruitful and do good things on this earth as he hopes and expects us to. We should be sheperds watching over them or atleast letting them live peacefully. Instead I see more more of the human kind becoming souless killers and rapping this world of all it's beauty and love it has to offer.

    And as to the inbreeds making comments the ignorant remarks of lack of fish, that is simlpy ubsurd and just small brained thinking. Go do something with ur life instead of just spilling dumbass into the world by mouth or writting. In other words or words more relatable to you. Shut.. the.. F*** … UP!!

  97. michele says – reply to this


    Re: patches momRe: patches mom

    Right On Girl!

    Keep buying those blood diamonds, where they hack off kids limbs and all!

    Bless your loyalty to the cause!

    FYI - Um…seals don't have voices.

    Mostly, they go "Arf, arf" [paraphrase] ’cause they're [sorry about this] ANIMALS!

    Quote "(some of which are NATIVE NEWFOUNDLERS (or whatevery you call urself)".

    Hmm…are you English as a second language? 'Cause we teach that up here for free as well!

    No, we call ourselfs Newfs! Don't worry, within a few weeks you'll be able to pronounce it!

    Your references are OLD HACKS!!!

    Please! Please! Please….

    Stop believing everything you see or hear or read!

    Make the world a safer place.

    Put down your guns and back away sloooowwwly………….

  98. B says – reply to this


    These seals may be cute but they ARE eating all the fish. They are no different than the steak and chicken we eat…. Those are killed all the time. Without the sealing industry, many east coast Canadians will be out of jobs and unable to support their families. I'm all in support of protecting endangered animals and am against animal cruelty, but these celebrities are jumping on an ill-informed bandwagon!

  99. michelle says – reply to this


    ummm.. yes i would have to agree with the whole saving the animals first shit… but i am a candaian and i am from newfoundland… and speaking as someone comming from there… i have to say that none of you fuckers know what the fuck your talkin about.. do you know that newfies made there living for maney of years of fishing… NO.. and that there are NOOOO jobs whatsoever to be had here.. its OUR way of life to be like this…. not yours… the seals are eating all of our cod fish witch is our main source of anything.. we are not like you in the states and have everyhting at hand.. so before you go jumping into shit that isnt your business whats what your saying.. because things are differnt when you leave the US….

  100. Eight says – reply to this


    What the hell do European celebrities and the terrorists of Greenpeace know about life in Newfoundland? Do we not care that a *terrorist* organisation has decimated one of our oldest industries in Canada, and thrown thousands of hardworking people onto EI? The propaganda was false: though the image of the Greenpeace guy clubbing a bloody baby seal was real, he was the only one on the icefloe doing such things - the hunters were far more humane. If I remember correctly, there were not even enough men or hours in the day to cull all the seals they needed to in order to keep the population in check. And now with no profit in it.. geez.

    Nobody wants to buy sealskin anymore. But I'd wear it. I'd love some sealskin boots. Maybe a belt, or a swank purse.

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